Suffering Cassandra (2013) - full transcript

During a terrible storm, a jaded couple gets stuck in a house with a charismatic woman who threatens their relationship, and their sex-crazed male best friend. Through this ineluctable isolation, their true humanity surfaces.

All right what's the matter?

You love it when I beat box.

Did I do anything?


Did I say anything?

No but that's just my
point you're not doing

or saying anything.

Can I just sit here and
not do or say anything

and have that be fine?

If you're catatonic.

Don't be an asshole.

I know you're in a bad mood,
I know why you're in a bad

mood I just wish you wouldn't be.

I'm not in a bad mood
we just got a late start

it's gonna be dark in a few hours

and we still have to do this.

You're being insensate.

I don't know what that means.

We'll be in and out.

I doubt.

Even though it's still
a little ridiculous

Cassie you spent...

I really don't wanna have
this conversation right now.

But we need to at some point.

No, stop concentrate.

I am concentrating
I'm concentrating on the

incendiary chemical reaction level

that my body is experiencing.

Yeah well drive or we're
gonna have an incendiary crash.

Fine, fine.

You'll be in and out right?

Yes I'll grab my laptop
charger and we'll go.

Good 'cause I fucking hate her.

Glad I'm getting you out
of town for a few days.

We'll be moving you into your dorm soon

you'll start school a
couple of days from now

we will be over all of this.

Right back here.

Yes because I work
here, I'm out of school

it's election season I
barely got the weekend off

to do this.

You'll be right back here with Helen,

and you'll be three hours away.

Helen is nothing more
than a good friend of mine.

Who wants to sleep with you.

She doesn't wanna sleep
with me and I don't wanna

sleep with her, I don't
feel for her that way

I feel for you that way.

How can you say that you
two have a history together.

History repeats itself Eddy.

That is a completely irrelevant adage.

You told her you loved her.

Freshman year, Jesus
you wanna talk about

history repeating itself...


We have this argument over and over

I want you to trust me.

It's called a woman's intuition.

It's called an erroneous notion.

I'm not getting out of
the car when we get there.

Why not?

Because fuck her.

Please try and be nice,
she's not aware of her status

as our relationship's primary affama.

I'm not getting out of the car.

It's getting really cold in here.

I don't like artificial comfort,

it bugs me.

- Hey!
- Yo.

Where's Cassandra?

In the car.

Hey you made it, woo!

Senior year, yeah!

So you got my charger?

Jeez, all business huh?

I'm sorry that was crass.

Not unlike you.



How are you?

I'm good.

Do you have my charger?

What no good?

Try and be decent okay?

Hiding the cordiality of it?

Speaking of cordiality
you guys wanna come in

for a quick libation?

I'm making margaritas.

I am about to drive three
hours to Charlottesville.

All the more reason
to start drinking early.

Eddy are we going?

Hold on!

Actually I might take you up on that.

Hey let me ask you something is it just me

or does that car over
there look exactly like

Fernando, is Fernando here?

Yeah he drove me back from New York

after the audition.

I haven't seen him since graduation

you didn't tell me he was coming.

You're gonna be out of town

I didn't wanna bother you with it.

Well is he staying here?

Mm hmm, my parents are gone for the rest

of the month so I don't care.

Well what is he hiding?

He's upstairs sleeping.

Helen it's five PM.

He's a chronic napper.

Yeah chronic you know.

Tell me about it.

So how was your
audition by the way?

Eh, oh my god, you wanna go upstairs

and wake him up?

Eddy, what's happening?

Just hold.

Yeah okay.

Are we going?



Remember my friend Fernando?

The one that lives in
New York who I always

tell you about?

You mean your cousin?

Yes, right.

And what about him?

He's here.


He's upstairs sleeping.

You said this would be in and out.

It would be in and out

we'll go in for a moment,

surprise him and then go
out Cassie I really want

you to meet him.

Why is this so important to you?

Well first off he's
one of the best people I know

who is a guy by the way so I'm sure

that'll help the point.

Don't be an asshole.

And secondly,

he works at a really
prestigious editing firm

in Manhattan.

You work at a really
prestigious editing firm in DC.

Yes, right but the difference is

I'm on a three month contract

and one and a half of those months

is already up.

So you want him to get you a job?

I'd love to at least
impart on him the notion

that I'll be looking soon.

And he's one of the best people I know.

This house is all
Eddy chalked it up to be.

Is that so?

I've elaborated.

See all the guitars?

Well when you got it flaunt it,

that's what my mama taught me.

Bet she did.


Your house is huge.

My parents can be a bit lavish.

I can tell, it's really excessive.

On three, all right,




Oh shit!

God you are such a jerk.

All right I'm the
jerk he's the one that's

sneaking around my room and shit.

Are these my maracas?

Off in the room and go
back to a conversation

we can all participate in.

I see you haven't taught her Spanish.

Barely ever
shows his face anymore.

Seriously Cassandra,

it really is wonderful to finally meet you

I feel like I already know you.

How's that?

Well you're all anyone
ever hears out of this one

while you're away he pines
for you on a very constant

very annoying basis.

I seriously doubt that.

He's not lying.

You guys sticking around or what?

Sadly no, I gotta get my
boo over here to school.

Come on, give me 10 minutes

I'll get dressed, I'll meet
you downstairs, come on.

Yeah, I'm making margaritas.

He's driving.

I'm driving.

I'll make you a virgin.

Like surgery?

Yeah Helen that doesn't work on a man.

I hate you both.

Fine, but we need to be
back on the road in like

10 minutes.

