Summer Snow (2014) - full transcript

Hallie Benson is a small girl with a big heart. Unfortunately, her creative ways of helping often create a mess. Dan Benson doesn't cook, do hair or know how to help his three children without his beautiful wife and her unshakable faith.

- Ready?

- Not really.


- Is that for mom?

- Breakfast is ready!

Good morning, ladies!

Ready for a champion's breakfast?

- Dad, here, no.

- Do I have to eat it?

- What did this pan ever do to you?

- Ready for some bacon?

- I don't like bacon.

- What?

- I've never liked bacon.

- Okay we're gonna let
that soak for a minute.

Or maybe like a week.

- Come on, hon, it's protein.

- Oh I don't know.

I think you might have
burnt all the protein out.

How about a granola bar?


- Yeah.

Mr. Oliver loves it.


Breakfast is ready!

Come on!

You better hurry up if you're gonna

drive yourself to school!

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

I wanna know where you are at all times.

- Fine, yeah.

- You're responsible for gas.

- Okay.

- No texting and driving.

- Dad, I got it.

- And say thank you daddy
and come give me a big hug.

Fine, no car.

Now Hallie, I got something for you.

- Mom's phone?

- Mmm hmm.

Now that's just for emergencies.

- Thank you daddy, I love you!

- Oh I love you too, pumpkin.

- Father Christmas, do
you have anything for me?

- Well you still marrying that Colton guy?

- Maybe.

- Well, I guess it's time
that you order that dress

you keep babblin' about.

- Really?


Thank you so much!

- You're welcome.

Look, I know things have been tough lately

but we can do this.

And I promise I'm gonna
take care of everything.

So anybody have anything to say?

- Thank you, daddy.

I love you.

- Today's gonna be a good day!

Yes it is.

- She was really special.

I know I'm sure gonna miss her.

But I get to have you in my class

and you are just like her.

- Really?

- Yeah.

You ready?

- Alright miss Hallie,
I have you over here

next to miss Isabel.

Miss Isabel doesn't
speak very much English

and I thought since you
like to talk so much

you two could become great friends.

- I like your shirt.

Yellow's my favorite.


- Rah!

- Hey!

Welcome back!

- I missed you.

- Yeah.

- So good to be back.

Ah, I cannot wait for 80s workout night.

I have been dying to
get my leg warmers on.

- Yeah.

- Oh, also, I bought my dress

so I was kind of hoping you could come

to the fitting on Saturday.

- Sure, yeah, of course, yeah.

- Awesome.

So how are you and mister Tony doing?

- Tony who?

- I'm really sorry.

- Not everyone can be
engaged to mister wonderful.

- I mean Tony is just an idiot, so.

- Yeah.

And I'm the idiot who fell for him.

Come on.

- You have an 8:15
waiting for you in room b.

A root canal at nine.

And Mr. Rinig has called three times

to confirm his appointment.

The fluorine is on back order.

Mrs. Black's crown is due in tomorrow.

But I rescheduled her for
Wednesday just to be sure.

Then, at 11:15--

- Janine, can I just ah...

- Ah, sign these.

- Ah.

- Okay then right here.

By the way, welcome back.

- Thank you.

- Hey.

He didn't cut the crusties off.

How am I supposed to eat this?

What'd you get?

What is that?

Don't you ever talk?

Well whatever it is, it smells weird.

- What's the matter?

You not hungry?

- It's all crusty.

- Oh.

I see, 'cause maybe
your dad doesn't make it

like someone else?

It's amazing how quickly
a poorly made sandwich

can ruin your day.

My husband made me a tuna sandwich

and forgot the pickles.

I cried and cried for weeks.

I was so mad I could punch a Turkey.

But one day, I actually tried it.

And it wasn't so bad.

I missed the pickles.

But it was okay.

- My dad just doesn't
know how I like stuff.

- I bet your mom did.

But she also knew that today was gonna be

really hard.

So she wanted me to give you this.

It's a really special letter.

And it must be very important

because she made me
promise to give it to you.

I'll leave you alone so you can read it.

And Hallie, be patient with your dad.

He'll learn.

- Sorry I said your food smells.

You can have some of mine.

My sister put some candy in here

so it's not a total loss.


What's the matter, you don't like candy?

Go ahead.

Why not?

Your mouth hurt?

Let me see.

Nope, this doesn't look good at all.

