Suddenly Seventeen (2015) - full transcript

A 28-year-old woman who is unhappy in her marriage eats a piece of strange chocolate which transports her back to her 17-year-old self, the time before she met her husband.

Been longing for romance so long

Didn't expect you to be the one

I was one and now we are two

Fate is something I can't explain to you

Ten years is short yet so long

I'm afraid of not staying young

You ask, what's wrong

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

Now I want to go back in time

And reclaim my youthful shine

Don't laugh at my pride

Coz you don't get to decide

With all my wonders lost in a backpack

Each step forward feels like a backtrack

Like a bubble my dreams are washed away

And here I stand, left to say

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

You don't know me

You don't know me at all

I'm Liang

Like the previous 3,656 days

before he wakes up

I put on my best face

Like the previous 3,656 days

he always looks so handsome

The only difference is

today he will propose to me

and I might say yes

What is it?

You tell me

There's nothing

Mr. Gao's wife

likes diamonds


when I was in Dubai last week

I brought one back for her

As you know

it's a crucial stage for my company

Mr. Gao

is important

I'm in love with you

Will you be my girlfriend?

10 years later we'll be married

and have lots of kids

Hello, Mr. Gao

Don't wait for me tonight

Sleep early

I'm heading out now

Are you eating snacks again?

My dear

he still hasn't proposed to you

You know why?

Because you've lost your charm

Do you feel like you're old

completely worthless

and fail at everything?

That's because you're old inside

ls there a solution for that?

Yes, there is!

The solution is in my hands

It is called

Forever Lasting Youth and Happiness

Magic Chocolate

It's made of a rare coca

found deep within the rainforest

Eat once will make you happy

twice will make you crazy

three times will make you feel like heaven

The amount is limited, so act now

What are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone

and dial



You've won the chance of a lifetime


No need for insults

No, I mean

you need to push him

force him to propose

It must be tomorrow

The Chinese almanac says


is good for forced marriage

conceiving and deceiving

Put your ego aside

I've thought it through


at my wedding

force him

No way

It's your wedding

It should be all about you

Don't think too much

It's just another wedding

We had one in the U.S.


my hometown

This will be our fourth

Don't worry about it


you're my bestie

Your lifelong happiness

is worth my wedding

But I don't know

how will Mao feel?


don't hesitate

Just do it

The wedding

the timing

the setting

the people

he must say yes

Miss Liang

Your Forever Lasting Youth and Happiness

Magic Chocolates

have arrived

How did you know I'm here?

I got a feeling


I wish you

happy and youthful always

Let's get another round of applause to the newlyweds

Mr. and Mrs. Oreo

And we still have one more surprise for you

from the groom

Chinese always say

a turtle can live a thousand years

but I will love you forever

He's here

I won't throw the bouquet

Instead, I'm going to take this opportunity

to pass this bouquet

directly to one person

my best friend, Liang


Get up here

Come here

Get up


I want to let everyone know

they've been together

for 10 years



I wish you both can be

just as happy as we are


Propose, propose

Say yes, say yes, say yes

Okay okay

Say yes, say yes, say yes

How long will we be together?

1 year?

Not enough

5 years?

Not enough

10 years?

Still not enough

What about after that?

I want to marry you

and have lots of kids

Will you say yes?

Propose, propose


I'm so grateful to have you during the

best 10 years of my life

You'll always be

my one and only prince

I'll propose to her if you don't

Today is Ning and her husband's

big wedding day


we should not intrude

Excuse me, I'm sorry

Mr. Gao


The number you dialed is busy now



Mao, listen to me

I'm sorry

I didn't do it on purpose

Let's break up



I'm talking to you

Do you know how to drive?

Of course not


What's your deal?

What's YOUR deal?

You think it's funny?

Wait here

Traffic patrol?

Someone crashed into my car

Shanghua road

at the intersection

Yes, please come over

Where's she?

Scan a QR code

get a free 2016 calendar

What year?

00:16:45,573 --> 00:16:46,948
It's not 2005?

Don't tell me you're a time traveler

How does this work?

Just slide



Are you alright?

Four Eyes

Come help me!

Are you really my Four Eyes?


Where are your glasses?

Your buckteeth?

Did you end up with your

online friend "naughty heartache?"

