Summer Nights (2014) - full transcript

My name is Mylène.

You might think I'm full of myself
if I tell you

that I'm a beautiful
and intelligent woman

who can make conversation,
only talks

when she has something to say,
and never of politics!

A woman who can keep house
better than others

because she has a good background.

But careful:
no contempt for poor people.

What else?

A faithful and devoted wife,

who's tender,


Simply a woman!

I'm repeating myself.

So change the record, love.

- I make a mess when I eat.
- Michel does, not Mylène.

I know what I have to do.

The lady with a good background
is getting on my nerves.

The sink is leaking!

I'm telling you there's a leak!

- Alright.
- As you weren't answering...

I'll put it there.

I'd like to get home before dark.

I understand.

Remember the shutters,
and the key...

It's behind the bathroom mirror,
I know.

Better safe than sorry.

It's all falling apart.

Like us.

Go inside.

Will you call me?

As usual.

- Can you mend the leak?
- You know I will.

Summer Nights

November 1959

- Where were we?
- Your husband.

That's right!
Do you talk to Michel much?

I do.
Michel is very open, you know.

What do you talk about?

Anything and everything.
Like everybody.

"Like everybody"?
Do you think so?

Michel is different.
We share everything.

I could never trust men.

Dios mío, it's very late.
I have to go.

- I'm writing.
- Oh, what?

A novel.

It's been a while.
It's unpublished of course.

- Why "of course"?
- I don't think it's very good.

- That's what the publisher said.
- What does he know?

It's his job.

We should see each other more often.

Actually, I wanted to see you

so I could thank you.

They all avoided me
after Müller died,

but you didn't.

We could have tea together
once a week.

Tea or anything you like!

Thank you.

What did you say, darling?

Can I go and read in my room?

Just for ten minutes.

What about my kiss?

- Good night.
- Good night.

Hey, Jacky, you didn't put
your slippers on.

You should remind him, miss.

Yes, madam.

How much was the butcher's
last month?

- I can't remember, madam.
- Nor can I.

I'll look into it later.

You're home early today.

I didn't want to drive at night.

- How did your work go?
- As usual.

It's cold, isn't it?
Weren't you cold?

The fire kept me warm.

I'll just finish this.

- Is that a new cardigan?
- Yes, from Silhouette.

I liked it in the shop
but now I'm not sure.

- It suits you.
- Does it?

Thank you.

How was your day?

I didn't have a minute to myself.

The next meeting is about Algeria

and Florence asked me
to write a speech.

I hope you said yes.

I don't think I'll have the time.

It could help me get elected.

You smoke at home now?

Everyone smokes nowadays.

So my wife does too?

- May I go home, madam?
- Yes, miss. Thank you.

Good evening, madam.
Good evening, sir.


Auberlay will never vote for me.

Are you sure I can count on him?


It's in Herbtz's interest,
Mertzeg's too.

Yes, we still need
to convince Miclos.

As you say:
"A few heavyweights."

I have to go.

How can I help you?

Look at what we received.

A piece of paper.

6 months under a tent.
He didn't even see the Arabs.

We know everything.
He told us.

It's in his letters.

Just read them.

They butchered him like a dog.

And now we're being thanked
with a medal!

These kids are led to believe
it'll be easy

and that's a lie!

Before Louis even left for Algeria,

he was thinking about his future.

He wanted to open a little garage.

They can keep their medal.
I want my kid back.

I understand, but I'm just a notary.

Your dad would have known.

It was another time.

I'll go to Algeria if need be.

I'll go to see de Gaulle.


- Goodbye.
- Thank you, sir.

Tell my wife
I'm going to the Spruces.

I'm ready.

- Let's talk about war.
- No!

I don't want to talk about that.

Women don't talk about it
and don't make it.

What are you talking about?
What about the Amazons?

The Amazons went to war.

They ate their husbands...

Let's talk about hunting.

Many women excel
in the art of hunting.

Jackie Kennedy, Marie de' Medici,
the Princess Palatine...

Queen Victoria, Sissi...

Let's not go that far back!

Why not?

Where are you going?

Enough, Michel, don't get started.

Someone's watching.

Let's go home.

- It's not loaded.
- Stay!

You go that way, I'll go this way.

It fell around there.


You killed Bambi.

Want some coffee?

We're ending this.

I'm ending this.

What are we ending?

All this:

this carnival, this act...

