Summer of Changsha (2019) - full transcript

A-Bin is a police detective. During the investigation of a bizarre murder case, he meets Li Xue, a surgeon. As they get to know each other, A Bin happens to be more and more attracted to this mysterious woman, while both are struggling with their own love stories and sins. Could a love affair help them find redemption?

Stop it.

You need to stop.
Why are you still crying?

You're so annoying.

I don't love you.

I don't love you any more!
That's enough.

Lower your voice.
It's time to sleep.

Sorry, did I wake you?

It doesn't matter.
I can't sleep anyway.

This relationship sucks.

So much trouble.

The girl who visited our precinct?

Yes, that's her.

We broke up two weeks ago,
but she won't accept it.

She won't let me go.

She talks too much.

Just listen to her, then.


It's all my fault.


Hello. Pan?

We just got off the train.

All right.

Okay. We're on the way.

Pan said
to go to the restaurant.

Where's your car?

So damn hot.

This time things went smoothly.


We got our guy.
We interrogated him all night.

He still didn't crack.

So what to do?

I said, "Enough talking". Right?

We were all hungry.
I gave him noodles.

He finished the bowl in a minute.

He asked for another.
I gave him another.

He asked for more.

He couldn't finish the third bowl.

I saw him shaking.

He cried.

He confessed.

- He was scared.
- Sure.

Everyone's afraid of death.


He thought he'd die.

So he wanted to eat a lot.

A toast to me.


That is so true.

We've been working
on this case for two months.

It's finally solved.

We all did a lot of hard work.
It wasn't easy.

Okay. Let's drink.


Well done.

I'll tell you, captain,
we're exhausted.

Look at the dark circles.

Take some rest.

No time to sleep.

Lei worked hard.

I have a cramp.

Lei, I submitted
your resignation letter.

Are you sure about this?

I am. Thank you, captain.

That train you booked
really sucked.

- It was slow and cold.
- You sit down.

Stop complaining.

If you're cold,

you're not hot enough.

That will warm you up.

I'm serious!

- I'm teaching you something.
- Be humble.

Clean up the scene.
Take it all back.

Where's the witness?

The old man over there.

- Have you finished with him?
- Yes.

Hi, I'm the detective in charge.


Please tell us again
what you saw.

This morning, I found it
by the river.

- Hi, this is Tingting.
- Tingting?

Lei's girlfriend.

Want to talk to him?

- I want to talk to you.
- About Lei?


Then what is it?

I'm busy right now.

I got to go.



Let's go.


No time to rest.

I wanted to get a haircut.

I was woken at 6am.

Our only lead is a hand.

Send it to the precinct.
Search missing persons.

That's the only way.

How do you know I live here?

Lei told me.

I've been waiting for two hours.

Why are you here?


Hey, what's up, A Bin?

Tingting is here.

Hold on.

It's so noisy here.

What does she want?

I've broken up with her.

It has nothing to do with me now.

Do whatever you like.

I'm busy. I got to go.

He's scared of me.

What do you like about him?

I don't know.

Why must you have a boyfriend?

I don't know.

I want the company.

Without a boyfriend,

I feel...


It's so hot.

The air conditioning is broken.

Got anything cold to drink?


Do you know why
I came to see you?

Because I think you are different.

Lei told me

your ex-girlfriend had depression.

You were desperate to help her.

But she still committed suicide.

You have been single since.

Because of this,

I think you are different.

I want to be with you

to help you.


What are you doing?

Get out!


What are you doing?
Open the door!

Let me in.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry!

Let me in!

I was wrong. Please let me in.

I'm sorry. Please let me in.





Hi. Dr LI Xue?

We're from Xinzhou precinct.
I'm LI Lei. My colleague.


Take a seat.

A severed hand was found.

There are similarities
to your online missing person post.

So we came
to get more information.

Do you have a photo?


It's my brother's hand.

Are you sure?

At five years old,

he accidentally put
his fingers in a fan.

His little finger was broken.

There is a scar there.

Only one hand was found.

Even if it was your brother's hand,

we don't know what happened.

We even don't know if he is alive.