You have a problem with
your lower bicuspid.

I know because my dad's a dentist.

Wait a minute!

- Okay we're about to get started.

You comfortable?

- Mmm hmm.

- Dr. Benson?

- Yes.

- You have a phone call on line two.

- Can you take a message?

- It's your daughter.

She said it's an emergency.

- I'm sorry.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

- Hallie?

- Hey dad?

- Hallie!


- Mr. Benson?

- Hi.

Hallie, is everything okay sweetheart?

- Oh, I'm fine.

It's Isabel.

- Hallie, honey, why don't we walk out

in the hallway and talk?

- I'm sorry.

- Okay, let me get this straight.

You called me at work
and had me rush down here

because Isabel had a toothache?

- Yes.

- You said it was an emergency.

- Dad, she can't have candy.

This is serious.

- I'll be in my office.


Hallie, what were you thinking?

- You're a dentist.

You can help her.

- It doesn't work that way.

- Why not?

- Because it doesn't, okay?

- What's an immigrant?

- An alien.

- She's an alien?

- No, nevermind.

Look, I'm already behind at work as it is.

I can't help her.


Now I'm gonna have to take your phone.

- What?

- Apparently you're too young

to know how to use it.

Thank you.

Now go back to class.

- Alright, Mr. Durham,
they're almost ready for you.

Looks like that medicine's
working out real good.

- Hey we need to talk.

- Yeah.

What's up?

- I'm pregnant.

- Oh wow.


- I just thought you should know.

- I'm so sorry.


- I gotta go.

- Hey, sausage is ready!

- No thanks.

- You don't like sausage?

- I love sausage.

- Okay then.

- Hey, have you seen my calculator?


- Mom!

- Sausage?

- Yeah, sure.

I gotta go.

- I need you here when
Hallie gets off the bus.

I have to work late.


- Dad I need help.

My hair's freaking out.

- Oh, no baby, it looks great.

Alright, um, want pigtails?


It's all I got, baby.

- It's okay.

I'll just wear a hat.

- Okay.

- Morning.

- Morning.

- By the way, that crown I
finished for you yesterday,

I noticed a filling was coming loose

so I went ahead and fixed that as well.

- Yeah, great.

Good job.

You already told me that, Rick.

- I did?

- Yeah.

- Hmm, well, guess we're both slipping.

- Hey I'm gonna get lunch.

- Oh, hey would you mind
checking room 26 before you go?

- Yeah.

- Thanks.

- Miss charmer, ima charmer.

- Oh dearie, could you
take my blood pressure?

- No.

- Okay then.

How about lunch?

- I'm sorry but I'm not
allowed to date my patients.

- Ooh, I don't wanna date you.

I wanna marry you.

- Well in that case.

- Okay.

- This is pathetic.

- I know.

If you only had a more thoughtful fiance.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Let's eat.

- Alright.

This looks amazing.

- How was the talk last night?

- Ah, she yelled a lot.

Then stormed out.

I don't know what to tell her.

My mom woulda known.

- So what's she gonna do?

- She doesn't know.

You know what's really sad?

Kids are supposed to be this
amazing blessing, you know?

Not some consequence.

- Hey, come here.

We're gonna make great parents

whenever we have kids.

- Cheers?

- Cheers.

- Isabel, I've gotta ask you something.

And you can trust me.

Are you really an alien?

- I knew it!

Well don't worry.

I'm gonna get your teeth fixed

and get you back to your planet.

But first, we gotta stick together.

I know a guy.

But it's gonna cost US.

Come with me.

- Step forward.

You wanted to see me?

- We hear you're the
guy who can get things.

- Yep.

What of it?

- We need a cell phone.

- You mean like one of these?

- That's right.

- It's gonna cost you.

- We've got string cheese, an apple,

some juice, and a pudding pack.

- And?

- We don't have anything else.

- We'll take your shoelaces.

- Family first dentistry, this is Janine.

- Yes, this is Mrs. Westinghouserston.

I have a question about dentistry.

- Alright.

- Now how much does it
cost to fix a tooth?

- Well that depends on the problem.

- How much you just yank it out?

- An extraction?

- Yeah.

- Well that really
depends on your coverage.

Do you have a plan?

- Oh I've got a plan.

- Then you'll probably just
have to meet your copay.

Do you know what it is?

- No, what is it?

- Well hold on.

I'll have to look it up.

