Suffer Little Children (1983) - full transcript

A mute child arrives at a children's home and starts terrorizing the other children with her demonic powers.

- [Narrator] This picture is
a reconstruction of events

which took place at 45
Kingston Road, New Malden,

in August 1984.

These events were never
reported in the press.

The house is now derelict

and scheduled for demolition.

(eerie music)

(wistful guitar music)

- Whoops, steady on, you two!

You lot keep playing and
I'll send you to bed early.

- Oh, Jen, you wouldn't.

- Course she wouldn't, don't be thick!

- Don't call me thick!

- Is there a good film on tonight, Jenny?

- There is, but it's on too late for you.

- Cath, see if you can rustle
up something quick and hot,

can you?

I think our new little visitor could use

something hot inside her.

There's a good girl.

- Oh, poor little thing!

Look at her.

She looks so miserable.

- How about some nice
hot drinking chocolate?

There's some nearly ready.

- Jenny, I think I'd better
go and make some phone calls.

You get her settled in

as I suspect she'll be
staying with us for a few days

till we can sort this out.

Oh and we've got to notify the police,

they'll try and find the parents.

- Okay.

- Don't worry, Elizabeth,
we'll take good care of you,

I promise.

(children chattering)

- Come on kids, don't
block the door, okay?

You're making Elizabeth
feel embarrassed, come on.

Clear off.

Back to the day room.

You'll all get a chance to
meet Elizabeth later on.

- There's a good girl, there you go.

And look, Cath's made you
this nice hot chocolate.

Would you like some?

I'll take your bag, shall I?

Let's drink it before it gets cold.

- Oh, poor little thing!

- Yeah.

Yes, we can take care of her just now.


No, I haven't had a chance to do that yet.

She only turned up literally minutes ago,

but I will notify the police
with the next phone call.

(clears throat)

Yeah, listen, while I do
that can you get on to, um,

Doctor Stokely for me?

It'll save me a bit of time.

I really want to get back to that kid.

I mean, God knows what's
going on inside her head,

just being dumped like that.

And her not being able to
speak can't make it any better.

You will?

Listen, um, I want to get
on to the police right away,

whoever abandoned her
might still be in the area.

Well, you know, probably
having second thoughts.

Okay, great.



- Elizabeth,

now, can you speak at all?


Can you read or write yet?

Well, don't worry.

Look, all I want you to do

is if you need anything,

I want you to get hold of me or Morris

and show us whatever it is you want, okay?

There's a good girl.

- Well, Elizabeth,

would you like us to try and find

your Mummy and Daddy for you?

Well, um, would you mind if we had a look

inside your carrier bag?

In case there's anything
there that could help us?

- Thank you, Elizabeth.

Now, what have we got?

A coat.

A sweater.

Oh, there's two sweaters.

Pair of socks.

And oh, look, is this your dolly?


Oh, well.

Morris, there's nothing.

No labels, no name tags, nothing at all.

- Hmm, that's a shame.

So, these things are never easy.

Elizabeth, would you like to meet

some of the other kids who live here?

And while you're doing that,

we'll find you a nice room
for you to put your things in.

And then you can have
Sunday lunch with us.

You arrived just in
time for a lovely meal.

That was lucky, wasn't it?

- Okay?

Would you like to come in with me

and meet all the children now?

There's a good girl.

(children chattering)

So we get to the point.

This is Natalie.

- Hello, Elizabeth.

- This is Henry, he's about
the same age as you are.

Say hello to Elizabeth, Henry.

- Hello, Elizabeth, very
pleased to meet you.

- This is Sarah.

- Hello, Elizabeth.

Why can't you speak?

Is there something wrong with you?

- No, Sarah.

If she can't speak that doesn't mean

there's something wrong with her.

That wasn't very nice.

- I had to ask though.

- All right, kids, get on
with whatever you were doing.

Come along, Elizabeth.

(door slams)

(Sarah screams)

- Sarah, what happened?

- Oh, don't be such a misery,
Morris, it's not that bad.

- Oh, it's all right for you,

you don't have to know
what to say to visitors.

Just because he was
brought up here years ago,

well now I'm bent over backward.

What's the point of his
coming back now anyway?

Probably just for publicity,

sell more records.

- One thing Mick Phillips doesn't need

is help to sell his records.

The last three have all reached number one

and this tour he's doing
is now totally sold out.

- That's all the more reason
for him to get on with it,

then, isn't it?

Instead of coming back
here and bothering us.

- You know, Morris, sometimes I think

you grumble just for the sake of it.

The kids are looking forward to it.

This charity show he's doing
is all coming to the home.

Do try to be a bit less stuffy, Morris.

- That's another thing, Jen,

if he's so rich and famous,

why doesn't he just give us the money?

All this publicity, it's embarrassing.

- Stop.

- Sorry, I can't help it.

I've never met a pop star before.

