Suffocated (2020) - full transcript

(upbeat intro music)

♪ Why do you stay, you stay, you stay ♪

♪ You should just leave, just leave, just leave ♪

♪ Why do you stay, you stay, you stay ♪

♪ You should just leave, just leave, just leave ♪

♪ I fucked up and I can admit that ♪

♪ You stay gone I hope you don't regret that ♪

♪ You been down through the worst of that ♪

♪ You let a good thing go to waste ♪

♪ I let these hoes get up in the way ♪

♪ Said I should never change away ♪

♪ These hoes will never take your place ♪

♪ What you want me to show you ♪

♪ What you need of me, girl I told you ♪

♪ I rather be a fool for you ♪

♪ Oh forgive me baby ♪

♪ Protect my mind, protect my soul ♪

♪ Hold me tight, don't let him go ♪

♪ Bodies bring more violence ♪

♪ So never break your silence ♪

♪ These streets are getting colder ♪

♪ Thought I already told ya ♪

♪ Tried to break this cycle but I gotta tell ya how it is ♪

♪ We break out at night, bring the fist ♪

♪ We pop all the bottles with the fist ♪

♪ I rake all the ice, make it chill ♪

♪ Those aren't hard to find, make it bill ♪

♪ When I'm right, I'm right ♪

♪ Make it nice outside, bodega nice outside ♪

♪ He can be putting in that big body, cut it in ♪

♪ Even if I'm arguin' with my bitch ♪

♪ You know we still win ♪

♪ I fucked up and I can admit that ♪

♪ You stay gone, I hope you don't regret that ♪

♪ You been down through the worst of things ♪

♪ You let a good thing go to waste ♪

♪ I let these hoes get up in the way ♪

♪ Said I should never change your way ♪

♪ These hoes will never take your place ♪

♪ What you want me to show you ♪

♪ What you mean to me, girl I told you ♪

♪ I rather be a fool for you ♪

♪ Ooh girl, suffocate me baby ♪

♪ Ooh girl, suffocate me baby ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh girl, suffocate me baby ♪

♪ Suffocated ♪

(dial tone ringing)

- [Automated Voice] Your call has been forwarded

to an automated voice messaging system.

Is not available.

At the tone, please record your message.

When you've finished recording,

you may hang up or press one for more options.

(dial tone ringing)

♪ I tried, I tried, I tried ♪

- Lexxy, call me back. This is your mother.

♪ Even when I had doubts ♪

♪ I made sure you was over me ♪

- Somethin' ain't right.

♪ I gave you my all ♪

♪ Gave you everything you need ♪

♪ For you I would swallow my pride ♪

♪ If I had to, I'd get on my knees ♪

♪ When I had you ♪

♪ Baby, I made sure with me that you will never need ♪

♪ Never need ♪

♪ When I had you ♪

♪ People always ask me why I put you over me ♪

♪ Put ya, I don't know ♪

♪ I don't know, they would ask me why I never leave ♪

♪ Should I go? ♪

♪ I don't know ♪

♪ 'Cause broken promises is all I see ♪

♪ I said, I gave you my all ♪

- What's the definition of suffocated?

Feeling trapped

and oppressed.

Here's my story.

I was trapped and oppressed,

looking to fill a void of love

with material things I possessed.

I knew better.

I could do better.

But common sense, I neglect.

I tried, I wept.

It seems like the only thing left was death.

♪ I said, look, look, look, look what you did ♪

♪ Look what you done to me ♪

♪ I said, look, look, look, look what you did ♪

♪ Look what you done to me ♪

♪ I said, look, look, look, look what you did ♪

- Lexxy! Lexxy!

Lexxy! Lexxy! (crying)

Oh god. Lexxy!

Wake up!

Wake up, Lexxy! (crying)

- [Lexxy] Before you die,

life flashes before your eyes.

Looking back at my life,

thinking back to the times when Mike,

wanting a family, to be his wife,

times was good.

When Mike was trying.

- Babe, you love me?

Do you?

- Come on. - Now you love me.

Come on, you gonna tell me you love me?

- You should know that though like, really?

- Then why you don't tell me?

- My actions don't show that?

What you talking about?

- Maybe I want you to tell me.

- I tell you all the time, man.

Aye yo, I left the guards in the car.

Go to the car and grab them Swishers for me.

- Really?

- Just go grab the Swishers, man.

- I make smoke- - I'm out.

- You gotta make something outta of something every time.

- Get the key.

(car starts)

- [Woman On Phone] You got stuff to do?

I'm sure.

- I told you. I'm gonna come through later.

I'm with her now, I'm-a come through later.

I gotta get my hair on something, I don't know.

- [Mike] Get that shit off.


Hey she coming back, let me call you back.

- Who you on the phone with?

- Huh?

- Who are you on the phone with?

- What you talkin' 'bout?

- What you mean what I'm talkin' 'bout?

Your phone's on the Bluetooth.

Who you on the phone with?

- I see we ain't got privacy no more, huh?

- That's how you gonna spin that?

- There ain't nothin' to spin, yo.

- So you're not gonna tell me who you was on the phone with?

- Not doin' this, yo.

- You're not doing what?

- Trying to have a little cool, little picnic.

Yo, yo, yo, don't do that.

- Really? - Don't do that.

- So you're not gonna answer me?

- For what? Yo you, you ruin everything.

Man, fuck that.

Trying to have a little cool, little picnic.

Yo, find your own way home, yo.

Like call a Rideshare or some shit.

- What? - I'm not doing this with you.

Hold that for me. - I'm not holding nothing.

- Fuck you. It's just glass.

Bullshit, my shit. - Wow.

- Find your own way to the crib, I'm not doin' this.

- Okay.

- You ruin every fuckin' thing.

- Hey ma, you look so pretty.

- Hey, how are you, baby?

- How are you doing? - I'm good.

- You want some iced tea? - Sure.

- [Lexxy] What's going on?

- I really hate to see you upset.

Why do you keep putting yourself through this?

You entertain a man that you give your power to,

your feelings?

Love isn't supposed to hurt.

Love feels good, real good.

Look at you, your eyes all puffy

and your hair's a mess and for what?

I bet you he gone on about his business this evening,

but you know what?

I'm not even a bit surprised.

- Ma, you're supposed to be consoling me.

Not preaching to me.

- Oh, I'm not preaching to you.

I'm just telling you the holified, sanctified truth.

Now do I need to go pay him a visit?

- No, you do not need to go pay him a visit.

(sighs) You know what?

Maybe I'm overreacting.

Lately my hormones have been going bananas.

You know I'm planning for this pregnancy, ma.

- Pregnancy? Lexxy.

When are you gonna come to terms?

Maybe you can't get pregnant?

It's because you're not supposed to be pregnant

with his baby.

Please stop loving a man that doesn't love you back.

You are too beautiful to sacrifice your happiness

and your spirit.

Especially for that fool.

- Ma, he cannot be that bad.

He asked me to marry him.

He cannot be that bad, ma.

You know what? I came,

I wanted you to come over so I can vent to you.

But now I have a headache talking about all of this stuff.

I just need to lay down, take a nap.

