Summer Wars (2009) - full transcript

Kenji Koiso, an eleventh grade math genius, agrees to take a summer job at the Nagano hometown of his crush, Natuski. When he arrives, he finds that her family have reunited to celebrate the 90th birthday of the family matriarch. His job is to pretend to be Natsuki's fiancé. Meanwhile, his attempt to solve a mathematical equation causes a parallel world's collision with earth.

Welcome to the world of OZ.

OZ is a virtual world that can be enjoyed

by people from all over the world.

You can easily access OZ through a personal computer, cellular phone, or even your television.

Now, let's try experiencing the world of OZ.

First, let's customize your avatar.

Your avatar is your virtual self inside OZ.

You can choose your avatar's clothing, hairstyle, and even give it a tail.

I see you've created an adorable avatar.

All your personal information will be safely managed

by our world-class security system,

so you can relax and enjoy.

Inside the shopping mall you can find music, movies, furniture,

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But what's most necessary in OZ is nothing other than...


OZ supports instantaneous translation services for every language in the world,

so you can enjoy conversation with anybody, no matter where they might hail from.

There are currently 4 million active communities in OZ.

Through your avatar,

you can also try your hand at various sports.

OZ supports a lively business environment as well,

and companies worldwide have set up branches inside OZ.

You can open an office here, too.

Furthermore, many administrative bodies and local governments

can be dealt with through OZ.

You can pay your taxes and take care of various legal processes.

Finally, let us introduce the guardian spirits of OZ,

John and Yoko.

Welcome and thank you for subscribing.

Now, it's time for you to start an engaging life inside OZ.

Monday, July 26th,

Afternoon News.

This morning, the planetary probe "Arawashi"

moved from its orbit around the Sun to circle the Earth.

Through Arawashi experienced many problems during its journey,

the plans to send the solar sample capsule

gathered from the planetoid Matokawa to Earth

are proceeding as scheduled.

And now for our next item.

If I'd just tried a little harder I could've represented Japan...

That again? Just give it a re–

Hey, part-timers! Quit slacking!


But it's really a shame.

Oh, shove it.

Try and find something else to do.

Let's think up something to do for summer vacation.

Girls! C'mon, girls!

Watermelon, fireworks, and girls. That's what comes to mind when you say summer, right?

Watermelon and fireworks are enough for me.

Don't be such a wimp.

I don't care either way.

Anybody up for a part-time job?

We're actually in the middle of one...

A job?

We're running additional system maintenance on OZ.

On OZ? That's amazing!

No, no. We're just code monkeys. It's nothing special.

I see, so you were already working... darn.

Isn't there anyone who's free?

Umm, Natsuki-sempai! If you're okay with me...


Hey, what about this?

Sorry, I don't think I can do it after all.

No good, huh?

All you'd have to do is follow me into the country...

Then I'll do it!

What the hell?

Then... me too!

But two's a bit much.

All I need is one.

I'll take on anyone!

- When are you coming? - I'm getting on the train right now. Wait for me! Natsuki

Ah, Kenji-kun! Over here!

Sorry I'm late.

Nah, you're right on time.

Sakuma-kun would've probably run late.

I'll do whatever you want.


For now, I just want you to carry my stuff.

We're going to Ueda in Nagano?

It's my Grandma's birthday party.

Relatives are coming from all over the country,

and we're really strapped for able bodies.

But anyway, what was that about representing Japan?

I heard about it from Sakuma-kun.

He said you almost made it.

What kind of contest was it?

A math Olympiad.

An Olympiad? What's that?

So you're good at math, huh.

Umm, I guess.

Math is all I'm really good at.

Calculate something.

Okay. Sempai, when were you born?

Me? July 19th, 1992.

It was a Sunday.

July 19th, 1992 was a Sunday.

Did you memorize all that?


It's something called modular calculation, and... was I right?


I don't know what day it was.

Ueda, Ueda.

It's Grandma's 90th birthday this year, so...

I see, she was born in 1920! She's lived very long, hasn't she?




Long time no see!

She's the 16th head of the Jinnouchi clan.

The 16th?

There are even graves from all the way back to the Muromachi era on our grounds.

The clan struck it big trading in silk

during the Meiji era, but our late grandfather

practically burned through all that money and...



The country's changed so much!

Nothing's left from what we used to have. Not the mountains, not the stores, not the factories.

But still, you should see the letters that grandmother gets.

Nearly all of them are from company presidents and famous politicians.



You know, sometimes grandmother gets really scary.

She's the daughter of a warrior clan, see.

You'd better watch out.

What is this place?

You must all be tired from the journey here, hmm?

Come, there's ice-cold watermelon inside.

I love watermelon!

Let's go! Hurry!

Uhh, congratulations on your ninetieth birthday.

It's my mother's birthday, actually...

- Kenji-kun! - Right!

Sorry to spring this on you suddenly,

but try to humor Grandma no matter what she says, okay?

Humor her?


Come in.


- So you've come. - It's been so long!

Are you feeling all right?

As you can see, I'm doing fine.

They said you were feeling weak...

It was just the heat. Don't worry.

I'm so relieved.


Remember our promise, okay?

Who is this young man?

His name is Koiso Kenji.

Pleased to meet you.

I know Natsuki-sempai from our high school physics club...

That is... He's my boyfriend.


Right. My husband-to-be.


Right. Husband-to-be.


Well? I told you I'd bring him, didn't I?

Uh? What's going...

- Kenji-san. - Yes'm!

This child is yet immature and naive.

Are you confident that you can make her happy?

Ah, umm,

that is...


I asked whether or not you have what it takes!



Yes, well...

Would you give your life for her?


That's good to hear.

Oh, right.

What is it?

A present.

A morning glory patterned yukata!

Thank you!

Kenji-san, pleased to meet you.

No, the pleasure is mine!


I can't do it!

I'll explain what the job's about again.

I'm telling you I can't do it!

You just have to pretend that you're my boyfriend in front of Grandma and the rest of my relatives.

No, no, no, no!

I can't do it!

I've never even gone out with a girl before.

