Sultan (2016) - full transcript

Sultan is a story of Sultan Ali Khan - a local wrestling champion with the world at his feet as he dreams of representing India at the Olympics. It's a story of Aarfa - a feisty young girl from the same small town as Sultan with her own set of dreams. When the 2 local wrestling legends lock horns, romance blossoms and their dreams and aspirations become intertwined and aligned. However, the path to glory is a rocky one and one must fall several times before one stands victorious - More often than not, this journey can take a lifetime. Sultan is a classic underdog tale about a wrestler's journey, looking for a comeback by defeating all odds staked up against him. But when he has nothing to lose and everything to gain in this fight for his life match... Sultan must literally fight for his life. Sultan believes he's got what it takes... but this time, it's going to take everything he's got.

The burning question today
on "Halla Bol" is...

The future of Pro Take-Down
in India.

Pro Take-Down - call it
"mixed martial arts"

Or free style wrestling.

The debate has raged for
3 months now...

is this tournament a losing
battle in India or not?

Hard to say how much money
is at stake.

But one thing is certain that
the losses will be huge.

The crowds gave a cold shoulder
to Pro Take-Down.

It means that Aakash Oberoi
- son of the Ex-President...

of the Olympic committee,
Mr. Gyan Singh Oberoi...

who imported this cricket-league
like idea to India...

has suffered a major setback.

A board meeting is in progress.
A decision is awaited.

It's been proven that...

the only game that counts
in India is cricket.

Indian fans have smacked down
this wrestling league...

and it's safe to say that
this sports franchise...

has seen its last days.


I'm sorry for your losses...

and I take full responsibility.

I know Pro Take-Down
was my brainchild...

but each one of you believed in it.

I didn't sell you fast food.

You knew this sport is among the
world's top 5 money-spinners.

I still believe in it.

All I am saying is...
give me six more months.

I'll compensate you all.

Don't make this a personal
ego issue, Aakash.

We know the format is flawed.

But don't know why.

No! I don't agree with you.

What can you do in 6 months that
you couldn't do in 2 years?

Maybe you're right.

I know we've lost our money.

The stadiums are empty.

If we shut down the franchise...

the remaining sponsors will
disappear. We'll be in dire straits.

And I won't let that happen.

All I'm saying is give me
one last chance.

Mr. Patel, trust me.

I won't let you down.

Once again Aakash Oberoi has
managed to dodge the press.

He did not take any questions
from the media.

Does his silence mean the
end of Pro Take-Down?

We'll only know that in 6 months.

How long have you got?

6 months.

Dad, I'm sorry for all the losses.

You were right.

This sport has no future in India.

There is a future...
but you don't see it.

You know what a big hit
this sport is abroad...

the foreigners love it.

We aren't them, Aakash.

That's a problem with your
generation, son.

You think everything imported
is cool.


There's a future for this sport here.

But not how the foreigners want it.

You see, India is a land of values,
relationships and its roots.

If an Indian wrestler pins a
foreigner down in that ring...

the crowds will flood these
empty stands.

Are you serious?

Do you think an Indian wrestler...

can last a single round against
these 7-foot foreign giants?


I have seen him fight, Aakash.

His strength is from within.

That strength is an inspiration.

Winning is not his whim but a habit.

Pulverizing opponents is not
his habit but a talent.

His eyes have spark.
His arms are like rocks.


One of his tackles equals
ten of others.

Haryana Sports Festival sponsored
by Astral Pipes...

welcomes you all to this mega
wrestling bout.

In the grand finale...

The lion, the soul,
the pride of Haryana...

Sultan Ali Khan...

will face 10 wrestlers inside
the 50-yard mud pit...

and aim to reach the green flag.

Can he break this record?

We are here to see this feat.

If he wins the title...

the Wrestling Federation will
present Sultan an Escort's tractor

See those women, Varun?

I guess they have sacrificed
their daily soaps...

to catch a glimpse of
Sultan's heroics.

You are the son of the soil

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan



And here comes Sultan...

the pride, the son of
Haryana - Sultan!

You are the son of the soil

Mr. Gyan, mark my words

He's the only wrestler in India...

worthy of winning an Olympic medal.

O Sultan

That's another wrestler down!

Another bites the dust!


Sultan is snapping these wrestlers
like matchsticks!


Another one down!

Great scenes here!
Women are on their feet!

Sultan is on his way
in making history.

He sure will.

Shammi, this guy will be
a handful for Sultan.

Sultan, stay down.
Or I'll break you!

Sultan's special tackle. He won't
get up any time soon.

Glory to Sultan!
He's created history.

The lion, the pride,
the soul of Haryana...

Sultan Ali Khan!

He is the champion!

The winner of the Escort's tractor.

And winner of 15kgs of Paras
clarified butter.

Look at the ladies dancing.
He's won them over too.

Aakash, if you get him
inside this ring...

trust me...

all of India will chant
just one name...

Sultan! Sultan!


"if you burn daughters?
How will your sons find wives?"

Like that sage, that mystic

The one lost in himself

A king as lost as Alexander

The one lost in himself

Oh... she'll show up in style

Oh... she'll tempt with a smile

Oh... she'll enchant with guile

Hear the wheels turn
of our entwined lives

Like the heartbeat of a drum

Hear the wheel turn
of our bittersweet life

Like the heartbeat of a drum

Like a moody wave, it falls
and rises

No smoke, no fire,
yet how it singes

Oh yes!

"Buroli Village - 10 km."

Mercurial like mercury

Silken or velvety

Or quicksand that's deep

This slice of life

This reluctant recluse

The one lost in himself

Playing a warrior by day

The one lost in himself


Got your salary?

Yes, sir. They are waiting for you.

- Good morning...
- Good morning, sir.




Sign here. Add the date here.

Father's name here.

- ls Sultan Ali Khan here?
- He's inside.

Your job will get done today.

Sir, how long will you keep filling
this with 10s and 20s?

These won't do for you.

It will work, Rajbeer.

It will take time, but it'll work
for sure.


Dad, is his name really
Sultan Ali Khan?

From the Water Department?

He's out of shape... all flab.

No good for us.

I saw some local wrestling
clubs on the way...

I could find a younger
wrestler there.


Oh, come on! Not that again.

Call Mr. Sultan. This has become
a running joke.

Dad, one second. Hold on.

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan



Dad, you were right.

Excuse me...



How is Mr. Gyan doing?

He's fine.

You look like your old man.

Thanks for the offer.

But I've given up wrestling.

Quote a price, I'll get you
a good deal.

Don't even try.

I hate that ring.

Give my regards to Mr. Gyan.

Name your price. Go on.

I'll swing things around,
adjust to your needs.

If you weren't Gyan's son...

I would've swung you around,
adjusted you for keeps.

Your father is a good man.


We don't accept this pass.

Neither your pass nor
your staff permit.

Go find another bus.

Govind, the old man doesn't
have the ticket money.

Who doesn't?

What happened, sir?


Got it.

This man is beyond buying tickets.
He's had it rough.

Get him in the bus.

Listen... be careful.

He's weak. He might collapse.

Big trouble.

Excuse me, Govind?


Aakash Oberoi.

- Where are you from?
- Delhi.

A friend of Sultan's?


I want to talk about Sultan.
Spare two minutes?

Please step over there.

Take charge.

The offer is great, Mr. Aakash.

- A chair?
- I'm good.

It's impossible.

Sultan will never return to the ring.


It's a long story.

The most famous love story
in our hometown.


You see, Sultan's love
wounds run deep.

No blood. No scars.