Okay who are you with?

- Isabel.

- Ah, I'm sorry, we don't take Isabel.

- But you've got to.

- I'm sorry we don't.

You can pay out of pocket.

- Can't I just bring you some money

and you'll fix her teeth?

- That's what I just said.

- Oh, okay.

So how much is it?

- A simple extraction is 92 dollars.

- Thank you that is all I needed to know.


The tooth fairy will
give you money for teeth.

The dentist charges you for them.

That's just wrong.

- Hey dad.

- Well hey, pumpkin.

- How was work?

- Exhausting.

They're trying to Bury me in paperwork.

- Same here.

- Man, second grade just doesn't let up.

- I know, it's only our second day

and I had homework.

- What's up with that?

Did you get it all done?

- Yep.

- Good girl.

Well, I got a lot of
homework of my own to do.

- Hey, Dave.

- What are you doing in my room?

- I--

- what'd you want?

- Can you use diet soda for cookies?

- What?

- We don't have any regular.

Will diet work?

- Do you even know what you're doing?

- I know how to mix stuff.

Mom used to cook with US all the time.

- Get outta my room.

- Fine, I won't tell you
about the alien I met.

- What?

- Her name is Isabel and she's in my class

and I know it's true because dad said so.

- Alien means she's from
another country, Einstein.

- You mean she's not from outer space?

- No.

She's probably from Mexico or something.

Now get outta my room.

- Dad I'm going out to start my business!


Wait, what?

- Well hey there buddy.

You want a cookie?

They're for sale.

But I could give you one if you want.

It's good for advertising.

- What are you doing?

Did you just give him a cookie?

- He asked for one.

- Are those chocolate chip cookies?

- Yeah.

- What are you trying to do, kill my dog?

Don't you know that
chocolate is poison to dogs?

- What?

I'm sorry.

- Go on.

Take your poison cookies with you.

Go on!

- Hey, kiddo.

What's wrong?

- I'm a murderer.

- A what?

- I killed a dog.

I'm a stupid murderer kid
and they should lock me up.

- Oh.

What happened?

- I fed him a poison cookie.

- A what?

- It had chocolate and
chocolate is poison to dogs.

Mr. Jenkins said so.

- Our neighbor Mr. Jenkins?

- Yeah.

- Oh.


Don't worry about it.

He's just a cranky old man.

- What about his dog?

- He'll be fine.

One cookie is not gonna hurt him.

- Are you sure?

- Mmm hmm.


Now, you wanna come help
me clean the kitchen?

- No.

- Well, you wanna help me anyway?

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Daddy, I don't feel so good.

- Ah, no, no, no, no, no.

You haven't tried my pancakes yet.

- Ah, dad, Mr.
Oliver threw up again.

- It wasn't Mr. Oliver.

- Morning.

- Oh, hey Hallie.

What are you doing here?

- I threw up.

- Oh.


- And your dad brought you here?

- Well she's feeling much better now.

I'm just gonna put her in room b.

- how's my afternoon look?


- And don't forget that you
have that seminar tonight.

Ah, you forgot.

- No I didn't.

- You can't take her with you.

- I know, Janine.

I'll figure something out.

- is she feeling better?

- Yeah, she's fine.

Probably sleeping like a baby.

- Hallie.

- Yeah.

Is there a reason

you didn't see the stop sign?

- Yes, sir.

I was just texting my...

- License and registration.

I'll be right back.



- How you feelin'?

- Lots better.

- Good.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

I love hanging out with the
coolest second grader in town.

- Alright I'll be back in 10.

- Have fun at molar mayhem.

- Funny.

- Bye.

- Bye, honey.

- Study the molar system.

- Yes.

- So have you eaten anything?

- No, can we make pizza?

- I was thinking that
we could have a feast

of ginger ale and crackers.

- Okay, but then can we
watch friends like you?

- Season two or season three?

- Yes!

- Hey, roomie.

Hey bug, I'll be right back.

- Okay.

Whatcha doin'?

- Making a salad.

- You do know that that's a potato, right?

- You know what?

It's my salad.

- Sorry.

I just really wanna help.

- After tomorrow, you won't have to.

- Rachel, what are you saying?

- You know what I'm saying.

- Rachel, no.

- Julie, it's my life and I'm the one

who's gonna have to
live with this decision.

- Oh, you didn't have to wait for me.

