Sudan (1945) - full transcript

Young, lovely Naila becomes queen of the ancient Egyptian kingdom of Khemis when her father is killed in a slave revolt. Continuing her penchant for going incognito among the people, she seeks out rebel leader Herua. But through palace treachery, she herself is captured and enslaved. After various adventures, she finds herself rescued by (and attracted to) the very rebel she was seeking. Will gratitude or revenge win out? Gorgeous scenery and costumes.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Narrator: Out of the land
of Egypt have come many tales

of ancient times.

During the centuries
that have passed,

the spinning wheel
of the ages

has mingled truth
with fantasy.

Until it is hard to say
where truth leaves off

and fantasy begins.

Yet, all of these stories
might have happened,

for they tell of people
whose ambitions and hates

and loves were no different
than our own.

We tell the story of a girl,
Naila, who was a queen

and lived in the royal city
of Khemmis

on the banks
of the River Nile.

[instrumental music]

Why is everyone running
toward the wine shop?

I think they have
a new dancing girl.

Well, come on, Bedai,
let's watch her!

No, no, no. Such distractions
are not good for a man.

Especially, when he has a wife
who's three times his own size.

Oh. [chuckles]

Bedai, how is it that you,
of all people, are not gazing

on the lovely female
down at the wine shop?


I have no more interest
in women.

They only cause me misery.


Woman 1: Bedai!
- Yes, my love.

Woman 1: Watch the shop!
I'm going to rest for a while.

[instrumental music]



[instrumental music]

[crowd clamoring]

[music continues]

[crowd clamoring]

Who's the new dancer?

Some desert girl,
I suppose.

A moment ago,
she wasn't here.

And suddenly,
she was out there dancing.

[music continues]

[crowd laughing]

[crowd clamoring]

[crowd laughing]

[music continues]

[crowd clamoring]

[music continues]

[crowd cheering]


I told you I could do it.

I danced in a public place
without being recognized.

What if it ever
becomes known?

I took your dare
and I won.

Five pieces of gold
you owe me, Her it a.


The royal chariot
has been sighted.

My father returns so soon?

Yes, and alone.


[instrumental music]

Come back with my horse,
you thief!


[music continues]


[dramatic music]

Man 1:
The Scarlet Banner of Herua.

Naila: And nothing can be done
about the escaped slave

who murdered my father?

Herua is no ordinary slave.

He is the leader of a band
of escaped slaves.

Every one of them
is desperate as he is.

They roam the deserts attacking
caravans and slave markets.

That's why your father
went to meet him.

To offer tribute
and protect his subjects.

Why must we offer tribute
to a man like that?

What do we have an army for?

As well direct the army
to attack moonlight.

Herua strikes and is gone.

What about our spies?

We have sent many.
None have returned.

I don't understand it.

All the power and wealth
of Khemmis

cannot overcome
a small band of slaves?

But you're very young,
Your Majesty.

It isn't easy to understand
affairs of this sort.

Our chance will come. Herua will
make one move too daring.

[crowd clamoring]

Stop them. The noise
is disturbing Her Majesty.

No, I will appear
before them.

Man 2: Queen! We want the queen!
We want the queen!

Queen! We want the queen!

Queen! We want the queen!

[crowd clamoring]

Man 3: Bring the murderer
to justice.

Man 4. Revenge
for our ruler's death.

[crowd clamoring]

[instrumental music]

You heard the voices
of my people.

They ask revenge
for my father's death.

We must listen to them.

But, Your Majesty, there is
no need to charge yourself

with heavy and painful duties.

You are young
and very beautiful.

Continue to seek
your pleasures.

You planned a journey
to the horse fair at Naharina.

Why not go,
enjoy yourself?

You were my father's counsellor,
so you will be to me,

but it is I who will rule.

Which will be as you say.

[instrumental music]

I will go to the horse fair
at Naharina,

but not to enjoy myself.

To the fair come nomads
and horse dealers

from all corners of the land.

Wouldn't that be the place
to look for Herua and his band?

Their very lives depend on speed
and wealth of their horses.

Ah, but, Your Majesty, don't
underestimate your enemies.

As soon as you appear
with your entourage,

they will make
themselves scarce.

It is you
who underestimate me.

I will go alone, not as queen,
but as a village traveler.

Thus, I may go amongst those men
of the desert unknown to them.

