Sugar Hill (1974) - full transcript

When her boyfriend is murdered by gangsters, Sugar Hill decides not to get mad, but BAD! She entreats voodoo queen Mama Maitresse to call on Baron Samedi, Lord of the Dead, for help with a gruesome revenge. In exchange for Sugar's soul, the Dark Master raises up a zombie army to do her bidding. The bad guys who think they got away clean are about to find out that they're DEAD wrong.


Thank you.

You make good drinks.
-Did you like the show, Sugar?

Dynamite. Dynamite.

That's what people
say about you.

They could be right.

I'm handling it well.

Perfect. - Just perfect.

I love you, Sugar.

I love you too, Langston.

Hey, Langston, my man.

I'm not your guy.

I'll tell you one last time.

You don't tell me shit.
- Isn't he a tough nigga?

He sure is.
He must have forgotten who we are.

Well, no,
he's just messing with us.

Right, Langston?
Step closer and find out.

Enough with the bullshit.
- You stop.

Morgan just wants to give you

a fair price for your club.


What the hell does Mr. Morgan
know about what's fair or not?

He can take his offer
and shove it up his ass.

Your final word?


You got a nice broad
there, Langston.

Lot of class for a
zipper guy like you.

Fabulous, I'm throwing you out.

Well, yes, brother.

That's right.
We didn't come to swindle you.

We're just businessmen.

Business works, or it doesn't.

They're playing a game with
you, honey.

I'm not worried, Sugar.

Neither should you.

I'll get rid of that
scum in no time.

I don't want anything
to happen to my husband.

It won't.
Nothing like that, Sugar.

I gotta get to that meeting.
Enjoy your drink.

What do you want to do with him?

He's just trash.

Leave him be.

What did they do to you?

Please don't leave me
alone, Langston.

The guy was tough,
but he had to go down.

You made sure he
never got up again.

Like I said, gentlemen,

if you want to destroy a man,
you have to do it once and for all.

Put him under.

Nothing more now than a piece of
cold, black meat.

This is our way of
working from now on.

If Morgan wants something,
Morgan takes it.

No fuss, simple,
direct, to the point.

No frizzy heads
getting in our way.

The guy had no manners.
- He doesn't need them anymore.

The question is,

how do you go about buying
the club from a dead man?

Celeste, honey,
it's been a long day.

I'll figure it out in the
morning, okay?

Come on, Fabulous,
you can do better than that.

I'll get you an
honest your living.



It's been a while.
You look good.

Do I?

I'm sorry about
the circumstances.

It's strange.

After we broke up,

it bothered me for a long time
that you were with Langston.

Yeah,but you turned
out all right.


I never thought I'd be
questioning you about his death.


I met him here.

He stepped up to me
and asked my name.

Diana Hill, I said.

He said,
from now on your name is Sugar.

Sugar Hill.

Because you look so
sweet like sugar tastes.

Are you handling the case?

Do they ever turn for it?

Men like that.

They'll pay. Many times.

You know,
if I knew who they were,

I'd arrange it so

that I could watch them
die one by one. Slowly.


Mama Maitresse?

Are you here, Mama?

Please answer, Mama.

Mama Maitresse? - Are you here?


Why have you
come back in here?

You have come to see Mama Maitresse?
- Why?

I need your help.

I can feel your troubles,
it surrounds you.

I was in love, Mama.

But then they killed the man
I was going to marry.

They beat him to death.

I want them dead!

I can feel both
your anger and your pain.

And I sympathize with you.

But what can I do?

I know what you can do.
The powers you posses!

A long time ago, no more!

I am old and weak and
want only to be left alone.

I've come to you because
I know you can help me!

I am tired, very tired.

It takes great effort,
I don't know.

Please, Mama!

I beg you.

Child, you have always
been a disbeliever.

Why do you now believe?

Because I want revenge!

Please, Mama Maitresse.

How strong is your hate?

As strong as my love was,
my hate is stronger.

The risk is great.

I am ready.


Into the flame,

I will call on the most
powerful of my voodoo gods.

Where does the sun rise?
In the east, Mama.

Where does the sun set?
In Guinea, Mama.

Where does the power come from?
The living among the dead, Mama.

Who can use the power?
The dead among the living.

Kneel down.

Baron Samedi.

Baron Samedi.
Keeper of the dead.

King of the graveyards.

Hear our cry.
Show your presence.

Appear at our call.

