Summer Love (2016) - full transcript

A widowed mom gets a summer internship at a tech company and draws the attention of two very different executives while learning about about accounting, app designs and finding love.


♪ Like the perfect
summer sunset ♪

♪ Like a song
that changed my life... ♪

"You never know

when you're
making a memory."

That's a quote from one of
my favorite philosophers,

Miss Ricki Lee Jones.

Ricki Lee who?


before your time.

But she's right!

You gotta pay attention

or your life
can just pass you by.

♪ ...losing all
I ever wanted... ♪

Kind of like this scenery.

It's about a hundred times
more interesting

than anything on your phone.

How do you do that?

Put it away, sweetheart.

But there's no devices
at camp all summer.

I mean,
just think about

all the wonderful adventures
you're going to have.

I'm trying
not to think about that.

Oh, Addison.

You're not going to cry,
are you?

[Laughs] Cry!

You're gonna cry.

[Under her breath]: Yeah.

[Maya]: Now, remember,

I'll be in my internship program
during the day,

but you can always
get a hold of me if you need to.

[Addison]: I know, mom.

Not with my mobile, though.

I wonder
if they'll have morse code.

[Maya]: Very funny.




Is everything
all right?

Yes. Yes, my girl.

I'm fine.

Sometimes, I just can't help
but think about

all the things
you missed out on, you know,

since your dad's...


You're an awesome mother,
and a great dad, too.

Come here.

[Voice breaking]:
I'm going to miss you so much.

All right, let's see
what we got.


I signed you up

Paddle boats,
horseback riding,

archery, hiking...

Did you have to?


You're in cabin 12.

Uh, Mrs. Sulliway,
the office just needs to know

if you want to pay
your remaining balance now,

or when you pick Addison up?

I'll do that
when I pick her up.

We're on
the extended payment plan.

Of course.

Okay then.

Let me know
if you need anything, Addison.

How about a ride
back to civilization?

You're funny.

You should sign up
for comedy night.


One more thing.


Yes! There's no email,
and you have to

record those memories somehow.

[Microphone squeals]

[Camp director]:
Welcome, campers!

Please report to the lodge
for orientation

and your safety briefing.

I guess that's me.


I just know
you're going to have

a wonderful adventure
this summer.


If I survive.

I love you!

Write me!




"Free medium pizza
when you order a large."

That's more like it.



A student's work
is never done.


Cannot believe I'm doing
homework again at my age.



Excuse me, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

It's not even noon
and I've already been "ma'am" ed.

[Instructor]: Does everyone
have an internship assignment?


Now, these are
your most important assignments

for the year,

so I want everyone to focus.


Sorry I'm late.

What was it this time?
Another spelunking crisis?

[Laughs] No, I don't
think those kids

will ever go
in a cave again.

[Laughs] You certainly
have stories, Maya.

Two weeks ago, your rigging
got caught on a rock wall.

That wasn't fun.

I hung upside down
for almost two hours.

And today?



As I was saying...

These internships count
for half your mark.

You must get the hr department
to sign off.

No signature,
no internship.

No internship,
no class credit.

No class credit... well,
you can see where this is going,

and it is a trail
of broken dreams.

"Kizzmit group?"


Seriously? Maya?

Yeah, why her?

Why... wait.
Why not me?

[Ben]: Do you even
know what it is?


It's the parent tech
company of talker.

Oh, talk... er.

Yes, that is
that social app

that everyone is using.

- Eleanor?
- Yeah.

I think
that maybe one of these kids

might be a better fit.

You all
need to learn

what you're capable of.

That will happen at Kizzmit,

unless, tragically,
it doesn't.

She has no idea
what she's getting into.

It's a total

And, um, what if

she has heart failure
or something?

She's old.

I'm 35, not 95.

And I'm very
physically fit.

It's just they're really
high-tech there,

and you're not high-tech.

No offense.

None taken.

And everyone there's
really young and smart and cool.

No offense.

Little offended.

Chloe, please.

Kizzmit is tough,

and they're hard
on their interns.

But if
they like you,

you're hired,
you're golden.

Well, not you,
but somebody who's right for it.

No offense.

Do you know what
"no offense" means?

[Eleanor]: Any questions?


Let's get started!

That's amazing!

So you know Kizzmit?

Well, no, but...

You said
it was amazing,

and I'm just feeding
off your excitement.

It's more terror
than excitement,

but I can see how
they'd look the same,

you know?

Oh, a slick website.

Click on the video.


[Chantal]: Oh, my gosh.

I know, right?

Everyone is so young.

How am I ever
gonna fit in there?

Well, you could borrow
some of Addison's clothes.

Not a bad idea.

No. You know what?
Come on.

You are totally
gonna fit in there.

You are going to do great.

I just feel like I haven't
even really worked in so long.

I mean, except for here,

and this is mostly just us
playing with climbing equipment

and ordering Sushi. So.

Yeah. I think...
I think we're good.

We're good. Listen.

You have
summitted Whitney

with nothing
more than good rope

and a positive attitude.

I did.
I did do that.

You did.

You got
everything you need.

You're gonna nail this.


You went from adventurer
to accountant.



[Phone ringing]


Hey there.

I'm here for the internship.

If you need an intern,

you're gonna have to
go through h.R.

I am the intern.


You know what
I love about that?

It's that I've only worked here
for, like, a minute

and I already have
seniority over you.


That's great.


Follow me.

[Door buzzes open]

Does anyone
here talk?


This is the cafeteria.

Everything's organic,

gluten-free, paleo.

Looks just like
real food.

That's funny.

Just hang out here.

They'll come get you
for orientation.


Hi. I'm Maya.

Hey. Josh.

Uh, Web Dev and A.I.

Hey. Ricky.
U.I., U.X.

I'm Kayla.

I'm in marketing.
Nice top!

Oh. Well, thank you.

I understand everything
you just said.

Oh. Accounting.