I don't wanna think about it.

I'll see you later, okay?

We could talk about it later. I love you.

(gentle music begins) ♪ Ain't for the weak ♪

♪ Stay down ya'll nigga ♪

♪ Ain't nothin' in life free ♪

♪ For real ♪

♪ You know what I know ♪

♪ Got a player for keeps ♪

♪ This shit ain't for the weak ♪

♪ I love more when you speak ♪

♪ But ain't nothin' in life free ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ It's a cold, cold world ♪

♪ Gotta keep that heat on ya ♪

♪ I learned way, way more ♪

♪ In the streets than from my mama ♪

♪ I'm a player for keeps ♪

♪ This shit ain't for the weak ♪

♪ I love more when you speak ♪

♪ But ain't nothin' in life free ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ It's a cold, cold world ♪

♪ Gotta keep that heat on ya ♪

♪ I learned way, way more ♪

- Yeah.

My boy!

What it do?

Ya aight?

- No sir. - Ain't shit, boy.

Got that new shit in here, boy.

Check that shit out right there, smell that thing.


- Put that in my face right now.

- Yeah boy, gotta smell that, need that.

What's been good with you, my boy?

- Shit, bro.

I'm about to get off this weed here, bro.

- What you mean?

- This shit ain't kicking bro.

- All right. There's a lot of different things

you could do out here, man what you talkin' 'bout?

You ain't ready for the big leagues.

- I know one thing, bro.

And I got niggas in Augusta and Savannah, bro.

That's got them waiting for some, for some real shit.

- Yeah. You talking about real shit like what?

- That pure white shit, bro.

- Oh, that clean. Okay.

- Pure white? Some of that good.

That good white.

'Cause niggas out here bro,

they be bullshittin'.

My girl all on my ass and shit.

You know, we got this motherfuckin' lifestyle we


to keep up and shit, can't do that shit with just

a pound of weed now, you know what I'm sayin'?

I gotta find the right person for that shit.

- So you telling me you can get this off?

How quick?

- Start it up, probably get started in like a week, bro.

That shit ain't nothin' bro.

- All right.

Check this out.

You my boy.

So how about I link you with my people?

They got that pure clean, I'm talking 'bout,

Mr. Clean bald head, bing.

I'm talking about, he got that good shit now, you know.

- But what that numbers we talking about?

- You know, you talking about like 40 probably.

You know what I'm saying?

But, - 40?

- Yeah, but you know what I'm saying?

Check this out.

I can go ahead and- - Hold on real quick.

Who that?

Oh that- - It's all good.

So yeah, so how about I'll go ahead

and put my name on.

Go ahead and take it down to maybe,

probably like, about 37.

All you gotta do is throw me somethin' in on that man.

Now you talking about you wanna step up, man?

What you trying to do?

- [Mike] Yeah bro. If you can make that shit happen bro?

For a 37?

- Hey, boy.

So I'm gonna call my boy.

I'm gonna call my man as soon as I leave you

and see what's popping with it now.

You down or are you down? - Bro.

- Hey. - Like I said bro,

I'll pull up.

You don't sound too sure now.

I, I, these niggas don't play.

I'm trying to be, you know what I'm sayin',

I'm trying to put you on the game now,

is you with it or not?

- Do I? I said I'll pull up bro.

- All right, say less bro. We about to get this money.

Yessir, okay. Yeah.

Lemme grab that shit, damn.

- It's hotter than a motherfucker, dude.

- You ain't never lyin'.

(birds chirping)

- Ma, your hair looks nice.

- Thank you girl.

You know I'm trying to do a little something, something.

- When you got your hair done?

- I got it done the other day.

- Let me find out you tryin' to get a man.

- I probably am.

- What you mean you probably am?

- I need somebody in my life too, girl.

- No you don't.

- And speaking of man, what about that Mike?

- What about Mike ma?

- He ain't no damn good.

- Here we go. - Yes, here we go.

You need somebody better than that.

And I raise you up better than this, Lexxy.

- Ma, I just wanna have a family.

- You can have a family,

but you can have it with somebody else.

I don't like him and I don't trust him.

- Come on ma, come on, come on,

I'm pursuing my career.

I'm doing well. - Right,

and that's fine, you can do that Lexxy,

but there's better fish out there.

I'm just saying.

I'm just saying.

And I know you don't want to hear it.

- [Lexxy] I really don't.

- [Ma] Well, you need to!

- Ma. - What?

- Mike.

- Mike? - Shh!

- Don't shush me. (Lexxy sighs)

Where you going?

- [Lexxy] Mike sure knows how to make an apology.

And he definitely knows the way to my heart.

He never shows up unannounced or empty handed.

(hip-hop song begins)

♪ Baby ♪

♪ You know it's inevitable, right? ♪

♪ I'm feignin' for you ♪

♪ Yeah, I want that ♪

♪ Nah, I need that ♪

♪ Your sexy ass ♪

♪ Got your body on my mind at night ♪

♪ You got that soft, silky skin I like ♪

♪ I keep on havin' these dreams of you grippin' the sheets ♪

♪ Until you comin' so hard, you fall fast asleep ♪

♪ I be ♪

♪ Feignin' you, feignin' you ♪

♪ You got me ♪

♪ Wanting you, wanting you ♪

♪ I be ♪

♪ Feignin' you, feignin' you ♪

♪ You got me ♪

♪ Wanting you, wanting you ♪

♪ Feignin' for you while I'm blowin' it down ♪

♪ Down, down, down ♪

- You good now?

I know that's all you wanted.

- Yeah. I'm startin' to think you do this on purpose.

- What?

- Argue, for the make-up sex.

- Get your rest.

You know your alarm gonna be going off in a minute.

You don't need to miss your flight.

- I love you. Good night.

- Yeah, me too.

(emotional music)

- I been waitin' for this girl time.

This was needed.

Time to recharge and refocus.

I need a break from Mike.

(hip-hop song begins)

♪ I feel like I'm gray ♪

♪ I feel like I'm ugly ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm in the kitchen, whip it, whip it ♪

♪ And I'm coppin' that money ♪

♪ I played it safe ♪

♪ Got a bigger safe just for the money ♪

♪ These bitches my size ♪

♪ Mrs. Miyagi ♪

♪ Wax on, wax off 'till you get it ♪

♪ Ain't no quittin' ♪

♪ And I ain't takin' no short stack, broke shit ♪

♪ Oh no, I ain't wit' it, wit' it, wit' it ♪

♪ Nah, I ain't wit' it, wit' it, wit' it ♪

♪ Nah, I ain't wit' it, wit' it, wit' it ♪

♪ Nah, I ain't wit' it, wit' it, wit' it ♪

♪ They fucked up and brought out the beast ♪

♪ I'm-a go Hoffa the east, Hoffa the west ♪

♪ If I wasn't such a lady ♪

- Bitch, I'm serious. I'm-a call you back, all right. Cool.


What's up, this Mike?

- Yo.

- [Honey] Hey, what's up? This is Honey.

I heard you was the guy to talk to about the money.

- You feisty like that?

- I mean, I'm trying to, I'm tryin' to link.

