Summer Story (2004) - full transcript

Dikla Barkai and Yoav Roeh present:

A film by Shmuel Peleg Haimovich


Costa Kaplan

Aya Koren

Tiki Dayan
Moshe Folkenflik

Albert Ilooz
Itamar Cohen

Danny Schteg
Evelyn Hagoel

Sarah Von Schvartze
Eden Katz

Original Music by:
Yonatan Bar-Giora

Production Designer:
Yoel Hertzberg

Editing: Gila Cohen

Director of Photography:
Shai Goldman

Produced by:
Dikla Barkai and Yoav Roeh

Written and Directed by:
Shmuel Haimovich

Boaz, a rabbit!


Look where I'm pointing.
About 20 meters from here. See it?

Give me the bow...
-No way!

Now I saw it.

Not even close.


Is there a problem with the plane?
-It's fine.

What are you doing, kid?

Just looking.
-Get down, now.

At the end of summer vacation I'm
going to Eilat to my Uncle Hillel.

He's a crop-duster pilot too.

Your Uncle Hillel is
a crop-duster pilot?

You know him?


He said he'd take me
flying with him.

Last time we were there,
he said I was too little...

Kid, you're bothering me.


Come here.

-I want you to give me a hand.

Put your left foot here,
get inside.

Look at me, Boaz!
-I'm looking.

It's a miracle what the Lord did
for me during summer vacation.

He made the crop-duster
land in our field.



It's 8:30 a.m.

and even though
it's summer vacation,

me and Boaz are
used to getting up early,

because up until not long ago,
we were still in school.

My dad is in the war now.

So is Boaz's dad,
and his big brother Avishai.

They went to kick the terrorists
out of Lebanon.

They'll conquer 40 kilometers,
then they'll come home.

Come here.

Excuse me,
where do the Guetas live?

There are no Guetas here.

"Dear Moshe,

"You've been at war
for over a month now.

"On the radio and TV
they're still calling it

"'Operation Peace in the Galilee',
but I think it is a war.

"Yesterday on TV I saw soldiers
bathing in a waterfall in Lebanon

"and thought you may be
one of them.

"I tried imagining
which one of them was you.

"Perhaps you'll change your mind
and send me a picture after all.

"Even a passport picture.
It doesn't matter to me."

Chaya, when are you going to
the henhouse? -Soon. -Okay.

I asked you to buy me more
stationary two days ago, didn't I?

Yes, and when I go into town,
I'll buy some.

Did you take your pills?
-Yes, I took my pills.

Bye, Michali.
-Bye, Gal.

Gal, did you put what you want
to send to Dad in the parcel?

I haven't decided yet.
-Make up your mind and tell me.

I'm sending him a drawing.
Look, Gal. -What is it?

Mom, Dad, you and me playing
in the yard. -Very nice.

Wait, kid!

Are you the mailman around here?

Why aren't there any names on
the mailboxes? To piss me off?

I don't know.

Where do the Guetas live?
-Which Guetas?

How many Guetas are there?

Ovadia Gueta.

Turn around, then turn right.

Not only are you late, I don't get
"Shalom" (Hello) either?

"Shalom" (Also peace).

If everyone said "Shalom"
maybe peace would finally come.

Did you hear 5 soldiers were
killed yesterday? -Really?

Yes, really.

Those soldiers are
there for you, Gal.

You should be grateful.

I am grateful.


Isn't that heavy?
-My car broke down.

We're looking for Gueta. We were
told he lives on this street.

-Ovadia Gueta.

Oh, Gueta.
-Gueta, yeah, Gueta.

Never heard of him.
Is he from this village?

No, but we were passing by
and thought we'd ask.

Gal, any mail for us?
-Yes, for Chaya.

Can you go give it to her
in the henhouse?

She's anxiously waiting
for a letter.

There are some letters for you.


Hey, kid?

What's your name?

Are you new in the village?
-Four years.

The Levy family.
We live in the Bitons old house.