What if he starts offering out drugs?

- Morris, if he does
that just smile sweetly

and say, "No thanks, I'm
trying to give them up."

Listen, Morris...

We should all be thankful
for this show he's doing.

Not just for the money,
but the publicity from it

will show people that kids from homes

don't always end up on the scrap heap.

Besides, it seems to me
that doing it this way

is a really nice gesture.

Sort of like a big thank
you to the way people

bought him up when he was here.

- Well, I wonder.

- Admit it, Morris, you're shy.

You've never met a real
live pop star before

and you're just as excited as me, really.

- Mmm, yeah, I'm going to
go jumping all over him

to sign pictures and autograph.

- Look, here he comes now!

(children exclaim)

- All right, kids.

(children shouting)

- Hello.

You're Jen?

This is Hustler.

- All right, all go to the day room!

We'll be out in a
minute, just settle down.

Morris, this is Mick.

- Nice to meet you.

Meet Hustler.

- Uh, well, come in here.

- Thanks.

- Okay, we'll be out in
a minute, so go back in.

Go on.

- Have a sit down.

- Cheers, thanks.

- Anybody for coffee?

- Yeah, great, thanks.

- [Hustler] Uh, white, please.

- Thank you.

- Thanks, cheers.

- Really, this charity show you're doing

will be a great help to
the home, I tell you.

The kids are constantly on
us asking for luxury items

like video recorders and a hi-fi.

- Right.

- You know kids.
- Yeah.

- You going, Morris?

- Oh, well, we'll see.

- No, Morris won't be coming, actually.

I'll be taking some of the kids, though.

- Oh great.

- In fact, one of the kids saw you

on some pop program the other day.

- That's right, we're doing a promotion

for our single that's coming out shortly,

so, uh, we've done a lot of TV work.

It's been fun.
- Oh, that's interesting.

- Yeah, we've just done
a tour of Japan recently

and then we're off to America
again in the new year.

That's all been very chaotic.

- Seems pretty hectic.

- Hmm, not fucking much.

(Morris clears throat)

- Well, how long is it, uh,

since you were last here?

- In this room?

- Yes.

- God, got me thinking.

Must be about eight
years, I should imagine.

It was usually because I was being

told off for something or other.

- Why, were you a hooligan?

- Hooligan?

He don't fucking change.

- Yes, well, perhaps you'd like to um,

have a look round the place,
meet some of the kids?


- Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

- And I'll make you a
coffee when you come back.

- Right.

- Okay.

- After you.

- Thanks.

- [Mick] Cheers.

- Okay, Mick, what do you fancy doing?

Do you fancy going to see
the kids, more of the kids,

or looking upstairs?

- I think we should meet the
staff first, perhaps, yes?

- All right.

- Okay, it's just down here.

I'll lead you the way.

(girls giggling)

- Hey, day room, please.

- Mine?

It will be a very eventful day.

- Oh, we know that much, didn't we?

Go on.

Let me read yours.

- [Cath] Yeah.

You could be at odds with the world,

which is hardly surprising,

as irritations, delays,
and frustrations pile up.

- You're going to mess
up the kitchen again,

thanks for warning me.

- Keep cool, keep calm.

- Well, don't I always?

I mean, it's my middle name, isn't it?

- No comment.

- It's rubbish, you know, just rubbish.

- I know, I know.

I don't really believe in this.

Not in papers, just runes-

(footsteps approaching)


- Chaps.

- A pair of nice women.

- Excuse him, that's Hustler.

He's supposed to be my roadie,
keep me out of trouble.

Usually works out the other way round.

- Well, pleased to meet you Hustler.

I think.

- Hello.

- He looks like a big
teddy bear, doesn't he?

- Teddy bear, eh?


- There goes your image, Hustler.

- Teddy bear!

Fantastic, innit?

- Never mind, Hustler,
your secret's safe with us.

- I hope so.

- Still, it certainly has changed.


And two toasters.

I never thought about it before,

it must be a lot of work
cooking for all these kids

and people who work here.

Lord knows what it was
like when I was here,

just cooking with gas.

- Mmm, yeah it has changed a bit.

But, um, the art is still in
getting the quantities right

with so many to feed.

- It's all right for you, though.

You're the boss.

I mean you don't have to
worry about the little things

like washing the dishes
and things like that.

And it doesn't help when a certain person

not a million miles away from here

keeps on dirtying all the cups

with his constant requests for coffee.

- That's right, up the workers.

- You're under fire, Morris.

- I'll remind you you said that

when your road crew come
after you for more money

or shorter hours.

- Come on, never mind Hustler's problems.

Come on, let's go and
look around the place.

- All right.

- The kids rooms have changed

since you were last here, too, Mick.

- Mm-hmm.

- [Jen] I'll let you into this room first.

- [Hustler] Do you want to go first?

(knocks at door)

- God, he's good looking.