This place is tope, huh?


Aren't you a little
mature to be an intern?

Define "mature".

Hi, guys! I am Polly.

I'm covering orientation.

First, let me start by saying

how super-lucky
you all are to be here.

Some of you will be jumping
into different departments.

Some of you will be assigned.

You might be
working with project managers,

getting lattes,
making dinner reservations.

Maya Sulliway,

you're in accounting
with Colin, our C.F.O.


I hear he's tough.

Yeah, and a real
control freak.

Up the stairs.

Through the glass doors,
there's a retinal scanner.

Josh Moss?


Social media.

Kayla Nelson.


Great! That's it for now.


[Scanner buzzing]


[Buzzes twice]

[Buzzes repeatedly]


Maybe try
going left a little.


It's just not...

I don't get it.

Move in.


Now back...

A little...
A little closer.


It's just not working.

Maybe because
it's the key card reader.

You were messing with me.

Yes, I was.

Retinal scanner's
over there.

I thought
that was the thermostat.

That happens
to the best of us.

It's never happened
before, has it?

No. Shall we?

[Door lock disengages]

So, you're new here.

I'm an intern
for the C.F.O.

Oh. I wouldn't
have guessed.

Right, because I'm mature,

but hey, you get it.
You're old... Er,

than me? No? Maybe.

I was going to say

because you seem
more professional

than most interns.

Thank you.

I hear the person
I'm working for

is a real control freak.


Because I hear he's very
good at opening doors.

You're the C.F.O.

I am indeed.

After you.
Shall we?

Thank you.


I'm Maya Sulliway.

I'm Colin Fitzgerald.

Very nice to meet you,
even if it was a bit unusual.

I get that.


What I would say,
if I could start over,

is that I'm very grateful
for this opportunity,

and I think it's going to be
a lot of fun.

Well, that depends

on your definition of "fun."

We do have a lot of
account balances,



It's actually kind of boring.

Well, I don't mind boring.

And I'm as good at spreadsheets
as anyone.

Are you
the Mary poppins of accounting?

Well, considering the age
of some of your employees,

I think
that might come in handy.

Hey, man!
Check this out.

This was flown in from
an exclusive resort in Thailand.

All right?
Black ivory coffee.

Their specialty blend is from
beans that have been digested

and then naturally refined
by thai elephants.

Elephant dung coffee?

It's better when
you say it that way.

How is it?


I can barely
drink the stuff.

[Stifles laugh]

Maya, this is our C.E.O.

And sometime
coffee purveyor,

will Martin.

Will, this is
Maya Sulliway,

my new intern.





Class credit.

You're still in school?

Not for 16 straight years.
I did take some time off.

Oh, I get it. That's cool.

Take your own path.

Right? I mean,

take me, for instance.

I dropped out of three
different colleges,

and now I have
five honorary degrees.

And here I am,

just trying to get
one real degree.

I did not mean that
the way it sounded.

Never apologize
for speaking the truth.


Well, this has been fun.

Some of us have
some work to do, so.

That sounds boring.

I'm going to show Maya
a few things.

Come on.

Um, is... that okay?

Sorry, I don't...
I'm not sure...


After a couple years
of meetings,

we got our first major investor,

and then
things started taking off.

We built Kizzmit
in nine months.

It cost a fortune,

but we were growing so fast
and had no choice.

This place
is amazing!

Yeah, it's
pretty spectacular.

These steps
are kind of tricky.


I don't know how
you have time

to give your interns
this tour.

Oh, I don't usually.

I just do it
for the ones

that I know
will appreciate it.

Look, Maya, I don't
really know you,

but you seem to have
that "get it" factor.

What does that mean?

You see things

Because of
your experience.

You mean my age?

Legally I'm not
allowed to ask.

I don't care.


So what do you think?

I think it's
a great empty lot.

It's my favorite spot
on campus.


it has potential.

See, that's the key, Maya.

Seeing value in things
before anyone else does.

So what do you see?


Yeah, I want to make
a duck pond,

where people can come and sit


Ducks are good.


They are.

I like
that you get that.

We should probably
head out of here.

So, thank you again
for the tour,

but do you think
you could just tell me

where Colin's office is?

I should probably
get back.

Oh! I did.

Colin's office is right
down that hallway,

and this is where
you live, Maya.


You're will Martin.

Yes. I am.

What's shaking,

We were just talking
about "pitch-fest".

What's that?

Oh, it's just a little
contest we have every year.

Anyone and everyone
is encouraged

to participate.

Best new app wins.

It's a big deal.

Like, really big.

Winning can
set you up for life.

[Phone chimes]

I gotta take this,
but I am looking forward

to hearing everyone's pitches.

yours, Maya.

[Scoffs bitterly]

I am so in over my head.

[Crickets chirping]

So then, not only did
I insult the C.F.O.,

I managed to disparage

the C.E.O.'S
honorary degrees,

and I'm pretty certain

I alienated the rest
of the intern pool.

Wow. That's all
on the first day?

Pretty epic, right?


At least will
was really nice.


As in will Martin?

Yeah. The C.E.O. Guy.

He's so much nicer

than I thought
that he would be.


You're crushing.

I am not.

Yeah. Whenever
you get all formal,

and you stop using contractions,

I know
that something is up.

I do not know
what you are talking about.

Yeah, sure.

Okay, so what
did will do

that makes him
so nice?

He took me on a tour
of the Kizzmit campus.

Showed me all of
his favorite spots.

Just the two of you?


You really have no radar!

What for?

I mean, really, I was born,
I grew up, I went to college,

I dropped out of college,
I met Nate, I married Nate.

No radar needed.

Well, maybe it's time
for you to get back out there.

Out... out there there?


Oh, no. No.

I have no interest
in going there.

I have school to finish,
a career to begin,

a daughter to raise.

Absolutely not.

I do not have time
for a relationship.

Maya, honey...