Come on, I'll show you the house.

Come on I was just getting naked.

Bunch of prudes.

The family room.

The usual furnishings.

And, the kitchen, I think we can all grasp

the basic concept here.

And, when in Rome, you guys want a snack?

What are you grabbing?

Your favorite.

Then yes, a Klondike bar will do.

You're a Klondike bar,
hey you want anything?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Oh I have some awesome beef jerky

do you like beef jerky?

I'm a vegetarian.


Eddy, first to jerk finish dessert?

Klondike bar will do.

You okay?


You sure?

Yes, enjoy your snacks.

I'm so glad she knows so much about you.


It was real nice.


I don't know why you think it's okay

to throw around sexual
innuendos in front of

your girlfriend, but it's not.

It's a stupid joke.

Here you go, I brought
you some dried fruit

and no Klondikes left unfortunately.

To the basement.

Come on.

Ta da.

Pretty cool right?

Do you leave these
lights on all the time?

Yeah, why?

It's pretty wasteful.

Of what?


Oh, right,

well we just started
composting so we figured

it balances out our enviro karma.

It's getting cold.

Yeah you've never
properly acclimated to any

climate north of the equator.

I'm hot-blooded.

Can't change blood.

Or cultural association.

So where are
you from again Cassie?

Marin County.

That's like San Francisco right?

More or less.

So what does that make you?

In regards to what?

Your blood.

Maybe like you're mild-blooded

or moderate-blooded.

I don't get it.

Well 'cause it's always so balmy

in California you're not hot-blooded

but you're also not cold-blooded.

Oh you might
have nice dry breezy blood.

Refreshing blood.

This is starting to
sound like a Twilight porno.

HBO already made that show.

Where's the bathroom?

It's right back there.

Are you guys really composting?

Fuck no, but she was
about to hand me over

to Green Peace I had to say something.

I'm sorry she can be a little

ideological sometimes.

My god why does she hate me?

She doesn't hate you.

She's teeming with hate,

it's practically oozing out of her.

It's very ornate but it's not true,

she thinks you're great.

Jeez you are fast.

I was using a tissue.

Hope you recycled it.

When's your cousin coming down?

Why are you in such a rush?

We got a really late start on the day

so we just wanna get moving.


But you can't leave without seeing

the coolest part of the house.

I'm so excited.

This room pretty
much explains itself.

Insane sound system.


I missed you guys.

You didn't put too much of this right

I'm driving in like 20 minutes.

It's practically virgin.

Also practically unlike you.


I'm just saying I didn't know you could

spawn such missives.

I can spawn you a punch in the face.

Ah, so Eddy how's the politics going?

It's good, it's lucrative
for the time being.

And the culprit of why he
never shows his face anymore.

The hours are nuts, you
know editing political

commercials is sort of
an indefatigable process.

Mudslinging is a business
that never sleeps.

Sort of like drug trafficking.

In essence.

That's what I like about you Eddy,

you realize what you're doing is partisan

and borderline reprehensible but

you follow through with it.

When put in those terms
I'm not exactly sure

it's a commendable trait.

I think he means I have
no illusions about me.

That is what you mean right?


Your boyfriend has always been

far more eloquent than I

which is why I work in
editing scripted television

whereas he has to pull
sort of from real life.

Eddy told me that you
worked in reality TV.

Exactly, scripted television.

One works in reality TV,

one in political advertisement,

both scripted, fake, and
exercise about the same

amount of influence and bad vibes.

You know now that she says it

we're not so different are we?

The difference is stability,

yeah reality TV is
banding about year round

whereas I can only land this gig

every two year election cycle.

I didn't
know you were on contract.

I'll be out of work one week after

we vote on the next batch of
loonies to run this country.

That's not what you
think about the people

you make commercials for is it?

Because I agree.

I believe I'm
batting for the right team.

And by the right team I don't
mean a team on the right.

Oh Democrats.

You could call it a Democrat,

I like to think of
myself as a human being.

Ouch, listen just because my parents

make a lot of money and
they don't wanna give

half their loot to the IRS

does not make me a bad
person for supporting

their Conservative values.

No I'm cool look I believe
in God as much as the next

Latino but voting to
the right lacks logic.

I second that.

I think.

What are your political
affiliations Cassandra?

Yeah you can tell us
this is a safe place.

I don't really have any.

I don't believe in politics
I think it's stupid.

Ah come on, you gotta
believe in something.

I do, I believe in the earth.

You're from San Francisco.

More or less.

Marin County.

How'd you ever pair up with Eddy?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well didn't you almost do that

enviro internship for your minor

the LA on the Hill one?

Yeah I was working
with congressmen on green

legislation I never actually took it.

It was a nice effort.

More like a nice gesture.


I'm all about enviro policy.

Whoa whoa you're already a theater major

you can't get too Liberal on your parents

or they might disown you.

I just don't think
that the Hill is going to

do anything of worth until
people start recognizing

what the environment
problem actually means.

Eh it has a voice.

It's just a day to day concern for me.

People waste and waste
and they're presented

with the facts, but they
don't do anything about it

because they feel as if
they won't make a difference

when this is our world
that we're talking about.

For us, for our children.

I know you're anti
the Hill but you'd make

a great politician.

She's got zeal.

And more and more
evidence continues to ratify

the existence of global warming

and yet people equate it
with it getting a little

hotter outside.

That's not what it means?


I'm fucking with you it's the

crux from an Al Gore film.

The point is is that
weather has nothing to do

with climate change, and
politics has nothing to do

with global action.

