Summertime (1955) - full transcript

The American secretary Jane Hudson travels from Ohio to Venice. Jane is a middle-age single and lonely woman that have saved money for her dream trip. On the arrival, she immediately befriends the owner of the boarding house Signora Fiorini. During the night, she goes to a café and an Italian helps her to call the waiter. Jane feels sort of uncomfortable for being alone and on the next day, she sees a red glass goblet in the window of an antique store. The owner Renato de Rossi, who is the man that helped her, explains that it is an ancient goblet from the Eighteenth Century and therefore expensive; then he also explains that she should always bargain for a lower price in Venice. Jane recognizes Renato from the previous night and becomes clumsy. Soon Renato woos her but the needy Jane is afraid to love.

Hey, excuse me.

I beg your pardon.

Hold on this for a second,
would you please?

Yes, certainly.

Lift a little closer, you don't mind.

Up a little higher.

Thanks. Now, still.

This is Venice we coming into, lsn't it?

Yes, we will be there about two minutes.

This is the lagoon.

Oh, boy! Gotta get a shot of this.

Each one of these I used already.
Haven't even gotten there yet.

Oh, thanks a lot.

Is this your first visit to Venice?
Yes. Is it yours?

No. I've been here several times.

Several times, you have.

Yes. I hope you will like it.

Like it? I got to.

I come such a long way

I saved for a long time for this trip.

You think I maybe won't like it.

I'm sure you will.

But not everybody
likes it in the same way.

Some people find it too quiet,
some people find it too noisy.

And it is very noisy.
but the majority find it very beautiful.

Well, I guess
I'll settle with the majority.

Here we are.


No taxi. Gondola.

How much, gondola?
A thousand lira.

How much, bus?
20 lira.


Where bus?

Is that the bus?

How much?

Have a good time.

Hello there.

Where're you from?
I'm from Ohio. How do you do?

My name is Lloyd Mcllenny from lllinois.

This is Mrs. Mcllenny.

I'm Jane Hudson. Excuse me.

Is that wonderful?
Yeah, I guess so.

Why? Don't you like Venice, Mr. Mclhenny?

It's just a city.
Now, Lloyd.

Are you going to Hon from here?
Sure. Next stop, Parks.

That's name the ltalians are giving them
We're doing all in ltaly.

Rome, Naples, Napoli, Carpi,
got off at Spain, Portugal and home.

Fine home came over by boat.

Yes, We've been to lreland, Scotland.
England, London, the Queen.

France, Paris.

Yes, Paris.
Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria.

Southberry Festival
Switzerland. Here we are in Venice.

Some itinerary.
How long have you been at it?

We started off 10:30 A.M. on June 1 5.

When do you fly from....
September 9th.

This year?

Well, what do you know?

Our travel agent did a crackerjack job.

They planned every step of the way.
Take a look at this.

Here is today's itinerary.
8 A.M. breakfast, 10, St. Marco Cathedral

10:30 to 1 2:30, l.A.
I.A. What's that?

Independent actvity.
We're allowed 2 hours of it everyday.

That's really something to take.
I guess it is kind of unique.

You see, Miss. Hudson,
this is our first trip abroad.

Mr. Mcllenny retires this year
and we don't have any children.

So we just decided
to have our little flame.

Where're you stopping, Miss. Hudson?
At Pensioni Fiorini.

What do you know?
We're there though.

Isn't that nice?
We're now coming along to Pensioni right now.

We gonna stop at Titian Pertitian,
It's the cuttest shop.Just cute

Here's your stopping off place
coming up now, Miss. Hudson.

Put them down there, dear.
One moment, Miss. Hudson.

I'm terribly sorry.
I know they weigh a ton.

Pensioni Fiorini.

Thank you.



Hello. I'm Jane Hudson.

My travel agent must've sent a wire from
Of course, Miss. Hudson.

We have your room.
Would you register, please?

Here. Just your name,
where you from and passport number.

So hot.
Yes, it's very hot.

I'll fill in the rest.

Thank you.


