Sudden Death (1995) - full transcript

Darren McCord takes his two kids to a Pittsburgh Penguins National Hockey League play-off game, unknowing that the sports arena has been taken over by terrorists, who are holding the Vice President of the United States, as well as many other high-ranking officials hostage. Darren later becomes the only one who is aware of the situation. And, the stakes are raised when the terrorists announce that they will blow-up the building at the end of the game. Therefore, Darren must not only subdue the terrorists, but postpone the game and send it to overtime.

- Walk the wall on the left!
- I need a line!

I found her!
I found her!

I need some help
down here!

I need it now!

Anybody hear me?

Get down here now!

Come on!

Shepherd! Burr!

I got her! I can't move!

Come down here now!

Hold on.
They'll be here.


- I heard a voice.
- Help me!

I can't breathe!

Help me! Help me out!
Help me out!

Help me move it!

Bring up the skycam.
Pan it left.

Show me what God sees.

Okay, camera two, show me the stands.

- Three, give me the ice.
- Okay, graphic is up.

Uh, put game seven on preset.

How many technicians
are gonna be inside the arena?

We got 12 cameramen,
6 support... that's 18.

I want to limit their access.

Technicians and announcers
are the only ones cleared.

Hey, Spota, let us in.

Work don't stop just 'cause the
Vice President's coming, you know, babe.

Must be Republicans.

Having everybody check in through one
gate like this is a pain in the butt.

- It's only one night.
- It's the last game of the Stanley Cup.

Having the Vice President
here turns a headache into a concussion.

- I didn't vote for this guy.
- That's what makes what you're
doin' such a special gesture.

Hello, Pittsburgh.

Here we are in the seventh game of the
Stanley Cup finals. Penguins and Hawks.

Penguins in a come-from-behind
victory to shut down the Hawks.


Sorry. Uh, my dog's missing.

We're out looking for him.

- Is it bad?
- What? You think this might be good?

- Let me see your license.
- Oh, sure.

Move. Move.

We are going to steal your car.

Don't get killed over it, huh?

It's the last game.
We got a couple of minutes to go.

Just 15 seconds to go!

He skates up to center.
He knocks down one defender.

He's skating like a madman around
the ice. He gets to the blue line.

He shoots. Whoa!
And he scores! Whoo!

- Scratch my back with a hacksaw...
- Yes!



- That's a fancy new stick.
- Michael gave it to me.

- Hi.
- How are you, Darren?

Darren, what are you
doing here?

- You can't stay.
We're getting ready to leave.
- It's his birthday.

And you've got him
all day tomorrow.

I just got these.
I thought the kids might wanna...

We're all going out
to dinner.

- Looks like those are Penguin tickets.
- They are.

It's the seventh game.

- Vice President's gonna be there.
- Daddy! Daddy!

- Hey, that's my hat!
- I can wear it. Mom said I could.

I did?

You know what that means?

- Not a clue.
- It means "I love you."

I love you too.

She's practicing to be deaf,
but that's still my hat!

- I'll get you a new one.
- You can't just take them
without talking to me first.

- Besides, you only have two tickets.
- I'm working at the arena.

- You're back to work, Dad?
- He's a fire inspector at the game.

- It's very important work.
- Are you a fireman again, Daddy?

Kind of, yeah.

Kathi tells me it's only temporary.

- He was trying to save a little
girl in a burning building...
- Are we going to the game?

Don't do this again. I mean it.

It's not fair to the kids... or me.

I promise.

Excuse me.

This is Andrew.
He's the head chef.

Nobody goes in that elevator,
and I mean nobody,

even if they have proper I.D.,
unless this man says it's okay.

If he doesn't know them,
they don't get in that elevator.

After you finish the Vice President's
party, this kitchen is closed.

- Have I made myself clear?
- Abundantly.

That's how I like it.

Mrs. Ferrara?


Let's just stroll into your house
like I'm your favorite nephew.

- Ackerman, Ekers.
- Yeah.

Come on, Mac. Mr. McCord makes sure
the building doesn't burn down.

Go on through, Mr. Mac.
And who's this beauty?

This is my daughter Emily
and my son Tyler.

- Want a stamp?
- Love a stamp.

Hey, can you guys play
after we get in?

Hey, hold your horses.
I'm getting a stamp here.

I'll never wash
this hand again.

- See you later, Mr. Mac.
- Okay.

- Joan.
- Hi, Darren.

- Are you working tonight?
- After I take Tyler to the locker room.

Hey, could you give Emily
a look at Icey?

Icey always loves company. Come on,
Emily, I'm gonna show you where Icey is.

Icey. Big deal.
Some fat guy in a ratty penguin suit.

That blonde you're staring at,
she's the fat guy.

- What's he doing?
- Shaping the blade.

They're like horseshoes. You get 'em
hot enough, you can bend 'em.

You, uh, recognize him?

Yeah. Luc Robitaille.

He waved at me.
You see that, Dad?

Luc Robitaille waved at me.

Come on, I'll introduce you.
He won't bite.

- Luc, this is Tyler McCord
and his father Darren.
- Hi, Tyler. How are you?

- Ca va?
- Bonjour.

Dad, what did he say?

He thinks, uh, they're gonna win.

Hey, that's Brad Tolliver!

- Dad, he doesn't have a rocking chair.
- A what?

My dad said you should be sitting in
a rocking chair instead of on the ice.

