Summertree (1971) - full transcript

Jerry, not a member of the 'protest generation' but simply a decent 'All American boy,' is drafted into the Army just as things start to go well for him. His decision to flee to Canada sparks conflict with his parents, and the film concluded in Vietnam.

 Jerry, take it easy.
 Okay, thanks a lot.

 Okay, take it easy now.
 See you later.

 KID 1: Hi, Jerry.
KID 2: Hi, Jerry.

 Throw it to me.
Throw it to me.


MAN ON TV: For real
finger-lickin' chicken,

  it's Duck's Chicken Center
  Take-out Restaurant.

  Open now seven days and
  nights a week, at the corner
  of Main and Fairview.

  So for the best quick-made
  meets and greets in town,
  come to Duck's Chicken.


 Hey, anybody home?

  MAN ON TV: A boy growing up
  without a father desperately
  needs a Big Brother.

But many boys will just
have to wait until
more men volunteer.

  Maybe you could be
  a Big Brother for
  somebody like me.

  MAN ON TV: Call your local
  Big Brother office...

 Hey, Mom!
  ...or write to Big Brothers
  of America, Philadelphia.


  Your Dairyland
  local network.


  ♪ Back in the days
  when I was a lad

  ♪ How I loved to play
  with Mother and Dad

  ♪ Dad was my pal
  and Mom understood

  ♪ And oh, I'm telling you
  the feeling was good

  ♪ Because we were
  having the time of our lives

  ♪ Having the time
  of our lives

  ♪ A house in the tree
  all of us three

♪ Having the time of our lives

  ♪ Boy we had fun
  when I was a child

  ♪ In all of our photo albums
  everyone smiled

  ♪ Dad taught me how
  and Mom told me why

  ♪ And she could kiss a hurt
  so I wouldn't cry

  ♪ And we were having
  the time of our lives

  ♪ Having the time
  of our lives

  ♪ Living for fun,
  thinking as one

♪ Having the time of our lives
♪ Having the time of our lives

  ♪ Now that it's now
  I think about then

  ♪ And wonder
  if I want to be there again

♪ When Dad was so smart
and Mom was so strong

  ♪ And there was nothing
  in the world that was wrong

  ♪ Cause we were
  having the time of our lives

  ♪ Having the time
  of our lives

  ♪ Everything right
  sweetness and light

♪ Having the time of our lives
♪ Having the time of our lives

  ♪ Just the right blend
  never could end

♪ Having the time of our lives

  ♪ Perfectly cast,
  certain to last

♪ Having the time of our lives

  ♪ Loving it so
  how could we know

  ♪ This was
  the time of our lives

  ♪ Everything right,
  sweetness and light

  ♪ Having the time
  of our lives ♪



 Hey, kiddo!


What the hell
are you doing home?

 Just fooling around.

 Now cut the crap.
 It's the middle of the week.

 Are you in
 some kind of trouble?

 Oh, no trouble.
 I'm trouble-free
 in my big ole tree.


 Come on down,
 let me take a look at you.

 Hey, watch those flowers.
 I didn't get them.

 Your mother's been
 on her knees all week.

So, now what happened?
That roommate of yours
finally make a pass at you?

 What are you talking about?
 You mean Bennie?

 Uh, Bennie.
 Yeah, Bennie.

 The faggoty one,
 you know.

 (CHUCKLES) Bennie's all right.
All right?

With those frilly cuffs
on his shirt,

 his hair down
 to his navel...

 Dad, you got Bennie
 180 degrees wrong.

 I have, huh?
 Hey, it's good
 to see you.

Yeah, it's good
to see you.

 Yeah, I bet it is,

 JERRY: Hey,
 I'm glad to see you
 get a lot of work done.

 Oh, you mean this.

 This is the week
 I was supposed to be
 in Hawaii.

 Yeah, a trip I won
 at the office.

 But those leis and crap,
 though, I took the money
 instead. And the time.

 Hey, where's Mom?
 Well, she's...

 Now don't tell me
 you came home
 to see us?

 Why not?

 Come on. Come on,
 now, what's up?


 Let's have a beer.

 You wanna cigarette?
 No, thanks.


 You smoking
 anything stronger?

 Nothing special.

You got a girl?

 I'm getting it, Dad,
 if that's what you mean.

 Yeah. Yeah,
 I bet you are.

 What an age, huh?

Look, Son, I don't know
what's bothering you.

 And I can't give you
 any fancy answers.

 All I can say is, don't...
 Don't do anything rash, huh?


 Well, I wish I could find
 something rash to do.

 Such as?

 Well, if I knew
 I'd be doing it.

 RUTH: Herb? Who's here?

 What I mean is, I...

 Well, I guess I just
 don't like to see
 your mother upset.

RUTH: Herb.

 Is anything wrong?


 Can't a guy come home
 and see his folks
 when he gets the urge?

 Oh, baby.
Everything's okay, Mom.

 Um, what have
 you got here?

 Oh, just some bulbs.
 I'm planting for spring,
 before the ground gets hard.

 Can you stay
 for the weekend?

 He's got classes...
 I haven't decided yet.

 Oh, Herb, I told you
 not to put those things
 in the sink.

 Now, Ruthie, I got
 to dress them before
 I can freeze them. All right?

 I asked you
 to keep them outside.


 You hear that?
 You'd better be good.


 I knew
 it was a mistake.

 Majoring in sociology.

