Summer of 85 (2020) - full transcript

What do you dream of when you're 16 years old and in a seaside resort in Normandy in the 1980s? A best friend? A lifelong teen pact? Scooting off on adventures on a boat or a motorbike? ...

I must be mad.

I should have known all along.

If your hobby is Death,
you must be mad.

Maybe I might be mad,
but I am not crazy.

Don't take me for a psycho.

Corpses are not my thing.

What interest me is Death.

With a capital 'D'.

Corpses scare me.

They have a terrible effect on me.


One cadaver had a terrible effect on me.

That's what I am telling you about.

If Death derails you...

If you don't want to hear about
a corpse I knew when it was alive.

If you don't want to know
what happened to him and me,

and how he became a corpse,

you better stop right here.

This is no story for you.


Everything okay?

Hi. Did you get into final year?

Yeah, tech studies.

And you?

Literature probably.


Wanna celebrate on your boat?

I love to, but...


I have a rendez-vous.



Skip your meeting.

I'll lent you the boat.

It's boring going alone.


See you later. Bye.


Needing help?


Okay. It's simple.

Get it upright, and I'll tow
you to the beach. Okay?


Climb it.

Are these yours?


Ever done it before?


Grab the centerboard and the
boat will go the right..



Stand up.


Sit down.

David Gorman.
Age eighteen years and one month.

He is the future corpse. David.


Your stuff.


You live in the quarter 'La Coteau'?


We'll go to my house.
It's nearby.

That's very nice.
But I don't want a burden to you.

Don't argue.
I know what your need in the house.

The boat belongs to a friend...

I'll handle the boats afterward.

Put your jeans on.

How are you, Alexis?

It's Alex.


Since this summer.

Okay, Alex.

Do you know why you're here?

To discuss what you did.

I don't wanna talk.

I'm not here to judge you,
but to understand.

The judge needs to know why
you had such a behavior.

I'll give him my opinion.


It's none or anyone's business.

Are Mrs. Gorman's accusations justified?

The police officer's report states...

'The individual arrived at 23.00...'


Can you explain your parents
why you acted like that?

There will be a
severe punishment.


You see?

It's a bastion.

Come in.

Everything okay, honey?

Yes. Mom, I introduce you Alex.

Salute Madame.

No, it is Alexis.

What did you do to him?

He capsized, that's all.
It is nothing.

I keep telling you over and over again,
those boats are dangerous.

The poor darling is freezing to death.

A hot bath is what you need.
Let's go.

In the tub!

All David's capsized friends go in the tub.

Some do it on purpose, I think.

They must like my bathroom.

Take your clothes off.

What are you waiting for?

You think, I have not seen boys before?


Don't be like David.

Locks even his own mother
out of the bathroom.

I gave birth to him.
He is just bigger now.

I am not used to...

Does your mom neglects you?

In any case...

She can be proud of you.

Handsome boy.

Come on.

Or you will die of the cold.

I'll make you a sweet cup of tea.

There is nothing better after such a shock.

Bathtubs always remind me of coffins.

The Gorman' reminded me of a sarcophagus.

The whole room reminded me
of the grave chamber in a pyramid.

Nice swim?


I thought it was your mom.

I tricked her and 'voila'.

What is worse?

Capsizing or being
undressed by your mother?

I rather capsize.

Can you handle me the towel?



My mother is going to the boutique.

If you want to stay awhile.

I have to dock my pal's boat,
then I have a meeting with my professor.


I've got clean clothes for you.

Don't worry about the
boat, I'll deal with it.


When you're done, I wait for you
at the end of the corridor.


Take this.

We have nearly the same size.

Size of shoes?

00:10:21,200 --> 00:10:22,299
I got 42.

You want some of mine?

No thanks. Mine will dry.


What's that?


is for combing your hair.

The mirror is there.


Are you staying for awhile?

Thanks. I am a little late.

Mom made us a snack.

She will be upset if you don't eat.

Uh... you do this for
every boy who capsizes?

Not at all.

I am free today. I can look after you.
Let's go.

My father died suddenly last year.

Sorry to hear that.

Don't worry. It is history.

My mom and he ran the shop.

Mom did the accounts.

And dad knew a bit about sailing.

When he was young, he was a sailor.

Customers liked him.

He could sell them anything.

When he died.

I had no choice.

I quit school and started working
full time at the boutique.

Tough. Leaving school for
becoming a salesman.

I am not a salesman.

I run the shop.


I was not lucky, had no choice.

It was dad's whole life.

But not necessarily yours.

Would you follow your dad's footsteps?

My dad is a docker at the shipyard.

You don't wanna be a docker?

What do you wanna do?

I don't know.

It is the big question.

Getting a job or continuing the study...

That's why Lefevre wants
to see me this afternoon.