This is our planet that
we're talking about

and if we don't put forth the extra effort

into taking care of it like

turning off the lights
when you're not using them

or investing in solar energy

then we're all contributing
to the eventual

decay of our planet.




I'm a little out of breath.

This margarita's really strong.


To shorter showers
and lasting friendships.

This wasn't so bad.

Mis amigos, listen it's been swell

and all that but it's about time we.

The hell was that?


What was in those margaritas?

Oh my god.

Global warming bro.

No, no, no.

But it was such a nice day out.

Northern Virginia has the
most fickle weather ever.

Almost parallels its political climate.


Thank you.

You know Eddy right now is not

exactly the time for jokes.

What are we gonna do?

What do you mean?

She means you can't drive in that.


Whoa were we on the same page there?

We'll just wait it out.

We understood each other.

Helen right now is not
exactly the time for jokes.

Some random cloud passing through

you know those hugely run the course

very quickly right?

Yeah it should let up soon.

This storm is not letting up

anytime soon.

Heavy winds and more clouds are coming in

from the northwest and
we're expecting things

to get even worse.

Be sure to stay inside
and keep off of the roads

until this thing passes.

Oh my god.

Damn it.

No, no, no.

All right guys this is fine all right

don't sweat it, I have plenty of rooms

if it comes to that.

And let's be serious what
are weathermen notorious for?

Sunny dispositions?

They're known for being wrong.

I think I'm getting a headache.

It's probably the margarita you want

an Advil or something?

No I'm fine.

You sure?

Yes, I like to watch
what I put in my body.

So that makes one of you.

Would you stop punching
me in the same arm

I have two here you know.

Let me know whatever you need.

I have weed.

I do.

You wanna lay down for a bit?

I'm gonna take her up
to the guest bedroom.

Okay mi casa es su casa.

And I'm not being trite by saying that

only culturally participant.

Come on let's go.

You can just you know

push my shit off the bed
don't worry about that.

You feel better gringita.

This is a disaster.

A natural one.

Don't be an asshole right now.

It's not so bad.

Of all the places to get stuck.

We could've gotten stuck in that

and be pulled off the
road somewhere right now.

This is worse.

And by this you mean
the beautiful mansion

stocked full of food,
comfort, and good company.

Why is this happening to me?

Well pass, we got a late
start on the day anyways,

we'll pass and we'll go.

I'm tired I just wanna sleep.

Take a nap.

You know I did recently read about a new

purported cure for
headaches and the best part

is that it's all natural.

What's that?

Passionate and spontaneous fornication.

You read this.



Dr. Oz.

That's a TV show.

Right I can't recall at the moment

but it was a credited scientific journal

written by environmentalists
and vegetarians

that really know their shit.

You wanna have
spontaneous and passionate

fornication right here?

That incendiary chemical
reaction you sparked earlier

has an awful afternoon.

And I'm trying to help your head.

Trying to help your own head.

Oh you're quick.

I suppose having sex in the house

would be a good fuck you to Helen.

Just about all you need too.

All right but I forgot
my pill last night

so you have to use a condom.

That's fine by me.

I like her.

You do not like her.

You don't like her.

Oh I don't like her?

You said it not me.

So do you like her or not?

I like her just fine,
she's a pain in the ass yeah

but I can tell why Eddy's into her.

He's more than into her,

she's a distraction.

All women are distractions.

That's not true.

That may be the
only true thing in this world.

I would never be a distraction
to any significant other.

I would be supportive.

Yeah but
you're a bit of an anomaly.

And how so?

Well you're a driven person

and driven people don't
fall into male or female

distracted categories they
just fall into driven people

which you are in which case

you'll never be a
distraction you'll only get


Eddy's a driven person.


And Cassandra distracts him.

Yeah but
she's got fire to her.

Eddy's always been attracted
to women like that,

and me too I guess.

They're just so different.

Every time I've seen them together

they seem like complete
opposites you know?

I think he's
doing all right for himself.

He wants to be in New York.

Who doesn't
wanna be in New York?

You get to be.

Have you even been auditioning down here

you just keep coming up to Manhattan.

The audition yesterday was my first one

since college.

I'm conflicted on whether I wanna try to

break into the DC theater scene

or if I just wanna go back to New York.

Sounds like Eddy's suffering

the same ambivalence.

Eddy's suffering Cassandra.

We have had sex everywhere.


We're passionate.

We are not lacking in that department.

And I think you've spoiled
me for all other women.

I mean it.

You too.

For all other women.

That's very funny.

I'm funny.

I may not engage in jokes that are

about politics or music
but I'm very funny.



No only 'cause

I don't think

a recovery time that's
quite as physically possible

but know that mentally I'm all over you.

I hope so.

What's that supposed to mean?

Just means that I

hope that I stimulate
something besides your hormones

that we

connect on a deeper
more intellectual level.

I don't think we can connect any deeper

than we just connected
about 45 seconds ago.

I'm serious.

I love you for you.

For your mind as well as your body.

Wait, wait earlier when I said

we were passionate you
said we're not lacking

in that department, do
you think we're lacking

in connecting with each other?

I want you to love me for me

not for how good we are mutually in bed.

That's not the case, all right?

We're stuck in this storm.

There's no one I'd rather be stuck with.

Stop taking this fucking condom off.

Fucking hate condoms.

What are you doing?

Flushing it down the toilet.

No don't flush it down the toilet.

I don't wanna
throw it in the trash can

leave evidence.

So don't flush it,

if you don't ruin the plumbing
you'll further pollute.

So what should I do with it then?

Give it to me.