He is a greedy God.
Do you have any money?

No, nothing. Nothing, what?

Baron Samedi, a gift for you.

Try again, Mama.
- Your ring, give me your ring.

Another gift, Baron Samedi.

Who woke Baron Samedi
from his sleep?

Baron Samedi.

It's you, Mama Maitresse.

We have come to ask for your help, Baron.
- Help?

I wish to possess the power
to destroy my enemies.

Woman, who are you?

I am Baron Samedi,
this is my territory.

My kingdom of the dead.

She means no disrespect, sir.
Her name is Diana.

What will this Diana give
to Baron Samedi for the

power she seeks?

Who are they?
- They are the brides of Baron Samedi.

He is a great lover.
-What will you give me?

My soul. - Your soul?

What is this talk of
souls, woman?

I'm not interested in souls.

You don't fear me? No.

Then tell me,
why do you want my powers?

I want men to be punished.


And I mean more than one man.
Can you help me?

I have an army of the undead
waiting for your orders.

Rise again.

Listen, all of you who
are sworn to obey the will

of Baron Samedi.
Slave and master.

Master and slave. Wake up.

I grant you your revenge.

But evil is all they
know and desire.

All right, I need ten men.

For a container on a cargo ship.

I have the job.

You don't have a
nut unless you dock.

I got a banana boat
coming in from Costa Rica.

What do you think, guys?
As many bananas as you can carry.

And you're getting paid.

We don't like to pay to work.

Okay, no dough, no work. Next.

We don't buy jobs.
-What did you say?

You buy your job, slave boy.
Or you starve, understand?

You got that?

You have more sense
than I suspected.

All right, that's it.

Who's there?

I said, who is it?

Hey, white girl!

You and your scum
killed my husband.

You know, you actually have the
best ass in the neighborhood.

I'd hate to see it
get cold for slander.

I'm not accusing you, handsome.

I'm pronouncing your sentence.

I'm not getting to you, am I?

And the verdict is: Death.


Please don't kill me.

I didn't mean to.
He made me do it.

I didn't mean to. No, please.

That'll do.

I thought I saw everything.
- Let it develop immediately.

I came as soon as I could.
Is it Tank Watson?

We think so.

You think so?

We got something, Captain.
Come on.

Well, what are you waiting for?

How can you eat after
what happened to Tank?

The boys are pretty shaken up.
He got cut up.

Tell me about it later,

I said, later.

Get out there and find
out who's behind this.

Now, you oaf.
All right, all right.

Don't get excited,
it's not good for you.

You know that the slightest
tension will upset your stomach.

Celeste, sometimes you
almost convince me that I am

that I'm justifiably
nice to you.

How you treat me,
is fine with me.

This will already relieve
some of the tension.

The rest will follow later.

People refuse to leave me alone.

A stoner hippie kills Tank
and the rest of them start...

acting like women.

So no traces on this?
- Just an old slave cuff.

Kids find these from time
to time in the swamps.

Nothing special. - Damn it.

This was near the murdered man.

This is what I want you to see.

What am I supposed to see?
- It came out of Tank's neck.

So? - It's a fungus.

What kind of mold?
- Not the kind you find on cheese.

Okay, where do you find this one?
No idea.

But the one that Tank grabbed
had dead skin on his fingers.

You're nuts. Dead skin and mold?

I'm not talking about dead skin cells

being replaced,
that would be normal.

We're talking about
the nerve endings,

pigment cells,
epidermis, all dead.

You mean the cells
are not living tissue.

Then the killer wouldn't
be a living human being.

That a dead tank killed Watson.

Your words, not mine.

Here she comes, boss.

Glad you could make it.

I was afraid you had
other commitments.

I did, but they can wait.

Good, very good.
Have a seat, Miss Hill.

Would you like some food?
I have the best chef in town.

No, nothing for me.
But go ahead.

I've finished eating.
A cup of coffee perhaps?

Pour Miss Hill a cup of coffee.

I'm not a waitress.
I said, pour coffee.

I'm really fine.
Thank you anyway.

Terrible thing
happened to Langston.

You know, I considered him a friend.
We were going to be business partners.

I negotiated his club, Haďti.

He left me the club.

Imagine, a fast guy like Langston
leaving that club to you.

to leave you that club.
- Why is that surprising?

A lady like you wouldn't want
to run a place like that.

I don't know. It's a success.

It won't be hard
to manage the club.