- Oh shit. Where you from?

- I'm from the Bronx. I'm from New York.

What's up? You're not letting me know nothing.

You still ain't speaking.

- Hey yo.

Hey, yo man, lemme call you right back.

I got somebody calling in.

- All right. You could call me back, I'll be here.

- Who this?

- No, the question is, who is this?

You called my phone.

- Angel.

- Yes, this is Angel. How can I help you?

- Look, I don't know if you remember me.

We met a while back at Sid's.

They call me Mike.

- Mike. Mm.

I remember you very well.

You made all that money with that Evans deal.

Heard you gave the whole neighborhood turkeys that year.

- I did, I did. That wasn't nothing though.

When can I see you though?

- When? Whenever you wanna see me.

- Oh damn, like that?

Well, you ain't shy at all, is ya huh?

Damn, little mama.

- I like you. I think you sexy and you chocolate.

Just how I like 'em.

And you get your bag? (laughs)

We can get straight to the point.

- Hey come through.

- I could be wherever you need me to be.

- I'm gonna text you the address.

Yo, wear dress.

No panties.

- Oh, okay papi. I got you.

Got him.

- [Ce Ce] Girl, I love this car.

- Thank you, Mike got it for me for a birthday gift.

You know the gifts aren't the problem.

It's just that he has a lot of asshole tendencies,

but I feel like all guys have asshole tendencies, you know?

- True.

- But maybe Mike needs a leash.

- (laughs) And a muzzle.

(tire pops)

- Oh my gosh.

I know this is not happening to me right now.

(Lexxy grunts)

Another flat?

Not right now.

(Lexxy sighs)


- Girl, we got a flat flat.

Let me call Triple A and see if they can come fix my car.

Can you change our flight to a later time?

- Not today, sunshine. We are screwed.

- What? Oh my God Ce Ce, I'm so sorry.

The last time I checked my tire pressure

when I got my oil changed, my tires was fine.

I must have rolled over a pothole or glass or something.

This is really blowing mind.


How you doing? Are you guys able to come change my tire?

Okay. Do you have an ETA?

All right, thanks.

Triple A on the way.

- Okay, girl you good.

Listen, I love chilling with you.


I had a lot to do in town anyway, so.

We can catch it next time.

- Yes. I needed some girl time,

like I've been so stressed and tense.

The thought of not being able to have a baby is scaring me.

- Listen, Lexxy, you will have a baby when it's your time.


But just do you for right now

because when the baby comes, guess what?

You got the long nights of cryin' and the diaper changing.

- Honestly, I know this might sound weird,

but I'm looking forward to that stuff.

I already started ordering baby magazines and books.

Mike thinks I'm obsessed.

- I don't know Lexx.

I mean, you do sound a little suspect. (laughs)

- Listen, I just wanna be happy, like.

My mom is down my back telling me I need

to make better decisions for myself.

And you know, after college I stopped pursuing

my music career to sacrifice for my family.

So if that was a mistake,

I'm gonna be really, really upset.

- Not just a mistake. Okay?

This'll be a very bad decision.

Let me tell it, all right.

You still got time to pursue your career.

You're young. You're beautiful.

And that booty ain't started sagging yet. (laughs)

But I'll support you Lil' Kim.

I said, I love you boo, such a boss ass bitch.

- I know.

- What's takin' Triple A so long?

I could have changed this tire myself.

- I'm not gonna call my Uber until he gets here.

- Uber? I'm taking you home.

- Girl, you good.

That way you can get on the E-way. Avoid traffic.

I mean, you know, see us sitting in rush hour.

- You crazy. - Just sayin'.

(hip-hop song begins)

(doorbell rings)

- 'Bout time. Come in.

- Nice place you got here for your little princess.

She's a lucky girl.

But now, the question is,

are you ready for a queen?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- You look better now than you did then.

- I know, I know, I know.

- The bedroom looks better.

- We'll see. - Follow me.

(upbeat music)

- Why don't you go in that closet,

find you somethin' sexy to put on.

- Don't mind if I do.

- Now I need to see what you're workin' with first.

Come here.

Pull down these shorts.

(upbeat music)

(Mike and Angel sighing)

(coughs) Damn papi, don't tell me you're

a one minute man?

- [Mike] Hell no, just a little excited.

(upbeat music)

Look yo, I don't know what this is.

I don't know if this a one time thing,

or if you're really gonna rock with daddy or not.

- (laughs) Daddy? Really?

I ain't plannin' on fuckin' you tonight anyways.

I just wanted to taste you, Mr. One Minute.

- [Mike] What?

I want you.

Oh yeah? I can't get no pole? - Mm mm.

Matter fact, let me see.

Now suck my lip.

- [Woman] Hey Lexxy, girl what you doin' over here?

- Shit! - Is that her?

Are you scared little boy?

- Man, shut the fuck up.

Hey, you gotta go.

(intense music)

- I'm gonna call you later.

And I'm keeping this.

- [Woman] I thought you was going away. What happened?

- Yeah, girl, I was supposed to get away for the weekend

but I missed my flight.

I'm so upset.

- [Woman] Really? - Yeah.

- [Woman] Well shit, I know you don't wanna be here.

- I know and the weather's supposed to be bad.

I'll talk to you later girl.

- [Woman] I'll talk to you later girl, hit me up.

- Hey.

- What you doing here?

- I caught a flat tire.

I missed our flight, we couldn't make it to the airport

but I have to use the bathroom.

Excuse me, baby.

Is that Victoria's Secret perfume that I smell?

What's going on, Mike?

- Hell, you tripping. - I'm tripping?

Like really? - Ain't that your shit?

- My shit? Really?

I haven't wore that perfume since I was in seventh grade.

I fuckin' hate you, yo.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I can explain that. - Explain?

There's no explanation.

Like, you got me lookin' crazy.

You always embarrassing me.

I look crazy to my friends and family. (yells)

- Don't put your hands on me! Don't put your hands on me!

And don't think I didn't see them cheap,

big ass shoes at the door, either.

I'm tired of you, I'm done.

I'm done!

(ominous music)

(phone buzzing) - [Newscaster] The first of

3000 US troops heading to Kabul

to help get American personnel safely

out of the embassy are now arriving there.

- Hello? - Hey ma.

You're not gonna believe what just happened.

I caught a flat at the airport,

and then when I got back to the house,

when I got to the house, I smelled perfume.

And then, there were shoes by the door.

He had a girl at the house!

- Baby, I dunno, baby.

Sometimes men can belittle every part of a woman,

and it's just life.

- [Lexxy] I don't know what to do.

- They don't realize what they truly have

'til it's taken away.

- I don't what to do anymore.

Like, I don't know what to do.

- [Ma] I think this is the time.

- Yes, ma, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay, I'm on my way.

I'm on my way. - [Ma] All right.

- All right, I love you.

- I love you too.

- Bye. - Bye-bye.