My husband used to say:
If you are not gonna fire her, the least

you can do is to strangle her.

You speak English so well.
Thank you, but don't worry, Giovanna

doesn't speak one word.

Let me help her. They're too heavy.
No, she is strong like an ox.

I'll take this other stuff.
Thank you.

That's our dining room.
Here we have our sitting room.

Would you coming please.
Thank you.

Oh boy! This is lovely!
Good. Would you give your things.

Oh thanks. I'm so happy to be here.
Instead of a hotel full of

tourists, like me.

Excuse me one moment.


Do you know Bourbon?
Oh yes.

I smuggled it in. It's very good whisky.

You want some ice?
No. Thank you. I'm determined

to learn to drink without it.

You 're very willing.

Half ltalian. Half American.

Is this your first day in Europe?
How did you guess?

You traveling all alone?
I like it.

I would hate it.
I'm an independent type. Always have been.

You're a writer?
No. Fancy secretary, really.


This is nice. I keep saying that.
I don't mind.

This is my business.
Here's my home for many years.

When my husband died in a war,
this place has been Pensioni.

I enjoyed it, though.

And it's very pleasant
to make money without moving.

Oh, hi.
Ths is Miss. Hudson.

I'm Phyl Yaeger.
Hello, cookie.

Be seeing you.


Don't you want to see your room?
Thank you.

This heat does things to me.

He is an artist.
He has been here for sometime.

When she is not singing,
she is playing that terrible machine.

I like the singing. I like the machine.
It's ltaly, isn't it?

Is it?
To me.

I put you high up,
so yo can have plenty of air.

Thank you.
It can be very hot, you know.

Across the lagoon, you can see Murad,

That's where they make the glass.

Here you have quite a nice view.

Thank you!
For what?

For this.

You know
I met a girl on the boat coming over,

In America,
every female under 50 calls herself a girl.

Who cares.

Anyway, this girl on boat was waiting.
For what?

She was going to Europe to find something

That was way back in the back of her mind.

Part seeing things and getting
some culture that was about here.

Perfume about here,
let it loose for once about....

We won't go into that, but....
way back, way way back in the back

of her mind
was something she was looking for....

A wonderful, mystical, magical miracle.

To do what?

Beats me. I guess to find
what she's been missing all her life.

Well. I better take a shower.

Gallaria at Dermania and the church of..
What is it?

They're all alike to me.
You should see the Bianelli.

That's the big artist.

If I have one more
look at a painting, I yip.

Excuse me, but
Mrs. Yaeger's husband is an artist.

Oh, well, say,
Pardon me, ma'am.

I don't understand pictures,
and I got bad feet to to standing.

I know how you feel.

When I first fell in love with Andy,

I just had to get to like pictures.

So I looked and looked,
and one day wonderful thing happened.

I knew what I was looking at. Kind of.

Would you have seen
any of Dieaga's painting?

He had a one-man show in New York.

He sold the painting to the Toledo Museum.

You must be very successful.

Successful?! That show was four years ago.

Well, come along.
Don't go. Let's have a drink.

I like to but
this nonsense is wrecking my digestion.

Pardon me, no disrespect for Tanniea.

You're always on the same line.

How to make friends and influence people.

I'm sure he
didn't know what he was saying.

Of course he didn't.
He is insensitive man. Has no heart. Not much.

He is one fool with miserable belly.
He probably likes French food.

I must say I did.

It's so refined. In ltaly,
you sit down to eat and eat a meal.

In Paris, you sit down, what do you eat?
A sauce.

In America, buy Mac, whatever it is,
he sits down,

What does he eat? Birds, only birds.

And you want me to get
excited about a man like that?


Have a drink.
No, thank you.

Drago? Is that right?
Right. C'mon, we gotta get going.

Cookie, have a drink.
That will do you good.

No thanks.
Drago before you go?

No, we're late for dinner.
We take you up on that drink, though.

Sure. Well, that leaves us.
Or does it? I guess it doesn't.

I'm dining with an old friend.
Would you care to come with us?

No, thank you.
When in ltaly, you should meet ltalians.