Forgive me,
but you're being a little naive.

Naive? How so?

If you understood
the business world,

you'd know of countless
examples of how

how successful
businesses suddenly fail.

What are you getting at?

That you'd better sell the
club to someone who understands

who knows about nightclubs.

Honestly, Mr. Morgan,
I wasn't thinking about it.

It's just Morgan.
For my friends.

We're going to be
friends, right?

And as a friend,
I advise you to sell.

I'm not entirely convinced.
I'm still pretty upset about it,

Of course, I understand that.
Those things take time.

Of course. Yes.

Poor Langston.

Of course,
I always fulfill my obligations,

both to the living and the dead.

So do I.

So will you think
about what I said?

I certainly will, Morgan.

It was a pleasure, Miss Hill.

My friends call me Sugar.

Nice. Nice.

A feisty lady.

You didn't even introduce
me to that nigger.

What do you think I am?
A piece of furniture?

everybody knows what you are.

I'll give Langston credit,
he had a taste for class.


That's not class,
that's a gimmick.

Whatever it is,
you could use some.

Are you waiting for Morgan?
- Yes.

He's not coming. - Says you.


be smart and

just get out of here.

Celeste, you'd do well
to show some manners.

Even if you don't have any.

Out you go. Get out.

Funny. You must be forgetting
that this is my club.

It's you who knows
where the door is.

Don't you dare
get cocky with me.


About you? Baby,
talking to you is already derogatory.

You nigger.

With my compliments.

You black whore,
you'll pay for this.

You'll pay dearly for this.

Listen, you got one day
to come up with the dough.

Or the whole lot and
your skin are mine.

Understand? Yes?

Yeah? Good. We don't want to make
Mr. Morgan sadly angry, do we?

Sir? - Mr. O'Brien?

Are you talking to
me, slave boy?

Mr. Morgan says he wants
to talk to you now.

What? He told me.

And old Sam,
he doesn't contradict Mr. Morgan.

No, he's not. He's a mean man.
He told me so,

All right, all right.
Come on, let's go.

Here we are.

Where's Morgan?
- I brought you to him.

Who's with him?
- Big shots from out of state.

This way, sir.

They're over there, sir.

What's that over there?

Hello, handsome,
do you remember me?

Odd O'Brien.

No. - I want to
show you something.

Wait till I get out of here.
- Look.

You're not going to do anything
crazy, are you?

Like with Tank, you mean?

Was that you? I don't think so.

Then we'll have to convert you.

You had your fun,
message understood.

You're not planning on doing
anything other than that, are you?

Of course not.
I gave you my word.

I promised.

Poor little pigs. Did you know they
didn't get any garbage for almost a week?

They're awfully hungry,
I'll tell you that much.

Then feed them.
- That's my point.

My God, no.

Hopefully they like
good white meat.

That's all, ladies.
I'll call if I want to see you tomorrow.

Well, there. - Hello.

One thing hasn't changed.

You work as hard as ever.
You were gone a long time, Valentine.

If I remember correctly it had
more to do with you than me.

What brings you here today?

Work. - It used to be fun.

Yes, in the past.

It would be nice if it could
be done again in present time.

Things change with time.
Sometimes back to their old self.

You probably heard about the murders.
- What murders?

Two of Morgan's are male.

I don't have to mourn
that, do I?

I didn't know them but
knew what they were.


I get the impression that their
deaths were some kind of punishment.

What's that supposed to mean?

Honey, I'm a cop.

They sometimes get suspicions
that seem far-fetched.

But those suspicions are sometimes
better than any evidence.

I'm not accusing you of acting
on your suspicions, Valentine.

I'm just saying that
you're wrong this time.

Maybe you really don't know
anything about the murders.

Just for old times' sake,

be careful.
Morgan is not to be trifled with.

I'm smart enough to know that.

I know exactly how smart you
are, Sugar.

You're capable of doing
anything you set your mind to.

Valentine, do I really
look like a psycho killer?

That's not a fair question.
- Why?

Honey, in my eyes
you're always beautiful.

I intend to keep in touch.
- Do that.


Hello, my dear fellow.

Looking for me?

You better believe it.



You're a big guy.
Can't you figure that out?

You chicks just can't get enough
of the good stuff, can you?

White is white.

I thought you were into me.

That time at Morgan's I saw
the way you looked at me.

My car is waiting outside.