I'm begging you!

Grandma was always so healthy, so when I heard she was sick I panicked and told her,

"I'll bring my boyfriend to see you, so don't die." It was a promise.

Okay? You understand, right?

Ri, right. I understand what you want.


Okay, from now on call me "Natsuki-chan" instead of "sempai."

It's part of your back story.

Back story?

You're attending Tokyo U, you're from a distinguished clan,

and you just got back from studying abroad in America... should be about it.

Tokyo U, distinguished clan, studied abroad...

That's everything I'm not!

- Got it? - No, I can't do it!

No no no no!

And here you said you'd do anything.

C'mon, just for four days.

Then I can just tell them we broke up later.


You're getting old, aren't you?

Jinnouchi Fishery

Thanks for the ride.

Sis, your helmet!

And out! The game is over!

Making a remarkable last-minute comeback thanks to the pitcher Jinnouchi...


- He wooon! - Yeaaah!

What is it? Did he win?

Ryouhei-niichan's awesome!

I'm telling everyone!

- Me too! - Me too!

Unexpected indeed!

A miracle has taken place!

What do you mean, "unexpected?" Honestly!

Ryouhei-niichan won!

Oh, that's great!

Be sure to tell Grandma too.


Let's go!


Where are you, Natsuki?!

What's all the shouting for, Shouta?

A fiance!

Over my dead body!

Dammit, I should've been on my guard!

- Ryouhei-niichan won! - He won!

That's great!

And here's something to celebrate!

- What is it? - What is it?




More squid!



Only squid?


Family Tree

I'll introduce everyone.

First is great aunt Mariko from the main branch and her children aunt Rika and uncle Riichi,

and then here's great uncle Mansuke and uncle Tasuke, aunt Naomi.

Aunt Kiyomi and uncle Tasuke's son Shouta.

Over here is great uncle Mansaku who has three sons.

Uncle Yorihiko's wife aunt Noriko,

uncle Kunihiko's wife aunt Nana,

uncle Katsuhiko's wife aunt Yumi,

aunt Yumi's children Yuuhei and Kyouhei,

aunt Nana's daughter Kana,

and aunt Noriko's children Shingo and Mao.

- Got it? - Uhh...

Umm, that's...

Well anyway!

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you.

Let's have a drink.

So Grandmother gave you the green light, hmm?

And every guy I ever brought home got turned down just like that.

But come on, he's loaded, goes to Tokyo U, even studied abroad!

Perfect, isn't he?

Really. Almost too good to be true.

You two spinsters should be taking notes!

Shut up!

- What's wrong with being divorced? - I'm happy being single!

So, young man. How're the plans coming along for children?


You know, children.

What're you bringing that up for, you perverted old man?

He only came to say introduce himself.

Eh? But doesn't that mean

that he's done it with Natsuki-chan?

Am I wrong?

Come, you're a college student, aren't you? How far have you two gotten?


Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly teasing for soon-to-be family, eh?

What do you mean, soon-to-be family, grandpa? I won't allow it!

Shouta, that's enough.

You shut the hell up!

Is that any way to speak to your own father?

I'll have you know I watched over Natsuki since she was just a little kid.

That was years and years ago.

He's got to get permission from me. I'm her second cousin, you know.

And since when did second cousins have any say in things like that?

But still!

It's fine, as long as mother's given her blessing.

That's everything in our household.

Grandma, are you really sure about this?

Of course.

Kenji-san is excellent groom material.

My eyes are sharp as ever.

A Jinnouchi man has to be solid and trustworthy!

How could he guard his family and his lands if he were not?

Hear, hear!

The men of Jinnouchi must be strong!

After all, we of the Jinnouchi were once soldiers of the awe-inspiring Takeda army!

Here he goes again.

After Takeda's army was defeated his retainers scattered to the four winds,

and our once glorious past was in shambles.

But our ancestors fought bravely in many wars

to hold the land they'd found in Ueda.

August 2nd, 1585!

Just 2000 of our ancestors

clashed against 7000 of Tokugawa's elite!

That was the first battle of Ueda!

Right in one!

It was a crafty, wily war!

The enemy thrust forth into the center of the village,

and there our ancestors took advantage of the terrain,

driving the enemy to the river's banks...

Turn around.

Why did I have to lose that game of rock-paper-scissors?

I have to admit I'm jealous. Pretending to be her boyfriend, huh?

There's nothing to be jealous of. It's just a job.

So come on, how is it? Fun?

I'm surrounded by strangers. It's hard.

Oh, sure. As if.

You're sleeping under the same roof as Natsuki-sempai, the prettiest girl in school!

Since you're pretending to be her boyfriend anyway, you might as well ask to share the same room.


There's no way that'd fly!

Well, best of luck.

Huh? Where am I?

Now that I look at it, this is one big house.

What do you want?

Uhh, I'm just a little lost.

The bathroom's around the corner to your right.


Shouldn't you be with everyone else?


You haven't toweled off yet.



The bathroom's free. You should take a bath.

No, I, that is, I don't need to, not today, umm...

Natsuki-sempai's been in this tub...

- It was a tie! - A tie!

Hayate, it's me.

Have you forgotten me?

Why are you here?

What do you mean by that? This is my home.

Like hell it is!

Fiery as ever, aren't you, Mariko-obasan.

Things haven't changed a bit since ten years ago.

The same goes for you.

Is that any way to act,

showing your face for the first time in a decade?

What's the occasion?

The birthday celebration is on Sunday.




Hey, granny. Still alive?

I should say the same. I was worried you'd had an accident somewhere.

That attitude would keep you breathing past a hundred.

Have you...

had anything to eat?

I'm not hungry.

Japan's really a bore.

Humid and hot summer,

narrow roads,

and full to bursting with people.

But at least the beer's great.




Is that you, Natsuki?

Awesome! You came back!

Natsuki! Let go of him.

Why? Come on...

It's already been a decade, huh.

Like they say, time flies.

Umm... who is Wabisuke-san, exactly?

You've never met him before, have you, Nana-chan?