You can count on him to
give you his opinion.

Did he counsel you too?

A couple of times.

You'll tell me about it tonight.


You gotta come to get your clothes.

My mother wash them.

I like to get mine back too,
if that is possible.

I dock the boat, you see Lefevre,
then we go to the cinema.

Sounds good?

Yeah, let's do it that way.

Meet me at eight?

Okay. Perfect.

Mr. Robin. Come in.


Since when this interest in Death?

As I explained, it has been for a while.

As a kid, I loved the Egyptians.

Their relationship with Death.
The funeral rites, the mummies.

I see.

Would you call this modest piece of prose

rather a documentary essay
or a work of fiction?

I really don't know.

It's about the sentiments
I have experienced.

But I invented the details.

I will be frank with you.


Your work is very promising.

Thank you, Sir.

I'm not saying you're a literary genius,
far from it.

Some of your classmates
produce more impressive work.

But you are progressing.

Thank you.

Have you decided what to do next year?

Dad wants me to find work...

And mom wants what you want to do?

Exactly. That's it.

The point is that I want you
in my literature class.

You are gifted.

You are a credit to the school.

I will help if you decide to stay.

Thank you, Sir.

Take the time to think it over.

I'm here if you wanna talk or need me.

Seeing the judge did not change him.

He wanders like a zombie,
locks himself at his room.

Won't even go to the beach.

Alexis is a sweet boy.

He is not like other boys of his age.

He is intelligent.

But sometimes we don't
understand what he is saying.

Maybe he needs a kick in the ass!

I disagree.
He has had enough trauma.

What we want,

is that he will be okay.

We want to help him.
He is our son and we love him.

Your caseworker is here.

Thank you.

Your mother thinks I should meet
your French teacher Mr. Lefebre.

What do you think?

I am not mad.

Do as you wish.

Aah. Hello!

It's your mate from this morning.

The one who capsized.

Let him in. Enter.

David is not normal.

He came to work on his day off.

He does it every week.

I brought you the clothes.


You want something to eat?

Thanks. I had dinner at home.

What good is a day off,
if you go to work?

I ask myself.

He is worse than his father!

A slave to that shop for twenty years.

Result? He is dead.

I thought you were his friend.

What a friend!

Answer the lady.


Are you my friend? Yes or no?

Am I your friend?

I think you are. But are you?

If you think I am your friend...

You are my friend.

In which case we can safely say...

That I am indeed your friend.


That's no friend,

who let you work, when the two
of you should be out and having fun.

And you should be relaxing a little too.

Alex did not know that I went to the shop.

He had an important meeting.

Is that true?


You are so cute.

I could eat you up!

My adorable little bunny.


Your game show is on tele.


But the dishes?

We'll do them.


Then we'll go to the cinema.

Have fun.


David. You must promise that
you don't stay out all night.

I promise.

Alex... can I trust you?


Because my David needs a true friend.

It's lovely seeing the two of you together.

Goodnight mom.


Shall we take my M├ęcane?

Suzuki. If you like.

Wait... No spare helmet.

Too many cops in town.

I will buy you one.

Why? Will we taking a trip?

Why not?

Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon,

Thursday and Saturday all day.

Mom is a genius with numbers,
but hopeless with customers.

It's too much for me alone.

What does your mother say?

She is counting on you.

You have seen her, it will work.

I'll think about it.

Scared of me? Or what?

No. I just need to think it over.

Okay, okay. I will wait then.

Bit more than a job offer though.


Just be polite, relaxed, smiling...

It is not very difficult.

Customers will love your angelic face.

I'm not thinking of them.

Then who?

Want the truth?


I am nervous about you.

Me? What did I do?

We only met this morning.

Why wasting time?

We are all mortal.


I need time to get used to it.

Okay. I'll shut up.

I got an idea.

We gonna get a drink.

My treat.

Then I take you home.

Wait. Look at that guy.

Move! Asshole.

Look out!

What are you doing?


Keep your big mouth shut!

Let me swim!

No swimming for you.
That's come to and end.

What do we do with him?

Get him somewhere save so he can ferment.

What about the morgue?

The morgue?


Is it low tide?


It's low tide.
I'm gonna take a swim!

Let him sleep it off.

We can't leave him here.

No one else cares.

He'll get hurt.

It's his own fault he's drunk.

You didn't say that this
morning on the boat.

Aah... Okay.
Thanks for saving me, Mr. Gendarme!

I don't see much difference.

Between his drunken stupidity
and yours on that boat.

Hey guys...


I gotta surprise for you.

Now what?

I pissed myself.


Alex... It's funny.

He wanted to swim and wet himself!

Are you okay?

Look... the beach.

Slower... slower...

Alex... Stop sulking.

