Sugar Hill (1993) - full transcript

Hardened, uncomprimising drug dealer Roemello Skuggs decides to quit his scumbag profession so he may start a new life with his girlfriend. However, he soon learns getting out is nowhere near as easy as getting in, as everything gradually builds up to end in tragedy.

All right. Mom is all right, baby.

Just got to take my medication,
that is all.

You boys know how much your
mama love you, don't you?

-We love you too, mommy.
-We love you too, mommy.

Roeme, sit down.

Sit down!

All right, Ray-Ray,
tie this around Mommy's arm.

Nice and tight
until you see that big vein.

Why do I always have to do it?

Why do you never ask Roemello?

Baby, please.

Just like I told you before, baby.

Because you're the oldest sweetheart.

And your Mama is sick.


Just tie this around my arm,
nice and tight, baby,

until you see that big vein.

Pull on it for Mama. Please.

Tight, baby.

Tight! God damn it!

That's it. That's it.





Mommy, what's happening?
What's happening?

Mom! What's wrong?

Mama! Mama! What is it?

Mama, what's happening to you?

Roeme! Do something!



No, please!

No! Don't go! Please.

Mommy! Mommy!


No, mom!


Dear mother.

It seems like an eternity
since you have been gone.

So much has happened.

So many dreams turn into nightmares.

You always wanted the best for me.

But I guess
it was not meant to be that way.

where you always wanted us to live... now a memory.

A burned out jungle.

A ghost of better days.

Like my father.

Lost, out of reach.

And the boy you loved...

...has become the man you feared.

Getting rich of the same poison
that killed you,

and destroyed my father.

Partners with the same men
that stripped away our family dignity.

Uneasy partners.

Tied together by time...


...and greed.

Me and my brother control the same streets
where we once played as kids.

We had hoped for a different life.

But time's change.

People change.

From Convent to Saint Nick,
the streets are mine.

I'm sorry I let you down.

I'm consumed by chaos.

Consumed by guilt.

Consumed by grief.

May God forgive me.

-Let me tell you something.
-All right.

That is one nigger in here
you don't want to get next to.

Why not?

Because he is in the catering business.
You hear me?


-I am going to put it to you straight.
-All right.

That nigger serves up more heroin
in Harlem,

-than McDonald's serve hamburgers.
-Stop lying.

-You are tripping.
-Are you tripping.

-I was just...
-I do. What.


-Can I buy you a drink?


-Well, then, can I talk to you then?
-I don't know, can you?

-What's your name?

-What's your name?



-What's your name?

Are you serious?

-No, and you're funny.
-And you're very funny as well.

-You're funny and you're fine.
-Oh, thank you so much.

And you've got a tag
hanging on your dress.

I'm returning this bad boy tomorrow.

-Is that right?
-That's right.

Is that right?

Well, you know, I don't seen
a lot of girls come and go around here.

Be careful.

Of what? People like you?

I'm just here to help.

I said, thank you.

I know.


Ray? Anybody home?


Oh, no.

Stop it!

Gus! Gus, Gus. No!

I'll give your money back!


I'll get the money back!

-You stop!

Dad! Please, wait!

What is wrong with you!

Did I not tell you!
Didn't I fucking tell you?

-Oh, God!
-You screwed my money!

You junky piece of shit.

Gus, no! Please no!

You fuck! Didn't I tell you?

You screw with my money!

-You think it grows on fucking trees!
-Not in front of my boys!

-Get back, kid!

-Stay down!
-You think you can rip me off?

-Wait! Please...
-Gus, I am sorry!

Please, God, no, Gus!
Don't let him do this!

Not in front of my kids!

-Shut the fuck up!

-Please stop!
-Shut up.


Gus, I made a mistake!

-I trusted you, you junky piece of shit!
-Please don't let him do this!

Please stop.

Stop, please.


Please God, no God. Gus, Gus!

Up. Up. Up.

Give that to me! Fuck!

No! Don't shoot! No!


Hey, Ro.

How long you been standing there?

Not long.

You know how many times
I beeped you tonight?

Yeah, I know.

-You beeped me four times.
-Four times?

Four times.

You been busy?

-Too busy for me?
-Oh, come on now.

Look here I brought you something.

-I need a dentist.
-A what?

What, you plan on kissing somebody?

No, my chops is hurting.

All right, man. I'll set it up all right?

Try a little of this.

Shit it is hot. What is it?

It is noodles. Chicken noodles
with some scallions.


Hey, how you like my haircut?

It's nice.

Very nice.

It is my church boy haircut.

-Is that right?

I told Cliff.

I says, you will not cut my hair
like no hood.

I want a church boy haircut.

You should eat more, Dad.

Here, take some of this.

Put it in your mouth.


Put it in your mouth.

Where Ray?

Where Raynathan?

You got it all over yourself.

He does not come around to see me anymore.

I am going back to church.

This is my last night of getting high.

What do you think about that?

Come on.

What you want me to say, Papa?

It is already broke, Ro.

It is not your fault.

You can not fix it.

All right?

I just want you to be proud of me.

-How you doing Augustus?
-Oh, I feel fine. How you doing?

-I feel good too.
-That's all right, I feel real good.

-You sure you do not want to count?
-Do I have to count it?

Here, here, buy a lollypop.

How is your brother?

My brother...

My brother is fine.

You know, he's driving me nuts.

Is that right? Well, it's a black thing.
You don't understand.

Hey what's up, you all?

-We are chilling.
-Black man.

-Any problems?
-No, everything is all right.

-Am I bleeding?

-Bye bye.

-You ever seen that kid before?
-Never, man.

Keep an eye on that tourist
"Inaudible" motherfucker.

