Summer of 84 (2018) - full transcript

After suspecting that their police officer neighbor is a serial killer, a group of teenage friends spend their summer spying on him and gathering evidence, but as they get closer to discovering the truth, things get dangerous.

Even serial killers live
next door to somebody.

Tough pill to swallow,
I know, but it's true.

If I've learned anything,

it's that people hardly ever let
you know who they really are.

Just past the manicured lawns
and friendly waves,

inside any house,
even the one next door,

anything could be happening
and you'd never know.

And that's the thing
about this place.

It all might seem normal
and routine,

but the truth is the suburbs are
where the craziest shit happens.

You never know what might be
coming around the corner.


Hey bud, what's going on?

Oh, hey Mr. Mackey.


Oh, thank you.

What's with all the dirt?

I've been doing a little
planting in the garden.

Um, there was no cash
in your mailbox yesterday

for the paper.

Has it been a month already?



Uh, ok.

Well, actually I was going
to ask

if you could help me lift
something inside

if you have a second.

I'll get the money then.

Two birds, one stone?

Ok, sure.


After you.

I knew I had it.

There you go.

Thank you.

You got a big family, huh?

Yeah, I guess so.

Just uh, you know, make sure
you don't live too close

to them or they'll come knocking
on your door every day.

Alright, this is it.

Some new furniture for upstairs,

so I gotta get this hunk
of junk downstairs.

Think we can manage it?

Uh, yeah.



Here we go.


It is heavy.


Watch your step.

Here, let me try that way.

There we go.



- You ok?
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, shit. Sorry.

That's ok.

As long as it didn't get your
foot or anything. You alright?


Why don't we just take a break?


Sorry about that.

Damn water heater just keeps
getting louder and louder.

Gotta get a new one.

Flip side of not living near
any family is

never anyone around
to lend a hand.

Hey, I uh, I really appreciate
you helping me out.

Uh, what's in there?

Well, that is where
we're headed.

Think you can make it
the rest of the way?



Heavy son of a bitch, huh?


I am putting the finishing
touches on my dark room.

So I'm an amateur photographer.

I figured that this piece
could store some equipment.

Yeah, it's cool.

Um, I'm sort of an amateur
videographer, so I get it.

Just like the old man.

My god, I remember when your
parents would push you

around the block
in the stroller.

Now look at you.

How old are you, anyway?



That's the perfect age.

I wish I could just
freeze it for you.

Uh, well, I gotta go.

Yeah. Of course.

Go ahead.
Thank you for this.

I will, uh, take it from here.

- Give your family my best?
- I will.


I am going to get you shitheads!

I'm going to find you.

Find your own spot.

You're gonna get us both caught.

This is my spot.

Not anymore. Now go!

Fine. Go.


Gotcha, dudes!

Christ, guys!

Hiding in Farraday's spot, man?


You're better than that.

Treehouse in 15,
after we catch this bitch?

He's close.

I can practically smell
the Noxell on him.

Vaginas are magical.

I can't wait to get laid.

Aren't you guys tired of looking
at those same chicks?

Shit no, man.

Or even just feel up a chick.

Second base?

That's it?

I rounded third once.

She was hot, too.

Oh, it just so happens to be
a chick none of us know.

It was on vacation, dipshit.

I'd just be happy to get on
any base with Nikki.

In your dreams, Davey.

Yeah, wet dreams.

'How is she so frikken' hot?

Too bad she's into my brother.


No way.

He's like twenty and he works
at a hardware store.

You think Kyle's a dick?

My asshole father wants to tear
this thing down.



No, man.

Can't he at least wait
until we go to college?

Eats, I need this place.

Shit, I would live up here
if I could.

I mean, I don't know how safe
that would be.

With the...


Kids going missing.

Ok, here we go.


Come on.

I mean, we all know
what you're gonna say.

It's a conspiracy.

It's all connected.

The missing kids aren't random,
they're part of

some vast governmental
alien cover-up, right?

So you don't think it's weird?

Look, last summer a kid goes
missing in Hazelton.

Now another kid disappears
in Freeport?

Uh, Davey, I love you man

but uh, you do kinda sound
like a schizoid.

Remember when he connected
a Lite-Brite to his keyboard

to try and communicate
with the extraterrestrials?


Or when he swore there was a
demonic presence in his room

because our houses were built on
Indian burial grounds?

That was, like, three years ago.

And our houses were built
on Indian burial grounds.

Davey, there's literally
no proof of that.

- Yes, there is.
- No, there's not.

Are we done here?

I gotta beat off
before my parents get home

and W.W. III breaks out.

Good call.

I'm gonna go make a withdrawal
from the spank bank.

You guys are animals.

Yes you are.


Wait, I thought you were sick
of looking at the same chicks.

I am.

Why do you think I stopped
banging your mom?

- You are so dead.
- Oh yeah?

- Oh yeah?
- Oh yeah

Give me the magazine.

I'm pretty sure
this is non-lethal.

This is my magazine!

You should not read this stuff
before bedtime.

Mom, I'm fifteen.


You don't have to tuck me
in anymore.

Maybe you don't need me to,

doesn't mean I'm ready
to give it up.

You think dad's
coming home soon?

I don't know, hon.

You know how the news is.

Always something going on
that needs reporting.

Ok, sleep tight.

Hey guys,
Ipswich Lanes tomorrow?

Scope some cuties?

I'm in.

I hope that chick
from last week is there.

She was all over me.

You asked to touch her boobs

and she threw you
over the railing.

Bet I don't look
half as dumb as Davey

every time he sees Nikki in the
DJ booth and jizzes in his pants.

Oh yeah?

Well, I can see her right now.



Dude, if you're serious, I hate you.

Oh my god, she's waving for me
to come over.

Ok, now I know you're full of shit.

Eats out.

I'd easily trade both
my nuts to have the view.

