Suckers (2001) - full transcript

Ever bought a used car from a dealer before? Want to know what REALLY happens behind the scenes? This movie offers some insight through the eyes of one of the dealers.

''It's true...''

Do you want to buy a pickup truck
or van?

We drove one
the car in the morning.

Honey, this is us
it is too expensive.

Do not worry, we have the money.

We're not talking about money.
Show me the invoice.

What for? Does it really matter,
how much we paid for the car?

It is important how much you paid.
Tell me, how much money you want?

Lance, you're killing me!
I do not earn a penny on it.

Show me the invoice!

Are you mad
on the overhead?

I know she's out in the

In the box is not.

I'd figured out what was going on,
if he saw the invoice.

I do not know how much
She is standing.

This kid - he's white
or color?

Do not divorce his canoe,
help better. He asks
Show Invoices.

Say, invoice
in seyae in regional

There will be more,
than the first time.


It is ...
Did you see that?

Yes, it is expensive.
You have enough money?

I want to talk
with the owner.

With him not to talk about
- He is a moron.

To be honest, Lance, I wrung
too much and give little vi.
What about the golden mean?

I taught math,
the middle is not here.

Well, maybe not quite

With whom do you ask advice
every now and then?

With the boss.

Can I see him?


Monthly installments
- Too much ...

Write the amount that
you want.

I want to make you feel, want,
so that in three years you have come
us for the new machine.

That's how much I
to pay - if you want
I have good news.

You fell trees?

Maybe we discuss here
that amount.

You endlessly ask
the same thing, and I nazivayu
new price higher than before.

But you do not want to give up.


I thought we could
reach an agreement.

I want to agree,
vi - no.

I think I'll go home.

You know, Lance, I'm more
You do not think the buyer.

You have become my friend.

And you - mine.

Not bad.

Yeah, probably.

Say now that the mats
on the floor there are another hundred.

There's the usual mats.

He does not know it.

You want to deal
I did not take place due to these
lousy rugs?

This guy is biting me
two solid hours. I hardly his
I prevailed upon. What are you doing?!

Say, come on.

You gave mats for nothing!

I did not mess it
for these carpets.
He would have refused.

Garbage! He sat with us
on hook. Go to hell!

Fok you! Bald hell!

Remember last outing
year? I fucked your wife.


In your car.

You kid rotten, bastard!
The creature, bastard!

'' First Saturday
Meeting on the last
ainansovy month '

Okay, let's start. All rise!
Let's climb.

Raise your hand up as
possible. Pull it!

Eddie, get up, damn
you take it!

I have heard this nonsense.

I do not care!
This collection is for everyone.

Raise your hand, oaf!
Where Ion? Pull over!

Do you like your

This kid pants naklal
because of fear. You will see it
primchitsya after 4 minutes.

How many are you
said Eddie?


I'll bet you dinner.

Draw even higher!

Thus, all stretched out his hand,
how can you?


Okay, now
try and pull
just a little higher!

Let's! Bobby, that's enough
chew snot! Pull!


Good. Okay.

So guys, you thought
It can not be better, but vi vityanuli
hands even further.

If we try another
just a little, we are able mi
sell 50 cars this weekend.


We will try?


Okay, sit down.
Iamin who we are?


Correctly. We are torn
whores mi fuck better
anyone in the world.

Therefore, we pay
good grandmother because
we are the best!


Those who do not believe me, let
roll to the devil!

You're wasting your time,
and mine too!

My grandmother, she did
blind old hag,

but may sell
any machine!

Fine, fine ...

Bobby, why are we here?

What prevents you to become

Reggie said that
find a place for you.
We need to have.

I am trying.

What should I do to
ti realized, finally, that
we are poor?

Bobby, why are we here?

Why are we here?

Why we are here
De Luca?

To earn

Exactly! Much money!

If you are satisfied
minimum wage,
you have nothing to do here!

Eddie, you lose a bet dinner.

Well, when it comes Ion,
let each say to him:
'' Ion, you moron. ''

One two Three!

Ion, you moron!


Marco when the dealer
It starts to work?

At eight in the morning on Saturday,

No, miserable dolt!

What ate?

Work dealer starts
when the customer says '' no ''.

You do not want to capture
this toy home, sir?

I do not know.
I thought somehow.


I need advice
with his wife first.

What for? I have not consulted
with his wife and decided to sell it.

Why, why, why?
Whatever you say,
ask 'why?' '...

Who is more likely to go
on this machine?


You? His wife wants
you consulted with her?

She can not I

I understand. You do not need

Come again when
get permission.
We will ride on it.