It's a complicated story.

It's not complicated at all. He's family.

Long story short he's the son of Grandfather's mistress.


It was commonplace back in the old days.

He sold the deed to Grandma's mountains,

took the money and ran all the way to America!

He's a horrible, selfish man.


You haven't married yet?

Then, do you have a girlfriend?

Why would you want to know?


I'll come visit you in America soon.

You can take me to the Disney resorts.

First California, then Florida.

And then we'll go back to your place.

Give me your phone number so I can call you.

If you win.

Huh? Come on!

That's more fun, isn't it?



3 bright! There you go.

Want to stop?

Not yet.

Koi koi!

I see. Then, my turn.

Going for 4 bright, hmm?

N-not really...

What a shame!

3 plain.

Ah, koi koi?


Come on!

I win.

Now, time for you kids to go to bed.

I don't wanna. One more?

I like to cut and run.

Take it from here.

I haven't figured out the rules yet...

Hey, how long are you going to stay?


Just don't leave at all!

Right? Got it?

What am I doing here?

Text message

What is this?

Got it!

Message sent

What was that?

Let's see how she's doing...

Blood Pressure Heartbeat

- Get up! - Get up!

Wake up already!

Get uuup!

The damage is quite extensive, yes.

What what what what what?


That's him, isn't it?

Dead certain. He's the culprit!

The culprit is a minor? A student!?

Now, the more I look at him, the younger he seems to be.

He must be a high schooler, right?


that's me!

This young man has managed to infiltrate OZ's system and plunge it into chaos.

Current state of OZ

It'll be quite a while until things are back to normal.

The attack seems to have been carried out on a whim.

A pleasure crime, then. I did notice that I couldn't read my mail in the morning.

You know, there are almost as many OZ subscribers as there are cell phone users.

Since every aspect of everyday life, from shopping to taking care of business

will be affected by this attack, it seems certain that

punishment will be unavoidable even if it was only a pleasure crime.

What's a pleasure crime?

Something that feels good?

What's so funny over there?

Breakfast time!

- Hey! Gimme– - No!

Hang on! No! Give me that! Give it back!

Criminal, criminal!

Give it to me!

He's evil!

It's not me!


Time to eat!

Unable to access the OZ Family network. You may attempt to log in 2 more times.


Unable to access the OZ Family network. You may attempt to log in 1 more time.



Where was it again...


Are you behind this?

Hey, lemme use your PC!

I don't like the way you asked.

Ask like you'd ask a business partner.

Excuse me, but may I please

use your computer for a moment?



What's wrong?

I think my account's been hijacked!

So you've been framed, huh.

What do I do?

Call customer support.

That's right!

Hello? He–

Your OZ account has not been authenticated,

so you cannot peruse your cellular phone.

I can't call them! It won't work!

Calm down.


I told you, calm down.

It's a Sakuma-san calling from Tokyo.

Don't tell me you're behind this.

Of course I'm not!

Figured. You don't have the motive or the guts to pull off something like this.

All right, already! Help me out!

Ain't gonna happen.

The password's been changed. I can't connect to the control sector.

I thought OZ's security was supposed to be world class!

A strange e-mail was spread all through OZ yesterday.

A strange e-mail?

OZ's security is locked with a 2056 number code.

It can't be hacked so easily.

But it looks like someone managed to crack the code in just one night!

2056 numbers?

What's the first number?


That.... that was me.

I solved it.


I just thought it was some kind of math problem and...

So you cracked it? You idiot!



Whatever. I made a guest avatar for you using that phone number.

It's better than nothing, right?

Use that until this stuff's been settled.

This... is me?

This is an announcement from OZ.

Some of our services are currently unavailable.

We repeat.

This is an announcement from OZ.

Some of our services are currently unavailable.

Hello? Excuse me!

Please stop playing around with my avatar.

This person's framing me!

My account's been stolen!

Just who is he, anyway?

What do you find so funny about wreaking havoc like this?

It's not right to do whatever you want just because it's the Internet!

Battle mode?

But it should only be active in certain areas...

This is bad.

The regulations of every field have been altered.

In a language I can understand, please...

All of OZ has been made into a battleground!

Run away!

Um, let's talk this over.

Let's talk this over!

Defend yourself!

What're you doing? Move it.


King Kazma!


So you're...

Don't talk to me. I can't concentrate.

You got him!

He's just a scrub.

There he is!

We've found the criminal!

Right! Arrest him!

Arrest him!

Grab him!

Stop it!

Save me!



Damn it! Damn it!

This bastard...

Are you playing a game?

Lemme play too.

Outta the way!

That was close.

You almost lost your account, too.

Here we go.

And, go!

You sing too, Wabisuke-ojisan!

I'll pass.

Leave him be.

Ojichan, what're you looking at?

Women with big tits.

What were you doing in America?

I was a ninja.


I think I've found the real culprit.

Not human?

What do you mean, not human?

It's an A.I.

An artificial intelligence.

It looks like an experimental hacking A.I. under development

in Pittsburg managed to break loose.

Break loose?

It's called "Love Machine."

Love Machine?

I wish I could ask him to stop.

Honestly, I'm going crazy without my cell phone.

If Ryouhei advances to the nationals,

let's all go visit a hot spring! I'll pay for everyone.

Sounds good.

Haven't I seen that face somewhere?


What's going on here!

Arrest him! Now!

I just ran a search on his personal file through the district office's OZ, and what's this?

He's not from an old clan at all!

He's just some salaryman's son!

And a high schooler at that! He's younger than you are!

I just got this fax. Look!

Tokyo U? Studied abroad? Ha!

Umm, well...

Now for our next item.

The planetary probe Arawashi's capsule has failed to detach from the main body.

King Kazma, the weakest ever!!

What is this stuff? It's unbelievable.

Don't let it get to you. It's just a game.

It's not a game.

It's a sport.


I like the fighting and winning part,

not the gaming part.

I see.

But he's different.

He likes to play games. I can tell.

Then... what's he after?

There he is!

There he is!

They found out.