 I didn't say
 it was a mistake, Dad.

 You're doing better
 in physics.

 May not have anything to do
 with his major, Herb.

 Mom, I don't even know
 if it has anything to do
 with school.

 May just be me,
 I don't know.

 You studying too hard?

 I hardly study at all.

 HERB: I'd like to see
 how you'd do
 if you really study.

 Yeah, I bet you would.

 Why not? I like to
 see people function.

 I like to see you
 use yourself. Be what
 you're cut out to be.

 And not for me.
 Now don't get that idea.

 I don't need you
 to make me a big man.

 JERRY: What am I
 cut out to be?

 HERB: Well, that's what
 you're in school,
 to find out.

JERRY: Well, I haven't.
 Well, you will.

 Boy, I sure wish I had
 your optimism.

 Well, now, isn't that
 why you came home?

I don't know.

 I guess because, yeah,
 everything always seems
 so simple here.

Life among
the simpleminded, huh?

Hey, fast, huh?

 Jer, there's nothing wrong
 with not knowing yet.

 Mom, but it's not
 "not knowing,"
 it's like not feeling.

I can't get excited
about anything.

Look, like Dad,
he gets excited
when he...

 When he does
 his insurance tables or when
 he watches the Packers game.

 Well, he doesn't expect you
 to be like him.

 He... He just doesn't like
 to see you unhappy.

 You know that, don't you?

 JERRY: Yeah.

 We miss you, Jerry.

 I don't like
 to see your father
 worried about you.

  MAN ON TV: ...casualty count
  is relatively low

  with four Americans killed
  and six wounded.

  In what is termed
  by the Pentagon

as greatly increased
enemy offensive actions,

  the Viet Cong
  attacked a platoon
  of American Infantrymen...

  All the "A's" to "L's"
  stay in one line.

  "M's" to "S's" in their line
  and "T's" to "Z's" remain
  in their line, please.

  MAN ON PA: Can I have
  your attention, please?

  License number THA-976,
  would you please
  remove your car...


  WOMAN ON PA: Chemistry 1-A,
  section 7 is closed.

  An additional section
  and lab will be opened
  to accommodate the overflow.


 JERRY: Hey. Hi, I'm looking
 for a Marvis Johnson.

 There is no Marvis Johnson.

 Marvis Johnson
 here, please?

 Who are you,
 the Man?

 Are you Marvis?

 Marvis Johnson here?

Are you Marvis Johnson?

 No, I ain't Marvis.
 He's Marvis.

 BOY: He's Marvis.

 Are you Marvis?

 He's Marvis.

 Come on, guys.
 Just cool it, please.

 Cool it, cool it.

 Come on, fellas,
 come on.
 Marvis Johnson!

Hey, wait a minute.
I want to talk to you.
Hang on.

 Aw, shit!

 Hey, wait a minute!

 Hi. Uh, I'm
 his Big Brother.



 Hi. Hi.

 What's your sweat, man?

 Um, I'm supposed to be
 your Big Brother.

 I got one.
 He could take you.

 I'd like to see that.

 He ain't around.

 Right. Well, that's, uh,
 that's why I'm here.

 Got a quarter?

 JERRY: A what?

Got a quarter?

 What do you want
 a quarter for?

 Got to make
 a phone call.

 It'll only
 cost a dime.

 Got to make
 a long-distance call.

 Your mother works
 for the phone company.

 Get off my back.

 Hey, peckerhead,
 come and get it.

 Hey, peckerhead.

 BENNIE: Hey, man,
 did you go to
 that economics lecture?


 BENNIE: Will you do me
 a favor, man?

 JERRY: Sure.

 Uh, explain to me
 the New Deal Keynesian theory.

 Well, anything
 for true love, Bennie.


 Oh, boy,
 does it stink in here.

 BENNIE: Shut that door, man!

 JERRY: I'm getting
 out of here.

 It stinks.
See you later, Don.

Don, I want you to meet
a truly wonderful girl.

 Oh, my! I'm not going to get
 any work done here.

 BENNIE: Don't worry
 about it, man.
 Just don't tell your mother.

 Hey, where's my quarter?

 What quarter?

 Where'd your brother go?


 Got any sisters?

 In February.

 What do you mean,
 "In February"?

 Ma's knocked up.

 where's your Dad?

 He cut out.

All you guys do
is ask questions.

 Hey! I got a ball.

 No, shit.

 Fifty-four, thirty, hup.
 Johnson's going out.
 McAdams fades back.

He sees him.
Oh, no, the rush is on.
He's going back.

 He's being rushed.
 He sees him.
 It's a long one.

 It's up. It's up.
 Johnson's under it.
 He's close to it. He's got it.

 Oh, yes, he's got it.
 He's got it. He...



 MARVIS: Mister.
 Come and get it.

Keep the ball, man.

 MARVIS: You chickie?

 No, it's
 just not worth it.

 Hey, man, you're splitting
 early today.

Just forget it.
I'll see you later.

 You little bastard!

MAN: Hey, hey,
what are you up to?

 MAN: Leave the lad
 and get out of here!

 Oh, shit!

 You peckerhead.
 Look at my leg!

 You broke my leg!

 I'm sorry. Shit.

 How's your knee?


 Name, please.

 Uh, you want his
 or mine?

 I don't
 see you suffering.

 Well, you're not looking
 hard enough.

 May I have your name, please?

 Johnson, Marvis G.

 McAdams, Jerry A.