How old are you?

17, duh

Who's your husband?

Nick Carter

and Brian Littrell

Holy shit!

Your mind's time traveling

Right now

you're not Liang

You're Little Liang

So how old am I, really?


So no more college entrance exams?


I can do whatever I want?

Am I already a famous painter?

Tell me

How many exhibitions have I held?

And how many awards have I won?

This is your award

Mao, age 34

CEO of a design company

has a self-obsessive disease

He's so old

and has a disease?

I don't want him

Not only do you have him

You gave up everything for him

Let me guess, post-marriage

he strictly controlled me

didn't allow me to leave or paint

forced me to care for his disease

He doesn't have a disease


You two

have been together for 10 years

and are still not married


you failed at making him propose to you


So I'm not a painter


I didn't study in France




How did I end up like this?

Interesting question

What's this?

It talks

Tell me your wishes and dreams

What would you like for dinner?

I'm gonna eat Mao-caroni and cheese


Searching nearby restaurants

fun, right?

There are lots of fun things


How do I look?


I like the way you look when you're 17

Where are you going?

To go have fun

Let's take pictures

Ready, go

00:20:22,822 --> 00:20:23,488

00:20:23,863 --> 00:20:24,488

00:20:25,238 --> 00:20:25,988

00:20:26,738 --> 00:20:27,363

00:20:39,363 --> 00:20:40,655
I can't give you what you want

I know you feel hurt

it isn't easy for me either

We've been together for so long

our life feels like a routine

I'm just afraid after 50 years

we might still be like this

I know you don't want to work

and I don't want you to have burdens

Just let me know your requirements...

Who says I don't want to work

You're the reason I don't paint

and didn't go to France

How can you blame me for that?

Just because you perfectly applied your hairspray

and wear a suit with no wrinkles

doesn't mean you can bully me

You are not my type anyway!

If I'm not your type

then why did you call me your

one and only prince?


What prince?

Be your own Monkey King

I'll be Zena the Princess Warrior

You said I can make requirements, right?

I require you to leave

This is MY home



Let's go, Four Eyes


What happened to my car?

Where are we?

Fourth Ring Road

What's that bird's-nest thing?

The Bird's Nest


That metal-pants looking thing?


Former Backstreet Boy

Nick Carter just posted

new pictures of him and his wife online

Since last year

the couple have been...


My husband got married

I'm not the bride

Where we going?

A place I couldn't go before

Welcome to tonight's

costume party

Let's rock!

That's our song


our college dance song

Let's dance

No no

I forgot the moves already

Little Liang

It's good

We require better than good

The best is yet to come

The worst is all behind us

As long as it's well done

However long it takes

We lead this happy live

No matter how large the universe

Live in every second

The more we strive

the more we feel satisfied

The tighter we hold each other

The happier we are

Let's fire it up

Our flame will be amazing

It's good to have dreams

The best is yet to come

It's not at my house

it's not here either

Mr. Mao

I'm sure we'll find it

Bottoms up!

The number you dialed does not answer

It's so great to have you guys

Thanks for the gifts

Do you like them?

I do, I do

I also have a gift for you


What is it?


Want it?

Yes, yes!

Being 28 rocks!

Little Liang

Er Kang wants me to ask you

do you still remember

Afanda from Da Ming's Lake?

Why did you drink so much?

You know I'm a lightweight

Why did you bring me here?

You asked me to

So you're back

What are you talking about?

Your mind time traveled

back to 17

You were so cool

You told Mao

Get out

This is my home

Get out

You're wasted

I'm serious

It's all true


I recorded it


It's you

You said I can make requirements, right?

Now I require you to leave

This is MY home

Let's go, Four Eyes


It's Mao

Answer it



do you have my iPad?


Do I have his iPad?

Yes, I have it

Where are you?

I'll go get it

Actually, I don't have it

Liang, listen to me

This is not a joke

You have to return it


Where's the iPad?

He broke up with you

just ignore him


Please help me


he and I are finished


you know I'd help you

but only you know

where the iPad is

the 17 year-old you

17 again?

Are you sure that driving

can bring you back to 17?

I think so

Excuse me

One more time, please

No way

I drive the car

not ruin it

My brake pads cost 2,000 yuan!