If you say so.

I'll recycle it.

You coming back down?

No I think I'm gonna take a shower.

Isn't it dangerous to take showers

during thunderstorms?

I hope so.

Well that was dark.

You don't think Helen will mind?

Take a shower.

How was the misses?

She's feeling better,

she's upstairs taking a shower.

Oh I don't think there's
any soap in that bathroom.

Thanks for putting up with Cassie

she's just a little exasperated
by this whole thing.

The storm or coming here?

The storm.

She seems like a nice girl.

What's she study?


Could've guessed that one.

Well enough about my escapades,

what's up with you lately?

Lately, not my dick.

You know I was wondering
when you were gonna get lewd.

Becca's not as
easy anymore apparently.

You're still messing
around with that girl?

From what I observe a
text every couple of hours

and the occasional ring ring.

New York, barrage me with
stories of late nights and


New York is unreal.

It really is.

You know Helen spends
half her time here in DC

and half her time wishing
she was back in New York

like when we were in school.

She goes into this hyperbolic state

when she starts thinking about it,

that's how you know.

That's not true, it's just

New York is literally the only city

where people can really live you know?

See what I mean?

Yeah I don't blame her DC is nice,

it's clean but...

But what?

It's lame.

It's an important city.

I don't know why you insist

on holding her back.

I mean she wants to live near me.

You're just gonna have to deal with that.

How am I in any way holding Helen back?

I'll move there eventually.

You know she hasn't had a
single audition this summer?

Okay I'll do that eventually too.

Since when am I in
charge of Helen's life?

It comes with the territory.

Seriously, both of you need to move up

and soon, I mean you're
on contract after all.

Yeah something to think about.

It's actually something I'd
like to talk to you about later.

I'm just surprised
you haven't done it yet.

Be father from Cassie I don't

know how she feels about that.

Told you a distraction.

A what?


Just a second, now don't get me wrong

I think Cassandra is lovely,

but don't tell me at 22 years old

you're starting to plan
your life around this girl.

Come on bring it
back that belongs to me.


How was your shower?

There's no soap up there.

I told you.

I wanted to get my stuff moved in today.

Hey think about it as an extra day of

fun and debauchery on your last summer

before senior year.

True next summer won't be summer

it'll be real life.

Not a cynic but they have a point.

Besides, you're just in time for

never have I ever, okay?


It's a stupid game.

I know what it is,
I'll sit this round out.

Come on gringita.

You know what, I'll start.

Never have I ever

done coke.

Yes I knew it.

That was targeted and racist.

You want a target I can
target with the best of 'em.

Never have I ever

done anal.

It was a one time thing with an ex

okay shut up both of you.

Isn't that like a mortal sin?

Hey I never claimed to be
sexually conservative okay?

Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, yeah sure.

All right.

Are we really doing this?

If you wanna
go I'll drive for you

I'll take the risk if it makes you happy.

I don't want you to feel like you're

taking a risk, I want you
to be comfortable doing it.

Well I don't feel comfortable doing it

and I don't think it's a good idea

but I did promise you
I'd get you to school

and I'll say bye to everyone.

That wasn't really the
reinforcing confidence

I was looking for.

Well Cassie we don't have to stay here

we can try and make it back
to my place if you want.

Really can we do that?

Is it drivable?

Oh Jesus.


Power's out!

The power's out!

Hey the power went out.

I think the power is out,
really is the power out?

Yeah, wait you guys aren't

thinking about leaving are you?

Well we can't...

We can't drive in this
we're gonna have to stay.



Cassandra this is a really good idea.

Really I couldn't tell
by the ear to ear grin

on your face, could yoU be
a little less bummed Eddy.



You don't have to be sorry.

So it's officially a party then.

I wouldn't call it that.

You're right
it's a party without power

might as well start stripping now

because it's gonna get
hot without this AC.

You can go first gringita.


I'm so glad you're staying.

Both of you.

Oh this can only be conducive
to very sexual things.

Like old times and new times.

Or to old times, you know what I mean.


Old times and new times.

All the time in the world.

I hate it.

Hey hey hey hey.

Stop doing that.

Right hand red.

Damn it.

You don't even wanna play.

Left hand and right foot


Right foot blue!


More more more more.

Wait guys, I'm having Vujah de.

What's vujah de?

It's the feeling that
none of this has ever

happened before.

♪ I brush my teeth I comb my hair

♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪

Are you ready?


Are you ready?


Wait but are you ready?

Ask me if I'm ready one more time.

Are you ready, are you ready?

Right foot.


Grab the drinks.


Guys, I found these
generators in my garage

and I'm thinking they can light up

some of the small lights.

Let's see.


All right!



You know it.

How did you market that?


Really strong.

Damn it.

Any luck?

You try.


Move over I
thought you were useful.

So, what's been the deal with

men in your life?


What's the deal with men in your life?


You heard me.

What men in my life?

You haven't met anyone over the summer?

I haven't been looking.

You haven't been auditioning,

you haven't been pursuing love interests,

you're having a dormant summer.

You don't spend much
time with love interests

last I recall.

In fact a bit of a man whore,

Becca, remember?

You been spending a
lot of time with Eddy?

As much as I can, we
usually go out on the weekends

but he spends a lot of time at work

or with Cassandra.

Can I be blunt?


If I'm being blunt I believe you need

some good Spanish lovin'.

Your Latino moves won't work on me.

They require sensuous translation.

So it's not my Latino moves you want,

maybe it's something a
little closer to home.

Now you're just speaking Spanish.

Breakers are useless.

