Summer Survivors (2018) - full transcript

Summer Survivors is a road film, where a psychologist Indre is ordered to take two young patients - Paulius and Juste - to a psychiatric hospital in a seaside town. Indre is a psychology post graduate who has difficulties communicating people herself, Paulius suffers from bipolar disorder and his mood is shifting, Juste is being treated after a suicide attempt, but she refuses to admit she needs help. Travelling together makes them closer to each other, but will this help them to survive?

You OK in there?

I'm waiting for Dr. Dumauskas.

He's sleeping. He worked all night.

That's OK, I can wait.

- Can I do anything for you?
- I'm fine, I'll just wait here.


How are you? Can we talk now?

- Hello Inga.
- Indre.

She spent the whole night
waiting for me.

I'm busy.

That's OK, I can wait.

- OK.
- Hi.

We're here about our daughter.
Austeja Bylaite.

Could you wait outside?
I'm busy right now.

We want the release papers.

This doesn't concern you.

What do you mean?

If she wants out, she'll tell me
and we can talk about it.

We're her parents. There's no point
keeping her here.

Do you know how old she is?

Twenty five years old.

If she was sixteen,
I'd ask for your opinion.

She's better off with her parents
at home than in this madhouse.

With you?

No, I don't think so.

- Is he taking the p*ss?
- Yes, he is.


Yes, I know.

I'm getting a trainee in a month.
But you can work with me until then.


You'll help me with the patients.
This is Paulius.


You misunderstood. I want
to work with biofeedback.

Not with patients.
I'm here to do research.

Help me for a month, then we'll see.

And you'll help me with my research?

Tomorrow at 9 a.m.

How do you like your roommate?


How did you sleep?


How are your meds?

Any side effects?

Hands shaking, headaches,
nausea? Anything like that?

- Juste?
- No.

Do you have any questions?


Do you want to go home?

Juste, we have to work together
if we're going to make any progress.

What are you thinking about?

I'm not sick.

You tried to kill yourself.

Didn't you, Juste?

That doesn't mean I'm sick.

Why are you afraid of being sick?

I'm not.

But you don't like
me saying you're sick.

Because I'm not.

You've got to do something.
Come on, sweetie.

How about a gym membership
or something?

You could go there with mum.

Or a solarium?

We know this is
because of the lack of sun.

It's driving everyone crazy.
Not just you.

You could try some pills.

Like vitamins

or supplements.

Talk to the doctor
about releasing you.

You'd be much better at home.

What do you think?

I'll see what I can do.

He's started jogging.

He didn't leave his room
for two months.

- He doesn't speak?
- He refuses to.


What's wrong with him?

Manic depression.


Shouldn't we say "bipolar"?

That's what it's called now.

Tell him that, he'll get better.

We need to monitor him.

I think he's going through a change.

No one can beat him at backgammon
when that happens.

He's doing much better.

He seemed better
when we examined him.

But he refused to show me
if he'd swallowed the meds.

You should have called the doctor.

We can't keep patients

- until they're 100% recovered.
- Did I say anything about 100%?

I've had him for years.

- He's going through a change.
- That means we can't do anything.

Take the blood tests
for lithium concentration tomorrow.

Are we done?

Who are we talking about?

Paulius, we can't keep him
here anymore.

I've got the brochure
for the sports festival.

I'd like you to encourage everyone
to take part in it.

Put these leaflets at reception.

Got a light?


Want to join the sports festival?

Mantas is rubbish.

Who, me? Watch this.

How about that?

Nothing but net!

What the hell...

Half of us have scored.

Two in a row?

I'm good, thanks.

Do you not want to share?

I'll take it.

I'm hungry today.

I mean...

It's not like I'm a model.

Any changes in treatment
as we discharge Paulius?

- No, I'm leaving it as it is.
- OK.

Everything's all set with Palanga?

What about Palanga?

Algis is sending Paulius
to a doctor in Palanga.

- I've arranged for his transfer.
- He's registered there.

How will you transfer him?

We'll take the hospital car.

We never do that.

Don't start, Rita.

- Who's going to drive?
- Do you drive?

- Indre?
- What?

- Do you drive?
- Yeah, so?

- All set then.
- What do you mean?