-What's up?

-Any problems?

-Everything is cool up here.
-Good. All right.

-Well, it's still early, man.
-Watch out for you life, man.

Get him! Get him!

Now you guys just take care of him now!

Hey, man,
Gus has a pickup for us downtown.

Can you handle it?

I will take YG with me
and take care of it.

Oh, Roemello, the mellow fellow.

-What is up!
-Kymie, what you doing here, man?

I thought you was out at Amityville
with them ghosts and shit.

Hey, no. You know, chilling.
You know, hanging out.

You see, my niggers in my neighborhood,

they act clank,
you know what I am saying?

Is that right?

Each and every one of them
swears they hard,

when they are soft as butter.

Well. You know,
you are kind of stupid, man.

I mean, you've got a nice hood,
and a nice house with nice folks.

But you still want to come back
to the jungle.

You keep fucking around
and something might happen to you.

Right. You sound like my father, man.
All right? Check it.

There is nothing
that is going to happen to me, all right?

So stop sweating me.
There is nothing going to happen to me.

-So what? You got a gank!

That makes you a big man now?

Damn right, it makes me a big man.

What the fuck is wrong with you,
toy nigger?

All right, Cool. Check it.

I do know what is going on out here.
I am going to prove it to you.

I will put two in somebody's head.

-And you know we could kick it, you know.
-Kymie, get the fuck out!

-I am going...
-Get the fuck out of here.

Come on now I do not want to see you
in the black, man.

All right, I get it, man.

All right. You stay all right.

At this time, Savior Prep is pleased

to present the recipients
of our senior scholarship awards.

So now, let's offer our congratulations
to Roemello Skuggs.

Who has been awarded
a full academic scholarship

to Georgetown University.

Roemello's hard work and bright future,
set a wonderful example

for our young people of today.

Honey, come on, will you!

Speaking in foreign language.

I come to say good night, Sal.

-What the fuck are you doing here?
-Good night.

What is up, man?

Trying to save your brother's life, man.

-Smoke it.
-Smoke it.

You know he is going to be bad,
don't you?


In our day, we used to play RCK.

Now everybody
wants to be a fucking gangster.

Those are the Nigerians
I was telling you about, man.

The motherfuckers maybe getting
their shift from Pakistan, right?

Then it goes to Legos, then they bring
it over here in diplomatic pouches, man.

They be rocking the Bronx with that shit.

Is that right?


At one time, we used to look to them
for our history and our culture.

If you want history and culture,
you read "National Geographic" and shit.

I tell you man, you know,
we get with these motherfuckers, man,

we can get out of bed with Gus
and the rest of those Wop,

Ginny motherfuckers, man,
like a bunch of cheap two-dollar whores.

Well, listen, motherfucker,
go over and take care of some business.

Come on.

Hey! Untombe!

How are you?

I am good. How you doing Raynathan?

-How are you?
-Very good.

How's it going?

This my brother, Roemello, here.

-It is a pleasure.
-I told you all about him.

How you doing?

So, what is the deal?

Well, we been thinking
about this, Raynathan,

and we just... It won't work.

We can't work with that Akata.

-You know, you do your thing...
-Wait, wait! No, wait.

-...we do our thing.
-Wait, wait.

All right, this is my brother.
He is a very, very busy man.

I understand.
This is not a personal thing.

It is something we have just...
We can not do it.

Hey! Hey!

Calm down, man. Just calm down.

I am sorry. Look... brother was under the impression
that you wanted to do some business.

Maybe we can just have a seat,
have a drink,

maybe sit down,
have a nice little diatribe.

Let us see if we can work this out.

Don't take this personally, Roemello.

It won't work. You do your thing.
I do my thing, you know.

It won't work. We can't work with Akata.

Akata, Akata.

What is this Akata shit?

-Black American.
-Oh, shit.

Cotton picker.

You know something?

I read this article in "The Times" today.

It said that people like us...

...should be place
in front of a firing squad, and shot.

Fuck that shit, man.

The motherfucker
that should be blindfolded

and stood up against the wall
is Charles Oakley.

Can't even make a god damn layup
underneath the board by himself.

Change that nigger! Shit!

What's up, man?

You are acting strangely, Roemello,
man, I...

...I got to tell you the truth, though.

I mean, this shit is beginning
to effect the business.

I mean, I beep you, you don't pick up.

You come on block man and like... act like
you do not want to be there Ro.

What is up? Are you all right?

What's up?

Maybe I do not.

You OK, man?

I know him well.

We call him "Lolly," for Lollypop.

He's been very effective in Red Hook.

This ain't Red Hook.

I don't even think
that this is the United States.

This is Harlem.

Why would you want to bring a guy here
from Red Hook to Harlem.

The decision has already been made.

Roemello is going to see through this.

-He is not that easy to handle.

Can I get a sandwich or something?

Isn't Skugg's the kid who killed Sal?

Nobody knows who killed Sal.
Do you hear that?


Hey, if I even thought
someone killed my cousin...

...I'd take care of him.

So... you ready for this Pow Wow today?

Hey, man, there is something funny
about this meeting,8 Ray.

I saw Gus yesterday
and he did not mention a thing about it.

I do not know, man, something is going on.

-You remember this guy Lolly, right?

Has been fighter. Sells crack in Brooklyn.

A nobody.

Now when people look at me...

...they see success.

You know who I owe that too?

This man.

Tony Adamo.

And Gus here.

Gus put you guys on
like you was fucking family.

And we are family.

Look, Lolly, is there a point to all this?

I am trying to tell you to be open.

Look, Gus, nobody is rocking anymore.

Somebody is rocking, OK?
I am bringing my own clientele, Roemello.