I bow to your wisdom.

I erred in thinking
you are a young girl

unskilled in statecraft.

[music continues]

[horse galloping]

This is the slave dealer.

His price will be the money
he receives for her.

Setna has explained everything?

It will be easily done,
My Lord.

The girl has a beauty
that will delight

the buyers
in the slave market.

I have set you a task,
I don't wish to know

how you accomplish it.

[instrumental music]

[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[fire crackling]

Release me, or you will regret
the evil day you were born.

Brand her.


[mellow music]

Start 'em moving.

We'll leave.
Chain them together.

[lock clicks]

[lock clicks]

[music continues]

[lock clicks]

Maatet, look.

[music continues]

You are the slaver, Maatet?

I have here the most beautiful
of all slave girls.

[music continues]

Why, this is a fresh brand.

I don't know
where this girl came from...

And her name?

Slave girls have no names,

only a price.

- A price?
Bata: 100 pieces of gold.


I wouldn't pay a hundred pieces
of gold for any slave.

But this slave
will bring much more

in the markets
where you trade.

No, a hundred's too much.

Too many of them die
on the way.

- Fifty.
- Here is no ordinary slave.

She is a treasure worthy
of a pharaoh's palace.

I'll even include
her stallion.

[music continues]

Bata: Surely this is
a fabulous combination.

It's well worth
a hundred pieces of gold.

A hundred it shall be.

[speaking in foreign language]

[horse neighing]

[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

The stallion
is too fast for us.

[mellow music]

[music continues]

[horse neighing]

Oh, treasure of our heart,
forgive us for parting with you.

It is only because we love you,
friend Khafra,

that we even think
of such a trade.

You dare offer
this half-dead old mongrel

for my beautiful beast?

Of course not.

We offer
our noble horse, Tahuti,

for your broken-down stallion,

but only if you include
your filthy tent.

That is the most ridiculous
offer I've ever received.

Out of my way with this
dying goat of yours.

[Nebka imitates whinnying]

Nebka imitating horse:
Who is this sand flea

who calls me a dying goat?

I did.

[Nebka imitates whinnying]

Did I or did I not hear
that animal speak?

Nebka imitating horse:
Certainly you heard me speak.

Oh, don't mind what he says.
He-- he's a very foolish horse.

A talking horse?

Nebka imitating horse:
A talking man.

Oh! B-- b-- b-- but
this is magic.

I-- I-- I've heard
of such things,

but I-- I never believed them
till now.

Well, come along, Nebka.
Goodbye, Khafra.

Oh, wait, wait.

I will give you
my dumb, stupid horse.

I will give you the tent.

Only, I must own
this talking horse.

[indistinct whispering]

[indistinct whispering]

- Then he is yours.
Khafra: Ah!

Say something to me,
oh, my beloved.

Nebka imitating horse: Let us
leave these cutthroats

before they change
their minds.

[Nebka imitates whinnying]

You throw your voice so well,
I'm beginning to believe

in talking horses myself.

This beast has no prize, but
he is sounder than old Tahuti.

Come, let's ready ourselves.

[instrumental music]

Nebka: What eyes. What muscles!

What legs. Ooh.

What a beautiful mouth.

Nebka, bring water.
She lives.

Why worry about a woman?
Look at this horse!

Merab: Wet a cloth for her brow.
Fill a cup of her lips.

Nebka: Uh, the most beautiful
animal I've ever seen.

[instrumental music]

Naila: Who are you?

Two humble travelers

on our way to the horse fair
at Naharina.

I, too, am journeying there.

Take me with you and...

you will be greatly rewarded.

By a slave girl?

Let's turn her over
to the slavers

before we get in trouble.

Once when we starved
in a dirty prison cell...

Yeah, I know, just for
borrowin' a few horses.

But I had a dream,
I was a prince.

I-- I had food and wine
and palaces

and-- and beautiful slave girls.

Yeah, I know. One meets such
nice people in one's dreams.

Well, dream all you like,
but don't risk our lives

because you fancy
a slave girl.

Yes, I-- I guess
it would be foolish.

[dramatic music]

Quickly into the grove!

And take the stallion.

She makes a sound,
we die.

You there, we seek
an escaped slave girl

who rides
a golden stallion.

Have you seen her?

- Huh!
- Maybe this will make you talk!


[Bata grunts]


Bata: Have you seen her?

