Sugar! (2017) - full transcript

A housewife of a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate secretly forms an all-women rock band turning her entire world up side down.



LESLIE: Good job.

How was your day, Meg?

Fine, no meat.

Hey dad can you look at my essays

for Oberlin or Wesleyan later?

but what about Chicago and Smith?

Why Smith?

It's all girls.

LESLIE: Very funny.

Think about it.

BEN: Okay, You didn't put any?

LESLIE: Nope, no butter.

Great, TV makes you look a lot heavier

and I can't afford that.

LESLIE: I went to hear Celeste play

some new music the other night.

You know I appreciate you going

and supporting your friends,

but I really don't
like you going downtown

to these music clubs late at night.

LESLIE: Would you like to
guess who they sounded like?

MEGAN: Mom, I'd love to,
but I have a game tomorrow.

Do you have any idea where
my red running shorts are?

They're on the dryer.

And there's an apple pie on the counter.

“Yes” they sounded like “Yes”.

Hi, I'm Ben Miller,

and I'm looking forward to getting

to know each and every one of you.

So glad I was able to make it.

So glad you came.
Thank you!

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you, thank you.

I don't believe it.

Believe it piano princess,
it's been way too long.

Congratulations Darcy!
Seems like you got half

the city in your back pocket.

I certainly hope so, no complaints.

Any chance you'd switch
parties before the May Primary?

The Democrats would love to
have you, I can vouch for it.

Probably cause they won't
have a shot in hell November

once I'm nominated.

Think about it, Darcy.

Can I borrow you for a moment?

Sure, excuse us.


I want to thank you all for
coming here this evening.

Let me make it official.

On Monday morning, I'm going
to announce my candidacy

for the US Congress.





WOMAN: Do you know anybody here?

No (WHISPERING) Oh my God, Rose.

Open it later, honey.


This song is one of Celeste's best.

It always sounded better back then.

No kidding.

Are you writing at all?

No, I went to see her play
a couple times last year.

She seemed really glad to see me.

You didn't call me?

I'm sorry. I didn't tell anyone.

Yeah, well.

Who'd she play with?

A couple a guys.

Really good music. Hers.

Could of used a piano.

I'm not touching that one.

What did Celeste's mama give you?

I don't know.

Open it.



And I look at you I
still see a college kid

with a keyboard.

Teaching the little
ones doing it for you

or are you still dreaming?

Who plays music at our age?

Yeah, really.

DARCY: Musicians as
good as you were could.

No one inspired me to
manage acts more than you.

Speaking of music, I
tried to reach Celeste,

she never got back to me.

Celeste died two weeks ago.

God damn it.

You got to be kidding.

She played for me a
few times at my club.

I, I just spoke to her.

LESLIE: She left me a letter.

DARCY: Was it ugly?

More on you bailing

on signing the record
contract with Artemis?

it wasn't about that Darcy.

DARCY: Well, what did it say?

She wanted her new stuff played.

You and Ellen could play it.

A hail and farewell kind of thing.

I do an open mic night
at my club on Mondays.

It'd be great.

One shot to start and who knows

where it could take you next.

What have you got to lose?

I owe it to her. One shot.

You're out of your mind.
You're crazy.

BEN: Hmm?

LESLIE: What do you think about Darcy?

Same old Darcy, she never changes.

No, I mean about Ellen
and me playing a gig

at the Oyster.

Geez, I'm really nervous.
It's crazy, right?

What do you think?

I don't know honey.

I mean what makes you think you

and Ellen can perform
together at this point?

Not that you're not talented
and beautiful and I love you

but I got to run. Wish me luck!

Break a leg!

JESSE: What are you doing?

Jesse my eyebrows are disappearing.

Okay, remember, noon viewers,
women, male stay at homes,

and the competition.

The big boys who watch it online are

on replay tonight. Okay?

Great, I feel fat.

JESSE: You look great!

Right answer.

Nadine, I couldn't have
done this without you.

Ben, you've got Nadine swooning.

Don't be jealous Jessie.
Five minutes.

What? I can't smoke?

Absolutely not. It's
disgusting. Go outside.

Don't forget to smile.

I'm Ben Miller, I smile all the time.

Here, let me fix your tie.

Your coat's all wonky.

There you go.