Whether you speak to me or not

Whether you refuse to accept
the love in my eyes

Whatever you do, never say:
O crazy one

Don't see me again.
Don't take my name

Your love is my only faith,
my oneness

Bid me and I will surrender to You,
O Bulleh Shah

I lose myself

I lose myself in a trance
to seek the one I love

I follow your path, O Bulleh Shah

I lose myself in a trance
to seek the one I love

Without thought of myself,
Bulleh Shah

You are my breath,
my only strength

Some ties are strengthened
by separation

Ever thirsty to see the beloved

Ladies and gentlemen.

On the auspicious harvest
festival of Baisakhi...

Buroli village will witness a
kite-flying competition finale.

Here's Rakesh with the blue kite
and Rehmat with the red.

Govind, are you sure this dish
is robust?

Will it withstand a storm?

Don't worry, Uncle.

Our brand and deeds are famous
across all Buroli.

Hey Sultan, I hope we can get
Fashion TV?

Uncle, I'm impressed.

Your body antenna is ageing but you
still want young racy channels.

Looks like you're having
magic medicine.

Try cold water. It's calming.


How are you, Sultan?


- Govind, hope all is well?
- Yes.

- I hear you're getting married.
- But you're not invited.


Who do you think will win
the kite contest?



Want a bet?

Bet instead on the guy who'll claim
the loose kite.

What is it?


My brother once told me...

there's no one better than
Sultan in all of Rewari...

when it comes to claiming kites.


Age catching up?

Bones rattling, eh?

Titu, we are done with these
petty things...

we're into serious territory now.

Fine. Let's bet, Titu.

If Sultan catches the loser's
kite within three minutes...

you'll ride a donkey with a
blackened face through the village.



Rehmat's red kite snaps!

Come on, Sultan!

What the hell?

You broke my dish.
Where are you running?






What the hell are you doing?

I'm here for Jeelu. Come on, Jeelu.





- Q for?
- Queen.

- R for?
- Rat.

- S for?
- Sultan!



Dimwit. Look where you're going.


What the hell! First you
slip under my bike...

then you manhandle me.

What are you staring at?

I'll pop your eyes out.

Sleaze bags like you have given
India a bad name.

What happened, sister?

How dare you touch me?
Are you with him?

ls this your gang?

- Let's go.
- Get lost!

You make it tough for girls to go
out. Broke my helmet too.

Why are you bullying the boys?

Shut up!

Hurry! Titu will get the kite.


Titu, brother.

I think I should gift you a free
cable connection.

Forget that. Who will ride the
donkey with a blackened face?

Your Dad.

Salaam, grandma.

Salaam, my dear child.

The apple of my eye.
Sultan, how are you?

I greeted you too. At least
acknowledge it, Mr. Shareif.

Mother, hear how sharp
his tongue is now?

What's he saying?

You're pushing 30 and still
so immature.

Squabbling over kites with
kids half your age.

Squandered all my hard earned
savings on your cable TV business.

To show what? Fashion TV?


Give me a break, Shareif.

As if my cataract operation
wasn't bad enough.

Now you're after this poor boy
like some bull.

I warn you.

Someday he'll burn this house down.

Grandma, I found you
a daughter-in-law.

Oh, where?

He's nuts.

In the middle of the town square...

a girl beat me to a pulp.

But when I set eyes on her,
I knew...

I could spend a lifetime with her.

You're really nuts.

What now?

Son, if you have the right
feeling about this...

then no point delaying.

Just walk up to her and tell
her honestly.

I love you and I want to marry you.

- Are you sure?
- Of course!

Take this piece of string and
tie it at the holy shrine.

Your wishes will come true.
Go now.

It looks like a wedding.

Look, sister-in-law.

We were delayed by a day.
And she was married.

Who took the ceremonial tray?

Listen, get the tray.

Saved by a whisker, Govind.

Or I would've eloped with
another man's bride.



What are you doing?

Are those your feet?

Which ones?

The ones I just saw.

They're not feet, madam...
but fine like Taj Mahal marble.

You must sell tickets for
people to see them.

You must know what this is.

A hammer, not a palm.

One slap and your teeth will
pop out.

Don't act smart.

No, listen. My name is
Sultan Ali Khan.

Owner of Mehbooba & Mehbooba
Dish TV. Full Fashion TV.

Don't throttle English.
It's beyond you.

I think English is a short cut
to a girl's heart.

A simple I love you lands
you a kiss.

Do you know what they call the
likes of you in English?

Shit guy-

Shit guy! Sounds great.


What did she say?

She called me a shit guy,
dipped in honey.

Let's follow her.


She's gone inside, damn it.


Know whose marriage party this is?


Titu's! Meaning, our party.

This is the land of rebels
and brave-hearts.

Aunty, enough spoons
and percussions.

That's done. Time for the DJ.

What do you call a girl you like
in English?

I have an English-speaking friend.

On the phone all day with
his girlfriend.

Baby, have you eaten?
Baby, have you bathed?

Hey Mr. DJ. Play me my song.

Baby, what do you like?

Turn the bass up!

Turn the bass up. Want me
to shoot you?


That means... my baby
loves the bass.

The dazzling dame
has upped her game

The lads around are floored
to the ground

She's cool. She's wise.
She's got the spice

Comes across like a boss

Smitten strong men
will to yes-men

Her eyes mesmerize like poetry

My eyes can hardly read a word

Before I knew it...

...she stole my heart away

She brushed me aside
and told the DJ

Pick one my friend
- a beat or bullet

Because Baby loves to
groove on bass

Baby loves to groove

When she grooves I like her moves

Oh my poor little poodle

Don't believe make-believe

Let me draw your attention

To my gang of 16 gals

Many come, many go

Many drop dead at my feet

Luring me with love songs

Because Baby loves to
groove on bass

You have me spellbound

My heart is your captive

All I see is you

I have forgotten the world

You chase me shamelessly

You seem quite stubborn

You may think you're cool

But you're just a fool

I love your face turning
red in rage

Baby loves to groove on bass

The girl wants to dance

The boy wants to romance

He shouts out to the DJ

Don't you take a chance

Put your hand up and dance

She's a modern girl

You mess with my Baby

And there'll be problems

She burns you like fire

Flames your desires

A high fashion diva

A spark of a live wire

I am crazy about you

My heart's crushing
under your heels

You tap them on the dance floor

As you move to the groove

She likes her music booming loud

Baby loves to groove

I'm your shit guy!

Shit guy-


Brother! Sultan.


Here's the English-to-Hindi,
Hindi-to-English dictionary.

I discovered the meaning
of shit guy.

And it means?

Shit means faeces.

And guy means a boy.

Literal translation is
"faeces boy."

Means latrine.

That sounds like a foul insult.

Doesn't sound like it. It is.


I have been called a swine,
a scoundrel...

but no one's ever called me faeces.

This is a serious insult.

It's seriously insulting.

The lady deserves a fitting reply.


I know her name. It's Aarfa.


She's Barkat's daughter, from
the wrestling club.

- A wrestler's daughter.
- She's here somewhere.

Now starts a deadly contest.

The winner will be awarded...

15 kilos of Paras clarified butter...

gifted by the Rickshaw Union
chief Mr. Yaseen.

This special contest will see...

the local champion Bagga pitted
against the lioness of Buroli...

daughter of strongman
Barkat... Aarfa!


Well done!

Push him!

Get him!

Aarfa, tackle him!

She's just returned from Delhi.

Speaks good English...

and is a state wrestling champ.

She and her father dream of
winning Olympic gold.

Flip him over!

What a girl...

I'm willing to be a shit guy
for her sake.

Even a pee-guy-

I don't care. She's the only one
I'll marry.


It's a great plan...
but how will you do it?

My dear man...

just like doctors marry doctors...

engineers marry engineers...

only a wrestler completes
another wrestler.


What it means is...

I will wrestle for her.

What they call in English,
a wrestler.


That's a defining move.

Bagga is down!

The lioness of Buroli
is the champion!



Madam, autograph, please.

