Summer Storm (2004) - full transcript

Tobi and Achim, the pride of the local crew club, have been the best of friends for years and are convinced that nothing will ever stand in the way of their friendship. They look forward to the upcoming summer camp and the crew competition. Achim's girlfriend Sandra is on the girl's team and he enjoys spending more time with her. Tobi becomes increasingly skeptical of their relationship. Anke, the pretty girl who has fallen for Tobi, doesn't make things any easier, then the gay team from Berlin arrives and Tobi is totally confused. The storm that breaks out the evening before the race begins is more than meteorological in this sensitive story about the complexities of growing up.


Basically, she has nothing against it,

that's what she said exactly.

Now please shut up; I've got to
keep up a constant 140.

How can you concentrate
on your meter

when you had nearly
made it with Sandra?

Everything on it's time.

So sensible.

Our Achim, look at him
ladies and gentlemen...

A top-class replicant.

An incredible runner
and an incrediby good lover.

Driven by two excellent engines

and perfectly synchronized

with these beautiful arm movements.

And above all that...

Aw fuck, Tobi...

Can't you even concentrate and run

without making a mess,
is that asking too much?

OK, I get it.

Very funny.


Tobi, say something!

You are such a bastard,
you know that?

Not funny.

Training starts at 2:00, not 2:15.

This is not funny any more.

And I don't need any excuses
from you guys.

I don't care.

I won't put up with you two
being late every day!

Then you may as well not come.

I just forgot to...
I don't need to hear!

A bit of discipline is necessary.

I am not going out to camp
and make a fool of myself!

Thank you.

Don't fool around now. Tobi...

When we're going, we'll
return with the cup;

is that clear?

And for you two it's cleaning
duty after training.

The entire boathouse, got that?

Ritsch und Zack!

Very nice, Tobi!

Build power together...
Just look at Tobi!

Go on, Ferdl, don't mess around,
stop the boat, go down.

Guys, keep concentrating!

See how she is looking at us?

That broad is dripping like
a gravel truck.

Hold your building site jokes.

That's gonna be so hot, chicks like
this all during rowing week...

I am talking about
the women's team from Berlin.

Real big city women...

Naughty and experienced.

Just like you, or not?

Take start position!

And GO!


You could help me.

Was it my fault
that we were too late?

You clean.

I dare you...

Hey, you've got a hard-on.

That's not really a hard-on.

Of course you've got a hard-on!

On me, a hard-on is something
else altogether.

You pig.

OK I have a hard-on.


No, it's cool.

Let's jack off, I need to.

Warm women's bodies...

A tight ... hot ... Lulu...

I can't concentrate!

End game!

80 years of R.S.C.

That is simply unbelievable!

80 years of Ritsch und Zack,

I wish you all Good Luck!

Our trainer Hansi Taschler...

Sportsman, human being
and and FC Bayern fan.

He will get us the champion cup
for our rowing team!

But now no more joking.

My son Georg made me a promise

Isn't it so Georg?

The Cup must come here!

And I decided to sponsor
a few travelling cases for the trip...

Gruber Farming Machines -

Heart at the rudder!

Congratulations to the
Rowing Club of Starnberg!

Funny... you look...
it must be the light today...

No that's not it of course...

I meant... you also look good...
without any light...

and further?

Is everything OK with you?



Well then...

Nice talking to you.

One, two, three!

What a shit idea.

When stereo-bowling it is most important...

that we are completely synchronous...

like rowing.

It is fantastic when you move your ears.

I can even do the Cucaraca with my ears.

Sure, look carefully...

Very dry... it's from December.

I am so looking forward to our camp;

it will be great.

And you know what?

Next summer we are really
going away together,

just the two of us.

And where to?

Across Europe, Mexico...

... where the grass is green.

By InterRail to Mexico...

Of course!


You think we'll still hang out
like this when we're forty?

Well sure.

I thought, because you and Sandra...

and you and Anke...

You and Sandra and me and Anke...

when we are all together, then

our friendship has ended, or?

Why so?
That is completely different.

You think so?

I try to understand...

Come here, we are still together.

We won't let the girls drive us apart.

You better save that for Anke...

I'm totally stoned.

You want to confess something?


Did you have something with Anke?

Shit... yes!

Don't say you two have...