Here you go.
We're a team.

Go get em professor!
Thank you.


That's pretty good Sadie.

Let's take a break, alright?

Can I watch too?

BEN: I appreciate all the
local support I've been getting

especially from my
loving wife and daughter.


And I'm confident that I can
help bring this fine state

back on track economically.


DARCY: Hi Les. I'm rushing.

Just wanted to let you know

the next open mic night is
Monday, Oyster Club, 7:30 p.m.

I'm sure Ellen will be in if you are.

Ben's announcing.

DARCY: I know. Are you in? Please?

DARCY: Talk to Ellen!

Something simple, okay?

Get there by seven.

I'm excited. Gotta run.

CELESTE: These are the early days.

This is for you Leslie and
Ellen, whenever and forever.

Sometimes late at night, you
are still my inspiration.


I'm too fat to go on stage.

Are you listening to me?

Trying not to.

We would come home from a
gig and we would be in heaven.

We'd put our gear away.

We'd all stripped naked
and jump in the pool

at three o'clock in the morning.

There's nothing else like it, right?

Les, we're old! We're fifty!

You want to play seedy dives

for a bunch of drunks
who don't give a shit

about what we're playing?

Is that your dream?

They all won't be like
that gig in New Orleans.

This is our time.

For what? Humiliation?

Do me a favor?

Listen to this.

She included me in the dedication?

Yeah, she included you.

So, what do you think?

Will you do the gig?

At least the Oyster date?

It's not that simple, Les.

I'm not going to go on stage

because you're having an epiphany.

I work hard.
I like making a lot of money.

I'm not trying to
force you into anything.

I know, look.

We've hardly seen each other

in the last few years.

And suddenly you're
facing mortality or regret

and you want a shot

at becoming the rock
star you never became.

You're interested too

otherwise you wouldn't
be here right now.

Yeah, so?

Who'd be our drummer?

You know no one could
ever replace Celeste.

And who would be on bass?

I'm sure Darcy knows some
freelance bass players.

I'll think about it.

I promise.


Sorry. How late am I?

LESLIE: Uh, uh.

Richie come over here.

This is Leslie.

Do we know each other?

Celeste's funeral, want a drink?

Oh, not during the day, thanks.

You knew her?

She played here.

I really liked her.
Me too.

Alright, Chardonnay please.

Alright, make it a
Johnny Walker on the rocks.

Tell you what, you gonna play tonight?

Forget the Chardonnay.

Forget the Johnny Walker on the rocks.

I'll make you a bourbon and ginger

with an olive, sound familiar?

ELLEN: Love the salt!

I can't believe I'm doing this.

And your olive.

Here's to Celeste and her

May she drum her way through heaven.

ELLEN: We'd better get downstairs.

RICHIE: Have a good show!




Thank you. Thank you to Debbie Davies

for stopping by tonight
on your current tour

And for providing inspiration

for all the fabulous musicians
we have lined up for tonight.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you.

Once again, I'm Darcy Graham.

This is open mic night
at the Oyster Club,

where we showcase the
best undiscovered talent

this town has to offer.

Next up Leslie Miller and Ellen Sherman

(audience claps weakly


♪ Time stood still when you arrived

♪ Lost my heart but I survived

♪ Thought our love had room to grow

♪ I took a risk and just let go

♪ You were kind saw inside me

♪ A person I had never been

♪ Dancing and dinners and listening

♪ Nights I can't relive again

♪ Drastically you kissed me

♪ Drastically you touched me

♪ Drastically you loved me

♪ Oh oh oh oh


DARCY: You didn't sound so hot.

LESLIE: We haven't rehearsed
much and I was nervous.

What do you expect?
DARCY: Magic.

Just give us a chance, Darcy.

Les, I told you.

Give us a chance.

Okay. You'll need drums and
bass if you're going ahead.

If? Don't jerk us around, Darcy!

I forgot how relentless you are.

Okay, I'll find the musicians
you keep practicing, a lot!



Was I a good musician?

BEN: You ARE a good musician.

Remember that restaurant
in Paris the summer

after the band broke up?

I played piano and you
tried to sing to the house

and we all laughed so hard
cause you couldn't carry a tune.

(LAUGHS) Well, that hasn't changed.

We were so drunk.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, and then
we made love in the car.

