Summons to Death (1967) - full transcript

A suave swinger and a cool chick have one half of a treasure map, the bad guys have the other half. Who will get the goods?

He's back

Let's implement our plan at once

Are you confident?

You needn't worry about that

Take this first

and do as I say


Stop it

Ying Nian, Ying Nian

Ying Nian...

What is it?

Where's Ying Nian?

She went out with Secretary Kwok

Oh, damn!


It's the pirates, there are pirates!

Come quick, it's the pirates!

Set sail



Cease fire

Full speed ahead

Full speed


Everybody stay calm

We'll fight them when they board



What is this piece of paper?

My treasure map

Even if you take it it's no use to you

Treasure map?

Where is the treasure hidden? Speak

I won't speak even if you kill me

Find it yourself if you can

We'll kill you if you don't speak

You...why did you kill him?

Why did you do it?

He wouldn't speak, so let it be

We have the map, we'll find it

Fool, without Brother's order...

why did you shoot?

None of your business

Stop it

Let's go


Let's go



English Sub By : moddoy

Who are you looking for?

Is Poon Wai Dat here?


Your name please?

Tell him, an old friend has come
to see him

Who is it?

What? Siu Poon

You couldn't recognise my voice?

Oh, Brother

Come, have a seat inside

Brother, how have you been?

How come you've picked such an
elegant place to live?

Brother, for the past two years
I've done pretty well

I knew I would find you sooner or later

If you plan to resume your career need a place like this

All this has been prepared for you

Excellent foresight

Brother, when did you arrive?

This afternoon

I know you're in Hong Kong
for quite a while

I have been wanting to see you

A few days ago

I saw an advertisement in the paper

There is a girl who performs the circus who looks like a sister

...I lost some time ago

Even her name is the same

If she's really my sister...

I can't let her work in a circus

Very true


I have kept the treasure map

I want to discuss with you...

how we should go about it?

Brother, please speak

I will naturally do as you say

It's a real challenge looking for treasure

We must equip ourselves...

with enough working capital

What about the money I gave you?

It's here

Please come this way


There's a lot


We can accomplish a lot with it

As regards Cheung Biu, Ma Loong

and the others...

Do you have news?

No. Only Ma Loong is here

Ma Loong is here?

He's doing quite well

He has started a trading company

...doing big business


Tell him I'm here

Okay. I'll call his home right away


Hey Ma Loong, it's your ole buddy Poon

I've some good news for ya

Big brother is here

Big brother?

Siu Ma, this is big brother

When did you arrive?


I've been anxious everyday

...waiting for your letter

I'm so happy

I can see you again

Siu Ma, come and have a chat

Right now?

I'm far away from Poon's place

It'll be quite late by the time
I reach there

Let's keep it tomorrow at ten

We'll meet at Shatin Ying Cafe

That place isn't too crowded
so it'd be convenient


Also, I'll bring along the money gave me

Good, I do need some money

and I need to talk to you about
some things

Let's talk when we meet

Right...See you tomorrow

Good bye

Which big brother?

Brother Gin

What money?

He has hundreds of thousands with me

Hundreds of thousands?

Must you return the money?

Theoretically yes

He has still not arrived

It's ten minutes over

This fellow lives in with a pretty chick

It seems he couldn't get out of bed

Go call him

Don't move...

What are you running for?


Brother has been taken away

Luckily I came late. Let's go

Could you tell me where's the back stage?

Beyond that door and round the corner



Quick, it's time

C'mon, hurry up

Who are you looking for?

I am a reporter from the
Chung Wa newspaper

I want an interview with Miss Gin

May l?

Sure, please wait

She's coming down right now

Miss Gin

Here she is

This is a reporter from the
Chung Wa newspaper

My name is Poon

I'd like a few minutes with you

Do you have the time?

Sure. Please come inside and have a seat


Have a seat


No, thanks

Miss Gin, I'd like to ask you

Is your real name Gin Mei Li?