You are a terrific fighter. You
made mince-meat of Bagga.

You stalking me?

What were you saying?
"Baby loves bass?"

One kick on your base will
knock sense into you.

Madam, I want to clear the air.

I'm a straightforward guy.
I speak from the heart.

I've fallen in love with you.

I want to marry you and
once we're married...

I'd like to call you Aarfa baby.

OK. So you are a Romeo?

But you know...

I've decided to marry a wrestler.
And you're not one.

Madam, exactly 5 minutes
ago I decided...

to become a wrestler like you.

And fight in the same soil as you.

Listen, Romeo-Wrestler.

Stop these miserable attempts
and get out.

Dad's wrestlers will make
mince-meat out of you.

You'll be counting broken
bones all your life.

Madam, are you trying to scare me?

I'll see you in the morning
at Barkat brother's...

Barkat uncle's club.

I'd like to see if bones break
or heart's unite.

And Madam...

I'm not a shit guy.

Yes, Daage.

Go for the jugular.
The scissors move.


You'll never win the championship
this way.

You have 10 days.

Go again.

Excuse me, sir.

How can I help you?

Sir, the thing is, I want to
learn wrestling.

What do you know about wrestling?

Sir, what's there to know?
It's simple.

Grab your opponent, slam him
down. Pin him to the ground.


Forget it, it's not for you.

A large beefy man wearing
a tiny piece of cloth?

Have some shame.

Sir, I promised my father...

I'd win a medal for India
in the Olympics.

A gold medal.

What they call in English, gold?

I'll stand like Shah Rukh Khan
in golden sunflower fields...

with my welcoming arms open wide.


Sir, don't make fun of
Shah Rukh Khan.

I really like him.

When he looks into a girl's eyes...

even a blind girl falls for him.

Are you here to wrestle or romance?

Sir, I believe whatever you do...

it should have some romance.

You're witty. What's your name?

Played any other sport?

Yes. No one claims a loose
kite faster than me...

in all of Rewari district.

Shame. There's no kite contest
in the Olympics.


Sir, claiming kites is not easy.

If you don't believe me, let's bet.

I challenge three of your finest men.

If they catch me, you won't
see me again.

But if I win...

you'll make me your disciple.

And teach me this tackle.


I accept.

Pawan, Yasin, Rakesh.
Get into the pit.

Let's see how fast he is.

Come on.










Sir, help me. I don't want
to die a bachelor!

You've confirmed my belief
in the theory of evolution.

Man did come from the apes.

Tomorrow 6 am. See you at the arena.

Yes, sir.




Oh damn, two ambulances?


What happened, Pawan?

Has Barkat sir passed on?

Are you crazy?

We'll pop it before he does.

That's just his blood donation camp.

Aarfa madam organizes it annually.

We don't have a blood bank
in our village.

Go and donate some blood. You'll
get oranges and bananas.

Will I donate blood?

I guess I will.

She's not my wife yet, but she's
sucking my blood already.

What a girl!

Are you checking everyone's vitals?


Oh, you're here.

Good. Lie down.

I have never donated blood.

I feel weak.

Nonsense. Sister, check
his blood group.

A fit guy like you can easily
donate 2-3 units of blood.


Can I hold your hand?

Let go.


Let go of my hand.

Madam, it's not what
you're thinking.

He is O-negative.


Do you know only 1% of all people
in Asia have this blood group?


Yours is a rare blood group.
Not easy to find.

I am a rare breed for sure.

No need checking me out.

I would've told you myself.

You'll find the passion
of lover Ranjha in me.

Ghalib's poetry.

Kumar Sands sad songs.

And you'll find affection too.

What they call in English, love...

the love I'm dying to give you.

You said you would marry a wrestler.

I'm a wrestler now, so marry me.


I believe emotions weaken
a person's resolve.

My father and I have a dream,
to win an Olympic medal.

I cannot jeopardize that dream.


Want to be friends?

Want some sugarcane juice?

I need your blood first.

Sister, he's ready.



You're old enough now.

Why aren't you married?

I really want to...

but haven't found that spark
in anyone yet.

Tell me something.

How come a pretty girl like you
became a wrestler?


Do girl wrestlers have horns
on their heads?

I didn't mean that.

What I'm saying is...

sports like wrestling have been
for men in our society.

- Girls are usually...
- Usually what?

Born to be tied to a pillar,
like cattle?

I started wrestling to change
that idea.

You know why I fight men
in the arena?

Because your society keeps...

women caged behind veils
from birth to death.

Your society doesn't get
this simple fact...

if you kill daughters, how will
your sons find brides?

Even my father wanted a son.

He wanted him to be a wrestler.

Who was born? Me.

My mother passed away
soon after I was born.

But my father, he's a caring man.

He brought me up like a son,
sent me to a Delhi college.

Nurtured my dreams like his own.

I could've stayed in Delhi...

but I returned to my roots.

Just watch! The day I win a medal...

all Haryana will be known for
its Aarfa.

So watch out!

Keep your manhood tucked away.

Times are changing.

Daughters are on the move.

They'll slam you down so hard,
you'll have no idea what hit you.


Why are you smiling?

You remind me of Rani Laxmibai
of Jhansi.

You're modern from the outside.

A simple Indian girl on the inside.

I'm touched.







My heart was like...

...a dish antenna

The joys of a free channel...

...was a distant dream

My wires were entangled

Signals were weak

Haryana to me

Was stranger than Argentina

You gave my wavering heart
a brand new direction

In the silver screen of my eyes,
I see your reflection

Makes me wonder. You and I,
what a connection

Stung by bolts, 440 volts...
that's your feather touch

I'm up all night,
glued to my television

I learn love ballads just for you

Just you... only you

Tell me how and tell me what... you think of me

Me. Just me, only me

You are my ration card,
you are my very ration

For your beauty, O princess,
I give sermon upon sermon

Makes me wonder. You and I,
what a connection

Stung by bolts, 440 volts...
that's your feather touch

Let me introduce you to my friends.

That guy in a blue denim shirt
is Govind.

That's Kukku. Gattu is behind
that beard.

Please sit.

What will you have, sister-in-law?

Chowmein and milkshake
are their specialties.

Let's order that.


His girlfriend is our sister-in-law.

He's the first to have a girlfriend.
We're proud of him.

What the hell?

Told them I'm your girlfriend?



So what's wrong if I said it?

I'm leaving.

Aarfa! Wait, listen.

What are you doing?

You told them I'm your girlfriend?


Sorry, but if I did say it...

What's so wrong?

It's not just them. All the town
knows we have a thing going.

If you ride with me on
my bike all day...

holding me tight...

we do breakfast, lunches,
dinners, you joke with me.

We often touch. People see us
and wonder.

ls she actually his sister
or his girlfriend?


I'm a friend! That's it!

You know what? You won't
understand me. It's my fault.

Shouldn't be friends with
an Illiterate like you.

What were you thinking?

You think I'd fall in love with you?

Look at you and look at me.

What have we in common?

I'm a state champion.

I have a dream, a goal, a purpose.

What are you? A clown...

who amuses everyone with his
dimwitted nonsense!

Who is worthy of love?

Someone you respect.

Someone who has something special
that you don't have.

You have no purpose in life.

Any ambitions?

Trying to woo girls.

Don't call me sister-in-law!


Sultan, you're back.

Come, eat.

What's wrong with him?



It's about a girl, isn't it?

Don't make this an excuse to reach
for alcohol and drugs.

No suicide stunts either.

I'm not a kid.

She's humiliated me.

Son, listen to me.

There's a woman behind
every successful man.

And there's a woman behind
every failure too.

But no one stands by a failure.

Sometimes it's necessary to be
humiliated to earn respect.

You need to work, Sultan.

Work very hard...

then the world will respect you.

You're overweight, how will you
wrestle now?