- Oh, is that so?
- You play hockey, Tyler?

No, but my dad played.
He was a goalie.

A little semi-pro in Canada.
It was a long time ago.

Come by some afternoon.

I'll show you the difference between
the game you played and the one I play.

I'll show you the difference between
the game you played and the one I play.

I can see the difference.

I got this one, man.


You boys have fun?

Luc Robitaille talked to me,
and we saw Brad Tolliver close up.

Your friends are gonna
be so jealous of you.

- I wanna go with Icey.
- So does Tyler.

Icey has to hit the stands, guys.
I'll see you later.


Andrew, this is Emily and Tyler.


- Be right back.
- Come. I want to show you something.

Whoa! Cool!

That's why you won't hear
anyone complain about my cooking.

- At least not to my face.
- You got a burnt-out light bulb.

Could you change it?
I've got my hands full.


Is that what Daddy does,
change light bulbs?

No, Emily.
He's just helping out.

- Firemen don't do that kind of stuff.
- What kind of stuff?

- Uh, nothing.
- When are we gonna sit down?

Frequent Flyer is in and on
his way to the locker room.

Keep him moving.

The Penguin fans are anxious
to see for the first time...

- the Penguins kicking the Stanley Cup...
- Do you have any cookies?

You force your way in here with a gun,
and now I have to feed you?

You don't have to.
But I still have the gun.

I think I have some Fig Newtons.

Hey! Caution.

Caution keeps you safe.

I keep my machine gun
in with the produce.

Okay, Veep's comin' in.
Let's get decent!

Christ, Jefferson,
it's a locker room.

Duckerman, why don't you
put on a jock?

- Got any tape?
- You're covering the right head.

Let's go, let's go.

All right, guys, I'm privileged to
introduce Vice President Daniel Bender.

He's a big hockey fan
and he'd like to say a few words.

"A few words."
There's an optimist.

I want to wish you all
the best of luck and, uh,

are you Democrats
or Republicans?

Neither, sir. Canadians.

Well, in that case, good luck...

and I hope to toast
your championship after the game.

Sir, are you going to say the
same thing to the Blackhawks?

Of course.
Nice outfit, Duckerman.

Two nights ago with the Blackhawks
on the brink of elimination...

It's time!

I want you to pick up the phone...

and dial 555-1793.

- That's my husband's work number.
- It certainly is.

When you get him on the line,

- say only what's written on this.
- Ohh.

Kitchen. Yeah. Hold on.

Andrew, it's your wife.

- Hello?
- Andy, it...

We have your wife.
Follow her instructions.

They will not hurt me...

if you do as they say.

If you give any indication something
is wrong, they will... kill me.

When you go to the...
Vice President's box,

you will take two new
assistants with you...

escorted by
two security men.

Get them into the box.
That's all you need to do.

That's all you need to know.

Who are these men?
How will I know them?

In 30 seconds, you'll know.

I swear this.
If you hurt my wife, I'll...

You'll what?
Burn my toast?

- Mr. Ferrara?
- Yes?

Are these men yours?

Yes. They're mine.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

The National Hockey League presents
game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.

The Chicago Blackhawks
and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As we get ready for the seventh and
final game of the Stanley Cup finals,

you can feel the electricity in the air;
it sends a chill up your spine, Paul.

One of these clubs is going to
skate with Lord Stanley's cup
here at Civic Arena Ice tonight.

Listen to the crowd, Mike.
They're going crazy.

Well, here's to a great game.

Great if we win;
not so great if we lose.

We are ready.

Thank you, everybody.
You may leave now.

Mr. Ferrara will close up
your stations.

...singing of our National Anthem.

Oh, say, can you see

# By the dawn's
early light

# What so proudly we hailed

# At the twilight's
last gleaming

- # Whose broad stripes
- What the hell are you...

# And bright stars

# Through the perilous fight

# O'er the ramparts
we watched

# Were so gallantly streaming

# And the rockets'
red glare

# The bombs bursting in air

# Gave proof
through the night

# That our flag
was still there

- I love that part.
- # Oh, say does that

- # Star-spangled
- Well, gotta go.

# Banner yet wave

# O'er the land

# Of the free

# And the home

# Of the brave

This place is going crazy right now.

You could not beg, borrow or
steal a ticket before the game tonight.

If you were packing heat,
you couldn't get in here.

Eddie Belfour
starts in goal for Chicago.

Amazingly, Brad Tolliver will play...

even though he could hardly walk today
much less skate with a fever of 104.

And here we go.
Game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.

And the Chicago Blackhawks
control the opening face-off.

They'll work into Pittsburgh territory,
putting pressure on the Penguins early.

Graham, slap shot!
Tolliver makes the save.

Please, he needs a doctor.


Not any more. Go ahead.

Dead heroes get the best funerals.

Thanks for your help, Andrew.

His wife's recently deceased.
He would have been lonely without her.

I hope that clarifies
the urgency of this mission.

Only your best behavior's
gonna be good enough.

That agent's name was Eddie Caline.

He has a 5-year-old boy, a 3-year-old
little girl, and his wife's pregnant.

- I'll send a card.
- What do you want?

What do I want?

World peace, an end to bigotry
and no more mini-malls.

What am I gonna get?

And I am gonna get it.

That, boys and girls,
is really hot.

- What is your objective?
- My objective?

I get funny all over
when you talk like that.