So what's the verdict?

Is the power on?


Well then you can deduce the verdict.

Someone's in a mood.

I wish she was in a mood.

I like trying some sin.

Less energy, I don't hate it.

Wait, that's genius.

We don't need electricity for light.

We don't?


Let's get some candles.


Come on,

let's go together.

Is that weird for you?

Is what weird for me?

I can feel the air
thicken just being around it

I can't imagine what it's like
being caught in the middle.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm actually afraid they're
not gonna make it back

with those candles.

Yeah I know what you're insinuating

and it's not like that.

They hate each other.

Helen doesn't have a
problem with Cassandra.

Okay, Eddy,

I know that you love to
remain blissfully ignorant

and I know you've been
avoiding this for years but

come on.

You're getting very
arcane on me Fernando

I'm having trouble following.

She's in love with you dude.

And I love her back.

Wait are we talking
about the same person?

I know there's some
candles in here somewhere.

You can come in you know.

Sorry this room just makes me

a little uncomfortable.

What is it?

All the angels?


You're not religious?


Well you won't get burnt
if you come in I promise.

I know the room's a bit
garish, my parents are

pretty religious.


I believe in God.

I don't know if I'm
particularly rapt in the whole

church aspect of it or

with all the relics and stuff but yeah.

I believe in God.


Your parents
never took you to church

or anything?

No they did, I was pretty involved in it

when I started high school.

So what happened?

The more I got involved
the less I felt like

I was doing anything real.

The priests were all
sermonizing jerks and hypocrites

and I thought that
people following tenants

like they do is unhealthy.

You've got quite the
voiced opinion on this.

In fact, you have quite the voiced opinion

in general I've noticed.

I'm not trying to offend you

I just think that the world is what's

really here.

We're really here.

Here in this house?

You're right.

I'm kidding, funny thing
about science though

is it's still all theory right

I mean that's what I learned in my

very basic science class.

Science is science.


Oh, this is cool.

Yeah it's nice.

And energy efficient.

Guys, let's have a deep conversation,

this lighting's putting me in the mood.

It's about time.

So what should we talk about?

I have a question.


What's the question?

Are any of you religious?

You don't know if your
own boyfriend's religious.

I already know
his confusing take on things.

Well it's not confusing,

I don't think this is
something we should discuss.

No no, this could pan out to be a great

deep conversation.

Can you say deep one
more time but slower?


Well, Cassie and I
already touched upon this

briefly earlier.

You did.

Yeah, she saw the
room with all the angels

and was curious.

And what did you say?

I told her I had faith but

I didn't really follow
Christianity too closely.

I mean not for any reason
against it or anything.

Yeah I'd say that's
a pretty common theme

with God and people nowadays.

You're not religious are you gringita?


I think it's fair to say

I think our spiritual upbringing

definitely contributed to our

ideologies, not to
undermine it but we were

exposed to it a lot.

I forgot you guys are cousins.

I didn't know why I wouldn't

think that you had
similarly aligned beliefs.

Well we're not actually cousins.

What do you mean?

Well we're Spanish cousins you know

we're not related but

our families were so close we just

decided to call it so.


It's a Spanish thing.

Apparently everything's a Spanish thing.

I'm not a Spanish thing.

I'm a purely American thing

just like you sister.

I'm not a thing.

My family descends from Ireland.

Yeah so does mine.

So does everyone's.

You ever notice that
everybody's Irish nowadays?

I mean I just say I'm American,

I think at one point in
time people are just gonna

have to accept that this is
where their family derives from.

Just as they had to do with Ireland

or any other country for that matter.

You're a trendsetter.

I know.


My family's only a few generations out.

Don't take me too seriously, I'm drunk.




Is that your dad's new guitar?

Oh yeah I forgot
to show you earlier.

Can I go play it?

Go for it dude.

I believe I should join
you in this endeavor.

So, tell me things.

Like what?

Like who are you?

I mean you're dating my
best friend after all.

I like to think that I'm
dating my best friend too.

Well he really loves you,
I can tell you that much.

Thanks, I know, you don't have to.

And I admire you for handling him.

He's a bit much sometimes.

How do you mean?

Come on, the guy can
barely dress himself.

He is kind of a mama's boy.

I remember when he told
me that he couldn't even

do his own laundry.

He still can't.


How is it?

It's amazing.

Yeah like a Zafteg woman.

What's up with you're

more lecherous than normal today.

Can I be serious with you for a second?

By all means.

I have

not gotten laid in like

four months.

Matter of fact I haven't
really been doing that well

for a while.



Well what happened, what about Becca?

It's like you graduate
college and suddenly

all the girls are the exact opposite

of the way they used to be.

Like you remember I was
like El Ray in school.

No I think you're being
a bit hyperbolic now but

you did all right as I recall.

Everyone wants
boyfriends, everyone wants

commitments, who wants
commitments at our age?

Youth is for fun and
exploration last time I checked.

Listen I know you've
got a good heart but

can I be honest?

Go for it.

How do I put this?

I think it's your perpetual toil with

sublimating these sort of

libertine ideals that

maybe worked out for you in college

when things were freer
and less defined but now...

But now in the real world
things are more defined?


Field's bigger, things are harder.

And people want security
to counterbalance that.

Even if it's more on the artificial side.

You eloquent mother fucker.

Oh you two have fun in there?

What's going on here?

Oh are you kidding me?

Well the candles are formally lost.

I got an idea.

Power's back let's take advantage of it

everyone come on, bring the guitar.

Enough with the Spanish!


Oh my god, oh my god.