Sir, is this the selection for
the state championship?

That's right.

I want to compete, please
fill in my form.

Are you out of your mind?
ls this a joke?

Pass me that file.

I am not kidding. I want to fight.

Please fill in my form.

It's what? 8 days since you joined?

You'll contest in the state


Have you any idea how many years
of practice...

it takes for someone to reach
that level?

- Don't waste my time.
- Who's competing from your club?

Yaseen, Rakesh, Foga. Why?

If I pin them all down, will
you fill in my form?


You're nuts.

You're kidding?

You'll pin them down?



Right now, sir.




Stop it. Let go.


Satisfied now?

Do you want to get all your
bones crushed?

My father says that...

farmers and wrestlers have one
thing in common - their soil.


Today I fought to know my stature.

In a month I will fight on the
same soil again...

to raise my stature.

This state championship
belongs to Sultan.

When destiny opposes you

Then write your own destiny



Write your own destiny


Reach for the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean

Shout out loud

Stop him if you dare

Shackle him if you have the guts

Today he slays his fears right here

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan



He slowed down.

Come, Sachin, your turn.

Sir, my friend Sultan.
I told you about him.

Take him in your club.
It'll really help.

This is good for puthhi tackle.

Very good, Sultan.

Once more, dhobi.

That's a dhobi tackle.

Look closely. Remember it.


Show me a saaltu tackle.

Great! Well done!

He lives within your soul

He watches over you


That tackle is worth 5 points.

A neck breaker.

It's time to be what you are, Sultan

Pull him down. Good!

That's how wrestlers fall at
your feet.

Reach for the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean

Shout out loud

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul,
O Sultan

Reach for the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean

Shout out loud

Stop him if you dare

Shackle him if you have the guts

Today he slays his fears right here




Sir, kindly fill in my form.
Remember I told you...

that the state championship
belongs to Sultan.

"State Championship, Faridabad.
2 months later."


The lioness of Buroli
has marched...

into her second straight
state championship finals.

Push her!

The way Aarfa is wrestling!

Her opponent Shanti Devi
seems clueless.

This girl has shown great promise.
She may well be...

an Olympic medal winner.

She's tiring. Make your move!

And she throws her down!


Haryana's lioness is now
a two-time state champion.

This is Sultan. He is up against
last year's champion Sangwaan.

A tough challenger.

He swings his arms around his
neck, he's going down!


Sultan has him down for
the second time.

The unknown rookie Sultan...

has created terror in the arena.

Looks like his final move.

Yes! We have a new champion.

Sultan Ali Khan, the new
sensation of Haryana!

Master, he's done the unthinkable.

He's challenged a man twice
his weight.

The Wrestling Federation is
in a panic.

Have you lost your mind?

Do you know the consequences?

Only 3 months since you started...

now you'll challenge a man
twice your weight?

The Federation is in panic.

If you lose this bout, they will
blacklist you for life.

You'll become a laughing stock.

What's really going on?

What's really going on?

I doubt if I can explain. I doubt
you'll understand.

All I know is...

No one can defeat you unless
you defeat yourself.

Master, the federation officials
are asking for you.

Why so stubborn, Sultan?

You probably know...

I was in love with a girl.

But I could not express
myself properly.

She wondered how a clown
could ever be in love.

She hurt me deeply.

I was broken.

So this fight is neither
to win her back...

nor to defeat that wrestler.

This fight is with myself.

To define my stature.

No one has attempted this before.

Mr. Shammi, what do you think
of this challenge?

Durgesh, I have a feeling...

Sultan will either make history
or become history himself.


Don't finish him off quickly.
He has challenged you.

Drag him more than hurt him.





Devrath clinches another 2 points.

One is a Dara Singh, and the
other a Dharmendra.

You have the upper hand.

Grab him and finish him off.

Sultan, crush him!

Sultan, crush him!

Electrifying energy in the stands,
all cheering for Sultan.

Sultan, crush him!

Most wrestlers don't get up
after that move.


I told you, Durgesh. History
will be rewritten today.

It has been rewritten.

Mr. Shammi, a star is born today.


Sorry, Sultan.

Sorry for what? Look around you.

Today Sultan is Sultan
because of you.

Will you marry me?



Do you accept Sultan Ali Khan,
son of Mr. Shareif, as your husband?

I accept.

Do you accept Aarfa, daughter
of Barkat Ali, as your wife?

- What shall I say, Grandma?
- Go on, say you accept.

Priest saab, I accept.


I'm no gossip

A bluff artist, not me

For a few years now

I've been hooked on to you

You're my life, I swear it's true

I'm no gossip

Mincing words, not me

Sometimes I throw tantrums

But I'm good when I'm with you

You're my life, I swear it's true

Never uttered before

Words woven in love

Desires double each day

ls this my dream or
my heart's voice?

Say the words and my dreams
will take flight


I'm no gossip

Mincing my words, not me

Sometimes I throw tantrums

But I'm good when I'm with you

You're my life, I swear it's true

How do you feel after
winning a medal?

I'd like to thank my father,
her father...

my coach, my grandma.

Sultan, he's asking how you feel?

Very happy, proud.
Long live Mother India!

Take me with you

To your castle in the air

I promise you, my love

I'll always walk by your side

Each morning

I'll wake you with a smile

Each evening, you'll lure me
with whispers of love

I'm head over heels in love

I want to dance for joy

I say goodbye to reason

I turn into a child again

You're my life, I swear it's true

Never uttered before

Words woven in love

Desires double each day

ls this my dream or
my heart's voice

Say the words and my dreams
will take flight

Today the Federation announces
the names of the wrestlers...

who have qualified for
2012 Olympics.

74 kg. Sultan.

55 kg. Aarfa.

Sweets to celebrate!


My wife has collapsed and you
want sweets?

Which one?

Motichoor, besan or til?

You're going to be a father.


Sultan is going to be a father!



What have you done?

You should've been careful.

Years of work, your
lifelong dream...

amounts to nothing now.

Will you compete like this?

I won a gold, Dad.


He's celebrating over there. Look.

He's my gold.

Just wait.

Your Barkat Wrestling Club will
win a gold medal.

He'll live your dream.

We'll train him together.

Why don't you eat? You've been
training so hard.

- No, you eat first.
- I ate.

You eat or I'll splash this
on you! Shall I?

Go for bagaldoop tackle.

Good... push him down.



You're crazy. Have some water.


You must win an Olympic gold.

This match is between
Sultan Ali Khan from India...

and Aaron Levi from Greece.

I think the baby is about
to come out.


Aaron makes another smart move.

Another 3 points. This looks
like the end.

- Sultan!
- Crush him!


Sultan finishes this match in
one single move!

He has won by a fall.
This man is charismatic.

The Indian lion roars again.

- Sultan has...
- Crushed him!

Flair Writo meter, the longest
writing pen in the world.

Write your own destiny.

Cut. Got it.

Videocon d2h, an umbrella
of happiness.

The taste of life with Paras.

Cut. One more, please.

I'm a wrestler, not an actor.

I'm done, Mr. Director.

The village head called.

Aren't you fighting at the
Haryana Sports Festival?

Sir, he's lost his mind.

He doesn't get it. Sultan
no longer fights in mud pits.

But we send a wrestler
from our club...

to the championship every year.

Send Pawan. He'll win.
It's his league.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Sultan Ali Khan has brought
fame to Rewari...

by winning an Olympic gold medal.


By virtue of that feat...

the government has announced
an honorary post for him...

at the Waterworks Department.

I will now request Mr. Sultan...

to unveil his statue at this
Sports College...

and honour his hometown.


Sultan, one photo.

The wrestler pose!

How does it feel winning
an Olympic medal?

Better ask the medal.

I haven't won the medal,
it has won me.

No one has won this title
before you.