I know what you're thinking.

Evaluate situation, calculate potential
losses and take appropriate action.

Let me do that for you.

The situation is hopeless.
The losses would be unacceptable.

The appropriate action is to do nothing
and keep your fucking mouth shut.

What kind of lunatic are you?

The best kind.

You can keep calling me names
if it makes you feel better.

Throw me your earpiece
and your mike.

Robitaille with a center pass.
That's just gonna miss.

We are still scoreless in game seven,
period one, the Hawks and Pens.

Watch Loeman.
He's got eyes in the back of his head.

They must be closed.

- Oh, gross!
- I have some work to do.

I'll be back before the period ends.
You two stay right here.

I'll go too,
so you'll have company.

Thanks, sweetheart,
but you stay with Tyler.

Now you won't be by yourself.

Thank you.

I mean it. Don't leave your seats.
Oh. In case you want a soda.

- Don't get out of your seats to get it.
- We get the idea, Dad.

Hey, what's that?


What's Daddy gotta do?

Probably change more light bulbs.

You said firemen don't do
that kind of stuff.

Dad's not really
a fireman any more, Emily.

Now a steal by Stevens.
He walks into the Chicago end.

Slap shot!
He... shoots and scores!

Kevin Stevens gives the Penguins
the opening goal.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma.
The bingo game is ready to roll.


He doesn't know whether
to cry or wind his watch.


- The Penguins have scored.
- Hey!

That one came off Steve Smith, the
Chicago defenseman, and finds the net.

Pittsburgh goal,
his 11th in the play-offs...

scored by number 25,

Kevin Stevens!

Face-off at center ice.
Naslund of the Penguins controls.

He jumps into the Chicago end with the
Penguins leading 1-0 here in game seven.

Mike, as we expected,
the hitting has been ferocious.

Uh, if the smoke bothers anyone,
you just speak up.

There's no reason to kill anyone else.
Nobody's a threat to you.

You know, I voted for you.
I really did.

It's your sincerity
and your compassion.

You happen to be wrong, though. There
may be a reason to kill someone else.

There's bound to be
resistance to my "objective."

I assure you I won't kill
more people than it takes
to convince everyone of my sincerity.

Will you make that cow
stop moaning?


- What's that?
- An invitation to the White House.

Open it and read it.

Don't, don't, don't.

- Out loud.
- It's nothing but a bunch of numbers.

And they wonder why
this economy's so fucked up.

Those are the numbers of 13 accounts in
5 U.S. banks belonging to 3 countries...

that our government
has frozen for a variety of reasons.

They represent a total deposit of one
billion, seven hundred million dollars.

Christ, it runs in the family.

During the course of this game, all
that money is going to be released...

and transferred to banks
of my choice.

- That's impossible.
- At least one-third must be moved...

during each of the three
periods of the game.

lf, at the first period's end, deposits
are behind, one of you will die.

If we're still lagging at the end of
the second period, two of you will die.

And at the end of the third period
everyone in this building will die.

- You have no idea of the complexity...
- I had an idea.

I had this idea, and we are gonna
make it work or we're gonna die trying.

You will call the President,
and on flash precedence priority,

he will call the Secretary of State
and Secretary of the Treasury.

Then banks will be notified
and the money will begin to move.

Or it won't.

And if it doesn't,
when the game ends,

everyone in this box
and in this arena will die...

by explosion, fire and panic.

Enough bombs have been planted
in this building to stop all
the clocks in the hemisphere.

- You'll die with us.
- Could be.

I don't think anyone with manicured
fingernails and a $10,000 wristwatch...

- is planning on blowing himself up.
- $15,000 wristwatch.

I'm not sure if I like you.

When I make up my mind,
you'll be the first to know.

- You're out of your mind.
- Me? Ha!

I'm not the one paying some
Neanderthal 40 million dollars
to skate up and down the ice.

Call the White House.
You need the number?

Left wing pass
down to Steve Smith.

I've got every agent
converging on the arena,

and we'll all get the support
we need from local P.D.

The FBI won't be necessary.
He's our asset. We'll get him back.

Tell the President I'll keep him fully
informed until the Vice President's out.

There'll be a total
media blackout on this.

We'll inform all news outlets
of how serious this is.

Yes, sir. Absolutely. The place is
sealed off. No one can go in or out.


We messed up a few times
since I've been an agent,

but how the fuck did we lose
the Vice President?

Right side, Weinrich fires.
Down the left side, Graham shoots!

Penguins trying to get it out.

The sound in this building
is absolutely deafening.

Shot picked up by Dubinsky.

Players are playing their guts out. It's
so loud, I can hardly hear myself think.

You don't have to think, Mike.
This is hockey.

The Hawks pressured now. Under 2 minutes
to go. Graham moves against Tolliver.

Fires and scores! The Chicago
Blackhawks have tied this game...

as Dirk Graham nailed it home,
his fourth of the play-offs.

And the Penguins and Hawks
are tied at one in game seven.

The Chicago goal,
his fourth of the play-offs...

They haven't moved a dime.

You know, I don't think
they believe you.

They're gonna sacrifice
a life to test my will.

I'm truly disappointed. Nobody does
anything these days because it's right.

They only do it if you make them.

Would you like to vote on who gets the
distinction of demonstrating my resolve?

You're not giving enough time. I told
you it couldn't be done that quickly.

Oh, you watch how much
they accomplish during the next period.

