Summer of '44 (2017) - full transcript

Summer 1944, Schwäbisch Hall. Against the war propaganda and the ordered heroism, the five 16 year old boys of the swimming pool group dream about swing music, sex and freedom. And they ...

This fact, combined
with the type of diet,

the daily exercise and the ... "

... the freedom
of living ..."

... strengthens the forces

and brings forth people
of immense size. "

I wish you all the best.

And I hope
we will meet after the summer vacation

to be seen again in full.


That's very clear.

because the Americans are now playing "Lili Marleen"
, it is contaminated by Jews

and is removed from the list.
- bullshit.

That's because of the sex.

"Both of our shadows
looked like one ..."

What does that have
to do with sex?

Yes, guys, they do it standing up!

What do you think

The two shadows merge

that is a clear metaphor.
- Colossal!

A Fairwell fuck ...
What is it now?

Are we going
to the x-ray?

Secure. What's in it?

Now open your mouth and tell

what you told me
- Yes!

But you have to promise
not to say anything.

What's that about?
- Now you swear.


And now it also applies.
- Now open your mouth!

So this x-ray
is not an x-ray.

This is a draft
for the Waffen SS.

Whoever goes in there has to sign
for the SS.

Where do you want to get that from?

My father had an Obersturmbannführer yesterday

treated the root of the tooth.
He told him that.

But in the greatest secrecy.

So what do we do now?

What should happen?
Waffen-SS is voluntary.

Are you stupid?
They need cannon fodder.

Voluntary sucks.
- We can't pinch!

Wanna hold your head
on a lost cause

# In front of the barracks in front of the big gate

# there was a lantern
and it is still in front of it.

# So we want to see each other

# We want to stand by the lantern.

# Like Lili Marleen once did.

# Like Lili Marleen once did.

# Like Lili Marleen once did.

# Our two shadows
looked like one.

# That we loved each other so much could be seen straight away.

# And all people should see

# when we stand by the lantern.

# Like Lili Marleen once did.

# Like Lili Marleen once did.

Crap. Perfect Lightning,
and she didn't even look.

Does not matter.
The main thing is that we jumped.

Guys ...

There is something in the bush.

" A cowardly attack was carried out on the Fuehrer today."

"With the aim of
getting power into your hands

of traitors
and Jews to bring. "

"However, the Führer is in good health
and personally leads the measures,

which brought the uprising to a standstill ... "
- Maybe it wasn't in vain.

Hitler is said to be seriously injured.

And if so.

Don't you want
it to be over at last?

Nobody asked me.

I ask you.

if we lose the war?

Good night, father.

Open up, Feldgendarmerie!

Open up!

Yeah? They wish?

Is your son here?
Yes, of couse.

You, come down! Zack, zack!

- Your son yesterday

an official screening date

We are coming now. Here.
You! Up! To attract! March, March!

Beautiful Broke, huh?

Because of the attack.
Now all the crazy play.

The not a scratch on it.

Waffen-SS volunteer,

no one can force us.

And if it is?

You're too small
for the SS.

We will keep an eye on you.

All or none.

I promise.

I Promise.

I promise.

I promise.

go, go, go!
Faster, you slackers!

Faster, faster, faster!

I thought,
this is voluntary.


Take off everything.

But not quite all, is it?


We are starting to get used to you.

Take off on three.




Scum together, all of you.

Press, you may want to
from the service to the weapon.

The Leader,
need you in this hour,

your comrades leave her in the lurch.

Washcloth you guys!

Of the 27 and 28,
the vintages.

But your 29er ...

A mess you are!

This is your last Chance.

Who's a guy,

in the Waffen-SS.

The exception certificates you can forget it.
The leaders want you with us!

Fight A Value Of Zero.
But that will change.

We will prevail,
because we need to win!

Need to have the other
the don't you?


17,3. So extended, wa?

Thanks a lot.



I volunteer
the air force reported.

Anyone else think
he shakes loose on the SS?

I'll tell you what, my Boy.

We have no aircraft,
but the air force has no Fuel.

The decision falls to the ground.

And where we are,
the opponent makes the most of the blood.

And who shirks from

in my eyes
a deserter.

So, now you're going back again
and make up your mind exactly

what happens to deserters.

The not
all the day long.

Wait and see. Everything is completed,
we squat grandiose of the event.


Peace! Compete!