There wasn't a Sultan
before me either.

So what's next?

Next week I leave for Turkey for
the World Championship.

When I've won that, I'll be called
Sultan, King of the Ring.

Can no one defeat you?

Only one man can defeat Sultan...
Sultan himself.

Confidence or arrogance?

My success doesn't please you?

I will answer you with the
World Champion title.

Thank you. Let's go, sir.


Mr. Sultan, you seem annoyed
with me.

I am a big fan. Photo, please?

I think success has gone to
your head.

Perhaps it has. But yours
will show on your face.

At the Sports College press
conference today...

popular wrestler Sultan...

lost his temper and slapped
a journalist.

After winning Olympic gold, it
seems that success...

has gone to his head.

At the press meet...

he answered questions rudely.

What rubbish are you watching?

Spoil my baby's mind.

Come, let's have dinner.

You know what the minister said...

you are a gift to the state.

They've made a 7-foot statue
of me at the Sports College.

I look like a star.

Sultan, my nine months are over.


So, what do you think?
A girl or a boy?


What do you want?

Not want...

I know it's a boy.

I've thought of a name.

With so much violence in the
world these days...

I thought of calling him
Aman, peace.

When he smiles, he'll make
everyone smile.

Here, eat.

But what's the doctor say?
When is it due?

Anytime next week.


That's great.

We'll celebrate my World Champion
title and his birth.

If I win, Haryana will be known
for its Sultan.

Sultan, don't go.


World Championship.

The doctor said it's anytime
next week.

I need you here.

Silly girl.

The doctors don't know
this is Sultan's baby.

You know that I have
a rare blood group.

Our baby has a rare blood group.

Remember how I won you over
through wrestling?

Our child will come into the world,
strong like a wrestler.

And when he is born...

his father will be crowned
the World Champion.

Sultan, wait.

I'm glad you're following
your dream...

But I fear you'll get far ahead
and leave us behind.

I too had a dream of winning
Olympic gold...

but I sacrificed that dream
for our happiness.

There's a thin line between
pride and arrogance.

I wanted you to earn respect...

but you're on an ego trip.

Now you're talking like
the rest of them.

When I was a nobody...

even you deserted me.

I've struggled hard for my success.

And you're with me because of it.

And this thing you talk about...

What do they call it in English?


It's self-confidence.

Now I'm done.

Very good, Sultan! Grab his neck.

Go for it!



Get a good grip-


Go for a dhobi tackle.




And here comes the suplex!

The famous Sultan slam!

Reza down on the ground!

Sultan Ali Khan from India is the
new World Wrestling Champion!

The king of the ring!

So, a boy or a girl?

- It's a boy!
- I knew it.

Come soon.

It's a boy!

Congratulations, Sultan.




Wow! Where is she?



World Champion Sultan.


King of the Ring, finally!

You're a rare breed, right?

Your son was no different.

Seriously, he wasn't.

He had the same blood group
as you. O-negative.

But sadly, he was not
as strong as you.

He did not have enough blood.

But he had great courage.

He fought for 18 hours.

We asked all the villagers.

But couldn't find his blood type.

By the time Govind got to Rewari...

your Aman who fought for his life...

lost and left us.

You went chasing your dream...

and left us far behind.

You won, Sultan.

We lost.


That departed soul has driven
a wedge between us...

that I can never overcome.

Go away, Sultan.

And if possible never show
your face to me again.








"Aman Blood Bank."

I didn't talk to him for 6 months.

If I saw him coming down
the street, I'd vanish.

When I heard about his grandma,
I went to see him.

He wept like a baby.

His father died soon after.

He is very lonely.

And Aarfa?

She lives with her father and
looks after the wrestling club.

She hasn't spoken to Sultan
in years.

Every day he sits by the shrine
in the hope...

that one day, she'd pass by
and feel sorry for him.

Maybe even forgive him.

But she walks passed him
as a stranger would.

What will Sultan do now?

What can he do?

When he was wrestling,
he fought inside the ring.

Now he fights outside it.

He has only one desire...

to somehow open a blood bank
in the village.

To prevent the tragedy that
befell him.

He knows that Aarfa will never
forgive him.

He wants to make it happen.
So maybe he'll forgive himself.

He's saved money for years.

Mr. Aakash, you seem a good man.

So I'll tell you something.

Your offer is very good,
but he's a simple man.

You can offer him a deal,
but he may not agree.

But touch his heart...

he'd climb the Himalayan
mountains for you.

Thank you very much.

Dad, I want to go to the market.

Bittu, the shops would have shut.

Get ready then. We'll go.

Mr. Sultan, how are you?

- Did you have tea?
- Yes.


What can I do for you?

The permit for the blood bank.

Your job will be done.

Your file has gone to the Ministry.

It takes time.

You've said that for years,

I've won glory for the country...

made our state famous.

Can't the government do this
much for me?

Dad, I'm ready, when will we go?

Got it. Come out.

We'll go in 2 minutes.

Sultan, why are you hell-bent
on embarrassing me?

Please be patient, your job
will be done.

Stay in touch. Jai Hind.

Let's leave.


Sultan, please listen to me.

Did you get the permission?

Want me to hit you?

I know why you stopped wrestling.

Anyone in your shoes would've
done the same.

How much have you saved?


Even a lifetime of savings...

won't build you four walls.

My Dad told me that Sultan was
born to be a wrestler.

I'm a businessman. I came
to make a deal with you.

But hearing your story, I believe
you belong in that ring.

Wrestling took everything from you,
maybe it can bring it all back.

You wrestle with life everyday.

So wrestle where it matters.

My card.

Call me.

Well done, Prem.

Tackle him! Come on.

Get up! Well done, Prem.

Pull him! Get up, Prem.

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan

How much have you collected?

My Dad told me that Sultan was
born to be a wrestler.

Wrestling took everything from you,
maybe it can bring it all back.

My sins are terrible.

I know you'll never forgive me.

In spite of that, I believe that
you still...

love me.

Wrestling made me.

And broke me.


A wrestler's true worth is not in
the ring, but in the game of life.

When it pulls you down...

you rise again...

against all odds and face life
and win it back.

That's all I have to say.

I'm returning to the place...

where we...

lost everything.

But this time, I'm fighting for
my respect.

Yours, mine...

and the little one we lost.

Take care of yourself.

And if possible...


tie a string for me too.

If you don't see me again...

forgive my mistakes.

Our love may be incomplete

But my heart is free of remorse

Do we have the world or
has it ended?

What's left of it still lives in hope

That hope never leaves my side

It lingers at Your threshold

For the one whose flight is

Like a bird, my heart still
yearns to fly

If You forgave me

I would be freed

Bid me and I will surrender to You,
O Bulleh Shah.

I lose myself in a trance to
seek the one I love

I follow your path, O Bulleh Shah

I lose myself in a trance to
seek the one I love

Without thought of myself,
O Bulleh Shah

You are my breath, my only strength

You may or may not think of me

But You are in every part of me

I cherish Your anger

Your secrets are the reason
for my defeat

Bro, take care of yourself.

Hey wrestler.

Go, crush them.

Bid me and I will surrender to You,
O Bulleh Shah

Sir, there's someone to see you.

Happy to see you.

That was quick?

My grandma would say...

A deal that feels right must
be sealed at once.

That's wonderful. Welcome.

He'll fight?

Where did you find him, Aakash?

- He won an Olympic gold.
- He's out of shape.

- Former World Wrestling Champ.
- With a paunch!

You nuts?

OK, he was a World Champ,
but how long ago?

If Kapil Dev bowled in
T20 cricket...

what would happen?

It's a young man's sport, Aakash.

These wrestlers are under 24.

And you find a run-down 40 plus
local wrestler?

This is not mud pit wrestling,
but a free style sport.

- You're right.
- Listen to me.