I do not need permission.

Let's go then.

Let them reverberate
by car, touch it,
sniff, let them zavedutsya.

In this case, they
pay more.

What are you doing here
so late?

We need money.

Your husband is still
does not work?

No. The work is now not so
easy to find.

He did seem to work.

My genius husband
could not even oaormit
machine. He was fired.

When a customer accesses
to you with an offer,
vi say

'' Sir, if I sell
this car is worth
32 thousand dollars,

1 0 million, would you take
her? When? '' Right ...


If he says '' yes ''
You say, 'Come with me' '.

Turn around and go
straight to oais.

Do not look back,
otherwise it will stop.
They are dogs.

If the dog goes after him,
and vi stop
and turn around,

it will rise too.
Do not stop

Mr. De Luca is Thomas
Rowling of 'Preaaerd Bank' '.

I left you
March 1 communications.

I am reminded of the old
good times, when I
not afraid to shoot up.

And I remember how
talking with his wife, and she
She is dripping on my brain.

You know what, I can not

When my husband
the last time brought
home salary.

You know what your trouble is?

You want me to go
the first popavshuyusyu work.

I do not need a job,
and career! This makes all the difference!

If you work for his uncle,
not get rich!

I understand we are now
not to be envied.

But when turned up
good chance,

I will work hard, as an ox,
to get out of this
hole. You know yourself.

Family for me more

Well, because it
soon there will be more.

Do not joke so please!

Who can tell?

You. You just said,
I have to go
any job,

because you're pregnant!

You seem to have quite
disabling brain! You what,
crazy or what?

Forgive me.

No, it is not necessary, Babbitt!
Do not!

I would take you and slaughtered
Now, lousy moron!

I do not need to cut. I'm already
I understand that I'm a jerk.

Forgive me. I did not know.
Sorry. I promise you all
will be good.

What do we do?

I guess we'll have to
trade machines.


Why not?

Thus, the client sits you
in oaise. It's all got excited.

He feels that he gets
on a penny dimes, buy
cool wheelbarrow 1 0 million.

Now you need to turn on
his head off, not live
smisle course.

Suppose his car
It costs 20 thousand.

You go back and talk.
'Great news, sir,

for your car can
to 7000 dollars. ''

Do not be afraid of these idiots,
they do not know that vi

This Occupation

Why should I buy
the car with you?

Because you love me.
I'm a nice guy, fun.

Yes, I like it. You me
I laugh, I'm taking you.

What good blowjob
with his own wife?

I do not know. Than?

Five minutes of silence.

Look closely,
idiots! This child will understand!

On the announcement of the sale
write tsiarami small price.
One third of this amount.

One third of this - your
nalichnie money.

If you multiply by three
The first two tsiary
of the selling price,

get the monthly
contribution. These tsiarami
you can play as you want ...

Sir, if I could
reduce the price to 7000

Could you write
Here tsiaru January 1,

and then you have
pay per month of all
990 dollars.

Now, keep quiet!
Who was the first open mouth
he lost.

Are you insane?

Whatever the client says,
engaged in business.
Now everything is under control.

Sir, if I offer you
1 July to pay 00 dollars, we
oaormim deal? And if 7200?

Constantly nod - yes.
I do not forget to put the blame.

This moron, too
begin to nod in response.

Sir, you understand,
that you are deceived?

Yes, I know, Reggie.

It's nice?

Yes, it's nice, Reggie.

Fooled them in full
program, they like it.

They only returned to life
the next day.

Each of them enjoys it.

What have I done, hell
hell? What I've done?!
What have I done? !

Cute are you here?

I'm taking a shower!

They do not like to admit it,
that they fooled.

So they sent to you
his friends. Deal
they just as well!

Zapudrit their brains.
These morons will find
you new customers.

Hi guys.
How are you?

Hi Hi.
Where have you been?

Yes. You could call.

I understand. Excuse me,
Please. I now
lots to do.

How you doing, buddy?

Nothing is normal.

Look, I found myself
a good thing, you probably
like guys.

We like it if you
will pay on time.

You're a little late,
Nixon, according to my
solnechnim hours.

So I came. I ask
you have to wait a little ...

Do not get me wrong,
Now things went smoothly.
I would recover soon.

Yes. Let's hope.

Sure sure.
Check out my new wheelbarrow.


Why should we have to

I will have a few
transactions. I need some
time and all ...

Do not hesitate to end
month, I pay it in full.

I promise, you guys.

Once he agrees,
oaormlyayte prepayment.

January 1 thousand dollars
- Cash or check?
You can not?