Now, would you all agree that
the mayor's wife's been most annoying?

Chicago again trying to make a move.

The Hawks attacking
the Penguin territory.

- An Orangeade.
- Coke or Sprite.

Sprite. No, Coke.

- Are you sure this time?
- One minute remaining
in the first period.

- "Sprite. No, Coke. No, Sprite."
- Shut up!

You're lucky Daddy's not here!

- Why, is there a light bulb
that needs changing?
- You take that back!

- Daddy's a fireman!
- He's too scared to be a fireman.

- He is not!
- Is too.
- I hate you.

Hey, Emily!
Dad said to stay here!

Hey, Emily!

Back in the right corner,
it'll be Steve Smith.

Smith out around center.
He lost the puck.

Robitaille back down
to Chicago territory.

Doesn't look too good.

Graham comes down the slot.
He's stopped by Tolliver.

Hey, Joan, going out
to entertain the Veep?


Are you okay?

He can't push it in.
He had a chance.


First period, shots on goal:
Chicago, 12;

Pittsburgh, 8.


Say anything
and I'll kill your mother.

The official Stanley Cup album is
on sale at the Arena Concourse area.

Be sure to pick up your copy now.

- Where's Emily?
- She went to the bathroom.

I told you two not to move.

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

- She hit me and...
- You soaked her.

Don't move.

If the building is falling down
around you, you don't move!


It's a young wine.

Frisky. Huh.

It's almost impetuous,
wouldn't you say?

I can't think of any
punishment as severe...

as the one you deserve.

They didn't listen to me
and someone died. Call the President.

Tell him how much fun we're having.

I'm sorry. You're not cleared.

The owner just called me.
I'm Icey, the team mascot.

We're here to see
the Vice President.

- Who's this?
- The owner's niece.

Randy, we got clearance
on a Mr. Icey?


- Randy.
- Mr. Icey's a woman, jerk-off.


Fuck it.

You owe me a Mother's Day card.

- What is this, a day-care center?
- She saw me off a guy.

- Then you off her.
- I tried.

Touch her, you'll lose me as a hostage,
because you'll have to shoot me.

- Mr. Vice President.
- Aw, shut up. He's campaigning.

- Who are you here with?
- My daddy, and he's a boss.

And he's very brave
and he's not afraid.

And he's gonna come looking
for me, and you'll be sorry.

Oh, I'm already sorry.
What do you mean, he's a boss?

He's a head fireman
and he makes sure everybody's safe...

- and there's no fire.
- Who is this boss?

Uh, he must be a fire marshal.
When we have special events...

Yeah, yeah. Go and see if there's a
nervous father looking for his daughter.

- What is your name?
- Emily.

- Emily what?
- McCord.

- And your father's name?
- It's McCord too.

Would you like it if I filled
your little mouth with spiders?

- What's his whole name?
- Darren Francis Thomas McCord.

Thank you.
Let's find out who he is.

Thank you.
Let's find out who he is.


Joan, I was trying
to catch up with you and Emily.

- She wasn't supposed to leave her seat.
- I'm Carla.

- Joan had to go home sick.
- But you were with...

my... my daughter Emily.

Yeah, she was lost.

So I took her up
to the owner's box.

Come on.
We'll go get her.





Second period action about to begin.
The Penguins and Hawks tied at one.

Penguins have the face-off.
Francis deals it up to the Chicago end.

Jagr will chase it down.
He pops it up.

The pass is out to the Penguins.

You've got to get the cops.

My daughter's missing,
and someone just tried to kill me.

Show me where this happened.

May I help you?

This is Matthew Hallmark, Secret
Service. Put the Vice President on.


Well, I see they care enough
to send their very best.

Gee, I never heard
that one before.

- Say hello.
- This is Vice President Bender. I...

- Now you talk to me.
- Who are you?

- Is that necessary?
- Yes.

I'm a disillusioned patriot with a yen
to fulfill my personal ambitions.

- All right. How many are dead?
- Counting Secret Service?

By the way, why do you tell everybody
you're Secret Service agents?

If it's supposed to be
a secret, don't tell anyone.

How many are dead?

One civilian, but the room
is full of candidates.

- Don't kill anyone else, you hear me?
- You were told the parameters.

Full transfer of funds
by the end of this game.

No attempt to storm this box;
no attempt to clear the arena.

No helicopters or police vehicles
encroach on the stadium grounds.

- Your demands are unrealistic.
- I'm a positive thinker, Matty.

We know you've already checked on these
accounts, so the wheels are turning.

Oh, by the way, don't make any transfers
to the Bently-owned banks.

As shocking as it may be,
they're CIA fronts.

You were with one of our agencies.

You're wasting some of that
unrealistic timetable.

Did he sound like he'd do it?
Kill the Vice President and everybody?

It sounds like he knows way too much.

Chelios, right side,
wide open to the net.

Tolliver! A great save there from
right in front on Dubinsky.

And back come the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hawgood's got a man, Robitaille,
but he can't connect on the pass.

Hawgood's got a man, Robitaille,
but he can't connect on the pass.

So, where's this seven-foot penguin?

She was there.
I wanna go up to the owner's box.

There's a VIP in the box,
and you don't have clearance.

- Neither does my daughter.
- Who knows where she is?

Let's page her over the public address.
Maybe she's just lost.

Oh, I made this up?
The penguin had a gun.

We'll page it too.