Uhh, Sakuchousei High's are no laughing matter,

but I believe that we'll secure the title in the end.

Go, Ueda High!

Why did you lie about this?

Did you think your grandmother would be happy with lies?

I thought that something was fishy when I heard his specs.

Though if you're looking for a Tokyo U graduate who's from an old clan, and studied abroad,

I can think of someone who fits the bill in our own family.

That's right, Wabisuke.

You're right, but what's that got to do with anything?


Do you think Natsuki's first crush was...

Right! She always liked to hang around Wabisuke.

She used to say she loved him even back when she was in kindergarten.

She even wrote an essay called "Ojjisan and I."


Stop it!

Just forget about it!

So that's how it was, huh.

Either way!

The real issue here is that this guy's a criminal!

He's got a point.

We can't have someone like that staying here.

You're a cop, aren't you?

Not gonna arrest him?

Oh, yeah.


He's really being arrested!

Don't stare!

Time is 12:30pm.

The charges are... uh...

Was that really you on the news?

I don't know the specifics of what went on,

but was that really you?

- I'm innocent. - There'll be time for making excuses later!


I'm sorry it had to end like this,

but I really enjoyed my time here.

Let him speak.

My father was always away on business trips,

and my mother held down a full-time job too,

so I was always alone at home.

Having dinner as a family, playing hanafuda...

this was the first time in my life I've ever felt so warm.

I was happy.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Thank you, everyone.

- You're welcome. - Bye bye!



Shut up!

On the mound is Ueda High's Jinnouchi.

No hits and no runs so far! Give them hell!

Go, go, go, go!

Jinnouchi winds up and–

Breaking News


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news.

I don't care about Arawashi!

- Yumi-chan. - Yes!

We're going to have a lot of guests today.

There's lots to do, so come help.


This car isn't a patrol car, is it?

- Shut up! - Sorry!

- Oi! - Yes!

Why aren't they moving? It's a green light!

I'm sorry!

You're not even close to getting here? Why?

The GPS navigator's on the fritz.

We're around Saitama but the screen says we're in Hokkaido.

And the traffic's brutal.

I can't say when we'll get there.

You can't say? The party is only two days away!

It's fine. The hubbie's on his way overnight on the Shinkansen.

Tell Natsuki too, will you?

And it's a hit! The batter's off!

He just barely makes it to 1st base! Safe!

My apologies. I don't think I'll be able to leave Tokyo today.

You too, Kazuo-san? What's the matter?

Someone's messed with the water pressure.

The underground gas pipes and power lines are in danger.

Tell Natsuki I'll try and make it over on the Shinkansen tomorrow.

This won't do!

I've already finished the seating arrangements!

The sacrifice bunt is a success! Safe!

Make way for the ambulance, please.

Can't make it? How come?

Emergency alerts from elderly living alone are going off all over Matsumoto.

Fat chance of that happening, huh.

Huh? Over in Suwa too?

We got a call and we're on the scene right now,

but there's no fire.

This has been going on all day.

But you worked overtime too, didn't you?

We still have to check. You never know.

We can't afford to miss a real emergency.

The ship's docked at the wrong harbor?

Things are chaotic in Nagoya too?

You can't make it?

Kazuma's waiting.

You're going back? To Sendai?

You need to go to the bathroom?

Right, it's never healthy to hold it in.

Don't sweat it.

Fine, I'll tell Mariko-obasan you can't come.

Hey, Kajitoshi-ojisan from Matsuyama says he can't...


Why is everyone suddenly saying they can't make it?

What's going on?

And look at the pitcher, Jinnouchi!

With no outs and bases loaded, he's in dire straights!

Dammit! What's up with this! Lunchtime's almost over!

Turn around!

They say traffic's jammed for 60 kilometers.

If Natsuki hadn't asked, you would've been in for it!

What's going on?

- Terrorism? -Huh?

Welcome home.

What're you doing back here?

I'm sorry, well...

Did you forget something?

No, well...

Use the on board GPS.

Call the fishermen's union too.

Didn't Yorihiko and his brothers say they were going to try hashigo-nori?

(T/N: Acrobatics performed on a tall bamboo ladder.)

Ain't the time to worry about that.

And I ordered the birthday dumplings to match the number of guests, too.

It's iffy whether or not they can even deliver the dumplings.


Nobody seems to care about the party!

I've been making preparations since last month!

Love Machine's behind all of this.

It can steal any account it wants with that password.


Your identification on OZ.

OZ supports so many real-life services that

an account's authority is effectively the same as its owner.

You can use a water official's account to change the city's water system,

and a Japanese Railways Group employee's account to turn a train around.

There're more than a billion subscribers worldwide.

Countless organizations use OZ accounts to work.

Looks like OZ's security system has backfired on them.


With the US President's account you might even be able to launch a nuke.


This is all because of me.

All me...

I should really arrest you right now!

Due to severe traffic congestion, even emergency vehicles are unable to move about.

We ask that all commuters please make way for them.

This is almost like an enemy invasion.

What's an enemy?

People's lives may be in danger.

Hello, what's your emergency?

Huh? Grandma!

Why're you calling an emergency number?

Yorihiko! Make sure to visit all the elderly! Got it?

Kunihiko! This is no time to be lazing about! Move it!

Understand, Katsuhiko? This is a battle.

- I'll do what I can. - What you can? Huh?

Kan-chan? It's me, Sakae.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm asking as a fellow retainer of the Takeda clan:

what kind of emergency plan is the MLIT setting up?

What? You're just now planning a meeting to discuss?

Don't give me that bullshit!

Sone-yan? Get some medical people together

and help the emergency workers. Even the retired ones.

It's your fool of a son's chance to finally be some help to the world with that NPO of his.

Itomi-san, it's important that everyone communicates

with one another like the old days.

That's your specialty, isn't it?

Sen-san, your decisions are going to be crucial here.

I know it's not easy,

but it's not worth people's lives.

Don't call me sensei,

just listen to an old woman's request.

Why're you bringing up those long gone days, kiddo?

It's been half a century since I beat you up.