She must have gone
another way.

These dumb ones
have no reason to lie.

[instrumental music]

- What did you get?
- His dagger.

- What about you?
- His purse.

- Where was that? Oh.
- On the other side.

I am grateful.

Let's leave her here
and take the horse.

There are races for rich prizes
at the horse fair.

If you will take me,

I could ride my stallion
and win much gold for you.

We don't need her.
I can ride that stallion.


Nebka: Steady, old boy! Whoa!

Whoa! Take it easy now.
Take it easy.

Whoa! Oh!
Steady, old boy. Steady.

Whoa! Nice, pretty, old boy.
Nice boy.

An unruly horse
and a dangerous woman.

Only evil can come of this.

Take me to Naharina
with you.

I go there to find Herua,
the leader of escaped slaves.

Herua? You'll lose your heads
if you get mixed up with him.

No. It will be worth your while
to protect me.

I will win races for you.
Your purse will be full.

[scoffs] You can't spend gold
from the gallows.

Here is a fine horse and
a slave girl to ride him for us.

We will disguise her
and take her with us.

Very well. We were born to hang,
we might as well do it together.

It is a small risk...

for so great a prize.

I'll get the horse.

[instrumental music]

[crowd clamoring]

- There she is.
- Be quiet. Let it not be known.

Fifty pieces of gold
on the black mare.

Who'll bet 50 pieces of gold?

Fifty gold pieces, done.

- Well, how will--
- Shh!

Here is my wager.
Let me see yours.

Don't you trust me?

We're the owners
of the golden stallion.

I trust the horse,
not you.

I'll wager my gold,
but if you lose,

I'll take the stallion.

I should have drawn my dagger
for that insult.

Ahem. I too noticed he had the
wrist of an expert swordsman.

He sure do... Hey, where are
you gonna get fifty pieces

of gold now, when?

You must be a magician,
I couldn't find one.

There's one more.
Where is the black mare?

[indistinct yelling]

[instrumental music]

Man 5: You are to race
around those pylons

and finish at the same line.

[gong strikes]

[intense music]

Look at the two in front.

These desert horses
run like the wind.

I didn't come here to watch
a race. Look about you.

Maybe she came here to search
for Herua. She said she would.

[music continues]

Hey, what if she...
I mean, he keeps on going?

We'll lose the race and have
no horse to pay the wager.

They'll hang us.
That's what they'll do.

[music continues]

- Look!
- Yes!

The stallion's ahead.
We're winning.

- Come on!
- Come on!

[music continues]

- Come on!
- Faster!

[music continues]

- Look at our horse fly.
- Come on!

[both cheering]

The prize is ours.
Twenty pieces of gold.

And the wager too,
fifty pieces of gold.

- Yeah!
- Come on!

Thank you. Whoo-hoo!

[indistinct chatter]

Look, the golden stallion.

Yes, and ridden by a nomad.

[all clamoring]

I have seen the Princess Naila
ride her stallion too often

to be fooled by that.

Kamore, I love you.

- I said I would win.
- You were wonderful.

- May I speak to you?
- Who, me?

- Do you own the stallion?
- Well, all of us.

Him, him, and me.

I'll offer you any three
of my horses for your stallion.

Three horses?

I've never ridden
against a better animal.

Perhaps you'd be willing
to offer money?

There's nothing as fascinating
as the tinkle of gold pieces.

The stallion is not for sale.
Come, follow me.

But we can get three horses
with the...

Well, three horses for...

We have purchased
all the horses that we need.

I will join you in a moment.

I've seen something here
which intrigues me.

Nebka: Seventy pieces of gold.

This slave girl is worth
more to us than a queen.

There will be
other races tomorrow

with richer prizes
for the winner.

Then tonight...

let us spend what we've won
today, the three of us.

I have more important things
to do.

You mean, finding Herua?

But how can you, when no one
knows what he looks like?

It is one thing to salute
a superior animal...

it is another to find
that a woman has beaten me.

You lost fairly.
What more do you ask?

Only to feast
my eyes upon your...

slave girl.

I've heard there was a girl
of your description

that escaped recently
from the slaver, Maatet.

Oh, I knew it! I knew it!
I knew it! We're trapped!

- What is it you wish?
- I will not betray her.

On the contrary,
I offer safety.

A place in the desert
where no slavers could follow.