Go on! ...
Carry On, Carry On!

Excuse Me,
Mr Untersturmführer,

but I don't have the minimum size
for the Waffen SS.

For you, the leader makes
an exception

because you volunteer.

The only reason why we
you would take, would be,

if your family
Jewish would be contaminated.

But you'll probably
don't want to make, or?

Shit! What now?

We have promised him, wa?

Without a signature, we get
anyway, not out.

I was going to report me.

On a voluntary basis.

All in the next shelter!

Come on, hurry, hurry!


Who knows
maybe the documents are

in the attack, lost.
So what happens.

don't be ridiculous!
Me at the wrap!

This is not said.

A forced signature
is not valid.

You're one to talk
out of it you're fine.

All of you.

Then we report it to us all.

A matter of honor. I need yet
my close combat clasp.

Are you stupid?

So much guys for once!

I'll take care of him.
- This is not fair.

When was the last Time, what is fair?

When my house was bombed
and my Old plan to go to?

you can smoke it in a pipe.

Happiness is what counts.

Can be that the documents
spills are gone!

The pattern is four weeks!
- Wait.

Shit goes by,
is just thicker.

Maybe, anyway
soon over.

Yesterday I heard the BBC.
The Front is collapsing everywhere.

It is over, if the leader says.

You actually care about anything?
The life-and-so?

If you do this to me directly to ask me ...

Life can specifically do to me
ass licking.

Only I'm the life don't give a shit.

You're also Scared,
that caught you!

I can also
with the Lightning to catch.

The Sky Is The Lord God Bag, Knuffke ...
- Shut up.

We are not boy scouts!

Lightning Deluxe on three, okay?

One ...
- And then?

- Will you stay in the water?

I mean, she smiled at me the course.

You're dreaming!
The he looked at me.

You think just
because she's cross-eyed.


# Today I was at the Frieda ...

One, two, three.

# Because of the Frieda
was never there.

# She has such a fine ...

# ... A two-room apartment
all to yourself.

# In your eyes
she has such a Good thing.

# If you want to have of her
she's doing it.

# Drum I go to the Frieda

# always, again and again.

How was that?
We have no planes,

but the air force out of Gas?

In any case, have the
to a lot of time. That's for sure.

And, therefore,
bestowed upon you the honor of

as a Hitler youth in your post
to contribute to the final victory.

You will support our heroic
Soldiers on the Western front

against the Judeo-plutocratic

in this Moment of attack

against the West wall,

our Holy Rhine
to seize.

Doesn't sound good. If you's
to make Holy, shit is due.

Is still better
to as the Waffen-SS.

I told you.
You forget.

Lore ...


Guys, we go to Paradise!

Now the shit out of this imagine!

Wives fed up, because the men
all at the Front.

Then the danger from the enemy.
The power gefühlig.

Because you can always
in a woman's hide.

At least partially ...
- Better to be a virgin and the life.

Who says
I'm still a virgin, huh?

The hollow of your Hand doesn't count but,

Heavy Artillery.

But they said,
the Front is far away.

Yes, of course,
and we are on the brink of final victory.

Pants! Way!

everybody take cover!

Under the train!
Pants, here!

We can do this.
Think of the Lore.

What a fucking mess, get up!

Immediately man get up!
- I can't. It is the belly.

Since when do you need the belly
to Stand! Come on, Boy!

This is a command!
- He has
The shits, but nothing in the stomach.

Because of the small rations.
He needs to see a doctor.

Oh, the food suit
the young men do not.

Yes, you think, your are here
Camps, while the comrades

the mother soil
with their blood to defend it?

Or ... saboteurs are?

Ha, do you want to be court-martialled,?

With All Due Respect, Mr. Special,

we are concerned only
to the trenches.

They are important
for the final victory.

For this we need
all of our power.

The run always full with water.

Oh, Water.
Then you need to dig deeper!

But then, that's even more full.
The groundwater is too high.

Do you doubt about
on command of the leader, huh?

The leader commanded,
we dig here.

So we dig here!

Or do you think
you're smarter than the leader?

In no case, Mr Special.
But this is physics.

Where is the officer in charge?

Where were they from?
Is your squad a bunch of pigs is!

I was a leak,
Mr Special.

And as for the boys,
that may be,

but you still have.

In the trenches no Landser is
clean that are too close to the river.

Tell me, are here all the ...
This is defeatism!