Do it

Oh yeah

Money can buy brake pads

Just let me have it all


Uhh my jaw...

No more

No more

17 again?


Not at all

This isn't working

What should we do?





I'm risking a divorce for this

Hit that car

Get out!

You crazy women

I'm done with this time traveling game

If I hit that car

not even time travel will save my career

Give me the money

Wait, wait

Just give it to me

There're many ways to express emotion

collision is the dumbest way

Moreover, intentional collision!

Had you been successful

just imagine the negative impact on society

And you

you're her friend

how could you let her do this?

You should have controlled her

not encouraged her to...

Come in

Sir, the paperwork is done

Keep an eye on your girlfriend

I'll leave you two alone

What happened to you?

Here is your stuff

I'll take care of the car

but you need to

return my iPad

The designs for Mr. Gao are in there

I'm presenting this morning


What's gotten into you?

Please don't leave me


It's all right

It's OK, don't cry

Everything is all right

You bastard

I thought we were done

Don't touch me

You're disgusting

Your iPad is located at Maju Bridge

My iPad is by Sixth Ring Road?


I gave it away

Maybe it got reset

Straight ahead for 200 meters

Straight ahead

Keep going

Keep going

The destination is near by

Stop running!

Come back here!

Stop him!


GPS rerouting

You've arrived

at your destination

What do you want?

Your iPad

It's mine

My iPad is yours?


My brother just gave it to me

How come it's yours

It has my personal information

Open it, take a look

I think your stomach

has my personal information

Why don't I take a look

No need for that

How about I buy it?

Buy it?


One pig is 5,000 yuan

I think It's worth half a pig


I only got 1,500 yuan

Fine, give me the money

Now it's worth 1,500 yuan

Here you go

This one is faster


Chase her

Is this

cracked screen

also part of your design?


This is a makeup package design

Our target customers are

young city girls

These people

lead fast-paced lives

passing our shelves

with tremendous speed

The perfect design

will quickly bring them back

and your design

is... well...


a cheapness that's almost free

Let me show you

today's most popular Weibo

Searching for my subway sweetheart

You know why it's viral?

Because it's inspiration in the moment


Take a look

Eye catching

isn't it?

It's Liang

You know her?


Have her design

and I'll invest

No, she's not right

I don't think she's right

She's not right

but this is?

Mr. Gao, please

give me 48 hours

and I promise

you'll be satisfied, please


In 48 hours

I want Liang's design

then I'll be satisfied

This chocolate

brought you back to 17


I saw it with my own eyes

It's your mind that went back to 17

Nothing else changed

So I'm doing this to myself?

Kind of

Take them away

I don't want any more trouble

Actually, I like the 17 year-old you

It's the you I used to know

You don't want them?

I'm taking them

Just kidding

I'll keep one

for keepsake

It's Mao

Answer it



Nice to meet you

Who is she?

My new assistant

Miss Yu

Have a seat

Miss Liang

You look great tonight


I've invited you here

because I need your help

What is it?

Mr. Gao really likes your drawing

Would you design for us?

I didn't draw this

Then how do you explain this?

Never mind

no need to insist

But what about Mr. Gao?

I don't know

Let's eat first

Mr. Mao

I'm sorry

but I still want to show you these

Did you design these?

They're still incomplete

but if I revise a bit

can they be a backup?


we can try

That's great

Thank you, Mr. Mao

I did draw that

I can draw

Give me a minute


I am the 28 year-old you


I'll forgive the troubles you've caused

but you have to do me a favor

go back to the table and

draw for Mao

Show him our talent

Look at your phone

I am the 28 year-old you


What should I draw?

Something similar to this

His name is Yan?

He's looking for me

I gotta go

Bye bye

You came to look for me

You looked for me first

Where to?

Don't know...

I haven't seen the city for a while

Okay, I know where to go

Hold on tight


This way

Almost, almost

You said you haven't seen the city for a while

This is a surprise for you

Thank you

I want to look at you like this forever

Is this also a surprise?

Get down

Don't jump!

Tell us your problems

The government will help you

I've never been arrested before

Is this serious?

Will I go to jail?


How long are they keeping us?

Not days I hope

The door is locked

Oh boy!

Young people

are short tempered

What did you do to me?