Thousands, no, tens of thousands of people are in danger.

If you don't step up now, then when will you?

Don't give up.

No matter what, you can't give up.

This is something only you can do.

You can do it.

I'm telling you, you can.

Right, that's the spirit.

The man she's talking to is the chief of Police.


Everyone's listening to what she has to say.

Am I deaf? Don't get uppity with me.

Check to make sure your dentures aren't falling out first!

I'm not that old yet!

OZ's engineering team is out in full force,

but they still haven't even gotten close to the control sector.

Try and type in something.

An encrypted code should pop up if you enter the wrong password.

This is a code?

You can do it!

You can!

What the hell is he?

Japan's representative in the math Olympiads.

Almost, that is.

I'm done!

We're in!

Sad news, Kenji.


Looking into the security logs in the database,

55 people worldwide managed to crack the code yesterday,

but your name isn't among them.

What? Why?

You got the last letter wrong! BZZZT!

What? Dammit, you're not the culprit?

But it looks like everyone who sent in a reply had their avatars stolen.

Hey, cheer up.

You got it right this time.

And so, though there was much confusion nationwide,

thankfully there were no casualties.

The trouble was caused by

a system error brought about when two identical accounts were accidentally generated.

It has been announced, however, that it is

technologically impossible to purposely misuse OZ's system for malicious intent.

Here we are recapping the 10th day of the Nagano High School Baseball tournament, with Ueda High...

Everyone quiet down a moment!

Though both teams scored many runs in the final innings,

Ueda High defeated Sakuchousei High

and has advanced to the finals, to be held tomorrow.

- Great! - Hooray!

Beats me how they managed to win letting 30 hits through, though.

It's a miracle!

You can tell when he thinks he's gonna lose. It's written all over his face.

Like father, like son, eh?

Natsuki, what about your mom and dad?

Dad's pulling an all-nighter with repairs on the water pipes.

Mom's still in Saitama.

She's staying the night at a business hotel.

I see. That's good.

It's all thanks to Grandma giving everyone orders

that this whole thing calmed down quickly.

Right, Grandma?

I never gave anyone orders.

Oh, come on!

Our Grandma's great!

Japan's best!

You rascals.

Kenji-san, I hear you stepped up to the occasion today as well.

No, I... I didn't really...

Natsuki's boyfriend?

He's not her boyfriend!

I hear he fixed the problem with OZ.

I thought he was still a high schooler!

Not bad, boyfriend.

I'm telling you, he ain't her boyfriend!

What do you care about it?

And now for an update on the OZ incident which took place this morning.

Though the system has been restored,

over 2 million accounts in Japan alone

are still inaccessible.

Though the cause is not yet clear,

the government has advised all OZ users to take care in managing their accounts.

What is it?

It's about OZ...


Love Machine hasn't been beaten yet.

That's right.

Love Machine?

What's that? Morning Musume?

An A.I. that steals accounts.

- What? - Let's see.

It's got a creepy avatar.

Has bad guy written all over him.

So this thing's behind all the stuff that happened today.

But why wasn't this reported in the news?

I think it's just a matter of time, Master.

The Internet's everywhere,

and the people who've noticed what's going on are already talking about it.

If we pool our knowledge and resources, we should be able to stop it.

Sorry, but that's not gonna happen.

How do you know that?

How? Well...

I'm the one who developed that thing.

You made Love Machine?


It's a hacking A.I. that I designed.

I just did one thing.

I gave a machine the urge to know.

Then the military of some country came to me,

and asked me to sell it to them so they could run some tests.

I didn't think those tests would be OZ.

Doesn't matter, I guess.

The results are outstanding.

That thing's urge to know

will make it keep collecting information and authority from across the world.

As of now, Love Machine holds the same power as an army millions strong.

Got it? That's why you can't win.

Do you know how many people were hurt today?

Do you know how much confusion was caused?

You're saying it's my fault?

Of course not. The A.I. did it.

The world's in chaos because of you!

You guys just don't get it, do you.

- I said that the A.I.– - You really think that makes it okay?

Don't do it.

You're a coward hiding behind that excuse!

Calm down!

I'm telling you!

I just developed the damn thing, I never told the artificial intelligence to do anything!

Shut up!

Stop it! What do you think you're doing with Grandma here?


- What's the hubbub? - Ssh!

You understand, right, Grandma?

I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you up to now.

I've been working to make it all up to you.

so that I could come back to this house with my head held high.

Grandma, look at this.

The American military's given me an official contract.

We're going to get more money

than even Father managed to earn.

This is all thanks to you, Grandma.

I was able to develop it with the money you had, see.




Pay the price for your crimes!

I shouldn't have come back.



Listen up, you all!

We must take care of the problem caused by one of our own!



Don't come near me.

I'm not in the mood to talk right now.

These legs of mine just won't listen to me anymore.

You shouldn't have exerted yourself so much.

Thank you.

Then, I'll be going now.

Do you want to play a game of hanafuda?

The whole family used to play together,

but these days it's hard to find someone willing to play against me.

You can go first.

Yes, ma'am.

I'm sorry you had to see that embarrassing spectacle.

It's nothing.

Even Natsuki's foolishness.

Koi koi.

- Not bad. - Thank you.

Now if I win this round...

You have to have something on the line to make it fun.

There, koi koi.

All right then... If I win,

I want you to take care of that girl.

She's still too immature to be a good fiancee,

but if you can look past those faults,

I want to ask you one more time.

Take care of Natsuki.


I don't yet have that kind of faith in myself.

You can do it.

All I can offer is that I'll do my best.

I win!

- Oh no! Get over here! - I'm coming!



Open your eyes!


Wake up!


Grandma, can you hear us?


Please wake up!

- Switch with me. - That's enough.

No, Katsuhiko! Keep going!

It's no use.

Keep going!

Everyone's here, right?

5:21 am.

She was taking heart medicine.

I used this to monitor the state of her body.

Her heartbeat, blood pressure, perspiration.

An alarm should have rung if anything went wrong,

but I stopped receiving data last night.

The trouble in OZ?