See how close we are
to discovery,

to torture,
to slow execution?

Oh, please, Merab.

Uh-- uh, perhaps you would
be willing to offer

a few pieces of gold
for this girl?

- How many?
- Well, I don't know.

Let's make a deal...

If I had no money
to purchase food,

if I like clothing
to shield my skin from the sun,

still I would not sell her.

- A hundred pieces of gold?
- Oh, please, Merab.

I'll buy you an entire harem.

Only let us sell this one
dangerous female, please.

What can you offer
for the feeling of joy

when I look at her?

What price for the exultation
in my heart when she smiles?

When she is near,
I am a king.

No, not you, not to her,
but to myself.

Please, Merab,
he offers gold.

His words stem from this...

this exquisite inspiration.

And I understand.

[Nebka clicking tongue]

Our paths
may not cross again

but I will always remember.

[instrumental music]

Would you've wished
to have gone with him?

- I am content.
- Well, I'm frightened.

Man 6: In here.


[clears throat]

- This girl's an escaped slave.
Nebka: We didn't know.

We bought her in good faith.

[dramatic music]

Nebka: Help! Help! Merab!
Merab, I'm trapped!

Merab, get me out of here!
Oh, Merab! Ow!


Merab! Ow! Ooh! Ow!

I knew we should never have
gotten messed up with that girl.


[music continues]

take them both!

[Nebka groaning]

[music continues]

Your Excellency,
she demands to be taken

to the palace of Khemmis.

She says the lord counsellor
will punish us all.

The slave's insolent.

According to the law
of the land,

escaped slaves and criminals
who harbor them

shall be torn apart
by wild horses.

Let it be thus.

Nebka: Well, here we are.
It was bound to happen.

I'm sorry we could not
protect you.

I had no right to entangle
your fortunes with mine.

I am to blame.

No, no, I demanded it.

If there is any blame,
it is mine.

You two share the blame
and I share the wild horses.

[horses neighing]

[intense music]

Take the fat one first.

Oh, no, I'm not proud!
I'll gladly go last.

Honest, now, well, I don't
wanna go first.

Come on.

Alright, bring him
around here.

[horses neighing]

[music continues]

- Ugh!
- Tie him tight, men.

[instrumental music]

[horses neighing]

[horses neighing]

[swords clanking]

[swords clanking]

[music continues]

[swords clanking]

[music continues]

[swords clanking]

[music continues]

[swords clanking]

[music continues]

[blows bugle]

[mellow music]

[music continues]

Rest if you can.
You will be safe soon.

My people will try to make you
forget what has happened.

I will never forget.

Nor will I forget
that it was you who saved me.

That you're safe
is reward enough.

[music continues]

Uba will meet us close by
with our horses.

You have arranged
for everything.

When one guards a treasure,
he leaves nothing to chance.

What of the others?

All safe.
We escaped with ease.

We ride much faster for our
lives than they for their pay.

What of my friends,
Merab and Nebka?

They await you at our village.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[horses galloping]

[music continues]

Man 7: Welcome, welcome.

Woman 2: Praise the Gods
for your safety.

Man 8: God for good.

- All is well?
- Yes, we're in good hands.

Take this girl, let her be
clothed and refreshed,

and then bring her to me.

I begin to wonder if
he saved her for me or himself.

If he'd only keep her,
I'd breathe freely again.

4 We hear J

4 The call I

4 To love J

J The songs that calls

J On to love J



I wish I had words
to describe your loveliness.

Do not think me ungrateful,
but may I ask you a question?

Please do.

This morning, we were strangers.

Yet, this afternoon,
you risked your life

and that of your men
to save me. Why?

The sight of you now assures me
that I made no mistake.

I am a slave girl,
there are many such

who could be purchased
at no risk.

You think it's strange that I
interfered with your execution?

Perhaps you think that one slave
owner takes you from another?

- Such is the custom.
- There are other reasons, too.

But they all vanish from my mind
and... only your beauty remains.

I, I cannot look at you

wanting desperately
to press my lips to yours.

Are you talking
to your slave?

No, you are talking
to your slave.