Ok, genius.

If you've got no balls
what's the point of the view?

You'd just be some
ball-less perv.

Can you at least
make mom double-bag

her meatloaf next time?

It smells like werewolf crap.

Well, if you would
have remembered

to put the cinder blocks back on
the garbage cans like I told you

we wouldn't have this mess.

I hate raccoons.

You should do an exclusive,
get pest control in here.

I could film it.

Camcorder's off limits, pal.

Station property, you know that.

How am I supposed to become
the next Spielberg

if I don't practice?

Nice try.

Just uh, make sure
the driveway's clean

before you go anywhere.

Capisce, Spielberg?


♪ Hot summer streets,

♪ And the pavements
are burning, ♪

♪ I sit around, ♪

♪ Trying to smile but, ♪

♪ The air is so heavy
and dry, ♪

♪ Strange voices
are saying, ♪

♪ What did they say

♪ Things I can't
understand, ♪

♪ It's too close
for comfort, ♪

♪ This heat has got right
out of hand, ♪

Guys. Guys.

Dude, what?

Those are the Pacific Grove
Babes from last week.

Get off of me, you psycho!

I can't.

I got needs, Woody.

Nikki fucking Kazsuba.

She's, like, scientifically
the perfect woman.

If she was my babysitter I'd
have been banging her the day

my balls dropped.

Yeah, was it hard not to get a boner
when she was giving you a bath?

Jesus, guys.

It was, like, four years ago.

Not ten.

We just played games and shit.

What kinda games?

Naughty games?

I hate you guys so much.

It is now confirmed
that 14 Eastern Bloc countries,

including the Soviet Union,
will boycott the Olympic games

in Los Angeles
later this summer.

Only Romania and Yugoslavia
will remain in attendance.


The Cold War's never gonna end.

Your future is dim, Davey.


John dropped these off
for you today.

It must be the fliers
for the Bay Festival.



Come on.

They got some crummy synth
band playing this year.

Nikki's not DJ-ing
like last year?

She's amazing.

Well, with her parents
getting divorced

it wasn't really
in the cards, pal.

Nikki's parents
are getting divorced?

Where did you hear that?

Bob Burnqvist.

He bowls with Mike Kaszuba.

Apparently it's pretty ugly,

supposedly Mike's not even
staying at home right now.

Let's not gossip, Randall.

But that is awful.

I never would have thought
they were having problems.

That's why they
invented curtains, hon.

Hey, Randall, it's Jimmy.

Listen, uh, this is going
to sound crazy.

The Chronicle received
a letter from some guy

calling himself the
Cape May Slayer.

This guy claims he's killed
at least 13 teenaged boys

over the last decade.

Oh my god!

Are you sure this isn't a hoax?

No, it's... it's legit, man. The
story's gonna break any second.

We need you in here pronto.

I'm on my way.

Guys, something big
is going down.

Someone's going down on who?

No, I was right.

You know those missing boys?

It's a serial killer.

My dad just got called in.

Holy shit!
You're not kidding.

It's on the news right now.

This afternoon
the Cape May Chronicle

received a letter
from an individual

calling themselves
the Cape May Slayer,

claiming responsibility for the
deaths of at least 13 teenaged boys

along with two adults.

The author also provided
a list of names,

dates, and pertinent details
related to a number of

open missing persons cases.

We have confirmed the accuracy
of these statements.

I can now officially
label this person

as an active serial killer.

The sheriff's office reports
they're likely looking for

a white male in his late 30's
to 40's living alone.

Preferred targets appear
to be males aged 12 to 16-

I can't believe
something like this

Could actually happen here.

It could be anyone.

This is the coolest thing
that's ever happened to us.

Didn't they say he
hunts guys our age?

Should we cool it with
the late night manhunt?


None of the missing kids are
from Ipswich and Cape May

'is pretty frikken' big.

It's not that big.

What is it, nine towns?

It's ten towns.

Guys, how are you
not freaking out

that something's finally
happening here?

Because there's no way
it's gonna hit us.

Or this neighbourhood.

Dude, look at this place.

You're desperate for crazy shit
to happen.

There's a serial killer
on the loose.

What else could possibly
be this exciting?

Incoming titties, 12:00!

Holy shit!

- Move over, Woody!
- I'm next.


If I was over there right now
she'd be pregnant.

Show her a little respect, ok?

Her parents are
getting divorced.

Statistically, that means
she's, like, ‭78 percent

more likely to engage
in pre-marital sex.

You guys are disgusting.

Whatever, dude.
You were thinking it.

Bank it and spank it, boys.

Please turn around,


Shit! Get down!



Oh, I'm so fucked.

Oh, Davey... you're...

you're a really bad kisser.

What? I'm-I'm sorry,
Nikki, I-what?


Cut the shit!

Unlike you idiots I actually
come here to study.

So don't get me kicked out!

Check it out.

Cape May Slayer.

Fifteen confirmed victims
and still counting.

So rad.

I don't get it.

Why would the killer
only write a letter now,

after all this time?

He's been killing people and
getting away with it for years.

He's bored so he's raising
the stakes.

He wasn't counting on us.

Jesus, Farraday, it's not like
you're gonna break it!


Get it?

What the hell are you doing?

Free porn, bro.

Is he just gonna take that?

Yo, where the hell's Sammy?

We need him or we don't
have numbers.

I dunno.

We haven't heard from him
in a few days.

'The Hoffmans' car's
in the driveway.

They must be home.

Let's go get the little shit.

Woody, stay with
these dickweeds.

This way, dickweeds.

No movement.

Or lights.

Oh well.

Oh well?

No one's seen Sammy in days.

- What if-
- Don't even say it.

He's probably up at the lake
or some shit.

Why is their car here?

Maybe they rented one?

- Why would they-
- Who cares?