- He's got really nice blonde hair.

- Yeah, do you like his jacket?

- Yeah, I think it's really nice.

His music is great as well.

- Oh, do you listen to it?

I don't really listen to it.

- Yeah, why don't you like it?

- Well it's...

Yeah, it's all right, but...

(girls screaming)

- Whose place is this?

- It's mine.

- Is it?

- Yeah, it's mine.

- You're all sleeping in here?

- Yeah.

It's all right.

- So what do you know about John?

- It's a pop group.

(girls laughing)

- That's right.

- How come some of you lot
have got shy all of a sudden?

You're not usually like that.

(girls laughing)

- We've never seen a pop star before, Jen.

- I see.

- You've seen a real life pop star now.

Here you are then.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Are you a vegetarian by any chance?

- No, are you a vegetarian?

- No.

Did you sleep here?

- When you was here, did you like it?

- Did I like it?

I loved it.

Yeah, I was here a long time ago.

- How long were you here for?

- About eight years
ago, I think it is now.

Uh guess I was only about two,

so 14 years I was here.

- I'm sixteen now.


(girls whispering)

- Excuse me, you two.

Come along.

This is Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, she can't speak.

- You've got nice hair, haven't you?

How long did this take to grow?

That's nice, isn't it?

Can you smile, then?


Oh, you like my cross.

(eerie music)

- [Demonic Voice] This
in remembrance of me.

(scary music)

Take it in remembrance of me.

And on the third day...

(electronic music)

(phone rings)

(children chattering)

- I haven't done any homework

and I'm gonna get killed.

- Nan, it's not that bad.

- And I feel tired, I'd
like to try for a day off.

- God, Elaine, if there's
one part of the day

this house really hurts, it's breakfast.

- All in the mind, Jenny.

All in the mind.

- Do you think that the
neatest party will recognize

a couple of abandoned thirty
odd screaming monsters

before they're off to school.

- Benny, give Basil a hand,

his leg's caught in the chair leg.

I have fun teaching that
baby bird, too, Basil?

- Yeah, he's so sweet.

He never ever complains about anything.

- I know what you mean,
he's always so happy.

Come on, you lot.

Come on, the bus'll be here soon.

Come on!

Come on, now.

- Basil, come to the kitchen.

I've got some fine chocolate surprise,

but don't tell any of
the others, all right?

- Wow, thanks Elaine.

- Jenny?

- What's the matter, Daisy?

- Jenny, I think I
must've ate something bad.

I really don't feel well.

- Come on, you two, up and
get ready and right now.

- Oh, but my stomach really hurts.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

- You do and you can clear it up.

You've got known type of
homework-itis, that's all.

Now, go and get ready right now

and if you haven't done your homework,

you tell Miss Crease that
you forgot to bring it.

She might buy the old stories.

Come on.

Yes, Morris, just coming.

- There.

- Hello?

Oh, hello, Dr. Stokely.



So, what does that mean?

Not physical.

So the fact that she can't speak

or won't speak

is down to something in
her mind or her past?

Oh, poor thing.

So you don't think that treatment might...

(frightening music)

Thanks anyway.


She said there's nothing
physically wrong with her.

- So under the circumstance,
it's psychiatric?

- [Jen] Who knows what she needs.

- Well, listen, if it is something mental

are you sure this is
the best place for her?

- No, there's nowhere else for her.

- It's funny, this is
the right place for her.

It is why we're here.

- Could she benefit from this environment.

But it's unlikely that we'll find out.

Unless the police can find her family.

(loud music)


- Right, kids, first things first.

Basil's in Intensive Care.

We don't know what condition he's in

or if he's gonna get better.

So we want to find out
just what happened, right?

Now, who wants to go first?

- He just fell.

- That's right he was just
clumping up the stairs

and he keeled out backwards and just fell.

Honest, Morris, really.

- Wait a minute.

One minute he's all right
going up the stairs,

the next thing he just falls down again,

is that what you're trying to tell me?

- Yeah, that's dead right, Morris.

- It's the truth, Morris, promise.

- Look, kids, I have to admit

that I'm a bit surprised.

- Why's that, Jenny?

- Okay, I'll tell you why I'm surprised.

First I see Basil at the
bottom of the stairs,

then I see Elizabeth at the top,

and suddenly I see you two appear.

Fair enough, accidents do happen.

But the way you, both of you,

try to pass it off so glibly,

well quite frankly, it
makes me a bit suspicious.

- Yeah, I know just what she means, kids.

There's something about your attitude that

certainly makes me think you're
rehearsed with your answers.

- That's not fair.

We haven't done anything.

We haven't been in trouble before.

- Yeah, you can't blame us
for what happened to Basil.

- Until you mentioned
it there was no question

of blaming anyone.

The way you two are talking,

it sounds as if you've
got something to hide.

- What is this?