Mr. Ferstino is in the government.
Please join us.

Two is a company.
A sad sin.

Mr. Ferstino and I are,
for several years now,

We've been unexcited.

Well, pardon me.
Sure you won't have a short one?

I don't want it. Thank you.
May be I can persuade my self. Drago?

How do you pronounce that?

There are two people
back in the states I wish to hear.

They're darling couple.

Rather like the Yaegers, really.
Only older.

Not older than me.
Nobody is older than me.

I am. In ltaly, age is an asset.

If it is, I'm loaded.
Now you do have to go.

Are you sure you're not come with me?

No, thank you.

There is no holding me.

I guess I'll have
dinner by myself tonight.

Don't let you on a rush.
No, indeed.

After sunset,
she rushes around like American.

She has a friend, Alfredo,
All day long, she is only recuperating

herself from the night before.

I should be so sick.

You know, Miss. Hudson, those miracles,
they can happen sometimes.

But you must give a little push to help.

I'm not used to say things like that.

Gondola, lady?

Are you looking for something, lady?

No, no.

Not today.

Not today, not tonight.

Tomorrow night is better than tonight.

you be a good boy and run along home.

Home? I got no home.
You mean you got no place to live?

I live in a boat. Postcard, lady?


You take this and get some food with it
Some good nourishing food.

The famous Piazza.
Don't change a thing. Not one thing.


Smile, Lloyd, smile.

Well, I'm off.

Where you're going?

Buy myself, cookie.

Some for me?
I gave you yesterday.

Give me a cigarette?
You're too little to smoke.

But I smoke.
Not with my help.

Just one cigarette.
You know a sucker when you see one.

Easy does it.
Thank you.

You okay, lady.

So long, cookie.

Does anyone here speak English?

I wonder
if you can tell me the price of

that red goblet in the window?

One minute, please.
Thank you.

Good morning.
Good morning. I want to ask the price of this goblet.

For this? 10,000 liras.

It is aging.

May l?

It is very beautiful.

It is a very beautiful color.

Perhaps you'll see the color better
if you took off your glasses.

Are you enjoying Venice?

Yes, I have, very much. Thank you.

It is heart of Venice to catch some.

Yes, I felt that.
You feel Venice. That's a wonderful feeling.

Have you a pair? Two?

No, I'm sorry.
This is the only one I have.

How much did you say it was?
To you, 10,000 liras. It is genuine.

Wrap it up. I'll take it.

You take it? At this price?
That is the price isn't it?

Excuse me, Miss.
Have you bought many things in ltaly?

No, I havn't. This is the first time.
I just came yesterday.

Forgive me. But in ltaly,
you must not say so quick" I take it."

You must bargain.

It is a part of buying and selling.

I'll give it you for 8,700 liras.

No, you don't.

Because it's not fair.
But I want to.

Yes, but I bought it for 10,000 lira.

Then I give it to you for
8,700 lira in honor of your first

buying in ltaly.

Well, I give in. I mean, I give up.

Thank you.
Very good.

I'll wrap it up.
You'll wrap it up.

Thank you.

Will you be staying long in Venice?

That depends.
I mean...I feel if I can stay forever.

That is a fact what it says.

By the way, if it were possible
to get another goblet,

Would you wish to have it?

Oh, yes.
I think it is possible I may find one.

Perhaps you would call again?

Or perhaps I could send it to your hotel?

Where you're staying?
In Venice.

I mean, in Pensioni Fiorini.

Oh, yes.

Thank you.
Hope to see you again.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Your glasses.

You'll wear it or carry it?

Carry them. Thank you.


Dearest Ben and Betty:
Venice is as unbelievable as fairy tale,

How I wish you're here.

This time, we'll be a quartet.

Mio Amico has silver-gray hair.

Cookie, you're a very pretty girl.

Yes. I know.

But I'm not interested
in looking like the women in paintings.

You are.

No, You are.

What's the matter?

Someday when you're not so busy,
how about you showing me the town.

I've been hurrying for ten minutes.

I'll call a boat.

We could go swimming.