Look, I know Nate
is a hard act to follow...

He was a bona fide hero
for saving those climbers,

he was.


Maybe there's someone else

out there
who's right for you, too.

I think you're right.

Really? So you'll consider it?

back out there?


That Nate's
a hard act to follow.



Oh. You're still working.

There's a barbecue outside.

I'll be there soon.

I just want to get through
a little more of this first.


[Bustling chatter,
background music]


Yo, team! What's up?

[Employees cheering]

We're getting
closer and closer

to launching talker 2.0,

and I've been getting
a lot of questions lately

that pertain

to whether or not

talker can maintain
its stronghold in the market,

and I'm here to say,

"yes, we can!"

[Employees]: Yes, we can!

In a few short weeks,

we're gonna have pitch-fest.

Now, every single employee,
including the interns,

are encouraged to participate.

The winner gets a 10-k bonus

and a 20% equity
in the new enterprise.

So keep those ideas coming!

[Cheering and applause]

[Party music and chatter

So are you gonna throw your hat
in the ring for pitch-fest?

[Chuckles] No.

Not really my thing.

Well, you never know

where the next great idea
will come from.

I'm studying accounting,

so unless I can come up
with a new way to do math,

I don't think
it's gonna be from me.

Well, who says accountants
can't be creative?

The I.R.S.



[Phone chimes]

Sorry, I have to take this.

It's the best barbecue
in the country.

I had it flown in
from Texas.

So you're saying
pigs do fly.


Is it too extravagant?

It is expensive.

That's from a soon-to-be-
accountant's point of view.


She's working

She sure is!

That wasn't
a compliment, Ricky.

See, I don't
get nuance.

[Josh]: What about
the first day?

That private tour
with will?


And what is it
with this whole

sweet, Doe-eyed,
outdoorsy bit?

She's probably
a lot more shrewd

than she lets on.

Hey, listen,
don't be upset with me,

but I looked at
your personnel file.

It's your company.

I didn't realize you were
married to Nate Sulliway.

You knew him?

I knew of him.

He was a great climber.

I'm actually a climber
as well.

You and I have
a lot in common.

We should maybe

go to dinner tonight.

That was a leap.

Sorry. Yeah.
Sometimes, my brain does that.


So, what do you say?

Uh, I appreciate it,
but no.

Why not?

Well, um...

For one,
I am an intern at your company,

so aren't there rules
about that?

My company, my rules.

And who says
it has to be a date?

It could just be me

taking a promising colleague
to dinner.

Even though
you just elevated me

from intern to colleague,

I'm afraid it's still a no.

You don't get turned down
very often, do you?

It's a new experience for me.


Something I'll have to
get used to, though, I suppose.


[Background music playing]

[Pub music
filtering into street]


Hi, you guys.

Listen, I think
that you have

the wrong idea about me,

and I would just like
to clear the air.

You mean about
you hanging out with will?

Yes. I am not
kissing up to our boss.

I have no intention
of entering this pitch-fest,

and I'm not
your competition.

I never really
thought you were.

Thank you.

Girls against boys?


All right.

Hey, Barry,
wait up.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Yes, Maya?

Hey, Polly.

Look, I'm out by
the sculpture garden,

and I cannot find building "C".

I need to bring some more files
to Colin.

Take a left

at the fitness center
and go past the juice trucks.

Got it.


The investors
are breathing down our necks.

What am I supposed to tell them?

Well, just stall them,
like you did with talker.

Okay, that was then,

and that was further along
in its development.

Programming says
they still need six months.

I am working
as fast as I can.

Yes, you're throwing
great barbecues

and chasing interns.


I need a working version
of 2.0 now.

Or I need the next great
"Will Martin" idea.

You don't understand.
You're not the creative here.

There is a process.

It takes time.
It comes when it comes.

Well, if we don't deliver
something new, as promised,

then we will lose the financing,

and then this whole thing
is sunk.

So, you...


Hi. [Awkward chuckle]

How long have you
been standing there?

Not long.

Did you
hear anything?

Not really, no.
A little...

The last part.

But I have no idea what you guys
are fighting...

Uh, t-talking about.


Well, what
you did not hear,

you can't discuss
with anyone.

Of course. I would never.

I mean, it's fine.

You did sign
a confidentiality agreement

when you started?

I think so.

Although, that first day,

I think I did try
to activate a card reader

with my eyeball, so...

I'm just going
to give you these.

- Okay, bye.
- Thanks.

Do you think she's
gonna tell anyone?

No. I trust her.





Oh, hey, Josh.

Just chillin'?

Trying to.

Long day today.

Yeah, you look like
you've just run a marathon.

And lost.

Yeah, Colin had me running
errands all over the campus,

and then I went
on the Kizzmit tram,

and then all the way
back into the city.

I just wish that there was

some magical app that
could help me run errands.

There are
lots of them.

Actually, "errand rabbit"
will hire someone for you.

And that's great, until
you are, in fact, the rabbit.


I wish that I had something
that was more than a map.

Something that could show you
when the store's open,

their peak hours,

where to park,

the fastest

Based on foot-traffic patterns.

Exactly. Mashed
all together.

What's the upside?

Saving time. I mean,
if I had run those errands

in a different order,

I probably could have
saved an hour.

Just today?

Every day.


Cool idea.

Thank you, Josh.

[Phone rings]


Hey, Colin.

Your USB?


Yes. No.

But I don't think
that I have it.

I'll check, of course.

[Rummaging in bag]

Let's see.

I do... have it.

Yes. I am so sorry.

I must've picked it up
when I was packing up to go.

If you text me your address,

I can bring it
to your house, though.

Okay. I'll see you soon.


See ya.

Have fun!



I am so sorry!

I don't even remember
picking this up.

They should make these
a little bigger.

I will look into that.

You know, I could have
brought it to your house.

You did.
I live here.

You live on a boat?

I do.

It's right over there.