 Hey, what's the "V"
 stand for?


 Marvis, would you
 like to follow me?

 Right in here.

 Now if you'll just sit
 right up here, we'll
 take a look at this. Okay?

 Can you scoot back
 a little bit for me?
 Thank you.

 Let's see. Oh,
 that's not so bad.

 How did you get that?

 He's my Big Brother.

 You do-gooders
 do more harm than good,

Why don't you just
do your job?

 Do you know
 you could sue him
 for this?

Yes, ma'am.


 Okay, let's start there.

 Oh, my! What?



 JERRY: Voracious?

 These college men.
 They are a big bag
 of big shot words.

 Aren't they?

 He can sure
 throw a football.

 He can? Well, I guess
 that's all that's important.





 Vivacious? Ah!

My goodness.

  WOMAN ON PA: Doctor Ross...

 One more
 and then we're done.
 There we go.

 What are you doing?

 Writing a term paper
 on urban problems
 or something?

 JERRY: Ooh!
 Must be "volatile."


 Or did you just skin his knee
 so you could get in here

 and make a pest
 out of yourself?

 You're really getting it on,
 aren't you?

 You're a smartass.


 Man, you're burning
 her bad.

 You want to take
 this jacket off?

 I'll help you.

 This'll be just
 to prevent infection.
 Okay, Marvis?

I'd rather have
the infection.

 (LAUGHING) You would?
 Don't worry,
 it's not going to hurt.

 It's gonna hurt like hell.


 There we go.

 It's all over,

 Here you go.

 Uh, look, I really
 didn't mean anything.
 I'm sorry.

 Oh, it's all right.

 What's the "V" stand for?





  WOMAN ON PA: Dr. Schaeffer,
  to heart care, please.



 What did you think
 of that nurse?

 She's okay
 for a white chick.

 Sorry about that.


 Does it feel okay?


 Here, you can keep it.



See you tomorrow.


 Oh, my God!

 You scared me.
 What are you doing here?

It's Vanetta!

 Oh, you're crazy.

 Wouldst thou deign
 to walk with me?

 What? Huh.
Nothing, huh?

 I'd be deign to
 walk with thee?

 Boy, you've got
 some terrific routine.

 Uh, the weary old world's
 grown cold to romance.

 Would you mind keeping
 your voice down, please?

 We're in my neighborhood.
 I don't want to
 wake anybody up.

Then I'm gonna sing to you.
 You are not.

 I'm gonna sing to you
 right now.
 You are not.

 ♪ Vivacious
 Oh, my God!

 Can you stop it?

 ♪ Voracious Vanetta

 Shh. Please stop.

 ♪ Vivacious... ♪

 I'm gonna sing
 a whole bunch of songs.

  Yeah. A song like
  Good-Night, Ladies,

'cause here's where
this lady gets off.

You really did something
to me.

That's nice.


Good night.



 JERRY: Vanetta!


 You're very good.

 Thank you.
 I know.

 Hey, look, why don't you
 come on down?


 Come on down.

 Shh. Will you keep
 your voice down?

 Then come on down.

 Oh, this is ridiculous.

 Well, where are we
 going to go at this hour?

 I know a great place.

 Well, you're not
 coming up here.

 I didn't say that.
 I want you to
 come on down here.

 Come on down.

 MAN: Hey, Romeo!

 Take a hike.


 (WHISPERING) I'll meet you
 in front, by the hotel.

The only reason
I'm coming down

 is so that you don't wake
 all of Putney Street.

 Hello, Putney Street!


 VANETTA: I can't.


 Oh, Jerry,
 what is going on here?

 A whole bunch
 of dead people.

 What do you do,
 bring all your Alices
 down here?

 No. Just my nurses.

 Just your nurses.

 Hey, you ever seen
 a dead person?


 Sure, I bet you have.

 Tell me something.

 What happens
 when someone dies?
 You know, physically?

 You want
 a chocolate turtle?

 This is the weirdest date
 I ever had.

Yeah, okay.

A chocolate turtle.

 Hey, man,
 you're good at that.

 What are you messing around
 in college for?

 Well, I guess, I'm trying to
 find out things I like
 I didn't know I'd find.

 You ought to
 make an album.

 Your teacher says that
 you ought to be doing
 seventh-grade algebra

 if you didn't screw around
 so much in school.

 You are a sneaky bastard.

 You're right.

 How much
 they paying you?

 Who's they?

 The ones who
 sicked you on me.


You mean
they made you?

 No, I wanted to.

You crazy, man.

Ray says
don't volunteer
for nothing.

 Was Ray your brother?

 He's in the Army.



 You don't have to be
 good in school
 to get in the Army.

 Is that what you want?


 You in school
 so the Army won't
 come and get you?

I told you why.

 School's a lot of shit.


  Introjected into
  this theory vent.

Really, in a sense
we are, uh,

  waste baskets into which
  the ideas that are
  mirrored to us

  in our early life
  were deposited.

  And with consequences
  that again by the time...
 Hi, Bennie.'re the age of anyone
  listening to my voice, uh,

  this theory then
  is stocked full of
  all kinds of theories.

  There's one way to kind of
  dramatize this is to ask you

  how many of these stripes
  are red and how many of them
  are white?

  Now normally in, uh,

in an audience people will say
that six or seven are red.

  How many are you thinking
  are red?

 You want to know
 what I was thinking?


 Do you really want to know
 what I was thinking?