[people humming]

♪ I hear ♪

♪ The call ♪

♪ To love ♪

♪ Mm mm mm ♪

♪ Mm-mmm ♪

♪ While sands reflect ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ The moonlight ♪

♪ I hear a heart ♪

♪ That calls ♪

♪ To mine ♪

♪ I hear a heart
that calls to... ♪

♪ Mm mm mm ♪

♪ Mm-mm ♪

♪ The call grows clear ♪

♪ And strong ♪

♪ Each star looks down ♪
♪ Each star looks down ♪

♪ And sighs ♪

♪ Don't fear ♪

♪ Give all to love ♪

♪ Give all to love ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My soul ♪

♪ Replies ♪

♪ I hear ♪

♪ The call ♪

♪ To ♪

♪ Love ♪♪


I have often heard
the songs of the desert,

but they have never been
so beautiful.

I do not think
I shall mind my bondage.

You are not in bondage.
No one is a slave here.

We all were once.

[instrumental music]

Have you ever heard of Herua?

Indeed I have.

I am Herua.

And I have vowed to free all
slaves, wherever they may be.

My men and I have pledged
to fight as long

as there are those
who crush others beneath them.

You tremble. Are you frightened
because I am Herua?

It is said that you
do not hesitate to murder.

I was born a slave.

It was not meant for men
to be born so.

Oh, were slaves born
to be murderers?

Yes, I have killed
when I had to,

so others could live
to be free.

[music continues]

And this is your stronghold
of the slaves?

Yes, the slavers and the armies
would like to find it,

but it is like finding
a flea in a herd of camels.

And what if they should
happen on it by chance?

They have so many men.

We have poised great dams
of stones

at the rim of the plateau.

A few men could cut the thongs
and start them down.

The strongest armies
are no match for an avalanche.

But this is not the night
to speak of unpleasant things.

I can't give no thought
to such dreams

that are made of moonlight
while slaves die in chains.

- What would you do?
- I could be useful.

More useful that you realize.

Once I lived
in the palace of Khemmis.

I was a... dancing girl.

I could return there.

Wouldn't not be helpful for you
to know the plans

of the slavers' caravans?

A spy in the palace
of the queen?

Oh, it is a chance
given to us by the Gods.

If you could come back to me
with that information...

They would suspect me
if I left the city.

Then I could send a man
to meet you within the city.

Would you send another
to enjoy the moments

we might spend together?

I will come myself

at the first night
of the next full moon.

Then meet me at the shop
of Mestet, the wine merchant.

- When will you leave?
- At dawn.

My two friends
will accompany me.

One day, perhaps,
these evil hours may be ended

and then we can stand together
as man and woman.

You will not forget this
meeting with the slave girl?

As well ask me
if I will forget my heart.

[instrumental music]

Are you certain we'd be
permitted to enter the palace?

They had us once.

You know what will happen
if they catch us again.

I would not bring you here were
I not certain of our safety.

[music continues]

My Lord, the queen returns.

- With the Heruan army?
- No, alone.

With two strange looking men.


It appears they remember you
even at that.

Hey, let's go around the back.

Why, there is no use
antagonizing them.

There will be no trouble.

Oh, from the moment
we found her,

we've had nothing
but trouble,

trouble, trouble.

Don't you think
you're going too far?

- We could be hanged.
- Yeah.

I give thanks to the Gods for
your safe return, Your Majesty.

"Your Majesty?"

I am Naila,
queen of Khemmis.

I promised you would be rewarded
for helping me,

and so you shall be.

I invite you to remain
in the palace.

Whatever you ask,
shall be granted.

Hey, pinch me, Merab,
I'm dreamin'. [giggles]

I should have known
that you were no ordinary woman.

We are grateful,
Your Majesty.

What of your mission
to the desert?

The murderer, Herua,
will be in our hands

the first night
of next the full moon.

But, Your Majesty,
Herua saved our lives.

My father's murder
must be avenged.

Nothing else matters.

I understand.

[instrumental music]

She suspects nothing.

She is still to be treated
as queen until I tell you.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct yelling]

Seize him!


[intense music]


[dramatic music]


the slave girl is a queen.

A queen of deceit.

A queen of false allure.

A queen who uses her beauty
to trap the unwary.


- This man murdered your father.
- You lie!

Horadef: There can be only
one verdict, Your Majesty.

Death to the murderer.
Death as the sun rises.

Let it be slow and agonizing.

The way of the headsman
is sure and swift.

Let it be thus.

Look closely, oh, Queen.

It is not I who tremble
but you.