... and you tell me this now,
so casually?

You horny pig!

That won't drive us apart!

Come on, tell.
Was it good?

Yeah, it was nice.

We don't need to make it
such a big thing, really...

Come, we'll go celebrate!
Let's put some music on

before Georg takes out
his radio again!

Shall I make a picture?

This should be documented...

Good morning everyone!

Is Georg not here yet?

Bye mom.
Georg, bye.

Martin, you forgot your lunch!

What happened between you and Tobi,
I think it's wonderful.

You two together, already ...

I mean...

I think you really fit together.

Well, then...

Let's go to the Bergische Land!

It was nothing personal Tobi,

Cleaning the boathouse,
it was a tactical measure.

When you drop out,
everybody else will too,

Because they listen to you, all do.

We will get the Cup,
sure thing.

How do you know
that these Berlin women are so hot?

Two years ago,
they were at the Chiemsee regatta.

It was a mixed camp.

You can do a few things with them...

More than with this lot, in any case.

So please ensure that
the rules will be maintained.

The camping places are separated,

So every team will not be
disturbed by another.

You already know where you will be...

The Saxony Group...


... on the west side.
East... oh OK.

The teams from Cologne and Duisburg...

... in the South.

And the team from Berlin...

R.C. Queerschlag

...I have to inquire about this.

I think you are on
the other side of the water.

I will let you know.

Any questions?

Is this all that this machine can give?

Exactly in the middle...

Look, Martin has
an Ernie & Bert sleeping bag!

You are an asshole!

I won't get a new one,
we are not as rich as you.

How embarassing.

Now everyone's gonna think of us
as the "leather trousers" again.

He Tobi, over there
is a catholic group from Saxony,

A team with all chicks.

Better say 'girls' if you want to
make a chance there, Georg.

They've got such boobs...

I wonder where the Berlin girls are.

Throttle your J?rgen, eh?


Total building site level,
don't you get that?

Intuitive, Georg.

That should hold.

Sandra was right,
your place is much better.

You have better view of the water.

That is a pity, because...

Martin and Flasche wanted
to put up their tent here.

I see...

Doesn't matter;

back there it is also...

...very nice.


Man, I think I will take a dive.

You can forget that.

Hansi wants us to do an exercise.

Technics, just the technics!

What do you think you are doing?

Two fingers, flat hand...

Is there such a thing as
mouth-to-mouth respiration?

So without using the nose?

Yeah, sure.

Both are possible.

Change positions now, guys.

Can you practice further with Thea?


Oh please Anke, do I have to?

Am I doing it right, like this?

Where is the doctor, here?

We need a doctor!

Is this an exercise or what?

This is the sick bay, isn't it?

We're just doing first aid,
what is the matter here?

That's our Ferdl!

What's the matter with him?

No idea.

He was sitting in a tree
and he flipped completely.

We wanted to take him with us

but he panicced and fainted.

This doesn't look good,
let's check.

OK who is going to help?

Three people... you?

Yes, Achim.

You two at the top,
we will take the legs.

Just checking, OK?

Please, no.

What's the matter with him?

Foreskin got stuck.

His foreskin got stuck in the zipper.

Easy, easy... he's not going anywhere.

I always feel like the same thing's
happened to me.

Niels, you're so clich?...

Like you aren't?

This is not funny,
he must see a doctor.

Go get your bus.

That won't come back until camp
is over.

Then we will get ours.

You take care of him.
Give him something cold...

You think we can do something ourselves?

No I would not do that...

A doctor can give him a sedative.

Hello there, listen up...

We are looking for a bloke who was
hiding in the reeds near the showers and...

Look, that's him!

Sure that's him, the pig.

He comes with us immediately, or...

I think that is not possible.


Something got stuck with him.

While running away from the showers,
he probably pulled up his trousers.

Such nonsense!
From which team are you?

We are the nice guys
from rowing club Queerschlag.

Be very careful
not to get hit by a rudder.

This will have consequences,
my sports friend!

Is that understood?

So do I get this right,
you are both called Niels?

You with 'i' and you with 'ie'...


I am Tobi and this is Achim.

What is your name then?

Malte and you?

Everything OK.

I really feel pity for Ferdl...

when something like that happens,
it's bound to be him.