 I really want to know
 what you were thinking.


 I was thinking
 of small bodies.

 What? Small bodies?

 Yes. I was thinking of
 the small bodies present
 in micro-organisms

 producing diphtheria,
 whether they're sulfur or
 metachromatic granules.


 I got an exam Monday.

 I thought you'd
 finished with school.

 Well, one school.

But, uh, that's just enough
to change bandages
and boil needles.

But I figure if I go
two more years I can go
for my State License.

 Then you can
 deliver babies.

 You know
 I did that once.

 Oh, I did.

 What are you
 grinning at?


 Your head, it's so beautiful
 it really scares me.

 You're pretty
 creepy yourself.

 No, no, I mean... I mean,
 well, you're doing things,
 you know.

 Doesn't everybody
 do something?

 I don't know.
 You want to know what
 I'm doing right now?


 I'm sitting here uptight,
 you know,
 hoping you'll like me, right?

 And you're thinking
 about microorganisms.

 Oh, Jerry, I'm sorry.

 Oh, no, no, no.
 It's not like that.
 It's just, uh,

 you deliver babies.


 Yeah, but... And here
 I'm afraid to say,
 uh, yes or no,

 four-letter words,

 Well, they're the best kind.

 Oh, I know.


 I think I'm losing
 my train of thought.

 That's okay.

I'm not going anywhere.

 Say that again.

 Very slowly.

 I said, I'm not
 going anywhere.


 Am I crazy or
 are people staring at us?

 Hey, I know
 a good place we can go.

 Oh, never mind,
 another graveyard?

 No, no.

 No, no, it's my turn.
 It's my turn.

 I know a great place.


 You live pretty good
 for a nurse.

 Thank you.

 Oops. That's not too good.
Nope. Nope.

 Oh, yeah.







 VANETTA: Jerry.
 JERRY: Yeah?

 Jerry, what are you doing?

 JERRY: Trying to get
 your buttons undone.


 What's the story
 with your buttons?


 The zipper is in the back,

 You mean
 they're all phony buttons
 in the front?


 You know something?


 Your best routine
 is yourself.

 Hey, when do
 I get my song?

 What song?

 Don't I get a song?

 What, you mean
 something that rhymes?


 You want your name in it?


 Kind of hard to do a song
 in the dorsal recumbent

 The dorsal position
 becometh to me.


 ♪ You asked me
 for a love song

 ♪ I'll write you one
 that no one can top

 VANETTA: You'd better.


 ♪ I'll sing it to an angel

 Oh, that's nice.

 ♪ It's just too bad
 that you're a wop ♪

 Jerry! That's the worst song
 I ever heard.
 I liked it.

It's supposed to
have my name in it.

Oh, Jerry,
no, don't, please!

 Enough is enough.

Oh, I love you.

  I'm leaving for Pittsburgh.

JERRY: Christmas vacation?


  VANETTA: I've got parents,
  too, you know.

  I never thought of that.

 Ho, ho, ho!
 Merry Christmas.


Hey, kiddo!
 Dad, how are you?

 Oh, Jerry! Merry Christmas.
 HERB: Merry Christmas.

 Hey, you look
 like Santa Claus.
 I feel like him.

Come on inside.
 RUTH: Oh, yes, come on.



 RUTH: The Torgesons
 might come over later.

 I can do without Tim.

 He quit paying
 on his policy.

he's an old friend.

 Just when he needs it
 more than ever, refinancing
 the house, Ginny in college.

RUTH: She came home
the day before

 Oh, yeah, where's
 she going to school?

RUTH: Northwestern.
She's a freshman.

 He thinks the market's
 a better place
 for his money.

 The way the war and
 interest rates are knocking
 the hell out of the market,

 he'll be lucky if he gets...
 Goddamn, son of a bitch!
 I did it again.

 Dad, you don't have to
 pitch us.

 Do you remember
 her 16th birthday?

Yeah, geez,
wasn't that a bash

 with that whole orchestra
 there and everything?

 RUTH: No, I meant the crush
 she had on you.

 Yeah. Nothing worse,
 you're 16 and a fat girl with
 pimples got a crush on you.

 She's a beautiful girl.
 Well, it's true.

 Hey, I saw her at Hefferman's
 the other day, a new Cougar,
 dark glasses.

No more pimples
either, buddy.

 What're you trying
 to do, set me up?

 Set you up?
 Set you up for what?

 Ginny Torgeson.

 Can't you see
 he's not interested, Herb?

 He'd be lucky to get
 five minutes with her.

 He's got a girl.

 Hey, what's this?
 You holding out on me?

 I found some pictures
 when I was
 putting your things away.

And you weren't
going to tell us?

 Well, I guess
 I'm telling you.



HERB: Vanetta.

 Vanetta what?


 Very exotic.

 HERB: Where's she from?

JERRY: Pittsburg.

 She looks, uh...

 She looks older.

JERRY: Older than what?

 Older than you, dummy.

 JERRY: Yeah, well,
 could be she's 43.

 She's got seven kids.

 HERB: What class is she in?

She's a nurse, Dad.
She went to nursing school.

 Uh, I like her face.

 It's a generous face.

 A nurse?

 Don't worry, Dad.
 I haven't done
 anything rash.

 Who said I got anything
 against nurses?


 I thought just a stew would be
 all right, with everybody in
 tomorrow for dinner mid-day.

 Well, it's good.

 Excellent, excellent.


