Sudden Fury (1975) - full transcript

Fred is a psychotic entrepreneur who hopes to convince his wife Janet to invest in a shady land deal. The wife refuses, and the couple continue their heated argument while driving through the Ontario backwoods. When their car crashes, Janet is seriously injured, but Fred leaves the scene, hoping that his wife won't last the night.

(quiet somber music)

(phone ringing)

- [Fred] Yeah?

- [Janet] Oh, Fred, it's me.

- [Fred] Oh, hi Jan.

- [Janet] I was wondering if
you were home yet.

Di you just get in?.

- [Fred] Yeah I just got
home a minute ago.

- [Janet] Oh good.

Look I just got back
to the office.

We were held up at a buyer's
meeting across town.

Sorry I'm late.

- [Fred] Yeah, well that's the
name of the game isn't it?

- [Janet] That's right,

Anyway, I'll be leaving here in
about five minutes.

So I should be home soon.

- [Fred] Yeah okay, no rush.

- [Janet] Right, bye.

(phone ringing)

- [Man] Hello?

- Is Janet Bates there please?

- [Man] I think you must have the
wrong number mister.

There ain't nobody here at
this time of night.

- Is this Thread of Design?

- [Man] Yes, sir, yeah it is.

- This is 532-7812?

- [Man] Yes sir yeah.

- Then that's Janet's
office you're in.

- [Man] Well could be.

But there's nobody here now.

We usually close up at
five-thirty around here.

I just heard the phone
and picked it up.

- There's nobody there at all,
on the whole floor?

- [Man] No sir, there hasn't
been anybody here

for hours, except me.

I'm just cleaning up, you know.

- Yeah.

Okay thanks.

- [Man] Sure, sorry.

(light happy music)

- Where are we?

This isn't highway 27.

- Oh I just thought I'd take you

on a different route for a change.

As a kind of surprise.

- Surprise?

I thought we were going to Trent?

- But we are.

Just taking another
route that's all.

This used to be the main
road to Trent.

Little deserted now but such
a beautiful drive.

I thought you'd like it.

- Mm.

- Take us a couple hours
longer to get there

but it'll be worth it, you'll see.

Oh, beautiful country, completely
off the beaten track.

- Oh that's just fine but what
about George and Pat?

Aren't they expecting
is around two?

- Oh no I told them
not to expect us

before three or four
this afternoon.

We've got our lunch.

Besides the christening
doesn't start til 5:30.

What's the rush?

Come on Jan.

I just wanted to surprise you.

You're not mad, are you?

- No that's fine.

- You know there's this one spot

about 20 miles on down the road,
you'll just love.

Oh I came across it a
couple of weeks ago.

I was looking for some farmland

for that architect, remember?

Boy you should see it. (laughs)

Hey, well you can see it.

We could have a picnic there.

It's just a paradise, believe me.

(gentle music)

Come on Jan, can't wait for
you to see this view.

(birds chirping)

- I don't see any view.

- You just wander down that
path and you will.

Look you go ahead I'll
bring the lunch.

It's a perfect place for a picnic.

- All right anything you say.

(bright eerie music)

(quiet dramatic music)

(dramatic intense music)

Where's the lunch?

- Oh, (laughs) how do
you like that?

I forgot it.

It's alright I'll go back
for it in a second.

It's quite a view way, eh?

- Yeah it's beautiful.

- Remember that deal I said
I was working on

I thought could be developed
into something big?

Remember I didn't want to say
anything about it

till I got some information on it?

You remember, I mentioned it a
couple of weeks ago?

- I remember.

- Well this is it.

- [Janet] What?

- This land.

Look around.

It's the perfect place to build

that little resort motel we've
always dreamed about.

- Resort motel?

Since when did I always dream of
owning a resort motel?

- Oh come on now you've always
said how nice it would be

to own some little restaurant or
hotel in the country,

someplace peaceful like this.

- Yeah and I've always dreamed

about being a millionaire too.

What's that got to do
with this place?

- Well it's just that,

it's possible, it doesn't
have to be a dream.

If you like the idea, I think we
could actually pull it off.