First you try to find out
what happened to Basil

and when we tell you, you
try to stick the blame on us!

- Yeah, you'd better be careful

with your accusations, Morris!

- Listen, miss, you just
remember where you are!

- I won't have any lip from either of you,

so get that into your
heads right from the start.

And if you decide to stick
together with your answers,

then we'll just have to find
a way to separate you all.

Maybe that way we can avoid
accusations and tempers.

- Oh, I know, we'll have
a written statement.

- Good idea, Morris.

- Come on, spread out.

So you can't look at each other.

Now, let's see what you come up with

when you're not listening to one another.

And I don't want to hear a single word

from either one of you, all right?

That's it, get on with it.

Don't leave anything out.

Jen, this could take a bit of time.

Do you fancy getting us both a coffee?

- Right, coming up,
Morris, won't be a minute.

(door shuts)

- Oh, hi, Jenny.

How's Basil?

- No news, I'm afraid.

He's likely to have been in
Intensive Care for some time.

- I don't care what anyone says,

Basil wouldn't just fall.

I mean, I've seen him run
up and down those stairs.

He just wouldn't fall!

Bloody certain something
funny's happened, you know?

- I'm afraid I'm inclined
to agree with you, Elaine.

That was quick.

- Yeah, I want you to read them.

- They didn't copy it?

- Nope.

I stood over them to make sure.

They've come out exactly the same.

- Well, I'm sure there's
something fishy going on.

- Hmm, the question is why?

You know these kids as well as I do, Jen.

They're not bullies or
hooligans, either of them.

- Then let's get to the
bottom of this right now.

Hello, kids.

Interesting reading these.

Especially interesting
the way they both say

the very same thing.

It sort of makes me think they might have

even been rehearsed for some reason.

And I wonder what that reason might be.

- Yeah, well I intend to find out,

so we'll have no more
fairy tales, understood?


Jules, what were you doing
at the top of the stairs?

And you can keep quiet.

- We weren't doing anything.

- All right, we'll do this the slow way.

Why were you there?

- I was talking to Carol, that's all.

- Just talking, eh?

And what were you talking about, Carol?

- Don't remember.

- Hmm, convenient.

- I don't remember either.

- Look here, Carol, what were you doing

at the top of the stairs?

- Just talking.

- Really, all right, I'm
getting sick of this.

You're just going round in circles

and I'm not gonna fall for it.

Jules, what were you doing with Elizabeth?

Ah, I got a reaction.

Maybe we're getting somewhere at last.

Come on, Jules, out with it.

- We weren't doing any--

- I didn't ask you!

Come on, Jules, answer me.

- We weren't doing anything, honest.

- Nothing, eh?

Carol, you're usually honest.

What have you got to say for yourself?

- Morris, I wasn't doing
anything to Elizabeth.

- Yes, then why--
- Honest.

- All right!

I've had enough of this.

You really don't seem to
understand how serious this is.

Basil could die from his injuries--

- Morris!

- No, it's the truth, Jenny,
and then should know it.

If they were up to something
and Basil got mixed up in it,

they have to realize how
bad it can be for them.

Now, listen.

I don't know what happened

at the top of the stairs this morning.

It may take the police to sort it out.

But if I find that you
were bullying that kid

because you knew she couldn't
talk about it afterwards,

I'll have you both shipped
out of here so quick

you won't know what's hit you.



You've taken the time to
rehearse your stories so well

that they've come out identically.

Now what you're gonna do now
is go away and unlearn them

and tomorrow we'll go
through all this again.

And I better get some truthful answers,

otherwise I'll just put the whole matter

into the hands of the police.

Got it?

I said, got it?

- [Girls] Yes, Morris.

- Good, right, get out of here.

See you again tomorrow.

- Do you really think
they're up to something

with Elizabeth?

- I think that once she stepped into view,

she was hanging onto that
crucifix Mick Phillips gave her.

I think they were trying to
steal the crucifix from her

and Basil got in the way and all.

- Hmm, never thought of that.

Mind you, she can't speak,
she can't tell on them.

The perfect victim.

- And that could also account
for her silence with us,

the way she refused to communicate.

Pure fear.

After all, they're still
perfect strangers to her.

- I don't give a damn.

- Elaine, there are times
when I haven't a clue

what goes on in your head.

Look at her for God's sake!

She's so tiny and so pretty.

I just can't see what
you don't like about her.

- Look, Cath, no one
expects me to be sensible.

I just don't like her.

All right, she's lovely
and I know it's sad

that she can't speak and all that,

but I still don't like her.

- All right, then.

Out with it.

- Nah, you'll think I'm daft.

- No need to think that!

I've known that since your first day

when I asked you to separate some eggs,

you put one on the
table, one in the fridge,

and one in the cupboard.

- Oh, very funny.

- Come on, then, out with it.

- (sighs)
It's her eyes.

- Her what?

