Summertime (2015) - full transcript

There was little chance, in the year 1971, that Carole, a Paris Spanish teacher and feminist militant, would ever meet Delphine, the daughter of a couple of Limousin farmers. But they did meet and not only did they come across each other but they fell passionately in love as well. Unfortunately, Delphine's father fell victim to a stroke, and the young woman had no other choice but to go back home to help her mother run the family farm. Carole, who was so smitten by Delphine, couldn't stand the estrangement and decided to join her lover at the farm. But could feminism and lesbianism easily be transferred to the countryside and its standards of the time...?


- Did not you bring corn? - Do not.

- Antoine's parents planted it. - My daughter...

when you marry, ask your husband to plant corn.

But you let escape a suitor after another.

The other girls are faster.

I do not want to get married.

I do not want.

What do you do at night?

Get to know God what times.

I go out for a walk.

Do you stay with someone?

Do not.

- With Antoine? - Do not.

You may not be alone forever.

Loneliness is a terrible thing.

I'm getting married in September.

With who?

Pierre Coubin.

Do you want?

I do not know.

I do not know well.

I know, but not as a couple.

It's nice. And ambitious. She wants to go to Limoges.

It is very ambitious.

You want to stay here forever?


I like everything here.

We have to move, Delphine.

We're not little girls.

Is it not our account?

Yes it has.

Sure account.

But it was not serious.


- What do you do? - Ride.

And you?

- You want it? - No thanks.

One day they'll catch.

Will you go to prom in Aubusson?

I do not know.

We could go together.

I do not know Antoine.

We'll see.

Where you been?

No idea.




Just before the reception, French President met

with 11 mothers with more than ten children.

Mr Pompidou decorated each Gold Medal of the Family.

In an impromptu speech, He spoke of the role of the family.

"Raising your children is a pleasure, but also hard work.

The family is in danger in the current situation, "he said.

"A situation marked by increasing violence.

France is not a dictatorship,

but we must reject violence."

Do you find it funny?

For once we are us ...

- Do you still think it's funny? - Let her go!


The door!



That you fucked!

Look at his face.

He seems to have stolen the wallet.

We've taken worse. Le snatch their masculinity.

Fine words.

Thanks for helping.

Do not scare easily. He was a strong man.

- It was not so dangerous. - Are you kidding?

He was mad.

Was it a bet?

No. We played the ass, but we like to be touched.

Next time we'll let the police.

Why are you doing this?

For the rights of women.

- The right not to be harassed. - The right to pleasure.

To do what we want.

You do not agree?

I dont know.

Are there things you think what can not you do

as a woman?

I am seeking a meeting for women which is held every Thursday.

Wild. They are in the classroom on the right.

What men They must understand

It is that, firstly, this is not your world.

I know people will say we are against men.

Is not that. Half of these you have been with a man.

We are not against men. We're here for women.

With a man present, the attitude of a woman changes.

His words fit.

With a man, to woman more educated, whether consciously or not,

censor their words and thoughts.

Our first objective is recovered

freedom of expression regardless what a guy, boss or father think

among women.

The separation of the sexes is fine,

but a journalist wants to cover ...

No way!

Fuck the press!

Let others speak!

If you do not understand us, We achieve nothing.

Men with children, women to the bar!

As women, we have not gone

From the dawn of time Women

It's been a dark continent

Rise, enslaved women

Let us break our chains


Women, submissive and humiliated

bought, sold and raped

In every house, women

are segregated from the world

Rise, enslaved women

Let us break our chains

I do not see you all day in an office.

You imagined ...

doing more physical.

Like what?

As a teacher of swimming.

It hits you. Serious, focused, but also physical.

What is your job?

I Guess it.

- I hardly know you. - You have two attempts or punishment.


No, I'm not commercial.

Last chance.



You speak very well...

You've studied hard.

And I care about others.

What a nonsense.


I am a teacher.

Of Spanish.

What is the punishment?

Come to the meeting next Thursday.


He never talks about them.

No union prisoners.

Unless we support them,

all this makes no sense.

The bourgeois press can not be trusted.

Le Monde never published.

We have to shake high places.

How many articles are written on French prisons?