There is no need for conflict.

All I need you to do is just cut me out
a little space to operate.

I explained all this to Ray.

No, wait, wait.
No, you didn't tell me like that.

Roeme, it has come up.

It can work.

And we think it is good for everybody.

Oh, you think.

Well, I think
there is going to be conflict.


It's like Pop says, man.
It's like an apple and orange thing.

It is like comparing Avion
with Pellegrino.

Now wait a minute.
Don't patronize us, you fake cupcake,

deputy dog, toy cop motherfucker.

Hey, motherfucker, this is no cartoon.

You know, I been noticing something, Ray.
You are getting a little sensitive, eh?

Harry will take care of the precinct.

Let us think about it for a while.

Then we will get back to you, all right?

Hey, man, that homeboy sounded like
he is coming correct, man.

He got the legit aroma coming off of him,
it look like to me,

What you think is going on in there?
What you know about him?

No, man, it looks like
they want to lease a piece

so they can scramble some eggs
of their own, man.

-Besides, we getting paid rent.

-There is no harm in that, right?
-That is the best case scenario.

Now flip the script, what's the worst?

What? They want the whole nine yards?

Hen house, chicken coup,
scrambled eggs and all that?

But Gus is not out
of his motherfucking mind, right?

Gus? Gus?

Oh, shit! Bull shit!

All of a sudden
Gus is playing fucking Don King?

Hooking up the brothers?

That's bull shit!

-Yo, man, look...
-I tell you look!

Talking to Lolly without telling me.

Look, man,
we just hanging at the joint, man.

Kicking it like good fellows, man.
Just talking business, man.

Why do you not just cut me
some slack, Jack.

You're not being smart, Ray.

Oh, I am not smart now.

Hey, I'm your motherfucking
older brother, man!

Fuck you, Ro, man!
I got Ideas too, man! Good ones!

I keep trying to share them with you, man.
All you do is just piss on me!

Ro, man.
Now we can be something together, man.

We could be large. We could be large.
Way larger than anybody ever, man.

Ray, we the low man
on the motherfucking totem pole, man.

We just two brothers
trying to say alive in Harlem.

Come on, what the fuck is that shit.

Man, you talking like a pussy.

Man, that is not like you
to talk scared like that.

What is up with that.

Ray, I am not scared, man.

I just see something you don't.
That's it.

Why don't you just cut me loose then, man.

That is what
I been trying to tell you, Ray.

I don't want to do this anymore.

I'm out, man.

-How did you find me?
-Harlem is a small place.

It is way too small for me.

Anyway, I'm glad you came out.

Well, I just didn't have
nothing better to do.

Oh, is that right?

And what do you do?

-I'm an actress.
-Really. What restaurant?

-You're making fun of me?
-The serious "Inaudible."

You making fun of me?
You making fun of my walk or what?

It is smooth, just kind of a glide.

When it takes

To high. It is too high for you.

-Wrong key.
-Something to

-Did you find yourself...
-Just make up shit. That is right.

Why did I do it?

It is too high, man.

-Too high.
-You may find

that the world may be cruel



This end is down

A fool



It is beautiful,
I can't wait until the concert.

Yeah, right.

Look, I'm out.

You need anything? You eat?


We'll see you.
If you need anything, beep me.


You know,
when I got back from the hospital.

You know after Sal
and those fuckers tore me up.

You know what I did to those guys?


So you got no choice.

You got to take care of Lolly.

Because if you don't... know how you are going to wind up.

You're looking at it.

OK, Tony. Good night.

Tell Lolly to call me.

OK. Good night, Gus.

Hey, Rick, man, how long
we been knowing one another?

I think about 15 years.



Fifteen, I knew you
when you doodle in your pants.

Fifteen years ago,
we didn't have nothing.

But we was happy.

I still do not have nothing
and I ain't too happy about that.

Oh, man, come on.

You got two beautiful kids,
beautiful wife.

Nice car.

Hell, you are a rich man.

Well, you could have had that too, see.

But you moved too fast.

Well, I have to admit,
I am trying to slow down, man.

I am really trying.

Let me ask you something.
What would you do...

...if I went away?

Went away where, man?

I do not know, I mean,
if I just kind of disappeared you know.

Well, I would find the motherfucker
and take care of him.

I appreciate that, homes,
but that's not what I'm talking about.

Wait, go away where?

You going somewhere tonight, Roeme?
What is up? Talk to me, man?


Just tonight watch my back. All right?

Still Lolly?

Well, I haven't taken my eyes off of him.

All four of them.

By the way...


Oh, yeah! Come on, come on a little
closer. Take a look at that there!

Check Mate! Pow!

Now. About Sunday.

Don't fuck up like you did
on that chess board all right?

Look, do not worry about it.
I am not going to fuck up.

I know about the baptism.

You decided on what you are going to name
that little rug rat of yours.

Well, since we been friends for so long...

...definitely not Roemello.

-In a minute boy!
-Yeah, get out of here.

Melissa, what's wrong with you?
You high or something?

High or I'm in love?

I am happy! I'm happy happy happy.

About what?

Got a part on something?


You never know.

Could be my first leading role.

Don't make me guess.

Oh, come on, mama, mama, mama.

-Come on.
-I don't want you to get hurt.

I just want you to get serious
about your life

and stop wasting time
on chasing this illusion.

Anything for you, mama.


-Roemello and Melissa sitting
-What did you say?

I didn't say anything, mama.
Just playing with the thing.

-Do you know what I would love to do?

I would love to just go to the airport
and hop on the first plane,

going anywhere.

Any place will do, you know.

-Is that right?
-That is right.

I just fly away
and leave all this shit behind.