I'll get you court-martialed!

No, Mr. Special,
this is realism.

But we dig further, guys.

The leader knows what he's doing.

He probably wants the
French in the trenches drown.

I suggest
we forget the Whole thing now.

And the boys get
a special ration.

You'll regret it.

Go on!

How did you do that now?

I know
who is the idiot goes to bed.

With whom?
- Because you need to
yourself come,

if you have the guts.

Now, we will dig further
for the final victory.

Maybe we can catch Yes
even a fish.

Shit close.

Closer than yesterday.
- As.

Closer than yesterday.


What's the matter now?
The girls can't wait forever!

It never works.
- Well, who knows, eh?

For a bit of a special ration
kisses perhaps one with you.

Come on, Kid. This is
your night, on in the fight.

Do you ever think about the Lore?


And to Die?


Do you think
the war is lost?

We will prevail,
because we have to win.

You know.

I don't want to fight.

I don't want to die.

We have that Shit
nothing to do.

Is difficult.

It was colossal!

You're such bags,
that you were not yesterday!

Even the pants makers
enemy contact.

The girl was drunk, but no matter.

It's not true,
the was a very cultured!

Wives fed up, like I said!

I've got all night
only making out!

Complete with tongue, no Bullshit!
- I've got blisters on the tongue!

But today, the dick is in it.

Attack on periscope depth, huh?

"at a time
in the enemy powers

from all sides
against Germany attack,

the German state leadership has
to further action

of the total war commitment

"By Merging
the daily press is

and magazine press

"In all the German barracks
and garrisons

on the doors,
the volunteer boys

as well as the use in war of
Economy and armor shared

to receive as recruits.
The step in a life,

nothing more with your previous
to do, to start."

"From the invasion front!"

"This is the enemy

in the coming weeks and months

"It's something else,
Paris and Bucharest

and that it's something else,
To fill Cologne and king Werth."

That's your man?
- Shh.

As the tongue kiss,
do you understand?

But guys, I gotta take a leak.
- What?

What are you doing?

I think it is better
if we wait just a minute, because ...

Oh Yes, it was back.

Away from here ... away!

Tongue, hurry up!

Tongue! Come here!

Down! Down!

Thank you.

All mine.

do you Need help?

Where have you been all this time?
- Why?

Come on, quickly!
- What happened?

Of The Tongue.
Low-flying aircraft have caught him.

In the middle of the Shit.

I might know a way
as we come home.

Are you in?


Now come on, Mädle!

This is a hit!

No Wonder,
the fear of Konrad.

Fuck the wife of Gauleiter!
- I tell you! Let me see it.

How did you know?

Can't believe it to be,
you freaks!

What are you doing here?
You have nothing to do?

We need to discuss something with you.
- Disappears!

Morning message in my office
this has consequences.

It is ... but It would be important.

Otherwise ... we need to have the
with the Lord Gauleiter discuss

you every Sunday
with his wife ...

You ... you know ...
Um ...

Sex practice.
- So it is.


Character Sissies!

That is what you are.

Due to creatures like you, we are
this war still lose.

Tonight your train goes.

Until then,
I don't want to see you.

And, above all,
not a word you hear.

It looks worse
as it is.

Theresa, you can
help me? - Come in!

I got the Lore been looking for.


Bomb attack.

Direct hit on the house.

We want to be your tomb?

We got yet.
Breeches-maker, and me.


The Waffen-SS.

What? After all this time?

The applications in the rubble
found and tinkered.

German order
just leave, do you understand?

When's that?


In the Ardennes.
Against the Yanks.

Better than Eastern front.

I believe that you will stand to you,
the Lore.

a Pity.

I'd like to have again
'n Lightning you made.

We get it.


And forward!


A bit faster,
your washcloth! Come on!

Shit, huh? Now
the us, however, still in the wrapping!

Better than SS. Think of Knuffke and
Trouser-makers. Since we have a pig.

don't give up, you!


# ... Holy Night.

# Everything sleeps.

- # Einsam wacht.
- The rifle over!

# Only the trusted ...
- Right! Department Of March!

# ... Holy Couple.
- Turn to the right!

# Handsome boy in curly hair.
- On! Low! On!

The guide relies on you!

# Sleep in heavenly ...
- Your blood will be like a stream,

in which the enemy drowns.