We could actually do
it right here.

I can get a deal on this land

that you would not believe.

It could make the whole
thing happen.

We could build a few
cabins up here,

down the river, down there a bit
for canoeing and swimming.

I didn't want to mention it
till I was sure.

But now I am sure.

I can do most of the work myself,
you know,

electricity, carpentry, plumbing.

I could do practically
everything myself.

The whole thing
probably couldn't come

to say more than 40,000 to get
it off the ground.

- $40,000?

Where are you going to get
that kind of money?

- Well I thought if you
like the idea?

- If I like the idea what?

- Well there's your inheritance
and your insurance.

- You mean to tell me
you brought me

all the way out here just
to try and con me

into financing another one of your
harebrained schemes?

- It is not a harebrained scheme!

I'm not trying to con you!

Hell, I just thought as long as
we're on our way to Trent,

we'd take the old road and
see this place.

- Like hell.

You've had it planned for weeks.

- Look for Christ's sake,
how can it fail?

The land alone is an
airtight investment.

One full mile along the
river like this.

- Well if it's such a great idea,

why don't you get someone else
to back you in it?

- I cannot expect
someone to back me

unless I put up some money myself

and I don't have any money,

you've got the money!


Now wait a minute.

- Fred we have been
through this before.

I'm not gonna lend you
any more money.

I'm sorry.

- Why the hell not!

Marriage is a
partnership remember?

- Fred you're hurting me please,
my arm.

- Why won't you lend me the money?

Tell me huh?

Tell me!

- You know why.

That money is all I have left.

It's the only security I've got.

- What about me?

Oh I'm not security
enough for you.

You trying to tell me I can't
take care my wife.

(Janet gasps)

Janet, Janet.

(dramatic music)

(Fred sighing)

What the hell kind of person
do you think I am?

Do you actually think I'm
trying to con you

like some cheap hustler?

Well do you?

What, do you think I want
to take your money

and use it for my own
personal gain?

For Christ's sake Janet,

we have been married
eight years now.

Everything I have done has been
for the both of us.

I just haven't had the breaks,
that's all.

That's all I need, Janet.

Just one break and I know I
could really make it.

I mean is that really
too much to ask?

- Is that why you married me?

- What?

What do you mean?

Is that why I married you?

- Just exactly what I said.

Is that why you married me,

so I could give you the breaks you
couldn't make yourself.

- That's it, rub it in.

Come on why don't you say
what you really mean?

- Leave me alone Fred,
you're hurting me!

- Come on you want to dump on
these and do it right.

Let's get it all out,
right here and now.

- Leave me alone!

(dramatic music)

Look out! (car horn honking)

- What's the matter with you,
you're crazy?

You almost killed me!

- I almost killed you?

I almost killed myself trying not
to kill you, you jackass!

Didn't your mother ever tell you
not to play in the road?

- What are you some
kind of wise guy?

Wait a minute buddy.

Nobody talks to me like that and
gets away with it!

- Fred, for Christ's sake, what do
you think you're doing?


- All right mister, forget it,
it's not worth it.

(dramatic music)

(car horn honking)

(birds chirping)

- Hiya (laughs), I'll be
right with ya.

Hello there, how you doin'?

- Oh, just fine, just fine thanks.

A beautiful day today, isn't it?

- Oh it sure is you know.

We ain't had a drop of rain
around here in weeks.

(laughs) Soon as the tourist
season's over it gets fine.

(both laughing)

- That's always the way, isn't it?

- Every year, every year.

- Listen is that sign
if yours true?

Is this really the last gas
station for a 80 miles.

- Well it sure is.

Well, what do you have?

- Um, fill it up make it super.

- [Attendant] Super.

- That must be pretty good
for you though.

I mean you must get
all the business

that comes through here.

- Fat lot of business that is.

Yeah, lucky for me I've only got
my own mouth to feed.

This time of the year after,
Labor Day,

you can go for days without seeing
a car on this road.

- But what about the people
who live around here?

I mean they must have to travel
a long way for gas.

- Hardly any of them are there.

There's a few of us stickin'
it out.

The people across the way there.