Do you sell stationary
at the post office?

I don't know,
I just started working.

If there is,
could you bring me some?

But colorful. And no "Dallas"
or Bobby Ewing stationary.


Hey, kid.

It's kind of urgent.

I've lived in this village
for 4 years

and it's the first time
I've saw Chaya.

She never leaves the house.
Something must be wrong with her.

She's supposed to be
in the army by now.

Hey, kid! Wait up!

You think I'm stupid?
-Why do you say that?

Get in the truck,
take us to Gueta.

It's where I told you.
-I don't care what you told me.

Get in. I don't have all day.

You mean you haven't
found Ovadia Gueta yet?

Everybody knows him. -I don't
know if everybody knows him,

but I'm sure as hell
that you know him. Get in.

Is this Gueta?
-No, what do you want?

We want Ovadia.
-He's not here. He went to the army.

Ovadia, run!

Get up! Get up!

Where are you running to,
Ovadia, eh?

I'm the only one who can work
in the greenhouse.

Who'll work in the greenhouse?
You understand me?

We understand and we sympathize.

Where are you taking him?

Look at the poor baby
without his father!

Let me say goodbye to the baby.

Take care of him.
He's my heir.

You said they come at night, Ovadia.

You little shit,
you brought them here?

Fuck you!
-I'm sorry, Ovadia.

Just wait till I get back,
you son of a bitch!

Go to your mother, you...

Get in!

You coming?
-What are you gonna do to him?

You coming or not?


Gal, can you read me a story?
Mom went over to Dalia's

and said if I'm tired and
she's not here...

Which story?
-"The Golden Hearted Flower".

Haven't you heard it before?
-Yes, but I wanna hear it again.

Where were we?

"Dear woman,
said the doctor..."

We were way after that.
-No we weren't.

"Dear woman, said the doctor,
you are gravely ill."

"Dear woman, said the doctor,
you are gravely ill.

"No medicine can
cure your illness.

"Only one thing can help you.
The scent of a magical flower.

"The Golden Hearted Flower."

Are you crazy?

What is this?
-Pamela, from "Dallas".

And that's what you want
to send to Dad?

Why not? He always says
she's the prettiest.

You think he won't like it? -He'll
like it. -That's what I thought.

You know how long it took me
to pick out what to send him?

Put it in the parcel.

What's up?

Did you think about what
we spoke about Lebanon?

Boaz, no way they'll
let you into Lebanon.

Yes they will.

I'll tell them about Avishai.

What about Avishai?
-He's in the unit.

I didn't tell you till now,
because it's top secret,

but as soon as I get to Fatma Gate,
I say his name,

and I'm in. In a flash!

As soon as you get to where?

Fatma Gate.
The border crossing into Lebanon.


So are you coming with me?
-I don't think so.

Fine, you bastard,
who needs you anyway?

You'll beg to come with me!

"In your last letter,
you wrote to me about death.

"About your dreams and what
you might miss if you are killed.

"You won't be killed, and please
don't write about that anymore.

"There are so many beautiful things
in life to write about.

"Don't think about death
and you'll live a long life.

"Here in my village,
it's business as usual..."

There's a parcel for you,
but you have to sign for it.

I brought you the stationary too.
It cost 20 shekels.

I'll go get the money.


Thanks. Is the stationary okay?
-Yes, very nice.

Want something to drink?
-No, I have to get back to work.


No mail for you, Dadon.
-Okay, come here.

I've got a letter here.
Take it to Miriam Atia.


This for you.

And don't tell anyone
I gave you the letter.

Why would I tell?

I don't know, but if anyone
asks you, don't tell.

And don't tell even
if they don't ask you.

That's what I'm paying you for,

Yes, but...
-No but's. Do we have a deal?

I shouldn't tell whether
I'm asked or not. -Exactly.

Don't tell.
Now get back to work.

Just to let you know, Dadon,
I wouldn't tell in any case.

I don't care why you send letters
to Miriam Atia.