# ... Rest.

# Sleep in heavenly peace.

have a cigarette, have a look!

Have you ever ...

I mean ...


What is the "right"?

Well, so that everything fits.
That the woman ...

an organism has,
or something like that.

An Orgasm. Yes.
- Like, yeah?

Yes stop.
- Yes, how do you know?

That's ... that one realizes.
- Yes, and how?

What do I know!

She has a lazy eye?

- When the women come, squint.

As everyone knows, Yes!


Then she has you fooled.
Most of the front of a what.

What's this now?
- Yes, this is crap!

We don't have much time,
back soon.

I don't want
I'm like the tongue!

Each can go so
as the tongue.

This is just bad luck.

Clear ... But I want to
in life, know how it is,

a woman really happy
to make. Until she's cross-eyed!

And the tongue is not.
- How do you know?

We all have no idea!

Shit, and ...
And soon it's over.

There must be something
you can't make us think!

Pretend? Neat Word Bubu.
Expression: a smooth One!

Oh, fuck me in the ass!

As if you have no fear
in front of the Die did!

don't stop!

Get up!

Go! More!

Get up!

I'm not gonna die
for the Fucking.

The whole war can be me!

Is but lost anyway.

What do you mean?
- And you know it.

Are you in?

And if they catch us?

Think it over, will you.
I'll do it in any case.

What are you doing anyway?
- No one asked you, right?

Upward, Men,

We need to Ami
the way to Heilbronn cut!

No Problem. The laughing dead
when he sees us.

I told you. Assumption of command.

Where are we, anyway, huh?
- It doesn't matter.

Hold On!

're at it?

down There!

Are you insane?
Full Coverage!



It's now or never.


What makes the small ass hole

I'm not an asshole!

And you are deserted!

We have lost our way just.

You must take me with him.
Otherwise, I'm going to report you!

I know the town.

We are soon at home.

I can't take it anymore
I want to go to bed.

We sleep in the forest.
It's safer that way.

I don't want to sleep in the forest.
It's cold and wet.

As payday deserter
it is even colder.

I'm not a deserter.

I'm just running downstream.
- Psch!

go on, get out!

A Peep, and I polished
you so much the face.

- Kneeling!
- Shush!

The hands behind the head.

Just be careful

that you're not there soon.

Shut up! When we lie,
then you're also. Understood?

If we go through the night,
we are in the morning at home.

So ... if all goes well.

We can't go home.
We are deserters.

Yes, and what then?

Weapon and
the Yanks take up to leave.

If the SS us without a weapon
caught, we're in trouble.

We can't just
get caught.

What is a Little?

The rushes us
the SS on the neck.

We leave him here.

Then he rushes us
the SS only right to the neck.

The hunt then with
what you have.

You have a better idea?

We shoot him.

Then we got rid of him.

What do you mean "we"?

Stop one of us.

And who?

Heads or tails?

And how are you going to bury him?

We have no spades.


This is shit.

We did it,
to never shoot a

then we catch now
not that.

We stay here for the time being.
- But I want to go home.

You want to,
the SS caught you?

I'm in no hurry. Father
freak out, because I ran away.

Nonsense! Is glad,
you're alive.

Ass licking. The shoot me
due to Desert.

Nazi ass.

Come with me. My Mother
will be happy when this is all over.

- Yes!
- Yes!


I ran away.

Well, Little one

you don't dare,
to jump alone?

What happened to you?

My father is again freaked out.

Thrashed my mother
and I'm in between.

It is getting worse.
Because we have lost the war.

Why not kicked the bucket
instead of the Knuffke or pants maker!

Is not to say that you are dead.
They are considered to be missing.

Open your eyes.

We are the Rest of the sad.

The Losers.

And all that other bags
our girl wild make.

You know,
what have you told us?

"The war
makes you men!"

I remember nothing of it.

With me in the house, the Ulla ...
- Listen to the Ulla!

Which is totally a pervert!
- Just because you have opportunities.

Maybe she's dancing even for you.

I thought to myself,
your bum, here are squats.

Shit, Knuffke! Uncle!

Go get a beer, Kid.

What is it? Never a man
with an eye seen?

Do you know what are the pants makers?

Went on it.

As the Yanks us in the Vosges
the ass spanking.

Is charged with a hurrah to the front,
once wanted to be the Hero.

Did mine with a Stick
under armour is placed.

And you? You were a Hero?