I cried and I told
you how much I was going

to miss the band.

I know and then you
forgot all about it.

I didn't forget about it.

Honey, listen, I was hoping
that you would take a break

from teaching the kids
and work on my campaign.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I've got kids working towards college.

I can't just quit.

I know, I know.

But I was just hoping that
maybe you'd prioritize.

Well, I'm too tired
to prioritize right now.

Hi, I'm Ben Miller,

and I'm looking forward to getting

to know each and every one of you.

Ladies, Cindy Baylor.

A good friend and an
even better drummer.

Pleasure to meet you.



♪ Baby we could rule the world a while

♪ Baby we could break the rules in style

♪ And we'll be free

♪ In every way we'll take
our lives less seriously

♪ Find the light with me

♪ I got to leave tonight

♪ I will stop the world
from spinning tonight

♪ Tonight we'll see the
lights beyond this town

♪ It'll come true

♪ We will make due

♪ We will start new

♪ Cuz tonight

♪ I'll make you a believer

♪ I'll love you

♪ Close your eyes and kiss me baby

Not bad, not bad at all!

I'm about to take a chance here

because I believed in you once before.

Let's do three to four months
to pull something together.

I want Celeste's music in the mix.

When you're up to speed,

I'll set you up on
auditions local to start.

You can rehearse here.

What do you think?
That's great!

Who are you in all this Darcy?

That's my business, Ellen.

I'm offering you
something from the heart.

It's a rare moment.

You in or out?

You want to talk privately?

When can you start rehearsing?

Whenever you say, I'm in!

DARCY: Welcome aboard, Cindy!

Gotta be back by one thirty.
Math exam.

Math. Fucking nightmare.

So, you get all of
your college applications

all filled out and shit?

You gonna miss me?

Oh, you'll probably just
fuck some little college fag

and forget all about me, right?

No way!


Hiya, Mrs. Miller.

Ma, I thought you were out.

LESLIE: You know Mickey,

I don't know exactly
what you're smoking,

but whatever it is don't do
it on my front porch, okay?

It's just a cigarette, Mrs. Miller.

Let's go Mickey.

Mom, we weren't doing
anything wrong, okay?

You're just jumping to dumb conclusions.

So are you, about me.

You have no clue what's going
on inside my head right now,

you realize that?

Right, sure, it's all about you!

Well, you know, I'll
take that cigarette.

No, no, I know exactly
what to do with it.

See you later, Mickey.
Cool beans.

Leslie, you look exhausted.

Renee, do you censor anything?

Leslie, did you bake that pie?

Can we open it up now?

WOMAN: This meeting is
going to be way too long

and I'm starving!

Work first, refreshments later.

WOMAN: If I was by myself,
I would eat the whole thing.

WOMAN: You don't have
an eating disorder do you?

I liked your imagination better

before you went to therapy.

I didn't go to therapy,

we went briefly for couples counseling.

Leslie do you think I
should take up the piano

for my anxiety issues?

Yeah, I could teach
you some punk rock music.

Oh, I thought you
teach real piano music.

I do, absolutely.

I just finished a
meeting for the auction.

I really want you to win Ben.

I'll be home soon, love you!

Daddy, I asked for help,
not a butcher job, okay?

do you want to get into college?



Les, where you been?

I was beginning to worry.

Dad, look, I told you she's fine.

I stopped into a bar
to use the bathroom.

Honey, I told you before,

I do not want you hanging
around those clubs, please.

I'm sorry. Uh, I guess
I lost track of time.

You must be starving.

I'll change and make
you something to eat.

Thank you. You're going to have

to rewrite this whole thing.

Forget it. I'm sorry.


We need a name.

How about something
like The Sagging Sex Pots?


How about The Hot Flashes?

Seriously, how about Sugar?

Short and sweet.

I love that, El.

I'm cool.

Sexy, but got class.

LESLIE: Ladies, a toast!

We are named.

CINDY: To Sugar.

Shit, I got to go.

I'm going to jot
down some arrangements

I've been working on. You
go on ahead without me.

You're gonna be late.

You ready Cindy?
CINDY: Yeah.

See you guys.

LESLIE: See you later.

How's the slow night?

Yeah. It's always slow on a Monday.

Damn, you're fast.

Well, I better be.

