Summering (2022) - full transcript

During their last days of summer and childhood -- the weekend before middle school begins -- four girls struggle with the harsh truths of growing up and embark on a mysterious adventure.

Shh. You guys,
quiet. Gonna find us.


what the hell is going on?

I thought I told you
to play outside.

We are.

In the summer, while it lasts...

...everything's alive.

Anything's possible.

At least it feels that way.

It's so bright
this time of year.

The ground is warm to the touch.

The air is sticky and hot.

Everything blooms
or drifts or hums.

The color of flowers.
The taste of ice cream.

My friends' laughter.

This one time at this concert,
the line was so long

that my mom made me use
the boys' bathroom.

There was pee everywhere.

It was like a lake of man pee.

It was gross.

So much of everything

feels like
it's spilling out everywhere.

Like I could drown
in all the life around me.

Baby powder.

My mom doesn't believe in
antiperspirant and deodorant.

Yeah, we've noticed.

Dad used to say,
after the fireworks are done

on the Fourth of July... can still see them.

Their colors stay in your eyes

even though the light
is already gone.

That's how August feels.

It's like the good part
is fading.

Let's put this on the altar.

We're going to Terabithia?

Of course we're going. It's the
last weekend. How can we not go?

Sometimes I worry I'll
be the last one to get a phone

or pierce my ears
or have my first kiss.

Sometimes I worry I need my
friends more than they need me.

I'm trying to decide between
bubble gum or Jolly Ranchers.

But it's harder to be sad

when the sun is so huge...

Thank you so much.
...and so bright.

Well, I was
watching this one movie.

It was, like, these kids, and they
were looking at roosters and hens.

And I guess, like, hens
don't strut and roosters do.

What do you mean, strut?
Like the way that they walk.

- Give us an example, please.
- Yeah, like they walk...

I'll go in front
and walk like this.

You remind me of, like,
camp counselors that are like,

"Okay, kids!
Okay, children!"

"Let's go. Line up. Line up."
"Quiet. Quiet, Coyote. Quiet, Coyote."

Guys, do you guys see that?

Who likes jellyfish?

They're beautiful. I love
jellyfish. They're really pretty.

But they sting. I like
seahorses. They're really pretty.

So do bees, but bees aren't...


You know what
my favorite sea animal is? house has so many
shadows in it... feels heavy.

Like it could sink
into the earth.

But I never feel that way
with my friends.

Come on, guys.

Come on!

Summer has no wants.

You can go anywhere,

see everything.

I can't believe you have to
wear a skirt every day at your new school.

I know.

I hate skirts.


so patriarchal. Yeah.

I mean, they make me feel like
something's gonna literally fly up my butt.

I don't know. I think it
might be kind of nice.

Something flying
up your butt? No.

Not having to worry about
what to wear each day, I mean.

If you could change your name,
what would it be?

I like my name.


Kind of sounds like a song.

It means sorrows.
I am the Lady of Sorrows.

I want a more classic name.
Daisy's so plain.

It's like being called
Dandelion. It's like I'm a weed.

Maybe we should change our
names when we go to middle school.

My name would be something cool

like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé.

But like my own thing. You'd
hear it and you'd go, "That's cool."






What? It's a great
name. So cool.

It's a fruit.

Every step you take, you're
moving forward a moment in time.

But what if
the opposite were true?

What if for every step
you take backwards,

you move backwards in time?

Yeah, I want to go backwards.
Not forward.

Let's go back, like, two months.

Then we can have summer
all over again.

But what if we accidentally
go back too far

and we all turn into a bunch
of little diaper babies?

What if we go too far forward

and become old ladies?

Then we'll also have diapers.

At least then we wouldn't
have to go to middle school.

We could just sit around
eating soup in our rocking chairs.

Speaking of soup,
I'm a little hungry.

It's almost dinner.
We better get moving.

We've got to pay our respects.

Terabithia awaits.