You'll take Paulius
and Juste to Palanga.


Yes. I'm sending her
to see a colleague.

The new girl who tried
to kill herself?

Are Vilnius doctors no good?

- It's not like that.
- What is it then?

Indre will drive them, it's decided.

- Why me?
- Because you can drive.

What about the hospital drivers?

They can't,
they're busy with the festival.

They won't have the time.

I don't have a car.

You used to have one.

- It was my boyfriend's car.
- Borrow it.

- We broke up.
- Take the hospital car.

- I only drive automatic.
- You'll have an automatic car.

- They'll need it for the festival.
- No, they won't.

I just need the drivers,
not the cars.

I can't go alone with them.

Of course you can't.

Just ask a nurse to help you.

Sure, and wait a year
for the answer?

Sorry, I forgot
the rules were different for you.

Is Danguole working on the festival?


What am I to say to them?

Do they seem chatty?

Why are you sending
Juste to Palanga?

- Indre, it's not about Palanga.
- Then what?

Just do as I say.

We have to get through to her.

- Do you understand?
- No.

Do you have a degree in psychology?

When I'm back
I'll work on biofeedback,

and I won't deal
with patients anymore.

Any other requests?

Good morning!


I'm Indre.

I'll be coming with you.

OK, Indre.

You OK?

Did you sleep?



I hate to release you.

But I have no choice.

You know?

Your blood tests came through.

Lithium concentration.

Come on, Paulius.

No one's going to take
those meds for you.

Does your mania feel good?
Do you miss it?

Five years I've been seeing you.
How many times have you been here?

You felt better
and stopped taking lithium.

That makes sense.

Hypomania is cool, like mania.

You take a loan, go to a concert,
then drive around in a car.

It's fun.

The mania will pass
and what comes next?



- When will you be back?
- Tonight.

Then bring me back the keys.

That's it then. Call me if anything.

Great. Thank you.

Safe journey.

Good morning.



Could we stop at my brother's?


You've started talking?

- Yes.
- Why now?

I don't know.
Could we stop at my brother's?

He's got keys for the flat in
Palanga, I'll pick up some clothes.

- What are we doing?
- We're driving.

No, I mean, about Paulius.

- How are you feeling?
- Fine.

Hang on.

Paulius, how are you feeling?

I'm kidding, I'm fine.
I feel good. It's all good.

- Really?
- Yes.

- How good?
- I'm fine.

- Too good?
- No, just good.

I feel good.

Why are you laughing?

- I'm not.
- You are, why are you laughing?

Give me a second.

Which one?

We're not staying long.
Get the keys and we'll go.


I can't let you go alone, can I?

- I'm not your prisoner.
- I can't let you go alone.

I'll just go see my brother
and come back.

I'm coming with you.

I'm just getting the keys.

We're going together, end of story.

For f**k's sake...

OK, so who are we, then?

What do you mean?

We can't just tell my brother
I'm on my way to the loony bin

and you're my psychiatrist.

- Psychologist.
- Psychologist.

- Your brother doesn't know?
- No, he doesn't.

- Where did you tell him you were?
- Working in Spain.

You don't have much of a tan.


You're a colleague, we met in Spain

and you're giving me a lift
to Palanga.

Sorry, can I use
your brother's toilet

since we're here?

OK, alright.

You're Indre's mother.

You two are going to the sea
and giving me a lift.

What about Juste?

- Is she coming too?
- I'm not leaving her alone.

Can I stay here?

No, you're coming with us.

- She's not going to kill herself.
- Paulius!

Right, you're my girlfriend, you're
her cousin, you're Indre's mother.

And we're off to a wedding,
your cousin's wedding.

Shouldn't her cousin be my brother?


F**k, I still look like s**t.

Does it matter so much
what your brother thinks?

He can't see your arms, okay?

Shall we?

Didn't you want to use the bathroom?

- Down there, on the left.
- Thank you.

So, what's in Palanga?

- A wedding.
- Yeah?

- Whose?
- Our cousin's.

- So, are you sisters or cousins?
- Cousins.

So, it's the brother of one of you?


Do you play an instrument?


What instrument?



Is that a turtle?

What's going on guys?
Why the long faces?