I've been a piano teacher half my life.

And a rock star when nobody's looking.

Now I'm embarrassed.
Don't be.

Can I show you something?


All right.

Well, you are either a sailor

or an artist?

Am I close?

Pretty good.
I was a biology professor,

but I just prefer to draw and paint.

This is a Pacific sea nettle.

It's a type of jellyfish.

I like to capture color in motion.

Tilt your head up.

Did you say biology professor?

Yeah, it's a long boring story.

You'd rather just paint
pictures when nobody's looking.

You got it.

The dreams we are afraid to admit.

Yeah, I know that story.

It's perfect.

Thanks for showing me your work.

Any time.

See you later?

Hi, I'm Ben Miller and I'm looking


So Les, it looks like we'll
have no problem getting in

on the primary.

We honed in on 12 to 15%
of Ridley strongholds.

Pass the wine please.

That's great.

What time is it?
It's about 7:15.

Also, I think we're
going to get Milt Smith

the city council guy.

Les, you met him once at
the Waltons, remember?

Can I be excused?

No, eat your chicken.

An animal died for you.

What are you doing?

Just cleaning up a little bit.

Could you stop for a minute?

I'm sorry. I have to rush.

I'm going out.
Me too!

LESLIE: Where?

Just til ten.

Where are you going?

LESLIE: I'm going to see Ellen.

How many times do
you have to see Ellen?

Sit down Megan.

LESLIE: I don't see her that much.

Why are you getting so upset?

I told you I'll be back before 10.

I'll be back way before mom!
Oh great.

You better be home on time.

I'm just trying to have a life.

That's all, Ben.

What does that mean?

LESLIE: I just want to see my friend.

Can I go?

No, not in the middle of the
week and not with that idiot.

I'm out of here.

Go a little bit easier
on her, will ya? Me too.

Les, what's going on with us?

Nothing. Nothing's going on with us.

I'll see you later.

And I'm really happy
about the numbers, Ben.

Right, my ass.


So, do you think I'm a fit?

Yeah. Yeah!
All right!



♪ I was once so unaware

♪ But you made other plans

♪ Promises you swore to keep

♪ Were more than you could stand

♪ You don't know what you've got

♪ You don't know what you've got

♪ You don't know what you've got

♪ Til it's gone

♪ I can't stand to hear your name

♪ Cuz you were so unkind

♪ I know you think you made out well

♪ But some day you will find

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ Til it's gone

♪ Shame on you

♪ I gave you love

♪ I gave you love so true

♪ But you ran away

♪ So you just don't know (INDISTINCT)

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ Oh Baby

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ I thought I knew you

♪ You don't know what you got

♪ Til it's gone

Okay, I arranged the first gig

at the Golden Goose, 18 River Street.

Mel Kingsley's a trip.

Why do I think I know that name?

Oh, what the hell, they're all the same.

What's the difference?

Speaking of gigs,
Les, have you told Ben?

It's been months.

What if we get a tour?

I'll tell him when we get it.

MEGAN: I hate her.

Don't worry about it, I
can give you a ride home.

You know, she probably just got tied up.

Yeah, tied up, no problem.

You can come to my house if you want.

It's pasta night!

Can we have ice cream too?


Yeah. I got those
sprinkles you like too.


I guess.

Cool? How cool is it?

It's cool!

You're such a dork.

Hi, I'm Ben Miller.



Alright, I hope you're
ready to rock the house,

cause they are definitely ready for you!

GIRL: Oh my God, it is them.

Tattoo! Come here.

I love you guys!
BOY: I love your band!

You're known all over, my
friends back home love you.

I can't wait to tell them I met you!

LESLIE: Oh my God, what's MILF?

You got to be kidding.

Man, I ain't going there, excuse me.

What fun, we're on YouTube!

Oh, you're a trusting soul.

What's a MILF?

Come on sweetie, don't play dumb.

You know, mothers I'd like to fuck!

Can I have your autograph?

Of course.

MILF band.

Hey, how's everyone
doing out there tonight?

Alright, alright. I've got a huge treat

for you this evening.

Please put your hands together

in welcoming YouTube hit
sensation, Sugar!

Everybody come on, give it up for Sugar!