- You seems to go just fine.

Can't complain.
And how did you do it?

Knuffke ...
- Shut up.

What is it?

On three.

One ...

Two ... Three.

Hey, uncle, come over here!

Uncle, this is Gunda.
Gunda, this is uncle.

- Will you come into the Club?

What is a Club?
- US Officer's
Club in the "peacock". I work there.

What? Since when?
- Oh, it doesn't matter.

If you're night Curfew out
trust, eleven in the backyard.

I'll teach you to smoke, what
and to drink out of.

He is my Chauffeur.

Ah, right ...

This is not normal,
the Knuffke his Old one!

Sharper than Barbara Stanwyck.
How to get to the?

How do you know?
- What?

That's his Old lady.
- Why go to the pool, huh?

He is her Chauffeur.
- Yes, and I'm Humphrey Bogart.

I'll tell you,
with him something is not right.

The is been here for three weeks, comes
it is only now and then with the bride-to-be.

And did you see his watch? The
be running a minimum of eight stones!

're jealous?
- Nonsense.
But he has become 'n poser.

The Scars,
and that he was not told,

what was with the SS.
- Shush, not so loud.

Is true, such an asshole.
And we Smoking, its Tilt.

I've had a bit of luck.

Was appropriate
after all the SS-shit.

And your eye?

Oh ... That was a kind of
Accident, not important.

May we see it?
Only very briefly.

What?! - Look at me
no one that belongs to me, all right?

Then everything is clear.
There's nothing. Pure'm Interesting.

Clearly, what do you mean, Kid.

I thought, this is your.
Why did you bring it to the Ami?

Unimportant. Business.
- What Business?

Black Market, Women ...
- Business level.

People ...

Man, can you us
't involved in?

What the Fuck is that?
What's for Steaks?

We can build what!
- Because that's not about coffee beans!

Or a couple of Fags,
do you understand? The Truck way.

That's why I can you
because it is not clean, right?

We make 's departure.

Nothing there. So!

Gangster talk ausm Ami-cinema
we can do that too!

I thought we were friends.

Okay, and?

What else?

Speak yourself, Sweetie-pie.

Now shut your mouth', damn it!

Calm down.
Bring you home.

He thinks we are children.
But since he has cut himself!

Don't go there.
Knuffke none of us is.

Ass licking.
I still have my gun.

What kind of a gun?
- Na 08 from the Volkssturm.

Nonsense! We have it all
thrown away!
- I don't.

You're drunk! I've seen
as you've thrown away.

I was just so done.
- Shit. Are you crazy?

I thought the beautiful, 08,
who knows what is good.

Perhaps now is
the Moment has come!

Are you crazy now?

Do you want to ...
- Nonsense. Nonsense.

get Up! Come with me!

- No.

You have a warrant?
- Not necessary.

What is that supposed to mean?

What? Werewolf? Never!
This must be a mistake!

Make fast!

What did you do yesterday
so 'n Fucking told!

Okay ... Cool!

What you did yesterday
for shit built!

Nothing, man, honestly!

Believe, you've got guns.
Have fear of werewolves.

I was only joking.
- Understand but no fun!

In the case of the MP
there is always someone you can speak English!

And what now?

I am your interpreter
Interrogation. You can't speak English

and leave the talking to me, right?

How did you manage that?
- Don't care.

You've got the gun now, or not?

Nah, I'm not stupid!


The Interrogator is gay.

Makes the frightened eyes of a child
and look at him.

This will please him.

So long.

Who is this?
The Wyatt Earp of Schwäbisch Hall?

Bubu, now shut your mouth'!

Lock the door!

Are you completely crazy?
- Can you take?

For me it is not secure.
What if they come?

Throw it at last, damn it!

I can't get the the heart!
I like the thing.

I already made it to the river,
but ...

I can't get it out.

What did you do at that time
in the gorge kicked out?

My Gas Mask.


The Yanks had on your ass.

Then Special Bearings
because of the Waffen-SS and so.

I was of two CIC officials
interrogated. Jews, wa.

For I was the Devil.

Eventually, I could no longer,
hit back.

Then you are to third
all over me.

As the first me in the eye
has come

and the second came,
is McKee showed up.

Has saved me a quasi-life.

The top is the head,
has left us free?

The eye was gone,
but the Rest ...

you have the good
patched together.

And yet you work for?