We're out to Harry's bar.
The book says that's a must.


Will you excuse us?
Sure. Have fun.

Be seeing you.


Hey! Why don't l
give Harry his big break tonight.

Do you mind if I come along with you?
I always buy my guy a drink.

We'll meet some people.

How about bring them, too?
Are there too many of them?

Just another couple.
We're going on to dinner together.

Sure. Have fun.

Oh, Eddie.
Miss. Hudson.


Good evening.
Good evening.

You frightened me.
How did you know I was here?


Oh, I like it this way.

Lady, you got any brothers and sisters?

Three, cookie.

You very lucky. Three brothers
and sisters. I got three of these.

Presents. Souvenirs of ltaly.

You're impossible.

Ok. Ok.
Now, look. Cookie, I'm lost.

Do you know Campos St. Bonavus?

You take me there. Ok?
Yes, Miss.

I wash face. You want to wash face?
Ok. I'll wash my face, too.


C'mon. Iet's go.

Your legs gone, lady?

You say the cuttest things.

Look, take that and that. All that.
And you stay here.


Very difficult for ladies.

I'm now going to take a picture.

Okey-doke. That's about it.

You're in the way.
You don't want my picture, lady?

What's it for?

I'm trying to
take the picture of that shop.

Sometimes, I think you're very peculiar.

Thanks, cookie.

Ok. Shoot.

Look. Coming here.

Be a good boy. Stand over there.
Don't move and shut up.

Go ahead. Now. Stop. Ok.

You should've seen me in the Olympics.

Skip it.

Mauro! Mauro!

Here, lady.
Take me home.

Ok, lady.

Good afternoon. How are you?
Not so bad. I fell into the canal.

Oh yes, I'm so sorry.

You played hooky this afternoon.
I played hooky?

I was at your shop.
Didn't the boy tell you?

Yes. Yes.
He is very kind.

He is my niece.

Nephew. Of course. Just when I think
I speak English like the

American, something happens.

Anyhow, he is the son of my eldest sister.

Bravo! That about concludes
my entire performance in ltalian.

Should I call somebody for you?

I don't know. Mrs. Fiorini?

I scarcely know her.

Do you want to go somewhere?

I came to see you.

Oh, you found another goblet.
No. Unfortunately, no.

There are not many old goblets
in Venice any more. But we'll look.

Don't go for any trouble.
For you? It is no trouble.

May we go in?


It's very hot.

That's better, isn't it?
Mr. Rossi, why did you come to see me?

It is of nature.

You don't give up something you like.

So I came.

Does it matter why? You knew I would.

I did not.

How can I explain?
May be it's my English.

May be it's mine.

Listen. Two nights ago I went to
Piazza St. Marco. You were there.

We looked. Next day, you were in my shop.

We talked about glasses.
We talked about Venice.

But we were not speak about that. Are we?

So last night I was in St.Marco again.
You were at St. Marco again.

Half of Venice are at St. Marco again.

But half of Venice are not in my shop,
or I'll be a rich man.

I wanted to buy another glass.
That's all

There are shops all over Venice.

Did you looking
at any of them for your glass?

You see?

But you said you'll find one for me.

That's why you came back?

Not that reason.

I don't know what your experience
has been with American tourists.

My experience has been that
tourist have more experience than l.

Can we sit down?

I've offended you?

Oh, yes. You're sorry I'm here.

Then you're glad?

It may be so to you, but I'm not
an ltalian. I'm an American,

I thought everything
happens so fast in America.

Not this sort of thing. Not to me.

Yes. I have offended you.

Mr. Rossi, I'm not a child.
But I don't understand.

Understand? Why must you understand?

The most beautiful things
in life are those we don't understand.

As we spoke yesterday,
I knew you're simpatico.

Is that something you understand?

Yes, it means I'm like a sister to you.

I have four sisters
and I'm not looking for another.

Stop. You can make a joke.

You make many jokes but inside.
I think you can.

That's why you're simpatico.

Miss. Hudson,
you ask me why I came to see you.

Because you attract me. Why?