- Why doesn't Rachel wanna have a baby?

- It's a lot of work.

- So what is she gonna do?

- I don't know.

- She could give it to someone else.

- She doesn't trust anybody else.

- She trusts you.

You could do it.

- It doesn't work like that, sweetie.

- Why not?

- It's complicated.

- I think you could do it.

You'd be a great mom.

- Hmm.

- So how's that conference, huh?

Everything you dreamed it would be?

Gonna mock me?

You know dentists have feelings too.

Just sayin'.

- That's a good one.

- She feeling any better?

- Yeah.

- You're so good with her.

- Do you think I'll make a good mom?

- You'll be the best.

- How did you and mom know you were ready?

- I'm still not ready.

Why do you ask?

- Rachel's pregnant.

She's gonna have an abortion.

Unless I, umm,

what if I took the baby?

- Julie.

- You know why can't I?

- Because, I mean,

we can pray that god changes her heart

but you're not ready for this.

- And what if I'm supposed
to do more than just pray?

- What about Colton?

What about Africa?

What's gonna happen to all
of your plans if you do this?

- What's gonna happen
to this baby if I don't?

- I know you wanna do the right thing.

But you cannot save every baby.

- I can save this one.

- You're just like your mom.

This is a lifelong decision.

- I know.

- Well you've got a lot to think about.

Come here.

- Goodnight.

Goodnight sweetheart.

- So what if I took it?

- What?

- What if I took the baby?

- You're serious?

- Why not?

- What would Colton think?

- I mean I'll talk to him.

What do you think?

- You'd really go through with it?

- Yeah.

- Cinnamon crunch bagel?

- No, thank you, I just ate.

Thank you for coming.

- Yeah.

So what's up?

- So we were talking
last night and well, I,

okay, Rachel was gonna have an abortion,

today unless I did something.

- What did you do?

- I told her we could take it.

- Ah, we're not even married yet.

- I know.

I know, I know.

I just, I didn't know what else to do.

What was I supposed to do?

- Uh, talk to your fiance first?

When did this happen?

- Just last night.

- And you didn't call me?

- Well it was really late.

I mean i--

- oh, okay so you agreed to adopt a baby

without talking to me because
you didn't wanna wake me?

- I didn't sign anything.

We're talking about it right now.

We can't do this.

- Okay, don't get mad

but I really have to go to work.

- Let's talk tonight.

- I have a double.

- Forget about tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?

- Premarital counseling?

Remember we talked about it.

- Sorry I wasn't here yesterday.

I was sick.

It was just one of those days.

But the good news is I
got a brilliant new idea

to earn the money.

Wanna see?

I got 'em all for free and
we can totally sell them.

Now I'll raise 92 dollars
and prevent gingivitis.

- Excuse me, sir.

Might I have a moment of your time?

- No.

- Are you afraid of tooth decay?

Do you want your teeth to look like this?

No, of course you don't.

That's why you need a
toothbrush that can scrub

those hard to reach places.

- No.

- Please?

It's for a really good cause.

- Yeah, like what?

- I can't tell you.

It's a secret.

- Well then no.

- Are you getting rid of your flowers?

- Yep.

- But they're beautiful.

- Tell you what kid.

You wanna earn some money?

- Yeah.

- I'll give you a nickel for
every one of these you dig up.

- No way.

- Yes I will.

- Deal.

Can I keep 'em?

- I don't care.

I'm gonna
plant 'em in my backyard

and surprise my dad.

- You do that.

Oh he'll be surprised all right.

Ah, get to work.

- You know what, Mr. Jenkins?

You might be a little grumpy

but I think you just need a friend.

- Hey dad, where you been?

- What happened to you?

- I was digging for Mr. Jenkins.

I'm a really good digger.

I made two dollars and 45 cents today.

- Hmm.

- I'm hungry.

What's for dinner?

- You haven't eaten?



- Come here!

This is ridiculous.

You're a mess.

Did you do your homework?

- No, I was working on my business.

- Hallie.

You know homework always comes first.

- Hey, I've been doin' my homework.

- You're supposed to be
watching your little sister.

Why haven't you fed her?

- I'm studying for my test.

- It's after seven.

- Look dad, there's nothing to eat.

- There's tons of stuff.


- What is it?

- I don't know.

Throw it in the microwave.

- Well if you can't identify it,

we shouldn't have to eat it.

- David, I don't have time for this.