And what we write, they reject it.

It's ridiculous.

We can not censor You do it before the editor.

What is our goal? Does the article or Le Monde

Le Monde I would highlight.

We worked for a year

and now, to have it published, Do we have to soften it?

That is demagogy.

Demagogy? Very funny.

Of course it is.

We believe that "French prisons Current create new criminals."

Can you wash my blue dress?

Bring it to me. I will not look between that disorder.

I have to order, but I do not have time.

It's difficult

free women yoke macho and do laundry.

What would I do without you?

Women can not live without men.

Male chauvinist.



- Virago. - Slaver.


- Casts Pompidou. - Do not.

Ie no names. If you do not answer, you lose.

No, that's cheating.

- Time of punishment. - For.

I won.


Delphine, you've come.

We had a great time.

We invaded the radio of menie Grégoire.

That was chaos. People were shouting, "Freedom!".



How are you?

The radio program ...

It's been incredible.

I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

The magazine did not lift a damn finger.

"The whores are brave 343 or a exhibitionist".

Journalist He believes he is brave?

He knows his stuff.

- Do not worry. Nothing happens. - I'm sorry.

"We call on our colleagues to fight

for a decent salary equal to men.

Women are not objects. Meeting on Wednesday, April 23".

How is the banner?

It is the fourth.

We need more.

Maybe more.

Now women manifest

And last orgasm we face

Lesbians and gay men

unite the human race

- You're good? - If.

You take the pill, right?

Do not.

Why? You are crazy.

Take it. I recommend it to all my students.

With discretion, not to throw me out.

Do you think it is too expensive?

No, is not that.

My duty as a doctor It is to help people to live.

Be anyone, regardless of race,

sex or creed.

If all human beings

They have the same value,

Why, in that case, age is important?

Imagine that we say to the elderly

they are not human beings and we can kill them.

Do not.

The medication is not on the side of death,

but in life,

So if women

They are fortunate enough to give life,

but they wish to abort,

I want to tell you:

thirst responsible.

When you are driving,

follow traffic rules.

The passenger of a pregnant

that's life.

A baby will be born.

- My body is not a car! - A human being!

This is an outrage.

- Killer! - Asshole!


I wish your mother had aborted!


Look! You are the murderer!



I paste.

Come on.

Abortion for all and free!

What are you doing?

Quickly, they'll call the police!

- Freedom to abort. - I do not fuck.

- Never have you fucked? - I've been careful.


We managed.

Dear Antoine,

Paris is an amazing city for a country girl.

changes daily.

I lived three months in a week.

I met a great girl.

A great girl ...

An amazing girl.

A fabulous girl.

is called Carole.

Sorry, I was wrong.

- Are you coming to the meeting? - If.

It is here.


- Get out. - You miss me?

- Do not need you. - Bye now.

- What are you? - All right.

- This is not the story of Carole? - If.

Carole and Manuel.

The toilet ...

Not crazy.

He has a master, He is very smart and funny.

But he is gay and his parents got him in a psychiatric to heal.

I love families.

- Adeline, do not do that. - We have other priorities.

We need to focus

on contraception and abortion.

Wait. My best friend ends up in a psychiatric facility

to make him shock therapy

or a lobotomy because it is not our objective?

We have not said that.

Is this legal?

Yes, that's the problem.

You can enter a gay in a psychiatric hospital.

What are you thinking about?

It is easy. We go there and we took.

I'm sorry.

No help men or minority problems.

What a face you.

I fight for your right to take the pill, but you do not help me.

You disappoint me.

We have to make joint action.

- We can not decenter. - Do not be a feminist act.

Is not Liberation of Women.

I do not get it.

Adeline supports you. He is always on our side.

Things are never questioned. And now will you not help?

Thank you. Thank you.

It is your best friend.

Carole. Not coming?

I do not know.

Do you need permission from your boyfriend?

What happens to you?

Are we going to disappoint others?

One group says and the other rescue your friend.

Why have you changed your mind?

To make happy my friend.

It is an excellent reason.

First go out there and then turn in the second street on the right.

Looking at the map,

I thought I should follow this blue line.

That's a river.

Maybe you could do it by boat, I do not know.