- I said it's her eyes.

Well, if you must know,

it's the way she looks at me.

- You're right!

- I'm right?

God, you've never said that before.

What am I right about?

- You're right, I do think you're daft.

Now, will you get on with that icing?

I want that cake ready in
plenty of time for the party.

- [Man] Morris, somebody
just delivered something!

- [Morris] Oh.

- [Man] What's that?

- [Morris] Jenny, I think
this, uh, must be for you.

(envelope opening)

- [Mick's Voice] "Dear Jenny,
if you've still got Tuesday

evening off, why don't
I pick you up about 7:30

and we'll both have a night off?

I'll phone to confirm it.

Best wishes, Mick Phillips."

- [Jen] Hmm, a bit sure
of himself, isn't he?

- [Morris] Yes, very.

- [Mick] All right, what
do you normally like to do

on a night off?

Got any regular haunts?

- [Jen] To be honest, no.

I have quite a quiet life.

- [Mick] What, have you no love life?

- [Jen] No.

I haven't got round to anything like that.

I'm usually too busy.

- [Mick] Okay, then tonight
let's try to live it up a bit.

What do you fancy, somewhere
lively or somewhere quiet?

The night's yours.

- [Jen] I honestly don't know,
I haven't thought about it.

- [Mick] Okay, let's do both.

We'll go somewhere and boogie for a while

and work up an appetite

and then later on we'll go
somewhere for a late supper.

Tell you what, there's a place
I know called Cloudbusters.

It's not too noisy and the
crowd there are a lively lot.

A bit weird, but that's okay.

How about that?

- [Jen] Oh, that sounds all right by me.

(disco music)

(reggae music)

- Boys and girls,
Cloudbusters is very pleased

and very proud to present
one of the biggest stars

around today.

Harry, swing the light around will you?

There you are, Mr. Mick Phillips.

(crowd cheers)

(hard rock music)

- It has been an eventful day.

I wonder how poor Basil is.

- Basil, isn't he the kid with the cane?

- Yes, he's a bit slow, mentally.

But he's a beautiful boy.

Poor kid.

- So, what happened to him?

- He fell down the stairs today.

He's in Intensive Care, don't
know if he'll ever recover.

At least he's supposed to
have fallen, but maybe not.

- What makes you say that?

- Well, there were some kids
at the top of the stairs

when he fell.

Remember that girl you gave
your crucifix to, Elizabeth?

- Yeah.

- Well, she was there, too.

Morris thinks that the other kids

were trying to get the crucifix off of her

and that Basil got mixed up in it,

so he was knocked down the stairs.

- So, you reckon he blames me

for giving the crucifix to Elizabeth?

- Oh no, not really.

He's got me saying
"really" all the time, now.

But it's a long time since we've had

an incident like this, you know?

It's usually very quiet.

- Jen.

Is Morris your...

- My what?

Oh, no, nothing like that.

What made you say that?

- Well, he sure.

God, he's got me in it now.

But he sort of got all protective of you.

As though you were
somebody special to him.

- I don't know!

Six kids nearly drowned!

- I know.

I know, Jen, just settle down now.

I just want...

Relax, I just want to know exactly--

- I can't relax!

How can I relax when
six kids nearly drowned?

- We have to try, we have to try.

We have to try, look,

there's no use crying over spilled milk.

No harm was done in the end, was it?

None of the kids have drowned.

They're all okay--

- If it hadn't been for the lifeguard

they would have drowned, Morris!

- I understand that.

Did the lifeguard say what happened?

- Yes, but it all happened too quickly.

- When...

Look, we have to try and rationalize this

and just make things logical and then--

- Look, I can't explain it, can you?

- No, I can't explain.

Look, just try and visualize it now.

Where were you?

There's the shallow end and the deep end.

Where were you?

- I was in the deep end, Morris.

- Where were the six
kids who nearly drowned?

- In the deep end, too.

- So you were quite close to them.

- Yeah, I was quite close.

- Right.

Were Carol and Jules involved?

- Yes, they were.

They were messing around with me.

And then it all happened,

I don't know what happened, but it...

Oh, God.

- Jen.

- Can you explain it?

- Pure panic.

That's all it was, Jen.

- Morris, if it was some
sort of group hysteria,

then what brought it on?

That sort of thing doesn't just happen!

Besides, there's more to it
than the kids nearly drowning.

Or have you forgotten the other two?

They deliberately stopped me
from reaching the other kids!

- Jen, why don't we just--

- No, let me finish, Morris.

I'm prepared to accept
that grabbing my bikini top

was just horseplay,

but they deliberately prevented me

from reaching the other kids.

They could have drowned, Morris.



- I can see you're worked up about it all,

but are you really trying to convince me

that both at the same
time, Jules and Carol

realized that the other kids
were about to start to drown

all at the same time

and that without speaking they then, what,

conspired together, without speaking,

in order to keep you occupied?