Yes, I have had that name
since I was a kid

Miss Gin, I have a photo here


My brother...where is he?

Actually I am not a reporter

Your brother sent me here

Please tell me, where is he?

He's in Jail


He is the notorious pirate Gin Te Biu

That's not his name

...and he's no pirate

Please keep your voice down

He saw the advertisement in the paper

and came from afar to look for you

But he was caught by the police

A few days ago he sent me a letter

...asking me to look for you

He has something very important give to you

For me?

Someone will bring it to you

...the evening after tomorrow

The bearer

...will have an unlit cigarette
between his lips

That's the sign

Will you accompany me?

No, Brother has stressed that you

...should go alone as not to attract attention

Where should I go?

Blue Pool Night Club

I don't want...

I don't want to see you

Because it will...

It stirs up too many memories

I can't forget that first kiss
in front of flowers

I can't forget our separation
under the moon

I see you...

But then I see you...

walking along the stream alone

It seems the Heavens make fun of me

or is it Just fate!

Please sit over there

What would you like to drink?



You're late

How is it going inside?


Not bad

How's my brother?

Your brother?


Oh, so he's your brother!

Have you brought the stuff?

The stuff?!

Please give it to me

I'll reward you

Well, my price is pretty high

How much do you ask?

Give me a price

But I don't have it with me

What do you mean?

Your brother said it is important

that's why I don't dare to carry it
with me

I plan to bring it to your home personally


Say, tomorrow


My address is number 8 Fei Or Road

I'll wait for you tomorrow at 2 pm

Let me buy you a drink before you leave

No thanks

Sorry, I don't know your name yet

It's Gin Mei Li. Goodbye

Please sir, take a seat

What would you like to drink?


You're late

I Just came out

had a hair cut, took a bath

How is it inside?

Not bad

How's my brother?

He suffered a bit

Have you brought the stuff?

Brother mentioned about...
giving it to some lady

That's right

Miss Gin is not well

so I've come instead

This is your reward

Give it to me


I'll leave now


My treat


Good bye




2,000 more

4,000 more



That's two pairs

That's a strange combination of cards



A thousand

Once again it's us both

Here's 1 6,000 more

Well, ain't you showing yet?

Okay...a pair of 'A's


Fine, I'm quit

Please redeem the chips

Yes sir

Come, redeem the chips

Dear friend, are you going Just like that?


Can't I leave if I have won?

If you want to cheat you should know

...this is a classy Joint

Take the fake card away

Fake card?

This is cheating isn't it?

Calling ME a cheat?

You should know better

Beat him up

Knock it off!

What is it?

He must be dumb to...

come here and cheat

Friend, what's your name?

What's your background?

I have no special background

My surname is Tang

Are you Tang Lui the Owl?

That's right

You all must be blind not to know Mr. Tang

Where is Mr. Tang's money?

This is a misunderstanding.
Please forgive us

This is for you

There are 4 more chips beneath the table

They are for you too

Good bye

Mr. Tang, I very much hope
we could be good friends

Please do come by when you have time

You're such a beautiful lady boss

I'll come regularly

What's with you?

Don't get on the wrong side of
Tang the Owl

He's real trouble

I think there's more to it

You think I'm falling for him?

Only you can answer that

The newspapers say Gin Te Biu
has been caught

His men must still be around

This Owl is a mysterious character

It's likely we could get information

...on remaining half of the treasure map

You must be dreaming

I am not

Gin might have half the map

And people like the Owl

must be involved in this

Stop being Jealous for nothing, you fool

I like only you and no one else

Miss Gin

Sorry, I am 5 minutes late

This is a beautiful house

Have you brought the stuff?

Of course

Wait, we haven't agreed at a price yet

How much do you want?

How much can you afford?

There's money in the second
right-hand drawer

you can take what you want

You don't believe me?

You want me to take what I want?

