Summerland (2020) - full transcript

During World War II, an Englishwoman (Gemma Arterton) opens her heart to an evacuee after initially resolving to be rid of him in this moving journey of womanhood, love and friendship.


I'll start again.

Start from the top.


Ms. Lamb.


Well, spit it out.

We're collecting for charity.

Good for you.

It's to help the aged.

You know how you
can help the aged?

You can bugger off.

Come on.

Let's go.

Well, let me see.

A map.

Oh, look, Nazi spy, right there.

Follow me.


Go, go, go.

Come on, quick!


Nazi witch.

Oh, Ms. Lam.

Ms. Lam.

It's the WVS meeting tonight.

Can I count you in?


Oh, Lord.

I will go to the police.

They're just children.

Or buy a shotgun.
Oh, please, Ms. Lam.

It's my property!

I won't have it!

Perhaps if you
didn't provoke them.

Ms. Lam!

Ms. Lam!

Upon the heat and
flame of thy distemper

sprinkle cool patience
what's that?

sir, as the bard said.

Shakespeare didn't have to deal

with Alice Lam, though, did he?

Or he might have said,

"Get thee under the
table and hide."

Oh, no, darling, not today.

I want it.

We don't have enough coupons
for chocolate, sweetheart.

You'll have to wait
till next week.

That's right, we've
all got to do our bit.

Can't I just have a little bit?

You couldn't let us just
this once, could you, Mew?

I'm sorry, I wish I could.

I'll have a packet of Westerly.

And this.

That is so kind.

What do you say to
the nice lady, Martha?

That's two coupons.

Ms. Lam!


We were expecting
you an hour ago.


The others were
met at the station.

Fancy leaving poor
Frank on his own.



This is Ms. Lam,
your new guardian.

There's been a mistake.


You've got the wrong house.

Alice Lam, Dune Cottage.

Yes, but...

In you go, Frank.

No, you don't.

I don't want him.

You can't refuse.

You had a letter.

No, I didn't.

You must have.

What did I tell you?

We've all got to do our bit.

So you take him, I'm working.

I have four of my own.

More for you.

You should have
been more careful.

Get inside.

Go on.

Get out!

No you don't!

Oh, for pity's sake.

We're struggling enough
to find families.

I'll need at least a week
to find him somewhere else.

You'll have to
take him till then.

I'm in the middle of a draft.

And if you really can't find
it in your heart to keep him,

then bring him to
the school next week,

and we'll have to
make arrangements.


A week, that's all.

I'm sorry, son.

You're touching my things.

Don't touch my things.

I'm not.

Do you think you're funny?

What's for dinner?

You don't expect me
to cook it for you.

There's the stove.

Need anything?

I always had milk
before bedtime.

Good for you.

Bathroom's there.

Don't touch my creams.

It's my dad's.

Pilot, is he?

In 21 Squadron.

Do you like planes?

I hate them.

They murder my sleep.

He's got two medals.


I'm supposed to go to school.

Well, go on then.

Where is it?

I could not go to school.

I wouldn't mind.

You can't be stupid
all your life.



Ms. Lam.

What a pleasure to
see you again so soon.

I want to give him back.

Welcome to Saint
Nicholas, my boy,

best school in the country.

You'll be in Class Two.

Ms. Poskitt?

Why don't you come with me?

Go on then.

No one likes a coward.

I do hope he's settling in.
When can I get rid of him?

It's going to be
terribly difficult

to find him somewhere else.

Then you'd better start trying.

Listen, I know you're
busy writing your stories.

Academic theses.

Just wonder whether
you might try.

He could end up further
away from his mother!

This is Frank.

He's an evacuee from London.

Why don't we find
you somewhere to sit?

Here, next to Edie when
she deigns to arrive.

Edie Corey, one more late,

and I'll keep you after school!

Be good, Class Two.

Mrs. Bassett.

This is Frank.

You can be partners.

Be nice, please.

I don't believe in partners.

Spelling books out.