Actually, do you mind coming
down with me for a minute?

I just need to check this
on my laptop.


Come on.

Thank you
for bringing this.

I have a bunch of work
I need to finish up tonight.

Doesn't sound
like much fun.

Well, it's not.

But that's my life
as a C.F.O.

What do you do for fun?

Uh, hang out
with my daughter.

Study, read textbooks
till I fall asleep.

You know, I never
would've pegged you

as the kind of guy
who lives on a boat.

Oh! What did you
have me pegged as?

Maybe just a slightly
squarer peg?

Well, I should
probably work on that.

And here we are.

You have
a custom Jefferson?

How is it you know
about sailboats?

My late-husband,
but that's another story.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

He would've loved this.


So how long have you had her?

Ever since
I've been at Kizzmit.

It was the first thing
I bought after talker hit,

and I've been
restoring her ever since.

Well, you did a beautiful job.

Did you grow up around boats?

Nope. Not at all.

Land-locked in the midwest.

I had a single mom,

she got me hooked on reading

and bought me all
the Horatio hornblower books.

Then after I read them,

all I ever wanted was to
own a boat and sail the world.

Did you?

Not yet.

I haven't...

Found the time
or... the right person.

I thought I did, once,

but... I was wrong.

Well, don't give up.

It's an amazing boat.

I'm sure you're gonna make a lot
of great memories on it.


I should go.

I didn't mean to keep you.

Are you kidding me?

And thanks.
Thanks again.

Thank you.
It's not every day

you get to see
a boat like this.


[Addison]: Dear mom,

I think this is the first
and last time

I will ever be going to camp.

The bugs are gigantic,

there was a lizard in my bed,

and the frogs
keep me up all night.

I can't wait to come home

and start making
other memories.

These, I'd like to forget.

Your loving
and miserable daughter, Addison.


You sure
you're still not mad at me?

We're good.

As long as
you stick to your promise

and focus on 2.0.

I will.
Right after the game.

Isn't the tennis court
the other way?

It is. I'm just
making a quick stop first.

Won't take long.

I'm just glad this internship is
only six weeks,

because otherwise
I would really be broke.

Well, I can lend you
some money,

or an advance...

Whatever you want
to call it.

You're already over-paying me
for part-time work,

but I appreciate the offer.


Well, you know, you never know

when a prince charming
is gonna waltz through the door

and come to the rescue.

More in the market for, like,
a fairy-godmother,

maybe a genie.

Hello, ladies.


What are
we doing here?

[Will]: As you can see,

my friend and I are on our way
to play some tennis,

but we realize that we are
in need of some tennis balls.

No, we are not.

We have
a trunk full of them.

Good, 'cause
we don't sell them.

Uh, can I interest

you gentlemen
in a climbing harness?

Or a carabiner?

'Cause they're...
They're on special this week.

I'm sure my friend
would love to see them.

Great! Um...

They're just over here.

Hi. Listen.

I just wanted to come here
and apologize

for putting you
in an awkward situation

when I asked you out
at work the other day.

Thank you.

This isn't awkward for you?

No, of course not.
We're surrounded by friends,

which is why I felt like
I should come here

and ask you again.

Why me?

I have a feeling about you.

You're genuine.

Go for it, Maya!

Break out of
your comfort zone.

Maybe she likes
her comfort zone.

Whose side
are you on?

What do you say, Maya?

I mean,
we can do whatever you want.

We could just
have dinner,

or we could go
for a hike,

or rock-climb, or kayak,
or paddle-boarding...


Let's just go rock-climbing.
Not as a date.

Just as two people

who like to climb rocks

at the same time.

I'll take that.
How's tomorrow?

Tomorrow's great!

It's a date.

A non-date.

You had "a feeling"?

It worked, didn't it?


So? You still don't believe
in prince charming?

Huh? Ta-dah!


[Mocks fanfare, then whimpers]

All set?


So you're not intimidated

about climbing with the boss,
are you?

Should I be?

All right.


[Disbelieving chuckle]

How are you not doing this

It's insane!



Are you there?

Yeah! I'm here!

Is it too much?

It's perfect!

But it takes weeks
to scale Everest.

Well, not if
you helicopter

to second base camp.

But that's cheating.


You are tough,
and I love it.

First, you kill me
at rock-climbing,

and then I try to impress you

by subtly dropping
that I scaled Everest,

and you won't cut me any slack.

Well, I am impressed
by all of this.

Well, I'm glad to see

that I'm making
some progress.

Do you always work this hard?

Only when it's worth it.

[Exhales deeply]

This is some view.

We should appreciate it
while we still can.

Why? Because of
global warming

or something?

No. Developers.

They're gonna make it

into condos,
golf courses.

Can't say that
I'm surprised.

Mm, but it's just
wrong on so many levels.

Well, sometimes,
you can't stop progress.

But you can
fight it.

I volunteer

with a conservancy group

and we are trying
to stop the building,

you never know.
Sometimes the good side wins.

Well, if they're on your side,
I'd say their chances are good.



Check this out.

Josh has been working on
a new app,

and it's, uh, pretty cool.

Oh, well, that's pretty.

What is it?

Uh, you try
to get the ball

through the maze

before the penguins
burst into flames.

Oh, I love penguins!

Yeah, uh, just
play around with it.

- Swipe.
- 'Kay.


All right.

Are the penguins supposed to
burst into flames that fast?

Yeah, okay,

but it's a perfect
user interface.

Okay. Well, I am a user

and I am interfacing it

with my face,

and I don't get it.

Maya, what's
your take?

I, um...

You know, I like it.

Yeah? Why?

Mm. I'm not sure yet,
but, you know...

Uh... oh! There goes
another penguin.

Do you mind?

[Game beeping and blipping]

Yeah, it's a start,

but it's far
from perfect.

I would try to widen
your audience appeal.

He didn't hate it.


That's good, that's good.
Yeah. It is good.