You have an evil heart

This money means a lot

and I can't let you take too much

No way

If you let me take what I want

I naturally will take more

Hands up

Get over there

Out with the stuff

With your left hand

Put it on the table

Stand back

"This is fake; no need to pay"

You certainly have a flair for this

Now it's your turn to put your hands up

Who are you anyway?

Tang Lui the Owl

Anyone who's been around ought to have

...heard of me

Well, I haven't

I don't quite understand your
awkward behavior!

It's nothing of that sort

I Just love to meddle in others' affairs

Now tell me

What's with that piece of paper?

If you wish to know about
the secret of that paper

Don't think of leaving here alive

Who are you trying to frighten?

I have the gun

Don't think you are smart

If that piece of paper is a fake...

my gun ain't loaded either

You sly bitch!

Don't move

Let me tell you, my gun is loaded however

Get over here

So you are the well-known Owl

A pleasure indeed to meet you

Where's that map?

With me of course

Mei Li, search him

Tell me

What's all about that piece of map?

I'll not tell you

I do have that map

Don't take me for a bad guy

Tell me what's happening

maybe I can help


Wake up...

What happened?

We've been locked up in some box

I guess we're at sea

What should we do?

The water is coming through

This fellow has planned to...

drown us when the tide comes in

Look, the tide is coming in fast

What now?

We'll soon be drowned

Relax. Hold on to me tightly

Roll over here when the tide comes in

Come, 1, 2

That's it, again, 1

Once again...1

Be careful

What is this place?

How come there's no one

Not even a house

This man is cold-blooded

He wants to silent us

What should we do?

There's no one and it's getting dark

Never mind, as long as we're not drowned

...we can get back

There's a small path over there.
Let's take a look

I'm cold!

Let's get some twigs to build a fire

Let's get shelter here first

Hey, your clothes have dried

Come in and dress up


I'm done, you can turn around

I ask you

Do you really have the map?

Of course

It matters a lot to me

Can you give it to me?

Yes, but you must tell me

what it's for...

How come it's gone?!

The man who beat us unconscious
must have taken it

What should we do?

Why are you so anxious?

Tell me, what's the secret
behind all this?

It's a treasure map

My brother asked me to safe-keep it

Where is he?

In Jail

His name?

Gin Te Biu

Gin Te Biu?

So you're his sister!

I feel totally lost

How can I face my brother?

Miss Gin, don't worry

I'll get the map back for you

You'll help me?

Believe me, I'll think of something

No need for guns

Today I've come affably

Where's Mei Li?

At my home

For her safety's sake's better for her there

Where's the map?

It's disappeared

In order to get it back...

we have to discuss in detail

Tomorrow 9 am let's meet up at Lobster Bay

I'll come with Miss Gin

Okay, I'll be there

Brother Poon

Brother, how are you?

Have you seen today's paper?

What is it?

"Gin Te Biu suddenly dies in Jail"

Mei Li

Brother's health had been good

His death is questionable

Could he have been murdered?

It's possible

But why?

Perhaps all because of that treasure map

Can you think who could have done it?

If I knew who's behind it...

I'll fight him to death

Maybe the same person who stole the map

Do you still remember his face?

I couldn't see clearly

Sort of pale and fat

...without eyebrows

No eyebrows?

That must be Ma Loong

Ma Loong?

Yes, he used be with us
when we were at sea

I now understand

He must have betrayed brother

Brother Poon, I must avenge my brother

Come on, let's get that crook


Mei Li, don't be so rash

If he really stole the map,

and killed your brother...

They must be well prepared

If we went like this

all we'd do is stir them up

So what should we do?

Do you know where Ma Loong lives?


We must investigate thoroughly

...before we act

Right, we'll go tonight


This is the place

Wait outside

"Gin Te Biu's sudden death in Jail"


What should we do?

Darling, aren't you coming to bed?

Hey, it's me


Search him


Someone must have taken it

Let's go

Brother Poon

Who did this?