- Oh, don't be so smug, Morris.

I know what happened, I was
right in the middle of it.

- Don't jump down my throat.

All right, you come up with an explanation

that makes any sense.

I'll be glad to hear it, really.

- No.

I don't have an answer.

All I do know is that six kids didn't

all take it into their heads

to try and drown at the exact same moment.

Especially when two of the kids
are normally good swimmers.

- Calm down, Jen.

(strikes match)

(phone rings)

- 942405.

Oh, hello.

Yes, hold on a second,
I'll just get her for you.

Jen, it's for you, Mick Phillips.

- Jenny speaking.

- Hello, Jenny, you sound a bit gormy.

- Oh, do I?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I've just been having a
discussion with Morris.

Anyway, how are you, Mick?

- So-so.

Has he been giving you a hard time?

- A bit.

- I can imagine.

Probably had no sleep last night,

I expect he'd be bad company.

- How did you guess?

- Don't tell me, he just a grownup.

- Exactly.

- What do you say (indistinct)

- No, you'd better not.

Listen, what can I do for you?

Or are you just in a chatty mood?

I'm a busy person, remember.

- I'm sorry, it's all this easy living.

I'm not used to mixing
with the working classes.

No, listen, it's about
that birthday party,

is it still on for this
afternoon or was it this evening?

- Oh, yes, I'm glad you
reminded me of that.

It's this evening.

Hang on a moment.

Morris, you don't mind if Mick
comes to the party tonight,

do you?

I said it would be all right.

- Jen, of course I don't mind.

Your friends are always
welcome here, you know that.

- Mick, we'd love to have you.

About seven-ish?

- All right.


- How'd you know that?

- Oh, he's not so bad.

He's a bit old fashioned, but
it's all to save your back.

- Glad you said that, actually, it's true.

So what have you been
doing with yourself today?

- Ah, it's a surprise.

You'll find out tonight around seven.

See you then.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

- All right?

- Yeah.

He said he's coming round about seven-ish.

He said he's bringing
some sort of surprise,

but he wouldn't actually say what it was.

- I wonder what that might be.

- Now, Morris--

- Don't worry, Jen.

I'll behave myself.

Really, I'll make a
special effort, promise.

- Well, see that you do,

otherwise I'll be very angry with you.

(kids cheering)

(rock music)

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Are you afraid to close
your eyes at night ♪

♪ I'm gonna creep up on
you while you're dreaming ♪

♪ There's no one who can
save you left in sight ♪

♪ So suffer suffer
suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

- That's a bloody racket!

- Too much for you, Morris?

- Well, you were certainly
right about it being too loud.

Talk about what sort of future we'll have

when we head for the room.

- Pretty noisy now at the moment.

I'm gonna go and check up on them.

See you in a minute, you two.

- See you.

♪ You'll be lucky if you meet your maker ♪

♪ 'Cos hell's the place
you're gonna go for sure ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

- Say, she--
- She-

- Sorry.

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

- Morris, listen here.

Let's stop it here.

I wanna make fellows.


- That's all right, Mick,
I'm pleased to know you, too.

- You know, it hasn't been easy.

Me coming back here like this.

I expected to get a
feeling of coming home.

Well, I didn't get it.

- What, no feelings at all?

- The only feeling I got when
I came inside this building

is the way that those other kids feel now.

Whatever roots I have
are in me, wherever I am.

- Well, that's good.

That's good.

I mean, no man should have
a building as his past.

Home's the people that you knew then,

your teachers and friends and

whoever knew you first in life, see.

And that's what we have to try and do

for the kids here now.

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

Or maybe it doesn't work for some.

- Morris, if it hadn't been
for the people like you,

God knows what I'd be doing today.

If I was rude or one thing
yesterday, I'm sorry.

It was wrong.

- I know what you mean.

I don't make things easy

even for myself.

I try to be witty and it
just comes out sarcastic.

And I'm just not very good
with grownups, I suppose.

- Oh, you're not too bad.

- Hmm.

(clears throat)

About you and Jenny?

Are you...

Are you interested in her?

- Why, are you?

- What the hell's that?

(children screaming)

- Stop it!

Stop it, get her out, quick!

(girl screaming)

- What the hell is going on?

(girls laughing)

(wistful guitar music)

- The kids are all in bed.

Morris has taken care of it.

- I really ought to have helped him.

- He told me you'd say that.

Well, they went to bed
without any fuss straightaway.

- You must be exhausted after today.

I know I am.

I tell you, I'm looking forward
to going to bed tonight.

- It's quiet out here.

- Yeah.

When the weather's good,
I often come out here

just to rest my ears a bit.

- I could do with a
place like this myself.

Especially after work.

- I thought that you'd
have a lovely house, Mick.

- I suppose.

If expensive equals nice.

- You don't sound very happy about it.

- Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy.