♪ There's lightning in the sky

♪ And the houses are on fire

♪ The sun is getting cold

♪ And the river's getting higher

♪ So I keep moving on

♪ I'm watching where I'm driving

♪ I'm staying right on course

♪ I'm taking all of my things

♪ I hope this train
don't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I got to make it back

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ I hope this train
don't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I got to make it back

♪ So much is in my past

♪ And the preacher's right before me

♪ But yesterday has passed

♪ Coming into my (INDISTINCT)

♪ So what else can I say

♪ You're doing what you're giving

♪ And I'm fighting every day

♪ And I'm loving and I'm living

♪ And I hope this train

♪ Don't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I got to make it back

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ I hope this train

♪ Don't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I got to make it back

♪ I'm on the way

♪ Felt the wind down my back

♪ Rolling down the track

♪ Now they're telling me something

♪ Baby have no fear

♪ Cuz change is what you make it

♪ And home is getting near

♪ So close that I can taste it

♪ I know this train

♪ Won't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I'm gonna make it back

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ I know this train

♪ Won't fall off the track

♪ Cuz I'm gonna make it back

♪ Yeah

♪ I'm gonna make it back


Where the hell you been?

Did you forget?

About what?

The VFW fundraiser.

Oh gosh, yeah.

I did forget.


She died.

It's terrible, all right,

but it's over, all right?

You know I'm trying to get elected

and you're running around
playing this adolescent game.

I mean what's up with the sequins?

I'm moonlighting as a Vegas showgirl.

That's not funny.

You didn't like that?

No, not at all.

I'm really sorry I missed dinner.

I don't think you're sorry, Les.

I really don't think you're sorry.

I don't think you care
much about anything

around here anymore.

Not me.

Not Megan.

I don't think you see me.

What is that supposed to mean?

What do you think it means, Ben?

Do you really want to
talk about this right now?


What's to talk about?

You are the one that is going

through this freakin' mid life crisis.

Not me!

You're right.

I'm sorry. Les, please Les.

Megan, oh my God!

Check this out.

Yo, you're not going to believe it!

No wonder your mom has been busy.

God, tell me girl!

Mom? MILF?

Holy shit, Mrs. Miller.

What the fuck?

This is a riot.

Your Mom's actually pretty cute.

Shut up, she's a moron!

You know maybe, maybe
it's a mid life crisis

or you know maybe she
just likes playing music?

Cut the sunshine version Claudia.

Let's go, Mickey!

And don't show this around, okay?

I'm going to catch enough
shit as it is. Why me?


LESLIE: What the hell are you doing?

I was going to ask you the same thing.

MILF rock?

You're disgusting.

You're ruining my life, okay?

Does Dad know?


Good. Now, who the fuck
do you think you are?

You can't do this.

Yes, I can.

What about me?

What about me, Megan?

You need a psychiatrist or something.

I want a normal mother.

One who sends care
packages to my new school.

I'm going to do that.

I'll do that as much as you want.

But please understand,
I'm doing this for me.

I had sex last night.

You want to talk about it?

Can you move toward
the middle sweetie?

Honey, can you move over a little?

But dad, you're the candidate.

I want to sit by you.
It's fine.

Mrs. Miller, can you lean in?

Perfect, perfect. Big smiles please.

We want the love to shine through.

That's it, hold it, fabulous!



♪ Bow down to

♪ The machinery

♪ The android in you

♪ Loves the Android in me

♪ You're the robots

♪ You'll be robots

♪ In the nonstop symphony

How would you like to open for Falcon

when they're here in November?

I got you an audition.


Oh, that's great,

but Ben's going to be
elected in November.

Not my favorite thought, but so what?

This is for you.

Yeah, well, I can't
just drop out of sight.

He's putting a lot of pressure on me.

So am I.

ELLEN: Ben's a big boy, he'll deal.

You haven't been living
in my house lately.

Megan's not too happy these days either.

I got to go.

Wait, wait a minute!

Ellen, I got to go.

Oh, please talk to me.

What is there to say?

It's just, could it be
that after all this time,

you're just getting cold feet?

Could it be that my home
life is none of your business?

But you don't understand
that because you don't,

Oh, say it.

Say it!

Cause I don't have any kids, right?

Stop it.
This is a business proposition,

one I invested in.