- What are you talking about?
- It's over. Isn't it clear?

You can't leave me like this,

not after so long.

Not after all we've been through.

I can't anymore...

I can't do it.

- So it's just a game...
- You know it isn't.

We've seen worse, haven't we?

Now's different.
I have too much to lose.

And I haven't?

You have nothing to prove.
I do.

That's right...
I'm a nobody.

A dead loss without a name.

Your life is easy, straightforward.

I'll be President of the Chamber.

I love Hélène.
You can understand that.

I can.
It's no news to me.

It has to stop...


No, Michel. We keep going.
We stick together.

Together, like before,
whatever happens.

You keep saying that word.
The "war" is over!

Not mine.

I hope you're not angry with me.

Are you coming to bed?

I have work to do.

When you're not working,
you're hunting, and vice versa.


I'm selling the Spruces.

- You said that last year.
- Yes.

But this time it's true.

It's costing us too much money.
And that way...

I'll work less.

That's good.

She dances like a cake tin.

- Do you like that?
- All soldiers like that.

Don't they want you in Algeria?

- What do you think?
- Calm down!

You haven't won the battle yet.

- You have nice company.
- I brought you a rookie.

- What are you having?
- Same as usual.

- And Cherub here?
- Who?


Same as him.

- See that?
- What?

Dédé is at it again.

- See that dazzler?
- A real whore magnet.

Excuse me, young man.

An Aryan...
How disgusting!

- Séraphine!
- There are 8 left!

- A big bottle!
- Yes!

I should get back.

Drink this.

Your barracks can wait.


Calm down, now.

He's so heavy!

Excuse me,
have you seen André?

He who seeks a wolf...

finds a shepherdess.

A local saying.

I've seen your André.

He's with Gudrun over there.

- Where?
- In heaven.

In the gallery!

Behind the stage.

See you tonight.

Yes, have a nice day.

I'm ready, madam.

So... Shin of veal, 1.5kg,

smoked shoulder,


six Wiener schnitzels,
from the Golden Calf,

potatoes from Keller's,

and six bottles of Schlossberg,

Don't get it wrong.

Get going.

"I'm talking as a mother.

"A mother isn't
just like any other woman..."

Oh my...
How stupid.

How very stupid.

Hélène is a perfectionist.
She weighs every word...

She needs time.

I'd really like her to take on
more responsibilities.

We'd love to.


I'm off to Mougel's.

Tell my wife we're dining out.

Very well, sir.

Violent Battles in Algeria:
35 dead

It's freezing cold!

40 degrees in Algeria.

Think of the kids dying there.

That won't warm me up.

- There are people there.
- Just do your sewing.

Yes, sir.

- Schaeffer.
- The guy from Mulhouse?

- He's back?
- That's all I needed.

He has money.

- Hello.
- Come in.

- Am I too early?
- No. Come in, dear Georg.

- Hello, madam.
- Hello, Mr Schaeffer.

After you.

Thank you.

Jeanine will attend to you.
I won't be long.

- What kind of a woman is she?
- She knows things.

A lot of things.

So, Mr Schaeffer...

Where am I?

Stop moving.
Got Saint Vitus' Dance?

Without me,
you'd still be lying in the street.

You slept in my bed...

and I slept on the sofa.

The drag queens...

- Where's André?
- He's found a nurse.

I'll get solitary.

You've missed the roll-call.

Maybe you'll just get a reprimand.

- How do you know all this?
- I just do.

Take this.

And this for the taxi.

Go on, take it.

- I can't give them back.
- Who knows?

Now clear off.

Don't get me wrong:

most of them are very nice,
but working...

isn't their thing.


The last one didn't last a month.
Broke down.

- No!
- Yes!

What can you do?

They're unstable!

- We can't change that.
- No!

They're not like our dear Italians

Who are much more reliable!
Or Spaniards, less lazy.

What worries me most
is what happens over there.


Here, they need to work
so they keep quiet,

but over there...
they butcher our soldiers.

- Stop it!
- It's true!

De Gaulle is up the creek
with his self-determination.

If it goes on,
they'll be mosques here soon.

They look nice
but I don't want them here.

Damn it!
Algeria is France.

It's France! It's ours.
It's our country!

Isn't it?

I hear you're selling the Spruces.

I am.
That house is too old,

too damp, full of ghosts.

No... We want the sea.
Fresh air!

The sea?

The sea's ugly.