Please come to the precinct

and go through DNA tests

to prove
this is your brother's hand.

The hand was found
under the Grand North Bridge?

How did you know this?

I think he is dead.


A week ago, I had a dream.

My brother came to see me.

He said he'd been murdered.

His body was dismembered.

His head and hands were tossed

into the Xiang river
under the Grand North Bridge.

His torso was buried
by a rail track.

In my dream, he took me
to the burial site.

I woke up and called him.

But his phone was disconnected.

I went to his home.

He wasn't there.

I went to his internet café.

I was told he hadn't showed up
for several days.

It was just a dream.

I didn't think
the police would believe me.

So I posted
an online missing person notice.

Maybe a coincidence?

I agree with you.

But where you found the hand
is the same place as in my dream.

Do you remember
the burial place from your dream?


You've never been here before?



I don't think so.

But this road is the same
as in my dream.

There's a dead tree ahead.


I want to see it.

They're my brother's prayer beads.

Are you sure?

I gave them to him.

I called the captain.
Our people are on the way.


This is so weird.

Really weird.

Pan said the DNA result is out.

It is her brother LI Yi.

Do you believe her?

That it was just a dream?


She must know something.

Let's check her out.

Maybe she's involved.



The DNA result is out.

The hand and body parts
were LI Yi's.

It's still under investigation.

The autopsy report says
the cause of death

was a haemorrhage in the heart.

The other hand
was found in Xiang river.

The head's missing.

We'll keep looking for it.

We'll keep you informed.

I have a few questions for you.
Can I ask you now?

Do you have a cigarette?

You don't normally smoke.

I used to,

but I quit.

How? I've failed several times.

When I was pregnant.

You have a child?

- She's dead.
- How?

Is it related to the case?

When did you last see
your brother?

Three months ago.


He came to the hospital.

We hadn't seen each other
for three years.

What did he want?

He said
he'd converted to Buddhism.

He told me to do the same.

I refused.

What else did he say?


Did he have a girlfriend?

I don't know.

After three years apart,
I know little of his life.

And I don't know
if he had enemies.

Did you get on well?

- No.
- Why?

I don't want to say.

LI Xue married
her college classmate.

Had a girl.

When the daughter was two,
they divorced.

She took her daughter
to live with her brother.

One morning, three years ago,
LI Yi, as usual,

drove LI Xue to work
and her daughter to school.

Usually he dropped off
the girl first,

then LI Xue at the hospital.

But that morning, the girl

fell asleep on the back seat.

When they reached the school,

LI Xue answered a call
from a courier

about the wrong address.
She blamed LI Yi.

Because of this,

they started arguing.

So they forgot
that the girl was in the car.

After the hospital.

LI Yi went straight
to his internet café.

When he realized, eight hours later,

the girl's internal organs
had melted.

And then?

LI Yi was detained for six months.

But opinion was divided.


The kid had congenital heart disease.
Tetralogy of Fallot.

Patients don't live long

and require surgery.

A single mother
with a sick child,

it wasn't easy.
The surgery is expensive.


people said that LI Xue
and her brother murdered the kid.

Some suspected that.

LI Xue is a doctor.
She is not a careless person.

She is meticulous at work.

Her lawyer said
it was an accident

that had nothing to do
with her profession

and that these things happened a lot.

People sometimes have mental blanks.

Are there any videos
of the trial?

It was three years ago.

You can find videos on the net.

Your Honour,
I have a recording for the court.

This 911 call was made
by LI Xue and LI Yi

when they discovered
LI Yangyang's body.

Please pass the evidence
from the defendant's lawyer

and play it to the court.


I am in Wangyuehu district,

building No. 5.

By Hongfu internet café.

My niece is in the car.

My sister...

She's dead!

We locked her in the car.


There's a cat in here.

Can I take my cat?


Where is it?

What are you looking at?


Go on.



You got scratched by the cat.

Be careful.

It's okay. I'll wash it.

You better get a rabies
or tetanus shot.

- How old is the cat?
- Five.

Did you have it
when you lived with your brother?

One day, he heard that keeping cats
could help heart disease.