 Well, I hope your
 extra-curricular activities

have renewed
your interest
in school.

 Well, what was bothering me
 last month was I didn't have
 anything I could get into.

 Well, you were bombed.
 We know that, Jerry.

 I guess I didn't make
 much sense.

 Listen, I know there's a
 generation gap, and everyone's
 having an identity crisis,

and everything is groovy,
but we're not as square
as you think, you know.

I just hope that
your girlfriend

 and your social work
 have helped you
 in other ways.

 You mean, as an indicator
 of my state of mind?

Yeah. Yeah, if that's...
If you want to
put it that way.

 Well, there is something
 I am cut out for.

 What is it?

My guitar.

 Now I know this sounds
 mundane as all hell, but,
 uh, I had college in mind.

 I know you did, Dad,
 and I'm sorry,
 I'm really sorry.

 Oh, you're sorry?
 Look, please, look.

 I know what they're
 talking about at school,

 I mean, I understand
 the concepts
 and all that stuff.

 I know all about
 those things.

 But that's all they are,
 they're things,
 they're theories.

 They've got no
 personal relevance
 to me at all.

 Now maybe they will next week,
 next month, next year.
 I don't know, but

 what the hell's that got to do
 with what's making me happy
 right now?

You know, I wish
I could take you half
as seriously as you sound.




 I knew
 I'd find you
 out here.

 I didn't mean to
 run out on everybody.

They're just going.

 You must be
 freezing to death.

 Just wanted to get
 some fresh air.

You mean nobody
can get to you
up there.

I like eggnogs
and all that stuff.

 But listening to Dad pitching
 his friends term policies
 on Christmas Eve...

Jerry, I...


 I want you to know
 he's doing
 a lot of thinking.

 It's like
 talking to a wall.

 He wants to hear you
 play your guitar.


Merry Christmas, Jerry.

 Merry Christmas.



 I'd like to see the look
 on your mother's face

 when she sees
 that one in the sink, huh?

 All right, Cyrus,
 go get him, boy.

 HERB: Okay, so I heard
 you play and you're good.

 But how's that going to
 keep you out of the Army?

I transfer to
the conservatory.

 The what?

 It's a music school,
 it's right on campus.

 Oh, the draft board's
 going to love that.

 As long as I carry
 15 hours a semester
 there's no sweat.



 Uh, let them too much.


 Did you tell that
 to your mother?


What'd she say?

 She said,
 "What'd your father say?"

 Goddamn war.


 Three years ago you were
 hawking it up, Dad.

 What are you talking about?

 You've still got part
 of that, uh, bumper sticker
 left on your car.

 Well, things change.

 Well, like now I'm 20
 and my birthday falls
 on the wrong day, right?


 Sorry about that.


 Hey, it works.



 Spring semester's
 in four weeks.

 I made the check out
 to you this time.

 Thank you.

 Not a Christmas present,
 you know.

For your education.

 So I damn well
 better get one, right?

 Boy, you don't give
 an inch, do you?

 You're as stubborn as a...

 As you think I am.

 The difference is
 you think that life consists
 of absolutes.

 You can only do this,
 you can only do that.

 Now why can't you go to school
 and play that guitar
 at the same time?

 Because it's a copout, Dad.

 It's a little bit of this
 and a little bit of that.

 I know what I want.

Want? That's bullshit.

 You know, you didn't
 hit a shot all day.

 Guess I lost my eye.

 A couple of years ago
 you would have had me out here
 before the birds woke up.

 Couldn't wait
 to get out here.

 Look, if you
 don't like to hunt anymore,
 all you have to do is say so.

 A simple
 declarative sentence.

 Make me feel
 like a horse's ass.

 Hey, Dad, would you mind
 if I went back to school

 And break
 your mother's heart?

 That's funny.
 That's exactly what
 she said about you.

  VANETTA: I'll try
  to get back early.

  In case you get
  back before I do...


  JERRY: I don't understand
  a word but it sounds sexy
  as all hell.

  VANETTA: It means
  "open all hours."





MAN ON TV: ...a merciful
or an all-powerful God

  would permit
  these mass murders.


  MAN: A clambake, friends and
  a good cigarette would do it.

 (SOFTLY) Jerry?

 Oh, yeah.


 Hey, who is this
 bum in my bed?


 I'm the milkman.


 Yeah, a horny milkman.

Oh, Jesus!

what is this?

 Some sort of commune?

 Jerry, he looks so cute.

 Hey, uh...

 Hey, where were
 you at midnight?

On a bus,
somewhere in, uh,

 on my way back here.

 Happy New Year.

 Who's Tony?


 are those his shoes
 and stuff in the closet?

 What are you doing,
 going through my closet?

 No, I went and left
 my boots there and
 I found them.

 He's my husband.

 He was my husband.

 We've been separated
 for two years.


 Then he's, uh...

 He's still your husband.

 Yes, legally.

 What's the matter?

 Have you got some sort
 of a moral hang-up?

 Why didn't you tell me?



 I'm telling you now.

 We've been separated
 for two years.

 I can't even
 stand the stupid

 Oh, Jerry.

 It's okay.
 You don't... You don't
 have to say any more.

 Oh, I want to.

 It's okay, Vanetta.
 I want to.

 It's all right, baby.

 I married him
 out of high school,
 I didn't even think.

 Hey, hey, hey.
 It's all right.
 It's okay.

I just want to
tell you that

 you got yourself
 a new roommate.