♪ I'm goin' crazy ♪

♪ I'm goin' crazy ♪

♪ Been thinkin' 'bout you lately ♪

♪ Goin' crazy, goin' crazy ♪

♪ Been thinkin' 'bout you lately ♪

♪ I'm havin' illusions ♪

♪ So much confusion ♪

♪ Can't get you outta my mind ♪

♪ I'm going crazy, insane, baby ♪

- So this shit crazy B, so it's all this shit,

you got all these pictures around,

talking about everybody fuckin' aliens.

You know what I'm saying?

Somebody on the outside watching,

shit to all kinds.

So they on the outside watching, you see,

they can watching this.

You got the presidents and all that.

So it's big though.

You like yo? - It's on YouTube?

- Yeah. He's like not my nigga Barry, B? (laughs)

- My boy!

- Motherfuckin' Moe Money.

Shake my hand like a grown man, nigga.

- My fault, my fault.

- My nigga.

Alright. - Nah, nah,

stand up baby, don't sit down.

What's going on though? Where the hoes at?

- Hey bro you know, you got 'em all the time, boy.

Actually supposed to be popping up in here.

What's poppin'? - Yeah, yeah, yeah,

shit quiet though, but anyway.

Man told me, you know what I'm saying?

Ya man that be coppin' the bud and all the ounces,

you got some nigga, he be buyin' a whole.

You got one on consignment.

- Yo my nigga, my nigga Mike,

yo, this dude is doing crazy numbers, man.

I'm talking about, he's getting tickets,

orders for daggone what, mornin', noon and night.

- [Paco] Mornin', noon and night?

- Man, I'm talkin' 'bout he got money out the wazoo,

got the hoes, - [Paco] The wazoo?

- got the cars, he got the houses.

- [Paco] Houses? - Your boy is lit.

- So how long for the turnaround?

- Say he can get them shits done

in four days. - [Paco] Four days?

- Man, it's like that.

- Four days? - Yeah.

- Four days. - Real simple, real slight,

quick, fast, in a hurry.

- You trust him like that?

- Now I'm coming to you,

I wouldn't come to you like that. You already know.

I put my name on it for that.

You know how, you know how I roll.

- [Paco] Moe. - Moe.

- [Both Men Together] Moe Money!

- Moe Money, my nigga.

- Yes sir.

- I'm gonna tell you, Moe.

Wait, wait, wait.

You fuck up?

You know it's off with his head,

and I'd hate for you to end up in a trunk.

- Chill boy, chill man, you already know I got you.

Say less. - [Paco] My nigga Moe.

(phone buzzing)

- Hold on, hold up. It's probably right.

Matter of fact, I see him right now.

- Go fetch that nigga.

- Yes, sir.

- Anyway, like I was telling you,

that the fuckin' lights go out

and it is being like, oh shit!

And the nigga I was telling, he was like, I told you!

You know what I'm saying?

- The all cars on YouTube?

- It's on YouTube. You gotta watch this shit.

This shit, you into shit like that.

- [Moe] My boy! This shit hot as fuck.

- I'm 'bout to park right here.

- Go ahead and park, boy, come inside man.

Chop, chop, let go, let go, let go!

- Yeah, I'm tellin' you.

- Pac!

This my man, Mike.

Man don't even worry about him,

he does that shit all the time, it's whatever.

- [Paco] Money Mike. - Yes sir.

- Big Mike, Miguel. What's up baby?

- It's just Mike.

- You come highly recommended

from my boy Moe over here, B.

Say you that nigga.

- [Mike] I do all right.

- You coppin' ounces and all that.

Now you wanna get a whole,

that's what's up. - [Mike] Need that.

I'm gonna do you one better. I'm gonna front you one.

And I heard you get rid of it in a couple of days.

Four days to be exact right?

- Oh, I can get you right in four.

- [Paco] 35 a pop.

- Where the cleanest of the clean, boy that pure octane.

- [Paco] Lego. - Get on pots.

- Purest, huh?

- [Paco] Don't eat at all.

So how long for the turnaround?

- Gimme four days.

- [Paco] Four days? - I promise, all right?

- Four days.

- You promise?

- Four days.

- You promise?

- Yo yo, relax.

- (stutters) He already think I-

- [Paco] Whoa, relax B.

Say less, say less. - Aight.

- You know, pay me back half,

I'll keep it comin' on consignment. I got enough.

More than enough.

- [Mike] That sounds good. - All right?

Four days though.

You got it?

- [Mike] I got.

- You got it?

- [Mike] I got it.

- You got it.

- I got it.

- [Paco] You got it.

My man, Mike.

- [Moe] Pac!

Money Mike, my boy!

Hey, hey, hey nigga,

you ain't gonna brush me down on that thing,

all right boy?

- I got you bro.

- Yo. Find out all the info on that nigga, everything.

You know, where his girl at, his mom stay,

baby mamma, whatever, everything.

All that.

In case he get cute.

Anyway, we gotta check this movie out.

(doorbell rings)

- [Ma] Lexxy. Lexxy?

You ain't hear the door?

- Mom.

(door creaks)

- You okay friend?

I knew something was up when I ain't hear from you.

- Girl.

I'm fine. Thanks for coming to check on me.

I feel like my heart is in my knees right now.

I don't know what to do, like.

I literally gave him all of me.

I was his girl, his wife, his slut,

his mistress, his chef,

his mom, his doctor, his masseuse, his dry cleaners.

And now my new title is his doormat.

I feel so stupid.

- Girl. We've all fallen victim and looked stupid before.

I'm just glad you left.

I mean for now, make him miss you.

- Does that really work?

- Yeah. Sometimes.

And if it don't, he wasn't meant to be.

In the end you winning.

- Oh child. Why are you doing all this crying?

Thank God that he protect you.

A lot of women don't even have that.

- I mean Ms. Taylor, honestly,

she don't need to hear that right now.

Love, we all know love is powerful.

- Well, you know what the good book says,

too much of anything can be deadly.

I'm just glad you took off them damn sunglasses.

- Sunglasses?

- Yes, the rosey ones that are permanent on your face.

- Tell her ma.

- Look, I'm not only talking to her.

I'm talking to both of y'all.

You're young. You're vibrant.

You got style and you got swag.

Don't be buildin' up no nigga.

Now all of them not bad,

but you gotta protect yourself.

You need to build your empire.

Baby, you got a lot to think about.

- Yeah I do. I think so.

Ma is right.

It's time to get back on it. I need to hit the studio.

(traffic buzzing)

Can you play that back for me?

Let me hear it, let me get the headphones.

- Oh, I got you.

- [Lexxy] Thank you.

- Ready? - [Lexxy] Yeah.

(slow r&b song begins)

I like it.

I like it.

I like it. I like it.

I just wanna do my ad-libs.

- All right, I got you. - [Lexxy] Yeah.

(song playing in background) (phone ringing)

- Fuck, man.

Bitch ain't pickin' up the phone and shit.

- Are you deadass right now?

Why you still trying to keep calling this bitch?

- Yo.

- (lightly singing) If I really wanted to.

Let me hear that.

(phone ringing)

(song continues playing)

- Why the fuck is you, you still textin' this girl?

Still trying to call this girl?

- What are you talking about?

- She's not even about no bread for real, like.

This shit is blowin', it's always some shit.

- Yo, you gotta relax, yo.