I thought it was absurd,
but the next day, the cat was there.

He said it was a stray,
but I think he bought it.

Your brother took good care
of your daughter.

Yes, he was like that.
Very naive.

He believed in everything.

A Bin.

- A Bin.
- I'm coming.

Sister, how do you work this?

Is it on?

Whose birthday is it today?

My birthday!

Give it to him. Go on.

Thank you, Yangyang.

Doctor LI talks little
about her life.

She isn't very talkative

and doesn't chat with us.

When we talk, it's about work.

Is she seeing someone?


Well, I don't think so.

Look at this photo.
Have you seen this man?

It must be him.

Really? You've seen him before?

I remember
he came here three months ago.

I saw him entering Dr LI's office.

When I was passing her office,
I heard them arguing.

There must be a reason
for their argument.


Go get the shot.



We're in a hospital.
Get the shot.

Go on!

I'll take this.

Don't attack me if you get rabies!
Go on.

I'll wait downstairs.


I'm just examining you.

No shot.

Come here.

Li Xue got in that Mercedes
the day she took the cat.




Hi. Does WANG Yi live here?

You are?

Sorry to intrude.
We want to talk to WANG Yi.

Sorry. It's a bit messy.

It's my birthday.
He's in the kitchen.

Wait, I'll call him.

Thank you.

Sit down!

LI Xue is my lover.

We've been together
on and off for two years.

Nobody in the hospital
knows about our affair.

As for her brother,

she only told me a few days ago.

She rarely talks about her family.

I didn't ask either,
because I was afraid

it'd remind her of her daughter.

Have you thought about your future?

And your wife...

I already told LI Xue

that my wife

was from another province.
She stayed in Changsha for me.

She sacrificed her career for me.


I can't divorce her.

LI Xue said she understood.


she never asked anything of me.

Your children?

My niece and nephew.

My wife and I have no children.

On the night of August 5th,

between 10pm and midnight,

where were you?

I was...

at LI Xue's place.

What did you do?

We watched TV.

What show?

It was...

an outdoor competition.

I can understand
your suspicion of me,

but I was with WANG Yi
on August 5th.

Between 10 and midnight,
where were you and what did you do?

Right here. Watching TV.

What show?

I forget.
I wasn't really watching.

Think harder.

We were making love.

The TV was on,

but I wasn't watching.

- Hello?
- Hello, Lei.

Do you remember the name
of the disease of LI Xue's daughter?

A very strange name.

Fallot something.

- Tetralogy of Fallot.
- Right.


WANG Yi's research

is on the clinical treatment
of Tetralogy of Fallot.

He even wrote a book about it.


That may be why she chose WANG Yi.
I must read the book.

It has nothing to do with our case.

We don't investigate affairs.


It's been a long time.


Come, have a seat.


When did you open this store?

In 2008.

The book market was still good then.

Now it's not.

Do you want to buy a book?

I'm looking for one.

What's the title?

"The Clinical Treatment
of Tetralogy of Fallot."

Which publisher? Which author?


Well, it's not consulted very much.

You won't find it on your own.
Let me help you.

Thank you.

That's okay.

Are you married?



Uncle Qin, I'm afraid
I have to go. I will...

Give me your number.

If I find the book, I'll call you.


I looked for you several times.

I even went to your old apartment.

I just wanted to say...


I knew
she was severely depressed

and might kill herself.

So I looked after her
with great care

till you showed up.

I felt...

I could finally relax a little.

But I shouldn't have.

In fact, at that time,

I was still...

deeply worried.

But I tried
not to think about her.

Even if I missed her,

I told myself that she had you

and she would be fine.

At that time,

I needed to take a breather.

After Ruirui passed away,

I asked you

what you two talked about
during that last call.

It seemed
that questioning you in that way

could somehow reduce my guilt

and I would feel better.

But I was wrong.

Afterwards I figured it out.

I stopped looking for excuses.

That phone call isn't important now.

A Bin...

You're still young.

Forget all that.

Don't live in the past.

Who do you think you are?

You just want to put on an act

and make yourself feel important.

You don't know me

and you don't care.