Ok, the real issue is that
we don't have numbers

'cause of the little prick
so now I can't play manhunt.

Whatever, I'm out.

Yeah, sorry Davey, I got a book
to finish anyway.

Congrats. You're
getting your calcium.

So what?

Mackey is the Cape May Slayer.

Uh... I knew we shouldn't have
taken you to the library, Davey.

I blame myself.

I also blame Farraday.

No man, look.

Who's the missing ginger?

That's the kid I saw in Mackey's
dining room a few weeks ago.

When we were playing manhunt.

- Redheads all look the same.
- So true.

Well, if you're so sure it's him
why don't you uh...

just tell your parents?

Because they'd never believe me.

Guys, I was only, like,
ten feet away.

I saw him clear as day.

That's him.

Plus, what about the Hoffmans?

Their lake house is only
a couple hours north,

but their car's still here?

And they're neighbours.


What if one Hoffman saw Mackey
with Dusty?


The missing ginger.

Mackey found out somehow and killed
them to get rid of the threat.

Eats, tell them what Kyle said.

Farraday, what the fuck?

What did Kyle say?


Fine. Um...

he said that Mackey goes to
the hardware store every week

and buys, like,

100 pounds of dirt, says
it's for his garden.


Who uses 100 pounds of dirt a
week in a backyard garden?

You know, he's also got a room
in his basement

with a padlock on the door.

Why would he need that?

Still not convinced?

'Suspect is likely a white male, '

'late 30's to 40's, lives alone.'

Who does that remind you of?

Dude, Mackey's a cop
with a sick reputation.

That's why it's so genius.

He knows police tactics.

He can plant evidence
to throw them off,

or destroy it if they ever find
anything bad.

And who would suspect a cop?

It's the perfect cover.

Guys, if Mackey is what
I think he is

then we gotta do something.

Ok, Magnum P.I.

What's your plan?

Well, we have to
find out the truth...

and be able to prove it.

We need real, hard evidence.

Which means...


Search and destroy.

Who's with me?

This is bat shit crazy.

I'm in.

Operation Mack Attack
starts now.

He leaves his house every
weekday at 8:24 with a gym bag.

Contents unknown.

He gets home from work
at 6:25 with that same bag.

Goes in through the garage
and closes it behind him.

He always closes it.

His weekends are all over
the place.

No patter.

Except that he gardens.

A lot.

Acidity in the soil must
be off, though,

plants look like shit.

He has dinner alone
every night at 8:30-ish,

then probably wanks it
and cries himself to sleep.


Well, no, because most nights
he goes for a jog at 11:00

for about an hour.

Not sure where he goes

but we should
definitely find out.

Now that we know his schedule,
what do we do next?

We catch this fucker
and become heroes.

Farraday, you're retarded.

You think a bunch of glorified
Care Bears in hoods

could take down the empire?

They are aliens and
they're highly intelligent!

I mean, did you see how fast
that one learned to drive

a speeder bike, and then ditch
it without even being spotted?

Whatever, dude.

They're bears.

Now, if it was Gremlins,
I'd buy it maybe.

I've still gotta see Gremlins.

Hey, maybe you should
take Nikki.

She can find out what happens
if she gets your Mogwai wet.

Farraday, stick to shit
that could actually happen.

Like me fathering
a sibling for Woody.

Dude, I told you to stop talking
about my mom.

Would you rather I acted it out?

No, I'd rather you just not talk
about anything-

Shit, Mackey's back!

Let's break into his garage.


We can't do that.
He's a cop.

Hey guys.

Look, at 11:00 he's
gonna go for a run.

Trust me, I've got a plan.


What the hell are we doing?

His fucking trash?

Are you kidding me?

What? Look, there could
be evidence in here.

Fingers or bloody rags
or something.

If we find anything, we got him.

Do you know me at all?

I am not digging through trash.

Yeah, we're gonna get
in a lot of trouble

if we dig through
this on the street.

Look, I've had to clean up
my driveway three times

in the last two weeks
because of raccoons.

That's all anyone's gonna think.

If I find a used
condom in there,

I'm gonna be so jealous.

You guys are crazy.

Quit crying, Farraday.

Oh my god.

You know you can get AIDS from
looking through trash, right?

The only way you're
ever getting AIDS.

I can't believe it.


Maybe he doesn't do
the killings here.

He could have, uh, like
a lair or something.


A lair?
He's Cobra Commander now?

You know, we could always
look through his mail.

For instance...

Ask and you shall receive.

Farraday's right.

We can check his mail every day

and he'll never suspect a thing.

See what bills he's getting,
people sending him stuff.

I'll take care of
that responsibility.

Guys, look. It's after midnight.

We should get out of here
before Mackey gets back.

Try again tomorrow?

Night one, no luck.

Says you.

Hey, Davey.

Um, do you think maybe
I can sleep over tonight?

I kinda don't wanna be at home.

Yeah, sure.

We'll make popcorn,
watch Close Encounters.


I'm gonna get my stuff.
I'll be over in a bit.

Come on.

I love you mom.

You're so good.

Dude, what took you so long?

Expecting someone so late?

Uh, no, no, just uh, Woody.


I guess I haven't been here
in a while.

Your mom moved everything.

Uh, yeah, yeah,
I guess, like a year ago.

Where'd your folks go
all dressed up?

Um... date night.



Better view of my room
than I thought.

I've never seen you naked.

That's too bad.

I've got a great body.


When I gave you that
first journal I did not think

it would lead to this.

God, we used to have
so much fun.

Sucks how much things
have changed.

Uh, yeah... yeah.

Things have changed.

You know, like good things.

I think we're old enough
to hang out together now.

It's too bad I'm leaving.

Davey? We're back.

Fuck me.

Sweet dreams.

Thanks again for everything,
Mrs. S.

Any time. Call when you get home
so we know you're safe, ok?