Or would you rather stay here,

and have a little talk?

Come in, Georgie.

Fancy it. - Do you like it?

What's that?
- For the cover of a magazine.

Looking for anything
in particular?

There's something wrong with this place.
The candles, the dolls, that.

I don't like the whole thing.
Nothing about it.

You and I are going to have a talk.
- Talk, what do you mean, talk?

Why did you bring me here?

You've got three seconds to
tell me what's going on here

and who you work for.
- You sure you want to know?

Who? - Him.

What's that for?

When the doll's in flames,
you take the knife and you use it.

On yourself.

That's madness. Or justice.

My kind of justice, Georgie.

I won't do it. - Yes, you will.

No, I won't do it.

I can't.

No. I won't do it.

I refuse. Don't do it.

You will die by your own hand.

Very relaxed.

There's nothing you can do.
I have the power to kill you.

Use the knife, Georgie.
Choose it.

Who is it? - Nobody.

But someone brought
you something.

What the hell is this? No idea.

Get the phone.
Fabulous is gonna be here any minute.

Doctor Parkhurst.

Rudolph Valentine,
how nice to see you again. Come on in.

We only see each other
when I can use some help.

Please have a seat. - Thank you.

Not that voodoo stuff again?
No talismans and stuff?

No. I closed that
department a few years ago.

Homicide now. - Good for you.

Interesting. A cup of tea?

No, thanks. Doctor Parkhurst,

I sought you out because you were
the only one who would believe me.

That's a strange statement.

There were three
murders recently.

I can't go to my
superiors with this.

They laugh at me out loud.
I don't understand.

A slave cuff.

Where did you find it?

It's possible evidence.

Late 40s. Maybe early 50s.

Slaves were brought
here from Guinea.

Many didn't survive the trip
because of the diseases on board.

They lay outside the city in
swamps in soggy graveyards.

Most with their shackles still on.
In fact,

this could be a powerful youjou.


A voodoo toy.

I suspect the three
murders involve voodoo.

The buoy was found
near the crime scene.

And there's still
tangible evidence.

Dead skin.

The way the murders
were committed.

Almost ritualistic.

The best library on the
subject is in this room.

And I like to shed
light on things.

One aspect in particular?

Yes, the secrets.
The curses, the rituals of voodoo.

When can we get started? - We?

I'm not stepping up to my boss
without something to back up my story.

All the records are in there.

What does that mean, nothing?

I looked everywhere possible.

Nobody's talking
about these murders.

Especially not to me.

Anything that has to do with
you seems to be bewitched.

Someone's cooking something
up and I want to know who.

You go out there and put
pressure on anyone who knows me.

Every errand boy,
client and snitch.

Let 'em know I want the sheet
of whoever's hunting me.

Scare them good and
get this over with.

Easy, honey. Relax.
- Did I ask you?

Come on, let me help you.

How the hell would
you be of use?

You know what? Forget it.

Can't you see I'm
trying to help you?

I see nothing but emptiness
when I look at you.

What's that supposed to mean?

Get out of my sight.

Hey, preacher.

I want to talk to you, man.

I said let's talk.
I don't know anything.

I don't know anything.

Nothing happens without
you knowing about it.

Who approached Tank?
And O'Brien? And George?

I'd tell you if I knew.

Don't fuck with me, nigger.

Who did?

If you don't know, ask around.

Maybe this will jog your memory.


if you want to keep your head in one
piece, you didn't see a thing.

Yeah, I didn't see anything.
But I definitely didn't see anything.

Maybe a drink on the house.
My special cocktail.

A drink I'm famous for.

The zombie. Soak it in, Sambu.

You. - Yes, King. Me.

Help me.

Help you?

I'll help you, honey.

Like Tank and the
rest helped Langston.

I wasn't there.
I didn't do anything.

You'll get your punishment for all
the times you didn't get caught.

Tough break.

Help me.

Keep talking Please.


A moment more and Morgan will
realize that he is the only one left.

That he is completely alone.

He will wish that his own
death was so merciful.


Man, you gotta talk to me.
- Yeah, talk, yeah.

Would you remember them
if you saw them again?

I don't ever want to see anything
like that again. Never, ever.


I've never seen anything like this.
Not like this. Never.

Picture it again.

Can you recognize them?

They were like corpses.

If I encounter them again,
I hope they don't recognize me.

Like corpses?

Yes, like corpses.

You can have these.
The pressure is terrible.