I do not work for,
I'm your Partner.

How come?
- What?

That your Partner and you
with the head of the CIC by You.

I gotta go, Kid.

So long.

We don't have time. Guys, come!

I've got it!
- What?

The solution with the Ulla!
- What Ulla?

The Ulla, Man,
the Jumbo count has!

The total is on raspberries.

- so what?
- I know, where's raspberries there.

We pick a few
and ... make it a Threesome.

three of a kind.
- Yes, this is perfect!

If one falters, or ...
You know ...

Scared to be alone?

Nonsense! So, are there?

Come on! This is colossal.

Well, at least make the guitar the way!
I don't game!

Are you stupid?
This is the perfect foreplay, huh?

The is a dancer, loves music!

And if you don't want to?

If one wants to, then.
Said the Jumbo.

You'll see.

You guys are so cute.

You can "Love Me Tight"?

Now get out, you two.
I have to get ready.

Out, come out!
Get out! GSH, GSH! Get out!

The is crazy!
Completely is the Old crazy!

We are all crazy! Shit!

The wanted to show us just
what we are looking for rug rats!

Ulla, the crazy chicken,

has weak heads
in the land of dancing.

Nothing more, with a flagpole,
only matches.

How do you know?
- From the Ulla.

The dance here in the Club.
She told me earlier.

Unfortunately, you don't know,
who the Losers were.

The dances here in the shed?

This is a friend of the Gunda.

I wanted you later

Tell me once, Knuffke ...

What are you doing with the poles
for business?

I don't know what you mean.

Knuffke, I saw you,
in Poland stock.

How you get the stuff
measure the truck unloaded did.

How come
the McKee trust you?

He does not do at all.

But he needs me. In addition,
I know a few things about him.

What things?
- Listen to me, you're my friend.

So I say, stay out of this,
this is not for you.

Why? You think I'm too soft?

I've also experienced the war,
it's not just you!

You're still, you know?

In there. As you heal.

How do you know?

Because you're my friend, you coffers.

That's why I don't want
you're a Gangster.

And you?

For me it is no matter.

I'm lost, eh, wa?

I look to the Ulla.

I need to talk to you.

But not on the road.

I don't have a lot of time.
It's about Charlie.

- Knuffke, Man!

What is?

He is in trouble,
but he does not know it.

No, he didn't want to know.

Because of your business?
- No questions, just listen!

He must get away from here,
as soon as possible.

I keep on trying, it is clear to him-
but he doesn't get it.

I'm scared,
that something happens to him.

You love him?




But ... it's complicated.

He builds constantly castles in the air
for us, in South America, Africa.

And to get money,
he's doing stuff with people ...

My God, he is but ...

half a child, still.

No, the Knuffke know
what he's doing.

You have no idea.
- Yes.

I've seen you.

In Poland Stock.

You, the McKee and Knuffke.

Knuffke has something against McKee
in the Hand. Is it true?

Stop asking questions.

You're his friend.

The only one
he has, he says.

If this is so,
then you have to do something.

Why? I don't even know
what's going on.

Either you tell me what's going on,
or you can go back.

Each week, auxiliary supplies
for the former forced labourers

and concentration camp prisoners, on
their departure to Canada to wait.

Charlie and McKee
branches of large parts

and sell them
on the black market.

This was Charlie's and my idea.

McKee came later.

Charlie thinks he has a grip on him.

But he is
with the life to pay

if none is present.

You're stealing from so
your own people

and do with McKee
and with Knuffke rum.

Who knows who else.

Why should I trust you?
You're nothing more than ...

What? A Whore?

You little hypocrite


I'm a whore.

More than you in your little
German brain can imagine.

Or, you know, how it was done
in the East? The border area.

Where you alternately Pole,
People of German, again Pollack

and then again prey to German
were. Do you know that?

McKee has been my salvation.

Charlie understood.

And I will forget him, never.

Your friend loves me.

But this will kill him.

Against McKee, he has no Chance.

What should I do?

Do you honestly think that
he listens to me?

For the I'm a shit!

Something would have to happen.

Something me in Charlie's eyes

Then he would stop spinning,
take his money and ...


To me, he would never believe it.

But if you tell him,

We don't have to do it Yes really.

He must just believe.

You're crazy! Complete!

Why don't you just Bang
with Knuffke?

You don't understand it, or?

McKee will never allow
I'm going.