We need to go now, Paulius.
Get your keys.

You just got here.
Stay a bit longer.

Sorry, bro,
we're in a bit of a rush.

Come on, you just got here.
Stay a little longer.

They're in a hurry, Lauris.
I'll see you later, OK?

No, you'll go away again.
Stay with me.

You didn't even ask where mum is.

- Where is mum?
- Who knows.

Where's mum?

In Norway with Rimas.

Since when? Didn't they break up?

- They got back together.
- When?

When you were in the hospital.

What? I know
where you've been, mum told me.

When did you get out?

Give me the keys, we've got to go.


Just give me the keys.

I'm trying to.

- Come on, don't f**k around.
- Take it easy.


What the f**k are you doing?

- I'll do the Boston Crab on you.
- You're a f*****g crab!

- Stop it, Paulius, let's go!
- OK, I'm coming.

- I'm Julija.
- Juste.

Sorry, bro.

It's all good. Don't be mad.

- Did you like it?
- What?

- Being my girlfriend.
- Pretending I was your girlfriend.



Are you mad at your brother?


He knew and didn't come to see you.

Was this your first time?

- Your first therapy?
- I'm not in therapy.

- Your first time in hospital?
- Yes.

He's not bad.

Your brother?

Everyone just gets sick of it
at some point.

If you're ill for six months
then that's fine.

A year is tough,
but it's understandable.

But eventually people
stop bothering.

Because you're supposed
to get better.

- If you don't it's your own fault.
- Let's shut up and eat.

I don't want you getting upset.

I'm not upset,
that's just how it is.

Your girlfriend will understand
if you get depressed.

She'll try to comfort you,

telling you it's not your fault.

But if you get manic,
no one's going to pat you and say:

"You slept with ten girls in a week,
because of the illness."

I'm not looking for a medal,

but come on, ten girls in a week
is not a bad achievement.

Takes a lot of energy!

Paulius, tell this
to your doctor in Palanga.


I can't tell you?


- Look, they're coming after you.
- Stop it.

- Here, I'll get it.
- Thanks.


- What?
- It says "Lukas".

Give me that.

Go use the toilet, if you need to.
We won't be stopping later on.

I'm staying here.

Was that your guy?

Your ex?

What's going on?

Indre spoke to someone on the phone
and now she's pissed off.

Are you two fighting?

- Tell me about it.
- I can't discuss this with you.

Why not?

Yeah, why not?

Because I work in the hospital
and you are patients, OK?

It's hard not to talk in a car.

We can't talk about the weather.

We all know why we're here.

That girl at your brother's,

Do you know her?

She introduced herself.

- What did she tell you?
- Nothing, just her name.

- You got angry when you saw her?
- No, I didn't.

Was there something
between you and her?

Even though
she was with your brother?

She wasn't.

What do you mean?


- It's Dr. Dumauskas.
- Could you answer it?

- Yes?
- Indre?

- How's it going?
- Fine, I've got you on speaker.

- Everyone can hear you.
- So what?

Nothing, just saying.

Where are you now?

We've still got quite far to go.

What about Danguole?


Seriously, where's Danguole?

Sorry, we got disconnected.
Danguole is fine.

Is she? She called me and said
she couldn't find you.

- Indre?
- We didn't forget her.

The car was making strange noises,
we had to go to a garage.

Why didn't you take
Danguole with you?

She got held up at the toilet.

What are you talking about?

- You need to be in Palanga by 4.
- We'll make it.

We'll pick Danguole up in a bit.

When will you go and get her?

I don't know,
there's a problem with the engine.

What sort of problem?

I don't know,
they're looking at it now.

Indre, stop talking rubbish.

You don't believe me?

Good morning.

Could you open the bonnet
and stand next to it?

- What?
- Open the bonnet.

I just need a picture.

What picture?

How should I put it...

- A picture of the car?
- No, a picture of you.

Standing by the car,
checking the engine.

I'll give you 10 euros.


OK, 20 euros,
that's all I have in cash.

I would've said yes to 10 euros.

- It doesn't look realistic.
- What?

I don't know.

His hands are too clean.

That's it!

That'll do.

- What's this? Can I have a look?
- Oh, it's nothing.

No, don't!