- It's, it's no like you still calling her for what?

- You know that's the old lady, though.

- All right, let it go, like,

she not about no fuckin' bread.

She not about this life, Like leave it alone.

I don't know why you, look at you like, that shit's crazy.

(song continues playing)

- You taking care of her.

(song continues playing)

- Like, I'm in the studio.

You blowing up my phone for what?

Stupid ass nigga.

Calling me back to back, I'm not answering my phone, look.

He called me 12 times.


- Man, whatever.

- Both ya'll buggin'.

- Take me home. - What?

- I said take me home.

- You can wait, man. - Yeah, aight. Whatever.

Aight, we'll see.

Like, let it go, let this shit go.

Let it go.

(song continues playing)

- I ain't pickin' up the phone for you.

I ain't pickin' up the phone for you.

- How you like that as a female?

- I'm fuckin' with it, for real.

- You like it? - Yeah.

- 'Cause we could have a side nigga if we really wanted to.

- That's a fact, it's relatable.

- Yeah, I'm tired of being loyal all day.

Faithful all day. - Waitin' at home.

- Bein' stressed out.

Period, period.

- Don't got time for that.

(Lexxy laughs)

Want me to play it back? - Yeah, play it back.

- I got you.

- [Lexxy] It feels good bein' back doin' what I love to do.

I'm focused now, but I can't lie. I do miss Mike.

Let me call my girl.

(phone buzzes)

- Hello?

- Hey boo. What you doing?

- Girl, nothin'. Just had to fire this girl today.

- [Lexxy] What?

- She mad at me 'cause she was late four times this week.

I told her I'm the only one doing that broken around here.

I can't with these new millennials, girl.

- [Lexxy] Over it. (laughs)

- What's up with you. How you feeling today?

- I haven't been sleepin' on my Posturepedic this weekend,

you know how I feel about my bed.

- You miss him, don't you?

- Yeah, I do. I'm not going lie,

but I know what I'm up against and honestly,

I'll admit, I'm scared.

But even if it's not meant to be,

I think I should at least see this out.

- Well what does Mike think?

- Of course he wants me to come back home.

He keeps saying he's sorry,

soundin' sad,

playing victim,

but I really don't know if I'm giving in too early

or if I'm doing things the right way, but.

- It's all how you feel though.

- My mom says it should feel right,

but I don't know, it doesn't feel right like,

he has his good days just as well

as he has his bad days like, no man is perfect, so.

I don't know what to do.

- You a bigger risk taker than me.

Whatever decision you make, I love you no matter what.

Like honestly, (other line beeping)

I just want you to be happy.

- Wait, wait, wait, hold on.

That's Betty on the other line, okay?

- Well, tell Betty to call me 'cause her package delivered.

- (laughs) All right, all right, all right.


- Bitch, what you doin'?

Now you know you been supposed to come to the gym with me.

- (laughs) All right, all right, all right.

- Girl.

What the fuck?

Bitch hold on. Let me call you back.

- Yeah, I'm back.

Betty tryin' to get somebody in that gym girl.

I'm not with it.

- You probably need to release some endorphins

and go to the gym with her.

- I'm not with it.

Trust me, she is reinventing herself as we speak.

Don't believe me, just watch.

I promise.

- I believe you girl. Look, I just want you to be happy.

- I know. I know.

I know. I know.

I know.

- If Mike makes you happy, then hang.

- I know.

- That is your home

and you shouldn't have to be the one running from it.

- Well, I'm gonna write my mom a note and I'm gonna leave.

So I'll just call you when I get in tonight.

- Okay, don't forget. I love you.

- It's a promise. I love you.

I love you more.

(laughs) Bye boo.

So I decided to meet up with Mike and hear him out.

Let's see how this goes.

Why are you stopping the car?

- I just have to pull over man.

Tell you some shit.

- Tell me what?

- Basically, why I move the way I move.

Why I do the shit I do.

Why you get treated the way you get treated.

I didn't have my mama around when I was comin' up,

like I don't know how to be romantic

and show love and all that shit.

All I know is to move and get it.

So this shit with women and shit, man,

like this shit ain't me like that.

It was like, I'd rather invite women in

than invite myself out.

You know?

It's like, y'all wrong.

- Stop crying.

We gonna get through this together. You hear me?

You hear me?

This is why you gotta open up and tell me what's going on

'cause I don't understand.

You hear me?

Stop crying. It's gonna be alright.

We gonna get through it, okay?

- I love you, yo.

- I love you too.

We out, just go.

(car starts)

- Oh what's up babe?

I didn't know you was up.

You want some coffee or something?

- No, thank you, I've been laying off the caffeine lately.

- Okay.

You sure you good though?

- Yes.

- Yeah, I was thinking.

I made you uncomfortable.

We can just wait.

Most important thing is not losing you.

- No, I thought about it and I love you.

So I'm willing to try something new

if it's gonna bring us closer together.

But I'm picking the girl.

- Whatever you say.

Hold on.

But I can't make no suggestions?

- No.


I was looking at her

or her.

- The first one?

She definitely too skinny.

The second.

- Here you go. - Babe.

Are you purposely trying to choose women that you know

I wouldn't pick in real life?

- What?

Why would you say that?

You really think I'm insecure, huh?

- I ain't saying all that.

I'm just sayin', I still want to get it up.

- You just wanna pick her.

- Here you go.

Look. Let me see.

What about her?

- I mean she's cute, but this is not your type.

- That's what make it special.

I just sayin' ain't nobody gonna compare to you, baby.

I mean, I don't know.

Just sayin' none of these gonna cut it.

- So you want her?

- Nah, we want her.

I want you to want her too, babe.

- I mean, I'm not gonna lie,

I'll give credit when it's due, she's cute.

She's sexy, but how don't we even know if she's single?


She could be a lesbian. You know that, right?

- You thinking too much into this shit.

Just slide into her DM's and see what's poppin'.

- No. - Matter of fact, I got you.

- What? - Come here.

- What are you doing?

Did you just take a picture? Like really?

- Send that to her.

- You think that was cool?

You are such a creep.

- So I'm a creep?

You trippin'.

Why, I bet she gonna be into it.

- You never cease to amaze me.

- Um, Alexis?

- Yes.

- Hey, what's up?

- What's up girl. How you doing?

- This is Honey.

- I know who it is, girl.

What's up? How you doing?

- Yeah. I'm calling because of our little conversation

on the 'gram.

- Yeah. About that.

You was looking like a little snack on the 'gram,

I had to hit you up. So what's up?

- Let me find out you're nervous.

- Nervous about what, I'm trying to have some fun.

My man trying to have some fun.

So what's up? What we doing?

- (laughs) That's crazy.

I'm actually flattered.

Anyway, one question though.

This your idea or your boyfriend's?

- It's my idea. Why would it be my boyfriend's idea?

I hit you up, right? I run shit.

- Oh, I get it. I get it.

- So what's up? What we doing, like.

You need to pull up tonight.

I got the bottles.

We got some good music, some good food.

Pull up so we can vibe.

I know you ain't got nothing to do.

- Well how's eight-ish?