The speed, the technique, the format,
it's so different. Can he adapt?

Mr. Patel, you're right.

But he will fight.

We have 3 months. We'll train him.

What about a sponsor?

You know we don't let a wrestler
in the ring without a sponsor.

Just look at him. Who would
ever sponsor him?

Do you see how fit they are?

Very fit, Allah's kind.

Even I had a physique like
this once.


You should tuck your tummy in.

We are being watched from above.


Come. Let's find you a sponsor.

John W Henry, owner of
Liverpool Football Club.

Shah Rukh Khan,
Kolkata Knight Riders.

Preity Zinta.

And your buddy, the
Pro Take-Down owner.

You're a big shot now.

Remember how we would eat
street food on these lanes?

I hear Pro Take-Down didn't
work in India.

You had really bad press.
Are you shutting shop?

That's why I'm here.

This time I am getting my
wrestler in the ring.

I'm sorry, but I can't fight.

Who asked you to fight?
He'll fight, Sultan.

Kukreja Pressure cookers
must sponsor us.

Sponsor you??

You know my Dad?

The biggest miser in the world!

He is glued to his money.

Sponsor you? Impossible!

How long will you think like
a small-time shopkeeper?

Think big.

Who has heard of that pressure
cooker beyond Lajpat Nagar?

Just think. Your logo on
Sultan's jersey.

The world will see it.

Free advertising.

You'll go far.


You'll feature in this magazine.

Sultan, get into shape.
You look weak.

Tell you what. Take my cooker,
boil your chicken.

It's delicious.


- Done deal?
- Done, man!

- Love you, bro!
- Love you too.

What's this?

That's what you'll learn.

You crazy?

All I know is Indian wrestling...

fought in mud pits.

This is a whole new sport.

It has judo, boxing, karate,
punches, kicks, slaps.


What were you thinking?

Earning 1 million a fight is
no cakewalk.

Listen to me. I want to earn money...

but I am no Superman.

You cannot learn this in six weeks.

No one can.

- Sure, you can
- How?

What's the most important thing
in wrestling?


- You know tackles.
- Did.

- How many weeks do you need?
- Six.

That's it! Let's train.

Come on!

Bloody businessman!

Let's go.

Old Delhi.

The real Delhi.

What you can't find anywhere,
you'll find here.

There's a 25-year old institute
of martial arts here.

It has produced sportsmen
who have represented India.

A boy left for London from
here 8 years ago...

and became a legend that
no one could match.

So many locks?

What treasure is he hiding?


He was once the best fighter at
London Underground wrestling.

But they accused him of doping.

He never got out of that mess.

He got deported.

And returned to Old Delhi.

To the same place where it
all began.

He gave up fighting.

But it didn't give up on him.

Now he trains others to become
the best athletes.

Because he knows he is the best.

He's Fateh Singh.


Olympic medalist.

World Champion.

His child died.

His wife left him.


Sad story.

Want me to cry?

I can't train him.

Fateh, please. He's the best
we've got.

The best?

Just look at him.

He is a tired, worn out loser.

Someone who has buried
himself in grief.

Killed himself.

I don't train dead people.

Trust me! Just train him.
I am confident.


Confident or over confident?


I'll give it a shot, just for you.

Show me what you've got.

Tomorrow morning, 10am.


Sultan, dead person.


Sultan. Olympic gold medalist.

World champion.

Dead person.





Did he cry all night?

You're wasting your time.

He's down and out.

He'll get killed in that ring.





I gave up wrestling...

but I never gave up fighting.

I am alive.

What do they say in English?

Alive and kicking!




- Isn't he a Jat?
- Hardcore.

Let's do it.

Come on!

ls that it?

Come on!


ls that all you've got?

You're rusted like these old cars.

Only the shell is left.
The engine's gone.

You're a wrestler, right?

Your strength is in your lower body.

Put it down.

This sport is a chutney of all
martial arts.

In your wrestling technique,
let's begin by fighting low.

No movement, use your core
strength. Balance.

It's better if your weight
is immobile.

Come on, push!

What happened, Mr. Champion?

You'll start all over.

Come on, pull!

Come on!

What are you staring at?
Want to hit me?

They'll hit you harder in the ring.

If you want to beat them...

then you must become
an indestructible bull.

An unbreakable bull!

You may get hit 10 times,
but you'll hit only once.

That one blow should have
the power of ten.


It won't work.

Get faster or you won't survive
a single round.


Why waste my time?

Not a waste.

A loose kite gives energy
to the man like lightning.

He'll outrun a speeding train.


He has a fiery temperament.


There, it's loose.

There, behind the shrine.

A kite.

Now watch the spectacle.

Reach for the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean

Shout out loud

Stop him if you dare

Shackle him if you have the guts

Today he slays his fears right here


You must figure out the opponent's
fight style.

Store it in your mind's hard disk.

Marcus, the deadliest fighter of
the championship.

Pray that you don't see him
in the ring.

There's a saying, "Don't take
a flying arrow in your buttock."


- Taken.
- Then get up!

Use your back foot strength.

Elbow, knee, punch!

Fire, water, wind is
what you are within

You burn, you earn,
with courage on the chin

You are a mountain

And its very grain

You choose what you want to be

Tears and sweat

Are only water

But have the power to repel
the storm



Just missed!

The deadliest trick of the sport:

choke and lock.

You can improve your capacity.
We'll train you.

But... tap out, guys.

If you can't take it, then tap out.
Submission, over!



Good lung capacity?

He's passed out. He doesn't
give up easily.

Get water!

He's ready to die.


Sultan, slip, duck!



You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan

That's my boy!


That's it!

Abhiraj, National Judo Champion.

Sawinder Singh, International
boxing champion.

Francis, International
Taekwondo gold medalist.

All from this club.

Here, put a lock with your name.


Sultan, everyone thinks that
a hero is someone who wins...

but I believe a real hero is
one who loses.

Because he alone knows
the value of victory.

I see a bit of myself in you,

You too have lost the most
precious thing in your life...

your family.

I've trained you to fight athletes...

but your fight is bigger than
this championship.

Because you'll fight yourself,

Don't let yourself down.

I'm sorry. I won't be there
with you...

because I know you'll die in that
ring, but you won't accept defeat.

I cannot bear to see that.

Don't give my gym a bad name.

Hi, this is Shibani reporting
live for Aaj Tak News...

from the National Stadium, New Delhi.

The hot topic for today is the
third season of Pro Take-Down.

The last two seasons were
a washout for investors.

This season will decide the
future of this sport in India.

The 3rd season starts in two days.

There's great excitement.

You can see Tyron Woodley behind me.

The American owned by the
Chinese tycoon Joseph Ma.

And here comes the defending
champion of Pro Take-Down.

Marcus from Britain, owned by
British businessman James Caulfield.

Behind him is the capoeira
fighting machine Marrese.

Brazilian Marrese is owned by the
Russian tycoon Victor Galitski.

And the special attraction
of the season...

is franchise owner Aakash Singh's
decision to field...

his own wrestler in this championship.

What makes this more exciting is
that his wrestler is an Indian!

He will be the first Indian to
battle inside that ring.

And the name of the wrestler
is... Sultan.

An Olympic gold medalist and
a World Wrestling Champion.

This is a first.

It's the first time that the
Championship belt and fighters...

are being showcased in such
a big way.

As we can see, none of these
fighters are holding back...

as they gear up for what will be
an incredibly fierce competition.

Hello, everyone. My name
is Meiyang Chang.

And I am Kubra Sait.

We welcome you to the press
conference of the first fight.

Right here at the third season of
Force Motors Pro Take-Down.

Thank you, Kubra.

Without wasting time, I'll open
the house for questions.

Aakash, why did it take 3 years...

to ask an Indian wrestler
to contest?

I made a mistake.