There she is.

All hail Terabithia.

All hail.

We bring you incense

and myrrh

and gum.



What is it?

I-I don't know.

Oh, my...

That can't be real.

Of course it's real.

Go look.

Not me. You go.

You go.


He's dead?

I don't think
I want to see that.

Oh, my God.

San Juan Valley. San Fernando
Valley. San Juan...

San Luis Obispo!

That's not even
the right amount of letters.

- Okay. Okay. San, San, San, San.
- San? Stop saying San!

New Haven!
New Haven, Connecticut!

- New Haven, Connecticut! Yes!
- We know. Thanks, Mom.

Hey, honey.
I've got food for you.

What Ivy League University
is located in New Haven?

- Yale.
- Is the correct answer.

- What is the capital of Connecticut?
- Hartford.


You got it.
Give me a letter.

The puzzle. You'll have
ten seconds to solve it.

- So what'd you do today?
- Um...

- Played. Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah? Played where?

Just around.

Mari's, the park, got ice cream.

Are you stressed?
You seem stressed.

I'm not stressed, Mom.

Something happen today?
You girls fight?

Mom, I said
I'm not stressed, okay?

Did you take your
medication this morning?

Mom, I'm fine.

You sure? Okay.

We have 20 seconds for you.

Where's Dad?

Oh, he's just, uh... just
having his after-dinner...

- N.
- know.

One N.

Don't forget to light
the candle, hon.


Don't forget
to light the candle!


Hey, kiddo.

- Hey.
- What's going on?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

What are you worried about
that you need to burn lavender?

Is it middle school?

I'd be nervous too.

Those are some tough years.

In some ways
they're the toughest years

because it can be so hard
to find your center

and to know what's right.

You know?

But you'll make it through.
I promise.

You believe me?

Okay. Come get some soup.



Does anyone recognize him?

Daisy. Aren't you gonna
go over and take a look?

- He's yours. You found him.
- No! Don't say that.

I don't want him.

He's dead. Don't touch him.

Settle down.

I don't think
you should do that.

What? You've never seen CSI?

I'm just gonna check for ID.

What are you doing?

What do you mean,
what am I doing?

I'm calling the police
or my mom or both.


Why not?

I mean...

...what's the rush?

He's not in any rush.

You're crazy.
Dina's gone crazy.


I wonder if he suffered.

It probably wasn't fun.


Lola? What is it?


Well, maybe he was pushed.

And it was supposed to
look like a suicide.

I don't like this.

It's not funny.
It's not fun.

Nobody's laughing.

You're right.
It's really serious.

Which is exactly why we
have to take this seriously.

Cool. I agree.
That is why I'm gonna call...

- No.
- No.

What then?

I mean, you know our moms.
They'll think we're, like, traumatized.

First, the cops will ask
us a million questions.

Then the moms will ask
us a million questions.

He's somebody's family.

- Exactly.
- I'm not saying we do nothing.

We make a pact to come
back tomorrow morning.

Do the Law & Order thing.

Try and find out who he was.

If we can't figure it out
by Sunday, we tell our moms.

But not before then.

I'm in, obviously.

Assuming you're all open to
consulting the spirit world.

I'm not into any of it.

Come on.

This is our last weekend
before middle school.

And before you know it,
it'll be Monday, first period.

She's right.

My mom won't let me watch all
those shows you're talking about

because she says it's always about men
killing girls and other men saving girls

or finding the dead girls
they could have saved.

But this is on us.

This is our body.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners now and
at the hour of our death. Amen.


How long have you been
sitting there for?

Like six hours.

It's creepy.

Um, look,
I have a proposition for you.

I'm not sure how
you're gonna feel about it.

What is it?

Would you like some blueberry pancakes?

Meaning would you like for me
to make them for you?

First of all, yes.

Um, second of all,

could I maybe help make them?

- You?
- Yeah.

- You in the kitchen assisting me?
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Insane.