Frank, you can share with Edie.

Or sharing.

Why not?

I'm an individualist.

It's a person who shows
independence of thought

and, or action...


I'm a maverick.


I just got told to sit here.

Mavericks don't follow rules.


We're free thinkers.

Edie Corey, spelling list.

Crumbs, biscuit, tea...


This seat is free, isn't it?

You get stood up too?

Actually, I came on my own.

Well, not anymore.

Vera Wellbond.

How do you do?

What's that?

A secret.

Show me.


What will you give me?

Show you up my skirt.

No, thanks.

Wouldn't have anyway.

Who are you staying with?

A lady, but only for a week.

Then I have to move.


Did you do something bad?


Still, least you escaped.

You're 14 times more
likely to be bombed

in London than anywhere,

and even if you don't die,
it can burn your skin off

so you don't have
eyelids anymore.

My mum's in London.

Oh, mine's dead.

Oh, what about your dad?

He's in the war.

So's mine.

We might get invaded soon.

Who says?

My grandma.

She said they might come here.


'Cause no one would suspect.

Probably here already.

Look, spies.

They don't look like spies.

That's the whole point, stupid.

I'll show you for a peppermint.

I've only got one.


Does anyone else live here?


Do you have any pets?

You think I should
have a cat, don't you?

Read them if you like.

No, thank you.

Why not?

They don't look
very interesting.

I wrote them.

Are they stories?


Analysis of folklore,

science behind the myths,

visions, witches,
that sort of thing,

women living alone with cats.

That's Italy.

What do you want, a prize?

What do you call an
Italian with a cold?

It's a joke.

My mum taught me.

A joke.

You say, "I don't know.

"What do you call an
Italian with a cold?"

No, I say, speak when
you're spoken to.


So what?

What do you call an
Italian with a cold?

I don't know.

Julius Sneasar.

That's ridiculous.

It's funny.

No, it's not.

Actually, it's ignorant.

Italy wasn't unified till 1861,

so you should say,

what do you call a
Roman with a cold?

Tell your mother that.

How are you getting on, son?

Not missing the bright
lights, I hope?

I know.

You have rather
picked the bad apple,

got the thin end of
the wedge, so to speak,

the beast on the beach.

No, forget I said that.

I'm joking.

You'll be fine.

It's hard leaving people behind.

You just have to
keep your pecker up.

Could be worse.


There's adders in the woods,

poisonous ones.

Want to come?

No, thanks.

You're scared.

I'm not.

I'm going to catch one,

trap it, and make it into tea

in case I'm abducted
by a German.

What if he doesn't like tea?

Everyone likes tea.

Where are you going?

Back to where I'm staying.

No one lives up there

except the witch.

What witch?

Race you.

That's her.

Do you live with her?


She's mad.

Says who?

Says my grandma and everyone.

She sends signals to the Nazis.

No, she doesn't.

She writes books.


No, folklore and stuff.

She'll make you her slave.

They all have them.

They make you work
till you're all bones.

Then when you're worn out,

they burn you or do
sex things to you.

She won't.

They'll never find your body.

Is that King Arthur?


It's Morgan le Fay.

She was a sorceress.

What's Fata Morgana?

I thought you were
digging potatoes.

They won't dig themselves.

It's a myth about how she
lured sailors to their deaths.


With visions of
floating islands.

They say she'd conjure them up

to make sailors
steer off course,

crash their boats, and drown.


Because she's a
woman in folklore,

ergo a temptress or a virgin.

She's bound to get
blamed for something,

but it isn't just Fata Morgana.

There's all sorts of
myths about islands

floating in the sky.


People like to have
something to believe in.

It's what everyone wants,
magic, or God, or something.

Hokum, all of it,

but people must
have seen something.

Stories have to
come from somewhere.

nasty witch.


Hey, I told you.

Clear off.

Get out.


You're a Nazi.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Hold still.

I've got things to do.


Are you a Nazi?

Yes, I'm a Nazi.

I'm going to murder
you in your bed.