Grand entrance to camp for him.

For all of you as well.

You'll surely get disqualified with
a sex offender like him on the team.

No no no.
Ferdl takes care of our equipment.

But you would not make
a chance against us anyhow.

We are the best!

Do you know where
the ladies team from Berlin is?

They cancelled.

Why that?


We are replacing them.

So the best are only replacements?

Suggestion: go build your tents first...

then come back to us
and we'll do a barbecue.

And then we're going to fry
Ferdl's foreskin, right?

You're so disgusting!

Do you want to feel?


There's a spelling mistake
on your T-shirts.

No, why?

Because 'Quer' is spelled
with only one 'e', or not?

Yes, but this is an English word,
'Queer' with double 'e'.

Oh I see...

Often translated
as 'rare' or 'peculiar'...

But 'Peculiar Stroke'
is a funny name for a rowing team.

No no, 'Queer' means Gay.

An entire team of queens?

Which is your tent then,

Well guys,
we are over there.

I think it is about time to build our camp.


Well then... let's go build our tents.


So Georg, the two of us are still
gonna fry some foreskin, won't we?

What is going on?

Another one got his dick stuck somewhere?

I am glad their camp
is on the other side.

Good idea to give them a separate place.

Georg, you really have a problem.

Well they will surely not come after you!

But they think you are very cute?

So it seems,
but I can understand that.

It has gotten to Georg's brain.

What do you mean?

You did not get it then?

The guy was saying
'Georgie Georgie' to you.

I think that is very funny.

But you must agree that
having these gays is a drag?

It was quite a surprise.

They could have said that beforehand.

Or sown a pink triangle to their jackets?

Are you on the support team
for gay rowers all of a sudden?

I don't give a damn.

A few girls would have been cool...

Georg had promised us
killer boobs from Berlin...

There's the girls
from Saxony, still.

Some camp.
Bitchy Saxons and a load of fags!

Those who have the most panic for
gays are often gay themselves.

Am I getting crazy or what?

Am I a fag now?

I do not have to take
this shit from you!

This really pisses me off.

Guys, it is getting time
to go to bed.

Tomorrow we have to be
fit for training.

I am going to take a stroll.

Are you coming along?

Would our two couples of
loving doves also be so kind?

Such a pity.

Sleep well,
will you?

Tell me,
do you think Tobi likes me?

When you see us together?

I think that everyone has
his own way of showing.

I think he does not
want anything from me.

Well, you already had something...

I do not trust myself for that yet.

I am so afraid that he thinks
my breasts are too small.

Just look at what
features these have...

I beg your pardon?

I do want to sleep with him,

I have nothing against that,
in principle...

No I meant the other thing
you just said...

What did I do already?


Was it not good then,
when you slept with him?

Who slept with whom?

You and Tobi.

Who says something like that?

No idea.

I may have understood it wrong.

Who told you that?

Before any misunderstandings arise,

I will go and check again.

I will make some inquiries.

It is just great being
with you in this tent.

Imagine we had swapped
and you were with Anke...

That would have been too planned.

All the pep and excitement
would be out of the window.

We'd both know,
now it is going to happen for real.

Just like a married couple,
on Sunday morning.

That is too boring for me.

But you know it is going
to happen some time, with Sandra.

She is not yet ready for that.

She has a problem with her breasts.

Please, no talk about breast sizes now!

I like her just the way she is.

Did you close the tent?

Just in case the gays would pass by

and... who knows?

You think one could
be friends with them?

Why not?

As long as they do not
want anything from me...

And what if one of them
fell in love with you?

Then I would definitely
have a big problem.

I would not be able
to reciprocate...

Then they'd tell you that you're
just not aware of it yet.

I would not have thought
that those guys were gay.

They do not look like that at all.

Well... radio silence now.

Good night.

Dream about something nice.

Try to be a bit nicer
to Anke tomorrow, OK?

One and GO...
Two and GO... Three and GO...

He Georgie!

Build pressure together.

My god,
this is impossible!

I will have you run
around the lake, all of you!

Oh my god

I am very sorry
I'm such an idiot.

When they row the way
you drive bicycle then... no wonder.

Do you have a handkerchief?

Give it to me.

But... these guys...
they are not doing bad.


I knew it!

Exactly the boat length
that we were lacking.