The night is young.

No. I don't see why you are helping him.

Do you always need a reason?


He is a nice guy. Okay?

Don't leave me guys!

Come, help me.

Get up.

Come on.

We'll put him here.

Am I dead?

Not yet.

I feel dead...


Discovering the face of
the sleeping boy Darnier,

I understood the reason why David had
invested his time in bringing him here.

And why he had come to
rescue me this very morning.

Still not up?

I went to bed late, dad.

No excuses. Stop being lazy.

Hurry... Your mother has work to do.

What's going on?


Mama! Come and have a coffee!

It's not my coffee time yet.

Treat yourself for once.

You are right, my love.

Stop sleeping so late.

Your father is worried.

What does he care?

I got holidays and he is at work.

He asks me what you do.

Don't tell him.

I can't lie to your father, my love.

It was past one when you came home.


He says, you'll need to
find a temporary job.

To keep you busy,
and butter our bread.

But you want me to stay in school.

No... he thinks if you find an activity...

But what do you think, mama?

I want you to do what
makes you happy, my love.

That's all what matters.

I don't know what my dream is.

Many people don't know,
and never find out.

Lefevre says I should stay in school.

Graduate and study literature.

What use will that be?

Not much.

Even he says so.

Strange teacher...

Advising something of no use...

He meant for work.

Work is what counts.

Right, mama.

Fantastic. I am very happy.

Come to the shop.

We'll discuss the salary and celebrate.


My mother wants to talk to you.


Yes, Mrs. Gorman.

So you're gonna work with us?



Then I will have finally time for myself.

But listen.

I am a little upset with you.


You have promised me you wouldn't
keep David out late.

He came in at four o'clock in the morning.

You call that early?

Four o'clock in the morning?

You promised me.

Four o'clock is too late.

Especially when David works at mornings.
Weekend are okay.

I'm sorry Madame, but...

Never mind. It's not serious.

I'll forget it for this time.

I embrace you, my little bunny.

David say, I talk too much.

I give him again.



I'll explain tonight. Okay?

We'll be a great team, you and me.


See you, Alex. I embrace you.

David had asked me if I was his friend.

But was he really my friend?

Someone you could count on
in any circumstance?

Someone you can put your trust in?

Could I trust David?

The sea is fine.

Don't you think so?

That's Kate. 21 years.

I hope you don't mind I
pass some time with you.

Go ahead.

I need to work on my French.

It's rather rusty.

You speak it well.

Aah... Thanks.

I arrived only three days ago.

Where are you from?


My name is Kate.

I'm Alex.

Nice to meet you.


Yeah... short for Alexis.

I don't like the name Alexis.

Alex is fine. I like it.


I'm going to take a 'baignette' in the sun.

It's 'bain de soleil", not 'baignette'.

Aah... 'bain de soleil'.

Will you take a 'bain
de soleil' with me?

I'm about to meet someone.

A pretty girl, I suppose?

No... a friend.

He got a summer gig for me.


A grind.

A job.

So... he must be a good friend.

I don't know yet.

Maybe we'll meet again?

I hope.

I work as an an 'Au-pair' girl.

Are you on holiday?

No, no. I moved into here two
years ago with my parents.

See you around.
I come often here.

Well, I will look out for you.

Sounds good.



Hi Alex. How are you?

I'm fine.

Shall I show you the boutique?



Are you mad about last night?

You went back to the drunk guy?

Yes. I felt guilty.

Leaving him alone on the beach...

I got scared.

So I went back.

Good thing too.

There were bizarre types around.

And then what?

I woke him up and we talked...

Until four o'clock in the morning?

Until four o'clock, yeah.
He was wasted.

Stop, David.

It's none of my business.

Okay. Forget it.

Close your eyes.


Close your eyes.


I got a surprise for you.

A surprise?

Close your eyes.

So... Where is it?

Relax. It's coming.

Open them.

Is it this?


To hit the roads, not boats.



And by this way it hides your ugly face.

But I don't have a motor bike.

I do. I take you with me.

You and I are taking thousands of trips.


It's the last night of your freedom.

Tomorrow, I'm your boss
and you're my slave.

It's my first time.

Okay. Never put your feet down.

Keep them always on the
resting for the foot.

Here and here.

Then relax.
Lean into the movement.

Let yourself go.

Hang on tight to me.


It was not anti-Semitic.

He and Gorman were very close.

Alexis was devastated.

He is still in shock.

The judge needs a reason for his behavior.

I think that you are the
only person he trusts.

I need your help.

If we don't know more by next week,

the judge will place him
in a detention center.

I can't betray the trust
my pupil is putting in me.

He must talk to you by himself.

He refuses.

I want to propose you something.


Under the condition that you recommend
the judge that he stays in school.