There's a young couple got a farm
about 20 miles further on.

They seem to be doing all right.

But let's face it.

What is there to stay here for?

There's nothing but
trees and rocks.

- Well it's a pretty country
to look at anyway.

- (laughing) Yeah, it is, if you
like trees and rocks.

(both laughing)

Well, thank ya.

You know, I always enjoy having a
chat with a customer.

Where you from?

- [AI] I'm from Appleby about
400 miles from here.

- Oh, that's nice.

Sort of having a late summer
vacation are ya?

- Oh yeah, yeah,
that's it exactly.

A long needed vacation.

- Well how do you like that I
don't get a customer all day

then two drive up at once.

(car horn honking)

- That guy practically forced me

off the road a few miles back.

He jumped right out
in front of me.

- Oh, is that a fact?

Well it's not hard to do
all these roads.

(car horn blaring)

All right, all right, all right!

Goo afternoon, how you doing?

- I'm fine thank you.

Do you have a ladies
room I can use?

- Yeah sure there's a
bathroom just in there,

go in there and go through the
dining room, you'll see it.

- Thank you.

- Fill 'er up sir?


- (sighs) Yes fill it up.

- Yes, sir. - And do
the windshield.

- Yes, sir

- I'm sorry if we caused you any
trouble back there.

My husband shouldn't
have jumped out

in the middle of the
road like that.

It was unforgivably stupid.

He's kind of out of
sorts this morning.

He was awfully rude to you.

There's no excuse of course,

I can only apologize, I'm sorry.

- That's all right.

There was no harm done.

- That'll be $12, sir.

- $12?

(Fred sighs)


- Thank you sir.

- Tell my wife to move her ass.

We haven't got all day.

- Yes, sir.

- Well watch out for kids
playing on the road.

- Okay, yeah you too.

- Don't worry, I will.

- Ah, I think your
husband's getting

a little impatient, ma'am.

He asked me to, uh-- - Thank you.

I heard him.

Well have a nice weekend.

- [AI] Thanks same to you.

- So that's the fella
that gave you

all the trouble on the road eh?

- Hmm, oh yeah, that's him.

- Well, I'm not surprised.

I'm not surprised at all.

- His wife seemed kind
of nice though.

- Yeah, more's the pity.

Well we never know the
whole story do we?

(engine revving)

Well, is there anything more I
can do for ya, sir?

- Um, I think I'll have a
chocolate bar for the road

and then I better get a move-on.

- Well, you take your pick.

They're all stale as hell anyway.

(both laughing)

(dramatic music)

- Do you have to drive so fast?

This isn't exactly a
super highway.

- Don't tell me how to drive.

If you don't like it
get out and walk.

- I'm sorry for what I
said back there

about why you married me.

It was a really stupid thing to
say and I didn't mean it.

We don't have much of a
marriage left do we.

(Fred laughs)

Well surely you can see that?

- That's why you won't
lend me the money

because you think there's
something wrong with our marriage?

- Fred, there is something
wrong with our marriage

and if you felt anything for me

at all you would have
known it by now.

- What the hell are you
talking about?

You make it sound like
it's my fault

there's something wrong
with our marriage.

If there's anything wrong between
us it's you baby all you.

- You're incredible.

How can you sit there
and say something

as totally stupid as that?

- Stupid?

You honestly think I don't know
you've been cheating

on me all these months.

Did you honestly believe that?

Well are you gonna deny it?

- No I'm not gonna deny it.

- That's why you won't
lend me the money.

You have a lover you're planning
on leaving me aren't you?

- Fred I wouldn't lend
you that money

if I had a lover or not.

I was telling you the truth.

- [Fred] You're gonna
leave me aren't you?

- Fred.

- [Fred] You're gonna
run off with him.

- You're driving too fast.

- Answer me damn it!

Are you planning on leaving me?

- Fred, you're gonna go
off the road!

(Janet screaming)

(metal crunching)

- Jan.


(dramatic music)

(Fred laughing)

- [Janet] Fred.


Help me.

Help me please.

I'm bleeding.

Get me loose.




Please. (crying softly)



Help me.

- [Fred] Goodbye, Janet.