Really embarassing.

You should take more care.

How then, do I have to starve?

We'd agreed on 48.

According to the rules I need 50,
otherwise we are disqualified.

I have got a plan,
we will put Flasche on a diet.

And before the match,
he just has to drink two liters.

Yeah... and then?

The camp judge will weigh him:

50 kilos!

Official League weight.

That would not help.

Then he must take a pee, and
we're two kilos lighter.

What on earth was
the matter with you?

We have taken so much training...

This must remain a
one time fallback, I tell you.

We will get the cup.

If we do not get the cup...

I cannot... something like that...

I didn't want to tell you, to avoid
unnecessary pressure for you, but...

You tell them, Georg!

If we win, then your father will give us...

... two new winches.

And what do we get from
Farming Machines Gruber if we loose?


Better said... a lot of trouble,

when he finds out we lost
to a bunch of gays.

I don't care if they are gay or not.
We have to win.

Everyone finds a partner.

Tell me, when did
Anke and Tobi have sex?


Oh, just like that...

Shall we?


Shall we?

What got into your head
to go around telling such shit?

Everyone talks to anyone here,
don't they?

How was having sex with me?

Go on, tell me!

Sorry, I know it was stupid of me.

At least you see it as I do.

What brought you to say
something like that?

Do you need that?

Lost your speech?

Actually, I would really
like to sleep with you...

I just don't know how to start it.

Can you imagine

that a guy who normally
is very confident...

that when it comes to this chapter,
he is a bit shy?

You mean that it would help this guy
if the girl would become more active?

Of course.

That is what he wishes for, secretly.

Guys, please concentrate
on what's important.

That is what we are doing!

Jesus' cause needs enthusiasts...

...He makes us free...



Don't you know that?



I've got something for you
because I am very sorry...

Take a twenty minute break.

Shall we go into the water?

Nice bunch.

Hansi is right, we must really improve
if we want to beat the Queerschlag guys.

Do you have a vase or a bucket
or something for the flowers?

Perhaps in the kitchen tent?

Hansi, what is the matter?

Be so kind and ask the boys for a
vase for these flowers.

He, Georgie is coming,
everybody take their positions!

Man, you gave me a fright.

Are those for me?

I am Olly.

I need a vase...

Have a look in the kitchen tent
over there.


Is this the kitchen tent?

Georgie, it's you!

What did you ask?

Kitchen tent.

Funny how this just folds out...

Ouch, that really hurt...

What? Where then?
... There!

Here honey,
I brought you the cucumbers.

Still searching for your vase?

I'm sure I'll find something for you.

I'll have a look,
don't worry.

Do we have any pottery?

You are so sick!

Bye, Georgie!

He really has a problem...

Why are you running like mad?

I don't need any gays, OK?


What is that supposed to mean?

You think I belong
to these cocksuckers?

I don't know,
don't care either.

It is a question of honour.

Nobody calls me a faggot
just like that.

Do you think I look like a fag?

You think I am weak
or effeminate?


Like a sissy?

Don't think so.

Well then! A man.

Then we can talk normally
with each other.

From man to man.

I saw you on the boat before.

You are a damn good rower, actually.



You've got that certain something...

You've got real authority,
if you know what I mean.

If you want, I can give you
the number of Milkovitch.

Milkovitch? The trainer of the
National League? Heard of him?

Of course,
I know who you mean.

If you want I could have a chat with him.

That's really nice of you.

It's allright.

Well then...

Just a question...

How does a guy like you end up
with such a bunch of jerks?

I am writing an essay about
sexual disorientation.

I see...

But they should not find out,
so keep your mouth shut, OK?

Yeah, I promise.

OK, see you.

Dinner is ready.

I am really hungry.

They guy who designed Ollie's tent...

probably also believes that
'design' is a river in Paris.

You are such a clich? queen...

You should take care of your broken wrists.

Do you have to?

Everyone is how he is, or not?

I did not mean it like that.

But sometimes you really
behave like a girl.

And you do not have
a feminine side?

I do, but I just
have more control over it.

I am gay because I like boys
and not girls.

Now you are really hurting,
you should be a bit more caring.

I think I don't want
this salad anymore.

This guy will not be straight
for long.

I'll give him one more day,

two at the most.