My father told me that India
is its soil...

and when I looked at this soil,
I found Sultan.

Our very own son of the soil.

I think he's the best.

Let the madness begin.

Sultan, where were you all
these years?

Why did you stop after winning the
World Champion title?

I had problems.

Personal family problems.

What do you say in English?

Family problem.

We've heard your wife doesn't live
with you. Are you divorced?

No personal questions.

For us, there's no divorce.

We fight, we argue.

The more we love, the more we fight.

Don't you quarrel with your wife?


I believe that wives are born
to get into fights.

They're born fighters.

And your wife is a wrestler, right?

That's why she's hotheaded.


You are the media, you are
very powerful.

You slammed me the last time.

Why don't you try and persuade her?

Maybe she'd listen to you.

So you think you can win this

- I don't know
- No!

Not a chance.

Because tomorrow, it's you and me.

I'm gonna break every single bone
in your body.

I'll pack it up and send it
to your wife.

He's seems miffed.


Would you like to answer him
in English?

I'll answer question in ring.

See you.

Sultan! The name on everyone's lips.

He spoke openly today about
his wife.

It has been so long, Aarfa.

Even God forgives one mistake.

We hear your wife doesn't live
with you. Are you divorced?



I'm recording a video.


Say yes... Aarfa's pranks?

I accept.

Aarfa's youth?

I accept.

Aarfa's fury?

I accept.

Aarfa's old age?


See this great state champion...

who dozed off on his wedding night?


So here we are...

the day we've all been waiting for.

The opening match of
Pro Take-Down wrestling.

24 fighters will fight it out
over 25 days...

where every match is a knock out.

And the champion will walk
away with 50 million.

Where the last two seasons have
failed miserably.

But the franchise is now
suddenly buzzing.

And the reason for that
is clearly, Sultan.

As you can see behind me excited
fans are scrambling in.

Today we expect the stadium
to be packed to capacity.

Here's presenting the capoeira

The merciless marauder, Marrese!

Oh my God, just look at this man.

He has real style and real vigour.

He has passion and of course this
acrobatic fluidity.

His confidence is his
greatest weapon.

It seems the entire stadium has
just one name on their lips...

and that is, the merciless Marrese.



Bro, it's us next.

I'll wait outside.

We've seen a variety of fighting
styles in the last two seasons.

We've seen many exciting fighters...

but what was missing was a
homegrown hero.

Now we've got the answer
to that question.

We've got with us, a
World Wrestling Champion.

Go for saaltu tackle.

Once called the lion, the soul, the
pride of Haryana, Sultan Ali Khan.

Look! Sultan has our pressure
cooker on his back.

Come on, Sultan!

Kubra, we gave him a bigger
build up.

He looks in great shape.
Come on, Sultan.

What's that?


I think that's what they call
global warming.

You know what I'm really curious
about in this match, Kubra...

how a local mud pit wrestler
survives this ring...

against a more agile and
younger fighter.

Well, that would be
an interesting watch...

because we're yet to see such
contrasting styles in this ring.

Indian wrestling in one corner...
capoeira on the other.


Touch gloves.






The beginning of the first fight
of the 3rd season.

Look, Kubra. Sultan moves like a...

local wrestler in an MMA ring.

This will be an exciting bout, Kubra.


Let's see what Marrese's
next move is going to be.

He's toying with Sultan right now.

Mind his punches!

And his kicks.

Come on, Marrese!

Oh no! He leaps like an ape.

I'll lose my money, Tiny!

Wait, Dad. The bout isn't over.

Come on, Sultan!

Simran, come here.

What are you doing? Focus!

Use your head. Drink some water.

This won't be easy for him...

as capoeira seems to be a very
unpredictable martial art.

Just as lost as we are,
so must be Sultan.

Here comes the snake move
from the capoeira king.

That would've really hurt!

Come on Sultan!

I think the entire audience is
screaming for Marrese.

Sultan does not stand a
chance tonight.

Looking at this, this round will
be a very short one.

Very good!

Pull away!


The fool has choked him!

Doesn't look like...
here comes the lock.

Sultan, keep breathing!

There comes the choke.


10 more seconds to go. Will he
survive this round?

Oh God! Please stay on!

Five seconds!


Pull out!


And he's made it!

A narrow escape for Sultan
in round one.





Very good!

You're saved, Tiny!

Sultan bro...


That's our corner.

- Stool?
- What?

The stool?

No time. Just squat here.


He's a damn acrobatic fighter.

I can't figure it out.

ls this the gorilla or the
chimpanzee style?

Don't care about his style, all
I care is that you are Sultan.

Don't be hotheaded. Stay cool.




Well, Kubra, Sultan survived
the first round somehow.

Doubt if he'll last this round.

Wow! What was that?



What was that?

Sultan's walking off.

Where is he going?

Where's he going?

The fight's not over yet.

That's a Sultan special.

The fighter will not get up again.

The referee has signaled, the
match is over by a knockout!

This calls for a replay.

Chang, this is what I'll call...

a modern day Indian dhobi tackle.

- I have a name for this...
- What?

This is a Sultan slam!

Bloody bull!




It's 3am.

You fought like a true
champion today.

Get some sleep.

What can I do, Aakash?
I can't sleep at night.

Do you know something?
When I accompanied you here...

I thought a loser is backing a loser.


You taught me something.


Never to accept defeat in life.

To never give up.

This sport, the franchise, was just
business for me.

But now I want to see respect in my
father's eyes for me.

You're an emotional guy.

You gave me another reason to fight.

Good night.

After the fantastic and exciting
first fight...

we're seeing a much faster and
more confident Sultan.

Who's hammering his new opponent
in his local Indian style.

- Isn't it, Kubra?
- Absolutely!

He seems unstoppable.

The punches don't stop.

Flip him over!

Zane is down!

That's a lock... here comes a choke!

And Zane taps out!

Yes! I told you.
Sultan is a champion.

Excuse me.

Do you have the Sultan
pressure cooker?

How many shall I pack?

When he defeats an opponent...

he folds his hands to ask

That's what's going to make him
a poster boy of our country.


- Good evening madam.
- Good evening.

I have a son, Rakesh. He's 5.

He woke up this morning
and told me...

I want to change my name
to Sultan.

When I asked him why...

He said: "Papa, all these film
stars are fake."

"Sultan is the real hero. I want to
grow up to be like him."

Madam, he made a sketch for you.

"Please forgive me."



- Would you like something?
- I'm fine.




Wait there.


- What are you doing?
- Having my dinner.

Forget that. Get dressed right now.

Let's party!

Your wedding party?

It's not my wedding. It's my
birthday party.


Congratulations. It's wonderful!

A boring congrats won't do.

There'll be girls. We'll party.
Let's go.

- Forget it.
- Seriously?

I don't believe this guy.

OK, I won't go either.

I'll pass out sitting here.

- Stop behaving like a kid.
- I'm not being a kid.

You're like a brother, that's why
I asked.

You're like family.

We don't party without family.

OK. TV it is.


There's a saying in my village...

I'll say it in English.

"Don't teach a father how to
make babies."


Let's go.

Happy birthday to you!


No, thanks. I only like getting
drunk on love.

You're so cute.

Please leave your wife and marry me.

You know my wife is very special.

She left you years ago. Everything
has an expiry date.

For us, love lasts way beyond
expiry dates.

So, what does your wife have
that we don't?

No, madam. You're all great.

But she's something else.

What do they say in English?

- Feel.
- Yes, feel.

It's something about her
that can only be felt.