That voodoo's fascinating.
It swallows you up.

I've been studying
it all my life

and I'm afraid it's only now that I'm
beginning to understand what it means.

Are there any voodoo priests here?
- Yes, there are.

It's not something
the people talk about.

There was a voodoo
queen for many years.

She held a lot of power.

It was rumored that she could
bring the dead back to life.

How long has she been dead?
- Dead?

Mama Maitresse is not dead.

Where can I find her?

I have no idea.
We always met at a fork in the road.

Where the Way of the Cross
ends by the railroad tracks.

That's close to

Frenchmen's corner.
- Yeah, right. Why?

Valentine at Hill's house.

How's it going?

I'm surprised I found you here.

I get away when I can.
- Totally agree.

The city can be
crowded at times.

It's calm and peaceful here.

Strange that we never
spent much time here.

We'll have to make up for that.

I've been hitting the books.

You never told me that
your childhood home

has such an interesting history.

- Voodoo, to be exact.

Every old house in this
area has a history.

Yeah, but no resident priestess.

What do you mean?

Is it possible to
speak Mama Maitress?

Why on earth would you do that?
- It's just a hunch.

Maybe she can help me.

There's something odd
about all these murders.

Every single one has
something to do with

voodoo rituals.

You do grasp at straws.

Good evening, Miss Hill.

Lieutenant, this is,

Old Sam, sir.
I've been the handyman here since

time immemorial.

The Lieutenant is fascinated by voodoo
and wants to speak to Mama Maitresse.

Voodoo, sir?

Come on, let's go find her.
- Best let Old Sam lead the way.

The swamp is crawling with vermin.
Snakes and such creatures.

After you, Sam.

Did you know that victims are
buried here from the slave trade?

Yeah, every kid who goes
to school here knows that.

This man is not a believer.

You shouldn't go after her.
One thing Old Sam knows,

is that you only see Mama
when she wants to see you.

Yes, but, It's better to wait.

When the time is right and it must
be, she will meet you.

She's still in good
shape for a 100-year-old.

Don't be bothered,
she's an old, grouchy woman.

Diana, do you believe in the undead?
- What?

The undead. - Zombies.

Valentine, you're nuts.

I'll let you in on a secret.

I do believe in them.

Everyone has the right to
believe in whatever they want.

I have to go.
I'll call you tonight.

Karl, could you point the
reflector more to the left?


I'd like to talk to you.

Yes, of course.

Girls, take a break.

The documents have been prepared
for the sale of the club.


the sooner these worries go
away, the better I'll feel.

Do you have the papers with you?
- Fabulous.

Thank you.

I know the value of the club.

This is theft.


I don't like games. Do you?

I was never very good at
them, so obviously I'm not.

Unless I have the advantage
and know that I will win.

Are you saying I'll lose if
I don't give you your way?

It's for your own good.

Sign those papers and
your worries are over.

In the blink of an eye.

You have as much money as you
want and all the time to enjoy it.

How about a little extra
for my cooperation?

Something the taxes
never find out.

You won't miss it, Morgan.

How much?

10,000 sounds good to me.

5,000 sounds better to me, but

I want to start our
relationship off positively, so,

10,000 is a deal.

You're so nice and accommodating.
I should have asked for more.

You're too smart a girl
to take things too far.

That's what I like about you.

That and more.

I must get on with my work.
- Of course.

Go ahead. I don't want to disturb
an honest, hardworking girl.

You don't see many of those.

You bring this money
to her tonight.

Why are you giving her extra money?
- Why don't you shut up?

Did you hear anything?

Idiotic rumors mostly.
- Like what?

Claims of voodoo murders.

Talk that I'd also spread
to cover my tracks.

Someone wants to take over my territory.
Someone from out of state.

A local thug we would
have found long ago.

Shall I travel north?
Do some research?

I want you to stay
close to me exclusively.

Like a second skin, understand?

Very well.


Damn it! Damn it!

Get off me. My God, get off!

Sugar? - Who's there?

Now, Mr. Baker,

you remember Langston?

I got the money with me.

You're gonna die soon,Baker.

No, the money.
- The money, here.

Money buys everything,
doesn't it?

I want to introduce
you to Baron Samedi.

And what he'll do to
you, Mr. Baker,

will cost you one penny.

It's free and clear.

What do you want?

What's that for?

You don't die without some
company, Baker.

Money, the answer to everything.
Take it with you.