- Okay, tonight it is. (laughs)

- Okay. Cool.

All right. I'll hit you when I get close.

Okay. Bye.

- This is my boyfriend, Mike.

- Hi Mike. - How you doing?

- Hi.

- Have a seat.

I'm about to run to the kitchen.

Y'all want somethin' to drink?

- I'm drinking and she's drinking.

- I guess I'll have one more drink. I'm already drunk.

- One drink? I just got here.

- One more drink. Yeah, I'm not playin' with ya'll.

- The party just started, you talkin' 'bout some one drink.

- Girl, the party been startin'.

I'm already drunk.

You look so pretty.

- You too. It's nice to finally meet you.

- Thank you.


- Thank you.

- [Mike] Trying to say we take this to the bedroom.

- First of all, I don't take orders from men,

but from you, I will.

Would you like to go to the bedroom Lexxy?

- Let's go to the bedroom, Honey.

(hip -hop song begins)

♪ I know you been workin' on your shit ♪

♪ You wanna ride shotgun in the whip ♪

♪ Says she a island, real tough shotta ♪

♪ I be no ♪

♪ Turn that so up ♪

♪ Papa got a grip ♪

♪ Think so, get it, so you know I gotta lick ♪

♪ Say she gotta lick so you know I got it ♪

♪ Yeah you gotta tell me so I know some shit ♪

♪ Like yeah, yeah, baby bring it over here ♪

♪ That thing pokin' baby bring it over here ♪

♪ Yeah don't be scared ♪

♪ You tell your friends about mommy you were scared ♪

♪ Thug type of nigga got you pullin' on your hair ♪

♪ Gentleman but I got your legs in the air ♪

♪ Said gentleman ain't got your legs in the air ♪

♪ I just wanna tell you that ♪

♪ I really, really, really like kickin' it with you ♪

♪ We in the fitting room tryin' to get things to fit through ♪

♪ I don't know what to say ♪

♪ I don't know what to say ♪

♪ I'm-a say it anyway ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ You my slide ♪

♪ You're my slide ♪

♪ You're my slide, oh yeah ♪

♪ Sex your body up, baby up and down ♪

♪ Sex your body up 'til you make those sounds ♪

♪ Sex your body up ♪

♪ 'Til your neighbors know my name ♪

♪ Sex your body up, yeah, scream my name ♪

♪ Let me feel them hips, let me taste them lips ♪

♪ And just enjoy the ride ♪

♪ Know how to take the dick, you let me get away with shit ♪

(phone ringing)

- Let me guess, she left you already?

- Nah, she left the house, not me.

Hey, I'm trying to see you.

- Yeah why, so I can escape again?

Okay. Okay.

I mean you have a stunning girl or shall I say fiance?

- Nah, babe.

There's something about you.

- I gotta think about it.

I mean, it seems like she's pretty down for you.

Let me just see how my evening goes

and I'll just call you later.

- All right. - [Angel] Mm hmm.

- Even if you're trying to get a room or something,

just let me know.

- Okay. I'll hit you later, okay?

I can't deal with this.

- [Lexxy] See ladies, they are never satisfied.

Once a low down, cheatin' ass nigga,

always a low down, cheatin' ass nigga.

I played myself.

- [Ce Ce] Hey girl.

- Sis.

- What's up?

- I gotta tell you,

I cannot wait to tell you what I gotta tell you.

- Oh girl, yes. Spill the tea

because you did not finish telling me the details.

- I met this fine guy at the gym the other day.

His name is Davon.

Not only is he handsome,

not only is he fine,

he got money.

But most importantly,

he's connected to a major label.

- Girl, shut up.

This could be it for you.

- I just feel like everything that was happening

in the past that was bad,

happened for a reason

because God is bringing something positive to me.

- And remember when you were complaining about,

"I wanted to have a baby." - Right?

- [Ce Ce] I mean, I'm saying he could be the one.

- Girl, bye. Now you rushin'.

- Listen, just hear me out.

Maybe this is it. (laughs)

- Cheers. - And a record deal.

- And a baby.

(both women laughing)

- [Automated Voice] Your call has been forwarded

to an automated voice messaging system.

Is not available.

At the tone, please record your message.

When you finish recording, you may hang up

or press one for more options.

(dial tone ringing)

(basketball game playing on TV)

(door clicks shut)

(Lexxy laughs)

- Somethin' funny?

- What?

Please don't start with me.

- You gonna cook or what?

- What's up?

There's food in the fridge that you can warm up.

- You must have enjoyed your girl more than me.

I could tell that you really was into that.

- Into it? We all were.

- Yeah, I guess I'm trippin'.

- Yeah, you are.

Oh, and just to let you know I have a photo shoot tomorrow,

so I'm leavin' around three to set up.

- All right.

Here's my card.

Don't spend all my money.

- [Lexxy] Thank you.

- Make sure you got your key.

(basketball game continues playing)

- [Automated Voice] You have one new message.

- [Moe] Yo, Mike.

It's ya boy!

Where you been, boy,

everybody looking for you, boy, you gotta-

- Yo, Mike.

It's ya boy!

Where ya been boy, everybody been lookin' for you, boy,

you gotta- (stutters)

Yo, hit me back now.

(ominous music)

Yo, what's up man. What's good?

- What's up?

- Hey shit, what's good man?

What Pac say, man? He cool?

- Nah. - Check this out,

look, look, look, hey man.

I know Pac man, man, but look know how I rock man.

I'm 10 toes. I'm solid in this game, man.

I always come through for y'all, check this out.

I got his, his girl spot, her mama spot.

I got the trap, even got safe in that motherfucka'.

- Got a safe in there?

- Nigga, anything you need, you know I-

- What's her IG?

- It's, it's Lexx love underscore 89 I believe.

Yeah, yeah, dark but you already know man.

Look, tell Pac,

(stutters) I'll do right now, but we can nix that nigga

'cause it's my name this nigga fuckin' with.

- Send me those addresses, mother of the girl.

- I got you, say less, but look man,

you gotta tell Pac though.

Hey man! Hey.

Hey man, you gonna tell Pac?

Hey man, you gonna tell Pac, right?

Man! Man!

Shh fuck.

- Right, right. Exactly.

Exactly, that's what I'm saying, man.

But see that's that's a, that's a problem for me though.

(laughs) Listen, man.

How about we um,

how about we just talk about this later, all right?

Because you clearly not seeing where I'm coming from.

All right.

(dial tone ringing)

(phone buzzing)

- Hello?

- Lexx. Good morning.

- Good morning. You a early person.

What you doing calling me this early?

Let me find out.

- (laughs) Yeah, well you know what they say?

Every wealthy man wakes up between four to five.

It's a cardinal rule.

- (laughs) Let me find out you're a business man for real.

What's up though?

- So, I made a few calls, talked to a few people

and wanted to give you the good news, superstar.

- So I email you some music in a couple hours

after I get out the shower.

- Hey wait, before you go.

I actually wanted to talk to you

about a potential deal with Warner.

- Wow. (laughs)

- Yeah, I was, I was feeling your social media,

your YouTube, I was feeling all that.