Then you can make 1 0900
dollars and be done with it ...

No? Cross out everything. Can
- 1, 0800? You want it?
No? Another cross ...

Sir, usually the bank requires
one-third, but if I persuade
1 to take 0750 dollars,

then you agree?

Sir, how then can we
oaormit deal?

5 thousand dollars?

Well, 5000 is now.

And when you bring us
the remaining 6 thousand dollars?

What does it mean?

You mean 5000?
Your contributions will be
continue to grow.

The main thing - do not give
recover. Returning
to the transaction.

If I oaormlyu for sale
7250 dollars, you agree
write a check for 5000,

and then will pay all
$ 990 per month. we
Now a deal.

No. Contributions too


What amount within
$ 990 you want?

It may be 400 or 500.

500? Too few!
This I have not been.

But I can do it
for you. Do you agree
oaormit contract?

Good. Sign here
here. I will try to
do something.

But the boss would kill me for sure.

Then I must say:
''Wish me good luck.

The client already imposed
pants, shakes it all. ''

I hope he will understand.

The main thing is the guy zapudrit
brains to become entangled
these hundreds,

and then it can take
golimi hands.

We have not run in vain
the real masters.

But you have to do
his case before
for it will take them.

Machine vparivayut you
not them! They only
complete the transaction.

When you have removed the girl ...

vi not going to undress her,
laid in bed, and then
to call his friend Tom:

'' Mark, Tom, she is ready,
Come to fuck her. '' No,
you will fight it yourself.

Anyone who closes the deal,
only gives you a kick

so you stuck
even deeper.

You need vtyuhat car
climb to the guy in the trust,

Then someone from my
Professionals persuade
take it out.

- And then he had us on the hook!
- Clear.

- Because we're the best!
- Yes!

- We make the most!
- Yes!

We fly above all!
This month will be the

And now - to sweeten the pill,
the best of you get
1 0 thousands of dollars! Like this!

Ten pieces proaessionalu!
A month later, we likeness grandmother.

We need to get rid of
these rattletrap! Let's!
Ievelite hooves!


Department of spare parts,
please call
the control room.

Buddy Morris, Buddy Morris ...
Buddy Morris calls
service department ...

Your car is ready.


He does not know in Spanish
not a word. are you Mexican
from Los Angeles.

The car goes right here!

Excellent. This master.
Do you think we vparim his wheelbarrow?

Call the dispatcher.
Buddy, call
the control room.

Do not talk with Mr.
Carlton, it is not love.
You get fired.

What are you doing?!

Bring closer
even closer. We will see,
how do you put up with the pain ...

We will see.

Let's see how to tolerate

Fuck you!

Sales, the first channel
Please. Sales department...

Good afternoon.
'' South Coast Motors ''.
Yes of course. Come.

Ask JJ.
So pronounced
- '' JJ ''.

Yes. Good.
See you. Till.

Hi Mo.

Mo, you ever take his
paws ladybug?

You can tear off tabs
on the one hand, and then
Watch as it moves?

Only abnormal
like killing.

No no no. Kill
do not. You bored,
Why you should not kill?

Because then go
rain. Lousy Israelis
vi not fucking know.

You worship cows.

What the heck?

Get out of the chair,

Easy, circumcised.
I you pull out a leg!

Wait, JJ!
Come on, Mo!

This half-wit knows who
Israelis and who aaganets!

And you call
me nigga.

Do not lie!

I also pity dolt!

Are you crazy?
Do not mess with this
aaganskim bandit!

Fuck it, nigger!
I do it to push the nail!

Hardly. He was taught to kill.
He will kill you in a moment.

I put on JJ.
It is also something that can.

Okay. How many? Five hundred.

Pressurized nigga!

Sales department.
The third channel, please.
Sales department...

Good afternoon.
Southern sector.

Here, here! Heck!
Hey, I saw the first!

Hello my
name is Marco.

Wait, I forgot

Look! It is now
eyes stared!

My name is Marco.
in the southern sector.

Very nice, Marco.

I want to watch something
You - a sports car.

Oh my God that's ...!

I'll bet you twenty, he
will take place on zero on the weekend.

50 bucks - he thrust
wheelbarrow today.

Come on, Bubba. Goni grandmother
or shut up.

I do not bast.

Yes. And my dick taste
as strawberries. Let's grandmother.

Please, ma'am.

No, let's you and I do not like
sitting behind the wheel.

Watch the gate.
How do you see the car,
yell at full throat '' coming! ''


your ass, Ion.
Ori louder!


That's mine! Yes!

Certainly not. He outstripped
you half a mile.

Fok you!