You said I'm different.
I don't want to be different.

I don't know what to do.

What is it?

I'm pregnant.

It's been two months.

Have you told Lei?


He doesn't think it's his.

What'll you do?

I don't know.

Do you have money?

You can't take care of yourself.

Take it.

The code is 777777.

It's so damn hot!

A needle in a haystack.


Tingting came to see me.

- Did she tell you she's pregnant?
- Yes.

- Did you give her money?
- Yes.

It's a trick!

It's always the same.

Last time she did it,
I gave her 3,000 yuan.

I discovered
she wasn't pregnant.


The more vulnerable they look,

the more tears they shed,

the bigger their lies.

Get your money back.


All the prices are marked.

Scan it and pay. No bargains.

We are police.
We need some information.

What is it?

Do you have this type of case?

We used to have two.
Both were sold.

Do you remember when?

One was sold long ago.
I don't remember when.

The other was sold
at the start of the month.

- When?
- Let me check.

On the 2nd.

What did the buyer look like?

He must have been in his 40s.

Any more details?

He was rather fat and very tall.

He wore a mask.
I couldn't see his face.

Why do you remember so well?

He wore a mask
in such hot weather.

Lei, wake up.

Look at this.



On August 6th,

this minivan

took this road at 2.52am.

Then it went back at 7.52.

It's the only road
to the burial site.


It's my mother.


Lei, come here!


A Bin!


I don't know him.

Does your husband know him?

I don't know.

I rarely deal with his business.

When did your husband leave Changsha?

August 6th.

Said he was going to Shenzhen.

He went there to visit a friend.

Do you know this friend?

Has he contacted you lately?

On August 10th.

He phoned me.

He just asked how we were doing.

If he calls again,

you must inform us.

You have a child.

Think of him.

You're a Buddhist?

I used to free captive animals.

Now I seldom do.

When was that?

About two years ago.

Did your husband go with you?


So, do you know LI Xue?

She often came.
We met several times.

I heard her daughter died.

She never came again.

So your husband
might know LI Xue?

I don't know.

Is LI Xue connected to this case?

You came here before, right?

How did you know?

Do you know a woman
called WANG Qiaoyun?

What about her husband?

Why did you argue
with your brother?

WANG's husband started.

- Your brother?
- Forget it.

- Why?
- What's it to you?

Is it him?

It hasn't been confirmed yet.

I introduced them to each other.

I asked my brother to go with me

and he met
WANG Qiaoyun and her husband.

Three months ago, he came to see me.

He'd converted to Buddhism.

He said he hadn't
truly had faith before.

But this time he did.

He wanted me to have faith, too.

I'd lost it
since my daughter died.

He said

he no longer dreamed
of my daughter.

He could sleep well again.

He felt at peace.

He wanted me to be like him.

I was so angry.

I think he was weak
and he'd betrayed me.

I yelled at him

and drove him away.

That's what happened.

The last thing I said to him

is that he'd betrayed me.

Do you sleep well?


Is your appetite good?


Your sex drive?

Can't you just write me
a prescription?

I need to understand first.


Hurry up.
People are waiting here.

- What?
- You're not alone.


The signal's bad.


Mister, please get in line again.

Shut the fuck up!

- Hello?- Hello? A Bin?

I can hear you now.

WANG Qiaoyun just called.

Her husband Wu Feng
is back in his shop.

I'm on my way. And you?

See you there.

- Yes?
- He's leaving. Where are you?

In traffic. I'll be there in ten.

Follow him.

Out of the way! Look out!

Are you okay?

Stop! Police!

It was for money.

Keep talking.

I lost 120,000 yuan
on the stock market.

I borrowed 50,000
from a loan shark.

I was very worried.

Then I thought of LI Yi.

He'd lent me 20,000 yuan.

I never repaid him

but he didn't ask for it back.

It was curious,
because we weren't close.

He knew I needed money
and he lent me the 20,000.

He never asked me
to pay it back.

Two days ago,
the loan shark came to me.

And LI Yi called me,

saying his internet café business
wasn't good.

He wanted to be a cab driver.