 (WHISPERS) Does that
 include Marvis?

 it's just you and me.


 (WHISPERS) Terrific.



Thank you.

 MAN: Gerald McAdams.

 Uh, the first piece
 that I'm going to do
 is something I wrote.

 Give you an idea
 of the music that
 I'm doing right now.

 Doesn't have
 a title yet.



Thank you.
You played very nicely.

 With whom did
 you study?


 Well, I sort of
 taught myself.

 To read as well?

 Yes, sort of.

 Any other instruments?

 Um, well, yeah,
 I play the piano
 pretty well.

 You know, by ear.

 I see. Thank you.

 We'll be contacting you
 in about a week's time.

 MAN: Nancy Rifkind?

 You really got that thing
 under your fingers,
 haven't you?

Oh, thanks.

 Pretty tight
 in there, though.

 Oh, yeah.
 Do you ever
 play electric?

 Uh-huh, sure.

Do you play folk music,
rock, all that kind
of stuff?


 Are, uh... Are you
 with the conservatory?

 Oh, no. My name's
 Irv Ginsburg.

 Hi, Jerry McAdams.

Well, I own a coffee
shop on Lexington
called the Grass Roots.

 Now, I'm looking
 for somebody to
 play intermissions

 and maybe sit in
 with my regular band.

 Now they lost their
 bass player to the draft.

Now, all these kids who
work for me come from
the conservatory here

 because I can't afford
 to pay union scale.

 Are you offering
 me a job?


 Are you... Are you
 offering me a job?

Sixty a week, five nights,
meals, and no weed.
I don't want to get busted.

 Oh, man!

 Miss Spezia?


Herb McAdams.

 Oh, hello.

 Oh, well, won't you
 come in, please?

 Thank you.

 Uh, Jerry.

 Hey, Dad, Jesus,
 what a surprise.

 How are you?

 All right.
 Well, greetings.

 And it was nice of you
 to let me know you moved.

 I've been hiking
 all over the campus
 looking for you.

 That ex-roommate
 of yours, Bennie,

 he kindly informed me
 I was looking in the
 wrong place.

 Dad, did you
 meet Vanetta?


 I hope you don't mind,
 I opened that.

 You've been
 reclassified 1-A.

Your physical's
next week.

 Excuse me.

 No, I think maybe you
 ought to stay and hear
 this, young lady.

 On account of how much
 you mean to him.

 Why don't you sit down?


 So you went and
 dropped out, huh?

 This is a hell of a way
 for me to find out, isn't it?

 I gave you $1,500.
 What's the matter?

 You can't afford
 a 70-cent phone call?


Excuse me.

 It's all there,
 except for 50 bucks.

 I was going to tell
 you that along with
 some good news.

 HERB: Good news?

 I'm transferring to that
 conservatory full-time.

 I auditioned last week.

 Excuse me.

So, you see, when I get in,
I'll get my deferment back.

When you get in?

 You mean you
 haven't gotten in yet?

 Oh, I'll hear...
 I'll hear this week.

 Well, supposing you don't?
 Have you considered that?

 Well, I never played
 better in my whole life.

That not answering
my question!

 I'll answer it this week.

 So that's what
 this was for, huh?

 Music lesson.

It was, yeah.

 But, uh...

 I'm going to do
 it on my own now.
 I got myself a job.

 What's wrong
 with my money?

 Uh, you mean the, uh,
 blank check
 I bribed you into?

 Now, don't get
 noble with me.

 Don't you pay
 for goods you don't want.

 That was my bag, remember?

 Your, bag. Yeah, a bag
 of bullshit is what it is.

 Excuse me.


 Thanks, V.

 You're gonna
 crapshoot, huh?

 Boy, you are
 a horse's ass.


 But it's my ass, Dad.

No matter what happens,
I'm not going in.

 Well, that may not
 be your decision.

 That's exactly
 what it is.

 Sure. You decide
 between the Army or jail.

 Now, I don't think
 it's that serious,
 Mr. McAdams.

I'm sure he'll be going
to the conservatory.

Well, I hope you're
right, young lady.

 I sure hope you're right.

 Thank you
 for the coffee.

Oh, you're welcome.

 Uh, here.

 Go puncture your
 eardrum or something.

 Hey, Dad.


 Hey, Dad, please,
 will you wait
 a minute, please?


there's something
I want to tell you.

Oh, don't worry,
Mr. McAdams,

I'm not pregnant.

You see, I've never been
happier in my whole life.

I'm doing what I want
and I'm good at it,

 and I'm helping this
 kid discover himself,


 and I'm getting
 into my guitar,

and I found Vanetta.

 I this, I that.

 I, I, I.

 We didn't say that, McAdams.
 We think you're a very
 talented young man.

 What more do you want?

 The conservatory simply cannot
 admit you as a sophomore
 without some formal training.

 Without some knowledge
 of the musical literature.

 Oh, okay, you start me
 as a freshman, right?

 On an accelerated program,
 I can finish the whole thing
 in two and a half years.

 Twenty-four credit
 hours a semester.

 I'll do it. I promise.
 I can really do it.

 We can't give your
 draft board any assurance
 you can carry such a load.

 No one ever has.
 There aren't enough
 hours in the day.

 So you're doing the old
 numbers game, aren't you?

 128 units in four years
 or that's it, boot camp, man,
 sorry about that.

 That game, son,
 was not our invention.