One-eyed Loong

Who's he?


Looks similar?

Looks exactly the same


Come and look, quick

Looks like he's going out

Let's go quickly

Something amiss?

Loong's blind eye is the left one

You're mistaken

Come on


You're heading out?

C'mon, let's test our
communication devices

Remember, if you see Loong return this

I understand. You be careful

Weren't you going out? Back so soon, huh!

Who is it?

It's me, Chan Ah Gun

Come in

I am Chan Ah Gun

Friend of Ma Loong

Does my presence intrigue you?

I don't know what you mean

Ma Loong is dead

We should talk

What has Ma Loong's death
got to do with me?

Not only his death but also...

Poon Wai Dat's murder

How do you know?

Of course I do

You are the only one famous for using

...the flying dagger

Both daggers are proof of the murders

You want to blackmail me?


I have been around too and l

...treasure friendship

I'm here to discuss business with you

What business?

Business related to the treasure map

I don't have it

Let's be frank about this

I tell you honestly

The map you got from Ma Loong only half of it

There is another half

There's another one?

Do you know where it is?

Of course I do. I wouldn't be here

Okay, let's have your terms

I want half of the treasure;

Not a penny less

Think about it

If you don't agree

your piece of paper is as good as trash

It's useless

I'll wait for 2 more minutes

then I'll leave

Alright, I agree

Tell me then

Where is the other map?

I can only tell you it's with a woman

Can you get it?

Of course

I warn you. Don't play tricks with me

you know I can be real bad

God, that was close!

If I hadn't ducked quickly...

my chest would have been stabbed

Tang Lui, I'm sorry

You have to suffer so much

...for my sake

Oh, come on!

I have not suffered in vain


Though we've failed...

we at least know now that there are 2 maps

2 maps?

Doesn't that mean more trouble?

Presently I only know...

that the other part is with some woman

We have to get that one first

Tonight we'll set out once again

Who did this?

Excellent marksmanship

It's done

Did you get it?


How come?

I searched everywhere but

...couldn't find it

Then that Tang bastard must have got it

He is the only one left now

You want me to kill him as well?

JeeZ, is that the only thing you know?

Hopeless, honestly!

What are you laughing at?


What's so funny?

Your shot blinded one of his eyes

One-eyed Loong?

Did you look inside his eye?

His eye ball? No

It's got to be in there. Go quickly

Have you found it yet?

Right, this is it

Hang come he came after it,

Maybe the other half of the map with HlS woman

Let's go

We'll discuss when we get back

Tang Lui


What are you thinking about?

Thinking about Ying Nian at the
Blue Pool night club

A solitary dude meditating at
tranquil of the sea;

Must be some poetic sentiments!

You misunderstand me

Since that Kwok fellow also
went to the mortuary

I reckon the other half of the map

...must be with Ying Nian

But these two are difficult to deal with

So I have thought of a plan

A plan?

Are you sure it'd work?

You have to put on a show with me

A show?

We'll go to the Blue Pool night club
tomorrow night

Sorry, we're full already

Well, I Just reserved a place
over the phone

Oh, over there please

The fish has caught the bait

You must act real in a while

Don't worry. I'm an actor; can't go wrong

Welcome, welcome, Mr. Tang

Have a seat

Let me introduce

This is Miss Mei Li

She is the boss here

How are you?


Your business is good

and the show is superb

However, you don't patroniZe enough

With your good business

Why bother with Just one customer?

That's where you're wrong

I don't care about other customers

You are my most favourite

Ah, I'm honoured


No thanks

Won't you ask me for a dance?

I'm leaving

What? We've Just arrived

There's someone else who longs for
your company

I see that I'm not needed here

Are you still mad?

Actually I ought to be mad


I extended you an invitation

Why haven't you come?

I'm here today, right?

But that's not because you want to see me

If not for you...