I've been very lucky.

I've got all the things
I'm expected to have.

But when all is said and done,

I guess I don't feel any
different to when I was a kid

in this place.

An orphan.

- What do you mean, Mick?

Are you lonely?

- Probably.

- I'm sorry about that, I really am.

- Still in a couple of
years I'll be able to retire

and perhaps try and have
a personal life of my own.

- What sort of person are you looking for?

- I don't know.

Possibly someone like you.

Jesus, what a day.

- God, you can say that again.

I haven't had a week like it.

- I just don't know what
the devil's got into them.

I'm really staggered by it all.

- Everything's been going wrong.

This whole week's been crazy.

- Hmm.

From what I've seen, I
hope it's not typical.

- No.

No, mate, I can assure you that.

Quite the opposite.

In fact...

In fact, this week's been so unusual

that at one point, um...

Well, I have to admit, I thought
it was somehow your fault.

- My fault?

How'd you work that out?

- My own weakness.

We have an excellent record, here.

We never have any violence or trouble.

I suppose I just wanted somebody to blame

for the way things have
gone wrong this week.

I mean, you were a new influence and

it was just easier to
look for someone to blame

than to find the real cause of it.

I'm sorry.

But if it makes up for my bad behavior,

Jenny stuck up for you all along.

- It wasn't anything like that, Mick.

Morris didn't just come out and say,

"Basil's fallen down the
stairs, must be Mick's fault."

He's trying to find any new influence

that might have triggered this all off.

- So apart from the wicked rock star,

what else could be the cause?

Any answers?

- No.
Not really.

- I'm not so sure.

- I think what you're gonna say, Jen.

- You do?
- Mm.

- Well I wish you'd say
it, 'cos I'd like to know

what in hell is going on here.

- Mick, in the past few days

lots of unusual things
have been happening here.

- Since I came on the scene, you mean.

- Well, at first it did look that way.

But I've been thinking about it

and I think that there's
something that we have to include.

- [Morris] Elizabeth.

- [Jen] Afraid so.

- [Mick] Elizabeth?

That little kid?

- [Jen] Look, I know how stupid
this will sound to you both,

but I'm sure she's involved.

- [Mick] But she's one of the
youngest kids in the place.

- [Jen] I know that.

Look, this isn't going to
be sensible, any of this.

- [Morris] Look, Jen, just say it.

Don't worry about how it sounds.

- [Jen] All right.

Look, we went for months and
the most trouble we've ever had

was kids occasionally
fighting over trivial things.

The first unusual thing
wasn't Mick's visit,

it was Elizabeth being abandoned here.

- [Morris] The day before?

- [Jen] Yeah.

- [Mick] God, was she
dumped here that recently?

- Yes.

The same day, Sarah
became our first accident.

Then she was there when
Basil had his accident.

She was at the top of the
stairs with Carol and Jules.

Then she's at the swimming pool

when the kids nearly drowned.

Those two deliberately
stopped me from helping them.

Then she was at the party
when the fight broke out.

- Yeah, but she didn't start the fight

and how could she drown six
kids all at the same time?

- Well, I didn't say I could explain it.

But, just feelings I have, that's all.

- I guess I must be as crazy
as you, Jenny, 'cos I...

Well, I tend to agree with you.

- You do?

- Yes, I do.

I don't know how she's doing these things

or even whether she does them herself.

I think she might be using
those other two like her...

Soldiers or something?

At first I thought they were bullying her,

but now they seem so close

and with two more kids on her side,

it becomes more difficult
to keep an eye on them.

I mean, even if she wasn't seen

when these things have happened, I mean,

I can't honestly say that
I've had my eye on Carol

and Jules, they could've
been up to anything!

- I'm sorry, both of you,

but it all seems very unlikely to me.

Even if she was getting those two kids

to do her dirty work for her,

how can she explain what
she wants them to do?

She can't talk, remember?

- [Jen] I know all that.

I didn't say that I was making any sense.

But there's absolutely no way

that I can back all my
feelings up in any way.

- Nonetheless, Jenny, I
think you could be right.

I certainly intend to
keep a very close eye

on Elizabeth and her two pals from now on.

- Well, Morris, do you
think it'll be a quiet day?

- Yes, I do, really.

You know, I thought about
it for ages last night,

but it just all seems different today.

When I look at it I think it was just

an unfortunate set of
circumstances all crammed

into one rotten day.

Look at it any other way
and it becomes pure paranoia

and just gets worse the
more you think about it.

- Oh, I don't know.

I woke up this morning almost frightened.

As if I was under siege,
waiting for the next attack.

- There we are.

The more we let ourselves
get worked up about it,

the worse it'll seem.

Let's just treat today like any other day

and see what turns up, yeah?

- Oh, I hope you're right.

All the same, I'm going to
keep a close eye on Elizabeth.

- Hmm.

- Look, she's staring over here.