'Course I'm not a Nazi.

Now come here.

Will it sting?

Hey, you'll have to toughen up.

You want them to
think you're a coward?

Why did they do it?

They've nothing better to do.

Probably think it's funny,

a woman living here on her own.

Why do you?

I suppose it's just
the way it worked out.

Empty that before you spill it.

Vera Wellbond.

How do you do?

Alice, as in Wonderland?

No, after Alice
Evans, microbiologist,

my father's idea.

Oh, is he a scientist?

He was.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

It's not though,
is it, presumably?


not really.

Not really at all.

Well, here we are,

so I say, make the most of it.

What do you do?

I'm a history student.


Modern languages officially,

but truth is, I'm
writing a novel.

Don't tell.

I love this.

Let's talk afterwards.

I know just the place we can go.

You'll fall over.


I can't make the wings stay on.

You think it's fun

to play games about war.

I'm not.

They're too heavy.

If you insist on doing it,

you might at least
do it properly.

You need balsa wood or cedar.

Go and look in the drift.

Is this for your book?


You, yao...

Yao Bay.

What are they?


1916, a painter says
he sees an island

rise out of the sea.

The papers say it's a submarine.

It's got trees on it.

Yes, look at the coastlines.

Yao Bay.


They're the same shape.

Now look at this.

We're here near Ramsgate.

Notice anything?

It's the same too.

Look, read this.

"The cliffs between Dover
and Ramsgate inca"...


"Intercept the view
of Dover Castle"...

"Yet the people of Ramsgate

"saw Dover Castle
floating above the sea."


Floating Islands here.

Where are you going?

To see it for myself.



Can I come?




That's where they saw it.

What happens now?

We wait.

For what?


Science, proof.

Have you ever been in a plane?

No chance.

Are you scared?

Do you always ask
mindless questions?

Have you?

Yup, with my pa.

What's it like?

Really loud, and sometimes
I couldn't breathe.

Weren't you scared?

Only when they shot at us.

Why are you lying?

I'm not.

Look there.

Where, what...

There, right there,

below the big cloud.

You're not looking
where I'm looking.


It's there.

Look, it's a tower.


It's there.

It's a tower.

I can't see...

Our floating island

with a green flag
on it on a turret.

Look, a green flag on a turret.

Look, right there.

Do you think this is a game?

This is my work.

Dover Castle doesn't fly flags.

I saw it, a green flag on
a turret. I'm not flying...

You're not taking
this seriously.

Where are you going...

We're going home.

It's not my home.

Well, stay here then.

See if I care.



You really saw it.

I'm sorry, Frank.

What are you doing?

It's broken.

Well, what do you think
we should do about that then?

What if it breaks?

All right, listen to me.

Life is not kind.

Anguish is inevitable.

Your heart will break.

Your friends will die.

You may even think
about killing yourself.

Planes crash, Frank.

What matters is how
you deal with it.

What if it crashes?

What if it crashes?

I'll build another one.

Well, then.

What are you waiting for?


Worth it?


Why don't you have a husband?

Why don't you have a wife?

You think I need a husband?

Did you ever have one?

There was someone once.


It's in the past now.

Did you get married?


Why not?

What is this, 20 Questions?

Can we have chips for dinner?

You always want chips.

Thank God I've only got
you for a few more days,

or I'd probably starve to death.

You're missing the view.

You'll miss the turning.

Who cares?

I like this road.

I care, V.

I'd quite like to get
there in one piece

if you'd only concentrate on...

♪ Where's that blue
room they sing about ♪

♪ Where's that sunshine
they sing about ♪

♪ I know morning will come,
but pardon my laughter ♪

♪ In each scenario
you can depend ♪

♪ On the end where
the lovers agree ♪

♪ Where's that Lothario-

you left the turning.

Look at the lake! Where
are you taking me?

It's an older tree.

I always thought it was sacred.

I like your feet.

My feet? Why are you
looking at my feet?

They are a very nice shape.