Yeah, it's cool, I will.
See you tomorrow.

Get down, shit-for-brains!

Woody, what're you doing?

You're gonna lose him! Go!

Christ, I'm freaking out, ok?

My mom catches me,
I'm dead shit!

Woody, relax.

You said she was sleeping off
a 36 hour shift.

She's gonna be out for hours.

Yeah, and you look
like you're 30.

It's gonna be fine. Now, go.

Hurry up.


Oh my god.

Hey, Woody.

Where were you last night?

I thought you were coming over?

Yeah, um... sorry,
my mom needed my help.

Oh. You'll never guess who
showed up at my door instead.


No way.

There is a parallel universe
with butt-fucking wookies

where Nikki showed up
at your house last night.

I'm serious!

She was-she was about to kiss
me when my parents got home.


Guys, Mackey's coming out.

We are picking up
this convo later.

Yeah, ok.

'Is that a fuckin' pick axe?

Holy shit.

That is a lot of dirt.

Just like Kyle said.

How many bodies do you
think that would bury?

We gotta keep following him. Go.

You drive like my grandma, dude.
We're gonna lose him.

Shut it, Eats.

Woody, look out!


The hell, man?!

Get off the road, you maniac!

Great, now we lost him.

Frick this, ok? I'm never doing
this again. You guys are dicks!

Guys, relax.

Let's just get home as fast
as we can and hope

that's where he's going, too.

Oh, shit.



It's a cop. It's a cop.

Dude, is that Mackey?

Everybody just be cool.

I don't have my license, genius.

Tell him you forgot it at home.

How am I...

- What if it's fucking Mackey?
- I'm so screwed.

Oh shit, Officer Cole.

Goddammit, Dale Woodworth,
I thought that was you.

Does your mother know you
stole her car?

No. We, uh, we were
just borrowing it.

We ran out of snacks and she was
asleep so I just-

What if it wasn't me
that pulled you over?

You could be in some
real trouble.

I know, I'm so sorry.
I won't do it again.

You got me in quite a bind.

I just can't bust you

'cause then how am I gonna look'
your mother in the eye at church?

I know, I understand.

Mr. Eaton.

What a surprise.

Officer Cole.

We meet again.

Look, guys.

Another kid has gone missing.

Everybody up at town hall
is in a panic.

They've been talking about
canceling the Bay Festival.

Get your asses home
where it's safe

and stay there.

You got it?

Yes sir. Yes.

Straight home.

Guys, shit. He switched cars.

Who cares?
Where's the dirt?

That's what I mean.
He doesn't have it.

It must still be in his cruiser.

Unless he stashed it some place.

We're onto you, Mackey.

I thought everything was fine.

And then they just...

sat me down and told me

they don't love
each other anymore.

They didn't even seem upset.

So fucked up.

I just feel like my life
has been one big lie

and I can't even talk
to anyone about it.

What about your friends?

Especially my friends.

All their parents are
still happily married.

Whatever that means.

Well, you don't know that.

Who knows what really goes on
behind closed doors?

People will keep stuff
like that private.

Are your parents happy?

I don't know, I guess.

Honestly, I can't wait to get
out of this stupid town.

God, you must think
I'm such an idiot,

bringing you out here for this.

No way, never.

Can I tell you my secret?


I think Mackey is
the Cape May Slayer.

Mr. Mackey?

Davey, he's friends with my dad.

Yeah, that's what he wants you
to think.

They go fishing.

Look, I know how
your brain works.

But you're wrong.

No, look, this is different, ok?

We've been spying on him and-


Davey, he's a cop.

If your mom and dad found out
you were spying on him

they would flip their shit.

I know, that's why
they're not gonna find out.

At least not until we have
solid evidence.

Listen to me.

You gotta stop.

I'm not gonna get caught.

Davey, just let the cops deal
with this.

I don't want anything bad
to happen to you.

You're like the only person left
in this town I actually like.


What about Kyle?

What about Kyle?

He's twenty and he works
at the hardware store.

Hey, uh, who wants
a freezie pop?

Nice and cold, come and get 'em!'

One for each of you,
there you go.



Snagged it from my dad's stash.

Finally using those brain
powers for good.

About damn time. Give it.


It's bad.

It's so bad.

It tastes like my mouth
is bleeding.

Let me try it.


Guess you dickheads
just aren't men yet.

So, what's the deal with you
and Nikki?


we hung out again last night.

Oooh, Davey.

No way.

We have, like-no, we have,
like, a connection.

A connection?

Any connection I want
with her is vaginal.

Oral if she's into it.

Don't talk about her like that.

Mackey's still out there.

Look, Davey,

we've been on him for weeks.

I mean, if he was gonna
give us a clue

we'd have seen it by now,
don't you think?

Not if they missed it
the first time.


Everyone keeps their doors
unlocked around here.

Well, yeah, but this was
locked last time.

We gotta go in.
What if they're dead in there?

You said he killed kids,
not adults.

That's not totally true.

One of the articles at
the library said he killed

a whole family at Pacific Grove.

They said something
must have gone wrong.

And if it's Mackey?

Fuck that.

I mean, you wanna go in there,
be my guest.

Dumbasses first.

Davey, I was kidding.

I've got a bad feeling
about this.

The light doesn't work.

You guys smell that?


It smells like...


If there's dead bodies in here

I'm totally gonna shit
my Calvins.


You guys still think I'm crazy?

Woah, dude. Check your Calvins.

Guys, shut up!


He could still be in the house.

Hey, Woody, try
the kitchen light.

Oh my God!


Oh, you guys scared the crap
out of me!

We scared you?!

I nearly had a goddamn
heart attack!

What're you doing here?
With the lights off?

I blew a fuse vacuuming
up this mess.

Stupid cats.

Why are you cleaning up
after their cats?