I mean, I'll take it. I'm
thrilled. Yeah. Mmm.

Okay, well, then I'm gonna go
start making pancakes if I may.

Great. Okay. Thank you.
Thank you. All right, goodbye.

Before you go, I just
had to say some things.

They've been on my mind.

Well, what is it,
honey? Tell me. Well...

Well, I should start with,

your shoes look really great.

So do your jeans.

Oh, no. Here we go. Your
outfit is perfectly coordinated.

I am bracing myself for
the worst. And... Yeah.

Your hair looks very good.
Natural beauty.

Can I skip mass this weekend?

Your nails are unchipped...
What? Wait. No.

No. Excuse me.
...and manicured.

Excuse me. Please go back.

I heard something amidst the
compliments that displeased me much.

Was it something
about mass maybe?

Skip it? Can I do that?
Please? Oh, my gosh.


Please explain.

So, first of all, you said,

"Mari, you can have
two skips this summer."

And I've only cashed in on
one of those skips.

Mmm. So I'm entitled
to a second one.

Um, all right.

Well, let's see. I have
put that before the judge.

Anything else you'd like
to say before... Yeah. Yes.

And it is my last weekend
with my friends.

My best friends.
With my besties.

Before we are cruelly separated,
and I go to St. Cecelia's.

It's so sad.
This is heartrending.

And it's the last chance I get to
hang out with them. So, please?

All right, well, you have
really very well laid out

the trials and tribulations
of Mari.

Yeah, thank you.

And so now please

let me take it
to the higher court

of my mind and emotions
to deliberate.

Mmm. I see.
Okay, I've decided

that I did say
you could skip twice.

Thank you.

And you know what?
You're way too good at this.

You're like a politician. It's
a lot. I'm trying to deal with it.

- Thank you.
- Okay. Bye.


Oh, my God.

What time is it?

Time to get up.

You've got work.

Thank you.
Thank you for this.

Is someone in the shower?

I got the bathroom steamed
up for you. The way you like it.

You did?

Oh. Thank you. It's Saturday.
I'm your mom.

I feel like I should be
doing things for you.

That's some other family's
Saturday morning. I don't mind.

Okay, here we go.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

Can I go hang out
with my friends?

Um, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

How's it coming?

Something about your colors
this morning just feels really off.

Yeah? Can I see?

If you want to.


Well, it's not finished.


Okay. Do not blame me
if you don't like it.

This is your essence.

Okay, Mom.

Really? It's summer.

You're gonna love
middle school. It's amazing.

Like maybe the best
time in a kid's life.

- Really?
- God, no.

It's the worst. Like
literally seventh pit of hell.

at least there's my friends.

You think that until they're
not. Just wait and see.

The mean girl thing might not
start for another year, but...

My friends aren't mean.

If you look at your friend
group and there's no mean girl,

well, mean girl is probably you.

You'll see.
Everything changes.

And I'm not just talking about
training bras and body hair.

I got to go. Burgers
don't grill themselves.

Your dad set up a super
fun rocket launcher in the backyard.

Um, maybe for a little bit.

We're about two minutes
from the lift off.

Okay, okay. But after that,
I've got plans, so...

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, totally.

Did you do your math facts?

- No media before math facts.
- I did my math facts, Mom.

And have you finished
Tuck Everlasting yet?

You had a goal of 30 books,
and last I checked, you were at 29.

Almost. I just don't want to
get to the sad part, that's all.

Well, how'd you know
about the sad part?

Because I have a stupid sister.

I'm right here.

Well, sometimes the sad parts
make the happy parts matter more.

Let me know if you're gonna
spend the night.

Okay. I think that's the plan.
Probably at Dina or Lola's house.

Okay, but just remember
I have a double shift,

so I'm gonna be super late, so I
need you to message me or something

and let me know where
you're gonna be. I will.


Okay. Have a nice day.