I will be dead
and past remembrance,

but you will never forget
as long as you live.

[dramatic music]

Majesty, during your absence,
many other affairs of state--

Nothing more. Not today.

[instrumental music]

Merab: Do you weaken
in your desires

for revenge, Your Majesty?

I torture myself
more than I torture him.

But, My Lady, he is
the murderer of your father.

There is no proof
that it was he.

Only a banner flying
over the royal chariot.

A piece of colored cloth.

And if he were innocent,

would you order him freed,
so that he might come to you?

[music continues]

If I were a slave girl

or the daughter of a merchant,
I could go to him.

But I am a queen,
and he is a rebel.

And because I am a queen,

I must condemn
the one man in my life.

These things pass.

Another will come
to make you forget

and bring you new happiness.

Perhaps, someone close to you.

So close
that... that you do not see him.

There will be no other.

[instrumental music]

Why couldn't this have happened
to me 20 years ago?

[all laughing]

[music continues]

Nebka: Merab!

Seems there is a future
in picking pockets.

Have a sweet-meat, relax
and enjoy the surroundings.

We might wake up at any moment.

Send the girls away.


[women giggling]

You know my secret hopes.

You have no secrets from me,
you love the queen.

And on which side
would you wager?

We have never lied to
one another about our wagers.

- Have we?
- No.

I wouldn't bet a moth-eaten
donkey on your chances.

But if such things can happen
as a slave girl

becoming a queen,

then, then why not
a pick-pocket marrying one?

I've heard of such weddings
from the old story-tellers.

But always seems
a pick-pocket

turns out to be
a prince in disguise.

- Is that necessary?
- I'm afraid you'll find it so.

Haven't you ever noticed
the look in her eyes

as she gazes upon Herua?

She hates him. He was
the murderer of her father.

Well, then that's one obstacle
out of your way.

You should rejoice.

The queen must be pleased
to have him executed.

Yet, her tears were not of joy.
I have seen it.

Her heart breaks for Herua.

I tell myself
that it will pass, but...

Nebka, I have made up my mind.

Have two horses
waiting at the gates.

Oh, must we flee again
from such magnificence?

That, my friend,
is the way of fate.


[instrumental music]

I've come to repair the block.

- It must be ready by dawn.
- It's seen much use lately.

Merab: One might almost wish
to be in this fellow's shoes.

After tomorrow, he'll have
no taxes to pay, no toil,

no hag of a wife
to plague him.

Aye! One tiny chop,
and he's through.

' - Ah!
- I'll help you!

Oh, a thousand pardons.
My, my leg.

[chains rattling]

You need any help?

No, I'll call you
when I finished.

[door closes]

Make ready to leave.

I slipped it
from the guard's pocket.

You, the queen's man!

[dramatic music]

How can we get past
the guards?

We can't, but you can,
in the clothes I'm wearing.

When they find you've taken my
place, they'll tear you apart.

By that time,
you'll be safe in the desert.

No, no, sweet as life
may seem at this moment,

it is not so sweet that
I can except such a sacrifice.


Fifty thieves are waiting
outside to storm the jail

the minute I give the signal.
Here, take my cloak.

[music continues]

You'll find Nebka
waiting at the gate with horses.


[music continues]

You're the last visitor
he'll ever have.

Herua: Yeah.

[dramatic music]

[horses galloping]

[chains rattling]

[dramatic music]


[music continues]

Horadef: This isn't Herua!

Aye. But the corridor's
been guarded all night.

The prisoner couldn't
possibly have escaped.

- Where is Herua?
- My Lord.

I must've been a victim
of black magic.

Last night, I fell asleep
in a, in a back-room

o-- of the harem,
on a strange carpet.

Now, now, I know it must have
been a, a magic flying carpet,

for, for when I woke up,
I was no longer in the place

where I went to sleep,
but here in this cell.

You can see,
I know nothing whatsoever

of this Herua
of whom you speak.

Permit me to depart in peace.

Release him.

I said, "Release him."

You see, Your Majesty,
they're not you guards,

but my soldiers.

It isn't you
who give the orders.

- The masquerade is over.
- You speak treason.

I rule the city
of Khemmis now.

The only treason
is to defy me.


Cease her!

Put her in the other cell.

Surround the palace grounds.

Search every house,
find Herua.

[mellow music]

I'm sorry my adventure
ended so poorly, Your Majesty.