Why don't you paint your toes?

Why would I?

'Cause, they're old and crusty

and you might want to look
nice. Like a normal person.

That's it.

Don't go in, stay.

Do you miss him?

You are allowed to.

Do you miss your father?

I think you're remarkable

to get by

with no one.

Not no one now.

I saw a fish.

It was right here, and
then it moved really fast.

Hello, are you a
friend from school?

This is Edie.

Hello Edie.

There's a letter for you.

Is there? Do you
want to come in?

You're joking.

See ya.

Where is it?

On the table

Any news?

Dad's got a new plane. It's
called A Lucky Ventura.

It's got twin engines
and it's blue.

And your mother? She's got
a job talking to ministers

Ministers? Doing what?

Doesn't say

it's because of the war.

You should write back.

Put this in too.

What is it?

It says as I'm sending you
back your pain in my side.

It's all right.

A couple more days
you'll be gone anyway.

Where will I go?

With a family from school
I expect, much more fun.

Could I stay here?

I told you I have to work.

Less chance of that
with you around

Come on. We'll
post it on the way.

Where are we going?

Tart hunting.

The floating islands
in the clouds...

Is that like heaven.

No, it's physics.
Some sort of mirage.

Do you believe in heaven?


Well you shouldn't just
made up by the Christians

to make themselves feel better.

How do you know?

Because if it was true,

what happened to all
the people who died

before the Christians?
Where did their souls go?



Summerland. Come on.
I know a shortcut.

Where's Summerland?


In Kent?

No. all around us, like a
layer that we can't see,

until it gets disturbed
by a restless soul.

So it's trying to
tell us something.


How do you think by
disturbing the patterns?

Look, patterns in the clouds.

Pagans thought they were
signs, from Summerland. Magic

I thought you didn't
believe in magic.

I don't.

Stories have come from

In the myth about Morgan Murphy,

do you know what some
of the sailors song?


Summerland. If it's
invisible except sometimes,

like the island.

They're completely
different ideas.

Summerland's pagan,
but Morgan is a myth.

It could be the same. If its
dead people make you sign,

maybe Summerland is the island.

And if it's real.

The islands a mirages,

and Summeland's
just a pagan heaven.

How do you know? Just
because you haven't seen it.

Can I have her
now? It's my turn.

I haven't had long enough.


What is that?

This is Molly. She's our rat.

We're taking turns
to look after her.

She's not coming inside.

She'll stay in my pockets.

What happened to your shoe?

Edie slipped on the rocks.

No, I didn't.

We'd better clean it up.


You don't want an infection.

Ow, ow.

This might sting a bit.


All done. Better?


Do you want to stay for dinner?

It's Frank's last night
so I'm celebrating.

I'm not allowed.


Well then. Another the time.

Excuse me.

Sorry, sorry.

Can we put some music on?

Put it back.

What is it?

Put it back.

Hand me your plate.


it's just

it was a gift that's all.

From who?

A lady, a friend.

It's a good tune.

Was she the one you loved?

Why did you say that?

Would you think it was strange

if a woman loved another woman?


Sorry, its not you.

You didn't, its just.

Most people think it's wicked.


I don't know.

They think it's a sin

to love someone

we should burn in hell.

It's not as bad as marrying
somebody you don't like.

Do they hug you? At home?


Sometimes they just get quiet.

Did you kiss her?

How would you feel
if I said yes?

Don't know

Then yes. How is that?


Was on the lips?

Mostly. Eat up. The
stew is getting cold.

Tell me how to make your bed.

Top two corners,


the bottom and then the other.

And make sure you
put the pots away

and write to your mother.

Always help with the washing up.


Don't always ask for chips.

Ready for the big day.
Good news, my boy.

We found you a family. Decent
enough people that retired.

They live just up the coast
and there's a place for you

at St. Joseph's. It's
not a bad school at all.

Don't want a new school?

Surely you can keep him here.

Well he can't go to school
here if he doesn't live here.

This isn't what you
said. Why did you lie?