You too, Mom. Be safe.

Do you want a ride?

Uh, no, I'm fine.

Okay, you sure?


Good, 'cause I'm so late.

100 feet.


I did some research.
That's how high the bridge is.

That's high.

My brother says there's
nothing more satisfying

than peeing off something high.

But I guess we'll never know.

A lot of people killed themselves
here. I read it on Wikipedia.

During the Great Depression
when everybody got poor.

Do you think he
was poor? The man.

He was wearing a suit.

I saw a suit at
Goodwill that cost $5.

They say the nickname
is Suicide Bridge.

How is that possible?

What do you mean? It's
not like it's hard to jump.

Like, I mean, it's right in
the middle of where we live.

How did we not know about it?

There's probably a lot
of things we don't know.

This bridge is for sure haunted.

Wait, when you were
researching the bridge,

what were you using
to look up all this stuff?

The family laptop.


Your mom is a total
psycho helicopter parent.

She's gonna see your browsing
history stuff about suicide

and get all freaked.

Oh, crap!

Remember you got
that scratch on your arm

and she was convinced
you were cutting yourself?

She's probably already
called your therapist.

Oh, crap! Crap! Crap!

I... Maybe she won't
see it until later.

You know, after.

We need to move him.

What? Why?

For the same reason that Dina
shouldn't have used the family laptop.

Somebody's going to see before
we can do what we need to do.

What's your problem?

There was a fly eating him,

and then I was afraid
that it might eat me.

Do we have to worry about germs?

Well, you know,
on this one crime show,

a woman made out
with a guy at a bar.

He pressured her to go
home with him. She said no.

Then, like, two days later,

she developed this
weird sore in her mouth.

So she went to go get it checked
out, and the doctor called the police

because the tests had shown
that she'd eaten human remains.

I know.

So of course they track the guy down,
and he had a basement full of bodies.

She would have been next.

So yeah, germs,
definitely a concern.

My mom uses them
whenever she chops jalapeños.

This feels wrong.

Who ripped one?
Was that you, Mari?

- No, it was not me.
- I think it was him.


That is so nasty.

It's death gas.

Well, come on.
Let's hurry up.

I think Daisy was right.

About what?

I think he was poor.
Maybe even homeless.

What is it?

It's his wallet.

What's that?
A restaurant?

A bar.

How do you know?

I know.

So we should go?

To a bar?

That's what they do
on those cop shows.

I mean, I guess I can map it.

See how far away it is.

Take a picture of him first.

A picture? That's just wrong.

He's not him anymore.

Think of it as, like, taking a
photo of a pot without a plant in it.

Yeah, she's right.

We do need a photo of him if
we're ever gonna find out who he is.

Unless you want to carry
him around in your backpack.

Fine. Pick him up.

And use a filter so he
won't look quite so dead.

Do you think
he was a good person?


I said, do you think
he was a good person?

Oh, um...

Does it matter?

I mean, if he killed himself, it might
have been because he did something bad.

What if we're wasting
all of our time for nothing?

No. I don't think so.

He was a good guy.

How do you know?

Because most people are good.

Have you ever actually met a
person who's really truly bad?

I guess not.

Bad people are just on TV.


What are we even doing?
They're just gonna kick us out.

Come on.
They'll think we're cute.


Hi, um...
Oh, please don't tell me

one of you are here
looking for your father.

That always breaks
her heart. Always breaks my heart.

No. We are here...

We're ghost hunters, and we
hear that this place is haunted.

we've got a lot of spirits.


- They didn't get it.
- I got it.

And I appreciate
the double entendre.

Look, ladies, if you're just
knocking on doors for a goof,

this isn't the place for you.

We're not.
We're in the right place.

- Don't I know you?
- Show her the picture.

I swear I have seen you...

Show her.
...somewhere before.

Um, here.

What am I looking at here?

Is that the ghost
you're looking for?

That's not a ghost. That's
a man. Is he asleep?