Mountains are better.

Can we call you "president" now?

Sir, president...

Nothing's sure yet.


dress is beautiful, Florence.

Do you think so?

Thank you.

It's from Cour Aux Puits street.

The guy looks ordinary
but he's a genius.

He is a bit of a...


- "Shirt-lifter"!
- What?


he's a tailor!


- I'm sorry.
- The tailor is a shirt-lifter.

I think it's funny, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

The bathroom is in the hall,
on the left.

- Are you alright, darling?
- Yes...

Shall I show you?

So, Hélène,
how is your speech coming along?

Oh no...

Oh no, no, no...

Oh no...

Oh no!

What's the problem?

I've never been this humiliated.

I just wasn't feeling well.

- You can't take your eyes off her.
- No...

Don't be jealous.

It's all I have left.

Do you really want
a house by the sea?

Of course not.

I'm going back.

She put me in detention.

Do you know why?
I blew my nose.

Yes, complete silence.

- You're doing it deliberately.
- Get out.


She always wears tank tops.

I thought she had braids.

It looks perfect on you.

I'm too small to wear it.

A tailor rue Cour Aux Puits made it.
A genius!

- Oh, you too.
- Do you know him?

I've heard about him.

- I'll buy it from you.
- Just take it.

I'm happy to give it to you.

- Are you coming tonight?
- I wouldn't miss it.


Yes, sir?

- Is Hélène in?
- No, sir.

- Didn't she say anything?
- No.

- Has Jacky had supper?
- He's reading.


Are you sure she didn't say anything?

Well... yeah...


- Anything else, sir?
- No, thanks.

What is she doing, for Chrissake?

There you are!
Where were you?

I'm not late.
You're the one who's early.

I was worried.

I was at the hairdresser's.

Here, I've written my speech.

- Read it while I get ready.
- Great.

To add an original and tasty touch

to many savoury dishes:

pork with prunes, duck...

Switch off the TV, Jacky.


My friend, I'm glad to hear you.

I'm at your disposal
to go through all this.


Forget about my dad, will you?
It was another time.

Let's talk about it tonight.

See you later.


Oh, fuck...

Let go of your banjo.
Play with us.

- Let go of me.
- Don't answer back!

Durantos, clear off, please.

No! You stay here!

That's how you kiss.

Press, push, and that's it.

It's your turn.
Quéméner, don't fuck with me!

Press it down.

Quéméner, do it.

Quéméner, hurry up!
You coward, you're just a pussy.

Are you a man or not?
We're going to war!

This is nothing!
Hurry up, Quéméner!

There! That's it!
That's exactly it!

Keep going, Quéméner!

Press it down!
Haven't you got balls?

Aren't you a man?
Don't you have any pride?

Nobody loves you, Quéméner!

Not even your parents love you,

or you wouldn't be here.

That's it.
That's nice.

We're going to fuck these bastards!

Fuck these sand niggers.

That's right!
Good, Quéméner!

Keep going!

What's your problem?

Fuck you! Hear me?
Fuck you!

You'll die, not me.

As you know,
our conscripts need a lot of things:

food, laundry, soap, books...


the parcels will be sent
directly to them.

And you can attach
a little comforting note

you'll write yourself.

To this effect, I asked...

Hélène Obertin,
the most talented of us all

- us women -,

to write a few words.

Hélène, over to you!

Dear conscripts...

How can I address you
other than with this sad word?

Marc, Henri,

Guy, Pierre, René,

Lucien, Francis...

Don't be angry if I'm familiar.

I could be your mother too.

Marc, you answered
without hesitation, doubts or fear.

You didn't know
you were going to war.

You were told you'd be making peace.
They used the word "pacification".

You were proud of doing that.

René, you couldn't locate Algeria
before you got the call-up.

You looked at a map and wondered

whether its borders are still French.

Lucien, our eyes met on the street,

not long before you left.

Your still adolescent face
was laughing.

It was luminous laughter.

Today, I'm ashamed...

of having waited so long

to understand I won't see you again.

- Enough!
- Make her shut up!

And you, Francis, you haven't spoken
since you came home.

Yet you used to laugh so hard
with Lucien.

Guy, I'm putting biscuits,
soap and linen in you parcel

but is that really
what you need most?

I'm ashamed of having waited so long

to write to you,

ashamed of your country.

It's either death or shame.

Shame on you!