Oh, you're not gonna make
much money on us Darcy,

because Leslie's got family
obligations, remember?

CINDY: Ellen.


Oh shit, she was gonna
give me a ride home!

DARCY: Les call me
tomorrow and let me know

what you want to do.

I'm getting fed up!

You know, you are so lucky here.

You are doing exactly
what you want to do

with no guilt whatsoever.

Are you kidding?

Guilt is why I'm hiding
behind this damn bar.


I feel like hiding too.

Come home with me.
I can't.

Just one night.

I'm a lot older than you.

Not a lot.

You're beautiful.

I got to go.

Les, I'm so glad you're here with me.

Ben, I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Aww, that's so sweet.

Sam, isn't that sweet?

Leslie you don't know how
glamorous Washington is.

I'm swooning with enviousness.

Here you go honey.

Close your clam shell, we
need to get him elected first!

Ben, come with me, I'll
get you another drink.

Sounds good.

Gorgeous man, keep an
eye on him in Washington,

if you know what I mean.

Joey, Ben Miller, next
congressman from Indiana.


to meet you, Mr. Miller.

You like shaking
hands, kissing babies?

Only if they're cute.


Babies or bartenders?


I hate fucking babies.

So tell me what do you need?


Whoa, jeez.

Oh shit.
No, no, no.

That's okay. Okay, I'll
take care of it, no worries.

No, it's all right.

Mr. Miller, I just want to
say how much I admire you.

Thank you
Letting your wife

become a star at her age.

It's pretty cool.

Have you seen her new YouTube video?

It's my favorite.

She'll for sure get you the youth vote!

Les. Les. Les!

Listen to me!

I cannot have a MILF rocker wife.

You're fucking up my campaign!

How am I doing that?

You are a role model, okay?

I'm a Republican.

I'm in the freaking Republican party.

I get it, alright!

You're a Republican!

But isn't that why you married me?

For the wild side of me?

Les, that was 25 years ago!

I can't have you playing
at cheap seedy bars!

Grow up, it's unseemly!

Now you're going to
treat me like a child?

You know what's going
on here? You're jealous.

You're jealous because right now

I'm more famous than Ben Miller!

Les, give me a break.

I hope those are comfortable
walking shoes because that's

how you're getting home.


CELESTE: Les, you gave up once before.

I'm giving you another shot.

You're the best singer and
piano player I've ever known.

Think about your life.

Make sure you're happy
with your choices.

I forgive you,
no matter which way you go!

But do the right thing. Love ya, C.


ELLEN: We really did.
JANE: We're rock stars.

I think that intern was into me.


Do you think we have a chance?

You tube get ready
for us one more time!

Who wants a drink?

I do. Leslie?

What, did you hate it?

I quit.

I'm done.

I'll find another piano player for you.

I've thought a lot about this.

What are you talking about?

You just gave a great audition
in there, are you nuts?

Yeah, yeah I am.

I'm nuts!

I want this more than
anything in the whole world.

You understand that?

All I know is

that we finally have a shot

and once again you're gonna fuck it up!

Unlike you who came back

to this band kicking and
screaming, remember that part?

So what? What's your point?

Once I committed, I committed.

I have worked my ass off
for everything I have

in a way you could never
dreamed of, Princess.

Oh, just like old times.

Why are you so jealous?

Jealous? My jealousy
is your fantasy, Leslie.

Go ahead, quit.

We'll replace you.

Go serve tea for twelve in
Washington, wear Chanel,

and wish you were here!

You and Celeste

never got me.

Shit man, you two are a piece of work!

Grow up and decide what you want.

You are so bitter, Ellen.

You quit the band and you went off

to make a shit load of money
just like you always wanted.

Because I was poor and scared
and you were just scared!

Stop fighting.

That's why you bailed on
Celeste and me and the contract.

Give us a chance.

My husband and my kid

need me!

I got to go.

Me too! I didn't sign up for
this fucking group therapy.

Show up for rehearsal tomorrow
or peace out! Come on Jane.

Are you just gonna let them go?

Not a problem.

You get to be all messed up

and break everyone's heart, again.

Maybe you and lover boy
can figure it all out.

I'm sorry, I didn't
have anywhere else to go.

I have some time before
work, it's okay.

What's wrong?
One minute.

I quit the band today.

Grace called today. My ex?