Forgive. My husband always tells me I'm useless following a map.

Let's keep going. That's the castle, right?

- Do not. - It says so.

No, look.

- We are here, right? - Do not.

Give me your hand.


I can not open my eyes.

- Hi Aunt. - Hi dear.

How are you?

- I'm glad to see you. - Same here.

This is my aunt. Hélčne.

What's up?

We had an accident. Nothing serious.

Are you sure?

We gave a tremendous return.

Do you want to drink something?

Are you okay, Guy?

He's back with us.

I had never been in the south.

Is rare.

Do not breathe too.

I was referring to the landscape.

In my house it is not so.

The land always seems flooded.

Here, when you walk,

the ground is firm.

The feet will bounce and that gives you momentum.

In my village, even in summer,

are you sink your feet.

The earth will swallow.

You have to fight to go.

You know what I mean?

Yes I think so.

I've never done judo guys. Only women.

It's like a regional law.

- Do you want to try it? - Thank you.

My mother does not have a salary,

or health insurance or a checkbook.

But he is working from sunrise to sunset.

When making a decision

on the farm, nobody asks for your opinion.

You take a step, he strips down and you make a key arm.

That can be done very fast.

I never thought you said.

I thought you bored.

You are crazy?

This is exactly we fought.


- It is shameful. - Because?

I do not want to tell others.

Can I come with you?

Adeline snores like a trucker.

If you want...

Thank you.

The farm can not continue. You have to take it from your father.

You have to carry out ...

a revolt of the peasantry, something that no one has ever done.

- Have you been smoking again? - Only a little.

I never said I wanted take my father on his farm.

You are a coward.

As 50% of women.

The men await many good things.

What are you doing?

Go to sleep somewhere else, please.

Nothing happens. We drank too much.

Not only you.

Go away please.

"I was 16 and a half".

He had not come my period and I was very nervous.

I asked a friend the institute said

I was pregnant.

I recommended a doctor who checked me

as an adult.

He said he was one month.

It scared me a lot.

She asked what he would do.

I had no idea. Marrying was inconceivable.

It had been a casual encounter and nor he was the direction of the boy.


You did not come to the meeting yesterday.

I did not want.

Regarding the other day ...

I do not offend you or anything.

It just surprised.


I have lesbian friends, but I'm not.

Me neither.

- As we are already 1242. - I'll take the banners.

- Almost you miss. - Quiet.

I'm quiet. Grab the banners.

You're good?

If I am fine.

Let's take this first.

Metedlo everything in the car.

- Thank you. - We will go ahead.

We have to lead the demonstration.


Let's go to your house.

What the hell is this?

Do you need to demonstrate you're free?

I try not prove anything.

Not one day decide sex with a girl.

It just happened.

I thought it would be this one time,

but it is happening.

So we left off?

I not tell if to leave.

Is single-sex or are in love?

I have no idea.

I do not know.

Is today you're going to see?

I do not know.


I know you.

When you lie, The yellowish complexion you.

It is true.

Nothing definitive, but can you see it.

Very good.

Well get yourself where to sleep.

You're not going to get into our bed after fuck her.



Leave me alone.

Down bourgeois society!

- What does it mean? - Repeat.

- What does it mean? - Nothing.

Are those breasts?

Exactly, dear.


Good Morning. Does Ms. Vinatier?

Telegram for you.

I do not get it.

If he was tired, He should have stopped.

He did not seem tired. It was as always.

I did not see coming.

Two days ago I was like an oak.

You know him.

Yesterday I was charging dairy and ...

I saw him pass out.

The doctors have told me.

These things happen suddenly.

We are lucky to still be alive.

You think you're lucky?

For me it is also difficult.


I gave her lap. I have no choice.

None of my relatives are male. If I do not, nobody will.

you crazy. You can not recluirte there.

It's too much work for my mother.

We can not afford hire a person.

We'd just start something ...

You can not do this. We have to see us.

I'll come see you, okay?

Not now. Not right now.

You're good?

Sure will.

You notice that you want.

- What are you doing? - Waiting for you. Not well.

The brothers Liégeard and they want to buy the farm.

As they learned, They came to see your mother.

Forget those bastards.