"Dear Chaya, how are you?
I hope you like the bells.

"I saw them in a marketplace
in Lebanon and thought of you.

"I bought them from
a boy on a bicycle.

"I think I scared him
when I asked him to stop.

"He reminded me
of myself as a kid.

"When we are kids, we enjoy
the simple things in life.

"I remember how
I loved riding my bike."

Isn't sunbathing fun?

It's so relaxing.

We agree on many things.

Why don't you ask me
to be your girlfriend, Gal?

Will you be my girlfriend?


Can you give me a hand
with something?


I've never seen you
riding a bike.

My boyfriend will be coming
soon from the army.

He'll take me for a ride.
-You have a boyfriend?


I don't know.

I think it's okay now.

What's his name?

Your boyfriend.
-Moshe Mendelbaum.

He's not from the village.
-No. He's a soldier in Lebanon.

Are you okay?

That's why you never go out.

I never go out?
Where have I just been?


What's wrong with you?
-I have a weak heart.

And now it's getting stronger
because of the pills?

Wanna listen to it?

What happened?

It stopped for a second.
It's okay now.

Don't scare me.

How's yours?

Did you comb your hair?

It looks nice.

Who are all these guys?
-Soldiers I correspond with.

Is your boyfriend
Moshe Mendelbaum here too?

He didn't send me a picture.

Why not?
-I don't know.

But he writes real nice.
-So what?

Maybe he'll send one
in his next letter.

Maybe he's ugly.
All the ugly guys write nice.

Moshe isn't ugly.
-You never know.

Do you love him?

Because you don't know
what he looks like. -So what?

Never mind.

I have to go. Bye.

Do you like my hair or should
I get it straightened? -What?

Should I get my hair straightened?
-You moron,

what do I know about girls' hairdos?
-I'm just asking you.

My sister had her hair straightened
and it came out really nice.

Your sister is ugly.

Your sister is ugly!
-No she's not!

And stop calling me a moron!

I don't feel like
talking about hairdos.

Who's prettier, me or Sigal?

Gosh, Ronit! Can't you see
I'm mowing the lawn?

You think Sigal's prettier,
don't you?

No, Sigal isn't pretty at all.

On a scale from one to ten,
how would you rate her?

I'd rate her ugly.

Why don't you write me letters, Gal?

We'll write each other letters,

and since you're the postman,
we won't need stamps.

You'll tell me things
and I'll tell you.

You're really stupid.

We live in the same village.
Why write letters to each other?

I'm never talking to you again!

You know, Aliza, the way you
suck on candy is really annoying.

You know, Gal, how many kids would
want your job during vacation?


How many soldiers
were killed yesterday?

I don't know. How many?

Two soldiers, Gal.
Two young soldiers!


The Prime Minister spoke
at a rally in Tel Aviv

supporting the IDF in
Operation Peace in the Galilee.

President Reigan will decide
in the next few days...

Hello, Miriam.


do you send letters to
all the women in the village?

Of course not. I'm writing
to my kids in Canada.

Listen, Dadon.

I want you to stop sending me
letters and stop calling me.

Okay. -I'm very sorry
that your wife ran off to Canada.

But find yourself
an available woman. Not me.

That's not it, Miriam.
That's not it. Wait...

I'm not waiting...
-Just a second, Miriam!

One second outside, okay?


Hold this as if you're here
to fix it. Just for one second.

How are you, Zehava?
-Fine, Miriam.

How are you?

I came to fix the faucet.

It's taking hours.

Look how beautiful
we used to be.

We're 4 years old
in this picture, Dadon.

What are you trying to say? -Just
that we used to be so beautiful.

Stop sending me letters.

"Moshe Mendelbaum"

Is there something
interesting outside? -What? No.

I was just looking outside.

Did you want something?

Why are you here?
-There are...

three letters for you.

Thank you.


Want some lemonade?

What's the matter, Chaya?
-He didn't send me his picture.

He's in the middle of a war.
What do you expect?