You said her name
was Carla, didn't you?

I always do things like that.

- You didn't say the name, did you?
- No.


- What the fuck is going on?
- Fuck you. And fuck your kid.

- Where is she?
- I-I don't know.

- Is she in the owner's box?
- Maybe. Maybe she went out to dinner.

In a minute, that ear will come off.

All right! All right!

All right! We took the box.

We got people everywhere.

The whole joint's rigged with bombs.

We could bring the whole building down.

What are you, terrorists?

I'm no fucking terrorist.
I'm a professional!

- How do I get in the box?
- Oh, you don't.

Not if you want to see that kid alive.


Game's tied at one. Chicago
puts the pressure on the Penguins.

Here's Shantz around the net.
He knocks it right in.

Chicago has taken the lead
against the Penguins.

- Jeff Shantz, the goal scorer.
- This crowd is unhappy,
but give the Hawks credit.

Joe Murphy helping the play,
the Chicago center ice man.


Murphy backhanded it off the right wing
boards, and ahead it goes...

into Chicago ice.

Cam Russell wearing number eight
in a bright red Chicago uniform.

For Chicago, every step,
every rush is so important.

911, emergency services.

- Officer Lyons speaking.
- My name is Darren McCord.

I'm calling you
from the Civic Arena. 555-1923.

This is not a crank call.

The Vice President is being held hostage
in the owner's box.

- They've got my daughter too.
- This is Sergeant Kurtz.

- Where are you calling from?
- The executive offices.

Stay there for 90 seconds
and keep the line clear.

The Hawks got a man wide open.

He's a step behind the defense.
Here he comes. His shot.

Diving to make the save.


McCord? Hallmark, Secret Service.
What's your situation?

- Lousy. How long have you
known what's going on here?
- Assume we don't.

Someone is holding the owner's box
and everybody in it, including my kid.

- What else?
- Did you have agents posted
at a private elevator?

- Two.
- Notify their families.

- Had any contact with the aggressors?
- I killed two. Is that contact?

Look, one of them told me they're going
to bring this whole building down.

- What are you gonna do?
- We're evaluating the situation.

There's no situation! They want money,
a lot of it. Give it to them.

If you fuck around
and something happens to my kid...

We're considering
every possible response.

If you're not gonna pay,
I'll get my daughter.

Do not try any kind of rescue.
Do you understand me?

You will jeopardize the Vice President
and everyone else in the arena.

Believe me, we know
what the hell we're doing.

Our agents are entering the arena.

You stay where you are.
We're gonna do this by the numbers.

- What number was that, three?
- What I said goes. Don't do anything.

They've turned this whole place
into one big bomb. Do you understand?

- We have bomb squads.
- They don't do us any good out there.

- I'll find the bombs myself.
- You can't do anything alone!

I'm not alone.

Watching them operate
doesn't give one much hope, does it?

I'm comfortable with whatever strategy
they deem appropriate.

Strategy? Shit.
They fucked up!

Two men should have been
stationed in that kitchen,

one with a clean geometrical line of
fire to every square inch of the room.

Every body and every thing going into
that elevator should have been searched.

And no covered tray should have been
allowed up here without inspection.

How long were you in the service?

I still am.

- This is my vacation.
- Counterfeit section.

Money's good.
You just can't spend it.

Money's good.
You just can't spend it.

We have confirmation.
One thousand meters.

One thousand meters, roger.

Five hundred meters and closing.

Tango Alpha,
going to start deployment.

Sierra Poppa, deploying one.

Deploying two.

Uh, what's your rate
of deployment there?


Three hundred feet.

Three hundred feet.

Two hundred feet.

Break off!
Break off!

Man down!

This is Hallmark.

I said no vehicles on the grounds,
no helicopters in the air...

and no agents
in the building.

What part of that
did you not understand?

Three cars are closing on the building
that missile came from.

Ground the other choppers.
I don't want to take this guy alive.

Penguins slip it back
behind the Chicago goal.

He shoots and scores!

Sandstrom and the Penguins
have tied it at two.

Oh, scratch my back
with a hacksaw!


The Pittsburgh goal,
fourth of the play-offs...

scored by number 17,
Tomas Sandstrom!

The cavalry's coming.

Custer was in the cavalry.
Let 'em come.

- Command, access acquired.
- Roger, copy.

Second team going.

Motorola MX 360, encryption
and frequency-hopping capability.

Right out of the company store.
You talk, we listen.

Four at the
east side entrance.

We got a light blazer, maybe a tan
windbreaker with a black baseball cap.

A dark yet tasteful windbreaker...

and, uh, a Penguin jacket
and dark pants.

We pay these idiots to protect you,
and they're trying to get you killed.

As a taxpayer, I don't think
you're getting our money's worth.

If those guys want to see a hockey game
so much, we should put them on ice.

We're giving it five minutes.
If they don't report, we're moving in.

That's the President's choice,
but I think it's the wrong one.

- Unless I get a direct order,
I'm getting those guys out.
- Sir?

- What?
- I think you oughta see this.

Stay back!

- Jesus Christ.
- Get 'em out of here.

Penguins gun out of their
own end at the center ice.

They work it down the right.
Murphy has it and he gave it away.

Here's Mullen. It goes wide
off the glove of Eddie Belfour.

John Cullen going
behind the Chicago net.

This guy could prove
to be a pain in the ass.