- Thank you.
- Will?

Hi. Listen. I didn't mean
to shoot down something

that the other interns
have been working on.

Oh, no,
it's a good catch.

All right, look.
The kid can be

as enthusiastic
as he wants,

but simply put,
the idea's not ready.

Maybe you could've
been nicer about it?

No, absolutely not.
Trust me.

He's gonna have to
learn from this,

if he wants to survive
in the tech world.

That's just a fact.


[Will]: All right, guys,
keep it moving!

If you're not sweating,
you're not working.

Make sure
to maintain eye contact

as you pass that ball
back and forth.

You're doing great.

[Whistle blows]

[Will applauds]

All right, bring it in!

Now that we've got
the blood flowing,

what do you say we toss down?

Now, the one rule
of team-building

is that you have to start
every question with

"what if...?"

I have an idea
for an app.

Better not be penguins.

[Weak chuckle]

No. Uh...

What if you had
an online planner...


I hate to burst your bubble,

but unless
it has magical powers,

I'm pretty sure
we covered that in 2007.

Uh, no, no magical powers.

Anything else,

We're all ears.


There is one more idea
I started kicking around,

but it's-it's not

okay for me.

Uh, what if you had an app
that would help you

run errands more efficiently
throughout the city?

There are tons
of those already.

[Josh]: This one would
have GPS, of course,

but it would aggregate
neighborhood maps,

reviews of each place,

parking spaces,

foot-traffic patterns
in real-time.

It maps out multiple locations
and puts them in order for you.

Sean, my man,
is this doable?



A couple of
coding revisions.

The algorithm of
looking for the map

might take
a little bit.

Value proposition?
Target audience?

It could save you
two hours per trip,

and it would be used by moms,
new parents, shoppers.

It's a great idea, Josh.

I want you
meeting with the programmers.

You're gonna be project manager
of this starting Monday.


[Will]: That's how
we do it around here.


Great work.

All right,
let's get back at it!

[Scattered applause continues]

All right,
let's go.

So, humor me.

I'm wondering how

a guy in his twenties

from queen Anne hill

who's never lifted
a finger in his life

come up with an app

to help struggling
single moms run errands?


The Internet?

Good imagination!

Huh. Josh's other ideas

so far have been
an app to find hip bars,

an app to find singles' bars,

and an app to find
hip singles' bars.

I understand
what you're saying.

And I saw your face
during his pitch.


[Quietly balks]

Can you come
here for a sec?

What's up?

That was a great pitch.

Just something
I've been kicking around.

[Colin]: Anything else
you wanted to add?

No, just...

That's it.


Yeah, actually, I would love
to add something.


I was really upset,

because I wish that
I'd come up with it myself.

What? Really?

It's a smart idea.

Well, we were talking
the other day

you had just come in...

I said
it's a smart idea.

Got it. Thanks.

Anything else?

That was nice,
what you did.

he learns his lesson.

Don't know
what you're talking about.

You are both terrible liars.

- Then why did you have us...
- Because a good leader... supposed to know
which idea is worth fighting for

and which person
is worth fighting for.

I think you're great at that.

Wasn't talking about me.

I mean, thank you,
of course,

but I'm just an intern.


You shouldn't
sell yourself short.


Hey, Maya.

Did you get my text?

We still on
for tomorrow at noon?

Yes. Yes, we are.

It's still
not a date.

That's fine with me.

And whatever you want to do


Is great.

So. Colin.


Not a date.

Yeah, of course.
No problem.


- So...
- Yeah.

You made it
to the halfway mark.

How's the internship going?

It's a lot more
like one of those reality shows,

where people will do
absolutely anything to win.

I've just never been in

such an intensely competitive

Hey, you're still standing.


Thanks to coffee...

Sensible shoes,
a little more coffee.

There's just a lot
to take in, you know?

And, um... I'm not sure
it's really a good fit.


These internships were assigned
to address your weaknesses,

not play to your strengths.

I know you've been dealt
much tougher hands than this.

Well, sure, but...

I don't say this
as your professor

or your adviser,

but as your friend.


Oh, wow. I love wildflowers! How
did you know?

I didn't.
They're not from me.


my competition?

No competition.

They're from Colin.
Strictly business.

Is he apologizing
for working you too hard?

Something like that.

Well, he has a reputation
for being tough on his interns.

I'll just get my...




Guess I should've
asked about

the dress code.

I thought I said casual.

Yeah, I thought
you meant "brunch" casual.

Are you okay with this?

for a good cause.

Thanks for being
a good sport.

Sure, but one day,
I'd love to see

what your idea
of a real date is.


Thank you so much.


[Phone ringing]


Hi, mom.

Sweetie! Hi!
Is everything okay?

Yeah. Great.

I'm so happy
to hear from you!

But I thought that they didn't
allow cell phones at camp.

They don't.

I'm using this thing
called a "land line".


How retro!

Have you made any other
new, exciting discoveries?

I like horses.

I'm actually
a pretty good rider.

[Voice breaking]:
My very own Annie oakley!


You can look her up

when you get
your cell phone back.

Hey. How's Chantal?
And how's the intern thing?

Good. And pretty good.

But I miss you.

A lot!

I miss you, too.

Did you get
the postcards I sent?

You can ignore
the first two.

Okay, everyone, let's go!

Oh, mom, I gotta go, okay?

They're calling me for archery.
I love you. Bye!

Uh, Maya Sulliway?

That's me.

These are for you.


Yes. Well, you'll be able to
format the spreadsheet

with the program I sent you.

Mm-hmm. I gotta go.

Thank you
for the flowers.

They're beautiful.

Very large,
but beautiful.

Yesterday was a blast.

And besides,
what's a few wildflowers

after planting a dozen trees?

So did I

pass the audition?

I mean, two non-dates
that went pretty well

should transition
to one real date,

don't you think?

I do.

You do?