Is this a joke?

Did you escape from the loony bin?

Are they out searching for you?

She's our doctor's assistant.

Look, if you're not in a hurry...

Could I have a word with you?

- With me?
- Yes.

- Alright.
- It won't take long.

Why did you say I played music?

All of my girlfriends
were into music.


I don't know.
It just happens when you work a lot.

- So, you're also a musician?
- Yes.

What do you play?


You look like a thug to me.



And what do you do?

I was a translator,
Finnish into English.


Say something in Finnish.

Can you play the violin?

Got a boyfriend?


So I do have a chance.

No, I'm not a musician.

Thanks very much.

If you have any problems
with the car, you know where I am.

Thank you very much.

Get well soon.

- Who is it?
- Mum.

Answer it.


Tell her we love her!

Are we going to pick up Danguole?

No, the doctor said
we should go to Palanga first.

So, who's picking her up?

We are, on our way back.

She'll have to wait all that time?

It's not that far, Paulius.

Did you see anything?

- Where?
- When you tried to kill yourself.

Was it like they say
or nothing at all?

When I woke up I saw I was on a drip
and I had bandages on my arms.

Then I fell asleep.

And while you were sleeping?

- For me nothing happened.
- Why?

- At least you have the scar.
- At least.

- Want to hear a joke?
- Sure.

One sunny spring afternoon

a bird is out flying
and meets a butterfly.

It asks the butterfly,
"Hey, what are you up to?"

The butterfly says,
"I'm going to kill myself."

The bird's like,

"But the sun's about to go down.
You'll die soon anyway."

The butterfly goes,

"Yeah, I know.
But I'm depressed."

That's the end.

Oh, how I love you. How I love you!

Love even pales
against this feeling

Like an echo of distant thunder

Oh, how I love you,
How I love you!

Love even pales against this feeling

Like an echo of distant thunder

The burning fire of longing

What's your research about?


You said you were doing research.
What's it on?

It doesn't matter.

I believe it does, since you're
on a trip with two nutcases.

One nutcase.

It's on biofeedback.

What's that?

Is that the thing that's supposed
to help you to relax?

Basically, yeah.

That stuff was so easy to me.
I tried it once.

They told me,
"Now focus on yourself, stay calm."

I was like, "Guys, I'm depressed!
Believe me, I'm f*****g calm."

They never used it on me again.

What do you want to do with it?

I want to work with people
who've attempted suicide.

I want to monitor their
brain activity, make calculations

and predict any further
suicide attempts.

Can you calculate when
someone wants to kill themself?

Look, let's just forget about it.

How did you come up with this idea?

How did you come up
with not speaking?

For a laugh. What about your idea?

- I just did.
- "I just did."

It's hard to live a normal life

when you know someone close to you
is going to try to kill themself.

And can they live a normal life?


Maybe the folk wanting to kill
themselves are also scared.

But those close to them
don't know what they're feeling.

They don't know either.

- What?
- What they're feeling.

What are you feeling now?

- I don't know, lots of things.
- Like what?

I need a piss.

- What else?
- Look, what does it matter?

You're saying people know
their feelings.

But I'm not thinking
about them just now.

What about when
your boyfriend called you?

He's not my boyfriend.

OK, but what did you feel?

I don't know!

You know what I'm thinking?

What is Danguole feeling?

What's up?


- Why are you laughing?
- No reason.

Maybe you're doing
smiling exercises.


Like Austeja from my ward does,

something like this.

She says it helps.

- It might.
- Bulls**t.

If they told you that doing
the Chicken Dance every ten minutes

gave you a 100%, no, 10% chance
of getting better,

wouldn't you try it?

You know why I was laughing?

No, that's why I asked.

To see if you like me.

Because it's been proven that if
someone reacts to someone laughing

it means they care about
the person who's laughing.

So, you care about me.

Is that right, Indre?

- What is?
- What he said.

How should I know?

You're the psychologist here.

I don't know everything
that's been proven.

It makes sense, though.

- Well yeah, it does.
- Indre...

I don't see what's so funny here.

It's funny because
you're getting pissed off.

OK, let's say I do like you.
What's your goal then?

- My goal?
- Would you want to sleep with me?