Was I right or was I right?

All right we haven't
done this in a while

so do not judge.

But seriously though.

Hey, you okay?


We're just playing a song together.

I know, and I trust you.


Yeah I think.

It's been a while.

I know.

♪ Every mornin'

♪ Every evening

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ Not much money

♪ Oh but honey

♪ Yeah we got fun

♪ The rent's unpaid dear

♪ And we haven't a car

♪ But anyway dear

♪ We'll stay as we are

♪ Even if we owe the grocer

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ Tax collector's getting closer

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ There's nothing surer

♪ The rich get rich
and the poor get poorer

♪ In the meantime in between time

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ Every mornin'

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ Not much money oh

♪ But honey

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ The rent's unpaid dear

♪ And we haven't a bus

♪ But smiles were made dear

♪ Oh for people like us

♪ Even if we owe that grocer

♪ Ain't ain't we got fun

♪ Tax collector's getting closer

♪ Still we got fun

♪ There's nothing surer

♪ The rich get rich
and the poor get poorer

♪ In the meantime

♪ In between time

♪ Ain't we

♪ Got

♪ Fun

♪ Fun

♪ Ain't

♪ Ain't

♪ Ain't we got fun ♪

Oh my god I love you guys.

Helen, come.

As you wish master.

I don't know why you guys didn't like

seriously pursue music you're so good.

'Cause Eddy's lazy, I kept trying to

goad him into songwriting
but he never would.

There's ample time yet we're only 22.

I think I wanna go lay down


You okay?

Yeah I just think I drank too much.

You did look a little thirsty in there.

You need to throw up?

No I just need to lay down.

Come on I'll walk you up.

I can manage.

I should follow her.

Story of my life.

Wait up.

Go back downstairs.

Let me help you.

I don't want your help.

Baby come on.

Don't baby come on me.

Just go back downstairs and help yourself.

Why are you acting like this?

I said drop it.

It's usually
the result of drinking.

Don't be an asshole Eddy.

I'm not trying to be.

I'm gonna go lay down okay?


Wait, wait this is Helen's room.

I think you should come
back to New York with me.

Oh yeah?


You can stay at my place,

I'll return the favor.

It's tempting.

Come on, you don't have any commitments

here you don't have any
plans, you need to be

auditioning, I can't think
of a single reason why not.

I don't know if I'm ready
to go back to New York yet.

Don't you miss theater?

Yeah of course I do.

But you know, DC's the third biggest

theater market in the country so.

It's nothing like New
York and you know that.

Yeah I know.

It's Eddy isn't it?


You don't wanna go back
to New York without Eddy,

and now with Cassandra
starting school up again

you think you can get things
back to the good old days.

You won't be there so it won't be like

the good old days.

Well I'm here now.

Nice shot.

I'm very perceptive aren't I?

You're pontificating.

You don't like it?

Hey, let go man,

you're drunk.

Sorry beautiful.

And you're not being perceptive.

There you are.

I'm sorry that I can't
play a musical instrument

and that I can't engage in post

college discussions and that I don't know

anything about politics.

Stop it.

I'm sorry.

Cassandra it's fine

you don't have to be sorry.

You do love me right?

You really gotta stop asking me that.

Not everybody
has our tolerance.

That's not something to boast.

Life is for boasting
and toasting my friend.

If you don't do it now,

you'll wish you had later.

Cheers to that.

I don't know why but

I feel like this storm is

happening for a reason.

Oh boy.

I'm serious.

There's something bigger here

that we're just not aware of.

The time grows nigh Eddy,

the Spaniard soothsayer said so.

I'm afraid Cassandra isn't

as illusive about this storm as you are.

She's not very illusive
about a lot of things is she?

She's creative just in a different way.

She's not an artist.

She doesn't do art.

Not everyone does.

That is what makes her
innately different from you.

You're an artist, she's a scientist.

At your core, those two discrepancies

are the cause of your
relationship problems.

Relationship problems?

Who says we have relationship problems?

Listen I'm only throwing
in my two cents here but

things do seem kinda tense between you two

from time to time.

Listen, I think she's lovely,

you know that.

But you need to realize how different

you are from each other.

Ideologically, and the things you...

Okay I don't need you
to analyze my relationship

that you know nothing about.

Right you are.

Which is why

I think I will focus on something
I do know something about.

I am drunk and I am calling


Okay, go call trollop
town I hope it'll be

a good libido booster for you.

Well you know what 22
that's all I'm good for.

Wise words from a strange Latino.

You think so.

I like to at least.

I think he's kind of into you.


No no, best friend remember?

That doesn't mean anything.

Yeah you're telling me.

Come on come on.

Come on please pick up.


Hey, bonita.

What's up?

Just calling to say hi.

Are you drunk?

Yeah, a little, a little bit.


I miss you.

Did you hear what I said,
I said I missed you.

Look Fernando, I'm at home

watching a movie right now, okay?

No you're not, why don't
you just wanna talk to me?

this has gotta stop.

Hey can I ask you a question?


Okay but it's not a
question I've asked before

and it's kinda personal.

That's really portentous I would say.

So you're
giving me the green light?

Since when do you ask me if you can

ask a question, just ask it.


Why Cassandra?


I'm sorry if I'm prying but you gave me

the go ahead.

No no that's not prying it's just

a question between best friends right?

So we're still best friends?

There's no one I'd rather
be stuck in a storm with.

Okay so now it's my prerogative to know

since you've reaffirmed
my best friend status.

Well can I ask you a question?


Why do you even have to ask?

I'm gonna be blatant with you.