Someone is here for you again

I thought this was you first time here

Stay away from me


Just sign here like last time

Try to be patient

Don't be upset

Why did she climb so high?


keep an eye on your girlfriend

Such a dangerous act

Don't do that again

I know it's not a good time to bring it up

but Mr. Gao

wants you to design for us


regardless if you drew it or not

if you're interested

you can start to paint again

It's a frog

It's a ballerina


A ballerina

An owl

It's too abstract

This is obvious

An astronaut

An angel

This is heaven

and this is...

Give it back

Liang, don't be upset

Reading your paintings is harder

than reading someone's palm

What should I do

I've already promised Mao to do the design

It's my only chance to win him over

What are you thinking?

Will she

buy into this?

Of course

After I eat the chocolate

just do what I told you

Give her these gifts and

bribe her to draw

It won't work

Plan A

the Harry Potter and imperious Curse

You tell her that


has been murdered


is also dead

If she wants to know what happened to Harry

she has to draw

It won't work

Plan B

the Backstreet Boys

Brian Littrell

will make her drool

Nick Carter

will make her scream

The poster with their lip prints

will make her your slave

Don't be surprised

if she kneels down and draws

What if it still doesn't work?

Tie her up, show no mercy

Good idea

Let me go

What makes you think

you can tie me up?

Why can't you just draw?

Please, I beg you

I can draw

but you must answer two questions


How did Big Liang get me here?


How did she send me away?

Tell me the truth and I will let you go

If you lie to me

I will starve you here

It's only five hours

I'll be fine

What five hours?

I know your weak spot

I don't have a weak spot

What are you doing?

Don't touch my feet

I'm warning you

I will bite you


Don't do it

It's the Magic Chocolate

that brings you here

for 5 hours

Where's the rest of the chocolate

I really don't know

Just get it over with

Do you have any chocolate here?

You should eat it, too

so we can be 17 together


I enjoy my life now

no need to go back to 17

Snake eyes!

1 chocolate, 5 hours

I can go ride with Yan again

2 chocolates, 10 hours

We can take a field trip together

8 chocolates, 15 hours

We can have dinner after the trip

This is Forever Lasting

Youth and Happiness

Magic Chocolate hotline

You're our VIP member

Please rate our service

For a five-star rating press 1

To buy another box press 2

This is Forever Lasting

Youth and Happiness...

Dear Big Liang

I'm excited to be in your world

Don't worry

I will draw for you

But the time was tight

Can you eat more chocolate next time?

Look forward to my next arrival, yeah!

Just want to let you know

you should lose

during the tennis match

But I'm good at tennis

You won't look bad

I don't care if we look bad

I care if Mr. Gao looks bad


we need to lose

I gotta go, talk later

That's alright

Totally fine

Keep going

Good shot, Mr. Gao

Come on, Mr. Mao

You're not using your strength the right way

Mr. Gao is way better than me

Keep playing

Ready, go



I made a mistake

Can you forgive me?

What is it?

Remember the chocolate you gave me?

I put it into

the golden turtle shell

Then what?



then it was taken by Little Liang


I'm so sorry

I screwed up

But you don't know

how cunning you can be

How come you're so cunning

when you are 17?

But I'm pretty sure

you haven't eaten it yet

Don't worry

I'll find a way

to get you that chocolate back

Four Eyes, you're such a traitor!

You're good at drawing

but not good at tennis

What gives you that idea?

One on one?


Not bad

Go ahead

one more

Mr. Gao

Are you OK?

I'm so sorry

Are you alright?

Are you hurt?


She left?

Why are you so quiet?

Who's the man picked you up last time?

Don't mention him

Where are we going?

To a place where you can't run away

My face still hurts from that slap


I thought you want me to stay away



I can't

What's wrong?

Do you have someone else?


It's my first time

Give me a minute

I will draw for you

No problem

But you have to do me a favor

You have to kiss him for me

Just one kiss

I promise I won't be a troublemaker again


I like you with long hair, too

It's so beautiful here

I always wanted to come here

but never had the chance

You're still prettier

What else can you do beside flirting with girls?

I'm more than that, OK?

I have my own pursuits

What are they?

Live a life that I want to live

You won't think so after 10 years

It has nothing to do with time

Unless you give it up

For example

I only want to pursue you right now

Put on your clothes

Take me back

Are you playing me?