I didn't know. Frank.


Be good.

Come on. What do the stars
have in store a down?

Long life, good health,

you meet a delectable
woman at 22

and never look back again.

And this line?

That line says you
ought to use cold cream.

And this one?

You are destined to
be a fine novelist.

But first you have
to finish your book.

What else does my palm say?

That's it.

What about family?

Can't tell.


why won't we talk about this?

V -

We need to talk about this.

I want a family.

What if I want to be a mother?

When will you come and play?

Ready to meet your new family?

You'd have to be on your
very best behavior.

We can't be finding your new set

when this lot give
you the heave ho.

I'm joking. Come on.

You know I'll give you
straight back if you misbehave.

Go and then it's yours.

What is it?

Why did you say I couldn't stay?

Thought you didn't want me.

Changed my mind.

I'm sorry, Frank.

It's the truth.

I wouldn't lie to you.


I promise.

Mr. Sullivan said it's
your birthday tomorrow.

Can we have cake?

We'll see.

I'm hunting scrap iron.

Mr Sullivan said that they
give us a penny for every box.

Wanna come?

Can I?

Go on.

Be back before it's dark.

Look, what I found.

We'll get a penny for that.

I might run away soon.

My grandma's getting an evacuee.

Might be good

No, they're only getting her

because I'm an
inadequate offspring.

Says who?

I've read about it.

They're compensating because

I don't fulfill the feminine
ideal, like mom did.

I know because they
ordered a girl,

who would like ballet
and everything.

I'm glad you don't like ballet.

You don't fancy me do you?

No, bomers up?

No, I don't want another one.

Is Frank here?

He's out with Edie
I need to speak to him.

What is it? I can tell
him when he gets back.

What is it?

His father..

His father?

We just had the telegram.

He's not on his own.

You'll have to tell him.


I can't stay here all night.

I, uh-uh, his mother,
she should tell him.

We've been trying to contact her

but she is working
for the ministry.

They're not likely
to release her.

What if she telephones?

Telephoned? He's
a child Miss Lam.

He has to be told probably
face to face and looked after.

You tell him.

It's his birthday
tomorrow. I can't tell him.

Do it tonight.

Guess what I got.
Come on, guess.


It's bacon, from Mrs. Bassett.

I think it's because
she felt sorry for me

because I'm staying with you.

She does know I want to though.

Can we have bacon sandwiches

and chips?


Please may I have a birthday
party. Edie could come.

And you and me.


Do you think I
could get a bicycle?

Edie has one.

Look what I've got, all
the way from south today.

What are you doing?

You said you'd give me time.

I tried to say but
you wouldn't listen.

But I love you.

What can we ever be?

Two spinsters who can
barely walk out together?

Don't you dare be a coward?


The rest I can take.

What people say, all of that,

for you.

But I want to be a mother.

More than anything.

More than us?

Please don't.

I'm sorry.

Please don't do this.

I'm sorry.

What is that?

My birthday hat.

That nowhere in the blackout.

See you later. Happy birthday.

Good morning class two. We
have a new evacuee joining us.

Cassie is staying with
Edie Cory isn't that right?

And she's come all
the way from Belfast.

Mr. Sullivan. Do
you have a moment?

I leave you to it.


Where would you like to sit?

That's my seat.

Let's be kind to our
new friend. Please.

There, Frank will look after
you. You can be partners.

Frank would like that.

Race me.

What about Cassie
shouldn't we ask her?

Last one past the
goal is a German.

Edie. wait!

What in heavens name?

Escaping the Germans.

That is not funny. Who's this?

Frank. It's his birthday?

Oh, happy birthday. Frank.
Are you having a party?

Yes. I'm gonna go on a trip.
Trying to find Summerland.


It's a ghost island
for Mrs. Landsberg. Ah,

Right. Frank, off you go.

Edie, You're coming
with me. Come on.

In here. I need mushrooms.

Whatever was that all about?

Edie is not coming.