 I only wish you'd started
 with the conservatory.

 Guess I'm kind of what
 you call a late bloomer.


 Please, let me urge you.
 Whatever you decide,

don't abandon music.

 You have an obligation
 to such a talent.

 (SOBBING) That...
 That's groovy.


 It's very hot.

VANETTA: Thank you.

 BENNIE: What do you want?

 DON: What do you want?
 VANETTA: White wine.

 White wine?
 White wine she'll have
 and I'll have a beer.

 I'll have a Coke,

 Hey, man!

 We figured out
 some new angles.

Yes. First of all, have you
checked to see how far down
you are on your local list?

 You may not
 get picked...

 Fifth out of 365.

 How about get married,
 have a baby?

 Hey, man, I told you about
 that. Remember, they passed
 that law?

 Oh yeah, I remember,
 no longer can you
 do that.

 Anyway, I'm not
 even divorced.


 Why don't you flunk
 your physical, huh?
 That's it.

 You have anything wrong
 with you? A bad back or
 a trick knee, uh, flat feet?

 Asthma, syphilis.

 Terrible headaches?

There's nothing
wrong with him.

 I gave him a
 complete examination.

He's in goddamn
perfect health.

 What about a shrink?

 Did you ever go to a shrink?

 You get a letter,
 you get right out.


 suicidal tendencies.

 Then you go to the draft
 board, you act crazy.
 You jump around a lot.

 Come on.
 I'm not kidding.

 I know a guy who's
 puked on a psychiatrist.

 I'm not kidding,
 I'm serious.

 Hey, man, play gay,
 you know, tell them
 you're a queer.


You know, when they
tell you to cough down,
get all excited.


 Tell them, "Just let me
 at those juicy recruits."

 That's no good.
 That's no good, you know why?

They got a new
thing now, in Texas.

 A platoon just for faggots.
 I'm serious, I swear.


 No, they bring
 the faggots,

 they put them in trenches,
 they grab the V...

They don't kill them,
they just grab them

 into the trenches
 and do strange things,
 I don't know.

 Seriously, go C.O.

 JERRY: Well, you got to
 have a whole long history,
 a record...

 BENNIE: Do you
 want to kill?


 I think I'll
 go to Canada.

 Hey, let's get back
 to this, uh, C.O.
 thing then, huh?

 Uh, how do you
 feel about the war?

 Well, it sucks.

 Yes, but they're not
 interested in moral reasons.

You see, they're only
interested in old time

 That's all they care about.

 (WHISPERS) Right.

 You know something, man,
 I think you want to go
 and you don't even know it.

 Look, I'm not going.

 I mean, that's all
 there is to it.

 I'm not going.


  Communist troops continued
  maneuvers that threaten

to cut off a large Cambodian
taskforce north of Phnom Penh.

  An official said bands of
  guerrillas have placed
  themselves behind

  government units and have
  blown up two bridges
  between the units

  and Skua, the
  district headquarters.

  The U.S. command announced
  the loss of the first
  American fighter bomber

  in missions over Cambodia
  in more than two months.

 Hey, leave it on.

  Vice President Ky
  of South Vietnam...

 For Christ's sakes, Jerry.

 You're getting morbid.

 Why do you have to see
 yourself to do that?

 You got to see yourself
 brush your teeth.

 Why can't you just
 use a tooth brush
 like everybody else?

 You got any more


 You know when you get up
 in the middle of the night
 to use the john?

 Yeah, I know.

 Could you put
 the seat back down?

 Just like that.

 Anything else?



 You've got lousy aim.

 Oh, Jerry, stop it.
 You're getting me all wet.

 That's one of the
 reasons I want you
 to use a tooth brush.

 Vanetta Spezia.


 I am scared.


 I am, too, Jerry.

 I feel like I've got
 one thing on my head.

 That guy Simpson,
 you know, he's all
 I've got left.

 Would you come
 to Canada with me?


 Well, what are we
 going to do up there?

 We'll be together.


 And, uh...

 Well, you could get
 a job in a hospital


 I could get a job,

you know, or enter one
of the music schools in

 Montreal or Toronto.

You're serious,
aren't you?


 Do you think we've
 had enough time?

 I guess not,

 otherwise you wouldn't
 have to ask that question.


 Hey, Louis,
 what happened?

 She just lost her oldest
 boy Ray in Vietnam.


Where's Marvis?

He ran out.
 Thanks, Louis.


 MARVIS: Get in there,
 you mother!

 Get in!

 Get in there, you!


What do you want
with me, Whitey?

 Well, screw you,
 Big Brother!

 It's all right, Marvis.
 It's okay. It's all right.

 Hey, Marvis.



 Bennie gave me
 your name.

 And, I just got my notice,
 and is there anything you
 can do to help me?

 Sure, we can keep most guys
 off, if they come to see us
 before they get their notices.

 But once you've
 gotten the notice...

 Well, is there
 anything we can do?

 Not unless you're
 in school or you have
 some medical problem.

 How's your health?

 Perfect. I just
 had a physical.

We could file a C.O. claim.
Keep you out for a couple
of weeks.

 The draft board isn't going
 to listen to you after you've
 gotten that induction notice.

 Well, what'd happen
 if I fought it?

 If I took it to court?

Judges in this town
are appointed by
the same men

 that got us into
 that mess in Vietnam.

 You'd get five years in
 the Federal Penitentiary.

 Okay, well, thank you.