I can't do anything Mr. Lefevre.
I need to understand what has happened.

Do you always drive like that?

Like what?

Dangerously fast.

I don't go fast.

It doesn't feel fast.

Are you kidding?

It sure felt like speed to me.

Hang on.

Fast is one thing,
speed is another, my little bunny.

Don't call me your little
bunny, like your mom.

Okay, bunny!

Cut it, you moron!

Explain your speed thing.

I never feel that I am going fast.

But speed always feels near,
just in front of me.

So I go faster and faster,
trying to catch it.

But speed always stays out of reach.

I never feel like I'm going
fast or even accelerating.

Get it?


What if you caught it?

That's my dream.

It would be like being
in an invisible bubble,

that could take me anywhere
in a split second.

I would move effortlessly.
No sounds, no vibrations.

You are talking about a dream.

Don't you never have such dreams?

Hey...! Chris!

What's up?

I'll introduce you my friend David.

Nice to meet you.

You disappointed me.

What do you mean?

My boat, asshole.

You should have told me.

I had to tow it, and pay a fine.

Sorry. That is my fault.

Who asked you, clown?

Don't call me names.

I'll call you what I like, faggot!




The cops!

The cops!


Break it up!

Come on, David!


Grab the helmets!

Let's go.


You go creamed.


Did you see the face of Chris?


Take that off.

Go on.

What a bastard.

Does it hurt?


Feeling okay?

I am very much aware that what you
are going through is difficult.

Your relationship with David Gorman
is for many hard to understand.

But you are not alone.

What I mean is, you need to save your skin.

The caseworker and judge are not
against you, capable of understanding.

You have no choice, you have
to explain what has happened.

The story of your 'friendship'.

The reasons for your behavior.

It seems, I can't.

Sometimes it is easier to write.

You know, I admire your writings.

Write your story.

Tell it in your own words, your emotions.

Your pain.

Where to start?


Your mother?

Don't worry. She is asleep.

You want me to describe what
happened behind that door?

That's normal.

We all want to know the
secrets behind closed doors.

But I won't tell you nothing.

Just one thing.

It was the most beautiful night of my life.

And it was with David.

I have to go.


I can't.
Mom worries and dad yells.

Tomorrow night?

But you will be the death of me.

I'm already dead tired.

Always about death.

Does it worry you that much?


Then why talking about it?

It attracts me.

Not for you?

Not much.

And your dad?

That is different.

I am alive and my dad is gone.

I miss him.

That is what's so hard about death.

The absence of the ones you loved.

You seem fascinated by
the concept of death.

Yeah. Maybe.

Know what we should do with Death?

Laugh in its face.

Easy to say when we're young.

We should take an oath, you and me.

A pact?


Whoever dies first,

the other promises

to dance on his grave.

See... you're mad.

Think that I am joking?

No. I think you're insane.

Gotta change this hair.

How so?

Don't know.

I'll try tomorrow.

With your magic comb?


With scissors.

You promise?

If I die first,
that you dance on my grave.

Don't be dumb.

I am very serious.

You'll live to be ninety.

No questions, just promise. That's all.


For me.

I'm tired, David. Let me.


Just promise. No big deal.

Is that so hard?


I don't understand.

Stop trying to understand everything.

Some things you'll never understand.

So, promise.

Why keep arguing?

The friend of my dreams stood before me,

and asked me to take a stupid oath.

At that moment, there was
nothing I could refuse him.

I promise.

For you.

And no other reason.

From beginning to end

was six weeks.

1008 hours.

60.480 minutes.

3.628.800 seconds.

The whole time, even up till this day.

I wonder at myself: 'Why David?

Why him, and not another?'

It can't be just his looks.

It can't be just physical, sexual.
Can it?

For codfish and bass, these are the best.

I trust you.

So, two packets. You can exchange.

Now, for a rod...

Alex... help me for the rod.

We are fixing the motor..

You are here too?

I did not know.

Aha. The rod.
This is our latest model.

Highly recommended.
Truly fantastic.

This is the latest model. It's is truly.

But I prefer to advise your husband.

Maybe I loved him.

I believed I did.

I loved him as much as I understood
the meaning of the word.

How do you ever know?

I always thought, I would know,
on the very minute it happened.

But all I knew was, that I
could not get enough of him.

I wanted to spend every
second of my time with him.

But when I was with him,
it was not enough either.

I wanted to look at him,
touch him, feel his touch.

I wanted us to be together all the time.

For 3.628.800 seconds.

I was so worried.

He had contact with folks, no good at all.

Got into plenty of trouble.

Running wild night and day.
Worried me sick.

It is not his fault.
He was unhappy.

Now the David we love is back.
Thanks to you.

It's true.

He had been so unhappy,

since his father died.

You do each other good.