Come on. Lets get going
while the lights good.

Come on!

Come on!

Mrs. Corey-

She's up to no good,
and that's not right.

Not when there's a child,
you need to do something.

And until then I don't
want Edie mixing with him.

I can't not go to school.

Or Cassey, put him
in another class.

For God's sake. He's
just lost his father,

he needs all the
friends he can get.

You didn't know.

Aircraft Carrier
sank at the weekend.

Terrible business.

Did you have to tell him?

No Miss Lam did.

I hope she did it gently.

Bad news is bad news.
However you tell it.

There's nothing makes it easier.

I've got a surprise for you.

What is it?

You'll have to wait and see.

Edie, we thought you weren't
coming. We've got cake.

I'm Jenny rabbit. Come on.

Surprise! Who goes first.

Lets shake for it.

Come on Edie!

What's wrong? Come on.

I don't want to.

Come on. Ready go.

My turn.

What did you get for
your birthday Frank?

My hat, I showed you.

I meant from your mom
and dad.

- Where did you say they are?
- Spin me, spin me, spin me.


I told you, my mom is
working with the ministers

and my dad's got a new
plane. Spin me faster.


You haven't told him!

I was trying to protect him.

You're not his mom.

Edie please,

You're not.

Listen to me.

You're a liar, a liar!

Edie please, please.

You're not right.

I promise it's his
birthday. Please

But you're lying to him
when will you tell him?

I'll tell him
tomorrow, I promise.

Promise what?

It's a surprise
for your birthday.

Well, we should get going.
We haven't even had cake yet.

We are, we are having cake.
Go in, we'll follow you up.

Get off me.

Edie, listen to me.

I promise you. I will
tell him tomorrow.

But just let me do it my way.

You mustn't say anything to him

Do you understand? Edie? Edie,
listen to me. Do you understand?

Edie? Edie?

Why did Edie go home?

She was just dizzy.

Can I ask you something?

How come only I could see it.

See what?

Summerland. How
come you couldn't?

Maybe I need glasses.

I think someone's
trying to speak to me.

It's just a story. It's
just a trick of the light

Like a mirage in the
desert refraction.

It isn't real.

But if it was,

if it was someone,

trying to speak to you,

someone who passed

it would but mean,

that they loved you,

very much

and they wanted you to know.

N is for not.

Don't run, don't run.

Go on, do what you like.

Frank, Frank. I'm
deeply sorry, Frank.

If you need someone to talk to,

I'm fine thanks.


I'm used to it now
its all right.

You don't have to
put on a brave face

with me now chap. It's
a terrible shock.

Can I go now?

Of course.

Do you want to go?

It's for two people.

It's alright.

You could have my
turn if you like.


I was only looking.

It's your turn.

Supposed to look out for her.

You're a suck, just
'cause you fancy her.

I'm not to a suck.

You are.

She's got inside your head.


The witch.

She's not a witch.

Witch Witch witch.

She's not a wit-

Witch witch witch.

Lying witch.

Shut up, shut up!
She's not a witch.

She's a liar. You
can't even see it.

You're the liar.

She's a liar Frank, and
you're too stupid to see it.

You're just jealous.

Jealous? Why would I be jealous?

Because you haven't got a mom.

She is a liar.

She's a liar because
your dad's dead

and she hasn't even told you.

What's are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Edie what are you talking
about? My dads fine.

He's not dead.

Edie. He's not dead.

Say something.

Edie say something!

What on earth?

Is this what you had?

I'm sorry?

From the evacuee camp was
it a letter like this?

From the Ministry?

You can't around turning
up at people's houses-

Just tell me how you knew when
they chose you, for Cassie.

When they chose us?

When they picked you.

They don't pick
you, you volunteer,

We volunteered, like you did.

Think carefully. Is
anywhere or anyone

he'd want to go to,
other than his mother

He wouldn't.

There's a 218, to London
but it's always late.

We need to run.

Edie, why aren't you in school?


You haven't.

Haven't what?