I told him I had this friend

who was a cab driver

and wanted a night shift partner.

But he asked
for a 50,000 yuan deposit.

Go on.

On August 5th,

LI Yi came to my shop
with 50,000 cash.

I killed him and kept the money.

How did you know LI Yi?

In 2011, I went with my wife
to free some animals near the river.

LI Yi was there with his sister.

I'd met his sister a few times.

Then I became friends with LI Yi.

If it was for the money,

why leave
his string of prayer beads?

It's worth at least 10,000.

I was a little afraid.


Why kill LI Yi?

He was so kind to you. Why him?

He lent you the money

and didn't ask for it back.

But you killed him.

It was his fate.

Son of bitch!

Calm down.

Go get some air.

Go on.

It should be here.

I put his hands in a bag
and dropped it from here.

"Should be here"?

That night, it was so dark.

Right here.

- Point to it.
- Where?


Where's the head?

I dropped it elsewhere.

- What?
- I didn't drop it here.

He's confessed.

The head isn't in the river.
He put it in concrete.

He's a sicko, isn't he?

It's obvious!

What were we thinking?

If it was in the river,
like in LI Xue's dream,

that would be really weird.

What about the concrete?

He threw it in the garbage
near his house.

- Is the garbage from August 5th here?
- No.

It's taken every day.

- Where to?
- The transit station.

The case is closed now.

It'll be transferred
to the prosecutor.

Sign here.

Your brother's body is ready

for cremation.

Let me know
the date of the funeral.

There won't be a funeral.

I wanted to apologize...

about the other day.

I want to find his head.


A Bin, this is QIN Rui's sister.
We met before.

I remember.

My father said
he had a book for you.

He passed away.

Can you come
to his memorial service tomorrow?


Thank you.

I'll send you the location later on.

A Bin.

It's been a long time.

This is my husband.

This is A Bin,

my sister's ex-partner.

He's now a police officer
at Xinzhou precinct.

Hello. How are you?

I'm in hydraulic resources.


I'll get the book for you.

- What do you exactly?
- I'm a detective.

Wow, awesome.

Can I add you to my Wechat?
We can keep in touch.

I really admired the police
when I was little.

But because of my eyes...

We'll talk later.

Take care of the guests.

He talks too much.

This is from my dad.


Thanks for coming.
We can have a good talk next time.

- Okay.
- Take a seat.


I'm going to look
for the concrete block.

Want to join me?

A concrete block?

All garbage is packed
and sent to the treatment plant.

Is the garbage from August 6th and 7th
still here?

No, all garbage is disposed of
the day it arrives.

Thank you.

Let's go to the treatment plant.

Get out of the car.

Cars aren't allowed here.

Who are you?


I'm a police officer in Xinzhou.


We're here about a case.

I'd like to know

if the garbage from August 6th
is still here.


It was already used
to generate electricity.

There used to be a hill of garbage.

That was the past.
Now it's high-tech.

We've got many patents.
No visits are allowed.

I read "The Clinical Treatment
of Tetralogy of Fallot".

According to the book,

people with this disease

can often survive

if they have surgery in time.

Some can even get married
and have children.

You can go.


I can't take any more.

And I won't see you again.

Why do you stay with Dr WANG?

Your daughter could have been cured.

But she's dead now.

You stay with him and tell yourself
you could have saved her?

- Why?
- Be quiet.

Why not let it go?

I caused her death.

- If I forget...
- You'd betray her?

So if LI Yi no longer suffered,
you think he betrayed her?

- Go away.
- It's not your fault.

Yes, LI Yi let go. So?

Get out.

What are you doing?

Calm down. LI Xue!

Get out.

Get out!

Calm down.

Get out!

I caused someone's death too.

My girlfriend had depression.

It was serious.

She committed suicide.

People think I'm depressed,

because I couldn't save her.

But the truth is...



I went to her father's
memorial service.

After, I went back
to the apartment we used to live in.

It was empty.

As if nothing had happened there.

It feels like...

nobody remembers her any more.

In this world,

I'm the only person
who still thinks about her.


Not everyone is
as strong as you.