Not those angelic eyes

Nor that luminous face

Nor those words of love

Nor that sheer beauty

I roamed the world,
there is none like you

Not that intoxicating smile

Not the sensuous fragrance

Not her playful demeanor

Not her innocent mistakes

Stay just the way you are

I roamed the world,
there is none like you

You're the first sprout
of a summer rain

Like the pink blush of winter cheeks

The tranquility of nights,
the purity of dawn

I cradle you in the warmth
of my heart

Somewhere she burns like a flame

She is a blessing of raindrops

Sometimes she says yes

The delights of her free spirit

Stay just the way you are

I roamed the world,
there is none like you

Sultan, the wrestler known for
his unique moves in the ring...

is now gaining popularity for
something most unusual.

A romantic song sung by him 'Jag
Ghoomeya' is breaking the Internet.

His fans have a new name
for him, Romeo-Wrestler!

With kindness of fortune
and feats of valour

Riding the waves of joy and sorrow

I will keep you with me

I will keep you with me, forever

In the world of my dreams and hopes

I feel your presence around me

No one believes it, but I know

You know even after the day I'm gone

I will be by your side

Do just as you promised

I roamed the world,
there is none like you

In Pro Take-Down 2nd semi-final,
it's Sultan vs Tyron.

And Tyron has an unbroken record
of winning in the 2nd round.



Very exciting match today as
a wrestler fights a wrestler.

Kubra, this match will not only
be interesting...

but entertaining too. Just look
at that swagger from Tyron.

It's almost an invitation:
"Show me what you've got."

That's because Tyron has been
a former wrestler.

It's the local dhobi slam...

Sultan's style statement!



Come on bro. Buck up!

That is when Sultan strikes.

Both have the same style,
this could be interesting...


Oh my God! That's not what
we were expecting...

those are some punches and kicks
mixed with wrestling.

Seems Sultan is very shaky
at the moment.


He's coming heavy on Sultan.

Sultan, you are getting
hammered today.




Sultan is down, here comes, Tyron!


Saved by the bell.

This is not good.

This man is a crowd favorite.
He is my favorite.

Seeing someone come down
to the cage is not good.

What happened?

Old age.

- Did you hear the sound?
- Of what?


The fool crushed my rib cage.


I won't let you fight.
I'll throw in the towel...


Should I give up my cause?

Be a loser again?
Give up once again?

I know you won't give up.

You won't give up, but he'll
kill you.

My life is in Rewari...

and I'm here just for her.


See you later, bro.

Slam this guy!

Here we are. The 2nd round
of the second big semi-final.

Sultan still looks shaky.

- What happened?
- A rib cage fracture.

Stop the fight!

I tried. He won't listen.


Sultan seems hurt in his rib cage...

and Tyron is taking full
advantage of that.

It seems, Tyron will keep his record
of winning in the 2nd round.

That's a powerful slam from Tyron.

Sultan is down. It doesn't
look like he'll get up.

Get up!

Tyron moving behind, adjusting
his shoulder.

I think this hasn't worked for Tyron.

Sultan brother, don't lose hope.

Get away!

Get up!

Sultan just dodged that!
Beautifully done!

ls this the rise of the wrestler?

Sultan, crush him.

Come on Sultan!


Sultan, crush him!

Everyone is still cheering for Sultan,
they're hoping for the best.

Sultan, crush him!


Crush him!


That is the end of Tyron,
in this very cage...

of Force Motors presents
Pro Take-Down.

That's my boy!

Tyron doesn't seem to be moving.

And with that it truly means...

that our Indian homegrown

...has made it to the finals of
Force Motors Pro Take-Down!



This is Govind from Delhi.

He's hurt really bad.
He's in hospital.

I'll book your ticket and pick you
up from the bus depot.

The drama does not stop
at Pro Take-Down.

As you can see...

thousands of fans are here to wish
their hero Sultan a speedy recovery.

They want him back in the ring.

Sultan defeated Tyron in the
semis yesterday...


Yes, sir.

What have you decided?

Sir, what's there to decide?
I tried, but he won't listen.

- He'll partake in the finals.
- Put some logic in his head.

- I've tried.
- Aakash...

he is out of danger but
he's still critical.

If he enters that ring, he won't
come out alive.

That's Aakash.
Aakash, this is Aarfa.

Got your bones broken?

I didn't get them broken,
the fool broke them.

Sit down. The bones will mend.

What are you proving, Sultan?

That you really love me?

Now that you're here...

let's talk things through.

Are you still angry with me?

You never saw it from my eyes.

Who did I take up wrestling for?
Why did I become a wrestler?

In whose eyes did I want to see
respect for me?

Whose son was Aman?

Only yours?

Was he not my blood too?

Aarfa, did a father not lose
his son?

At times pain can heal deeper hurt.

What did you think?

It was only you who came to
the shrine?

Did you care why I was there
every day?


Just to see your face.

For years our relationship hinged
on this terrible pain.

People can lose hope when suffering
pain. But not us, why?

Because my love for you is true.

Just as your innocence is genuine.


I know that I have hurt you
over the years.

You did not deserve that.

But if I may tell you...

A mother's wound runs deeper
than a father's.



Do you know everyone says that
if you stepped into that ring...

you won't come out alive?

I know.

But they do not know Sultan's
true nature.

I know that if you give up today...

you may live...

but your inner being will die.
Gone forever.

- You know it. Right?
- Yes.

So go.

And finish what you started.

And promise me this.

Wrestler to wrestler, man to wife.

You'll come back alive.

We are sportspersons.
We don't give up.


Yes, teacher.


- Easy.
- Come.

Your fans are waiting outside.

Let them see you.


Today this ring will witness a clash
of titans: Sultan vs Marcus.

The deadliest fighter.

In fact, history knows...

that he's sent three contenders
out of this ring on stretchers.


Don't let that bother you.


Come back soon.

For that frown?

Smile, just once.

Challenging Marcus is Sultan.
A man with suspected fractures.

It's not a match, it's suicide.

I'd have to agree.

We know full well what the
outcome will be.

But I think it's time for us
to salute this guy.

Chang, we'll watch the bout
with our microphones down.

- As true Sultan fans.
- As fans.

Why the long face?
Melodramatic nonsense.

Aakash brother, tell me something.

With all my grappling
and jostling...

I hope you've made enough
money for the blood bank?

- Yes.
- Good.

We've come far then.

What they call in English,
the underdog?

Come on!

Last fight.

You are the son of the soil

Between the realms of
heaven and earth

Lingers your magnificent soul

O Sultan

Touch gloves.



Fighter ready?





Govind. Stay in touch with Aarfa.


Just finish him.

Yes, I will.




Sultan, come on!


Your fight is bigger than this

Because you'll fight yourself,

To earn respect you must also
face humiliation.

I asked you to earn respect,

All you did was inflate your ego?

Can no one defeat you?

Only one man can defeat Sultan...
Sultan himself.


Brilliant, Sultan.

Get him.

I learned three things that day.

Wrestling is not a sport.

It's about fighting what lies within.


A true wrestler is not one
who wins medals.

But one who fights the game
of life and wins.

You mad-man!



Come on, Sultan. Bravo!

Bravo Sultan!

And finally.

No one can defeat you...

until you let yourself be defeated.





Not those angelic eyes

Nor that luminous face

Nor those words of love

Nor that sheer beauty

I roamed the world,
there is none like you

"Aman Blood Bank."

I am proud of you, son.

Well done!

Master, you need more speed.

What they say in English...

I don't want to be trained
by a dead person!


It's for your gym.

Close shave.

Very close, master.

Aarfa. The lioness of Haryana...

returning to the State
Championship after 8 long years.

Following in her footsteps...

is her life companion,
Sultan Ali Khan.



Hurry! I'm so worried.

Call for sweets!

What do you want? A girl or a boy?

Pull out a girl for me.

How do you feel after
all this success?

What do you think? Look at
my face, it's glowing.

It's been 5 years since we saw
Sultan in the ring...

will we see him next season?

He's a wrestler. Wherever he is,
he'll be fighting.