Thanks, Mrs. Gorman.

Contrary, thank you.

Maybe you can even improve
business together.

What do you mean?

I have been thinking.

Why don't you work during
here at the entrance?

It is a good job, good prospective.

Do like that, and within two years you
will learn the business,

and we could open a second
store in the tourist area.

That was... Simon's dream.

My husband.

What do you think?

Does David want it to?

He has not said it, but I
know him, he thinks about it.

Will you think about it too?

Okay. I will think it over.

You don't mind your mom next door?


Does not bother it her?

Since dad dies, she takes
strong sleeping pills.

You think, she knows about us?

She is good at seeing
what she wants to see.

'You must forgive us everything.

In this way,

we will be happy.

And if our life brings sorrow,

we shall weep together, and be blessed.'

'Let us be two children, two young men,

Enamored of nothing, amazed by all,

who go and lie pale under leafy stems,

not knowing all is them forgiven.'



They say he wrote it for Rimbaud.

How do you know?

You think that you are Lefevre's only pet?

You had Lefevre when you quit school?


He was furious when I left.

He said, I was betraying my talent.

Wasting my life with an abusive mother.

The fucker did not spare me.

Did you tell him about the
shop and your father?

He must have understood.

Did you?

Not in the beginning, but I do now.

Should we hire Lefevre?

That would be funny.

For you.

Not for the customers.

Still thinking about it?

Lefevre or quitting school?


No. Not really.

And your father?


Is he the oath?


Did he ask you to dance on his grave?


I would have loved that.

You always wear the same clothes.

Financial troubles?

No, that's not the case.

So... why is it then?

I see things I like, but I
never know what suits me.


Like this.

Then it does not suit me.

This one suits you.

Shut up.

You would get me even hotter.


Leave it.


Right. Let's change everything.

Not bad.

Try this one.

How much is this one, Ma'am?

149 francs.

Here. Try this one first.


Hello Alex!

Ooh, Kate. Aah!

Usually, I don't have such
an effect at others.

Kate... I introduce you David.

Bye, Kate.

Kate is an Au-pair, improving her French.

Nice to meet you.

I saw the two of you on a boat.

It think it had a nice name.

'The Calypso'?

Yeah. 'The Calypso', that's it.

My father named it that way.

He was a sailor.

Rather nice.


We could take Kate out sometime.


I love that.


Can you sail?

I suppose, if someone explains it to me.

Don't worry.
He explains it to you.

Are you a good swimmer?

I think so.

Because Alex...

excels at capsizing.

Stop it!

No? No.

Then you should stay in charge.

Don't worry. He will.

Let's go now.

Where to?

On the Calypso.

Why not?

Got your stuff?

Yes. Over there.

Let's go then.

You two, wait a second.

Get your stuff and rejoin us.

That was how the end began.

The trouble is, there are so much details.

I don't remember about the end.

Making it hard to tell the police,
the judge or the caseworker.

Other moments I remember in great detail.

How I was rescued, our first night.

Me side by side at the cinema.

Our trips on the motorcycle.

I can describe them heartbeat by heartbeat.

They were great moments.

Created by the moments being together.

Nothing else.

But the beginning of the end
was not a great moment.

It was trivial.


And deadly sad.

Hello sir. Have a nice day.

Thanks you.

Hi, comrade!

How is business?


I'll look into it.

Did you have a good night?


Full of contortions and erotic sensations.

You picture it well.

Not good?

I had a good teacher.

By the way.
Unfortunately we don't spend time today.

So what?
I did not sign up for an English course.

A bit cranky this morning?

Bit obnoxious this morning?

Don't push your luck.

Me pushing my luck?


Look who is talking.

You don't own me, pal.

Did I say I did?

Don't call me 'pal'.

Sorry, little bunny.

I thought we were friends.

A little more than friends, isn't it?

Don't forget, you came after me first.
I have not forgotten.

I came after you?


No, I did not.


Wishful thinking.

You hit on me!

You came to my rescue,
waving my jeans in the air.

You invited me for a hot bath,
lent me your clothes.

Made eyes at me in front of your mother!

Fondled me at the cinema!

Calm the fuck down! Whore!

I don't remember you were resisting.


Bonjours, Madame!

How are you?

Fine. Thanks.

Tell me what can I do for you.

I am looking for a rod.


What does it matter to you?

Finally, nothing happened.

Nothing at all?

Nothing worth to worry about.

I want to understand why.

Alex... you are getting annoying.

Tell me why.

It has happened before.

No big deal.
You did not shit bricks before.

This is different.

Why? Because it is a girl?


Then why?

You dropped me like an old sock.

I saw you seducing her on the
boat, like I was not there.

Made me arrange everything at the boat,
while you disappeared with your new toy.