I wrote to him that
it's very important to me.

And that if he doesn't have one,
his parents should send me one.

Maybe he wants to surprise you.

So you won't know what he
looks like before you meet.

He doesn't want to be another one
of your soldiers in the pictures.

He wants to be special.

You think?
-I'm sure.

I'd do the same.
I wouldn't send a picture.

I already picked out what
I'll wear for him. Wanna see?

Very nice.


There you are, you shit!
Come here!

Ovadia, he's just a kid!
-Come here, or I'll kill you!

She's having a heart attack!

I'll give your mother
a heart attack, you bastard!

Stop, you bastard!

There you are!
I've been looking for you!

Gal, I made a sophisticated bomb.


Mom! -I've told you a million
times, say hello when you come in.


"Heart defects"

Hey, kid.

Where do the Cohens live?

Elad Cohen is in the army.
He's not a deserter.

I know that.
Where does he live?

Are you gonna answer me or not?

First tell me why
you're looking for him.




I'm so sorry.

Everyone's pretending to be sad.

He beat you up, didn't he?

Just once, on the basketball court.
But I fought back. -Yeah, right.

Hey, he's a big guy.
I don't have a brother like you do.

The main thing is that he's dead.
-Quiet! This is a funeral.

The funeral of a son of a bitch.

Don't say son of a bitch.
He was Aliza's son.

Hey, I talked to
my brother Avishai.

He and his unit were in
a serious operation in Beirut!

Did you tell him
you're joining the war? -Not yet.

What's your problem?

Hey, everybody! Gal is
laughing at the funeral of...

Gal said he didn't know
they were Military Police.

You wanna mess with me too?
-He's sorry you were in jail.

And he's glad you got out so fast.

Get out of here, Bukovza,
before I dance on your face.

He wants to buy some flower pots.

How many?
-Five or six.

Twenty-five or six.

You know how much money
I lost because of you?

Do you?


How much?

A lot.

This is nice.

You're gonna have a botanical
garden in your ugly yard.

It's not for me.
-Then who's it for?


For the heart attack
you gave her?


Are you her boyfriend?
-What? -Are you her boyfriend?

A little.

Hi, Ronit.

Tell me again, Sigal, how do
you like my straightened hair?

It looks really nice.

Listen, I looked up
a few things for you.

"Tips for heart patients:
Avoid unnecessary stress,

"exercise moderately,
and walk extensively.

"If you have a heart attack,
put some chili on your tongue

"and it'll go away."
Listen, Chaya. This is important.

"You can also crush radish leaves
and mix them in red wine,

"and taking a salt bath
once a day is recommended."

Smell the flowers.



You jerk.

You're really naked, eh?

No, I'm wearing a bathing suit.

Of course I'm naked.
-I knew it.

How much salt did you put in?
-Five kilos.

Then how come you're not floating?
-Okay, I put a little.

Pick out a picture
from the album.

This one.

It's for you.

Okay. I don't care.

I'm going to America in two weeks.
-Why? You got friends there?

I'm going to have a surgery.

On your heart?


I'll have a scar.

Gal, I'm really tired.

Then go to sleep.

But I want you to read me
"The Golden Hearted Flower" story.


Hello, Miriam.

What are you doing up there, Dadon?
-Just checking the boiler.

I heard you had a problem...

Get off my roof right now.

Look, Miriam,
it's just the thermostat...

Did you hear what I said?

Miriam, I just want to help you...
-I swear, I'm going to scream.

Go home!

Hello, Chaya.

Why don't you say hello?
-I don't talk to deserters.

I'm not a deserter.

I'm a conscientious objector.

Aren't all these wars a waste?

People die.

It's sad.

I'm against it.

You're a coward.

I may be a coward,
but your heroes kill.

Can I take this one, Mom?

You didn't see which one.

That one is nice. Good choice.

What do you say?
-Thank you.

Who is it for?

Never mind.

Will you help me put it on?

Moshe is coming to see me today.