He is not a man,
the you take away something.

With me ...
Charlie has no Chance.

He has to stop loving me.

This is bullshit.

Tell him, I seduced you.

His best friend.

Then he will give up on me.

He'd never believe me.

You love him too!

It doesn't matter to me.

Stop it!


What the hell is going on?
You were moaning in your sleep.


Everything is okay.

I know you loved her.

When do you mean?

The Lore.

We were just sharp
to you, but you loved her.

I was much too young for the.

Do you think then the love will ask?

I wish you a girl, you
can love, where everything is just right,

the one as the other.

You're one of these?

The Gunda?

That's what you smelled, wa?

And what's with the McKee?

You don't want any more.

You want me. And I want you.

In here, I know.

It is just difficult in a country,
the lost.

The is one of the winners, wa.

Can make with us,
what he wants.

But the
maybe change.


You know,
what has been said of old, Konrad?

"Knowledge is Power."

And what do you know about it?

Knuffke, I need to tell you something.

You're my friend?

Yes, of course.

Then just wish me luck.
On three.

One ...

Two ...
- Knuffke, I uh ...


You Coward!
Why didn't you tell him?

I thought,
you're his friend!

I can't do this!
Love you skin and hair!

This is crazy,
I'm too old!

Thereafter, the love doesn't ask!

This will kill him.

No ...

Not if you run away with him.

I can't.

Ah, I know ...

You're the one that's cowardly.

You don't dare,
to go with him.

But without him,
you can't be.

get your Shit

Excuse me, have you
the Charlie seen?

The one with the eye patch.

Via all the mountains.
Without saying a word.

Comrades, pig,
I've always said.

as if he would be Better,

but it is also just a Blender.

And his Old one is never
his Old,

I'll bet you anything my ass.

Come on. Then we make the Lightning.
Can't be that hard.

You're finally here.

Where were you the whole time!

Why? What is Special?

Well, I've been looking for you everywhere!

I was on the road a lot.

We want to go to the Shack?

It is getting cold out here.
Also, I don't have much time.

I get something to Drink.

How's the Gunda?

Modest. The spinning again.


Just like that. Talking stupid stuff,
sees ghosts.

What kind of ghosts?

You kill me.

Who is it?

No Idea.
I say Yes, she's crazy.

I have no enemies in the commercial,
'm honest, keep me on the Deals.

And ... what is with the McKee?

How? What of him?

That's not always good
with Gunda, you and the.

Nah. Should's not.

You, I've got a great thing
on the Run,

if it works, then we are gone,
the Gunda and I.

If he lets you.

He must be Young.

Otherwise it is off.

How, what, otherwise, was he?

Can you shut up?

Of course you can, are
Yes my buddy. So, pass on:

The Sow makes shops
the former agent of the Gestapo.

Buy the
a white vest with Gold jewelry

and what are you so in the war
have bags.

And, if that is blown,
then he is due.

Smell, wa?

How do you know?
- You know, wa?

The Captain would like to know that too.

As long as he does not know who the
know he can't touch me.

Therefore, the Gunda are
and I will soon be gone.

I no longer go to the Penne,

This is over for me.

Also, really belongs to it,
I've never.

Except to you.

're my closest friend here

The Gunda spins completely
in the last time.

The told me smooth,
they fucked with you

here in your room.

I laughed and said,

such a fairy tale
can you say your grandma.

So what would be never.

If we see us next Time,

I may have already
a glass eye.

So long.

Shit, what the
with you?

Come on!

Come on. Get up! Get up ...

- Get up!
- Let it, Boy!

Now I'm not a glass eye.

You coffers, you.

You have ... what is Smoking ...
for me?

Oh, come on ...

No! No!

How can you have the ...

This is the murderer of the Knuffke.

You don't understand.

I'll never!

Loved you to the right place!

The couldn't believe
you and I ...

I know ...

Knuffke told,
what he knows about McKee.

If you want to live,

then you forget it all
so schnell wie möglich.

Das kann ich nicht.

Do you want to end up like Charlie?

Please ...

Please be reasonable!

Nobody can stand in the way of the captain!

He's getting
all the witnesses killed.

What's the matter with you

- Don't talk shit.
Something is wrong with you.

What are we doing here?

We don't fit in anymore.

We don't fit anywhere.

Good Morning.

Does anyone know where we ended up
last year?