The melting chocolate incident

can not happen again

I have 3 rules


finish all the drawings in 15 days


in your spare time

you're free

except for sleeping with Yan


don't let Mao find out that you're not me

In return

I won't let Yan know that I'm not you

Hey, what's up?



I'm sorry about last time

But you know

I want to experience lots of things with you

We've got plenty of time


I'm going on a work trip

Come with me

No, I can't

Let's talk after I get back

Did you get played again?

She wants to play a game

play along

Get lost

Your drawings

I gotta bounce

Why do you dress like this?


Do you have a minute?


I'm going out

Where to?

Aren't you afraid of this?

Says who?

You don't know me that well

Where's the scariest place?

Excuse me

Let me pass

Get up

Move away


Surround me

01:04:36,555 --> 01:04:37,430

01:04:37,430 --> 01:04:38,805

01:04:38,805 --> 01:04:40,138

01:04:40,138 --> 01:04:41,305

01:04:41,305 --> 01:04:42,805

01:05:05,971 --> 01:05:07,805
Didn't you read the contract?

Don't hit the staff!

Open the gate

You try to scare me?

She's the craziest client I've ever seen

Little Liang, you just wait!

I arranged the time for you to be with Yan

Hope you enjoy it

Let the fire wings eating competition begin!

Go, go!

Big Bro!


What the hell?

Did you find her?


Why is she disappearing on me again?

She's gone already

Should we go then?

We should go

Yeah, let's just go

Forget it, let's leave

Let's go!


I didn't expect this

Little Liang

Where are my high heels?

I threw them away

They hurt my feet

Where are my limited addition sneakers?

Donated them

Stop eating

junk food

Wasted diet plan, haha

Can you stop messing with me?

Yes, but you have to eat more chocolate

I want more time with Yan

What's so good about Yan?

Your taste is slimy

What's so good about Mao?

Your taste is lame

Interested in starting your own business?

If so

call me anytime

Little Liang's trouble making

has had its benefits

I'm happy for you



This way, Sir



Don't forget to give Mr. Gao

the new design today

Will do

I didn't expect Liang's

drawings to be so good

She's doing a great job now

But I'm not sure

how long it will last


will you get back together with her?

Sorry, I shouldn't have asked

That's fine

There are a lot of things

at some point must end


this might be one of them

She's coming


Hurry up

Four Eyes

Stop it!

I'm in love with you

Will you be my girlfriend?

Say yes, say yes, say yes

How long will we be together?

1 year?

1 year

is not enough

5 years?

Not enough

10 years?

Still not enough



What about after that?

10 years later we'll be married

I'll be an entrepreneur

You'll be a famous painter

and we will have lots of kids



Stop the video

1 year?

Is not enough

5 years?

Not enough

10 years?

Still not enough



What about after that?

10 years later we'll be married

I'll be an entrepreneur

You'll be a famous painter

and we will have lots of kids

What a mess!


Stop running

Come back


If I break my promise

I will run naked in public!

I'm the witness

They got together!

Hey, Liang

Four Eyes

What happened to Big Liang?

The Video of Mao and Liang

Take a good look

Mao, you listen to me!

You are not a man of his words!

I'll be fine without you

I will regain the things I've lost

Let me remind you

the promise you've broken!

Lazy piggy, you need to paint

What the hell is this?

You're my favorite scene

Hey, Big Liang

Watch and learn

You're the shadow that lingers in my dream

Dawn rises in silence

The sky clears after the storm

I hope with you I can paint this moment

I'll be myself and live my life to the fullest

Let memories be

Keep chasing your dreams

No regrets no fears

Because I am being me

The best of me lies within you

It rests deep within me

When I found you...


Miss Liang

Bye bye


Where are you?

I have to paint, can't hang out

but please come to my exhibit

Why don't you call me anymore?


I won't bother you

Can you please call me?

I made these paintings for you

so please come

Are you mad at me?

Don't ignore me


You need to look at this

There was a meteor shower last night

and one of the meteors

on such a romantic night

has caused a little disaster

Here is the live report

This giant meteor fell from sky

and hit a place called

Forever Lasting Youth and Happiness

Magic Chocolate Factory

The factory is destroyed

All of the equipment, raw materials

and chocolate

are burning and creating fireworks


We are broadcasting now

What happened to my factory?