He has heroic tendencies.

Don't get so worked up.
They'll win.

We've got four minutes left
in period number two.

Centered in the Chicago zone.

Mullen passes to Larry Murphy.

Murphy backhands it
off the right wing boards.

Belfour keeps the play alive.

No, don't!
Oh, don't do it!

This place is ready to explode.

The last seconds of play.


- You just killed two
useful members of society.
- No! It's being done!

- The time ticking down here.
- Maybe you'll do better
in the third period.

- They're moving some.
- They're way behind.

I said one-third at the end
of the first period, one-third
at the end of the second period.

- Two seconds left.
- I don't see anything
even close to that.


Second period shots on goal:
Chicago, seven; Pittsburgh...

The mayor has decided not
to run for reelection.

Now, for my
second selection,

I... think...

- Um.
- No, please!

They're moving more.

But it's not that much.

Listen to me, goddam it!
You're getting it!

Kids, don't try this at home.

- Yeah?
- I've got a message for the board.

Maybe you haven't heard.
A guy named Bell invented the telephone.

- Come on, it's been dead all day.
- Which one controls the billboard?

I can't let you do that.

I'm having a real bad day.

You're assuming his detonators
are radio-controlled.

We get someone inside with equipment
to jam all frequencies...


- C-4. I hope he's wrong.
- Not likely.

Arson investigator,
lots of commendations.

- Problem is...
- Is what, sir?

He was taken off-line.
He's a head case.


Here we go, final period
of the Stanley Cup finals!

The Chicago Blackhawks
control the opening face-off.

They'll work it to Pittsburgh territory,
putting pressure on the Penguins early.

Sir, I have strong reservations
about you going alone.

There's no way to deploy
any number of men and get close.

- Nobody else is coming out dead!
- How you gonna get there?

Walk. One solitary man
shouldn't trigger a deadly response.

If it does, tell my ex-wife
her gravy train went off the tracks.

This is the most powerful
plastic explosive in the world.

- Don't be too quick
to pull the trigger.
- Save it. I placed that stuff.

No detonator, no "ka-boom."

- Everybody's an expert.
- Bye-bye.



This is the most powerful
plastic explosive in the world.

- Do you believe me about the explosives?
- Afraid not.

You're McCord. I'm Hallmark.

Have any I.D?

I didn't kill you.

That's for doing your job half-assed...

and putting
my daughter's life in danger.

- And the Vice President's.
- How'd you happen to come down here?

I saw these two and followed them.

Part of my job is recognizing
who's out of place and who isn't.

They didn't seem
interested in hockey.

- How'd you kill that guy?
- Magic. I think there's more
setups like this.

- You know where they are?
- I made some educated guesses.

These are the points I'd pop
if I wanted to bring this place down.

- You marked 15 or 20.
- The places that would cause
the most structural damage.

Third period's started. We got less
than 20 minutes and we're guessing.

Let's hope I know what I'm doing.

Oh. Listen.
My son is here too.

If I can't get back to him,
he's sitting in D-10.

I'll be there.

- Thanks.
- Where are the rest of your men?

From the Chicago end,
McEachern centers.

Belfour made the stop.
Straka with a quick shot.

Just missed the far post.

- Now they're moving it.
- Yeah, but where? Check the codes.

Four hundred million to
Banco de Vizcaya, Madrid.

That's one of the counter banks.

And 300 million
to Banco Popular, Virgin Islands.

These transfers are being tracked;
you'll never get the money.

Not all of it. The money
will be transferred to 12 more banks.

I have arrangements with
the presidents of two.

Once it's transferred, it's transferred
again and again in a matter of minutes.

With each stop,
cash is siphoned and rerouted,

some converted to foreign currency,

some to negotiable instruments.

Thanks to the incredibly vast
and complicated world of banking...

that our CIA uses to such advantage,

about 500 million dollars will be lost,
absorbed by the system.

And the other billion,
200 million is just a diversion.

I only wanted enough to
pay off my American Express.

You wouldn't be so generous
with that information...

if you weren't planning
to kill everyone here.

Who gets the Cup if I blow up
the building before the game is over?


Not on the phone. You know
they've got the frequency by now.

Don't go away.

Taken away, and McEachern
hustling down the right side.

Coming into the Chicago end. Moves in to
the net. A backhand shot, off-target.

McCord's disarming your bombs.

- Is he guessing?
- He's a pretty good guesser.

- Is he alone?
- Yeah.

- Why didn't you kill him?
- Two of your goons started
firing at us. He ran off.

- It was all I could do to keep
from getting my own ass shot.
- I want him.

I would've had him if you had
more control over your men.

The only problem my men had is they
didn't hit what they were shooting at.

Look, I was there too.


I got the next best thing
to the fireman.

He's got a little boy here in the arena.
I know where he's sitting.

Bring him to me.

I always wanted a son.

Greg Smyth against Robitaille,
and zoom!

Quick shot, save made! Hawgood trying
to tee it up. Stopped by Tolliver.

- Tyler?
- Yeah?

Pretty exciting game, huh?

- How come you know my name?
- Your dad and I are friends.
He asked me to come get you.

He and your sister got invited to sit
in the owner's box, way up there.

They got big soft chairs
and plenty to eat.

My dad told me to stay here,
even if the building fell down.

If it did come down,
up there is where you'd wanna be.

Come on.

I'm gonna stay here.