He's got such a big tool
in his trousers...

By the end of the week
I will reel him in.

You can forget that,
he is a real straight guy.

So what? Till now,
I got every straight guy I wanted.

I will manage this little
Bavarian pig too.

Converting straights...

Isn't this becoming
too much of an obsession for you?

Can you only talk about sex?

I don't do anything for which
I have to be ashamed.

The boy is not gay,

so why all this trouble?

Do you have the hots for him
yourself, or what is your problem?

This constant bullshit about sex,
gets on my nerves.

Is there nothing else?

Sure, my fitness!

When we behave like this,
people think bad about gays.

Clich? ol?!

Take our boat for instance,
why should it be called 'Petite ?toile'?

It could have been named
'Champion' or 'Eiffel Tower'...

That could be interpreted
as phallic.

Come on, you know exactly
what I mean.

And our Team name...

That hits right in the face, too.

Why not take something normal,
like Rowing Club Berlin XYZ?

There you are!

I was looking for Georg.

Down, down...

Hansi, why can't we live up there?

Because it doesn't hurt you to see
what nature's got to offer for a change.

Stressed-out managers pay thousands of
Euros for an experience like this.

Besides, as you can see, the youth hostel
is locked up. Let's go.



Want to come in?

Love to.

Yeah sure!
I am almost done.

What's that?

It gives luck.

It's a present,
an old Indian design.

If you want, I will bring you
one, from South America.


Sandra wants to go to
South America, after finals,

and she asked if I
want to go with her.

Her cousin could not make it
and tickets have already been paid for...

And what about our InterRail?

We can do that next year, OK?

Good morning.

Did you sleep well?

Shall we go swimming, later?

Let me help you dry the dishes.
You don't have to.

I don't mind.

I am happy that the atmosphere
is so good in the camp.

I would be delighted
if we would win the cup.

Tobi, I have a feeling
that you are angry with me.

What do you mean?

You and Achim,
you are like Siamese twins.

And I am the evil spirit,
who tries to separate them.

You know, the adventures Achim and I had,
no one can take away from us.

Do I hear an undertone there?

What undertone?

Tobi, if you have a problem,
then just tell me.

If you can keep it secret...

I can keep my mouth shut.

Yes, it has something to do
with you and Achim.

He is constantly gabbing about you.

I believe you should not wait
much longer before having sex.

It won't make your breasts
any bigger.

I have been talking with Sandra.

She's worried that she is
driving a wedge between us.

But you did not talk about
you having sex with Anke.

Why did you make that up anyhow?

You lied me in the face,
just like that.

That was just a bit of fun,
overconfidence or whatever...

You know me long enough,
I am just a braggart.

And along with smoking pot...

Shall we?

No, leave it.

You are really expecting
too much from me!

Jacking off in the boathouse is OK,

but a small kiss is a total catastrophy!
Who's supposed to get that sortet out?

A real macho clod.

It is cold.

Goodday all.

Very sportly.

I am impressed.

Are you leaving already?

We are in the middle of a training;
I am already too late.

Your friend was in quite a hurry, too.

Did you have a quarrel, or what?

To make one thing very clear...

Achim is a friend,
not my lover.

My god, I did not imply anything.

You straights always have
such panic, it is so twisted.

About Georg,
what kind of a guy is he?

Well, his father is our sponsor,
Farming Machines Gruber.

It probably won't mean a thing to you,
but back home, in the South...

He owns half of Upper Bavaria.

Well, see you.

Stay a while.

I would be very pleased...

Come on Wei?wurst,
let's have a swimming match.

One... two... three!

Such a show-off.

Why 'show-off', I'm just the best.

Where are the others?

What time is it, anyway?


Why did I lie down in the blazing sun?

Shall I put some oil on?

Would it help?

Better than nothing at all...

Shall I?

Go and lay yourself down.

I slept through all of the training.
Hansi must be very angry with me...

I am already very late.

You do not need to be afraid,

I will be very careful.


This sunburn...

What is the matter?

I am sorry, I can't do this.

Tobi, if you do not love me, or if I am
doing something wrong, then please tell me.

What is going on?

I am in love.

With whom?

Do I know her?

No. ... Yes.

Please, not Sandra?

I don't believe that...

It's not a girl...