 You could file a C.O.
 claim from inside.

 Well, how do you
 mean, "inside"?

 Inside a uniform.




 MAN: I'm looking for
 Vanetta Spezia.

 I'm her husband.

Come on in.

 Thank you.
 Thanks a lot.

 Where is she?

 She's at work.

 Looks like I got
 here just in time.

Not that I blame her.

We broke up
once before.

 That's what she said.

Oh, she did, huh?


 Did she also tell you
 that she promised to
 wait till I got back?

 Wait for what?

 Till I got back.

No, she didn't
tell me that.

 Do you go to
 college here?

 I used to.

I just dropped out.

 You dropped out.

 You'd better drop back
 in if you know what's
 good for you.

 It's bad enough
 over there, the shit.

Wait till you get back.

That's the best part.




 Hi, baby.

 Hello, Tony.

 Hey, it's...

 It's cool, okay.

 Nice to meet you.


 Anybody home?




He gone?

Oh, yes, he's gone.

 He wants me back.

 I want you to
 come with me.

I know.

 I want to, but...

 Is it him?


I want you.

 I really,
 really want you.

 What do you want?


I just want
some more time.

 I'm so confused,


 What am I kidding
 myself for, you know?

 I mean, uh...

Why would you
want to come,

 come walking around the Yukon,
 you know, with some crazy
 minstrel guy,

 and playing his
 guitar all the time.

 I don't blame you.

 What are you
 going to do now?

 I'm going to
 get a divorce,

 and then I'm going
 to wait for you.

 Like you did for Tony?

 (WHISPERS) Oh, Jerry,

 please believe me.


 Please believe me,

You have to
believe me.

Believe me.


 HERB: Who's out there?

 It's me, Dad, hi.
 RUTH: Jerry?

 Yeah, yeah.

 (CHUCKLES) Jesus!

 Nice of you to come by
 at 5:30 in the morning.

Yeah, well, I wasn't really
planning on stopping by.
Got kind of late.

 Well, I guess we have
 to take you when we can
 get you these days, huh?

 JERRY: I almost didn't...

Didn't what?

 RUTH: Herb, listen.

 I'm on my way to Canada.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

 RUTH: Is she with you?

 Come inside.
 Both of you.

 What happened?

 I didn't get into
 the School of Music.

 Got caught in the draft.

 When are you
 supposed to report?

 JERRY: Today.

 Well, you had plenty of rope,
 now don't say that we...

 Oh, Dad, come on, please.
 You know, I'm not blaming you.

 All I want to come
 to say was goodbye.

 I'm sorry.

 I'm going to put
 on some coffee.

 You'd actually give
 up your citizenship?

If I have to, yeah.

 Jesus Christ!


 my father came to this
 country 50 years ago to
 avoid the draft in Poland.

That's not
the same thing.

 It's exactly
 the same thing!

Well, you'd better get
that thing checked out.

 (WHISPERS) It's okay.

 (WHISPERS) It's all right.

 HERB: I don't know what else
 it needs, but it could sure
 use some tires.

 What do you get for that
 set of 740s?

 MAN: Well, it'd run you
 about, uh, $128
 plus tax, Herb.

 Hey, Dad, the rear
 tires are okay.

I'm getting you
the whole set.

 Plus a spare.

 That's more than the goddamn
 thing is worth.

 Hey, Joe, put a set of
 740s and a spare
 on that bomb.

 Hey, you know,
 these damn pigs are worn
 right down to the casings.

 You're lucky
 you made it this far.

 Hey, you got
 any maps here?

 Yeah, I think there's
 some in that little office
 right behind you there.

 Oh, thank you.

 HERB: Look, I know this sounds
 strange, but I haven't got
 time to explain.

 I want that car laid up
 for a couple of days.

 Look, crack the block,
 put something in the
 fuel line, anything.

 You know more about
 that than I do. Here.

Well, Herb, why...

 Look, don't question me,
 will you?

 Just don't question me.
 I'll explain to you later.

 Believe me,
 it has to be done.

 MAN: Herb, don't...

 Just do as I ask,
 will you?


 Hey, wait a minute,
 I still got a couple
 of bolts...

 Hey, wait a minute!
 Where you going?

 HERB: Jerry, stop!


 Oh, Jesus Christ, Jerry!

RUTH: Herb!

 Any mail today?

 He'll write again
 as soon as he can.

 You know how they are.

 Ah, it's too close
 to the house.

 One good storm and...

I bet it's been
there 80 years.

 It hasn't fallen yet.

Well, you know
what I mean.

 Ever since I built
 that damn tree house,

 he'd scamper up there
 like a squirrel
 whenever he...

 To be by himself.

Boy's entitled to that.

Oh, kids.

 Boy, you think they're yours
 and they're not, not really.

 The worst part
 of it is

 they keep reminding
 you of it.

 Well, we weren't
 any different.

Come on,
let's go in, huh?


 I should have torn
 it down years ago.

  ...station now
  presents the news.

  Local, national
  and around the world.

  With John Mitchm
  reporting from Washington,
  David Allen in New York,

  Robert Andrews from Saigon,
  Mark Robin reporting from
  Paris, Harold Joseph...


 You know
 something, Ruth?


 I bet I know what
 he's going to say
 when he comes home.

 "You overstated your case,
 Dad, you always do.

 "Get so excited making a deal
 or watching a ball game.

 "Goddamn, what a mistake
 I almost made, huh?"