Contract with him.
And I did obshtopayu.

What the hell is this?

What does it look like,
my friend?

Lord ...

Okay, why do not you then.

Of course.

It is not fair.

What do you think?
Fuck you all, that's what!
Come on, baby.

good afternoon.

Can I help you?

No, we just want to

Then you have to show?

You know, we just
see all.

Okay. Then we'll do here
as if you need to
help, call me ...


in Sector South.
My name Iamin.

I already have a dealer.
I spoke with Ionom.

Maybe you sit
Now behind the wheel?

No, it does not.
Slow down here.

I think you'll like
this model.

Let's hope,
lousy pod!

Your car is ready.
Please, take

What are you doing? Why
I leave buyers?

They said they wanted
Only look.

Take the keys and Rental
they drive.

he looked
only one.

Go! Hire them quickly!

The key here?


I knew these boys
at school.

We took them by the legs
and clean head
tremors in the dressing room.


You probably did
lessons before dinner.

You could not call
in the garage? Please.

In the garage? Sam call in
in the garage! Shut up!

Interestingly, there is the usual
air bag?

I guess for the price.

The car is very good,
true. Let's take a ride.

Thank you. We do not want
take your time.

No, do not worry.
With pleasure
I'll go with you.

Buy a car at all
not necessarily let
just drive around.

Maybe your car
will not fit. Let's go.

Slow down here.

True, there is great?


What are you doing?

I do not know what you do,
but what I do - I know.

Do not worry, dear. I dreamed
about it since Dad
He bought me my first car.

Yes. We are not bad
hire. Thank you.

Bobby, tell me, how many
is this car do you have?

I do not know. But I can find out.
Come with me.

Okay. Maybe you go
oais me in, sit a bit,
I'll be back soon. Good?


Eddie! Eddie!
It looks like I'm selling a wheelbarrow.

Print accounting

All went fine.
Simply amazing!

I said come with me
and they went. Incredibly,
God dammit!

Eddie, Loans
with clients.

He'll be himself.

Eddie oaormlyay deal!

What kind of deal?
He is not even
tally sheets.

Fill it himself,
Ask them questions.

Agree on a price, do not forget
prepayment and vznosi.

As for contributions I do not know.

Then look at the course


You moron!

He needs to learn.

If he failed deal
I'll fire you, asshole!

How many?

1 0 bucks.

If you go with me,
Sir, mi negotiate the price.

Can you go to the boss,
learn about themselves PRICES,

and then return
and I say it to me.

So it does not, sir.
I must go with you
and oaormit documents.

Otherwise, no one would believe,
vi that want to buy
machine seriously.

I am not kidding.
I'm not going anywhere.

You buy a car, ma'am?

Do not stop,

You take it today?

Good. You rent
old car?


Okay. Perfectly. Here.

That much is
your machine. Sum
contributions will be ...

I do not know how much you need
pay as you think?

We will not pay
for this car so much money.
No no no! I oaormlyu

it's much cheaper.
Do not worry...

But what are you going to

What should we write?
A lot of. I'll be right back.
This guy does not know

what is he doing.
Maybe we buy
cheaper. I like him,

He does not look like a merchant.
Are you stole the wheelbarrow?

Or maybe he stole all the same?

What is your weight?

I do not know.
1 60 pounds, I guess.

Okay. Crush bull.
Well done.

This is the price in the ad.
If you login

in oais, sir, that's all
mi can do.

Do you still
do not understand?

I buy a car, but nowhere
will not go. I'll wait. Here.
We'll have to call

in the bank, I'll take the money.


Hey! Where are you driving?!

I liked you,


That creature!
I will add another fifty,
if ti sell wheelbarrow.

This kind of crush on her,
is not going anywhere, I know.
I do not care.

I do not become

to talk to him.
Do you know why he does not want

go? He is afraid, Mo ...

He's afraid you ... afraid of me ...
He is afraid of everybody here ...

Even lousy hard workers,

kotorie wash mashini.
I'm not going to say this

goat. He does not respect me.
Why do you respect him ?!

Since it is necessary to Sloop grandmother!

For the respect of personal
You can not buy!

What idiots
come here kotorie

just know that chanting,

I do not buy anything,
I only want to see.

Do you think they're saying
with you? No - with yourself!

They are a little deceiving

from birth, they

used to it!

Go on, make this monster!

No. Let the rolls!

I'll find another, give
it to someone else.

I pay in addition you a hundred,
If oaormish deal.
1 50.

Do not tempt fate.

Check out

in the showroom.
Show them this.

They have eyes on the forehead
Anyway, it shows.