If you come back one day
- if you come back,

you'll be ashamed too.
Shame will stick to your face,

blood to your hands.
You will be unrecognizable.

You'll be over 100.

You'll keep saying
what France did to you,

nobody will listen.

Well said!

Long live France!

Well done, Flavia!

What in hell are you doing here?

I didn't know where to go.

You did right.

Come on.

Follow me.

Hide here
until I get false papers for you.

Then you'll go off to the South.

- I don't know anyone.
- Don't worry.

- What have I...
- You pushed death away.

- It's a beautiful thing!
- I'm a traitor.

A rebel.

I once held a rifle too.

I was your age.

I shot at some poor guys.

Believe me, that's not courage.

You have nothing to fear.
I'll protect you.

I want to go home.

You jumped off a train,
you can't turn back.

- Get some rest.
- I'm not tired.

Then stay put.

And get changed...

it might help.

Florence crossed you off.

Hear me?

I won't be President of the Chamber.

- It's nothing compared to...
- To what?

I don't care
about the Chamber or Florence.

It's you.

I was ashamed of you
for the first time.

That speech, that dress...

You have a family.

How could you do this to us?

You should've read the speech.

I trusted you!

You can't have written that yourself.

I'm too stupid.

Is that it?

They're not your words.

I would say it all again if I could,
only better.


- It's Hélène...
- I know.

- You too?
- That's all people talk about.

It makes me laugh.

I'm done for.

- I saved the practice.
- You should be proud.

I even heard that, for the occasion,
your wife was wearing

a designer dress.

Suzanne Müller.
It's all her fault.

Suzanne Müller's full of beans.


I want to start again.

I want to.
You and me, like before.

- I don't like being whistled for.
- Please.

I'll pay you.

3 times more, I don't care.

I won't say no.

Will you share with other guys?


Artists, workers, fathers like you...

I'll do what you want.

I'll call you.

You weren't lying!
It's peaceful here.

- Blimey! We're in the jungle.
- The very nature.

- There are insects everywhere!
- Chill out.

Sorry, I'm cut out for the Carlton.

Take my suitcase.

Come on, hurry up now.

I'm Hermine, I'm responsible
for the whole little troupe.

People call me Fairy.
Or Tinkerbell, up to you.

That's a nice house you have.

Suzy Corridor.
Call me Suzy.

Congratulate your wife.
That woman's a hero.

I'm Callipygian, because of...

I'm Georg Schaeffer.
I'm an electrician from Mulhouse.

What's all this?

Hurry up, they're waiting.

Seen him?
As stiff as a board.

- A handsome board.
- Yes.

Oh! There's even coffee!

My wife says it makes me nervous.

- Have you put make-up on?
- No.

Your cheekbone looks nice.

- Does it?
- Yes.

Cheekbones, jaw...
There's an artist behind this.

- Think so?
- I do!

This is like my gran's place.

Simone was her name.
If she saw you now...

I'm as bored as a breadcrumb
under a cupboard.

- So what do you think?
- It's cute.

Yvonne or Marie-Louise?

- Yvonne!
- Yvonne.

Yvonne de Gaulle,
like the General's wife.

We'll make you the prettiest,

a real star, like me.

Down with the notary!

You'll end up getting lost.

- What about the cops?
- They're on the prowl, yes.

- You're risking too much.
- He's risking too much.

Prick it here, put a clothes peg...

For the false papers, there's Louis.

With what I did to him...

Don't worry.
I'll find a way.

No! That's enough!

I didn't do anything.

Everyone out, go on!

Not you.

I met a married man...

like you.

A long time ago.

I'll admit I was much younger.

You're not a woman.

You think I'm not?

Let's call him Jules.

Jules had the need, the desire,
the longing, whatever,

to become Juliette.

"Juliette": you see,
my Jules had little imagination.

Oh, not for ever.

Just when his desire
became too fervent.

Once in a while,
when he had the time.

He was a clerk of the court.

Jules came to me...

and slowly, in front of me,

he became Juliette.

Jules was a handsome man,

and Juliette,
an elegant young lady.

Juliette needed me
to feel that she was alive.

Juliette felt ridiculous by herself.

"What's the point,"
she said,

"if no own enjoys it?"

Well, I loved Jules...

and I loved Juliette too.

Do you know why?

Because they were
one and the same person.

You look...


Where's Jules now?


Article 1: we are women because
it's what we want, decided and like.