You dump me,
then act like all is well!

No. I am not a maid at your service, pal!

Are you done?

No. Tell me why you did it.

You really don't want to know.

I think... you are just jealous.

It will pass quickly.

Don't patronize me!

I only explain!

You call this an explanation?

What do you explain?
What is this?

Okay... know what.

Let's us calm down.
Making peace.

I behaved badly. I'm sorry.

We go back to where we were,
forget this, and be happy.

Stop it!

Not this time.

I don't know when I decided.

Right then, I guess.

As soon as I said it,
I knew I would regret it.

A deep silence.

Eyes on eyes. The waiting...

It was the saddest moment of my life.

Be careful, Alex.
Some things can better left unsaid.

Afterward it is too late to withdraw them.

Like things of eternal friendship?

Like promises of dancing on your grave?

Is that what you mean?

You want to know?

Okay... I tell you.

I'm getting bored.


Yes. Bored.

For what reason?

What? Who?




Were we not happy?

That is exactly the fucking problem.

You are happy.


I was happy.

We were happy together, but...

Not anymore.

You should have said something.
We can do other things.

That's not the point.

So what is it?

I told you. It is you!

What about me?

It's you! You bore me!

We had a good time.

I had a blast with you.

But I like change.

You see?

I want different people.
One is not enough.

Not for me.


I came after you.

I was in to you right away.

I thought you were like me.

I thought, you just...

wanted to have fun,
and do tons of stuff with me.

But what happens between
friends is a question of confidence.

It's me.

It's me you want.

And that is not possible, Alex.

I'm sorry.

It's too heavy for me.

I don't want to be possessed by anyone.

Not by anybody.


Alex! Come back!

But... What has happened?


Alex. Are you there?

David. What has happened?

Did you do this?

And where is Alex?

Already home?

I'm in my room.

Feeling better?


You're eating with us?


Your father will be happy.

Speeding, missed a curve...

Several witnesses were on the scene.

What did you see?

It seemed, he was trying to fly.

He must have been mad, drunk, stoned.

Or crazy. He had no helmet.

It was shocking.

Leaving already?

Mrs. Gorman! Let me in!

Mrs. Gorman!

Please, go away!

What has happened?

Tell me!

You don't know?


David just died. My son is dead.

You killed him.

Get out of here, or I'll call the police.

You hear?


I thought: It's because of me.

He died in anger, because of me.


He was glad to be rid of me,

so he rode fast to celebrate.

He was finally inside his timeless bubble.

Did he dream it?

Was he trying to realize his dream?

No. None of that.

It was Kate's fault.

Not that he loved her.
On the contrary.

He regretted his adventure with her.

He died full of remorse.

I kept thinking,
it was finally all my fault.

If I had come back when he called me...

But had he called?

I wish I had been on the
motorbike with him.

I kept thinking,

David is not dead, it's impossible.

I want him still to be here.

Your mother is worried.
She sent me with coffee.

You didn't say a word last night.

You didn't eat...

Sorry. I am not feeling well.

What is it this time?

You don't know?

How could we?
You never tell us anything.

David Gorman is dead.

The boy from the shop?


Motorcycle accident.

You did not know him long.

Six weeks.

These things happen.

How is Mrs. Goldman doing?


That's normal.

She will be needing help.

You could help her in the shop.

She was kind, paid you well.

Show her that she can count on you.

Get up and go to work, okay?


If you need anything, any help...

You know where to come.

I'm off.

I'll tell your mother that you are coming.

Who's there?


No, Mrs. Gorman.

It's me. Alex.

I wanted to ask you something.

Don't you have any pity?

No honor?

I must see David.
I must see his body.

One last time.

It's important to me.

I trusted you.

Look how you paid us back.

Please... I want to see him.
I must.

I loved him too, you know.

How dare you say such a thing?

He had be alive if he
had not gone after you.

Gone after me. How so?

He told me everything.

Showed me what you broke.

He took the motorbike and went to find you.

I could not stop him.

I knew my David needed a friend.

A real friend.
I gave him his freedom.

Look at the result.

He has gone to join his father.

You will never see him again.

Do you hear me?


One phrase ran out clearly as a hell:

'I should die to join David'.

But how to do it?


Cutting the throat?

Or the wrists?




Finding a firearm?

I have read about a tribe
whose members could lie down

and dying by the power of their thoughts.

I have tried it for nearly half an hour.

It did not work.

So it was garbage.

Lefevre was right.

The only way back to David

was to write.

To tell our story.

Bringing him back from death with words.

I got the hearing postponed,
and told Alexis we need his text.

Have you spoken to him?

Yes. He is writing all the time.

I think his work is therapeutic.

Can I read some passages
which I tell about?

No. That is too soon.
We must not interrupt.