So I was like, you know,

maybe I could pull a few strings for her.

- Thank you so much.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

- How about you have dinner me tonight?

To discuss it, of course.

- Oh gosh. Here we go.

As long as it's about music.

- Okay.

Well I see you later then.

- Okay. I'll see you later.

All right, bye.

(Lexxy sighs)

(water sprays)

- Hi.

(phone buzzing)

- Ooh this margarita is so good.

- Slow down, ma.

- I know I ain't had one in a long time.

- Hold on, hold on.

Ce Ce!

- [Ce Ce] No, I believe my mama named me Cassidy.

(both women laughing)

- I miss you.

How you been?

- Girl, I told you I'm movin'.

- Yes.

- Well, you wanna come?

- Girl I can't just pick up and move.

I have a man and a career going on where I'm at.

You crazy.

(Ce Ce laughs)

I'll come by. I can definitely visit.

I'll come by.

- Okay, I need a change.

Plus the cost of living is everything.

- I hope that ain't that Mike guy.

- Hold on.

Ma, I said Ce Ce. Come on, I'm on the phone.

- Mm hmm.

- Hello?

- Hey, I'm here.

Listen. I need you to come by the shop today, okay?

My first client doesn't get in until 9:00 AM

and I need to see what that side hustling beautician

has been doing since I've been gone.

- I'll come by. I don't mind coming by. (laughs)

- Ooh, this margarita sure is good.

(Ce Ce laughs)

- All right. Call me later.

All right, bye.

Ma, like I hate when you do that.

- Well, whatever.

Do she have a extra guy for you?

'Cause you need to find you somebody else.

- (sighs) No Ma, I'm not looking for nobody else.

- Well you need to.

- Mm hmm. - Yeah.

Can't nobody tell your behind nothing.

You think you know everything.

- All right, I'm leaving now.

- Okay, yeah.

- [Angel] Hello?

- Yeah. This is Mike's wife.

I find your number in his phone. Who is this?

- Hello?

- Yes bitch. This is Lexxy.

You know who this is? You're calling my man's phone.

- I knew you would be calling me.

- What you mean you knew I be calling you?

Who is this?

Like you have no respect. This is his wife.

I don't think you heard me.

- I get it.

- [Lexxy] Who are you calling my man's phone?

- I just don't care.

- What you mean you don't care, bitch?

You gonna care. Who the fuck is this?

- And besides, you wouldn't be sneaking

on the phone talking to me if all things was peaches.

- Bitch, ain't nobody sneaking to call you.

I call you when I wanna call.

Don't worry about me and my relationship.

I asked you a simple question. Who are you?

- First off?

I'm a stripper slash Instagram model.

Maybe I should just back off because,

I'm causing more trouble than I thought.

- You a stripper slash Instagram model.

That's your claim of fame? (laughs)

Bitch you could have kept that profile.

But like I said, don't let me catch you

'cause clearly you're scared.

You don't want me to know who you are

'cause I asked you 3, 4, 5, 6 times who is this

and you're not telling me who you are.

Please, please do not let me see you in the street.

- Okay, cool.

- [Lexxy] Yeah, okay cool.

'Cause you ain't say who you was, but I'm gonna

find out who you are. - [Angel] I'll call you back.

- I'm-a see you.

We gonna see.

Enough is enough. He steppin' out?

Well I'm stepping up.

Tonight, I'm gonna get mine.

(slow, sensual music)

♪ Lovin' how you ride my shit and strokin' my ego ♪

♪ Lovin' how you bite your lip, how you need more ♪

♪ Girl that's good love, put your name on it ♪

♪ Girl get this good love, put a ring on it ♪

♪ First thing first, we makin' love on your birthday ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Eat it up, beat it up ♪

♪ Ice cream down your leg, baby girl ♪

♪ I'm-a speed it up, dig it up ♪

♪ I don't see nothin' wrong ♪

♪ Put your clothes right there ♪

♪ Just don't think about it ♪

♪ Those legs I'll be dividing ♪

♪ Gonna give you out of body ♪

♪ Gonna tell your friends about it, yeah ♪

♪ Put your phone face down on silent ♪

♪ Heard you got that shit for daddy ♪

♪ And there ain't no place I'd rather be than here ♪

♪ Eat it while you drivin' ♪

♪ Sex in the driveway ♪

♪ All of what you want, foreplay, I put my time in ♪

♪ You gon' love the way I make you feel ♪

♪ Sex you like you never, ever been ♪

(ominous music)

(person knocking) (muffled grunting)

- [Man] The fuck?

- Shh, watch this.

- [Man] The fuck?

(Paco knocking)

- Mia, if you don't shut the fuck up,

I'm gonna chop you up, put you on my grill.

Feed you to the poor.

Shut up baby.

Talk to me.

- Man. Mike ran off, man.

- Mike, Mike. Who the fuck is Mike?

- You know Moe man Mike, Mike.

- The dark-skinned nigga from north side?

- No, the guy Mike, the, the guy you gave him stuff to him.


- The niggas on the east side.

- Magic Mike.

- Magic Mike, two weeks?

- Four days. - Four days.

- I got it.

- [Paco] You got it.

Damn, he fuckin' promised me.

- Yeah man, Moe, Moe gave me everything.

Gave me the girl address. He gave me the mom's address.

Gave me the Instagram, she bad as fuck, too.

We could pimp her out, put her on the strip.


- He promised man.

- You could do a lot with her.

- He promised me. These fuckin' niggas.

- What you wanna do?

- Behold the pale horse, for the man that sat upon him,

name was Death, and hell followed with him.

I am the pale rider. - Huh?

- I'm gonna turn that nigga into a loud pack.

No, that's some real shit.

They gonna have to have a fish fry.

Get a GoFundMe.

All that for a nigga home goin'.

- That's my take a part in it.

- He gonna be hanging with Jesus.

Tell that nigga Moe I'll deal with him later.

He can fall back, two's company, three's a crowd.

- Say no more.

- Send that nigga, send him to nigga heaven.

- Say no more.

- Yo, come on, I got some chicken wings marinating for


- You know I'm a vegan man, I don't eat that shit.

I don't eat pork, neither.

(birds chirping)

- [Lexxy] Nothing, I'm getting ready

for the studio right now.

- [Davon] Just feeling your social media

and your YouTube page and your videos.

I was feeling all that.

- You got the music. I'm glad you like it.

(ominous music) - Okay.

Hey wait, wait, wait. Before you go.

- [Lexxy] Yes?

- [Davon] How about you have dinner with me tonight.

To discuss, of course.

- [Lexxy] Why are you always talking about dinner?

I'm ready to work, like,

why don't you meet me at the studio.

- Right, right. Exactly.


(Mike banging)

- I don't care. - [Mike] Yo!

- I'm gonna call you right back.

- [Mike] Who the fuck you talkin' to?

- What?

- [Mike] What you mean what?

Who the fuck you talkin' to?

- What do you mean who I'm? Leave me alone.

- What? You-

Yo, who were you talking to?

- What are you doin'?

- Who were you on the phone with?

- I was booking studio time.

- Who the fuck is- Studio time? Fuck outta here.