I could have gone elsewhere

I don't care, you need to be punished

Well, I'm willing to be punished

I want you to take me home right now

Precisely what I want

Yes, madam

Let's go

You live alone in this beautiful house?

Of course I'm alone

Not many men are eligible come here

Have a seat

I'll change my clothes

There's some wine over there.
Help yourself


Are you bored?

No, but it's hot

Really? You can take off your clothes

You're like a ring of fire

Can I not feel the heat?

I'm a spark of fire. I'll melt you

I'm not afraid; the hotter the better

You're the fire

Every time I see you

my face flushes

my heart beats faster

You'll melt me

What are you doing?

Let go

So speak up, where's the other map?

What map?

Don't pretend

Alright, let go of me first

Let's talk nicely

Be honest

No tricks

I only have half of it

It's no use to you

You of course know that...

the other half taken by one-eyed Loong
took is with me

Then we can talk business here


How much do you seek?

Nobody knows how much treasure there is;

How can a price be set?

Don't look at me like that

We are after all business associates

not enemies...

Come on, have some wine

What exactly do you mean?

Speak up

I too risked my life

...for that map

You'll have to reward me adequately

If the treasure is found

I want one tenth of it

I like you

I'm willing to hand over the map to you

One tenth is not too much to ask, is it?

Are you willing?

If you agree

you will have some other advantages too

Tang Lui, Tang Lui

Come over to me

Now you have to listen to my instructions

Shut the door

Come over

Sit down

Look at my eyes

Answer my questions

Are you a cop?

Are you a gang member of Gin Te Biu?

Do you really have half of
the treasure map?

Where's the map?

In Mei Li's bra

Who's Mei Li?

Gin Te Biu's sister

One who hangs around with you
all the time?

Bring it to me

You must do as I order

Am I pretty?

You like me?

Come, hug me

Who is it?


What are you doing here?

Don't move

What are you doing?

Why are you doing this?

Don't you want the map?

Let's talk about it


Could I have a smoke?

Put up your hands

Turn around

What happened?

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

Luckily I came in time or you'll be
in trouble

Got the map yet?


Look for it quickly

What, haven't you seen enough?

I bet she won't keep...

...something that important away from her

Look at this

Where's yours?

The same

It's that place

Let's go and have a look


Be careful


Probably it's here


This looks like the place on the map

How can there be treasure here?

Let me check it out again


This round thing looks like a clock

4 o'clock

Now it's Just 1 :30

Never mind it

Let's wait here

Maybe a miracle will happen

at 4 o'clock

Mei Li, what are you planning to do

...if we really find the treasure?

I'll invite you to a movie

I am not Joking

Everyone should plan

...for what they intend to do

If we really find the treasure

What's your plan?


Are you really so good

...that you don't want any of it
if you find it?

Agreed, I ain't a good man

but the treasure is not rightfully mine

I don't want it

I don't want it either

If I find it

I'll spend it on building hospitals
and schools

for the benefits of the society

I'll atone for the wrongdoings of
my brother

That's only right

What time is it?

4 o'clock

4 o'clock?


These two lines must represent
the sun rays


Give me your hair pin

Don't move, hands up

Throw down your guns

The famous Owl at last caught in my hands today

What are you laughing at?

Today is the day you die

Stand still

You're real cruel bear to kill your loved one

Of course

If I don't kill him, I'll have to
give him half

My turn now

Please shoot

Sorry to have to kill you

What do you mean?

Frandly speaking, we're crooks

All you need to do is listen to me

I'll not only spare your life...

but also give you half the treasure

No catch to it?

Frankly, I really like you

Do you know if I like you?

Tang Lui, be smart

I'll give you one minute to consider it

That means I'll have time for a smoke

Don't move. The treasure is mine

Nobody moves

Don't anyone come near

Or I'll throw this bomb...

and we'll die together

We don't want the treasure, let's go

Don't leave me here...

Are you disappointed?


On the contrary, not getting this
dirty money...

makes me feel at ease

True, you're right indeed