Article 2:
being a woman is liberating.

Let frivolous, fun activities
be allowed.

Offenders will be punished.
For instance: ironing.

I don't like ironing...

Article 3: being a woman
can be dangerous.

You can't leave the house.

The cops are always around.
Cops mean jail.

No more than a walk in the woods.
For our safety.

Article 4:
being a woman is a revolution.

We should all start a personal
revolution, at least once.

Article 5: women sit down to pee.

Even in the woods?

Article 6:
never be sure you're a woman.

Any slackening will be punished.

Article 7: being a woman
sometimes means being bored.

Be imaginative,
otherwise you'll become depressed.

Article 8:

being a woman means being equal.

Whoever we are in civilian life.

Do you want to add something?

Article 9: one is not born,
but rather becomes, a woman.

- Even with these balloons?
- Yes.

If my wife didn't have tits,
she'd like to wear trousers.


"I swear to teach future generations.

"May my sisters respect me

"if I keep my promises.

"May I be covered with opprobrium
and despised if I don't."


- Bravo! Congratulations.
- Bravo!

- Thank you.
- Bravo.

- We did it! That's good!
- We had to.



You've arrived at the station.
Beware, the train is leaving.

Aren't you hungry?

I could eat a horse.

By the way, I'm staying
at the Spruces for a few days.

I have a big file to work on.

It'll be quieter.

- Aren't you selling it?
- There's no rush.

The right time will come.

Shit! Cherub!

- "Cherub"?
- We'll explain.


This is all I can do for you.

Thank you.

"Thank you, madam."

But you don't have to.

You have nothing to fear here.

- You should've told them.
- What?

We were going out.

- Down with dictators!
- Long live the revolution!

I'm a liberated woman.

You should try.
It's easy.

My wife always says...

I thought you'd married the General?

We'll cut off your General's nuts!

- Look! A mushroom!
- Well, take it.

Put it in the bag.

It's beautiful.

It's this way.

No, it's this way.

Whatever, I'm going.

- This is such a hole.
- Shut up!

It's cute!

A church!
I should confess!

Do you miss the aspergillum?

The Church deserves respect.

It's this way!

Thank you.

- 7 knackwurst.
- Miss, it's your turn.

- Ja!
- No. It's my turn.

- 7 knackwurst.
- He said it was our turn.

- 1 zungenwurst.
- And about 10 mettwurst.

And 2 chicken, as we're here.

That'll be all.

- I'll get the police.
- Call whoever.

Nee naw, nee naw!

- I'll get you.
- Faggots!


You cows!



- Don't you use butter?
- No.

That's the secret.

- Shin. Just shin.
- Is that shin?

I don't particularly like alcohol,

Cherub, there's sausage for you.

- Want some?
- Thank you.

- Would you like some Riesling?
- Please.

Wait, I have some.


Some cabbage.


I like to eat it with mustard.

It's nice.

Do you want the whole town
to find out?

That will save us.

- My wife loves the cinema.
- Oh!


In a while, when we've gone rotten,

we can watch our fetching selves.

Are you fetching?

I'm sublime!

Get your fiddle.


- I'm expensive.
- She's expensive!


Mr Obertin?

Go and hide!

- Quick, my suit!
- I'll get it.

- Stop this!
- Wait, stop fidgeting!

Be still.

- Yes?
- Sorry to bother you but...

we've had a visit...
in the village...

a visit from four freaks.


What can I do for you, officers?

We were just making sure.

We're knocking on every door.

- Please, come in.
- No, I don't want to bother you.

We're just warning you.
Who knows...

Thank you.
You can count on my vigilance.

I would certainly warn you.

Who knows.

- Well yeah! "Who knows."
- Yes.

Well, have a good day, sir.

Have a good day...


- Cherub?
- He's here.

- Cherub won't go to war!
- Come on.

No, Cherub won't go to war!

Cherub won't go to war

It's not right.

Blind man's buff!

Cherub won't go to war

What are you doing here?

Leave me alone.

- Are you crying?
- No, I'm not.

You can cry, you know.

I do what I want.

It's so mild.

Like a summer night.

Hélène loves the summer.
My wife.

I'm married, you know.

What do I care?

I just felt like telling you.

You probably love someone too.


A girl.

- What's her name?
- Katell.


Dark hair, green eyes...

Blond hair.

You met when you were 15
and she was 14:

love at first sight.