You guys are like yin and yang.

I'm serious.

You're so different from
one another and I have

a suspicion that it makes
you miserable and that

I don't know, you're only
with her to please her

or something.

My turn to be honest?


I think I have a particular proclivity

for becoming attracted to women I'm not

particularly compatible with.

Doesn't that make you miserable?

A bit frustrated sometimes, sure, but

I don't know despite
all these mental things

that repulse me or upset me

I can't help but feel
this sort of magnetism.

You're referring to Cassandra?

I have the sensational
pull towards her and

I know she feels it for me too.

It's why we work.

You think she's hot.

You can't claim to love someone

just because you're
physically attracted to them.

No I know but it's not just that

it's something animalistic you know and

not logical at all.

It's something that
definitely has to be there

if I'm gonna commit to any woman and

if we're talking physically
it definitely has to be there

or else my friend here doesn't like to

perform so well.

Are you serious?

Back in college I got with
some beautiful women right

and you would always
wonder why I didn't go

all the way with them.

I did not wonder.

You would ask questions.

I wondered a little.

They all really bored me.

They bored you sexually?

Not exclusively but yeah you know

there wasn't that
passion, there wasn't that

intrinsic connection that I only feel with

a few others.

But like I said it's not all about sex.

I think what it comes down to is

feelings aren't tangible,

they're not logical,

they just are.

I feel for Cassandra.

I don't get what I have to do

to prove to you that I
want you back I need you I

want it to be just like the old times.

Well that was
a long time ago Fernando

and I'm sorry but you blew it.

I don't wanna be mean to you.

I just wanna be better,

I'm trying, I really am.

I'm trying to seek penance here.

Well you
need to seek somebody else

so stop calling.

Let's do a shot, come on.

Are you serious?


Dead is what I'm gonna be

if I keep doing shots.

Remember when you and I used to

drink all night and then drink some more?

I recall but the difference
was we were dancing

you know, firm believer
that if you're dancing

you can drink all you want.

Well then let's dance.


Yeah, first we'll do a
shot, and then we'll dance.

I don't know, I'm getting pretty tired.

Then you need
a shot to pick you up.

Alcohol's a depressant.

You're being a depressant, come on.

One shot now, one shot after we dance.

Listen I'll do the shot but

I don't think dancing is such a good idea.

Why not?

You know why not.


Come on, you're not gonna
indulge me for this one?

I don't know.

We haven't had
just us time in forever,

you remember how much fun we used to be?

We'll see having all space respect.

Yeah well I learned from the best.

Let's go.

Oh my god that was so much fun.

Haven't danced like that in forever.

Oh I love this song.

Yeah I think it's funny that

my Latino musical taste comes from

old songs like this that
my parents listened to

and that's where your taste comes from.

Introduce us to new things.

Oh my god.

Oh fuck I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Oh my god what the
hell are you, oh my god.

I was tucking you in.


I'm sorry you looked cold.

I looked cold?

You're not exactly wearing much.

Oh my god turn around!


I didn't mean to startle you.

Don't apologize for startling me

apologize for waking me up.

I was dreaming I was out
of this fucking house.


would a little

clam suffice?

It'll be our secret.

You know what I'm not opposed,

light it up.

All right.

It's been a really long
time since I've smoked.

Eddy doesn't like you smokin' huh?

It's not that he would
ever tell me not to do it,

it's that I feel like he'd
be judging me if I did.

You're not alone there.

He and Helen always give me shit for it.

I much prefer it to drinking.

You're not alone there either, cheers.

Better than drinking?


Although I admit

I'm still a little drunk.

Is it redundant of I say
you're not alone there again?


Do you wanna


I'm gonna get really high.

You're already drunk

it'll just help soften the edges

instead of violently shaking them around.

My head doesn't really
spin when I drink.


No I just get really sleepy.

Yep, really high.

You just get sleepy.


You a throw up person
or a blackout person?


Well you know

some people drink too much and throw up

others drink too much and blackout.

You're either one or the
other I'm assuming you're

the latter since your

head doesn't spin.

Yeah I guess I'm more
of a blackout person

I don't really drink that often.

Well you are marrying
into an alcoholic family

let me tell ya that.

Between Eddy and Helen and me

it gets pretty crazy.

Please do not refer to
Helen as family please.

I'm sorry.

I'm a throw up person myself.

I like to smoke a little
bit before I drink it

usually helps level me out.

Hey, gringita,

one more shotgun.

You know, I don't
appreciate you calling me

gringita I know what it means.

I'm just messing with ya.

I know.

Come on, don't be a loafer,

if you're gonna smoke
with me you gotta put some

effort into it.

Come on, shotgun.

- All right.
- Okay.

Oh my god!

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

I'm sorry, no.

Oh my god Eddy, Eddy!

Sorry I'm high I'm...


No just...



Did I bore you?

Wait Cassie, hold
on, it's not what it...


How was that for you?

That's what you want isn't it?

You can have it all, it'd be so easy.

Brains and beauty I'm giving it to you.

No no no no, but we were just dancing,

just dancing.

Damn it I'm hungry.

I'm progressive, I can hang with the gang,

I can do wild and crazy things

and I can be funny.

I can do it all for you.

What the fuck is going on Helen?

I'm a great girlfriend.

And you all are fucking nuts

and you're incestuous and this is wrong.

What is happening in my life right now?

Oh well I am upstairs being harassed

you two are embracing
each other's harassment

and it's fucking disgusting.

Just slow down.

What do you mean you're
upstairs getting harassed?