He's dead because he's a ghost.

Is he dead or is he asleep?

He is asleep.
He... He... Asleep.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah.

You know what?
I do think I know this guy.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He used to sit at the
end of the bar down there.

An occasional day drinker.

He wasn't a regular, but he came
in enough that he looks familiar.

He drank bottom-shelf whiskey.
Didn't really talk to anyone.

He did mention
his name once, though.

- Bob. Frank.
- Um...

- Joe. Bob.
- You already said Bob.

- Ed.
- Would you stop?

You're just shouting out
random names now.


I don't know if it was
his first or his last.

I mean, probably
his last name, right?

- Probably.
- Yeah.


Greg Mahone. Bob Mahone.

Would you stop with the Bobs?

Do you remember anything else?


Oh, he played video games.

- Like a... a Switch or...
- A what?

A Switch.


Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. My mom used
to play that when she was a kid, I think.

I don't think my mom
ever played video games.

My mom won't let me
play video games.

My mom only lets me download
games that are educational.

Go! Go, go, go, go, go!

- You have to get it three times.
- Go!

- How are you doing that?
- I don't even really know.

My strategy is just to push
the buttons fast.

- Watch out! Watch out!
- No. No. No.

That's unfortunate.

Wait. Look.

Hey, um, you said his name
might have been Mahone?

- Yeah.
- Come look at this.

Now I remember you.
How's your mom?


Um, uh, Mahone. See?

Oh, well, look there.
His last name is Mahone.

What do you think
the H stands for?


Holden. Do people still
name their kids Holden?

Um, Harry?



Hey! What did I tell you?


His name was Howard.

Like I said.

Now that we know his
name, we have to do more research.

Yeah, but I don't understand
why we need to go to the school.

Because everything I do on
my phone, my mom knows about.

She has the stalking app.

See? My mom's not
the only one who's crazy.

She pretends like she
doesn't look at it, but she does.

She knows everything.

I can tell by the way
she brings stuff up.

Asking if I need new socks if I've been
looking at goofy cat socks on Pinterest,

that sort of thing.

Then why can't we just go to the
library? They have computers there.

Because one of the librarians
there is a family friend.

She goes to our church.

She knows I'm only allowed
in the middle grade section.

The computers
are in the adult section.

She'll notice,
and she's super nosy.

Oh, no.

Oh, God.

- What?
- It's her. It's Mom.

Do you think she knows?
She probably knows.

Just, um...

- Just answer it and find out.
- Okay. Shh.

- Mom. Uh, hi.
- Hi. What are you doing?

Yeah, I'm at Dina's house.

My house?

Um, yeah.
We're just reading and stuff.

Don't say reading. We'd
never hang out and read!

Shut up.

Um, yeah.

We were probably gonna go on TikTok
or watch a movie later, if that's okay.

What was... What?
I don't hear anything.

Daisy, move.

- Daisy, move it.
- Daisy.

Oh, yeah, I hear it now.

That's... No, no, that's just the TV.

Oh, I have to go now.
Talk to you later. Bye.

Daisy, what were you thinking?

We're reading at my house?

I know. It was
dumb. It was dumb, all right.

I don't know why I said that.

Are you okay?

I mean, now she's definitely
going to check the stalking app.

She's gonna see
I'm not there and...

- Um, what do I do?
- Um...

What do I do?
Do I answer or... I mean...

Don't answer it.

I can't believe
you just did that.

That was... That was my Christmas
present. My only Christmas present.

We can get it fixed.

I just saved you.
That's what I did.

Dina, you didn't save me.
You have screwed me.


You know, in some cultures,
if you save someone,

you're responsible
for their life forever.

- Is that actually true?
- Oh, it definitely is.

Really? Because sometimes
you say weird things,

and they sound just, you know,
a little bit made up. Just a little bit.

Your family believes in facts.
My family believes in truths.

There you go again.