No me what he said. That is going to walk.

You have changed.


I do not know.

I see more women.

Or Paris, perhaps.

In Paris I felt like a palette and you say I'm more Parisian.


Sorry about Maurice.

But I'm glad you're back.

Dad hates us to touch his things.

I need to see the accounts to go to the bank.

What for?

To pay our share.

Do you have health insurance?

We can not afford it. There are the Giscard.

It's going to be expensive.

Okay, let's talk about the tools you need to buy.

Do we agree to buy Combine among all?

Is everyone okay?

It is very expensive. Try to renegotiate with the trade.

- Are you coming back out? - Do not.

But spare us the money.

After choosing the model,

divide it into parts ...

As we always do.

- I'll pick up the check. - Antoine you pick them up.

And what about Maurice?

I'll pay you.

In that case, I will ask an appointment in the bank.

No, and I've asked.

On your own?


That is the job of president.

You could have asked me before I.

I wanted to save time.

Maybe, but the way things are made.

But if you have a meeting ...

We will have to choose drivers.

Your father has awakened.

- Than? - Your father's awake.

They say it is still weak,

but he is aware and understands what is being said.

Do not take too much.

The boar pate is his favorite. Your father loves food.

We are a bundle of nerves.

Give her a kiss for me.

- Call Antoine if something happens. - Do not worry.

Give her a kiss for me!

You told me that life in the field it was tough,

but I feel great.

I got up at four for it all before you came.

Really? You must be exhausted.

No, I still have a lot of energy.

Energy for what?

Come on up!

For now!


When she was little, played moms and dads

and kiss the kids I did not like much.

One day, there were not enough boys, so I did Dad.

I kissed a girl and that it blew my mind.

And then?

After I slept with a girl.

How old were you?

I was 16 and she 22.

A girl in the region?

No, city, like you.

I was in town with his uncles.

My parents were happy I had a friend

studying at the University of Limoges.

And after?


There was something between 16 years and now.

Then, a village girl It broke my heart.

And then I met you.

I knew it.

He knew, but did not believe it.

This is pathetic.

You're desperate, you need me

and then you go a weekend with her.

I must be dreaming.

What do you want? My blessing?

You have no willpower.

No willpower.

Commitments they are not alone with your girlfriends.

Also they exist in real life.


Let out.

Help me.

Give me your bathrobe.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Are you sure of what you do?

I left her and I miss her.

The really miss you, you know?

I've never felt like this, so I'm going back.

I have no choice.

Personally, I do not care.

What I liked was precisely I did not need.

What are you saying?

What is love to support someone else?

With your new and crazy passion ...

- You're not, Carole. - Can.

I do not know anymore.

I went with my feelings, not by my thoughts.

You can not stop thinking.


Do you care to stay here a friend of mine in Paris?

No. Why would I care?

It will be good. Distract you a bit.

Between the farm and your father, you need some fun.

It is a partner, right?


Just leave her boyfriend.

- Has no children? - Do not.

For it is not so.

You can stay in the large room.

It is more comfortable.

Be warned that there will be in the same room.

Why not?

I do not want my mother to give a heart after all that happened.

We have to control us, okay?



I introduce you to Carole. He came to see us.

Hello sir.

Delphine told me about you. Nice to meet you.

Bye now.

What do you do in Felix Potin?

No work on Felix Potin.

I thought ...

No, I teach Spanish. We met in a feminist group.

A group of music?

No, a group Ceramic women.

Yes, the workshops address

on materials.

We work on what we feel.

Sculpt, we massaged ...

We use clay.

It is very pleasant and relaxing.

Do you do these things?

She also has talent.

He has done a lot small vessels.

Right, Delphine?

Is this dessert? Can I take?

- I'll give you a plate. - Do not bother.

Already awake?

- Have you had a bad night? - No, I accompany.

- We're going to work. - I know.

- A coffee? - Please.

It's not work for a teacher.

Am I too slow?

If it were not my duty, I would not do it.


- You should be proud. - Proud? Why?

Both do the job the entire farm.

That shows that women They can operate a farm.

True, women can work as much as men.

But it is not.

- Than? - Nothing.

It's better with a man, right?

What have I said?