I guess the system manager's ID was one of the stolen accounts.

That means she'd have lived if not for that!

No, I think it was just her time to go.

What? Like hell it was!

Where's Wabisuke?

I'll beat the living daylights out of him!

I think he took Shouta's car and left last night.

Nobody knows how to contact him,

because he's been gone for ten years.

Damn it!

Excuse me.

Stop them.

The tears...

Hold me here.

Make them stop.

Now for our next item. The number of people unable to access

their OZ accounts since yesterday's incident

has reached over 10 million worldwide.

Has anyone told Ryouhei?

We decided to wait until after tomorrow's match.


Today's going to be a busy day.

Noriko-chan, Yumi-chan, Nana-chan.

I'll leave the cooking to you.

I hope there'll be enough sake.

Mansaku, I want you to visit the temple,

and Yorihiko, I want you and your brothers to tell the neighbors and guests,

and find some people willing to help out.

Everyone understand?

Ain't we got more important things to do?

That's right, mother! The birthday dumplings!

We've got to change the order to funeral dumplings.

To hell with the dumplings!

We've got to strike back!

We have to bash that machine to bits! Right?

Honestly, that's enough.


You're no help at all, little brother.

What does age have to do with anything?

We of the Jinnouchi have to raise our battle standards and fight!

What's gotten into you, dad?

We have to hold Grandma's funeral first.

That's not as important!

Wouldn't she want us to fight and avenge her honor?!


I agree.

Up till now, we never realized that what happened in OZ

could endanger the lives of real people.

He's dangerous.

Something like what happened here could happen anywhere else.

So we, at least, have to stop him.

What're you talking about?

That is, we have to stop any more people from getting–

Who're you to be sticking your nose into our family matters, huh?


How can we worry about other people on a day like this?


Well then, everyone!

I'm ashamed of the lot of you.

How can you say you're Jinnouchi men?

I understand how you feel, father, but it's about time you acted your age.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have spoken out of turn...

No, you were right.

You have to protect others to protect yourself.

Is that the JSDF motto?

No... it's a line from "The Seven Samurai."



Do you stock computers at your store?

Of course.

Do you have any better than this?

Of course we do.


We need to fight him.

This is revenge.

Honestly, that Mansuke. What in the world was he thinking?

There aren't any good pictures here.

Hey, how about this one?

Ah, this was the one taken for that one award ceremony.

That'll do the trick.

April 1600,

Tokugawa Hidetada's army of 38,000

struck at Ueda Castle.

Our forces at the time numbered a paltry 2,000 men.

Then how did our ancestors face this battle?

After deliberately luring the enemy into the castle,

they closed and locked the gates, trapping them inside.

Trapped like rats, Tokugawa's army

lost its will to fight and was defeated.

That was the second siege of Ueda.

Did that help any?

That's a good idea.

Then with that in mind...

Hello, Sakuma?

What're you starting now?

A war.

Do you think this will do for the bedside decorations?

Well, I guess it will do.

Even though she's passed on, her face looks so peaceful.

It does.

I dunno if this'll fit.

You have things like this in stock?

"Electronics store" doesn't just mean household appliances.

Actually we sell stuff to schools and government agencies too.

This was actually slated for a university.

Is it okay to use it?

It's fine. We're just borrowing it for a bit.

But why did he suddenly decide on this?

It's all thanks to you standing up to the women, Kenji-kun.

Kazuma must've seen that as a motivator.

The women of our clan are strong and assertive,

so the menfolk tend to be more passive.

Now I need a source of electricity...

Outta the way!

Great, isn't it? This is my boat.

Takes 2 hours to get here from Niigata.

It can put out up to 300 kilowatts!

Watch out, you two.

I'm gonna dunk it.


What is this?

A military-grade antenna module.

Borrowed it from the American base in Matsumoto.

What exactly do you do in the JSDF, Riichi-san?

That's classified.

What's gotten into those men?

- It's a big jeep! - Look outside!

Don't make such a commotion!

Behave yourselves, children.


Is it all right for us to just sit around like this?

It's the mourning period. Calm down.

3 days is a bit too long for my tastes.

I keep thinking about my work.

Forget that for now.

That's not going to work.

Grandma always told us to help those in need, didn't she?

That's right.

Everyone! Please listen to me!


Can't you help a little too, Naomi-san?

I can't make food this good.

What time is it?

It's time!


Kazuma! Change your clothes, will you?


Kazuma-kun looks like he's really King Kazma.

That child used to be quite weak.

He learned Shaolin kung fu from his

grandfather Mansuke in Niigata through OZ all the way from Nagoya.

So that's why he called him Master.

Don't touch anything!

I mean it!

We're not touching nothing!

We're just looking!

Keeping it cool's gonna be the problem.

We don't have an air conditioner.

I've got lots of ice in the boat.

Follow me.

LCD's response times are too slow.

Do you have any HD CRT monitors?

Course I do.

Just what kind of people is Natsuki-sempai's family made of?

We're just a normal civilian family.

A 200 teraFLOPS supercomputer,

and a 100 gig military-grade connection line.

You're telling me that a normal family has that kinda stuff?

I want to send a challenge.

A challenge?

Sent by King Kazma.

"Don't expect it to be so easy this time."

And how do you know that?

Because I'm King Kazma.

Tell me another one.

Wait, really?


Come to the OZ Coliseum today at noon (JST). King Kazma


Do you think I can win?

You're all grown up now.

You can decide the outcome by yourself.

Grown up? But I'm only in middle school.

You'll be a big brother soon.

I didn't choose to be.

And a little sister at that...

It's not so bad having siblings.

Even though you steal each other's snacks,

fight every day,

get sick of even seeing their faces...

One minute left!

I'm ready.

Me too.

We can win this time.

Grit your teeth.

Let's go together.

The finals are now beginning.

Ueda High is up against the favorites Matsushou Academy!

If Ueda High can win this match, they'll advance

to the nationals for the first time in 24 years.

But Matsushou's quite strong.

Will Ueda be able to pull it off?

Grandma, please watch over Ryouhei!