(dramatic music)

- Fred.

(dramatic music)

- [AI] No, no.

- Please help me.

I'm bleeding.

- Right don't worry I'll help you.

Where's your husband?

Is he all right?

- He left me.

He just left me here to die.

(Janet groaning)

(birds chirping)

(Janet moaning)

- Listen to me,

there might not be anyone
along here for days.

I don't know, I know I
shouldn't move you

but I've got to get you to my car.

It's the only way I can get
you to a doctor.

It's gonna hurt.

But I'm gonna carry you
up this ravine.

- Okay please.

(Janet moaning)

(Janet whimpering)

- Hang on, honey,

I'll get you to the doctor
as fast as I can.

(Janet whimpering)

Here we go.

I'll have you in a
hospital in no time.

(engine whining)

)engine whining)

I looked in the engine but I
don't know what's wrong.

I don't know anything about
cars or engines.

I don't know what to do.

- Do something, please
do something.

- I will don't worry I will.

Look, , I'm gonna have to leave
here for a while.

I'm gonna go up the road this way

to see if there's anybody
living nearby.

Now look I passed them a farm

about four or five miles
back that way.

I know I can probably get
you some help there

but it's a hell of a long way.

So I'm gonna go up this way first

to see if I can find anybody.

All right.

I'll be back in just
a few minutes.

Take it easy all right.

(dramatic music)

(man breathing heavily)

(hood thuds)

(dramatic music)

(Janet whimpering)

(intense music)

(dramatic music)

(Janet crying)

Who was it?

Who did this?

Was it your husband?

- He tried to smother me.

Please, please don't leave me.

He'll come back.

- I just can't let you lie here.

I've gotta go for help.

- He'll come back and kill me.

He'll come back and
smother me to death.

Please don't leave me.

- I won't leave you alone here.

Don't worry.

- Oh thank you, thank you.

Someone will come,
someone will help us.

(intense music)

(dramatic music)

What is it?

- It's nothing it's all right.

- Where am I?

- You had an accident, remember?

- [Janet] Oh, how long ago?

- Over two hours.

- Two hours.

I'm dying.

- Don't say that.

Everything will be all right.

Someone will come
along don't worry.

- No, it's too late now.

He did it.

He's taken everything from me,
everything he ever wanted

even my self-respect, money,

He got it anyway.

- If it's the last thing I do I'll
see him pay for this.

I'll see him pay.

Please don't let her die.

Please don't let her die.

(dramatic music) (Janet gasping)

(birds chirping)

He murdered her.


I'll get you for what you've done!

(dramatic music)

(bright music)

- [Dan] Laura!

(birds chirping)

(phone buzzing softly)

(crows cawing)

(birds chirping)

- Hey!

(Fred moaning)

What is it?

- [Fred] Help me, mister.

- What is it, what's happened?

- [Fred] An accident.

We were forced off the road.

My wife's caught in the wreck.

I couldn't get her out.

I tried, I couldn't get her out.

I couldn't get her out.

- Laura!


- What is it?

You all right?

- Yeah, I'm all right.

There's been an accident
on the main road.

You say somebody forced
you off the road?


- [Fred] I remember trying
to miss the bridge

and we flipped.

And my wife.

You've gotta help my wife.

- [Dan] Don't worry,
we'll help her.

- She's bleeding to death, I
couldn't get to her.

- Come on, let's get you inside.

- What's ever happened?
- It's crazy.

He says somebody forced
him off the road.

His wife's still caught
in the wreck.

- [Laura] Oh my God, no.

- I can't believe it, I can't.

So he threatened me, he said some
terrible things to me,

but I didn't think he'd actually
do something like that.

- He threatened you, why?

- Well, I , did something stupid.

I stepped out in the highway,
and he swerved,

he went in the ditch trying
to not to hit me.

He was so, he was upset.

He said he'd do the same to me

if he ever saw us
again and he did.

He's killed my wife.

He's murdered her, I know it.

He was like some kind of maniac.

He came back.

I must have been in
shock I don't know.

I ran.

He was trying to finish me off.

And now he's committed murder.