Get off the bus, guys.

Just go straight on, to the kitchen tent.

What did I do?
There is something wrong...

You have to think about it yourself.

I just don't know. Come on, tell me...

I think that's weak,
you missing training, Tobi...

Really weak.

Don't you care about the sport anymore?
Do you have other things on your mind?

Hansi, I'll go flat out again,

At the latest for the Cup...

The Cup, the Cup...
it's the team spirit that's important!

The others, sport, and your attitude,
that's what it is about.

Everything OK?

Why would it not be OK?

We're gonna have a ball, won't we?

Just think about what you said to Tobi.

Sandra, what would
I have said to him?

Wait please!

They have already been served.

Here's the rice.

Let's hope the weather won't get
any worse until tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind if it cooled
off a bit for the race.


So it still works at that age...

Comforting to know, isn't it?


Fine mood in here.

Can I talk to you alone for a
moment? -- Sure.

Want to see my specialty,
the way real explorers cook?

The Egg of Columbus.
Have a try, to put it straight up.

Know how to do that?

It's funny!

Are there any napkins?
Look over there.

Taking a dive, or what?

Come with me, please.

Listen carefully.

I am really happy that
it was not my mistake,

that it is the way it is.

And I have to accept
that you are in love with a boy.

I cannot compete with that.

But if you intend to make
a comical act out of yourself,

then I can only say
that you are pathetic.

Do you want to continue
lying to yourself and all the others?

Absurd, isn't it?

Georg is falling into his trap.

Is it really necessary that you
have to hide behind this Tobi guy?

You could be the captain
just as well.


Your father probably is
a real man of action,

with a lot of money
and you in his shadow.

Exactly right.

He is not going to
win him over.

You'd be amazed how many guys
Malte has managed to win over.

He is fully convinced that there
are enough straights around...

... who are just waiting
to be approached.

Better Bi then never.

By the way, the trial training
with Milkovitch has been arranged.

Really? Thanks!
No problem.

There's another question
I would like to discuss with you...

Want to take a stroll?

Well it's just... when the match comes up...

I just want to make sure the gays don't win.

Hey, relax. I won't tell anyone.

I will make sure they'll loose.

No problem.

And what's in it for me?

That will be settled.
Or are you talking about money?

No no, not money.

What then?

What do you think of this?

Tobi, what's going on there?

Pangs of love.

This really looks good.

Where's the ketchup?

No ketchup.
Then give me one of those gay sauces...

I meant... the sauce over there.

I will give you the gay sauce,
and you give me the gay corncobs.

Dildo's for everybody!

I'll take another beer,
want one too?

Know this one?

What are three gays and a blond girl
doing in the woods?

Two hold her tight and
the third does her hairdo.

I am going to look for
Achim and Sandra.

Don't need to,
they want their privacy.

They are in a tent, and...
well you understand.

Georg is not in our camp either.

I am not waiting any longer.

The guy has been gone for over two hours,
and there is a thunderstorm coming!

If Georg is in the forest, and a tree
or something drops on his head...

I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

We don't have to dramatize...

No we can't be careless now,
we must do something.

We will come along with you, of course.

What about the food?
Cold buffet.

Where's Achim?
Sandra, Achim!

No, I will have a panic in the forest.
No worries darling, I will protect you.

With what?
With these.

Now I am really calmed down.
Come along then.

G E O R G !

Georg is deaf.

I don't get it,
why did he run off like a madman?

It's a mystery to me as well,
we were just talking and...

I gave him a little kiss...

Not everybody wants to get
your hot tongue in his mouth.

I can imagine that very well.

It sounds as if you already had experiences
in this field yourself.

Leave it.

Have you been raped by a woman?

Stop teasing us. Who perforated you with
their tongue? Was it a guy?

End of conversation.

Pity, now that it gets exciting...

There is someone over there!

Man that's annoying!

Sorry, my apologies.

Gay or not gay?

Just to be certain,
I don't want to be found by any of them gays.

Georg, stop this bullshit,
come down!

Why keep standing around
like idiots?

There he is.

Man, Georg, where have you been?

What did you think you were doing?
Are you crazy?

How can you run away
just like that?

Where did Achim go?

Don't tell me that now
those two have run off?

They went in front of us,
into the forest...