I'm gonna be embarrassed
going back without you.

- Do you know my mom?
- No, but your dad's invited me
over for dinner tomorrow.

My mom and dad don't live together.

He didn't mention that.
He just said bring you upstairs.

- Don't you think you should
do what you're told?
- I am.

I need you to come with me.
I'm with the Secret Service.

- Come with me now.
- Come on! Down in front!

- I'll scream.
- I said, I'm with the Secret Service.

- And I'm a little kid.
- Hey, fella, I didn't pay to watch you!

Down in front!

Steve Smith finds the lane.
He'll skate ahead.

Coming to the Penguin line.

How many'd you get?

Four, so far.

- Is that all?
- Christ, I'm just one guy.

- How many did you get?
- Just one.

You are all alone, aren't you?

- You must be real proud.
- I'm gonna be real rich.

Now, very slowly...
I mean very slowly...

pull your hands
out of your pockets.

- What are you gonna do, drown me?
- No.


- Yeah?
- Hallmark's dead.

- Who's this?
- Tom Castillo, Secret Service.

Tom Castillo.
How you doin', Tom?

- I hope you were gentle with Hallmark.
- How many hostages,

besides the Vice President,
are still alive?

That's a personal question.
Ever been involved in an A.O.P., Tom?

I didn't call for conversation.
How many are still alive?

You'd probably think I was lying,
no matter what I told you,

so I'm gonna let you talk
to a little friend of mine.


- Hello?
- Emily.

Don't let him know it's me. I'll get
you out. I'll take you home, I promise.

Look around and tell me
how many people are there.


Well, now, wasn't that sweet?

She included me, Tom.

Tell me what an A.O.P. is, or I'm gonna
shoot this cute little pumpkin.

Listen to me. Listen good.

If you touch her,
you look at her cross-eyed, you lose.

How do you figure that, fireman?

Okay, here's the game
and here are the rules.

You've got your hostages and your bombs,
so you can get your money.

I'm gonna try to stop you,
but I don't want anyone to get hurt.

You stop me, you win.
I get your bombs, I win.

You stop me, you win.
I get your bombs, I win.

That's the game,
you piece of shit.

If you touch her, the game's off.
Then I'll come after you.

You'll have to kill me in front of every
body in this arena. There will be panic.

The Secret Service, S.W.A.T., the
fucking navy will have to come in here.

Then you don't get your money.
You lose, pal.

Well, that's not bad
for a civil servant.

Oh, by the way,
in the Secret Service,

A.O.P. is "assault on principle."

- In this case, our Vice President.
- I don't give a shit.

Ooh, now, Tom, come on. If we're
gonna play, you got to play nice.

You run your ass off. I know where the
bombs are, so I know where you're going.

Then come and get me.

Would you like
a glass of wine or a cigarette?

It's customary to offer these
minor vices to someone before they die.

- I'm not afraid of you.
- Sure you are.

- I'm the scariest person you've seen.
- You're the meanest.

Am I, now?
How do you suppose I got that way?

Maybe when you were born
you had something wrong with your brain.

Don't you know any little boys like me?

If there were any at my school,
they'd get expelled.

I can assure you there are one or two.

I'm gonna kill your daddy.
What do you think about that?

He promised he'd take me home.
He always does what he says.

So do I.

We're in the third period.
The Penguins on the rush.

Tamer brings it in.

He puts it in!
Ron Francis!

Oh, buy Sam a drink
and get his dog one too!

Chicago desperate to get
back into this game.

Sutter fires and scores!
Chicago does get the third goal!

I tell ya, Mike, I don't think
Tolliver looks like himself right now.

We shouldn't be surprised. He had
a 104 degree temperature earlier today.

He looks like he's struggling
in that goal for the Penguin.

- Yo, Ref.
- He's calling for the referee.

- He might wanna go to the bench.
- Tolliver is gonna head that way.

- Backup for the Penguins is Ken Wregget.
- What's the matter?

I really feel like shit.
I don't think I can goal.

Go to the locker room. Wregget!

- Get in there.
- Let's go, Kenny.

Now in goal for Pittsburgh,
number 31, Ken Wregget.

Hey, fireman, where are you?

- You don't call, you don't write.
- I'm not far away.

- How many have you found?
- How many what?

I could detonate all ten right now.

Go ahead. Then you lose.

Nervous stomach, fireman?

He's at number seven.
Get somebody there.


Roberts cannot get it out.
Chelios in deep. A shot off the stick!

Section B. Now.

Chelios guns it ahead
to Bernie Nicholls.

Here he comes!
Look out!

He shoots and scores! Bernie Nicholls
carried it in, right down the slot.

A heavy slap shot.

An old-fashioned shoot-out here
at the Stanley Cup competition.

Up the alley now,
center circle.

Lines it up to the Penguins.

He'll get the puck out.
He really shakes his stick.

Mike, they're making some noise
down here and I'm not sure why.

I don't believe this. Brad Tolliver
is actually coming back into the game!

This is a guy that once
finished a game with a broken ankle.

Takes a lot of guts to come back in
at this point with Chicago leading, 4-3.

They're on the verge of winning
their first Stanley Cup since 1960.

Now he's just sitting on the bench.

Feeling better?

Then get the fuck in there.

And here he comes.

Now back in goal for Pittsburgh,

number 35, Brad Tolliver,
replacing number 31, Ken Wregget.