You heard her, right?
You're my responsibility.

My phone. I mean,
that was, like, my life.

How am I gonna call my mom back?

I mean, you already lied.

Just... lie again.

Say some, like,
guy stole it or something.

I don't know.

At least you had one.

Hi, this is
Mari. Leave a message. Laters.

Hi, Mari.

Um, listen, I don't understand
why you're not answering.

I know you're not at Dina's.
I know you lied to me.

I'm very confused, and I'm
upset, and I'm worried. Okay?

And I really need you
to call me. All right?

I'm trying to
keep my shit together.

You can get mad at me
about that later. But I'm trying.

Um, I don't even really know what
to say. Just please call me back.

Thank you.

Hi, this is
Mari. Leave a message. Laters.


Hi. Yeah. It's Stacie.

I was just wondering...


This is Stacie.

Hi. Yeah.

Here's your license and
registration. Here's the bad news.

Try to be a little more
careful next time, okay?

- Hello?
- Hey.

This is Stacie, Mari's mom.

It looks small. How does
it suddenly look small?

It's bigger on the inside
than it is on the outside.

The window in Mrs.
Garcia's room doesn't lock.

Brent Schoonover broke it two
years ago. We can crawl in there.

Is this stupid?
Maybe this is stupid.

I mean, it seemed fun at first,
but now my phone is ruined,

my mom knows I'm lying,

and we're thinking about
breaking into a building.

We're not breaking
into anything.

Brent Schoonover is the one
who broke something.

I guarantee you we're in
serious trouble by now.

Then what's the point
in stopping now?

It's called
asking for forgiveness.

Seriously. I'm being serious.

I mean, we say we're
sorry, and we end this now.


After my dad disappeared,

that's when my mom
just checked out.

She never tried looking for him.

She never seemed to worry
something might have happened to him.

Well, what if she knew
something? What do you mean?

What if she didn't look for him because
she knew something about why he left?

He didn't leave.

You don't leave
and not say goodbye.

Well, sometimes adults
know things but don't tell us.

You can't not look for someone
who's gone.

Someone is waiting
for this guy to come home.

So, no,
I don't think this is stupid.

And I don't want to stop.


The first thing we need to do
is download a TOR browser.

What's that?

It's a browser that allows us to
surf anonymously on the dark web.

The what?

It's basically like
the dungeon of the Internet.

Why don't you just use Google?

Oh, yeah, I'm gonna do that too.

But the data mining goes deeper
and wider in search engines like Pipl.

You sound like
you're just making stuff up,

like you're auditioning
for C or something.

We are so using Google.

We should also do a séance.

Guys, I'm serious.

There's more to this world than just
what you can find in a search engine.

Okay, well, while you're figuring
out all this nerd stuff, I have to pee.

Um, get me a pen.
I think I got what we need.

We need to get out of here now.

Hey, why are you
weirdos running?

You wouldn't believe me.

Try me.

What do you think?

I think that is
a very interesting story.

And also, you... Oh, my God.

I got a brain freeze.

Sugar is like cocaine
for 11-year-olds.

You all out of your minds.

You don't even
believe us, do you?

I know that whatever rainbow
unicorn Narnia kids' stuff you're chasing

seems important, but it's not.

I thought your sister was cool
for giving us free food,

but she actually sucks.

She thinks she's a grown-up
or something.

I mean, this isn't just us
playing pretend. This is real.

Yeah, um, do you want to see?

'Cause seriously, we have
photos if you don't believe us.

Yes, Mr. Peterson?

Can you help with the computer?

It keeps freezing when I try to
save this accounting spreadsheet.

Boomer problems.

One second.

You're all gonna look back on this
moment and realize just how dumb you were.

But it doesn't mean
you shouldn't have fun.

Bye, girls.

I hate teenagers.

I think, like, Old Town,
start there.

And then just some...
...spotlights for the alleyways.