- Dad, can we order a pizza?

- No.

Not tonight.

- But mom would have wanted it.

- Nice try.


Is that the pizza man?

- No.

Now you wash up and you find
something for her to eat.

- Hey Dan, good to see ya.

- Pastor, hey.

- I just wanted to drop
by, see how you're doin'.

Now here, Sherry made some extra chili.

- Aw, you didn't have to do that.

- Well we haven't seen you in awhile

and I know things can be a little tough.

- Yeah, sorry about that.

We've been busy.

- Hey pastor Kevin!

Is that food?

We're starving in here!

Hey Hallie.

You know, the ladies on
the casserole committee

would love to add your name to the list.

- Yes.

- No, no, no, no, that's,
it's not necessary.

- Alright, well.

I'd better be going

but let's have lunch soon.

- That'd be great.

- I'll call you.

- Sounds good.

Thank you, pastor.

David, we've been spared!

You're so slow dad.

Come on here we go.

Hold on, hold on.

Get the moment here before.

You guys ready?

See your baby sister?


Yes, we're so ready.


- We're ready.

We're so ready.

We're so ready.

Alright, let's do this.

Are you ready though?



- Hey guys.

Come on in.

She's asleep.

There's Hallie.

- That's how big you were.

Six pounds, four ounces.

Two weeks early.

Ready to go.

Julie, you think you can try to hold her?

- Oh, she went right to you.

She's so pretty.

David, you wanna hold her?


Okay, we'll wait.

Come in real close.

Come in real close.

There we are, the Benson family.

Say buh bye.


- Dad, dad, dad do we
not have to go to school?

- Go, go, get ready!



- No, no, no, no, no.

- Dad, my bus just drove by!

- David, I need you to
take Hallie to school!

Can't, I got a test.

- David, come on, wait.

Oh, man.

Hallie, my car quick!

Let's go!

Go, go, go, go!

- Alright sweetheart, have a good day.

- Umm, dad?

- What?

- This isn't my school.

- No it's not.

- The pastor will be with you in a moment.

- Thank you.

- It was good of you to make it.

- So...

- What?

- Did you pray about it?

- Does it even matter?

I didn't realize I
actually had a say in this.

- Why can't you just...

- What?

What are you thinking right now?

- I'm thinking I don't even know you.

I mean are you really the type of person

who is so stubborn that you
can't even pray about it?

- I'm sorry.

But I'm not gonna let
some emotional decision

keep US from following
the plans that you and I

have talked and prayed
about for two years.

- Well then you don't know me at all

because all I wanna do right now is just

save the life of this
innocent little baby.

And if you aren't
willing to do the same...

- Then what?

- I don't know.

I don't know.


- I'm in here.

- Whatcha doin'?

- I'm just looking at some pictures.

- Remember the watermelon
seed spitting contest?

- Yeah.

- Julie won.

- Well, it's only 'cause
she had better seeds.

- Mom made cupcakes with flags on 'em.

- Yeah.

Hey, you hungry?

- Starving.

- Do you wanna order some pizza?

- Really?

- Yeah.

It's on me.

- I'll make cookies.

I'll go get the hair dryer.

- Oh, it's you.

Well what are you panhandling now?

- I made you some cookies.

- Well I'm not buying.

- But they're free.

- Nothing is ever free
in this life, young lady.

- I even took out the chocolate chips

so your dog could have one.

Well, here you go.

- Wait.

Come back here little girl.

What's your name?

- Hallie.

- Well Hallie, you should know better

than to give a diabetic
a full plate of cookies.

Unless of course, you
wanted to eat one with me?


Okay, come.

Down, stay.

For me?

Thank you.

- So what do you do all day?

- I'm retired.

- What are you retired of?

- Police work.

- You're a policeman?

- I used to be.

- Was this your police dog?

- Him?

No, that's just old Reggie.

- Hey, Reggie, I like that name.

- My daughter named him.

- You have a daughter?

- Yeah.

- Does she ever come and visit?

- No, she's serving time,

10 to 15 years in state pen.

- So she works at the zoo?

- Zoo?

Well you know, it is something like that.


- I bet you miss her.

I know what it's like to miss
somebody you really love.

At least you could still talk to her.

- Well we haven't talked
in a really long time.

- Why not?

- You know something,

I don't even remember.

- Well, you should call her.

'Cause I bet she misses you too.