Can we continue
with our party now?

OK. Let's go.

And what do we do now?
They want to be alone.


Perhaps they have already
returned to the camp...

Have you all gone crazy?

Achim is lying somewhere in the woods
with a sprained ankle or whatever!

And all you can think of is
your bloody food!

Nonsense, they're screwing...

...admit it, you are jealous...

...of the girl, not of Achim!

Why are talking such shit?

Your little pal here
likes guys.

Easy, easy...

That's bullshit.
Tell them it's bullshit, Anke.

Let's stop all this
and calm down...

Come, let's take a little walk
together, get some air.

I am not gay!

You're sick, man! You're scared
shitless, and so is your fucking team!

What happened to your
spirit of sport?

Take your gay hostile proles
away from my guys!

Gay hostile, what does that...

You don't have to relate things
to the gay theme all the time.

Well done Tobi!

Oh get stuffed, all of you.

Do something.

Where were you?

Enough! We are going! Leave all the
stuff here and run over to the hostel!

Quick, come!

Let me have a go...

Thank god!

Find rooms for yourselves,

Should be some vacancies left.


What is that supposed to mean?

Nothing, I am going to sleep here.

So you are going to sleep here?

What sort of a move is that?

I do not even recognize you.

I won't let you destroy
what I have with Sandra.

It was you who said
that nothing would come between us.

So now it is my mistake!

Some time you will understand
that it is not always about you!

But we are a team, Achim!


We not a team anymore,

nor best friends.

I think it is better
if you sleep somewhere else.

Why doesn't she sleep somewhere else?
Now go!

Get lost!

What are you doing here?

Here, take something dry.


What was it like with you?

I can't say it was easy.

But after that it became better?

But if you hide all your life,
you will loose yourself eventually.

It itches.

Come here.

Are you hungry?
Yeah sure!

Tuck in, all of you!
Every one have a yoghurt.

Did you bring any spoons?

Totally forgotten...


Hi girls!

Everything allright?

Greetings y'all.

Well... then... are we all fit?

We will have to decide what we
are going to do for the match,

now that one of our boats is broken...

I think you will agree
that they boys will take the boat.

I am sorry girls...

You did not show
much devotion to us anyhow.

Well... that is... really not true.

What's the matter?

Am I not allowed to kiss women anymore...

...just because I am gay?

Yeah great.

Banana, anyone?

What are you grinning at?

Tuck in. Do we want to win, or what?

Bravo, Tobi.

Only just...

See? I told you...


Now we can start.

Let's go guys!

I am sorry, we have to cancel.

It is difficult to row a boat
with only three people...

I really tried,
but my shoulder still hurts.

So what now?

How would I know? You should have
told your guys before they started to fight.

For me the fight was great.
Since then, I feel so very masculine...

Shut up.
And don't you guys mess up again.

I think I have a solution...

Now I want to see some real effort.

You horny dumpling.

I think you really started something.

Let's wait and see...




I forgot to pee...

Queer, queer, queer!

The champion's cup of this year goes
to the rowing team Queerschlag from Berlin,

with captain Walter Peters!

I want to ask you if you
will be able to deal with it.

You once said that you would
definitely have a problem with it...

I think I need a little more time.

This is really tough for me.

I don't know right now.

What about the new winches, Hansi?

Please, G?nther,
not now!

At least we got silver...

What I wanted to say...
... in the reeds...

I did throttle my J?rgen after all...

You must be crazy!

You bloody bastard!

Goodbye, take care.

They won't find us,
even if the world goes down.

We hid ourselves very well,
for all the evil spirits

who steal all the best things.

Then we went much too far
to turn around now.

But we do not want to go back
'cause even in the basement

the rats have hung themselves.

You won't get us,
You don't understand,

What we really want,
We will never regret.

Don't want to be heroes,
Won't build a union,

Like to say no,
Say no to it.


To our world!

If you do not understand something
it does not have to be wrong.

There is so much more
that we can't grasp,

Never get to see.

When they hunt us and ask us,
we will say what they don't want to hear.

Who wants to go back?
'Cause even in the basement

the rats have hung themselves.

Subtiles by: KaZan (2005)
RE-Synched to fit tlf-Sommersturm by .:NightRhyme:.
Re-Edited by g (2007)