Oh your cousin

or your friend or your brother

whatever the fuck he is

was up there kissing me.


He had his tongue down my throat.

How do you like that Eddy?

Oh my god.





Fernando open the door!

Oh I'm sorry man I'm fine.

Open the fucking door now!

What the fuck is wrong with you man?


My arm!

Stop stop stop stop.

Get off, since when do
you fight people Eddy?

Hey maybe I overreacted.

React his
tongue was down my throat!

Will you chill out for once?

Oh what the fuck is that?


Is that a condom fuck?

Cassie I thought you
said you threw it out!

Yeah whatever.

Did you just fuck in my house?

There's no soap in this bathroom.


Yeah what's the big deal
it's the guest bedroom.

What's the big deal?

What just 'cause it's
not my room doesn't mean

it doesn't fucking effect me.

We didn't have sex in your room.

Why'd you say it like that?

Did you try?

We didn't have a condom
so we didn't have sex.

You are a real piece of shit sometimes.

Turn off the
shower you're wasting water!

You turn it off.

Oh my god!

What the fuck was that?

I don't know the shower like

exploded or something.

Didn't I tell
you not to take a shower

during a thunderstorm?

Oh my god!


Yes, I kissed your girlfriend

out of some sad base inclination

that I just had your spunk in my face.

That is a deliberate
insult you jealous fuck.

I'm the jealous one.

You don't think I notice your subtle

deal over my position in life.

Your position in life?

You're a debased pig.

What sort of position is that?

Not my job man.

You know that you would
rather be in New York

living it up

than stuck here in northern Virginia

with a girl.

Hey this is my fucking house.

He's my fucking boyfriend.

Yeah, yeah great.

Get off me!

Stupid bitch.

In my own god damn house.

Are you serious?

Hey hey hey hey,

hey hey hey!

Hey Jesus!

Get the fuck off me!

What the fuck is wrong with you?


You're all crazy.


Hey you and your fucking fake cousins

and your fucking fake friendships

and your fucking fake religion

and you brought me into all of it.

I'll clean this up man just go get her.

Yeah go get her.

Break me but fucking chase her.


Just go.


What are you doing?

You know what Spanish
people aren't the only race

that call close friends cousins.


Everyone does that.

I know.

What do you want from this?

I wanna make it work with you,

I wanna be near you.

In New York?

It's there it's something I think about.

And Helen?

Is my best friend.

I thought I was your best friend.

You are but she is
too in a different way.

New York, Helen, it's
all the same thing Eddy.

Allegiance, you think I had that

you turn into conflict with me

is a figment of your imagination.

They're not illusions and they're not

figments of my imagination
they're repressions.

You repress your feelings for her

and you focus on what's here and now.

Me, a job in DC,

I can see it it's palpable.

What are you talking about?

Let's forget about all this shit.

You're a liar Eddy.

Maybe not in a traditional
sense but you lied.

You lie to yourself you
lie about your feelings

and you lie about what you want

and you lie about me.

And it's having a domino
effect on everyone around you.

I'm not lying about you.

I fucking love you.

I don't know what I feel right now.

And I don't have to lie and
say that I love you back.

Because I can admit that.

This storm
turned hurricane is now

completely out of hand.

We expect the worst.

Currently heading towards
the southeast coast

and slowly dissipating.

Can you turn it up?

I can't really hear it.

mainly damage this area

Lockwood but not in less of a range.

Cassandra find the towels all right?

Yeah she had one from
earlier when she showered.


And Fernando?

He's upstairs sleeping.

You had sex in my house.

I know.

It was rude.

It's not unlike you.

I gave you your charger right?

Yeah, put it in the car.

She distracts you.

I know.

You distract me.


You don't have to be sorry.

♪ Every morning

♪ Every evening

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ Not much money

♪ Oh but honey

♪ Ain't we got fun

♪ The rent's unpaid dear

♪ We haven't a car

♪ But anyway dear

♪ We'll stay as we are

♪ Even if we owe the grocer

♪ Don't we have fun

♪ Tax collector's getting closer

♪ Still we have fun

♪ There's nothin' surer

♪ The rich get rich
and the poor get poorer

♪ In the meantime, in between time

♪ Ain't we got fun ♪

♪ And we know that we're missing out

♪ As we run in attempt to be free

♪ But we know what this love's about

♪ Still we're scared

♪ So we'll fake it

♪ But we don't hate it

♪ No no

♪ No no no

♪ And oh it's so wrong

♪ Yeah it's okay

♪ To want to feel protected

♪ Yeah I owe you so much

♪ Yeah you mean so much

♪ To me oh

♪ Do do do dum dum

♪ Do do do dum dum

♪ And I don't hey hey

♪ Oh

♪ Oh oh

♪ Oh oh oh

♪ And I'll start over and over again

♪ To the same dance

♪ Maybe hold hands

♪ Yeah the list goes on and I'll

♪ Get over get over those old fears

♪ No more shedding tears

♪ 'Cause I'm a waste of time we spent

♪ You know I can't wait to do it again

♪ And oh it's so long

♪ Oh it's okay to wanna feel protected

♪ Yeah I love you so much

♪ Yeah you mean so much

♪ To me

♪ Oh oh

♪ Do do do dum dum

♪ Da do do da da dum

♪ Do

♪ And I will start over and over again

♪ To the same dance maybe hold hands

♪ And the list goes on

♪ And I'll get over get
over those old fears

♪ No more shedding tears

♪ 'Cause of the wasted time we spent

♪ You know I can't wait to do it again

♪ You know I'll be all right in the end ♪