- Maybe I will.

- You know, these
cookies are really gross.

- Yeah, they really are gross.

- Maybe Reggie will eat 'em.

Yeah, maybe so.

Well I better go.

- Well okay.


Thanks for the cookies.

- Hey sleepy head.

Sorry I didn't cook breakfast.

Kinda outta stuff.

- Trust me.

That is not a problem.

- I think there's one last granola bar.

You promised to help me in the yard.

- Can't.

I gotta study for a test.

- Dad, I need to increase my cash flow.

- Why?

- It's a secret.

- Sorry, no can do.

- Well can I do something
to earn some money?

- Honey, not today.

I'm swamped with work of my own.

- Can I help?

- It's grown up work.

- Please?

- Trust me.

When you're old enough to
help, you won't want to.

Actually, you could take
the trash to the garage.

That'd be great.

- Will you give me a dollar?

- No, but I'll do your laundry

and let you live in the house.

- Fine.

- Put some shoes on.

I got a lot of junk in
there I've gotta get rid of.


- There is a lot of junk in here.

- David, what are you doing?

Hello, dad?

Anyone here?

- Yeah, I'm up here.

I'll be down in a second.

- So what'd you want from Colton?

- I want him to hear the
same thing that I'm hearing.

- But he's not.

- Yeah, exactly.

- So you want him to do things your way?

- Yeah.


I don't know, dad.

I don't know stuff.

I feel stuff.

When I agreed to marry Colton,
I felt such peace about it.

And now I don't feel
peace about anything, dad.

I feel like I'm supposed to save this baby

but I also felt just as strongly

that I was supposed to marry Colton.

Dad, I don't know.

- Can I wash these two together?

- Really?

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What do you want me to say?

- I don't know.

Mom used to help me.

- Yeah.

Well, mom used to do a lot of things.

- Yeah.

- I'm sorry, I wanna help you.

- No, it's okay.

It's fine.

You're right.

I'll figure it out.

- I love you.

- I love you, too.

- Uh, gotta go try on this dress.

Hope they have a good return policy.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- You ready to study?

- Absolutely.

- What is that?

Don't tell me you actually
thought we were gonna study.

- Well I figured we'd do a little bit.

That way I'm not
completely lying to my dad.

- You're cute.

"But 1917 proved only to be the beginning

"of the bolshevik revolution."



That was exhausting.

Do you want a drink?

- Yeah, sure, I'll have some water.

So where is everyone?

Oh, they're all out.

It's just US.

Come on, let's see it.


Oh my goodness.

- You look amazing.

- Thank you.

- Colton's gonna pass out.

- Let me go get your veil so
you can get the full effect.

What's wrong?

- Nothing, it's perfect.

- What is it then?

- Nothing.


- It's Colton, isn't it?

He doesn't want the baby, does he?

- It's not Colton.

It's not the baby.


I just feel like I can't
hear god's voice anymore.

And it scares me.

- Forget it.

It's not worth it.

- Excuse me.

Are you Julie Benson?

- Yes.

- I'm supposed to give you this.

- Here you go.

- Pleasure doing business with ya.

Hey Mr. Jenkins!

- Well hey there miss Hallie.

Looks like business is booming.

- I made 29 dollars.

- 29 dollars, wow.

That is a lot of money.

You know you don't see too
many of these nowadays.

How much you want for them?

- Two dollars.

- Two dollars?

I'll take 'em.

For five.

- Wow you drive a hard bargain.

- You all set?

- Yeah.

- You know, I used to
think you were an old frump

who didn't like to have any fun.

But you've changed.

- Oh.

- Now I think you're the kind of guy

who likes to have fun.

- I can't do this.

- What?

- I'm sorry.

- Where are you going?

- Tell my dad.

Like I said I would.

- Um, let me go see if
my dad has any change.

Hey, what are you doing?

- I'm trying to get rid of
all these stupid dandelions.

- I planted those!

- You planted these?

Hallie, these are weeds.

- They're not weeds, they're flowers!

- Stop it.

- The yellow ones turn white.

- No, I said no, Hallie.

- They're beautiful flowers.

And mom liked 'em too.

- Hallie.



What's going on?

Are you getting rid of this stuff?

- You said it was junk.

- Excuse me, ladies.

I'm sorry this sale is over.

I can't believe that you
would do this without tell...


Where are the tapes?