I... I did not
see that coming.

Glad I could
surprise you for once.

Thanks for staying
through lunch.

You know,

I could get in trouble
for not giving you a break.

I promise
not to rat you out.

I appreciate that.

I'll even let you
go home early for your loyalty.

[Whispers]: I really
don't mind the work.

[Whispers]: Do you
like it that much?


It's better than going
home to an empty house.

My daughter's
away at camp,

so it's pretty
lonely at home.

Is that why you're usually

the first one here
in the morning,

and the last one to leave?

Well, that's not
the whole story.

I might not be
quite as tech-savvy

as some of other interns...
All of the other interns...

But that doesn't mean

that I wouldn't
love a shot

at getting a job here
full-time one day.

Well, it's not just about
being tech-savvy.

I mean, anyone
can learn those skills

in a computer class.

It's about thinking
outside the box, taking risks...

I'm more into just creating
some stability right now.

Is that why
you chose accounting?

Well, that,
and I've always longed

to push numbers
in complete obscurity.

And the real story?

Always been good at math.

Figured it would be
good, steady work.

Well... it is.

Do you have any big dreams?


Well, yeah.

Well, I guess I used to.

I used to dream of
home-schooling my daughter.

Taking her
all around the world

to places where I felt
like we could

really do some good.

That doesn't
sound so crazy.

Yeah, but I mean,
you need money

to do that kind of thing.

I think
the bigger problem is

that I'm just running

all over the place,
you know?

I'm effectively
working two jobs,

finishing school,
raising my daughter,

running a household,
trying to volunteer.

There's just not
enough hours in the day.

I think a lot of people

would agree
with you on that one.

But you're right.

Sometimes, I think,
if I counted

the number of steps
I took in any given day...

And I did one time.

My friends bought me
a pedometer

when I climbed
mount Whitney, and, um...

Mount whit...
Are you okay?

Yes. I'm fine.

Would you mind
if I took you up

on your offer to let me
leave a little early today?

Yes. No, I mean,
I don't... I don't mind.

Great. Thank you.
I'll see you tomorrow.




Hey. I would've come sooner,
but it's inventory today.

So what's up?

An app!

Uh, okay, explain.

I have an idea for one,

I really think I could
be on to something.

I'm calling it
"steps for good."

I like it.
Okay, so what's it do?

It counts every single
one of your footsteps

when you run, hike, climb,

from potentially
millions of people,

then it takes
all that data

puts them into a server,

and then we use those numbers
to raise money for charity.

Mm. How?

We get foundations
to donate

for every single
step that you take.

Maybe a cent, half a cent,
quarter of a cent.

It doesn't matter
because it really adds up.

Look at this.
If you hiked

the pacific crest trail,

you would raise

over $14,000.

Maya, this looks amazing!

I've run all
these projections,

it looks really good,

but I think maybe

I should get
a professional opinion.

Well, you could ask,
I don't know...

The guy who created talker?

Colin's more
the numbers guy.

Okay, well,
then take it to him.

But he might think

I'm trying to
leverage my position.

Then we're back with will.

So our target audience
is anyone who wants to run,

climb, or hike,

and also raise some money
for charity

while doing what they love.

Revenue model?

If we sell
the app at $2.00,

well, um...
I'll just show you.

Look at that.

If we price the app at $2.00,

then you'll see, at $3.00,
it takes off.

So do you think it could be
worth submitting to pitch-fest?

Because I... I wasn't going to,
but if you thought...

No. I wouldn't submit it.

You're right.
It's not ready.

I was probably
too ambitious.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Sorry I wasted your time.

Stop. Breathe.

I wouldn't submit it,

because you need
to keep this to yourself.

Not because it's bad,
because it's good.

It's good?

It's great!

There's two reasons
this can work.

One, the idea is solid,

and two, the creator of the app
is passionate about it.

I am! I am passionate about it!

But if you submit it
to the competition,

then company will own the idea.

You'll lose control,

you'll make a sliver
of the profits.

I didn't know that.

If you develop
the idea yourself,

then you can come back
and sell it to us.

Protect yourself
and your participation.

In fact, I'd like to ask
for first right of refusal.


Are you just saying this
to be nice?

No! No. I-i believe in you.

You should believe
in yourself, too.

That's always been
kind of tough for me.

I don't
understand that!

You're one of
the most amazing people I know.

I mean...


Develop the app.

Uh, make a demo,

hire a lawyer,
come back,

and we'll buy it
at fair market value.


This conversation
never happened.

Of course!

No one needs to know anything
until you're ready.

Of course.
Of course!

You know, I'm not used to
anyone looking out for me.

It's been a long time
since someone did,

so thank you.

You deserve it.


Thanks, Colin.


Let's see
what you've got.

Mind if I join you guys?


No. No.

I'm confused.

Aren't we mad at her
because of the penguin game?


Look, Maya could've thrown me
under the bus

in front of Colin
back there,

and she didn't.

You know that app I pitched
about running errands?

Maya's idea.

I was tanking

in front of
the great will Martin.

I was desperate,
so I "borrowed" her idea.

That... that was yours?

under the bridge.

So I can
like her again?

[Laughs] Yes, Ricky.

So, I have a proposition
for you guys.

I have an idea
for an app,

but I need help with
programming, coding,

and marketing.

Well, why don't you
just pitch it at pitch-fest?

Because if we do,
and it wins,

then Kizzmit will own it,

and I just think
that this idea is too good,

so if we collaborate,

we could all be
equity partners.

instead of competing?

That is insane
for this world.

Sounds tope.

What does "tope" mean?

"Totally dope."

That means good.

So what's your idea?

Okay. Here it is.



It's... it's cool.

Tracking the data
in real time will be tricky,

but I think
I can figure that out.

It has to be intuitive,
so anyone can use it, right?

Marketing it
will be interesting,

but it kind of markets itself.

It could mean working
nights and weekends.