Of course I would.

- While you're on Venlafaxine?
- What?

I saw you take Venlafaxine,
just like me.

So what?

Aren't you scared it wouldn't work?

Never mind.

Can we use the toilet?

- Are you buying anything?
- Do we have to?


Then no.

You go, I'll clean this up
and get some water.

Thank you.

Paulius is gone.

- What?
- He's not in the car.

Paulius, what are you doing?
Get in.

I'm OK, thanks. I'm going back.

- Paulius, get in the car.
- I told you, I feel good.

Paulius, please.

Paulius, listen to me.



Where are you?
The doctor's waiting.

We're almost there.

You better hurry. She's leaving
for a conference soon.

Yes, I know, I'm sorry.


What are you doing?
We need to go.

I am grateful for your help,
but you don't understand.

Can we please talk about it
in the car?

What will happen to me?

Please, Paulius,
get in the car and then we'll talk.

I go through these episodes.
But will it ever end?

It's going to be okay,
but we have to get going.

Then go!

Thanks for your help.

- Paulius!
- What?

No one even asked me
if I wanted to go there or not.

I don't know what to say to you.

What if I'm not sick?

What if I'm just
a really bad person?

What's the matter?

Something's wrong.

Let's get back in the car.

Give me your hand.

I've never cried before.
I don't know if I can stop.

It'll pass.

It'll pass.

It'll pass.

Good evening. Sure, great.

No, we're not coming back.

It's OK.

We were late,
but she'll see us tomorrow.

No, I didn't think about it.

Don't worry,
we'll find a place to say.

We can stay at my place.

We'll stay with Paulius.

I know, I said I'm sorry.

I can...

He hates me.


He likes you.

He said you were weird.

- Weird?
- Yeah.

That's not good.

The guy's been working
as a psychiatrist for thirty years.

It was a compliment.

So, are we staying here?

Yes, we'll see the doctor tomorrow
then head back to Vilnius.

Weren't we supposed to pick up
Danguole on our way back?



- Don't you feel sorry for them?
- Why?

They'll never be as happy as we are.

You think I'm talking rubbish?

We will get better.

Good evening. Can I take your order?


- Hi!
- Hi!

- Oh my God!
- How are you?

Good, I barely recognised you.

- I've put on some weight, right?
- Oh, stop it!

What are you doing here?

We're on holiday.

Oh, cool.

I met Jonas the other day,
remember him?

He had all these stories about you.

He said you were in a loony bin.

He's such a gossiper,
he hasn't changed a bit.

- Good to see you alive and well.
- Yes. Me too.

- Are you staying here for a bit?
- Yeah, I am.

- We should get together sometime.
- Sure, yeah, of course.

I'll write my number
on the bill, OK?

- With a little heart.
- And spray it with perfume.


Can we order?

Sure, what are you having?

I'm still deciding.

- A Greek salad for me.
- We don't have that.

Veal soup?

- OK, full portion or half?
- Full.

Excuse me?

Could you play this song
from the beginning?

I'd like to sing it with you.

I'll sing again

Even though my voice has gone hoarse

I'll sing again

Even if I'm mute

I'll sing again

Hoping that my songs

Will reach you

Through the world's noise.

A single drop of dew on my lips

That's all I need

My songs have turned into whispers

A single drop of dew on my lips

That's all I need

My songs have turned into whispers

I'll sing again

I'll sing again

How about a swim?

Come on!

Don't go too far!

I want to talk to Juste, OK?

Please go to room 318
for registration.

OK, Paulius?

- Do you have your things?
- Yeah, in the car.

Well, on you go.

I'm listening.

How about a hug?

See you.

- Hello?
- Paulius, how are you?

Missed your call.

Yeah, I called you.

Just wanted to know how you've been.

I'm OK. And you?
How's Palanga? All good?

Sure, I'm good.

Nice weather in Palanga.
How is it over there?

Really hot, but the weather's great.
How's your flat?

- Yeah, it's all the same
- Cool.

- Nothing's changed.
- Great.

If you've got nothing on, I could
come and see you next weekend.

- Yeah, sure.
- Great, see you soon.

- Keep in touch.
- We'll go for a beer.

- Take care.
- Perfect, see you!