Can I stay?

I'll leave in the morning
and I won't come back.

Do you still remember her face?

I dream of her a lot.

At that time,

I thought she was getting better.

So I did my best
to make her happy.

But that day...

she fell into depression again.

She said...

she was actually feeling worse.

I felt so powerless.

But I wasn't in her head,

I had no idea how she felt.

She just remained silent.

That day, I got angry.

The truth is...

I hated being powerless.

Did you consider suicide?


Have you tried?


I try to live like a robot.

I take my medicine on time, I jog,

I eat healthy,
and I focus on my work.

What's the point of doing all that
if you're suffering?

I don't know.

Do you think...

your girlfriend,

my daughter,

and my brother

continue to exist after death?

I don't know.

Even if my brother's dead,

he comes back in my dreams.

He told me in a dream
where he was buried.

And I found his body.

So I think...

another world does exist somewhere.

I think

that's what he was trying
to tell me.

But what he told me
wasn't quite right.

His head was not thrown
into Xiang river.


I thought
it was just a coincidence.

That world does not exist.

And there is no reincarnation.

Like you said,

we are just like robots.

Nothing is left after we die.

If that is the case,

why are we still holding on?

I don't know.

That's it.

I'm almost done.

Oh, my gosh.

You spent
the whole afternoon with me.

What's the matter?

What is it?

One moment.


Yes. It's almost done.

In around one hour.


I encouraged her.

The last phone call...

I told her

she should follow her heart

and I'd support her choice.

She said you and dad
would be devastated.

I said you loved her
and would understand.

I don't know why I said that.

When I realized it and rushed there,
it was too late.

The room

was full of gas.


100 watts.

Okay, I understand.

I'll do it.

I have to go.

- Let me help.
- Leave it.

Why did you tell me that?

It has nothing to do with me!

I thought I could forget it
after my father's death.

You feel better after telling me.

What about me?

What can I do? Can I kill you?

After all these years,

I've had enough of this.

I've had enough.

I have my own life.

A Bin...

I won't hate you.

Don't count on me hating you

so you can feel less guilty.

Dr LI.


It's okay.

Temperature and colour are normal.

Stay a bit longer,
but everything's fine.

Thank you.


Hello. A Bin, where are you?

Your resignation's been approved.

You're not a cop now.
What will you do?

I don't know.

Any news about LI Yi's head?

Let's discuss it later.


I got my divorce.

The procedure
was completed yesterday.

She has the money and the house.

Now everything is settled.

We can start over.



Are you afraid?

When you want to go out,

it starts raining.

When you want cool weather,

the sun is burning.


That's life.

I don't know much,

but you're not made
to be a policeman.

Anyway, you're not one now.

Figure out
what to do in the future.

You're not a kid.

I can't always look after you.

I've had enough.

What did LI Xue say
when she left?

No idea. She'd left the hospital
when I got there.


What are you doing here?

What're you looking at?
You're cops!

Go away.

Got nothing better to do? Go!

You can keep this.

I don't want it.

Why didn't you answer my calls?

I dreamed of my brother
the night we tried to commit suicide.

He still looked like a little boy.

He told me

that his head

was at a garbage station
under the Grand North Bridge.

Then I woke up.

With my last strength...

I made the call.

I think there is one.
I'll get it.


It's hollow.

Sir, when will the death penalty
be executed?

It needs the Supreme Court's
approval. I'll tell you.

We planned to leave
for Shenzhen today.

For a trip?

No. I got a job there.

It's milder there.

- All the best.
- Thanks.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Where is HE Bin?


Where is HE Bin?

He quit.
He runs an internet café.

It's doing okay.



Eat up.

It's snowing.

Why did you move
into such an old building?


It is a bit shabby.

- Are you thirsty?
- No, thanks.

I won't stay long.

Are you still on medication?


How are you doing?

I'm okay.

I went to the hospital.

But when I had the scan,

the doctor heard
the baby's heartbeat.

I don't know why,

but I decided to keep it.

Does Lei know?

I didn't tell him.

What do you intend to do?

I don't know.

Want to listen?


The heartbeat.