- What tapes?

- The vhs.

- What's a vhs?

- The little black boxes
with the movies on 'em.

That's the only footage we
have left of your mother.

- I sold 'em.

- Hallie.

- I'm sorry.

- Go to your room.

- But--

- go.

- What's going on?

- Don't talk to me right now.

- What?

- What happened to you?

Because I'm not around you
think you can just Chuck

everything that your
mother and I taught you?

- What are you talking about?

- Your computer.

I saw everything.

I'm disappointed.

You know who else would be disappointed?


- I'm sorry.

- Hallie, what is it?

- Please let me buy back the vns tapes.

- What?

- They're black boxes with
movies of my mom on 'em.

Here, you can have all the money.

I just need 'em back.

I'll never earn enough anyways.

- Hallie, is this about your secret?

Do you wanna talk about it?

- It doesn't matter now
that I've ruined everything.

- I tell you what.

Why don't you and I go sit
down right there on that step

and you can tell me about it
from the very beginning, okay?

- Okay.

- Alright, come on.

- And all I wanted to
do is earn enough money

to fix Isabel's teeth.

But I keep messing everything up.

I'm too little.

I mean I know it doesn't
sound very important.

- Oh no.

It is important.

It is very important.

Because it's important to Isabel.

You know Hallie,

you just can't give up on
someone when they need you.

- You're right.

I won't.

- I know you won't.

And that's why I'm gonna
give this money back to you.

'Cause I know you're
gonna earn it somehow.

Meantime, I'm gonna get this old body up

and get those tapes for you, okay?


- Okay.

- Hey!

Where do you think you're going?


- Bye Mr. Jenkins!

- David!

Watch out!





Give me some help!


Listen don't move her.

Don't move her.

- Hallie!

They're beautiful flowers.

- Hallie!

Mom liked 'em too.

- I hear there are tons
of flowers in heaven.

Look, a white one!

I love the white ones.

They were my favorite
when I was a little girl

because you can blow them

and then it looks like it's snowing.

You want to?

Go ahead.

- Wanna know a secret?

The yellow ones

and the white ones

are the same flower.

Yellow ones turn white when they die

and then they get all these
little white fuzzy things

which are actually seeds.

And when you blow 'em they go all over.

They land in the ground

and they turn into a new dandelion.

- You know I think god made people

a lot like dandelions.

He wants US to spread his
love to the entire world.

- How?

- Well we have to be willing to change.

You see, there's a Hallie
who only cares about herself

and that Hallie needs to die

and let god change her into a new Hallie

who loves god and other people.

- How do I change?

- You start by asking god to show you

what you're doing wrong
and to forgive you.

- Can we ask him right now?

- Yeah.

- How is she?

- They don't know yet.

- She dropped this.

- Thank you.

- Mr. Benson, you already know this.

You have one incredible little girl.

- We still don't know anything.

You can come back and see
her though if you'd like.

- I would.

- "Hallie.

"You've brought so much joy to my life.

"You make me smile

"because I know you love
god with all of your heart.

"Keep spreading that
love to those in need.

"Remember you can do all
things through Christ.

"Go change the world.

"Love, mom."

I'm sorry.

I thought I could do everything for them.

But I can't.

I thought I could do it all by myself.

Lord I need you.

Please don't take my baby.



- It was an accident.

- I'm so sorry.

- I know you are.

I'm sorry too.

I said things I shouldn't have.

- No, dad.

You were right.

I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment.

- You're not a disappointment.

Never have been.

I haven't been the best father.

- I don't know how I got into all this.

I know I need to change.

- I'm gonna help.

I wanna help.

I want you to know something.

I'm very proud of you.

And your mom would be proud of you too.

It's gonna be alright.

- Thank you.

Dan, I remember our wedding day.

You smiled at me

and I just knew we could
do anything together.

Today you're giving
our precious girl away.

I wish I could see her
standing beside you.

You may be giving her away

but she'll always need you.

And David, he's more
like you than you think.

I know you'll mold him into
the man he needs to be.

And as for Hallie, she has
such a heart for the lord

and spreads joy everywhere she goes.

Keep encouraging her.

She may be small but god loves

to work through unlikely people.

I know you're probably wondering

how you're gonna get through
all of this without me.

But I promise god is more than enough.

He'll get you through this.

I love you all so much.

And I can't wait to be with you again.

I'll see you soon.