He's desperate.

- All right, just sit down.

- Dad maybe you should
take your gun.

- What for?

I'll be all right.

Where's the first-aid kit?

- Upstairs in the hall closet.

- Right, I'll just get some
blankets off the bed.

- You're right lady.

Don't let him go without a gun.

If he does you may never
see him again.

- [Laura] Oh my God.

- Take one of those rifles off
the wall, load it

and give it to him when
he comes down.

- Okay.

- Don't let him leave without it.

- Did you phone the police? - No,
not yet.

- Why not?

- Dan, please take this.

- Look I told you honey,
I don't need it.

Nobody wants to hurt me.

- Mister do as she says.

That man is off his head.

He could do anything.

- Dan please, please don't take
a chance like that.

- All right but I can't
take that thing.

I'm not hunting a wild animal.

Get me the .22.

- Okay.

Is the clip loaded?

- Yeah, it's loaded.


- Dan please be careful.

- Don't worry, honey,
I'll be all right.

Just look after him and phone
the police right away.

Okay? - Yeah okay.

- Okay.

(Fred moaning)

- [Laura] What is it?

Are you all right?

- My stomach.

Could you could you get me a drink

of water or something?

- Sure.

(engine revving)

- Oh, that's better.


- I'll heat up some water and
clean those cuts.

- Please lady telephone the
police or something.

We've got to get help to my wife.

- Oh my God, I forgot.

I'll call the operator,
that'll be the quickest.

What's wrong with this thing?

I can't get a tone.

It's dead, the phone's dead.

It's dead.

- What?

- [Laura] I can't get a tone.

- But that's impossible
it's got to work.

It's just gotta work.

Oh my God.

It doesn't work.

(birds chirping)

(dramatic music)

Keep trying.

They may fix it any minute.

(engine revving)

- [AI] Thank God
someone finally come.

- The woman's dead.

- I know.

- Why didn't you try to help her.

Why didn't you take her into
town or something

instead of just letting
her lie there.

- Jesus Christ mister I
tried to help her

but her husband stopped me.

He wanted her to die.

He tried to kill her.

He did kill her and he kept me
from going for help.

He murdered her.

- What the hell are you
talking about?

- He just left her here to die.

She told me herself and he kept me
from going for help.

He fixed my car so it
wouldn't work.

- What do you mean he
fixed your car?

Did you see him do it?

- No, how could I?

I was down there getting her
out of the wreck,

trying to stop her bleeding.

- Then how do you know he
fixed your car?

- Jesus Christ mister I saw
him try to kill her!

- You what?

- I went for help on foot.

I thought there was a
farm up the road.

I didn't find anything so
I turned around

and I came back and that's
when I saw him.

- Saw him what?

- Running from the car
down the ravine.

I just caught a glimpse of him.

I was in kind of a daze.

I didn't figure out exactly
what was going on.

The car started moving
down the hill.

I ran after it and managed
to get it stopped.

She was choking, gasping
in the backseat.

I gave her artificial respiration.

He tried to smother her
while I was gone.

She died clutching my hand

while that bastard sat out
there watching us

waiting for her to die

- He was at my farm trying to
get help for her.

- What?

- It's an hours walk to my
farm from here.

He arrived there about a
half hour ago.

That gives him around an
hour and a half

that he wasn't here keeping you
from going for help.

- I don't believe it.

He was here.

I know he was.

He tried to kill her.

- The keys to the car
where are they?

- Inside.

(engine revs)

- Why don't you just sit
down and keep quiet.

We got a bit of a wait before
the police get here.

(phone clicking)

- Still dead.

It's been almost an hour now.

- That's it.

Too late now.

- It's not too late.

We'll still get through.

- She's been out there
over two hours.

She'll have bled to death by now.

- But Dan can stop the bleeding.

He knows all about first aid.

- He does?

- Yeah he studied it.

He knows all about it.

- Maybe I better go back.

Your husband's been waiting
for the police,

I better tell him we
couldn't get through.

- [Laura] But you can't.

Dan has a truck you'd
have to walk.

- I walked here I can walk back.

- [Laura] If somebody has to go,
I'll go.