I don't know what he did, if he
just recharged his battery or what,

but this guy was really sick
and he's gonna try to finish the game.

Can he can make the big saves to keep
the Penguins within striking distance?

He's got all summer to get better.

There's Tolliver, with the crowd
here literally crazy on their feet.

Penguins looking for a lift here
to try and get back in this game.

Here we go!
Chicago will control the face-off.

- They'll dump it to the Penguin end.
- Stay down there.

- Oh, Christ.
- Chicago drives it back
into Pittsburgh territory.

Chicago slips it back
behind the Pittsburgh goal.

The Penguins try to get the puck back,
and they do just that.

They scramble now
and deliver up the right side.

They have to stay on offense. Tolliver
is not challenging the shooters.

- He hasn't challenged much all night.
- Oh, shit.

Move out!

Move out!

Goddam it, move out!

He's gonna come out.
He'll challenge.

Tolliver hits his head on the ice,
and he's hurt, but play continues.

The puck gets free.
The Penguins have command.

The Penguins trail by only one.

Tolliver hit his head on the ice
so hard his kids will be born dizzy.

This is Chicago on the attack.

What a save by Brad Tolliver!
That's the save of the year!

He oughta get five to ten
for robbing the Hawks on that...

to keep the Penguins within a goal.

Not to mention, Paul,
that he's been sick.

He didn't challenge much this game. Now
he comes up with the save of the year.

No question about it,
that is his biggest save ever.

- He makes a move in front of the net.
- What's he doing?

- He just slammed Dubinsky!
- Tolliver, what the fuck are you doing?

He gave him a right cross
and knocked him down.

He's gonna get
a game misconduct and a fine.

He's put his team shorthanded.
The Penguins now are really in the hole.

Strange night for Tolliver.
I don't know what he's up to.

Tolliver, that's
a thousand-dollar fine!

Get outta the way!

Who the hell are you?

What the hell...


Ysebaert will rebound.
He'll turn and shoot.

Less than three minutes to go. He'll
have to find the puck. And he does.

Off the puck he goes!

Chicago has it back again with two
minutes to go in third-period action.

On the move. The Blackhawks
stopped by the Penguins' line.

The Penguins desperately
trying to get back and tie.

The Chicago Blackhawks
hold on to a 4-3 lead.

Penguins have to look for a big gun
to try and topple Chicago again.

Just moments away, they're gonna pack up
the Stanley Cup and take it to Chicago.

Just moments away, they're gonna pack up
the Stanley Cup and take it to Chicago.

Intercepted by Chicago!

Big check on
John Cullen of the Penguins.

Jagr going for the net, Naslund shoots,
and he's stopped by Belfour.

A minute, thirty-five to go
in the third period.

That's all that remains
for Chicago to win the Stanley Cup.

The Penguins need a rally
to tie the game.

Penguins reach in the corner.

Drop it.

Oh, what a save!

Larmer drills one! Nice stop! He gave
more moves than Mae West on that one!

One minute remaining
in the third period.

And the Penguins
trailing by a goal.

Chicago still
putting pressure on.

Forty seconds remaining now.


The Penguins
need a goal desperately.

Thirty seconds left. Chicago's looking
for the parade down Michigan Ave.

They feel they've got
the Stanley Cup.



...Chicago win the Stanley Cup.

Time again ticking down.
Penguins running out of it.

Penguins reaching for every
possible thing they have.

Chicago takes it away. They'll drive
it to center with 14 seconds to go.

The Penguins don't have much time!

The puck's run by Francis,
ahead to Robitaille.

Not much time to go. Luc Robitaille...

We've got eight seconds left!

Seconds to go.

Stop the press!
Stop the press!

The Penguins have tied the game.

We're going to sudden death overtime!
You would have to be here to believe it!

Lucky Luc has scored for the Penguins
with under a second to go!

This series has been incredible!

- Lucky Luc has done it again!
- Sudden death?

Sudden death.

Paul, the Penguins
would not give up, despite the odds.

Belfour tried everything
in his power to stop them.

The Penguins have forced
sudden death overtime.

The team that scores first in the
next period will win the Stanley Cup!

Pittsburgh goal,

his 14th in the play-offs,
scored by...

Life's just a shitbox
of ironies, huh?

We still got money to move.
I hope it's not mine.

Everybody's got
a little more time.

I'd hate to see them waste it.

Wouldn't you?

Throw away the clocks, because the next
goal is going to win the Stanley Cup.

That's what sudden death
is all about.

Penguins control the draw,
drop it into the Chicago end.

Jagr will carry it in.

Both net-minders coming up tough here.
McEachern has it again!




Breaking quickly!
Got a man! Move!

Bang! I'm immortal.



Jagr will carry it in,
but he's checked.


Holy shit!

What's that?



- Come on, let's go!
- Watch it, will ya?

How many did you find, fireman?


I didn't move, Dad.
I didn't move.

Not even when things
blew up.

I didn't move.

It's over.

You're McCord, right?
I'm Agent Saccio.

Better off not moving
until this settles down.

The Vice President wants very much
to meet you. He's very grateful.

Daddy. Daddy.

Daddy, that's the man.

That's the man, Daddy.
That's him.


Stay with him.



Let's go.




Aaah! Daddy!


I'm not gonna kill you!

I'd rather you spent the rest
of your life remembering you
couldn't save your little girl.








You should've seen my dad.

My daddy's a fireman.