Because you do.

You Americans
are even more suspicious than French.

Listen. We saw each other.
We like each other.

This is so nice.

How can it be wrong?

Would you do me the honor
of seeing me this evening?

Hello! Miss. Hudson. What a day we have.

We've been shopping.
No, let them guess.

This is Mr. Rossi.
Mr. and Mrs. Mcllenny.

How are you?
Fine, thank you.

It's so nice to be ltalian in ltaly.

Glad to know you, Mr. Rossi.
How do you do?

It's hot. I guess
we kind of overrun our schedule.

What did you buy?
Glass, glass and more glass.

She even sent home a chandelier.

And before that, we did
the glass factory, picture gallery, the

whole works. The pictures were marvelous
you tell them.

Yes, she is right.
That place certainly sold me art.

It gotta be fine art.
Oh, yes.

That you gotta see, Miss. Hudson.
Come rain or snow, you gotta see.

Oh boy, pictures. Rooms full of pictures.

Hundreds of pictures. All done by hand.

And the cuttest glass.
C'mon, I just gotta show you.

Over there, so pretty, Lloyd.

What are they?
Benetian glass.

Please don't bother to unwrap it.
It'no bother. I'll show you one.

And you gotta do this please.
You stand right there and watch them

They put this stuff on long poles
and they heat it to the furnace.

And presto change glass! And such colors.

You have no idea. There!

Isn't that exquisite?


Oddly enough.
I was looking for one just like it.

They're only too
happy to make them for you.

I bought half a dozen.

They practically making them
for you while you stand there.

If I may ask, how much did you pay?

Not too much.
Lloyd, honestly.

You know they wanted 1 1,500 lira a piece
But you never give them

what they want.

You just beat them down every time....

I'm terribly sorry.
No, ltalians love to bargain.

How much did you pay finally?

Well, 10,000.

It's fair.

Oh we missed something.
We never got around the National Library.

We can get that over with
in morning before we catch the train.

Sometimes I think the schedule
in Venice is just, well, all wrong.

There you go.
Why! Thank you.


I know a little shop where
Mrs. Mcllenny could've saved 7,800 lira.

I didn't say
your glass which was made yesterday.

Of course not. It was 1 8 century, cookie.

Do not call me cookie.

It's politer than some
other names that come to mind.

Now you're angry.

Suspicious again.
Angry, no. Suspicious, yes.

You can always
find something to be suspicious of.

Well I can and this doesn't help.

What do you want me to do?

Benetian glass
the same design used over and over

for years and years.

Your goblet is aging centuries.

You can't believe me, you're not.

Now please, believe me.

If you do me the honor
of taking confidant tonight?

There is a concert tonight.

Would you like to go?

He is beginning music with someone.


Relax and the world is beautiful.

Take a deep breath.


There is not very much
to have confidence in me, is it?

What happens after that.....happens.

Does not happen.

This is all and
more than I ever dreamed of.

Back in Akron.

You're a surprising person.


Every woman should
surprise a man at least once

How many times have I surprised you?

I think you surprise me all the time.

Sometimes, you surprise me.

Here is, to many pleasant surprises.

Which flower do you prefer?

Which one do you think I should have?

I think I know which one you choose

You do? Perhaps I might surprise you.

Perhaps. Choose.

Perhaps not.

I'm afraid so.

Thank you.

Which flower
did you think I would choose?

The rose? the carnation?
Oh, dear, I should've known.

For once, I wasn't the touring American.

Why did you choose that flower?

I once went to a ball.

Not just the ordinary dance,
but a real ball.

It was the first one I ever been to.

Somehow, I got it into my mind
that I had to wear gardenia.

I don't know why.

I guess I read about
gardenia in a book or something.

I must have it.
I didn't even know what to wear.

Did you wear one?

Gardenias turned out
to cost two dollars a piece.

And the boy I was
going with was still in college.

It was nice theme.

Well, now you have your gardenia.


Everything happens sooner or later.

Yes. That's what they say.

Everything happens to him who waits.

Let's take a walk.

That's where I was born.