And you would not take me with you?

Well, we are dreaming, right?
You said if I could do...

Yes, I'd take you with me.

Now is that not something.

-Any place will do.
-Oh, yeah?

Don't you ever dream?

Yeah, I dream.

My dreams always kind of evil.

You know what?

I think I would like to get on that plane.

-Matter of fact, I just buy the plane.

Put a kick on it.

-You know what I'm saying?
-A kick?

Kick my plane out. Yeah.

-Pimp it.

I'd like to go back to see
where my parents came from.

That's a good dream.

I would like that.

Fuck you, Ginny man!

Hey, Lolly, give me my glasses

so I can see this little Italian,

Come on motherfucker!

Come on, you got commode!

-What the fuck is this really about?
-Batter up!

Why don't you tell me
why you are so cozy with me?

What's Roemello doing?

Because you just showed up, man.

I told you.

We don't know you.

Oh, you want to get to know me?

Oh, OK.

Well, I am a man of my word.

You want to walk out of here like a man?

Why won't you just tell me
what the fuck is going on?

What does Roemello want from me?

Am I in danger?


After this.

Clean him up!

Let's freshen him up?

You all right?

-Are you all right?

I'm fine.

This is really good stuff.

You are going to love it kid.

I will see you soon, Lolly!


Like I said, I'm a man of my word.

Do you want to smoke?

Just listen to that trumpet.

How come you know so much about music?

Well, my father was a musician.

And I inherited
all the record collection from him.

I'm sorry to hear about your father.

How old were you when he died?

Oh, God.

When I was 11 years old... mother and my father and I
went to Resse Park one Sunday.

My father went
to go get a pack of cigarettes

and that was the last time
we ever saw him.

In a way,
I guess it's kind of like he died to.

Except he didn't leave me anything
to remember him by.

Can you tell me what's going on?

Can not tell you right now.
I will not be long.

Just take the car
and drive home, all right?

Why? Where you going?

Look, I'll come by there later on,
all right?

Just take the car and drive home.

-Go! Now!
-Wait a minute!


What the fuck is going on?

Sorry, I didn't mean
to interrupt your shit,

but we got trouble.

-What kind of trouble?
-It's bad, Roeme. It's real bad.

It has got Gus and Lolly
written all over it.

It is Ricky.

We found him about an hour ago.

Bring him down.

Bring him down!

What are you doing here?

You don't belong here.
I told you to drive the fucking car home!

I can't drive!

Fuck it, man,
I ain't going out like that, Ro.

I am not with that motherfucking gook
fuck punk ass pussy boy, piece of shit!

This is Harlem, motherfucker!

Tell me about the fucking peace
that they understand up here,

it is nine motherfucking millimeter!

This is the flavor
that they savor up here neighbor!

Can not do it like that!

Look, man, I know how you feel,
I feel the same way too!

God knows, man,
we've been through some shit.

And I swear to God, man,

I do not want to have
to bury not one more of you.

You understand that?

So look trust me on this.

We got to do it my way. All right?

I want you to chill.
Just chill, all right? I will handle this.

Hey, Roeme.

It's OK, Roco, I will close up.

-You want a drink?
-No. I am cool.

You don't look cool.

You, you look the same.

I am not the same.


Nothing is the same.

Now why is that?

You know, Roeme,
I've been here almost 30 years.

I never wanted to come here.

But the head of the family said
there are two things you never turn down.

Pussy and money.


...they sent me and my cousin Sal up here.

Back in those days, it was slow uptown.

The only drug addicts were musicians
and Tommy beat-nicks.


Harlem was a beautiful place back then.

Hundred and twenty fifth street
at Christmas was like 34th street.

Shops, crowded streets.

But after King was killed...

...the people went crazy.

Destroying the place.

Decent colored people
could not even walk down the street.

Life changed.

There was a kid...

There was a kid I liked.

Played the piano beautifully.

Smoked a little dope now and then.

Knew everybody uptown.

He had the strangest name.

Arthur Roemello.

Your father.

He started to work for me.

It was raining money.

That's when the junkie vets
started to come back from Vietnam.

Everything was good.

I treated AR like family.

But he got too comfortable.

He started using the shit.

He started telling people
that he was running things.

Money got lost!

That's when Sal shot him up on the roof!

When Sal died...

...that is when you...

But I am to nice to people.

And it always backfires right up the ass.

Like now.

So what is happening now, Gus?

Don't come here pointing
your fucking finger at me, Roemello.

So who do I point my fucking finger at?

What did you have a bad day?

Everybody has got a bad day!

Lawyers, priests.

Even grocers.


I don't see any grocers, Gus.

I never wanted to know who killed Sal.

Yeah, but I knew one day
you would tell me.

Tell you what? That I'm finished.

Goggles sent you over here to scout, huh?

Make sure the coast is clear.

That coward.

-No. No, no, no.
-What "no, no, no?"

Like I do not know my old man.

Oh, come on he is not that bad.

I mean, he has done some crazy things
but he was in there when he married you.


That is true.

Are we talking about the same guy
who threw up

on the very first suit I ever bought.

Same night he met you.

I mean, I do not know
if that is good or bad, you know?

Out of all the people I know,
he was the sweetest.

Ricky Jr, come on, let us go to your room.


-Goodnight Uncle.
-All right, man.

Talk to you later. All right.

-Go look at TV in there, OK?


Should I feel


Tell me why

Should the shadows

Shadows fall?

And why, should my heart

Feel lonely,

And long

For heaven, heavenly home

How come, man? I don't get it.

First, you talk about
how your booking and handing

this shit over to me, man.

And now you are talking
this your way shit.