And we're just about to start!

He came!


He's fast... he's really fast!

I can do it.

Don't let him run!

Get him to the trap!

I can take care of him by myself!

He's controlling the stolen avatars.

He can do that?

Don't do it, Kazuma-kun!



I'll keep him occupied, run!


I'm fine, get him to the trap!

Got him.


Right on schedule!

We got him, Grandmother!

Kazuma did it!

Yorihiko-san's group! It's your turn!

Leave it to us.

We've been gaming for 30 years! Don't underestimate us!

Even though we haven't been playing as much lately...

Our skills haven't rusted a bit!

We did it!

Is that daddy's avatar?

I want that one too!

Papa's awesome!


Bottom of the eighth, and Ueda High is giving a stunning show!


Like a rat in a trap.

It's just a matter of time now.

What's happening?

What's this?

Something's wrong with the stage!

What's going on?

Tasuke-san, behind you!

Behind you?



It's about to go critical!

Where'd all the ice go?

We had lots more than this...

Shouta-nii took it.


Is that cool enough, Grandma?

They say today's the hottest day of summer.

Top of the ninth, and Ueda's pitcher

Jinnouchi is beginning to crack.

He looks very tired, doesn't he?


And Matsushou continues their offensive!

These are all the avatars he's absorbed!

More than 400 million!

Kazuma-kun, run!


It's so hot that Grandma might start to rot,

and here you guys are playing games.

...all because of you...

Huh? What was that?

This is all your fault!

This is because you...!

Stop, Kazuma-kun!

What's the deal!

Are you okay, Shouta-nii?

Everything's gone to hell since you showed up!

Natsuki getting all weird!

Grandma died!

Now Kazuma's hitting me!


Wha, what's happening?

The world clock is...

going haywire.

What kind of countdown is this?


These are nuclear reactors.

This is bad.

The American military's secret communication lines are going wild.

Japan's planetary probe Arawashi

is plummeting to Earth, completely out of control.

Arawashi can change its course through GPS coordinates.

If that thing is in control of Arawashi...!

Then this countdown is...

It's telling the time until Arawashi falls

onto one of the world's 500 plus nuclear facilities.

What an exhilarating match!

The finals are going into overtime!

Save us! Save the world!

The road to the nationals is indeed fraught with peril!

The pressure on these high schoolers must be incredible!

As you'll recall, Ueda's pitcher Jinnouchi allowed 30 hits in yesterday's semi-finals.

Today, he must pitch 15 extended innings on his own.


Today, in the final match, will his mind and body be up to the challenge?

To my family

This is...


Wait, Natsuki!


- Wait! - Where are you going?


A game?

It's playing a game with people's lives?


You've got to be kidding me.

This is all just a game to him.

It has no ideals, no hatred.

The Americans are frantic right now.

They never imagined that their test could have

lead to this.

An object with a diameter of 1 meter falling at 7 km per second

packs the same force as a meteor or ballistic missile.

If it falls on a power plant and there's nuclear fallout,

the damage caused will be unimaginable.

Then what do we do?

It's managed to steal 38% of the currently existing

King Kazma, kill that monster!

number of accounts on OZ, 412 million!

We have to find the one among those that can set Arawashi's GPS coordinates.

In 2 hours.

How're we going to find one account among 400 million?!

But there's no other way.


What's going on?

You're just talking about a game, right?


Don't go, King!

It's useless!

Shut up!


I'm sorry.

I couldn't save mom...

I couldn't save my little sister.

Wabisuke's the only one who could do something now, but...

There's no way he'd come back.

We haven't lost yet.


We lost.

No we didn't.

I told you, we lost!

I'm telling you, we haven't.

There's got to be some other way to solve this problem.

What do you mean?

This ain't math.

It's the same.

You can't solve an equation by giving up.

We just haven't found the answer yet.



How'd you find this address, Natsuki?

Where are you right now?

What's it to you?

And how'd you find out the password to my cell?

Come back!

Grandma told you to do this, didn't she.


I'm not going back.

Not as long as she's still there.

Please, listen to me.

I never would've gone back if I'd known it was her birthday.


Come now!

You don't even know what's happened!

What's the matter.

Grandma passed away.

She had a weak heart.

Mansaku-ojisan couldn't help her in time because of OZ acting up.


Grandma's dead?

You were lying when you said you didn't know it was her birthday.

The password was August 1st!

You came back for her birthday, didn't you?

Didn't you!


Come back just once and bid her goodbye!

To my family:

First, I must ask you to calm down.

It's important for everyone to compose themselves.

I want the funeral to be a small, family affair,

and I wish for all of you to go about your lives as normal.

I don't have anything material to leave behind for you,

but the people I've come to know over the course of my life

will do their best to help you get along. Don't worry.

Everyone, work diligently and live your lives to the fullest.


And if Wabisuke should ever come home,

though it's anyone's guess as to when he'll come after having been gone for 10 years,

if he should ever come back home, I'm sure he'll be hungry,

so feed him well with vegetables from the fields, and the grapes and pears.

I can remember the day I first met him.

His ears looked so much like his father's that I was surprised.

As we walked along the fields,

when I told him, "You're going to be part of my family from now on,"

he didn't reply, but didn't let go of my hand.

I felt as though my happiness that he was now my son

was reaching him through that.

Family should never let go of one another.

You must never admit defeat in life.

And though you may come upon hard and painful times,

I want you all to sit together and eat as a family.

The worst things in this world

are being hungry and being alone.

I was glad to have had you all.

Thank you.



Grandma! Grandma!

Wabisuke, pay your respects to Grandmother.

And after that...

let's all have lunch together.

Ryouhei, you can do it!

Yumi-san, come!

But I'm still watching!

Grandma, I'm home.

It's going for a nuclear power plant?

That's horrible!

Yeah, this is an emergency.

Can we sit around and eat like this?

It was part of her will.

It's really strong, right?

In summer of 1615, at the battle of Osaka,

we fought against Tokugawa's vast army of 15,000.

But we lost!