Memorial Park, Central Park.
Get some guys on the ground there.

A bar?

I mean, what were they
possibly doing at a bar?

Tequila shooters?


I mean, I'm joking,
but now that I think of it,

I remember sneaking some
whiskey from my dad's stash

at a sleepover
in the fifth grade.

I mean,
I know what you're saying,

but Mari just would
not do that. I know her.

Well, I didn't think my daughter was
secretly watching all the murder shows

I can't seem to get enough off.

So I guess we were
all a little clueless.

Yeah, but...
...Mari's kind of a prude.

Like, she gets mad at me
when I swear.

She walks out of the bathroom
when I pee in front of her.

You pee in front of her?

Well, not like every day, but...

Yeah, that's what I figured.

You know, it's happened.

Lola and I sauna together.

Or it has
something to do with a boy, right?

Has to be a boy.

I mean, that's reductive
and would be disappointing,

but yeah, it's plausible.

Yeah, just let us know.

Yeah. We'll be standing
by. Thank you, Frank.

All right. Bye.

Laura. No, I'm actually
good, thank you.

I'm good.


What's going on with our girls?

I wish I... I wish
I had an answer for you.

Did Daisy say something to you?

Has she done anything off
lately that might clue you in?

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking I haven't really
paid attention to my daughter

in, like, a year.

Like really paid attention,
you know?

So I couldn't even answer that.

This place is totally sketchy.

Yeah, I don't really feel
like being mauled by a guard dog.

A séance would be way easier.

Okay, if this is a bust,
we'll do your stupid séance thing.

What do you think
he keeps in there?

Probably bodies
hanging from hooks.


What if it's treasure?

Imagine, like, piles and piles of
gold coins and jewels and stuff.

So cool.

When my great-grandma
went to the nursing home,

she had one of these, but it was
just filled with dusty old antiques.

Did you hear that?
I told you there'd be a dog.

I don't... I don't think
it's... Can we hurry please?

Yeah, yeah, we're close.

Um, six, seven. Got it.

Are you kidding me?

I knew this was bad. I
really think we should go home now.


No? I mean, what
other option do we have?

Do you have
a toothpick or something?

Holy shit!

I'm leaving.

Whoa, whoa.
Daisy. Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!

What are you gonna do?
Shoot the ghost?

You can't shoot a ghost.

Really? Of course
you can't shoot a ghost.

You know, I can never tell
if you're joking or just crazy.

Don't call me crazy.
That's patriarchal bull!

Oh, my God.

Wait. Wait.

Move closer and, um, wait
for the lightning next time.


That was so badass.

That was so cool.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Two, three...

I think he had a family.

I don't get it.

He lived here?

Well, it was 99 bucks a month.

I'm three months older than you.


You remember when
that used to be a big deal,

the fact that I was
three months older than you?


It used to be better
to be older,

but now it doesn't seem
all that great.

Adults are always asking me
what I want to be when I grow up.


They always seem to really care.

Well, what do you want
to be when you grow up?

A UPS driver.

What? Seriously?

You sound like a grown-up. That's
what they always say to me too.

But hold on.

Are you telling me, out
of all the jobs in the world...

I mean, movie
star, soccer player,

president, whatever...
You want to be a UPS driver?

Why do you want to be
a UPS driver?

You bring people
packages all day.

It's like being Santa.

Yeah, Santa
in gross brown shorts.

But what about a rock star

or a YouTuber or,

I don't know, a veterinarian?

That's the kind of stuff
we used to say.

Feels like
we're past that phase now.

Phase? What phase?

I'm trying to be realistic.

In case you haven't noticed,

growing up isn't great.

It's time.

Why Daisy's house?

To talk to the spirits,

we need to go to an
in-between place. A broken place.

Then it's easier to hear
through to the other side.

Then this is the place.

It's supposed to be
a perimeter of salt,

but I think sugar
will work just as well.