What is up with that?

Yeah, what is up with that, Ray?

Look, why not you, me and Daddy
just get the hell out of here?

You do not have to deal with that shit?

I told you, man,
I am not hearing that leaving shit, Roeme.

I just ain't hearing that shit. Damn!


I want to make a toast.

Two toasts.

One to my man, Goggles.

Who is no longer with us.

And the other one...

And the other one to my brother...


Who will be leaving us shortly.

For God knows where the fuck or what!

To go on back home and shit!

Wherever the fuck! That is!

Swamp fox South Carolina.
Some shit like that!

Maybe we just be going to buy
the master's house.

Sit around on the porch.

Drink mint Julep.

Watch the sun go down.

Pretend we are white folks.

You are playing yourself, Ray.

No, you are playing yourself, Rome!

Because it doesn't matter where you go,
what you do, or what you know,

you're still a nigger!

Leon, frisk him.

This was the fight when I said,
Fuck it, life is way too short.

He dropped me with a left cross,
first minute of the third round.

When I woke up...

...I was a rich man.

Yeah, I saw that fight.

I put all my money on you.

Is that right?

Look, Lolly.

Yesterday, I buried my best friend.

Best friend.

Eighteen years we go back,
slanging and banging.

And now, that has all gone up in smoke.

The other day there was a shoot out
at the Dunbar.

A bunch of clank ass YG's
with uzi's sprayed the place.

Come on, Lolly.

Look at Harlem.

It seems like somebody is always dying
before their time.

There is not going to be a war, Lolly.

I do not want anymore killing.

You got some fucking balls.
You come in here all alone.

Talking about what you do not want?

You see, Roemello.

Men like you got a lot of ideas about...

...what you want, what you do not want.

Care about.

Do not care about.

But machines...

Sometimes machines have a mind
of their own.

Is that right?

Now you being real extra.

Look, champ, you want to start this?
Fine with me.

But first, I think you better look out
that window.

You see the guy reading the comic book?

And the one on the heavy bag? You see him?

How about the one with the hood.

There you see him?

Look, Lolly.
I think we need to call a truce.

You do not hit my men.

I will not hit your men.

You do not hurt my brother.

And I will not take your whole family.

We will work it out
so you can get a piece of the action.

OK, chump? I mean...


My word is bond.

Melissa. Melissa, wait.

Oh God, shit. Wait a minute.


Melissa, listen to me.
I know you do not want to see me,

-but at least got to hear me out.
-Well, you are right.

I do not want to see you
so do not make no fool of yourself.

I do not care if I make a fool
out of myself.

Oh, that is obvious.

Let me tell you something, Roemello.

Your shit is extra.
I saw that the other night.

You are a dope dealer.

Look, Melissa.
You think I do not know who I am?

I know what I do.

How can you live with that, Roemello?

I am afraid of you.

Look, Melissa. I am sorry.
I am sorry, all right?

Whatever you saw last night,
I am sorry about it.

But you saw something else.

Something happened between you and me.
And I can't stop thinking about it.

I do not even know you, boy.
Are you crazy?

I know you do not know who I am
and you are right!

You might not even like who I am.

But, Melissa, you got to believe me.
Everything in my life is about to change.

I swear on my mother's grave.

Give me a chance.

What do you want from me, Roemello?

What... please.

You can have anybody
that you want out here.

-Why are you bothering me?
-I want to talk to you.

I want you to get to know me.
I want to get to know you.

Why the fuck are we standing here
with a gate between us?

Come outside.

Look, just leave me alone, OK?

-Look, I just want to talk to you.
-Why are you bothering me?

-Because you are the one that is why.
-Leave me alone!

-You are the one.
-No. Leave me alone!

We sit and we talk. We go to my house
and we sit and we talk.

Your house!

So that is what this is all about?

-What you talking about?
-Come on! Let us go!

You are going to all of this trouble
because you want me to go to your house.

Well, come on!

-What are you talking about?
-Come on!

-You think I do this all the time.

I do not!

I do not ask girls out. Girls ask me out!

Melissa, I can not even remember
the last time I even did this.

I do not even know
the motherfucker that is doing it!

All I want to do is to go out with you.

That is it. I just want to take a walk.

I want to go to the movies.

I want to go to amateur night
at the Apollo.

Boo people! Do shit that normal people do.


Do not answer me now, all right?
Just go upstairs and think about it.

Will you do that for me.
Just think about it.

You got to give me a chance.

And then I will call you.
If you will let me call you.

Can I call you?

OK. I will think about it.

Hey, look, man.
I know you did not want to do this.

Just do it for me as a favor, all right?


All right. Food is ready.

You all right?

Let's go.

Put this down right there.

Do not put your hands there.
OK, put your hands there.

Now, we give thanks.

Thank you, Mr Chicken God,
for all that you have given us

chicken backs, chicken butts,
and chicken thighs.

Thank you, Mr Kentucky.

Without you, we would have no food.

OK. Now we can eat.

It has been a long time
since we all sat down and...

Since we been up in this fucking dump.

Just eat up, Ray.

How was school today, fellas?

That is funny. That is funny.

-Hey, man, you all right?
-Yeah, I am all right.


I am just feeling a little sick,
that is all.

So why do you not just do us all
a damn favor and die.


Why don't you sit down,
your food is getting cold, man.

All right.
Show a little respect for your father.

-My what?
-Our father.

This nigger ain't my pops, man.

This motherfucker gave up the right
to call himself that

a long motherfucking time ago.

-And who gave you the right to decide?

-Are you kidding?
-You know when I decided?

When he put our motherfucking lives
on the line!

When he made our mom a god damn junkie!

You think you know what it's like?