We can't fight just because it looks like we'll win

and run just because it looks like we'll lose.

We've fought through losing wars before.

Every time.

Our family was so stupid!

Right, and we're the descendants of those people.

Yeah, and I'm one of those idiots, eh.

Still, we've got some kind of plan, right?

I'm going to try and dismantle him remotely.

I don't know whether or not I'll have the time.

This all came about because of the stolen accounts.

We've got another plan that'll work in our favor.

Work in our favor?

You said he liked playing games, right?

It's this.

You've got one hour left!

Welcome to the OZ Casino Stage.

Do you really want other people's accounts so badly?

Fine. I'll give you mine.

But you have to win against me first!

Hanafuda has been selected.

What will the wager be?

My wager will be...

my family!

We'll play with our accounts on the line!

All of your accounts are in my hands.

Grandma, please watch over us!

Hanafuda, huh. Suits our family.

Wabisuke-san, I want you to work on destroying it while they go at it.

But do you think he'll agree to this match?

We only number 20 people, including Sakuma-kun.

Isn't that a bit small of a wager?

Shut up!

Small or not, these are our lives!

Bring it on!

Let's fight!

He'll come.

No doubt about it.

A player has joined the game.

He's here!

Fight, Natsuki!

The fate of the world's in your hands!

Casino rules apply to this stage.

The pot doubles with each call of koi koi.

The winner of the game takes all.

Deciding initiative.

Natsuki-san will go first.

Now, the game will begin.

That one!

The cherry petals!


That one!

Quiet down a little!

Blue ribbons!

Koi koi?

Koi koi!

Koi koi!

Natsuki-san, koi koi.

3 bright.

Koi koi?

Ribbon. Koi koi?

Natsuki-san wins.

All right!

This is great.

He's completely new to this.

Don't take us lightly, we've been training under Grandma since we were kids!

26 accounts have been transferred.

26 out of 400 million.

Next round!

Natsuki-san, you have initiative. Set the wager.

3 bright.

Viewing the cherry blossoms.

4 bright.

Five 10s.

Rainy 4 bright.


Natsuki-san wins.

Natsuki-san raises the bet.

Koi koi!

Koi koi!

Koi koi!

Natsuki-sempai's incredible.

She's already gotten back 300,000 avatars.

But we still don't have the account we need!


- Viewing the cherry blossoms. - No!

Unknown-san requests a showdown.

Natsuki-san loses.

The wager will be transferred.

Natsuki-san has 74 OZ accounts remaining.

This is bad! Half an hour's gone by!

You do not have enough wager to continue play.

Will you end the game?

You do not have enough wager to continue play.

Will you end the game?

Natsuki, please use my account.

It's a boy living in Germany.


Is he a fan of Kazuma's?

I don't know.


This represents 13.837% of OZ's total subscription!

More than 150 million accounts!

Why're they...

It must be because Natsuki's pretty.

I'll give you my account

so please save

my precious family.

What's with the light show?

OZ's guardian spirits have given Natsuki a rare item.

I don't know what's going on, but...

Thank you!

Unknown-san raises the bet.

1 point is 10 million avatars.

10 million!

He wants to end it.

Let the game begin.

3 bright.



Red poetry ribbons.


Rainy 4 bright.





Natsuki, get him!

Do it!

Finish it, sempai!

Kill him!

5 bright.

Natuki-san wins. Accounts will be transferred.




All right!

We did it!






I did it!

Wha– Sempai!


Something's wrong.


The countdown isn't stopping!


That makes no sense!

The world clocks everywhere else have already stopped.

Why only here?

He's going to drop Arawashi here?

Looks like it!

Are you shitting me?!

Haven't you pulled that thing apart yet?

I'm trying!

10 minutes!

It's too late to change the thing's course now.

Everyone stay calm and evacuate.

Tell the neighbors.

We don't know how bad the damage will be.

Let's go!

Is our house gonna blow up?

We'd be lucky if it ended with the house!

Grandma, what do we do with this?

Take it with you, of course!

Mother, the bankbook!

Natsuki! Move it!


Did he leave any logs behind in the control sector?

Let me see!

Are you still trying to do something?

They said you can't change its course.

Riichi-san, you said that Arawashi's course could be changed with GPS coordinates, right?


We can send its GPS false information just like he did yesterday!

It's here.

You can see its footprints!

If you induce an error in the landing information...

You might be able to change its course a bit!

But I don't know if it'll work or not, so everyone get clear.


Hurry, you all!


We haven't lost yet!

What happened here?

This is it!


The password's been changed.

He's trying to stop you!

That can't be...

Calm down! We're right here with ya!

You can do it.

Do it!


Do your best!


It's open!

That was fast.

We're locked out!

Damn it!

Once more!


I lowered his defense stats to zero!

Blow him to bits!

Off you go!


2 minutes left!

It's open!

Not again!

He's doing the calculations in his head?

1 minute!

Stop getting in the waaaay!

Please let this work!

It's a hot spring!

A hot spring!

A hot spring appeared!

Ueda High pulls off a miraculous comeback!

Advancing to the nationals for the first time in 24 years,

After a grueling 15 overtime innings,

the mound is swarmed with victorious players!

Shouts of joy are filling the stadium!

Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Grandma.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday!


Come on, don't cry, Ryouhei.

It moved! That's weird!

She's saying, "Thank you."


You did good.

I saw Wabisuke-san on the news.

He came forward by himself, didn't he?

However, the professor only designed the A.I. Love Machine,

and the American military is responsible for turning it loose.

Though thankfully there were no casualties,

it is clear that the organizations responsible for this incident

will have to take responsibility for their actions.

Ah, right. Tell Kenji

he doesn't have to come back for a while.

He says you don't have to come back.

No, but I have to.

How about you two marry for real?

But you have to start dating first, right?

What do you think?

If you say you like her, I'll kill you!

Do you hate Natsuki?

I'll kill you if you say that, too!

I-I love her!

You bastard!

I'm glad.

Thank you.

Kiss, kiss!

Hey, you!

I'll arrest ya!

My nose!

What a wimp!