You learnt what love was together

then you decided to get married.

What do you know?

I know.

Where are you from?

Trezmalaouen, in the Finistère.

Finistère means "end of the earth".

It's all potatoes and cabbages.

- I'm going back to the army.
- It's too late.

I can't live like a coward
all my life.

What about Katell?

She's forgotten me.

She'll find another guy.

But you won't forget her.

I think about her all the time.

What's Algeria like?

Sand, mountains, I imagine.

I've heard
people there don't live like us.

And I've heard
it's a meaningless war.

That's what my wife says.

Come in.

Can you wait here a minute?

Get dressed and go.

- Already?
- Yes.

I'm sorry.

I don't want any apologies.

Michel is cheating on me.

- Michel is cheating on you, so?
- I'm not like you.

I don't understand anything,
I stay here like a fool.

- You do make love?
- Yes.


- What do you mean?
- Nothing.

A man who makes good love...

Unfaithful men have to make love
to their wives, otherwise...

You know.

It can't be Florence.

Definitely not Yolande Mancherin.

Not Colette Kieffel either.

I doubt it's Monique Karfland.

She must be a stranger.

The only stranger here is me.

Michel just loves the countryside.

"The countryside"?
I hate it.

Do you know he made me
change my first name?

- My name's Gloria.
- Gloria is beautiful.


My mum wanted to call me Victoire.
My dad said no

because he thought
we hadn't won anything in 1918.


- You call me Victoire.
- Victoire!

Where are your car keys?

By the telephone.

I feel like a woman this morning.

I heard that, in Tangier,

I could get a softer voice.

I'm fed up with this thing.

They'll castrate you!

I'm fond of my...

- How would you pee?
- Sitting down.

I need coffee.

I'm going to leave, girls.

I'm fed up with this hole.

Another life awaits.

You'll become a hooker!

At least I'll be around people.

Mylène is preparing a surprise.

- I know. Iron this for me.
- I'm not your maid!


- My wife loves the opera.
- She has expensive taste!

There are nice shows in Mulhouse.

Follow their example.
You could do the same at home.

Is Mylène ready?

She's rehearsing.

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

I'm leaving.

What about your papers?

There are no papers.
There never were.

I'm going back.

The army needs me.

- You can't even hold a rifle.
- I can.

These Arabs are your age.

Don't you forget.

If you shoot,
you'll shoot a brother.

If you don't shoot,
maybe they won't either.

You won't die.


You'll come back?

I'll sing you songs.

I'll be your father, your brother,

your wife...

your man.

Whatever you want.

But you'll come back.

Looks like you got lost.
Where's your battalion?

Look at him!
See his face?

Come on!



I love you, Hélène.

You have to believe me.

I don't even know who you are.

I thought you had a mistress,
do you realize?

I never cheated on you.
Not with a woman...

not with a man.

That's not what it's about.

Why do you do this?

I don't know.

I've been asking myself for 15 years.
I don't know.

If you want an answer,
I'll have to leave.

What will you tell Jacky?


And people in town?


People believe what they see.

You didn't see anything either.

During all these years,
what have you seen?

What have you seen of my life,


Yet that life never stopped me
from loving you.

I think I've never been this sad,

and relieved at the same time.

- When I saw you in your costume...
- It wasn't a costume.

Let me finish.

When I saw you like that,

I recognized you.

It was like a part of you,

something I'd always known:

a softness...

in your smile...

in your eyes.

I've always loved that softness.

But I can't deal with this.
It's too scary.

You mustn't be scared.

Yes, but what's my role in all this?

I like the fact you're different,
but that's too much.

You're different too.

"Different", me?

The notary's wife?

Look at me.

Really look at me.

I've looked at you so much.
Look at me!

We'll always be different now.

- Do you really want to?
- Yes.

Do it, then.

It's almost the end of the world

My wandering boat

Roaming along the water

Took me there one day

The island is tiny

But the fairy that lives there

Kindly invites us

To go around it


is the land of our desires


means happiness and pleasure


is the land where you forget
all your troubles

It's like an upturn in your life,

the star you follow

It's Youkali


is the respect of all exchanged vows


is the land of beautiful shared loves

It's the hope

that lies in every human being

The relief

we're all expecting tomorrow


is the land of our desires


means happiness and pleasure

But it's a dream,

a folly

There is no


But it's a dream,

a folly

There is no...


Subtitles: Eclair Media