What about your knee?

You'd never make it
you're too weak.

- No, maybe so, but I've got
to go to my wife.

Besides you better stay
here for the phone.

- Yeah, but your leg! - I'm sorry.

I've got to go to her.

I can't take sitting around
here any longer.

(dramatic music)

- Look mister, I don't know
why the car works now

and it wouldn't work before.

You think I'd have sat around here

if I'd known it would work?

That bastard.

Somehow he planned it this way.

There wasn't anything I could do,
don't you see?

I thought he was out there
waiting to get her.

It doesn't matter whether
he was or not.

We were both sure he was gonna
come back and kill her.

- Yeah, like I said tell
it to the police.

- The police?

To hell with the police.

We could sit here all day and
wait for the police.

What about that maniac?

What's he doing right now?

- [Dan] I told ya shut up.

- Don't you have a wife or a kid
on that farm of yours?

Aren't you the least
little bit worried

that he might do something like
this all over again?

It's the work of some
kind of madman.

Think about it.

Damn it all, think about it!

- A murderer wouldn't have begged
me to phone the police

and get help up here.

You think about that.

- Fantastic!

So where's the police?

Where's the help?

We've been sitting here
for an hour now.

- Maybe that trouble getting
through to them.

Sometimes we have trouble
with our line.

But they'll be here.

- What do you mean sometimes
you have trouble

with your line?

Didn't you phone for the police?

- No I didn't phone the police.

- Then who phoned?

- My wife did of course.

- Did you see her phone?

- No I didn't see her phone.

I was in my truck and gone

before she picked up the receiver.

- You mean you left her the
phone for the police?

With that killer in the
house with her!

- Hold it right there buddy.

Don't get wise with me.

I don't trust you for one second.

(cans clattering)

(birds chirping)

- Well why don't you go
back to your farm

and see if anything has happened.

If nothing has happened you
could take us both

into the police.

If something has happened,

the sooner you get back to
your wife the better.

- Yeah, and leave you
here on your own

so you can skip off.

Like hell.

- Well take me with you.

For God's sake you've got the gun.

- Look we both know the chance
I'd be taking getting

into that truck with you.

- Jesus, mister, what about the
chance your wife is taking.

Doesn't she mean anything to you?

You're taking a lot bigger
chance with her life

than you are with your own.

- All right, get in the truck.

You drive.

Don't try anything funny.

- Don't worry, mister,
don't worry.

(dramatic music)

(phone buzzing)

- [Laura] Hello Kitty?

- [Kitty] I'm sorry would
you speak louder?

I can't hear you.

- Kitty, it's me Laura,
Laura Lawson.

- [Kitty] Oh hi, Laurie,
how are you doing?

- Kitty, Kitty, I'm in trouble,
I'm in awful trouble.

- [Kitty] What, what is it?

- Kitty, there's a man on the farm

and I think he's killed someone.

There's been an accident

and he did something to the
phone and the knife,

I don't know what happened.

But I didn't put it there Kitty,

I put it back on the
counter and it's here

and I know I didn't put it there.

Kitty he's out here on
the farm with me,

you've got to get the police.

Please call the police and get
them here right away.

- [Kitty] Okay, I'll put
you right through.

- Hurry.

(dramatic music)

(Laura screaming)

You fixed the phone didn't you?

- Just take it easy.

I never touched the phone.

I just came back because I
couldn't get through the woods.

I was too weak.

- You didn't want us to get
hold of the police.

You knew your wife was bleeding
to death in that car

and you kept us from phoning.

- Now wait a minute.

I never stopped you from
phoning for the police.

What are you trying to do to me?

- You wanted her to die.

- What are you saying?

- And you stay away from me.

- Now look, just put
that gun down.

Somebody's gonna get hurt.

(phone ringing)

(Laura groaning)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music) (phone ringing)

Holy Jesus.

Now wait a minute, I.

You've got it wrong.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

It was an accident.

An accident, I.


Don't do this to me.

Don't need to see.

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(glass shattering)

(gun clicking)

(engine revving)

- [Dan] Okay get out.