Where's my Forever Lasting Youth and Happiness

Magic Chocolate?

What should we do?

Only 10 left

You sure about this?

She made me who I am

I want her to enjoy this

Hello Hello


Let's give a round of applause

to Miss Liang

Everyone, say hi


28 year-old Liang

How are you?

Thank you for everything

I'm wearing sneakers again

You know I don't like to be so dressed up

Sorry about that

I know you are not pleased with me


I'm not THAT pleased with you either

Neither of us are perfect

and that's why we need one another


No matter what

I'm 28

Thanks for letting me enjoy this moment

and letting me shine like this

I'm 28

funny, I still feel like I'm 17


Great speech


I've planned a surprise for all the guests

and the media

Miss Liang will paint for us

We'd all like to witness your talent

What should I paint?

Whatever you like

I'm sorry

I need a minute


This time I'm doing this on my own




I want to talk to you

I admit

over the past 10 years

I've slowly failed to cherish

all the good things in you

My lack of attention

brought us to where we are today


I only wish for your happiness

You don't have to apologize

Actually, it's not all your fault

I just don't want to stand behind and

wait for you to turn around anymore

Thank you

I am the 28 year-old you


I'll forgive the troubles you've caused

but you have to do me a favor

go back to the table and

draw for Mao

Show him our talent

I will draw for you

No problem

But you have to do me a favor

You have to kiss him for me

Just one kiss

I promise I won't be a troublemaker again

I know you are not pleased with me


I'm not THAT pleased with you either

Neither of us are perfect

and that's why we need one another


What should we do?

Only 10 left

Little Liang

Thank you for all the things you've done for me

The remaining time is yours

I want you to be happy

What do you want?

You just don't get it

I draw for others

just to be with you

to see your face

and you are with someone else?

You can't give me what I want

Why can't I find someone else?


See ya



What the hell?


Get him!

How long have you been seeing Liang?

How long have YOU been seeing her?

Kill him!

Good job!

Give me a chocolate

What's wrong?

What happened?

Tell her not to waste

any more time on Yan

Have Little Liang see for herself

You can't give me what I want

Why can't I find someone else?



don't waste your time on Yan

I'm in love with him

This is MY life

You are different than others

We just want to protect you

I don't need protection!

If it wasn't for her

Yan and I would be together!

I know why you don't want me anymore

You think I can't give you what you want

I can

I can give you

I'll give it to you

I'll give you everything

I'm leaving in the morning

Just stop it!

Don't go

Stop being so crazy!

Are you done?


I can follow him

wherever he goes

Can you?

Little Liang!


Give me all the chocolate

Stop it!

I need more time

I'm going with him

Little Liang!


Big Liang can't stop me!

That's enough!

Stop it!


You need to calm down!

Where is it?

Tell me!


You can't eat them!

These are the last ones

There is no more

Let go


We can go see the skyline again

Ride the motorcycle

Go camping

As long as we are together

we can do lots of things

Please give me more time

Just one more day



Little Liang

Where are you?

Little Liang

Where are you?

Little Liang

Little Liang

Where are you?

Come back with me

She overdosed on an unknown substance

Let's go back

No one cares about me in your world

But you can take care of yourself

Don't you remember?

How we slowly lost ourselves

amidst our emotions and confusion?

It's you that changed me


give me your hand

Let's go back

I can't go back

1ml of adrenaline


Little Liang

Little Liang

Little Liang

Don't be afraid

I will never let you go

Go back

I won't leave you

Little Liang

I admire your purity and bravery

You know

It's you that gave me back

the beauty in me that was lost

I don't belong in your world

but it was worth it

Big Liang

I'm proud of us



Say "Daddy"


Can you say it?

Look over there

What's that?


Hey, Liang

You need to see this

Today's headline

A man named Mao is trying to

win back his lover

and make up for his mistake

by running naked in public

and holding a sign

of his lover's name

We can see his sincerity

So far we don't know

where this woman is

but we wish him luck

Oh my gosh!



Over there

Let's go



I miss you!


I love you!

Sure you don't want to reconsider him?

Big Liang

this life is yours to live

I'll never be far away

just listen to the small voice within your heart