They rented an RV and went up to
the lake house for the summer.

They pay me to make sure
their cats don't die.

It's easy money, usually.

You wanna explain to me what the
hell you guys are doing here?


well, Sammy was
missing so we thought

maybe the Hoffmans were dead.

And let me guess.

You thought it was Mr. Mackey.



you were really talking to her?

Ok, what's going on here?

You guys hooking up?

Let's just say

he's more of a man
than you jerk-offs.


Davey, you are my God!

Oh, man.

Can I get a picture of you
for my shrine?

And don't forget to clean your room.
I mean it.

I know, mom.


Hey guys, what time are
we playing manhunt tonight?

I got an idea.

Alright, here's the plan.

No way, you still have those?

While you guys are spying

we're gonna plant one of these
outside Mackey's bedroom window.

We can use the other
one to listen.

Audio surveillance?

Let's just not get caught, ok?

If Mackey spots you just act
like it's part of the game.

Now, we probably have
like two minutes

'til those little shits are up
our asses with flashlights

so let's be quick, ok?

Farraday, Eats, you guys
take the back yard.

Me and Woody will plant
the walkie.

Operation Manhunt starts now.
Let's go.

Hurry up!

Come on.

Who's got eyes on him?

I got him.

He's in the living room. Over.

Let's go.

Found you, you bit
tittied butthole!

Nu-uh, we had time out.

No you don't, I caught you.

Why don't you shut the fuck up
and get outta here

before I pound you,
you little shit?

Whatever, pussy.

You two are out. Ha!

'I freakin' hate that kid.

I've got him.

Holy fuck. Guys...

he's wearing rubber gloves and he's
got a bucket of cleaning shit.


Wait, what do you mean?

Farraday, he's coming your way.

What's in the bucket?

It looks like bleach,
a scrubbing brush,

and I can't tell
what the rest is.

Holy shit, he's
got blood on him!

What? Are you sure?

I- I don't know.
It could be paint.

It's on his shirt.


He went into the basement.

What the hell?

All his basement windows
are painted over.

Mackey's M.I.A.

Who's watching
the basement door?

Hey, let me down.

Alright, stay here.
Watch ok?


Do you think he's onto us?

I don't think so.

As far as he knows we were
just playing manhunt.

Stupid G.I. Joe walkie's
not working.

Well, you taped the button
down, right?

Of course I did.

And the batteries are brand new.

It might be the distance then.

Those things were junk.
That's why we upgraded.

Are you just gonna say frick it
and leave it up there?

No way.

I gotta make it work.



I gotta say, you scared
the hell out of me last night.

Uh, yeah, yeah, we were um,
sorry about that.


we were just playing manhunt
and I didn't expect you there.

No, I get it.

There's a lot of good
hiding spots for manhunt.

Yeah, your yard 's full of ' em.

Guess you didn't see me
coming either, though.

So what's up?


let me guess.

I owe you money.

Uh, yeah.

I'm ready for you this time.
Come on back.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

Hey, you uh...

you're not using those
things for manhunt, are you?

I mean, if you want real walkies

I got a couple that are retired
from the force.

They're inside. They're
just gathering dust.

You can come in and take a look
at them if you want.

They pick up everything.

I- I can't right now.

Gotta get back to my route.


- Thanks for the offer.
- Yep.

Uh, sorry.

Um, I guess they are pretty
crappy, huh?

Well, the offer stands if you
ever want the real deal.

Just come on by any time.

Oh, shit!

Oh, fuck.


Guys, guys, come in. I'm
freaking the fuck out.

Dude, it's 1:00
in the morning.

You're gonna wake up my mom.

Not after the pounding
I just gave her.

I'm serious!

Emergency meeting,
treehouse, now.

'The friggen' walkie was sitting
in his window.

He wanted me to see it.

Oh my god, he's onto us.

Oh, I should have just gone
to space camp.

There's no way he knows
why we're spying on him

and even if he does
he's only onto me,

which is why I need
you guys now.

When Mackey heads out
for his 11:00 jog,

Farraday and Woody,
you're gonna follow him.

I don't like
where this is going.

Yesterday on my route

I saw Mackey dumping dirt
over something in his garden.

Something the size of a body.

While you two follow Mackey,
we're gonna tear up his garden.

See if we can find that body.

What if Mackey catches us?

That's not gonna happen.

That's why I had you grab
Kyle's CB's.

If Mackey starts heading back,

Woody and Farraday
will radio to let us know.

What about the garden? He's gonna
notice his plants are all dug up.


Just like the garbage
in the street.

Just wait for him to leave.

And stay in touch with
our CB's the whole time.

It's... it's foolproof.

Look, we need that evidence.

We gotta get closer.

How the hell are we gonna do
that without him noticing us?


I'm not going by myself.

What are you, chicken?

Oh, nice try.

What if I told Eats about
that Hustler magazine we have

that you stole?

Goddammit, Farraday.




Someone there?

'That was way to friggen' close.


What if he's going to his house?

Guys, we lost Mackey.

I repeat, we lost Mackey.

Do you copy?

Fuck, Davey.
There's nothing here.

No, we're just not digging
deep enough.

Maybe he's hiding
something in there.


I can't see anything.

I got this.

What're you doing?

How the hell'd you do that?

I'm just good at working
the hole.

Seriously, how'd you do that?

Honestly, you just...

jiggle it a bunch,
work it around,

and it'll pop open
most of the time.

It's easy.

Unless he's killing people
with his lawnmower

we got jack shit.

Well, this whole night's been
a waste of time.

Until now.

This is Dusty Dewitt's shirt.


Oh, the ginger?


That's blood.

Hey, what're you guys doing
in there?!

You got a death wish?


We've been trying to
call you on the CB

for like 10 minutes.

We lost him. We don't have
a clue where he went.

We need to go, now.