Oh, I'm good
with that.

I mean, my parents might
actually believe

I have a social life.

[Others laughing]






[Will grunts]

[Grunting repeatedly]

Good one.

You were like
a monster out there.

Something bothering you?

I'll tell you,
but I don't think

it'll make a difference
one way or the other.

If this is
about 2.0,

I told you, I'm handling it.

It's not about work.
It's about Maya.

What about Maya?

She's great.


We have a good time.

Which is true

of every other girl
you leave in your wake.

In my wake?

We both know
how this goes.

You swoop in,
sweep them off their feet,

and it's great while it lasts,

and it usually lasts, what...
Two, three weeks?

And some women,
they're fine with that,

but I think
you're totally wrong about Maya.

I'm sorry, I'm just
trying to remember

when I asked you
for relationship advice.

Oh, wait...


She's my intern,

so I think I have every right
to be concerned.


Are you sure she's not
more than just an intern to you?

I mean, I've seen the way
you look at her,

and you sound more jealous
than concerned.

I just don't want
to see her get hurt.

Well, why don't you stick
to what you do best...


And stay out
of my personal life.

You guys have
everything you need?


I think so.

All right.
Let's do this.

♪ Feeling good
in my brand-new shoes ♪

♪ Happy day

♪ feeling good
stepping to the beat ♪

♪ Sunshine on my face

♪ I can't help
but feel this way ♪

♪ Baby, don't ever
wanna change ♪

♪ No, I won't change

♪ I'm feeling good

♪ blue skies on my mind

♪ blue skies on my mind

♪ yeah

♪ yeah

♪ I'm feeling good

♪ everything feels so good...

I think it's ready.

Maya, want to give it a try?

♪ Feeling good

♪ are you feeling good?

♪ Feeling good

♪ feeling good
in these brand-new clothes ♪

♪ A new haircut...

[All gasping]

Guys, we have our prototype!

"Steps for good" is real!

♪ I can't help
but feel this way ♪♪

So what'd I say?

Best burgers
in town or what?


I cannot believe
I've never been here before.

Colin and I actually
discovered this place

when we were first
developing talker.

Yeah, we'd come here,

just get burgers
and brainstorm.

I was gonna ask
how you guys got together.

Oh, yeah.
We were introduced to each other

through this hedge fund guy
that we both knew.

Yeah, we've been

a pretty good team
ever since.

Up until recently.


I like Colin.

I mean, he's...
A really good boss.


It's just kinda tough

when you don't see
the whole picture.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

Colin is pretty much
a great guy,

it's just that
I don't think he really gets

the way that I work

and how I kind of operate.

He's just so wrapped up
in the numbers

and trying to build
this company,

that I don't think
he really cares...

[Liquid spilling]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, yes.

Yes. Um... [laughs]

Be right back.

[Text alert chimes]






[Chuckles] I'm so clumsy.

Should we get you
another one?


Let's not push our luck.

So, pitch-fest.


Are you pitching anything?

Me? No.

That's too bad.

[Theme music plays]


Good to see you. Hi.

[Party buzzing with chatter]


Hey, everyone!
I'd like to, uh...

Thank you all
for joining us here

at our annual
summer pitch-fest!

[Applauding and cheering]

Why so glum, col?

It's a beautiful day,

and this is
a beautiful crowd.

For someone
who's about

to announce
that we have nothing,

you seem awfully
sure of yourself.

Who says
that we have nothing?

And without any further ado,

I'd like to introduce
our fearless leader,

will Martin!

[Applauding and cheering]

All right! Psyched to be here!


Launched a new way
for people to connect,

and now we're taking it
to the next level.

With its latest version
almost ready for launch...

[Investor]: When already?

- Come on, how much longer?
- What's up with that?



To be honest,

I may have
jumped the gun on that a little.

I was cautioned

not to set expectations
too high,

but I thought
we could deliver.

The truth is,
it's not ready yet.

[Groaning and grumbling]

But hang on, hang on!

Who says we don't have
something else in store?

Now, our most recent offering

is much closer
to being launched,

but it's a bit of
a departure for us.

The idea was created
in our internal Incubator,

and quite frankly,

I didn't realize
its full potential

until a few days ago.

We can do good
and well at the same time.

The program's called
"steps for good."



- Maya?
- I didn't tell him.

Our target market
is outdoor enthusiasts.

The algorithm calculates

the amount of steps taken
on a run or hike,

and then matches it
with your charity of choice,

dollar for dollar,
step for step.

We all love earnings,

but we also love
giving something back

to those who are in need.

So without further ado,

I'd like to call onto the stage

one of our very own
summer interns,

the creator of the app,

Maya Sulliway!

Get on up here, Maya.


Maya's just finding out
that she won now.

We wanted it to be
a surprise for her.

[Hushed]: What
are you doing?

We're celebrating a good idea.

Just smile,
say thank you.

That's all
you need to do.

So I have
one more announcement.

In conjunction
with the release of the new app,

I have recently purchased

a thousand acres
of forested land

that was in danger of
being scooped up by developers.

I've donated the acreage

to the pacific northwest
conservancy alliance,

who has also
decided to come onboard

as our very first charity

to join "steps for good."

[Cheering and applause]

All right, all right,
all right,

now that the business is over,

it's time to party.


I swear to you guys,
I did not give him our app.

Then how
did he get it?

None of us
gave it to him.

I have no idea.

The only people
I ever even spoke to about it

were my best friend, Chantal,
and Colin.

You just expect us
to believe you?

Either way, Maya,

you betrayed us.

It must have been Colin.

I don't know what to say.

really matter.

We're done.


[Indistinct exchange]

I need to talk
to you right now.

If you could just
give me one minute.

What are you doing?
You stole my idea!

"Steps for good"
isn't yours.

Well, you do work for me,

so technically,

anything you make
is work product made for hire.

I'm an unpaid intern!