No, but you do! You knew, Pop!

You knew it, man.

You knew she was slamming dope.

You did not do nothing about it.

You could have stopped her.

You haven't stopped me, Ray.

Now, have you?

Hey, Roeme.

I was just trying to make her happy.

I swear to God
I was just trying to keep her alive.

You know I thought,

maybe I might find a way
to get her off the shit.

To help her.

You thought you would help her.

You were just making her happy, Dad?

This was how you were making her happy?

You God damn son of a bitch.

You fucking killed her.

What do you want me to do?

You want me to kill myself, Ray?

I am already dead.

I am out of here. Fuck this shit.

-Fuck it!



You may go with your brother.

Please, man.

You all are breaking my heart.

-Come on, baby, dance for me.
-Whatever you say.

Let me see. Turn around. That a girl.

Come here, baby.

You will never be the same after tonight.

Party is over motherfucker!

We are with the Health Department,
I heard you was a damn rat!

Get him! Grab his ass!

-You grab my boy...
-Fuck him up!

-You grab my boy...

Get him up! Come on! Get up!

Get off me! Get off me!

-Get your hands off me!
-Shut up, you rat!


Yeah, yeah!

-Get off of me, God damn it!
-I'll kill you!

-Hey, get off me!
-I will blow your motherfucking ass away!

You hear me?

Looking back over the years
I guess I shed us some tears

I told myself time and time again
This time you are going to win

But another fight
When things are not right

I am losing again

It takes a fool to lose twice
And start all over again

I think I better let it go

Looks like another love TKO

Looks like another love TKO

Oh, hey, cuco man.

What the fuck, man, what is the matter?
I thought you was a tough guy, then.

Oh, you motherfuckers!

You do not look so fucking tough
standing up there now, right?

You do not look so fucking tough

with a couple of mooleys
standing over you now, do you?

I thought you told me
you relaxed this fucker.

Hey, I did, man.

I think he needs
a couple more sleeping pills.

Son of a bitch motherfucker.
Fuck the man like that!

Hey, Ray.

I am going to give him something
to help wash it down.

Yeah. He do look
a little fucking thirsty to me.

Taking the bumps and the bruises
And all the pain

Of a two time loser

Trying to hold on

What is up, Roeme?

Where is he?

Over there getting pissed off.

Probably kicking himself in the ass
for not coping

that life insurance policy
like he should have.

-This isn't what I wanted, Ray.

This is the fucking Ginny motherfucker
that smoked Goggles, man!

Somebody has got
to let these motherfuckers know

what time it is, Roeme.

I mean, you can not go on bum
rushing up in there like that shit, man.

This is about turf, boss.

We all worked too long and too hard
to get this shit

to let it go down the drain
like that shit.

I mean, how the fuck do we look, man?

-Ray, do you know what this means?
-Yeah, I know what this means.

-You know what you did.

It means I started a motherfucking war.

And your ass is straight up
in the middle of it, OK?

It is a bitch!

Finish him.

Oh, now you want me to finish him.

No, man.

I saved him for you.

My brother, Roemello.

So you can remember
what the fuck this is all about.

Remember where you come from.

Who you are.

And what the fuck you do.


You rock his cradle, Roeme.

Because I am done.


Yo. We're the fuck ghosts, man.


I'm not like my brother.

Now, Counselor, see, I made it very clear
that I was coming over here.

I left you very specific instructions
to handle all of the legal requirements.

And you do not seem
to be listening to me, Oliver.

Now, I call you.

You do not return my phone calls.

All this makes me think
that you are trying to fuck with me.


Do not come in here with an attitude.

Because I have been going
out of my way

to make this shit you do look legit
and work for both of us.

-Both of us.

You think it is easy to hide
all that dope money you make?

You think it is simple
to talk a decent banker

into believing this is a real business
you guys are in to?

No. That is hard work.

For you to come in here now
accusing me of shit.

Man, I work, and you, you sell dope.

I mean, if anyone is fucking
with anyone here...

How about making the fucking winner
of the wet T-Shirt contest.

Huh, motherfucker? Motherfucker!

You handle my shit, Counselor.

Our boy, Roemello, is out of control.
He has got to be stopped.

I understand.

I will handle Roemello, OK?
I will handle it.

You ain't handling it.

He is out of fucking control,

could somebody tell me
why we're kissing this boy's ass?

Holy shit!

Roemello! Watch out!

Find out who it was!

Take it easy.
Just hang in there, all right?

-Hang in there, man, it ain't that bad.
-How am I doing man?

You are all right.
You are all right, brother?

-You were lucky I was there for you, man.
-Yeah, man, I was.

Yeah, man, I was lucky.

Do not move, don't... Just stay calm, man,
everything is all right,

You ain't that bad.

I was there for you, Roeme.

I was there for you.

Hang in there, brother. Hang in there.

-Hello, Melissa.

Look, I will be there
soon as I can, all right?

All right, you want me to bring anything?

OK. Yeah.

I think so.

You look beautiful.

You don't look too bad yourself.


-You can have a seat right here.
-All right.

We got reservations now, right?

Yeah, we sure do,
I just gotta get my Jacket.

-Look, I want to ask you something.

You know what happened
on Convent Avenue tonight?

What do you mean what happened?

A little kid got killed, were you there?

Yes. I was there.

Do you know that...

...every time I go out with you,
somebody dies?

I like you and I like being with you.

But can you promise me...

...that when I step out that door,
I am not going to be the next one?

Can you?

Would you please just...

I am never going to let
anything happen to you.

Come on, Melissa,
you know what time it is.

Yes. Somebody tried to kill me today.

But, baby, they are going to keep trying
to kill me until I get out.