And Davey,

you're not gonna
believe what we found.

Neither are you guys.

Come on.

He keeps a car
in a storage unit?

And like a million bags
of dirt, too.

Plus, shovels and a pick axe.

Why would anyone need all that?

It's the same reason he's got
Dusty Dewitt's shirt.

He killed him and buried
the body somewhere.

And there was like a bunch of
bags of um... something else.

They had like
chemical signs on it.

It looks hazardous.

It said Noah.
Noah was on the bag.

Noah? What the hell's that?

How am I supposed to know?

I just know it was like spelled
kinda weird.

Here, hand me that.

Classic Woody.


This look right?

Yeah, that's the same thing.

No, what you wrote means
absolutely nothing.

What I wrote is the chemical
formula for sodium hydroxide.

Congrats, Woody.
You're retarded.

Shove it, Eats.


What the hell's
sodium hydroxide?

I don't know, but I do know that
it's not used in gardening

'cause I'm pretty sure
it'd be toxic to plants.

Holy shit.
Guys, look at this.

Sodium hydroxide

breaks down the chemical bonds
that keep flesh intact,

turning organic
tissue to liquid.

Frequently used to decompose
roadkill dumped in landfills.

This will reduce the odour
of decomposition.

This sicko's using this stuff
to cover up the smell

from the dead bodies
he's dumping some place.

I got good news for you, Woody.

It's time to tell my parents.


He's a cop, for Christ's sake.

He's been our neighbour
since before you were born.

Dad, every serial killer
is somebody's neighbour-

That milk carton.

That t-shit and
the storage unit?

That-that doesn't prove
anything, guys.

How could you guys go
along with this?

We wouldn't have if it didn't
make so much sense.

Yeah, and then when
we were following him-

Jesus, you have been spying
on him?

Yeah, we had to!

And the more we watched,
the more the details stack up.

He goes jogging at 11:00
at night.

He buys a ton of dirt
every week.

He keeps a spare car
in a storage unit.

Why would he do that?

There was nothing in his garden
when we dug it up but I'm-

You dug up his garden?

Oh, goddammit, David.

You guys are in deep,
deep trouble.

I mean, it's vandalism,
spying, stealing.

I mean, it's unacceptable, boys.

We're trying to save people.

Yeah, well, you're not.

Alright, we're gonna go
over there right now

and you're gonna apologize
for all of this.

And you better hope he doesn't
press charges.

Let's go.


Guys, what's going on?

Hey there, Wayne.


listen, the boys have something
they need to tell you.

And I want to apologize in advance.
Just know that...

Sheila and I are as outraged
as you are about to be.

I'm sure whatever it is
we can work it out.

Um... hey, Mr. Mackey.

We just wanted to say...

we're sorry.

You probably thought it was
raccoons that dug up your garden

and your garbage.

It was us.

Tell him why.

A few weeks ago...

I thought I saw this boy...

in your house.

We were playing manhunt...

and I had this idea that...

you were maybe
the Cape May Slayer.




I'm sorry, it's just the uh...

guys at the station
are gonna love this.


who was the boy that was here?

That was my nephew, Jamie.

He was helping me to renovate
the dark room.

I thought you didn't have
family nearby.

And we found this in your shed.


You broke into my shed,
too, huh?

You don't have to answer any of this.
I'm sorry.

No, no, it's fine.

We were hammering nails all day,
he probably cut himself.

Why don't you guys come in,
we can call him,

we can clear this up right now.

That is not necessary at all.

Look, we just wanted to let
you know what happened

and uh, the boys promise

to fix anything
that they damaged

no matter how long it takes.


Yes, sir.

Look, I appreciate the
apology but honestly,

no hard feelings.

I remember what it was like
to be a boy in the summer.

It's hard to pass up
an adventure.

You are a better man than me,
Wayne, thank you.

This doesn't change anything.

Are you high?

Your summer's fucked.

We may get out of this
with just garden duty.

I'm not risking the little of
the good life I've got left.

Yeah, Davey, spying on
Mackey was fun and stuff but...

this is way too heavy. I'm out.

Guys, go home.

And I'm calling all your parents
and I will be telling them

what happened.


Not you.

You are grounded
until further notice.

I'm so disappointed in you,

Just-look, just go home

and do not come out of
your room until I say so.


Can you come over?

It's so surreal.

It feels like I was just a kid,
you know?

Oh my god.

Look at this one.

That is definitely coming
with me to Stanford.

Oh god, really?
Can't we just burn it?


No way. It's a classic.

You know, I didn't think
I was gonna miss this place

but now...

I can't deal.

Everyone's talking to me
like I'm already gone.

It's wigging me out.

You know, it just feels like...

the end, you know?

And the closer it gets...

the more I feel...


Hey, you're not alone.

After today I wish I could get out of
this stupid neighbourhood with you.

I'm sorry.

You wanna leave?

Holy shit.

You got caught.


My dad made me admit
the whole thing to Mackey.

No he didn't.

Oh my god.

I'm so grounded.

I'm-I'm gonna be locked up
until I leave for college.

Wait, if you're grounded
how are you here right now?

Well, my parents
are downtown so I-

I just snuck out.

Just a rebel without a cause.

You're done now, right?


Well, the guys all bailed on me
so there's not much I can do.

I know I'm right about him.

That's the shittiest part.

Just let it go.

You only get a chance to be
a kid once.

Believe me, I know.

So enjoy it while you can.


if I'm right,

who's gonna stop him?

How's it going?

What're you doing here?

Just kinda wanna make sure
that we're good.

I feel bad about everything
that happened yesterday.

Mind if I come in for a second?
We can talk about it?

Now is not a good time.


Hey, you know that we've
got everyone that we have

looking for this sicko, right?

Why haven't you found him yet?

Well, these things take time.

Sometimes years.