Look, most people

would kill
to have us make their ideas.

I mean,
do you honestly think

you'd be able to do it
on your own?

I do. I did.
With my team.


It's a good idea.

And we're going to make it
come alive,

and your name is gonna be on it.

How generous of you
to put my name on my idea.

You're gonna be compensated.

I'm gonna talk to the investors,

and make sure that they approve
a point or two for you.

All right,
look, Maya,

I'm sorry.

I don't know
why you're so upset.

I'm, literally,
I'm doing this for you.

You did this for you.

What about the forested area?

That, in no way,
makes up for what you did!

When did Colin give it to you?

I'm just confused,
because, a few weeks ago,

he told me
that I should keep it to myself,

develop it on my own.


Colin told me

to make an announcement today.

Which I did.

I told you, all he cares about
is the business.


In that case,
I don't know why you said

you weren't good partners,

because I think
you're perfect for each other.


[Colin]: Maya!

I don't understand.
Why did you give it to will?

You're a thief!

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I quit.



I can't decide
who's worse...

Colin or will.

It's a toss-up.

I guess guys
like will Martin

really are too good
to be true.

Certainly seems that way.

Colin was just
such a surprise to me, though.

Are you sure quitting was
the right thing to do, though?

Doesn't that mean
you don't get your class credit?

I don't care.

I just couldn't
be there anymore.


When were you going to tell me

that one of your interns
had an idea

that could save the company?

The idea wasn't ours,
it was hers.

So you told her
to keep it from me?

Well, you conned her
into giving it to you anyway.

She didn't give it to me.

She didn't even know I had it.

So Maya didn't submit
"steps for good"

to the competition?

Then how did you get it?

I took it
from her phone.


That's pretty low.

It wasn't
my finest moment.

Then it means she never signed
the application or the waiver,

and, legally,
the idea isn't yours.

And you are right back
where you started.

[Will]: Who cares?
Legal will figure it out.


Wait, wait, wait.
Bring it over here.

Wait, wait, wait.

It's going to fall.
It's going to tip.

Oh, my goodness.

Is that Addison Sulliway
under there?


My girl!

Can you believe it?

I came first place
in the canoe race!

Of course I can believe it.
You're amazing.

Should we canoe the cedar river?
What do you think?

That would be so much fun!

You ready to go home?

[Sighs deeply]

I'm going to miss it here.

There's always next year.


We'll try.
Come on, let's get your stuff.

How's Chantal?


And school?

Not so great.

And why's that?

Well, the internship
didn't quite work out,

so I had to leave
a little bit early.

I wanted
to leave camp early,

but you told me
to stick it out.

Well, it's different.


Okay, it's not
completely different,

but it's not a big deal,
I'm just gonna repeat the class.

But you worked
so hard for this class!

You're just going to give up?

I don't know
what I'm going to do.

But you're not gonna
worry about it.

Come on.


[Doorbell chimes]

Can we come in?


So what's up?

We heard you quit,

so we thought we'd
bring you your stuff.

Thank you.

And we have something
to tell you.

Go ahead, Ricky.

Um, well, I got to thinking
about everything,

and I never really believed
you betrayed us,

so I did some digging.

I discovered
how will got the app.

But it was Colin.

No, it wasn't.
It was will.

He got it
from the text I sent you

that had
the working prototype.

I-I don't understand.

[Ricky]: Trust me.

Now, I can't reveal

how I managed
to get into will's phone,

but I did,
and there it was.

He got it from your phone.

[Exhales deeply]

Want me to go back
into his phone

and delete all his contacts?

Maybe just mine.

I just cannot believe I'm about
to fail my class over this!

Well, do you have to?


Look, I understand.

Seems like I stopped a little
short of the finish line,

but please, let me just
show you something first.

It's called
"steps for good."

Now, look. I made...

This prototype.

I ran budget specs.

I assembled a team.

My boss...
I guess he's my former boss now,

but he said that he thought
it was a great idea.

So I just don't think I deserve
to completely fail your class.

I'm sorry, Maya.

I can't pass you

if you didn't finish
the internship.

Why did you quit?

It was personal.

Didn't have much
to do with the job.

It had a little bit
to do with the job.

What aren't you telling me?

It doesn't
matter. Look.

I do think that what's important

is that I learned a lot,
I worked really hard,

and I made something
that is really cool.

I get that,

and I really wish

there was something more
I could do for you,

but I can't change
the course requirements.

I know.


What do you say?

I'll see you next semester.




This is, uh...

Uh, unexpected?

Yes, to say the very least.

Uh, what are you
doing here?

I signed off
on your internship,

and I wanted to bring
in the paperwork myself,

to make sure
you passed the class.

Thank you.

That's just...
That's really...

That's really nice of you,
after how awful I was to you,

and I practically called you
a thief.

No, you actually did
call me a thief.

But that was will,
that was not me.

I followed your lead,
I, uh...

I... I quit Kizzmit.


Because I don't want to work
with people like him anymore.

And I wasn't happy there,

You made me see that.

I have no idea
how I would've done that...

You showed up.

You have real integrity, Maya,
and, um,

I admire that.

I want more of that
in my life.

So what are you gonna do now?

I was hoping
to find a new start-up.

You know,
something that...

Something that matters,
you know?

Like, uh...

Like "steps for good."

Are you asking me for a job?

I want to be
your first investor.

I-I do have some experience.

I'm pretty good at it.

It's risky!

I don't think so.


Not when I believe in someone
the way I believe in you.

I don't know what to say.

I knew,
when I first saw you,

that you were never
going to belong there...


I think

that you might

belong with me.


[Inhales deeply]


What do you think
of my pitch?


♪ You are all that I know

♪ in this world of empty hopes

♪ and I'm dying to know

♪ as I look through
this telescope ♪

♪ All the stars

♪ are shining blue

♪ but they'll never
outshine you ♪


♪ You are all that I know
in this world ♪♪