I'm trying to figure out
the science behind this

because salt is made of sodium
and chloride,

and it's ionically bonded,
whereas sugar on the other hand...


Nobody is allowed to leave the
sacred circle until we are finished.

No matter what happens.

Do you understand?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll
follow the hocus-pocus rule book.

I'm not gonna leave.
I mean, we're in this together.

We each have to pay death for
him to take us to the other side.

Pay? Yeah, seriously,
come on, Lola.


You have CSI,
I have Ghost Hunters.

I know how this works.
You choose what you pay.

Now what?

Now we invite him to join us.

How do we... Mahone.

Howard Mahone.

Do you hear us?

If you hear us, give us a sign.

Maybe we should all
close our eyes

so we can concentrate better.

So we can all be in harmony.

We found you for a reason.

Help us understand why.

He's listening.

Ask him something.


W-What am I supposed to ask?


Okay, um...

Is there
something else out there?

Something better?

I guess I'm asking what's next?


I don't have any questions.

Dina! Seriously,
I can't think of anything.

Fine. Fine. Um...

I don't know. How does this...
How does this even work?

I mean, I was gonna ask,
"Will I ever fall in love?"

But... that's dumb.

So, I guess,

will my parents ever stop
bugging me constantly?


Can you bring my dad back?

And if not,

if you can't do that...

will we be friends forever?

Now it's time for my question.

We found your body,
and we know your name.

What do you want us to do
with these gifts?

I saw him!
It's okay.

Don't be afraid.

He wasn't there, was he?

Yes, he was.

It's just us now.

What do we do?
I don't know.

- Daisy! What are you doing?
- Please, sit back down.

Sit down! No.
Stop, Daisy.

Daisy, just sit down.


I didn't think
anybody would be home.

I should have called.

Is your mom here?

I, uh...

I just came
to pick something up.

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna get going.

I shouldn't have come, but...

Where have you been?

It's complicated, Daisy.

You should
talk to your mom. Okay?

I'm sorry.

Don't leave.

We can't stay here forever.

Maybe not forever,
but a little while longer.

Mom. Hey, can...

Daisy. Daisy, where have
you been? Where have you been?

- Where is she?
- Just at our house.

You're at our house?

Oh, my God. Okay. Um...

- They're at home.
- Oh, my gosh.

They're there.
Hey, can I have a sleepover?

A sleepover? Are they with
you? Are your friends with you?

- Yeah.
- They're with her.

They want to have
a sleepover or something.

- They're there.
- Thank God.

- Um, Mom...
- Honey, yes. What is it?

He was here.




How... How do you feel?

Just that?

Do you wanna... Why
didn't you tell me the truth?

That's fair. Um...

I really, um...

I tried.

I did. You really should
have told me the truth.

I tried.

If I... If I had told
you, Daisy, then...

then it would all...

then it... then it's real.

And I... you know...

I wasn't ready for that.

But you're... you're right.

Was it because of me?
Was it my fault?


Good God.


Why would you say that?

He didn't want us.

I do.

- I want us too.
- You do? Good.

'Cause that's what you got.

Oh, man.

You're a good one.

You're a good one too.


Hey, can I...
Let me... Let me help you.

- No. No. No.
- No worries.

Man, I feel like, you know,
you reach a certain age,

and suddenly you sort of
forget to make new friends.

- You know what I mean?
- Yes.

It can happen at
any age. Thank you. Thank you.

We were just like them once,
right? I mean, do you remember that?

- Don't know.
- God, I do.

I-I like to think so.
But I don't really remember.


You guys.

In the fall,

I guess some things die

to leave room for new things.

I don't know if that's
a good thing or a bad thing.

It's just a thing.

It's just the way it is.

Can we all keep hanging out?

He's gone.

Our tree.

Maybe he was never really here.

I don't want
this weekend to end.

I don't want us to end.

I love you guys.

I love that I get to be alive
when you're all alive.

Let's never not be friends.