If you want I can stop by,
give you updates.

No, you don't have to do that.

I see the paper before anyone,

You sure?

It'd be my pleasure.

I can tell you have an
interest in this stuff.

Was there anything else,
Mr. Mackey?

Wow, you uh, you really got it
in for me, huh?

Uh... Davey, I like you.

I think you're a good kid,

The last thing I want is for there
to be bad blood between us.

Yeah, me too.

It's just uh...

my summer's basically
destroyed and...

I'm pretty sure
my parents hate me now.

You want me to talk to them?

See if I can lighten the sentence?
I'm happy to do that.

No, it's... it's alright.

Thanks, though.

You've got quite
the imagination.

Yeah, I guess. Um...

my dad says it's because
I read too many mysteries

and with the killer on the loose
I got caught up in it.

I get it.

That's the whole reason
I became a cop.

It's exciting, the stuff
that's going on.

And you wanna help,
and that's great.

And I'll admit... that the...

stuff that you thought was proof

looks pretty bad out of context.

You got a pretty good brain
for this kind of work.

Davey, is there anything I can
do to help smooth things over?


well, yesterday you offered
to call your nephew.

Would you mind maybe
just calling him now?


Just kinda gotta...
come in to do that.

Uh, no, no, actually our cord's
really long.

Just wait here a sec.



Place looks great.

I haven't been in here since...
you must have been a toddler.

I helped your dad get some
stuff into the attic.

My sister's in Seattle.


Not answering.

Jamie's big into baseball.

He might be at practice
or something.

Well, maybe I'll come back later,
we can try him again.

Uh, no. It's ok.

Look, I'm sorry for being
such an idiot.

I promise I'll fix your garden
even better than it was.

No hard feelings.

Sorry again that you're uh,

I'm gonna see if I can get
you outta this house.

Listen, Davey.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to catch this bastard.

I promise.

how may I direct your call?

Um, can you tell me the last
number dialed from this house?

The last number dialed
from that residence was


How are you guys not freaking
out right now?

He called himself.

There's no Jamie.

This proves he's guilty.

We gotta get into that house to
find out what's in the basement.

Are you crazy?

Look how much trouble we got in
just for digging up his garden.

Davey? Come down here.


If I think she knows
you're up here

I'll radio so you can
climb up the window.

I want you to see this.

...please stand by
as we join a press conference

underway at city hall
for an update in the case of

the Cape May Slayer.

We are happy to report
that we have

the Cape May Slayer in custody.

Thanks to the fine efforts of
the Ipswich Police Department,

we apprehended
Mr. Arthur Ray Peterson earlier today.


I would like to bring up
the arresting officer.

No, I think it's perfect.

Wayne Mackey.

...this is what
everyone needs.

I know that this is uh,
it's been a trying time

for our community but uh, we
hope that this announcement

can bring a little peace

to those who have been
living in fear.

I'll be there in a few. Bye.

Justice will be served.

The Bay Festival's back on,

and all because of Mr. Mackey.

So while we're all celebrating

I want you to think
about your actions.

It turns out the man across
the street is not a killer,


He's a hero.

A hero.

Did you guys not hear
the broadcast?

He's clearly guilty.

And you're clearly fucked
in the head.

Dude, he just caught the killer.
It can't be him.

Don't you think it's a little
coincidental that the person

we just accused of
being the killer

just so happens to
then catch the killer?

Dude, you just sound
desperate now, ok?

Just admit you were wrong.

I'm not wrong.

And I know there's something behind
that locked door in his basement.

We have to find out what it
is before more people die.

Listen, Davey.

Even if you were to hypothetically
get into his basement,

there's no way you could
take anything to prove it

without him knowing
that it's you.

I don't have to.

I'll use my dad's camcorder,
film it all.

No need to steal anything
if I get it on tape.

Tape doesn't lie.

I know you guys
all think I'm crazy,

but I'm gonna prove it to you.

Look, I'll take all the risk,

I just need you guys
to watch my back.

Make sure Mackey doesn't
come home while I'm inside.


I'm done with this shit, ok?

You're gonna get caught,
either by Mackey or your dad or-


Because everyone's gonna be
at the Bay Festival tomorrow.

All I need you to do

is set up at the bus
stop down the street,


- And Farraday-
- No, dude.

You know that my parents
take me every year

and there is no way
they'd let me ditch.

Which is why I need you to keep
an eye on Mackey there.

If he leaves the party early
just give me a heads up.


I need you to stay and watch
right outside his house.

With multiple layers of protection
there's no way I get caught.

Are you with me?

Whatever. Fine.

But if shit goes sideways
I'm pinning it all on you.


This is your last shot, Davey.

I mean, if you think there's
something down there...

I guess I'm in, too.

This is so not fair.


Punishment's a punishment, pal.

If you really cared about going

you wouldn't have acted like
a delinquent all summer.

Hey, just let me go and
I'll be grounded again after.

Not happening, end of story.

Alright guys, it's go time.

I got eyes on him. Over.

Roger that.

How're you looking, Eats?


Can't take a little family time?

Fuck off, Kyle.



Are you in position?

You want a lift, limp dick?

Why, you need an alibi?


Hold this.

This, too.

Come on.

- Can you hold it?
- Yeah.


If you see anything, make some noise.

Move over.

What for?

I'm not gonna let my best friend go
in a serial killer's house alone.

Hold the window.


- You good?
- Yeah. I think so.

Alright, let's go.

Thanks, Woody.
I owe you one.

Let's just make this quick, ok?


What are you guys doing?

Why do you keep
doing that to us?

Because it's so easy.

What're you doing here?

I figured you'd need some help.

I thought you said
I should let it go.

Yeah, but if you're right,
who else is gonna stop him?

Oh, come on.


Davey, do you copy?

Is he on his way back?

Way worse.
You were wrong.