Wonder what you'll
buy where you'll go.

I waited all night.
Your guy didn't show.

10,000 dollars.

I'll find the bastard
and when I do,

bring me Baker or the money.

Hurry up. All right. You got it.

I assure you, it'll be fine.

Are you trying to trick me?

How do I know you're
not trying to trick me?

After all,
you were Langston's girl.

You have no reason
to, how can I put it?

to like me.

I can think of 10,000
reasons to like you.

Just trust me.
You won't regret it.

I wish. I put myself first

to trust no one.

But I can be convinced
sometimes to make an exception.

Let's go.

Just convince me, okay?

Trust me.

If I find out you're cheating on me
you'll die with remorse on your lips.

Get the hell out of here.

I think it's a lot of money
to play a prank on a friend.

Excuse me.

Good day. L'amour's massage.
L'amour herself.

Yes. - Six o'clock tonight.

Thank you for calling.

I doubt if I should.
Hundred dollars.

120 dollars? - I'm convinced.

Are you sure he'll come?

He hasn't missed a single
Thursday in six months.


What can I do for you
tonight, pal?

Where's Opal?
- She has Spanish flu.

She asked to take care of you.

By you?

Her pretty, sensual friend
is coming to see you tonight.

But since Opal's sick,
you won't regret it.


Like what you see?

You must be the one, big guy.

I'm tense, my back is stiff.

Better work on that.

Great. Do it rough.
-How come you're so tense, honey?

I don't want to talk about it.

I'm getting an idea.

I'm sure you do.
It's quiet tonight.

Would you like some exotic
dolls to massage you?

You know, like in the movies.

I'll even get you a
discount, baby.

I'm all yours.

All right, then. Stay right there.
I'll be back soon.

What's taking you so long?

I get lonely fast.

What are you scratching me with?

Your hands are cold.

I don't like this.

Treat me gently.

Enough! Enough!

I know it sounds crazy.

But I immersed myself
in that voodoo.

I told you to let it go.
Your imagination is guiding your actions.

It's a gang war.
We're just missing the other gang.

Captain, that seems like the
most logical explanation.

But we checked with
all our contacts.

And I'm sure Morgan
did the same.

We're both at a loss.

Are you seriously suggesting
that someone is using voodoo

to kill Morgan's men?

Possibly. Maybe not.

Check it out. Inconspicuous.

If this gets out,
they'll lock us both up.

Do you like that policeman?
- I like him, yeah.

Does it bother you? - Me, Sugar?

Nothing bothers me.

He's on your trail.
What are you going to do about it?

That's why we're here. Stop him.

But don't kill him.

Killing him is easier.

Do as I ask.
- It's already done.

Valentine, are you dressed?

What happened?
- I fell down the stairs.

I don't understand.
And neither do the doctors.

I know my leg is broken,
but I feel no pain.

That's bizarre.

you were working too hard.

Rest. I'm sure you'll be
quickly discharged from here.

How sure? - Just you wait.

I can't stay.

I have an appointment.
I'll see you later.


I see what's going on here.

I don't know how big your
share is in all this,

but if I find out,
I won't know what you're talking about.

See you soon.

Hey, there.

What do you want?

He's not here.

I'm telling you he's not here.
- Who is?


I decided not to sell the club after all.
- Yes.

You're hanging. My decision.

Don't move.
I'm coming to your studio.

I'm not there. - Where are you?

My old place on Hill Road.
- I'll find it.

Save your breath.

I played your game long enough.


Go to Hell.

I'll take care of that
bitch once and for all.


Come on!

What's up?

You fooled around?
- I ain't going in there.

Sugar? Sugar?

Where you at, bitch?


Whore, I'll blow your heart out.

What the hell are you?
What do you want from me?

I swore to get you.
For Langston.

Good evening, Mr. Morgan.

our first meeting is also our last.

You're on your own now, Morgan.

Show us what a
great guy you are.

All the others are dead.

Only you remain.

Help me! Help me! Help me!

For God's sake, help me!

Somebody help me!


Well, woman, you killed them all.
Nice and proper.

One remains.

What are your plans for her?

I was thinking

Yes, the price I asked
for our arrangement.

As cheap as that?

I prefer you, of course,

but she'll do for now.

Goodbye, Sugar Hill.
A gift for you.


Will you join me?

It's over, Mama.

You can rest now.

Vertaling door Gutte.