You see the window?
With a basket of flowers?

Oh, yes.
Sixty four steps up. I used to count them.

That was a lot of steps.

It's still is.
I went back there a year ago.

What are they doing?
Is it a festival or something?

No. They're just having fun.

They'll have supper somewhere
on the canal. They'll sing songs.

Look the stars, and perhaps,
Well, it is dark on the canal.

I'll catch it from the steps.
It doesn't matter.

Oh, Renato!

You're home.

Say it again.
Say what?

My name.

Why did you do that?

Yes. Why did you do that? Like that.

I don't think I want to see you again.

You don't?
Oh, but l......

I love you.


Hey! Lady.

You're supposed to
come this morning. Remember?

I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry.

If you're really sorry
you buy Swiss watch, 10 dollars.

I must fly.
Where're you going?

I have an appointment.

Take my cordo. Lady.

I must've forgotten that, too.



Do you really think so?
Yes, Yes.

Miss. Hudson.
Oh, it's you.

Good evening. I bring a message.

Mr. Rossi can't make it.

Oh no, he'll be here.
But he must be little late.

It was very nice
of you to come and tell me.

Not at all.
Won't you have some coffee?

No, thank you.

Please sit down.

Thank you.


Thank you.

American cigarettes are marvelous.

But I'll save it for later,
if you don't mind. Permit me.

Do you like working for Mr. Rossi?
Very much.

Do you think he is a nice man?

Yes. He is great..Iike God, for you, too.

You don't know how upset
he was when he knew you'd be late.

He didn't want to be.
My youngest sister, she was little ill,

It was nothing really,
he worries so much about the same thing.

He does.

He worries about whose children?

His. Us.
Us? Who are us?

I'm the oldest. Vito.

And how is your mother?
Fine. Thank you.

So am l. Except the hole in my head.

Excuse me, please. My English is not....

Sorry. I think you better
tell your father not to come.

But it won't be long.
No, no, it's alright.

Just tell him not to come.

Perhaps I tell him tomorow night.
No. Thank you for your trouble.



Oh, hello.

What's the matter with you?
Marriage troubles.

I wish I had them. Matter of fact, I do.

Here you go.

Cry again.
You cry. I'm sunk.

Not you.
Not me!? I'm feeling miserable.

But everybody loves you.
I know.

They do.
I don't want everybody.

I can't handle the crowd.

I can't even handle.....Here I go again.

Everything goes crazy for me.
Everything always is crazy.

I got to be everything.

You got to be everything?
Is that crazy?

Yeah, that's crazy. Two of you, cookie.

What do you mean?
Two. That's lovely isn't......

Don't push your luck too far.

Everything doesn't go crazy,
you just ask too much.

What's the matter? What did I say?

Nothing. I'm teribly sorry.
Nothing. It's me.

Something happened to you?
No, no, nothing happened to me.

That's my history.
Have stale potato chips.

Listen. I don't love you.
Who asked?

It was very pleasant time we had.


Where did you get that for?
It's mine.

Where did you get that for? That's dirty.

I want it.
Is that what you do? Is that your work?

What's matter? What's matter?
Stop that! you hear? You stop that!

What did he do?
That was too...he is just a baby, a child.

I thought you like the child.
What's matter? You crazy?

Something happens to this city at night.

Are you going to get away from Venice?

Your friend with in Kansas City.
Not in a gondola.

That's ungratitude Venice.

Don't call me Jane.

Miss. Hudson, you're shocked.

No, shocked.

I don't like dishonesty.
You're not his wife.

Why didn't you tell me you're married?

I see.


I was afraid.
I was afraid if you knew too soon,

It'll end us before we begin.
Now, I'm afraid I was right.

No wonder
you approve of that sort of thing.

What Ms. Fiorini does is not my business.

She leaves, I leave. I approve of leaving

Pretending everything is fine and dandy,

Just because you want to do it.

You Americans get so disturbed about sex.

We don't take it lightly.
Take it, don't talk it.

My wife and I don't live together.

Why? It is an arrangement.