You were wrong about everything.

The dirt, the shovels,
the pick axe,

it was all for a project

Mackey was doing with
the police department.

They planted a shitload of
flowers down here.

Listen to me.

It's over.

No, Farraday, wait.

I'm sorry, man.

But you're on your own.

Maybe he's right.

We should just go.

I mean, we're already here.

We might as well just
check it out.

And if it's not him
then we know, right?

It's him.

Look, Eats is still in position
so we're safe.

We have to look 'cause
we're about to find the proof.

I know it.

Please tell me somebody
brought a flashlight.

Oh, uh, there should be one
on the camcorder.

Ok, come on.

Creepiest basement ever.

Jesus fuck!

Oh, jeez.

Oh my god, calm down.
It's just a light.

Are you ok?


Quiet down! Take a chill pill!

Shine the flashlight
on the lock.

What're you doing?

did Eats teach you this?

It doesn't work.



Farraday, you fucking dick!

What are you even doing here? You're
supposed to be watching Mackey.

The whole thing's off.

Mackey's clean, 100 percent.

Are you fucking kidding me?

It's a long story.

Just trust me.

It's not him.

Fuck that. I gotta hear this.

Maybe I could sleep
at your place tonight?

Parents again?

How bad is it this time?

Let's just say I don't wanna
witness a murder suicide.


But I'm not watching
Gilligan's Island.

What the hell is this place?

You think he...

keeps his victims
here or something?


"To Wayne. Keep it up, slugger."


Holy shit, was this his room?

When he was a kid?

That doesn't make any sense.

I mean, these houses weren't
even built back then.

God, suburbia is so fucked up.

Davey, you said there was
gonna be evidence here.

Where is it?

Oh my god!

No, no, no, no.

Davey, no, no.

Just make sure you're filming.

No, Davey, wait.

Is this enough proof for you?

Davey, we need to go.

Now. Come on.

Wait, what's that?

Oh my god.

Oh my god!


Come on, guys.

Come on. Are you ok?

Watch out, watch out.

Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.

Oh my god, Davey!

Davey, let's go!

Davey, come on!
We gotta get out of here!


What are you looking at?

Holy shit!

Davey! Davey!

Guys, the people in the pictures
aren't his family.

They're his victims.


I'm next.

Oh my god.

Is this enough proof for you?

Davey, we need to go.

Now. Come on.

You found all this in his house?

Yeah, and there's pictures of dead
people 'all over the freakin' walls!

What were you even doing there?

Get out to Mackey's.

Bring that sick
son of a bitch to me.

Let's go.

You folks should be proud.

That boy's alive
because of your son.

He's a hero.

You ok?

Uh, yeah.

What're you doing out here
all alone?

My parents are giving
a report, I guess.


Kinda feels like none of this
is actually real.

My parents just got here and...

I saw them hug each other

for the first time
in a while, so...

Well, that's awesome, right?

I'm not gonna get my hopes up,

it happened because of you.

I don't know about that.

See ya, Davey.

I love you, pal.

And I'm so sorry.

I'm proud of you.
I'm real proud.

Davey's got the sleeping bag
all set up for you.

And when your mom gets off her shift
in the morning she will pick you up.

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong.

You guys are safe now.

We'll keep an eye out and make
sure nothing else happens.

I wonder where he is.

Well, the APB's been
out for hours.

They'll get him.

It's just a matter of time.

We love you.

You boys are gonna be the talk
of the town.

How does that feel?

Nothing's ever gonna be
the same again.

Alright, get some rest, you two.



You think they'll catch him?

There's nowhere left
for him to hide.

It's over.

We got him.



Get up!

Turn around.

I'll untie you.

It's Mackey!

I can't see shit!

What the fuck was that?!

We gotta get outta here!

No, no, no, no!

Yes, we have to!

Wait-he's-he's out there.

Where is he?

Oh, my god, run!!!

I know how much
you guys like games.

So I got a surprise for you.

We're gonna play manhunt.

Only now we are gonna
play it for real!

It's ok. He can't catch us
if we keep moving.


We gotta go. Let's go.

What-what the hell?

Shit! Come on.

Where did he take us?

It's a tidal island.
It has to be.

Fuck. What do we do?

If we-if we just keep going,

We'll find a road.

Come on.

It's ok, it's ok.

It's ok.

I know where you are.

I know you're close!

We gotta get to the cruiser.

I can't die tonight,
my mom needs me.

You're not gonna die.

I got you into this mess,
I'm gonna get you out of it.

I'm gonna be your diversion.

No, no, no!

I'm gonna get his attention so
you can get to the cruiser, ok?

Find a way out!

No! No, I can't-

Hey, Wayne! Fuck you!

I am over here,
you fucking loser!

Stay the fuck there.

Woody! Woody!
He's coming!


Woody! Run!

Davey! Davey!

Davey! Davey!

No! No!

Woody! Woody!

You brought this on yourself.

All you had to do
was leave me alone.

This is your goddamn fault!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You forced me out of my home.

You stole my life!

You do not get to be sorry.

All I wanna do is kill you.

That's not enough for you.

You have spent so much time

thinking about me.

I want you to keep thinking
about me.

I want you to imagine

what I am going to do

when I come back for you.

And I am going to come
back for you.

After you have spent your life
looking over your shoulder.

After you have wondered
every single day

if that is the day that
I'm gonna come for you.

One day...

you'll be right.

You never know what might be
coming around the corner.

And that's the thing
about this place.

It all might seem normal
and routine,

but the truth is

the suburbs are where
the craziest shit happens.

Just past the manicured lawns
and friendly waves.

Inside any house,
even the one next door,

anything could be happening
and you'd never know.

If I've learned anything,

it's that people hardly ever let
you know who they really are.

Tough pill to swallow, I know.

But it's true.

Even serial killers live
next door to somebody.