Melissa, this was my life.

What, would you think
I can just turn my back

and just walk away?

No, no.

They're not going to let me out that easy.

The same dead zombie motherfuckers
that snatched the kid

are the same ones
that are trying to drag me

in the grave with them.

It's not me anymore.

I have tried
to put all the stuff that you do

out of my mind.

I tried to believe you.

But you can't even believe in yourself.

-Would you do me a favor?

Please leave.

No, just go.

If you care about me, Roemello,
you will go.

I am scared, man, OK?

I am fucking scared.

I mean, when you...

...when you started talking that shit,
man, about how you was leaving, man,

I didn't want to believe you.

I am thinking...

I just know
you are going to leave me, man,

and I just can not deal with that, Roeme.

I can not deal with it.

Look, Ray... remember one time
we went to this girls dust party

up in the polo grounds?

They was passing around trade bags
of red devil dust like the shit was water.

You remember that?

We rolled a couple of spliffs, boom.

Popped them in the cake
like they were candles.

I got crazy zooted that night.

Crazy zooted.

You remember this?

Man, I got so hot that I went out
on the terrace.

Then I realized there was no terrace.

Here I am 24 stories up,
legs hanging out the window...

...and you come and you grab me,
and you pulled me back in.

And you told me, you said,
"Roeme, it is time to go home."

-You remember that?

I never got high after that.

Not even once. Did you know that?

All right,
now it is time for me to flip the script.

And for me to tell you
that it is time to go home.


Go where, man?

What the fuck am I going to do?

Where am I going to go?

What am I going to do? Be a garbage man?

A short order cook,
a fucking taxi cab driver, a bank teller?

I can't go nowhere, man.

You are my little brother.

And all my life...

...I looked up to you.

How do you think that feel?

You was always smarter than me.

Thought you looked better than me.

You always said the right thing,
I always said the wrong thing.

Every honey that I wanted to fuck...

...they wanted to fuck you.

Well, I fucked them anyway.

But, I got used to having you around.

I just got used
to having my better half around.

Can I just...

...I just do not want you to go anywhere.

You got this little cutie
and you are in love.

Well, that is good.

I don't even have that.

I mean, I never...

I never loved anybody, anybody, Roeme.

Except you.

Chill out.

Mark, this is my friend
I was telling you about?

Oh, yes, yes.

-Mark Dobby.
-Melissa Holly.

Melissa Holly. Good to meet you.

-Good to meet you, too.
-Yeah. Have a seat.

Excuse me, Champagne.

Hey, Nigger Ray. Check it out.

Here is to dry.

-Here is to wet.
-Here is to dry, here is to wet.

Here is to wet.

Can we have some more?

Hey, you two, behave yourselves.

Yo, yo, yo, what is up my man.

Mark the Shark Dobby!

Hey, man that was dope
the way you hit that jumper at the buzzer,

the other night in Boston, man,

that shit was checking
like a motherfucker.

What is happening?

You remember me?

I met you the other night.

Excuse me?

Roemello Skuggs, you know, my brother?

I am Raynathan Skuggs.

Well, this is Mark Dobby.

Wait, wait, wait a moment.

-I do not care the fuck who he is.

-Can't you see I am with the lady here?
-Hey, Mark...

...if you do not raise up
and step out of my motherfucking face,

you are going to catch a bad break

because I am going to rain on your ass
like white on rice.

You do not want to fuck with me.

Damn, my little brother.

You ain't good enough for him, anyway.

Fuck that clank ass Zeek billy ass...

I am really sorry, I mean,
this is getting crazy.

People are always trying to fuck me off.

-Let's get out of here.

I am going to wait for him outside, Dad.

Hey, partner.

You happy?

Look what you started.

-What I started?

You know I talked to Lolly.

I told him,
I said "stay the hell out of here."

God knows if he will listen.

So what does that have to do with me?

What does that have to do with you?

I will tell you.

You start anything,

any man, dingo, staggly shit.

I am not just going bust you, man.
I am going to waste you.

Do not fuck with me, nigger.
Because I ain't my old man.

You are right, Harry. You are not.

Fuck you, man.


Stop. What are you doing... Hey?

No. Wait, stop.

-This is not a start?


-What are you doing?
-It is getting a little hot in here.

Hey, baby, why do you not just go
smoke another joint?

One second.

Come on! Come on!


You having a good time, baby?
Or are you just acting?

I am having fun.

You know how many times
I have heard that line?

I am a struggling actress.

You want me to tell you what you are?

You are a fucking skeezer!

That's what the fuck you are.

A fucking skeezer. A whore!

Ain't that right?

-You're not absolutely fucking right?

I can't hear you. Yes, yes.


Hey, stop it.


OK, baby.

Look, I am sorry, I am sorry.

-Did I hurt you?

I am sorry, I am sorry, it is OK.

I am sorry, baby.

-You all right?

Come here, come here, come here.

-Want champagne?

You sure? OK, OK.

-You OK? You OK? You OK?

Yeah. I am sorry, I am sorry.

I messed up your hair and your face.

I will tell you what I am going to do.

I am going to let you suck my dick.


-Please, no.

Get down.

Slow. Real slow.

That is it.

Right there.


Slowly. Right?


You bastard!

-You fuck ass!
-Skeezer! You fucking...

You fucking skeezer!

-Dad, I am going away.

It does not matter.

I just can not stay around here anymore.

I can dig it.

You know, you can come with me?

You know, we can start all over again.

From scratch.

Leave Harlem?

This is me, Roeme.

I am Harlem.

This is where I belong.

This is where Ella is.

I am going to stay here and be with her.

Well, just think about it, OK?