- Good, let her look.

- I'm bloody fed up, my party was ruined,

and I want to use the new
stereo with the volume full up.

- No, Morris will complain
it's too loud, really!

(girls laugh)

- Judy's party was terrible, wasn't it?

- I know, but it's my birthday on Friday

and I'll brain anyone who screws that up!

- Oh, you always want
to hit people, Jackie.

- Shut up, then or else
I'll hit you, Maxine!

Why are you such in a mood today?

- I'm not!

- Oh, yeah.

Is there any more milk?

Oh, great.

I can't eat any more of this.

Why have you got your jacket on?

- I'm freezing!

- Yeah, I suppose it is a bit cold.

Oh, have you seen that
new girl, Elizabeth?

- Oh, God, have you seen her eyes?

- Yeah, they're all dark and evil!

- We were making fun of her the other day.

Have you seen the book she's reading?

- No, what is it about?

- It's weird.

- It's not kid stuff?

- I'd look over her head.

- She's strange, though, isn't she?

- Hello, Benny.

Thinking about Basil?

- Yes.

- Don't worry, son, he'll be all right.

- Yeah, I know.

- Look, he's still in Intensive Care,

but the doctor said he would be okay,

so just don't worry, okay?

- Jen, it just isn't fair.

Look, he'd never hurt anyone.

- I know.

I know you're his
friend, just don't worry.

We don't know what happened to him.

We know he fell down the stairs,

but we just don't know what happened.

- Basil wouldn't fall!

I should be with him.

- You know, it's been a really funny week.

I was thinking about it last night.

Remember, Judy, I was talking for ages.

Well, anyway, I was thinking.

First Sarah got clocked on the head,

then Basil ended up in hospital,

then, Judy, you nearly got drowned

and your party was ruined and everything.

I mean, it's really been a wild few days.

- I know, my head still
hurts when I lie on that side

of where I conked my head.

- But what I wanna know
is what's causing it.

(rock music)


- What are you doing?


Calm down, just calm down now.



No, just calm down.

Just calm down.

All right.

Don't worry, stay there, just...

Hand me the knife very gently.

(Terri screams)

Give me the knife.

(Terri screams)

(Morris yelps)

(Terri screams)

(eerie music)

- [Demonic Voice] Suffer the children.

(phone ringing)

- Oh, hello, Mick.

God, what a day we're having.

Well, Morris has been stabbed

and according to Dr. Stokely,
one of our kids is in a coma.

(Jen screams)


- Come here!

- [Jen] No!


- What is...


- Come on!



(girls laughing)

(Jen screaming)

- Jesus Christ!

(Jen screams)

- No!

Please help!


(Jen screams)

(Jen panting)

(dishes clattering)

(Jen screaming)

- [Demonic Voice] Stand!


You will do what I want you to do!

- God, this is the first chance
I've had to rest all day!

- What are you doing, Elizabeth?

- What are you doing with the knives?

- [Demonic Voice] Stay in your chair, boy!

You, follow my commands.

- Hey.

What are you doing?

(Elaine sobs)


What are you doing?


- No, no!

- Don't!

- [Demonic Voice] Do it!

- No!


- [Demonic Voice] Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

- No, stop!


(Elaine screaming)

- No, stop!

(Elaine screaming)

- [Demonic Voice] Die, bitch!

(girls laughing)

(rock music)

Come to me, my little babies.

(clicking phone)

- Good God!

It's dead.

(hard rock music)

- [Jen] Mick!

- [Mick] What the hell's
been going on here?

- [Morris] I don't know, the...

The kids have gone crazy.

Jenny, go and get Dr. Stokely.

- [Mick] Right, you stay
here, we'll check upstairs.

- [Demonic Voice] Protect me, my children.

(girl screaming)

- Oh!

(children screaming)

- Ahh!

- Get off!

Get off of me!

Get off!

- [Demonic Voice] Destroy them all!

Destroy the Christ worshipers!

(children screaming)

(Hustler screaming)

- [Demonic Voice] Ah!

The power is coming!

(Elizabeth screaming)

(eerie music)

- [Demonic Voice] Go.

Crucify him.

(Mick screaming)

(Carol and Jules laughing)

- [Demonic Voice] This
in remembrance of me.

- [All] Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

(louder) Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!

Come, Devil, come!


- [Demonic Voice] I am here.

(Demon snarls)

(rock music)

And now the game begins!



(demonic howling)

(Carol screaming)

(Jules screaming)

- No!

(demonic howling)

(Elizabeth screaming)

(somber music)

(keys in door)

(Jen screaming)

- No!


(Jen screaming)

(somber music)

(rock music)

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Are you afraid to close
your eyes at night ♪

♪ I'm gonna creep up on
you while you're dreaming ♪

♪ There's no one who can
save you left in sight so ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer little children ♪

♪ Suffer suffer suffer ♪