You don't have to tell him
that you showed me some passages.

There is something like professionalism.

For that reason, I can't
give you that information.

Mr. Lefevre, I don't need a roman.
Put pressure on him.

Good that you say that.
He is on the very moment

a passage which make
great impression on me.

I ask you only for one thing.
That he is not making anything up.

Is that possible?


It's terrible.

I can't stop crying.

How did you find out?

I called his house and got his mom.

She is in a bad condition.


She never wants to see me again.


You and David were such good friends.

It is not 'camisse'

What does 'camisse' in French mean?

Does it mean, more than friends?

I'm sorry. I did not know.

You could not know.

I should have guessed.

You are shocked?


I am just surprised.

Because he slept with you.

You know?

We even quarreled for that reason.

I'm sorry.

Can I tell you something, Kate?

Yes, that's alright.

Had I formerly thought about it, I think
Kate would have been the last person

I would have wanted to spend my time with.

But to be honest...

Kate was the only one I could confide in
what had happened about David and me.

So I told her everything.

Sometimes we burst in laugh.

It was the first time
I laughed within 48 hours.

Now and then she asked a question.

Towards the end, she wept.


Without a word.

And without a fuss.

I have not told you everything, Kate.

I want to know everything.

When we met, David made me
swear that whoever died first,

the other would dance on his grave.

But... that is bizarre.

Yeah, I know.

You are not gonna do it, isn't it?

A promise is a promise, Kate.

I don't have have a choice.

You can help me, Kate.

With dancing?

No, no... That's for me.

Then what to do?

It might be even more bizarre,
but I need to see his body.

What? Alex!

I know it is crazy, but I need his body.

To be sure that he is really
dead, you understand?

Poor Alex.

It was not just an adventure...


Hello, Alexis.

Hello, Mr. Lefebre.

So... Got something I can read?

Yes. I have made progress.

But... it is complicated.

I hope you'll like it.

Okay. I take a look.

Put these on.

What is it?

Oh, no...! Never in my life.

In jeans you look like a boy.

It's necessary you show your legs.

Otherwise we shave.

Being a girl sucks.

Yes indeed.

Men like the legs of girls
te be soft and hairless.

You can still change your mind if you want.

There is always a fateful moment

when you realize if you keep going on,

there is no turning point.

I learned it on that very day.
Thanks to Kate.

Do you think that David
would find this sexy?

I don't know.

You knew him better than I did.

But I think you are sexy.

Let's leave them there.

Stay here. Okay?


It's alright, he agrees. But hurry.

It is against the rules. He could be fired.

How did you manage it?

English negotiations.

His name is Bernard.
You are Susanne.

Suzanne is... I hate that name!

It is my sister's name. Come on.

Focus on your character:

A young unhappy girl in love

who wants to see
her lover's body one last time.

But his mother has forbidden it,

because she was against your relationship.

No need to play a girl for that.

Listen! I don't know if the guard
may like a history of two boys.

Come on.

This way, girls. Come in quick.

It is a rather tragic affair.

Love of young people breaks my heart.

Never seen a place like this?

No, mister.

I am not allowed to let you in.

We know.

She does not say much, your friend.

Susanne is devastated.

It has been horrible for her.

I understand.

Have you ever seen a
corpse, my dear Suzanne?

Are you ready to face it?

I can't take my eyes off that head

lying flat on the metal tray.

I wish only one thing.

For his eyes to be open.

For his mouth to speak.

For his hands to caress me.

For his heart to beat.

For his body to be him again:

What's the matter with you?

- Let him!
- Alex!


What is this?

Oh my God!

What? Oh...

Wearing makeup now?

No. A friend is putting on a play.

I thought you were like uncle Jacky.

Uncle Jacky?

Your dad can't hear his name.

Uncle Jacky dresses like a woman?

Don't worry.
I won't say anything.

Clean your face thoroughly
before your dad...

Hang on.
Where is uncle Jacky now?

Your dad will be home soon.




Are you okay?

I am okay, maman.

Has it happened like this?


Did you exaggerate something?

I have tried to tell in
detail the best I could.

Some words were hard to
find, but I have succeeded.

You did indeed.

It is bizarre.
Since I started writing,

I feel like I have become
a character myself.

Does it offend you?

No... it feels rather good.

It forces me to focus less on my pain

and more on the story,

the characters and the writing.

But there rest to write the essential.

The caseworker and judge are waiting.

The crime scene, the cemetery.

I know.

That is the hardest part to tell.

Do you mind if I let Miss Martin
reading some of this?

To reassure her?

That she does not think I am crazy?


If you wish so.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Did you know David well?


Did he seduce you too?


But he was a student.

And I was his teacher.


Mrs. Gorman?

I realized that I have no photo of David.