-He's on leave... finally.

You got a letter from Moshe.

The next bus won't be here
for another hour and a half.

I already have a plane ticket,
you know?

When are you leaving?

On Thursday.

If I don't see him today,

I may never see him.

You got a letter from him.

"Dear Chaya,

"I received your last letter

"and was excited to hear that
we share many hopes and desires.

"And by the way, no.

"it doesn't bother me that
you correct my spelling mistakes.

"I was very sorry that
my leave was postponed.

"I was so anxious to see you.

"The picture you sent me
is always with me.

"Sometimes I take it out
of my pocket and look at you.

"As I'm writing this letter,

"you are by my side
and you are so beautiful.

"Many times, during patrols
and stakeouts I think about you.

"I think about what we'll be able
to do together when we finally meet.

"What we'll talk about,
where we'll go.

"Write to me,
if you have any ideas.

"We'll go anywhere you want.

"We could just stay home
and listen to records.

"Maybe we'll cook together.

"If I'm going too far
with my thoughts,

"don't be ashamed to tell me.

"I feel, Chaya,
that I love you very much,

"even though we haven't met.

"Even if you don't feel the same,
don't stop writing.

"Your letters encourage me and
I read them over and over again.

"Be well and take care.

"Yours, Moshe Mendelbaum."


Is Chaya gonna die?

Who told you that?

Did Chaya tell you
she's going to die? -No.

Gal, Chaya is going to America
to have surgery... -I know.

She'll be fine.

You know Michali's story about
the Golden Hearted Flower? -Yes.

Do you believe that if
you smell it, it can cure you?

It's a fairytale, Gal.
You know there's no such flower.

Even if there was, that boy
David picked the last one.

Are you making fun of me?

I'm not making fun of you.

Do you know why David's mother
got better in the story?

Not because of the flower.

Because her son made her happy,
he wanted her to get better.

Happy people are healthy people.

"Mom, I told Uncle Hillel I'd be
at his place in the morning.

"I'll call you on the way.
Bye, Gal."

Hello, Aliza.


You know, Aliza,
I'm going to Eilat for a week.

Okay, don't worry.

Are you feeling better?


I'm going to Lebanon.

You're coming with me
to Lebanon?

I'm leaving tonight.

Tonight? It was my idea.
I decide when we're going.

So do you wanna come with me?

You're a son of a bitch,
you know that?

It was my idea and
I'm not ready now.

But you already have
everything prepared.

I'm not ready.
Don't you understand?

I can't wait for you.

You can't wait for me?

I have to save Chaya.

I'm going to Lebanon to take
Moshe Mendelbaum's picture.

Who's Moshe Mendelbaum?
-Some soldier. It doesn't matter.

You wanna come with me?
-What soldier?

Do you wanna come with me or not?

Where to?
-Kiryat Shmona.

Driver, wait!

Boaz. What's going on?


What's up, Boaz?
-Don't talk to me.

Why not?
You came in the end.

I said, don't talk to me.

We won't talk
all the way to Lebanon?

I'm not answering you,
don't you get it?

Lebanon was my idea.

I didn't even want to go there,
I wanted to go to Eilat.

Just because of Moshe Mendelbaum...
-Shut up!

You and Moshe Mendelboim
are getting on my nerves!

I was gonna go tomorrow. -Then
go today, does it really matter?

Yes, it matters.

Tomorrow I was supposed to go
into town to try on some glasses.

That's why you never hit the rabbits.
-Yes I do!

You didn't see,
that's your problem!

"Dear Moshe,

"This is probably the last letter

"I'll be sending you
in the near future.

"I didn't tell you,

"because I was afraid you wouldn't
want to correspond anymore.

"Now I am ready to tell you.

"I am going to America...

"to have surgery.

"I do not know if and
when I'll be coming back.

"I hope and pray, Moshe,
that you will find true love.

"This will be
my last letter to you.

"Don't write to me anymore.

"I am a liar and a coward.

"And I love you.