What's your problem with men?

What's up?

It's great what you're doing.

Feel proud, Monique.


Come dance!

Come on!

That was great.

I have not even touched.

- Have you felt something? - Do not.

You will see.

And now?

- Did you tell him and took the hay? - You do not understand anything.

Why do you say that? We hear perfectly, right, Dad?

We have collected all the hay.

Talk. It will help you recover.

Say what you want. I know what I see.

Forgive. Take this.

Your turn, Delphine.

Come on!

Come on, Delphine!

- By Delphine and her friend ... - Carole.

My name is Josette.

By Carole and Delphine.

Bless you.

- Did you like Paris? - If.

- I did a lot of crazy. - Like what?

Things policies.


Will you be starting a kolkhoz?

Maybe not, but getting a salary women worthy to be good.

I have my husband's salary.

I also.

It's good that you can pull.


That looks good.

Want a drink?

No thanks. Now I can not.

Tonight I want to drink.

I would've won. Look.

A real farmer.

Do you know Delphine long?


How it was small?

Like now.

It does not know anyone in three months.

You'll never leave here.


Why are you so sure?

Have you seen how is Maurice?

Face it, you can never go back to work on the farm.

Delphine would die before selling. I know.

You'll wake my parents.

Your father, I doubt it.

- Good evening. - For now.

Sorry, we have drunk too much ...

Rest well. We'll manage the well us. I love you.

I do not know if Delphine love this life or ...

if not imagine living another.

She could do many things.

His daughter is a very smart girl.

I knew it?

It has no hair fool.


I did not come to make hay

or to enjoy the countryside.

I do not care field.

I've come for your daughter.

Because I love her.

I have already said.

I love her dearly.

I never thought anyone would like.

I already lame.


You do not miss Paris?

I think not.

But when we met, the city seemed to charm you.

Because you were there.

You've been on Mars, I would have loved Mars.

You know how to talk to a woman.

I thought I would not to I miss him.

Traffic pollution ...

Speakers ...

The first morning coffee in a coffee shop before work.

Between a worker and a manager, all the same for five minutes.

Even the policemen.

You're ruining it, silly.

- Really? - Let me do it.

Hi, Monique.

Hello, Antoine.

How are you?

- Hey there. - Hey there.


It would be good to marry him.

Why do you say that?

When he went to Paris, I thought

Antoine would find another girl, but now he's back,

What is stopping you?

Did you have already asked?

Is waiting. It is their way of asking.

Are you sure Delphine knows?

Everyone knows.

It is not blind.

I've looked everywhere.

If not kidnap me alien, What else could happen here?

Why are you sulking?

You know what your mother thinks you're getting married to Antoine?

You know what I crazy that is?

He likes to think that. Let her dream.

"Let her dream." The're fooling.

- Did I say that we are together? - If.

Why not? You can not lie forever.

It will cease to think I'm a Parisian eager to return to the capital.

I have to go slowly. It does not realize it.


Keep thinking your mother is idiotic.

It is very convenient.


Open the door please.

Leave me alone. Save your comments.


What are you trying to do?

Your mother asked me he used this thing.

You're doing it wrong.

We have caught the trick.

Very good. Monique has adopted you and gives you tasks.

Yes, I like me.

Luckily not know I do the nasty with you.

He'll tell everyone,

"Maurice's daughter is a lesbian. Esconded your daughters."

It's not funny.

It is jammed.

I can not reach inside.

I'll do it.

Here it comes.

That's a good girl.

You gave us a scare.

He looks bad.

Thank you, Antoine.

- Do you want a coffee, Antoine? - Please.

- You too? - If.

Stop. I want to return to Paris.

Go ahead and start, returns with Manuel.

Would you quit, remember? For you.


Ever you ever wonder if I wanted to come here?


Have you ever wondered how I would tell my parents?

That's ridiculous.

It is nonsense!

I am not like you. I care what others think.

You too ashamed about me?

I have not said a peep and I have accepted everything.

Not that others control you. It is for you to control yourself.

You are your own police.

- Your own police. - I can not do everything at once.

Run the farm, to be with you ...

You keep saying

we must be independent, but I fight for this farm.

This is real!