What about Raynathan?

What happened to you?

Never mind.
I might throw up if you tell me.

Are you all right?

You tell me, you know me so, so well.

Is that all you have?

All right, that is all you will need.

I remember when I went from lookout

to handling quarters
to straight out scrambling.

When I was a kid,
I used to stand right out here...

...and watch Nicky Barnes
and his green Corniche

drive up and down
Saint Nicholas Avenue.

Those were the superstars of the game.

But they are not around anymore.

It is the end of the road for me, Gus.
That's it.

I am turning everything over to Ray.

You can deal with him from now on.
He will call you.

I am done. I am finished.

So, tell me.

You know that plane
that you wanted to get yourself on?

It is leaving tonight.

And we will be on it.

Look. Ray, listen to me.

Go on, man, I mean, shit,
you're getting out of here, right?

Get a few days, man,
go on down to the motherfucking islands,

chill the little honey and shit.

Shit, everybody needs a vacation
every now and then, right?

I am out of here.

-I do not want anything to happen to you.
-Do not worry, baby.

Your big brother is here.


If you change your mind...
Hey, man, I am still your brother.

All right.

I am going to make it.

I am going to fix it.

It is going to be all right.

It is going to be all right.

Here you go, boss.

This shit is so pure, it is still brown.

Now, this has not been stepped on
or spanked down at all.

Supposed it take a five,
but I would not put a but of three on it.

Hey, what you going to do with that?

-You got everything you need?

All right, good. Because I do not know
if they got stores in North Carolina.

They got stores in North Carolina.

I love it anyway.

I never seen this place...

-We should get some bikes.

-Not yet?

I got this one right here.

Look, baby, I got to make a quick stop.

For what?

I want to see my father.

I thought your father was dead.

No, he is not.

Should have told me
you do not feel like that anymore.


You know how... and your mother
use to fight about...

...sending you to church
when you were little.

That was a long time ago,

I went to mother AME Zion church.

Just every Sunday.

They had a visiting minister...

...visiting Durham.

Durham, North Carolina.

He started reading from Matthew 13.

"And so it shall be."

"At the end of the world..."

"...the angels shall come forth."

"And sever the wicked..."

"...from the just."

That minister, he went on and on.

About hell and damnation.

Judgment day.


Through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, I got up...

...and I got out of there.

I ran...

...all the way up to 113th street.

And I told some friends what I had heard.

And they were the baddest motherfuckers
on the block.


I mean, those guys were the first ones
to skin, pop.

And they just laughed.

And they gave me a bag...

...and some works.

And he said, here is your God.


And for a while, it quieted the voice.

And I lost...

...the only woman who ever truly loved me.

I lost my sons.

I lost my babies.

I lost my money...

...and I lost my self respect.

Motherfucking shit.

Oh, Ray.

Raynathan... baby.

I am sorry.

I am sorry, baby.

Oh, God.

My brother.

The man is here.

We spoke with your brother,
he told us all about it.




I do not know
what my brother told you OK, but...

...I am not happy
with the current arrangement.

Oh, what the fuck are we talking about?

We both knows.

You are not the only candy store
in town no more.

So you are not using my services anymore,

He is just speaking his mind, pop.
No harm done. Right, Ray?

Yeah, I think that the fact
that he is here, Gus,

means he is not inflexible.

What is this, the fucking UN?
I do not need any interpreters.

Let me and Ray talk!

You know, Ray.

I have always admired you
and your brother.

You guys went from scrambling
on the block for me... making enough money to buy from me.

And going into business for yourselves.

And you did it...

...without the help of a junkie father.

And started using the stuff
he was suppose to be selling.

And now it is like,
like you are to good for me.

I damn near treated you
like I treat my own son.

And I never even called you nigger.

Now these men standing here
are like family.

And you do not disrespect family.

You can not win.

You can not say, "Well, fuck so and so
because there are other suppliers."

Not on my block!

Not in my house!

I ain't got no beef with you.

Excuse me!

I said,
I ain't got no static with you, Gus.

I'm scared of you.


...I'm ready to cut a deal, OK?

Lolly can bust out 112th street.

For 15 percent of the pizza.


I am with that.

Attaboy, Ray.

I am glad we can come to an understanding.

Thanks. God bless.

Hey, guys, I thought I would get a cup
of coffee and a cannoli.


Thanks for never calling me nigger.

I ain't scared of you, Gus.

This is for my father.





Roeme, you don't have to go, man.

I took care of everybody.

There is nobody left.

It is just the two of us, Roe,
just like the old days.

You ain't have to leave now, man.

Nobody going to hurt us.

You can stay now, Roe.

You can stay now.

Ray, AR is dead.

-He is dead, Ray.
-AR is dead.

I know.

I put him out of his misery.

I sent him home, Roe.

Oh, no. Oh, no! No! You killed him?

Look, he was hurting, man.

Ray, he was our father, man!

He was our father! He gave you life!

What gave you the right to touch him!

Oh, no, no, no.

You had no right, man!

You had no right!

What do we got now?

What do we got?

Each other. We got each other, Roe.

Oh, Ray! I can not fucking believe you!

Roemello. Baby, come on now, let's go.

Come on, baby, let's go. Come on.

You lied to me.

What are you talking about?

You are leaving me, man!
You lied to me, man!

No! No Ray!


Stop, Ray!

No! No!

Ro? Roeme?

-Why Ray?




Get away from him!



And that is the way it ends.

With a beginning.

And so this time, after so much pain

and so much death...

...there is still life.

And where there was despair.
Now, there is hope.

Hope that man, a little one,
comes around and smiles at you.

You can say to yourself, say to him..., son, this will not happen again.