- [AI] Is it always this
quiet around here?

- [Dan] What do you
expect a brass band?

Get inside.

Laura, Laura.

Get moving.


Oh no.

(dramatic music)

Oh my God.

Get the shotgun off the wall.

The shells are in the drawer.

(dramatic music)




Where are you!

Answer me!



Laura! (gun firing)

(guns firing) (dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(intense music)

(dramatic music)

(chains clinking)

(gun firing)

(somber music)

- No.


Oh my God.


No! (sobbing)

(dramatic music)

- I saw it.

You killed her.

You killed them all.

My wife was in your car.

You killed them all.
(laughing maniacally)

(men groaning)

(AI screaming)

(Fred screaming) (dramatic music)

Kill me like you did the others.

Yeah, they'll know you did it.

You did it.

They'll know you killed them all.

You hear me!



(blows thudding) (Fred groaning)

(AI screaming) (somber music)

(AI yelling)

(Fred chuckling)

(birds chirping)

(engine revving)

- [Detective] Have you
seen Polansky?

- Well yeah he's up at the house.

Well no there is now.

- Oh right, thank you.

Hey Sam.

I checked those two cars out.

But the one of the ravine's have
complete write-off.

But the other one seems
to be all right.

There doesn't seem to be
anything wrong with it.

- What about the engine?

Look like anybody was
tampering with it?

- I didn't want to poke
around with it too much

but looked okay to me.

- Hm. - Hm.

- What a hell of a mess.

- Yeah.

- You got one of the boys down by
those two cars haven't ya?

- Yeah Brady's over there

and I'm gonna take Fred down too,

(radio chattering)

- Morrison.

Now bring that guy over here.

I want to talk to him again.

Your car works fine,
nothing wrong with it.

- I know, I told you it would.

- (sighs) Look I'll be
honest with you mister,

I don't get it.

You thought the car didn't
work but it does.

You thought that guy was hiding

in the bushes near the ravine

but really he was here
five miles away.

You thought it was him in the barn
and you shot at him

but it was Laura Larson and
you killed her.

And you say that the farmer

thought his wife phoned the police
hours ago but she hadn't

because for some reason she
couldn't get through to us.

It seems like everybody's been
pretty confused around here

and I'll tell you one
thing mister,

I'm more confused
than anybody else

and that's not too good for you

because if I stay confused you
could go to prison

for the rest of your goddamn life.

- I told you the truth.

I know it doesn't make any sense

but I swear to God everything I
told you was true.

- Okay, Morrison.

I'm holding the other guy
for careless driving

and leaving the scene
of an accident.

Take this one in and book him on
suspicion of murder.

Get a written statement.

- Yes sir, come on.

- But wait a minute listen to me.

- Come on.

- This can't happen to me.

I'm telling you the truth.

I didn't murder anyone.

I tried to save that woman's life.

You gotta believe me, I'm
telling you the truth.

- Look, mister, if you're
telling the truth

then you got nothing
to worry about.

It's as simple as that.

Get in.

- 2-0-1 to control.

- [Control] Control, come
in 2-0-1, over.

- Bringing in the suspect
from the Lawson farm.

I should be there in
about 45 minutes.

- [Control] Roger, 2-0-1,
Control out.

- Look mister, like I said

if you're telling the truth,

you've got nothing to worry about.

Now Chief Inspector
Polanski's a good cop

and if there's anything out there

to prove you're innocent
he'll find it.

- What if it doesn't
find anything?

- You just better pray that he
does, that's all.

- Well I'll start with the barn,

you take the house.

I want an inventory of
that dining room.

Complete, right away.

Bring the print man with you.

Have him dust that phone inside
and out for prints.

And when he's got it apart
see if he can tell

if anybody's been screwing
around with it.

- Okay, good.

Hey Sam, just out of curiosity.

How did you book that other guy?

What's his name, Bates?

- I haven't booked him yet.

I'm holding him on a
careless driving charge

and leaving the scene
of an accident.

- For the time being.

- You got it.

- Yeah well it sure is a
hell of a mess.

- I know.

I already said that.

(eerie music)

(gentle music)

(engine revving)