Who the fuck is Davon? Or Devon?

Who the fuck is this nigga?

- Oh my gosh. You really a hater.

- Don't turn your back on me.

Who the fuck is you talkin' to?

Oh, shit.

- Annoyin'.

- Yeah. That's the house right here.

- Word? - Mm hmm.

- Yo, anybody act up, don't what we don't want them to do,

we gonna put one in 'em, B.

You heard? man.

- They better have it all in there, too.

- Nah, I heard, I heard they got it all.

We gonna get that safe, B.

That bitch act up, we puttin' one in the weave, B.

- They don't open safe, - Don't worry.

- they gonna know what time it is.

- It's a nice quiet neighborhood.

♪ Actions speak louder than words ♪

♪ I could show you better than I could tell you ♪

♪ Ya heard ♪

♪ Let's go ♪

♪ Six six yeah, on my grind ♪

♪ Yeah I get shit done ♪

♪ Goin' hard on my job ♪

♪ Man, I'm 'bout that action ♪

♪ Action Jackson, Action Jackson ♪

♪ Don't compare me to these boys ♪

♪ 'Cause these boys be actin' ♪

♪ I wanna slide her 'cause she look like fun ♪

♪ You might wife that ♪

♪ But to me she's action ♪

♪ Action Jackson, Action Jackson ♪

♪ Take a listen, see I'm different ♪

♪ No I'm not like them ♪

- [Paco] Open the fuckin' garage, bitch.

♪ Told her I'm not from Brooklyn ♪

♪ I don't speak like Yeltson ♪

- [Paco] Fuckin' move, man.

Ay, yo.

(song continues playing in background)

♪ Cut real long ♪

♪ Does my Spidey sense sense somethin' might go wrong ♪

- [Paco] Ay, yo. Eh, eh.

What's up, nigga?

- [Man] Fuck over here, bitch.

- Where my money at, B?

Where the fuck my money at? - [Man] Don't fuckin' move.

- You got me fucked up. - [Paco] Back up, B.

- I told you there wasn't no money in this bitch.

- Word? You know what we gonna do?

We gonna run a train on this bitch.

- Oh yeah, for 20 minutes,

this bitch finna give up everything!

- Nigga, fuck you.

- Shut the fuck up, nigga.

- It's behind the picture. - [Mike] Lexx!

- [Man] What's the code?

- Shut the fuck up, B. - What's the code?

- [Lexxy] 7, 4,

6, 2.

- [Paco] Hey, that was quick.

You don't like us? Yo, relax. (laughs)

Yo we good?

- Nah bro. We great. - [Paco] Aight.

Yeah, come on. Come on, man.

(gunshot bangs)

(emotional music)

(wings flapping)

- [Lexxy] This is a nightmare I can't awake from.

I can't breathe this reality.

I can't fathom. My heart is gone, out my chest, torn,

thrown to the ground and stomped on.

I will always love you Mike and in my darkest days,

you're my brightest light.

I really can't believe they took your life.

(phone ringing)

- [Lexxy] Hello?

- [Paco] I'm downstairs.

I got something for you. Come down.

- What are you doing in my house?

- Good morning, sunshine.

(gun cocks)

- What the fuck are you doing in my house?

- I ain't wanna wake you while you was sleeping.

You look so pretty and peaceful.

What, you feelin' some type of way

'cause we had our way with you?

We was a little too rough?

You look like you like it rough.

Told you I wouldn't forget about you.


you be good.

You ain't see nothing.

So pretty.

- Don't touch me.

- (laughs) I'm gonna let myself out.

(intense music)

Alexis, you be good. (laughs)

- In the end you winnin'.

You a bigger risk taker than me.

- I get it.

- [Lexxy] Who are you calling my man's phone?

- I just don't care.

- It's behind the picture.

They say revenge is a dish serve cold.

Damn, the temperature drop.

4, 6, 2.

When Paco called me, it was just supposed to be a robbery.

I couldn't live with myself taking that money.

(dial tone ringing)

- [Automated Voice] Your call has been forwarded

to an automated voice messaging system.

Is not available.

At the tone, please record your message.

When you finished recording, you may hang up

or press one for more options.

(dial tone ringing)

- Lexxy, call me back. This is your mother.

Uh uh, hell no, I got to get up outta here.

Somethin' ain't right.

(slow, gentle music)

- [Lexxy] I had it. I'm through.

This is weighing too heavy on my conscience.

Babe, you love me?

I fuckin' hate you.

We gonna get through this together, you hear me?

- Who are you talkin' to? - What are you doin'?

- I love you, yo.

(gunshot bangs)

- Lexxy! Lexxy!


Lexxy! (crying)

Lexxy, wake up!

Wake up, Lexxy! (crying)

♪ Baby come back ♪

- [Lexxy] I can't change the past.

I had to do what's best, not just for me.

And in the end,

I'm no longer suffocated.

I can breathe again.

♪ Promise this gon' be the last ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just need you in my life ♪

♪ I know that things been goin' bad ♪

♪ I just do the things you like ♪

♪ I know you like that ♪

♪ Drop-Top, peanut butter seats ♪

♪ You won't meet another bitch like me ♪

♪ Fool around with all these diamonds on me ♪

♪ Neck drippy, collar full of EP's ♪

♪ Every time we fuck and go to sleep ♪

♪ When you away I know you thinkin' 'bout me ♪

♪ You don't gotta hide you want me ♪

♪ Baby hit my line on it ♪

♪ I got what you need, can't deny it ♪

♪ Bet you didn't know you could find this ♪

♪ I just wanna take you outta where your mind is ♪

♪ You see somethin' special with me ♪

♪ You can't hide it ♪

♪ She can get excited ♪

♪ You can't help but love me baby ♪

♪ When I'm ridin' ♪

♪ Why it's never you when I hear my line ring ♪

♪ I just bought a new rock with bezel diamonds ♪

♪ I'm a vibe, pussy so divine ♪

♪ We just feelin' right ♪

♪ When I open up, let you inside ♪

♪ Even though we don't see eye to eye every time ♪

♪ You should know I'm gon' be by your side ♪

♪ Baby come back ♪

♪ You know I didn't mean to do it ♪

♪ I said baby where you at ♪

♪ We go through this all the time ♪

♪ Promise this gon' be the last ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just need you in my life ♪

♪ I know that things been goin' bad ♪

♪ I just do the things you like ♪

♪ Oh yeah, I know you like that ♪

♪ Drop-Top, peanut butter seats ♪

♪ You won't meet another bitch like me ♪

♪ Walk around with all these diamonds on me ♪

♪ Neck drippy, collar full of EP's ♪

♪ Every time we fuck and go to sleep ♪

♪ When you away I know you thinkin' 'bout me ♪

♪ You don't gotta hide you want me ♪

♪ Baby hit my line on ♪

♪ You see what you had from the beginning ♪

♪ You can't find a better bitch to fill in ♪

♪ You makin' me feel like the villain ♪

♪ Tell me what's on your mind ♪

♪ How you feelin' ♪

♪ Said you wasn't mine to upset me ♪

♪ Walk in to your door ♪