Freaking out, crying, begging,

And now you're losing your damn mind!

How many more chances you
gonna get Leslie, huh?

You're over fifty, not going
to be many more beginnings.

Fuck you too then.

I'm sorry. I'm just,

I'm just upset.


We're both a mess.

Let me make you feel good.

You mean yourself.

Let's just get in the car
and drive somewhere beautiful

and I'll paint you in the moonlight.

Screw the rest!

I got to go.

Drop the line, okay?

It's great for

when I'm in a jam.
What jam?

Grow up Richie.

DARCY: Your music, for posterity.


Why aren't you at the
Oyster where you belong?

I'm helping my husband get elected.

I'm done with the band Darcy.
That's it.

You always knew I
had bigger aspirations.

I've got to get home.

See you later.


Hi, I'm Ben Miller,
and I'm looking forward

to getting to know each
and every one of you.

Hi I'm Ben.





Can I sit?

I thought you quit.


Damn it Leslie.

I don't know what to do.

You go to California.

You get an apartment.

Paint, work.

You'll figure it out.



Bye Richie.

MEGAN: Reconsidering
their lost dreams.

Thinking twice about their lives.

I don't believe this, my mother's
now a fucking inspiration.



JESSE: MILF! Nadine do
have those numbers yet?

NADINE: Just checking something.

At least she quit.

We can spin it that she left the band

because she knew she
was a poor role model

or to support you!

We can fix this.

Why didn't you tell me?


Megan, what's wrong?

Have you seen the comments
about mom on YouTube?

Oh honey,
it's just crazy people saying…

No, you don't understand, she...

NADINE: Wait guys, listen up.

I have checked and double checked

and we are actually
doing better than before.

Listen, Vigo County 58% in your favor

30% against, 10% undecided.

That's not bad, but break
it down by sex and ages,

and we have nailed the 45
plus female demographic!

They're 70% pro.

Let me see this.

Dad, they love Mom!

I got to go.

Wait, where are you going?

I've got to find my wife.

Ben, we have work to do?

Then get to it!

Come on Megan.

Show me that again.

Dad, look! She left a note.

“I love you both, but gonna play.”

All right,
I know where she is, come on!



♪ Baby we can rule the world a while

♪ Baby we can break the rules in style

♪ And we'll be free

♪ In every way we'll take
our lives less seriously

♪ Find the light with me

♪ I got to believe tonight

♪ I will stop the world
from spinning around

♪ Tonight we'll see the
lights beyond this town

♪ It'll come true

♪ We will make due

♪ We will (INDISTINCT)

♪ Cuz tonight I'll make a believer

♪ Out of you

♪ Close your eyes and kiss me baby

DARCY: Remember, they
have a new keyboard player,

I'm only here for the phenomenon.

I'm not counting on the talent.

God, they're old.

♪ We'll take our lives less seriously

♪ Find the light with me

♪ I got to believe tonight

♪ I will stop the world
from spinning around

♪ Tonight we'll see the
lights beyond this town

♪ It will come true

♪ We will make due

DARCY: Piano princess!


May I?


♪ Ever thought that you
were hanging by a thread

♪ Catching fragments of the
things you should have said

♪ If there's a memory
that I have yet to meet

♪ Won't you walk with me

♪ Yes I am proud to say
I've paid for my mistakes

♪ Except the one just about to make

♪ If my reflection is
the one to sympathize

♪ Shouldn't we agree

♪ I do


♪ I do

♪ I do

♪ Oh I do

♪ I do

♪ I do

♪ I do

♪ Yes I'm familiar with
the part that you can't see

♪ And I'm a stealer
of my shackled fantasy

♪ Perhaps I'll look back
when tomorrow comes to say

♪ Where did I go wrong

♪ But are these only thoughts

♪ That seem to thinly spread


Not bad.

Get me another tomato juice, will ya?

I'm dehydrated. Racket ball. We'll talk.




LESLIE: Do you think we have a shot?

BEN: Yeah, I do.

You think I'll win?

LESLIE: Yeah, I do.

DC is a different place.

I'll visit a lot
and I'll book our gigs

so that I can stay with
you for days at a time.

Great! Of course,

I'll be flying home most weekends.

It'll be okay.


You worried?

Yeah, a little.