You haven't. Edie, you
haven't told him.

Where is he?

Ms Lamb.

What is going on?

Where is he Edie?

You're certain he
was on the train?

Yeah, the station master
said there was a boy.

But how could he
allow him on board,

on his own, its policy.

Look, this will take
you hours to drive,

and it isn't safe. There
must be some other way.

Like what?

Poor child, he could be

No no, that's my son.





What on Earth?
Do you mind?



Sir, sir.

Yes ma'am?

Who was in the house?
We've come to help.

I don't know nothing ma'am.

But the neighbor, someone
must have seen, must know.

His mother lives here.

You'll just have to
wait like everyone else.

How long?

It takes time I don't know.

Days most likely.

Six streets here in
London last night.

Tell you what. Leave your
details, and go on ma'am.

I'm sorry.

Everyone, find
shelter, now! Now!

They promised to telephone.
The moment they hear anything.


She wouldn't want you to be here

in London where it isn't safe

Come with me for her.


Shall we have the wire song.

Stop the car!


Stop the car!








It isn't safe!

You knew, and you didn't say!

I wanted to tell you,

I didn't know how.

I felt it.

I saw him.

My dad in Summerland.

I saw him.





Can I sit down?


I'm sorry.

I lost my father.

He was on the Majestic.

One of the greatest
ships in the fleet.

One of the hardest things was

we didn't know how to grieve.

He was just gone

out there.


You know, he loved
stories of the sea.


He said, when a Viking died,
they lay them on their boat,

set it ablaze and sent
it out into the waves.

The fire freed their spirit,

so it would float
away to paradise.

So we built a boat for him.

What sort of boat?

Out of paper and sticks.

We waited till it was dark.

Then we set it alight and
let it sail out to see.

Watched till the last
embers burned away.

I suppose it is our
way of saying goodbye.

Go on.

I know you might not
be here, for long.

But while you are,

it's yours.

What sort of planes that?

Tiger morf.

Once, I went in the cockpit?

Did your mother know?

No. She's scared of planes.

She likes cars.

Do you have a favorite one?


Round or straight?

Round please.

Knock knock.


I just wanted to check on
the return of the native.

Quite an adventure
you've had, eh?

Miss Lamb, I wonder if um-

We need more sticks,
would you go fetch some?

Yes, Um. I hope you don't mind.

I know what you're going to
say. I know it was wrong.

But I couldn't tell him.

These things don't
come naturally to me.

Nobody knows how to be a
parent, especially now.

We all just muddle
through as best we can.

Buy you two. Well, I never
thought I live to say it

but gosh, you make quite a pair.

He has a great deal
to cope with now.

He's going to need you.

You're doing a
grand job, Miss Lamb.



Who would have thought it?

Yeah better watch out or

they'll send you a
whole train load.

No, no, I absolutely can't!

I'm joking. I'm joking.
They wouldn't dare.

You left the lights on?

No I didn't.




Hello Alice.

We've been making a plane.

What sort of plane?

One like daddy's.

It's for him.

It isn't finished yet.

I'm so sorry,

about your husband.

Thank you.

For keeping Frank safe.

I just knew if anything
happened to us.

You were the only one I
trust to take care of him.

He could have died

if I hadn't been so stupid.

I'm sorry for you.


you saved his life.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

There was a tea cloth,

You could use a handkerchief,
like normal person.

Bugger off.

Are you rewriting again?
He'll be here any minute.

Well just go away and
stop distracting me.

I like distracting you.


Look at this. I might
enjoy this one.

Not when you see how
I've written you.

I thought I'd be the heroine,
tracking you down. Like Pyro.

Oh really? You stumbled
into a bookshop,

make one call to a publisher.

It hardly qualifies you
as the Agatha Christy.

Stumbled. There was nothing
accidental about it.

It was the 23rd
shop I'd tracked.

You never told me that.

Come on.

I'll catch you up.

I finished it.

Would you believe it?

Can I have a look?

Come on.

I thought we go for chips