"Goodbye, Chaya."

Excuse me.

How do I get to Fatma Gate?
-It's past your bedtime, kid.

Mom? It's not too late, is it?

Yeah, I made it.

Hillel's here.
He sends his regards.

He's talking to
some guy he knows.

Go to sleep. It's okay.

No, I'm not sad. Just tired.



Did you find a ride?

No, I'm navigating by the map.



Wanna come with me?



I didn't mean to steal
your idea to go to Lebanon.

I only did it for Chaya.
So she'll have Moshe's picture.

Couldn't she find someone else
to do it for her?

No. I'm the only friend she has.


You hear that?
-What is it?



We made it to the war, Gal!
We made it to the war!


When is the vehicle leaving
for the city? -In 20 minutes.

Load the kid.
-Just a minute, sir!

I came a long way for this war.

I'm Avishai Bukovza's brother,
from the unit.

He said I could join him.
-Yeah, in 8 years.

The war will be over by then.
-Don't worry.

There'll be another one.

But sir! -The IDF thanks you,
Boaz Bukovza,

for your readiness to
take part in our struggle.

Do you know Moshe Mendelbaum?

I'm looking for him.

Excuse me, do you know
Moshe Mendelbaum? -No.

Does anybody know
Moshe Mendelbaum?

Excuse me, do you know
Moshe Mendelbaum?

Hey, kid! Come here.

Looking for Moshe Mendelbaum?
-Yeah, you know him?


But sir!

What did I do?

I need a picture of Moshe, so Chaya
can see him before she leaves.

Okay, in the vehicle, now.

Wait! He knows Moshe!
-I don't give a shit.

This isn't a daycare center!
-Yigal, wait.

I can't. The vehicle is leaving now.
-Just a minute, Yigal.


Moshe is near Beirut,
you can't reach him.

So this is what we'll do.
I look a little like Moshe.

Will it matter to Chaya if she
saw my picture instead of his?

Can you hold this?



Do you know where Chaya is?

Chaya who?
-Chaya Levtov.

They took her to the hospital.
-Which hospital?

Hello, Gal!
-Hello, Ronit.

Where's my mom?

She went to give the police
a picture of you.

Everybody's looking
for you and Boaz!


What are you doing?

Never mind, Dadon,
this is important.

You've gotta take me
to the hospital.

Dadon, it's very important.
if you don't take me,

I'll tell everyone you sent
letters to Miriam Atia.

C'mon, Dadon!

You can't go in the operating room!

Get out of here!

I took his picture!

Hi, Gal.

I'm glad you came.
-How are you, Chaya?


So you're having the surgery
in Israel? -Yes.

I brought you something.

Why aren't you in Eilat?

Because I went to Lebanon.
I took Moshe's picture for you.

He let you? -I explained
how much it meant to you.

I told you he's handsome.

Now you're gonna be fine, Chaya.
Don't worry.

How do you know?
-You'll see.

My birthday is in two weeks.

I'll be 20.

Maybe I'll throw a party.
Will you come? -Sure.

Hey, kid.

Where does the Levtov family live?

I need to go there.

Who are you looking for?

Chaya. You know her?

Are you Moshe Mendelbaum?

Yeah. How did you...

"Chaya (Sharon) Levtov"

Why "Sharon" in parentheses?

That was her name.

They changed it to Chaya (alive).

But it didn't do any good.


You know what I'm gonna be
when I grow up? -No, what?

A doctor.

Wanna kiss?

Why not?
-I don't like kissing.

Who did you try it with?
-Nobody. Who said I tried it?

Then how do you know
you don't like it? -I just don't.


But we're going into junior high.

I want to kiss once
before 7th grade.

I don't.

C'mon. Stand like this.

It's really simple.
Like in the movies.

I don't wanna kiss you, Ronit.
Don't you get it?

Just once! I won't tell anyone.

Okay. What do I have to do?
-Okay, stand like this.

English: Suzy De Lowe

Cinematyp Studios Ltd.