I would like that you give me one, please.


Are you there?


Hello sir.
You are talking with Alex.

Stop calling, or we will call the police.

Mister! Listen to me.
I only need a photo, a portrait...


I have seen him dead!
I want to remember him alive...

So David would be buried the other day.

I needed to know all about
Jewish funeral rites.

The preparation of the body,
the wake, the burial...

I discovered that they wait at
least a year after the burial

before erecting a tombstone.

How would I recognize his grave?

What are you doing?

Going out for a walk in the fresh air.

At two o'clock in the morning?
You will catch a fever.

Don't worry.
I will cover myself.

We should never have moved.

There we knew all.
Everything was simpler.

We are here now, maman.
Everything will be fine.

Go back to bed.

Can I prepare you something warm?

I am not hungry.
I just need some fresh air.

I have been in bed too long.

Don't go far.
You never know who you might meet.

Go back to sleep.


Did you like uncle Jacky?


I don't know how long that crisis lasted.

I had lost control.

Completely mad.

What was I digging for?

Was I trying to join David?

I don't know.

But still I had not danced.



Remember you said I could
ask you if I needed help?


I need to deliver this letter.
Would you?

A girl?

A friend.

With my injured foot,
it is better if she comes here.

Is she pretty?

She is English.

A foreigner?

England is not in France, dad.

You don't mind if she comes?

You have to ask your mother.

But... will you deliver her my letter?

If it will do you good, yes.

Thanks dad.

Thinking back to that moment,
I think my dad knew.

He understood that David
was more than a friend.

Perhaps we will able to
talk about it on one day.

Nearly I did not come.


You did abonden me

with that horrible man at the morgue.

I was half-naked. I had to run.

Did he catch you?

No. I'm too fast.


So nothing! He could have.

Excuse me.

I regret going there.

I forgive you.

Because seeing you running without
the wig and in a bra was funny.

There is something else
I want to talk about.

What now?

I have not succeeded in
dancing on David's grave.

Well... It does not matter.

I had another crisis, Kate.

I dug into his grave.


You are mad.

I know.

It was worse than the morque.

I was trying to hit him.

Hitting him?

And reaching him too.

I was angry, and at the
same time also surprised..

Everything mixed together.

Do you understand some of it?


And yes.

I don't know.

I think, maybe you feel
guilty about his death.

Mrs. Grey will wonder where I am.
I have to go.

Wait, Kate. Don't leave.

I need to talk.
You do me good. Please!

You know...

When you tell a friend the truth,

he resents you for life.

Try me.

You really want to know what I think?


From the start, it was not
David you loved, I think.

But it was an idea you
fabricated of him.

The reality is Alex, that you
loved a face and a body,

into which you put the person you wanted.

The friend of your dreams.

So he did not really exist?


Stop that idea. David existed.

I was with him, slept with him.

So did you.

Yes... Someone existed.

But not the person we understand.

So we invent the people we love?

That's dumb.

I have to go.

You know.

You asked me to tell you what I thought.

No problem.

Thanks for helping me with the morgue.


Where do I find boys who
can't get you in a morque?

I don't understand.

Get him!

Calm down.

Let me go!

That's how on the second of september 1985,

two cops arrested an
unstable sixteen old boy.

I even did not care.

I had kept my promise.

Mr. Alexis Robin, please.

You are here today for damaging
the grave of your friend.

Mr. David Gorman, who died
in a motorcycle accident.

After the two of you fought over
a girl you were both courting.

You explained and justified your behavior,

by evoking an oath you
made with the deceased.

But desecrating a grave, as you did
Mr. Robin, is forbidden.

Punishable by law.

So the court senteces you

to 140 hours of community service.

And strongly recommends
psychological treatment.

You have understood?

Yes, your Honor.

The hearing is adjourned.



Do I know you?

I don't think so.

I recognize you.

A friend and I dragged you to the beach.

You were completely drunk.

Maybe... I don't remember.

My friend David looked after you.

Did you cut your long hair?

Yes. I was sick of it.

My girlfriend liked it, but dumped me.


It lies behind me.

You work here?

Yes. For six months, after school.

And you?

I start within a week.

Helping the old man,
repairing boats in the harbor.


What are you up to now?

Nothing special.

Having a smoke.

Want to take a trip with a boat?

I know a nice boat, 'the Calypso'.

Why not?

Is it yours?

It is now.

Need some repairs.

I am your man.

Let's go.

It is an orange dinghy in the harbor.

Please don't think my story ends here.

I don't know the ending myself.

Maybe this is just the beginning.

I told you about my
summer of 85 with David.

The friend of my dreams.

So you had understand
how I became what I am.

Or perhaps what I no longer am.

For the only thing that matters,

is to somehow manage

to escape your history.