You helped Herua escape,
did you not?

It's not in my heart
to do nothing

while you yearn
for his safety.

It was a noble thing
you did.

I could ask
for no better company.

If we ought to die,
Horadef shall die with us.

I have stolen his dagger.
When he enters the cell again...

Of course, I, uh...

I appropriated his purse.

Wonder what he carried.



Will be a good thing to meet
the headsmen

wearing Horadef's own ring.

Merab! The ring!

Do you know what it means?

Only that
it is very beautiful.

It is the seal of Khemmis.

The circlet
of entwined serpents.

What then, Your Majesty?

My father was wearing it
when he went out to meet Herua.

When he returned,
it was missing from his finger.

- Then Horadef is the murderer.
- Of course.

He planned to move his army
into the city of Khemmis

from the beginning.

Only he knew of my mission
into the desert.

Only he could've sent
his slavers to capture me.

Merab: Then Herua is innocent.

The hours I spent with him...

I can remember now with pride.

[music continues]

Merab, I am grateful to you.

Then I am happy.

I should've known
that the distance between us

was too great.

A thief may reach for a star,

but, but he cannot touch it.

This I promise you,

we will learn the location
of the slave stronghold.

You want protection
for your caravans

against the raids of Herua?

You'll have it once
and for all.

You want slaves?

When we smash his stronghold,
you shall have your fill.

- It's agreed.
- We'll support your rule.

We have searched the entire
city, Herua has escaped.

The fool Merab can be a more
valuable prisoner than Herua.

Torture might not move
the lips of a slave leader.

But it will be another matter
with a thief.

- Huh.
- Put him to the rack.



[Merab groaning]




Tell me where to find Herua.


No! Do not tell!

My patience is endless.

Another turn.


- Let him down.
Merab: No!

- I will tell.
Merab: No!

No! Do not tell!

No! No!

There is a mountain pass.

It is far away
and difficult to find.

- But you can find it?
- On one condition.

That you set Merab free.

We have nothing
to fear from him.

Order him freed.

- You will ride with us?

it is the will of the Gods

that I destroy
the murderer of my father.

Assemble my soldiers.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

Stop here!
Stop! Thief!

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]


The queen promised to lead
Horadef and his troops

against your stronghold in order
to save my worthless skin.

And I'm but a little time
ahead of the column.

Sound the alarm!

[gong strikes]


[indistinct yelling]

[instrumental music]

This is the only entrance?

Yes, up this trail.

At the top is a plateau.

On it, the stronghold
of his slaves.

It's a dangerous route.

Herua certainly
will have prepared defenses

against just such an attack.

No, his only defense

is the hidden location
of the village.

I will lead you.

[music continues]

There they come!

And the queen
at their very head.

She would die so that
Horadef may be destroyed.

And so that you may live.

[music continues]

[music continues]

Why are you waiting?

If I send the rocks down now,
she will also be killed.

We will wait,
until she passes the next turn.

Then she'll be out of danger.

She risked her life
to save mine.

- I gamble time to save hers.
- Oh!

[music continues]


[rumbling continues]

[horse neighing]

[intense music]

[swords clanking]


[swords clanking]


[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[blows bugle]

♪ Now we're free ♪
♪ Ah ♪

♪ Free as the wild wind ♪
♪ Ah ♪

♪ Proud and free ♪
♪ Ah ♪

♪ Free as the air ♪
♪ Ah ah ah ♪

♪ We were slaves and then ♪

♪ We broke the bars
around us ♪

♪ Now we're men ♪

♪ And have the stars around us ♪

♪ Always proud ♪

♪ And free ♪

♪ Proud and free... ♪

- We're leaving them?
- Yes.

All that luxury
and we have to run away from it.

We would not sleep easily
in a palace.

Not after the queen
has wed another, huh?

Few thieves are allowed
such moments of loveliness

as I have had.

Well, we can always
tell the tale

around the desert campfire.

Of how two pickpockets
once owned a queen?

♪ That's the way ♪
♪ Ah ♪

♪ We will remain ♪
♪ Ah ♪

♪ When a wrong is done ♪

♪ We'll be there writing it
one and all ♪

♪ We'll be there fighting it ♪

♪ Riding together forever
for liberty ♪

♪ We're proud and free ♪

♪ Ah-ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ♪♪

[instrumental music]