Does your wife have friends?

Gondola friends?


You're shocked.
No. Disappointed.

No. Shocked.
Your sense of humor is coming back. Good.

I'm sorry, yours is leaving.
Listen to me. Stop.

You behave like a schoolgirl.

What my wife does
is none of your business.

What Ms. Fiorini does
is none of your business.

You come here and what you do?

You ride in gondola,
Oh Venice, so beautiful, so romantic.

Oh, these ltalians,
so lyrical, so romantic.

You dream of meeting someone you want.
Young, rich, witty

And unmarried, of course.

But me, I'm a shopkeeper.
Not young. Not rich. Not witty

And married, of course.

I'm a man and you're a woman.

Don't you see? It's wrong.
That's the way it is.

You're like a hungry child.
Was given ravioli to eat.

No, you say, I want beefsteak.

My dear girl, you're hungry.
Eat that ravioli.

I'm not that hungry.
We're all the time, Miss. Hudson.

There is noise in your head.
Be quiet. Let it happen.

I want it to happen.

I want it to happen.
Don't you think I do?

It's just.....

Isn't the way I thought it would be.
I'm sorry.

But l...come from
such a different world, and I'm not

Going to be here long.

So it is better
to take home when you have it.

If you really not so hungry,
you do that very well.

Do l?


Let me take you outside.

No. I'm gonna go for a walk alone.

Please leave me alone.

It is very difficult.

Let me take you to a drink.

At least something to eat.

There are fireworks tonight.
I don't care.

This is ridiculous.

I'm afraid it is.

Gondola, sir?

Do you know the words?
Yes. This song says....

I know what it says.

Have you ever had it in America?

You sing it.
How do you know I can?

Because you're ltalian.


They call it Fangela Coppoli.
What does that mean?

The island where the rainbow fell.

It's very late. We ought to go.

Are you asleep?
Fast asleep.

You slept all day yesterday.

You sleep all day and
you don't want to sleep at night.

You promised to take me to see
sights and now it's too late.

I'll take you tomorrow.

You promise?

Now, do you promise?
It is difficult.

If you don't, I'll never kiss you again.

Yes, you will.

Yes. I guess so.

They're getting to know us.
You asked them to play it.

I did.

You're far away.

I'm very close.

What are you thinking?

I was thinking
the first evening I came here.

First time I saw you,
you were wearing that yellow tie.

I don't want to forget any of it.
Not a single moment.

I don't think I ever shall.

I could go for a little walk.
Take us somewhere quiet.

Somewhere that is you.

I think you're going to surprise me again.

Listen, Renato. I'm leaving today.

I'm all packed.
My train leaves in two hours.

I don't believe you.

You have to believe me, because it's true.

What have I done?


What made you change your mind?

Well...I hadn't a mind change.
Really, I just found it.

I haven't made you unhappy.

No. You haven't. It's the happiest
time I had in my whole life.

You must believe that, please.
Why throw it away?

Because we have to. Because it's wrong.

Because you and l
will only end in nothing.

I love you, Jane.

You don't have to say that.

I mean it.

I shall always love you.

Yes. If I go.....

All my life, I stayed
at parties too long, because

I didn't know when to go.

Now with you, I've grown up.

I think I do know when to.

I can't bear it if you go today.
I can't bear it, either.

Just a few days.
No. I couldn't. Then I never go.

Please. No. Take me to the station.

Oh, no no, please. Please help me.

Let me go by myself.
Don't go, please.

Please don't go.

Let me go.

I must catch that train.
I'll take you to the station.

No, that's just what
I don't want you to do.

Oh, Renato.


What are you doing here?

I come to say good-by.

I'm sorry, Mauro, I'm very, very sorry.
Ok, ok.

You going to Rome?
I'm going home.

To America?

You come back again?
Yeah, yeah, sure.

You come back with a big American man?

I'll be your guide.

Want this?
No, thank you.

It's not for sale. It's a present.

Because I like you.

You okey-doke, lady?
Sure, I'm okey-doke.

Be seeing you.
Be seeing you.

Thank you.