Excellent, bravo! Hooray for the pioneer!


Fights bang for your farm that for us, dammit!

You're ruthless, Delphine.

I have sacrificed a lot for you!

Do you understand?

I am here for you!

Have you already found your site, Delphine?

- All good? - If.

You see it?

Where were you?

We have not had a drink.

Great machine, right?


Kiss Me.

What do you do?

- Can I use when it suits you? - Than?

I saw her. I know why you're here.

What did you see?

Do not treat me like idiot. Dislike.

For now.

What you up to?

What are you looking for?

Am I your alibi?

I will not tell anyone. Quiet. You cared about me too.

You have taken much.

Are you feeling better?

My little Indian.

Everything will be solved.

They are 7.30.

This has clarified things.

I shit on the bitch.

I do not believe it.


You have no fucking funny!

As you were not raised, and I milked cows.

Thank you.

I forgot to set the alarm. It will not happen again.

I hope no.

I'm sorry.

I go to the market.

You have two hours to do pack up and leave.

I want to continue like never You had been here.

To Delphine it will seem well?

It's my home and I want you to go.

I want you to leave.

- We can talk. - Do not.

My daughter is a decent girl.

Thou hast perverted, you're ...

You're scum.

I am the same who has worked here for weeks, Monique.

Before it was not scum.

I did not know, I did not know it. You're a liar.

- A perverted and a liar. - Yeah, we lie.

Delphine did not want to hurt and I accepted it because I love her.



You want to tell the sordid details?

I do not want to know none of your perversions.

Not perversions!

Perversions? Is your daughter!

Outside! You're the devil!

High. For.

For Monique, for.

Delphine, I'm leaving!

I no longer take it anymore!

I can not anymore.

I was thrown!

If you go away, me too.

I'm going with you, Carole!

I'm going with you!


I leave with Carole.

I never dared to tell you, but I hope someday you understand.

Forgive me for making you miserable.

I always will love you and Dad.

I'm still your daughter. Delphine.

Adeline will not believe.

I gather my things and find an apartment.

The link is within 45 minutes.

There is not even a cafe.

I'm starving.

I will take you to dinner an elegant restaurant.

You are not hungry?

The truth is, no.

Carole can not.


I do not want to hurt you, but I can not leave.

It can not be possible. You can not change your mind

in less than an hour about something so important.

I can not do it. I can not.

Come with me, I beg you.

What chance we had we met? One in a million?

A two millions? In the same place and time.

Maybe you had never seen me. We would never have known.

It is a sign.

I believe in signs.

Let's get on that train.

Come on, the train will not wait.

Come on. Grab your suitcase.

Come on.

Have you missed the boat?

I have not returned.

I stay.

You're back?

And her?

Carole has returned to Paris. It will not return.

Do your parents know?

- You are not afraid? - Do not.

Did I hurt you?

No, do not worry.

The doctor will use what they are called suction.

It is the simplest method of abortion,

safer and less painful.

You're only three weeks. You came just in time.

Did you become all clear?

Yes I think so. Thank you.

I was wondering if you thought taking the pill.

I do not know. Taking a pill every day ...

Is rare. How does it work?

That makes?

I can explain what you if you want to stay quiet.

Do you take the pill?

No I do not.

Why not if it's so good?

I do not take

because I do not need contraceptives.

I live with a woman.

Remember Coralie three weeks ago?

You will stay with me.

I was so lost and penniless,

I had no value to send to a hostel.

Sigrid ...

You are so good.

That is not a defect.

For longer or they will take over your life.

It is only the third time.

And I agree. It makes me feel less alone.

Something wrong?

I'm not well.


Dear Carole.

I hope this letter reaches you.

I have successfully quit the farm of my parents.

I could not do it with you then, but I did several years later.

I thought of you often while he is fighting for this.

It's amazing what you've accomplished.

I wonder why fights now, with whom you live and what you do.

Now I live in the south and I have a farm.

I am small, but it's mine.

I wish I could turn back

and go back to that day on the train

and have the courage I missed then,

but that's not possible.

I cried a lot after you left,

but at least I understand one thing: We can not go back.

can only move forward.

That's what I try to do now.

With love. Delphine.