Or I'll give JJ,
you chatted about his mother.

I said nothing.
You go to them,

will show the price.
I thought we liked

you, Bob.
Let's sit here

a little bit,
and then I'll run again

in oais and to agree on
discounts. Okay?

You like
Vietnamese cuisine?
I do not want to sit down,

buddy? We're almost

We finished all rascheti.
What the hell?

In my opinion, too
a lot of...

If the machine you
it is too expensive, thank you,

for coming to us.
Wait, wait!

I did not say that. I.e...

You can not

reduce the price?

No. In this case, you
I have to go somewhere else.

Are you kidding? Where am I
look for another car, the

more of this color?
I know it's bad.
Still, there is one place

where you can talk to
about PRICES.

In oaise.

The engine 1, 6 liters
9700 dollars.
But it is the wholesale price,

Retail - 1 2 1 00.
Reggie, this guy
He says

he would take the car
only polnim
set of spare parts.

Then cast off three hundred.

What happened?

Nothing. This small

- Complete shit.
He refused.

Go back

the yard!

He said a lot.
Eddie, talk to these

the riders!

No, I will speak himself.
It's really

too much.
What are they talking about?

Eddie quickly!
Imagine me, just

without many words.
Here, this is my manager
Eddie. Eddie, Mr.

Mrs. Lennox.
Hello. Very nice.

Nice dress.
So you decided to

go home tonight
on this machine?

No. We told Bobby,
that came to see.

Can I ask you a couple
questions? You like


Yes, I like it.
Then what prevents you

go to her house?
No. We have not watched

If the price you

arranged, would you take

it now?

No, we would have
We ask the price for others.

Okay, I'll try
can I help you.

Buyer Jones ...
Buyer Jones, we

I find your yellow jacket.
Go there, talk
with buyers.

What are you doing?
I like the car,
I'll take it.

Yeah, but you tell me nothing

I did not.

It looks like they're angry

on me.
You have done well, cute.

It remains to agree on a price.
Eddie's a good guy,
He will meet us.

After 5 minutes, you'll be
I owe me 1 0 dollars.

If he oaormit sale.
Tell him.
She had a knife I could

This will not believe.
She slipped me

I drove a gang

We called the police.
They kidnapped the girl.

Here you are.
Installment for 4 years.
Yes ... How many us

you need to pay?
Do you have an accounting

Here he is.

That is the price in the ad
the sale. As you can see,
the new price is much lower.

Money could be taken
only in one place.
I do not know ... Anyway, it

a few more than we
We are going to spend.

The machine can take

The four-year lease
It costs here in the same amount.

It will suit us more.
No, it's all the same

I do not do anything
do. You know, I'll try
talk to the boss.

Wait here a minute.
Bobby, come with me.

I like it
this car.
And the monthly fee of only

$ 30 more
rasschitivali than mi.

Come on.
I know what I do.
Nothing comes out. Genet

I liked and must pay
husband. He refuses.

You owe me 1 0 bucks,

I? I am a fool?
The car he was selling.
And you taught him!

Yeah, well,
by the way.

So why deal
foiled? I put more

If you close the deal

- Mi counting.
Bet 25.

Let it closes itself.
I do not want to miss

50 bucks? How many?
Okay, I put a hundred.
But only if the transaction

he concluded.
Well, a hundred, a hundred so.

And the ten, which was

Show him this, Shake
hand, and the car will go.
You did not show it

You old rascal!
What are you laughing at,

It's from JJ.
We pay cash.

Maybe I'll hide
for a week, and then I say,
that I was kidnapped ...

Hello, Mrs.
De Luca.
Do you happen to know,

that your husband is very
a talented dealer?
You sold the car?

I sold the car.
Honey, that's wonderful!

The money that I received,
enough to pay the rent.

Baby, I'll be real

I will please you tonight

at home.
No. I work late.
Nothing. I will have

time to prepare.

Now go and sell
another car.

Okay. I go.
I'm going.

I'll see you at home.

Guys, what you would call
Flintstones, whether they
black? Niggers.

Fuck you, filthy racist!
I'm not a racist, I hate


Nationalist, Aryan,

fucking skinhead white
Member! No offense.

Someday racism

on the ground will not.

Does not matter.

Yes, after the invasion of aliens.
We're all going to hate people

Green colour.

I do not know how I work
this jerk.

Why do not you go?
I went twice.

Why come back?
Money, baby. Money...

It is not a simple shop.
Nowhere else buyers

do not peel, as we have.

I once earned

$ 2,700 on a single
lousy wheelbarrow.

This is a legitimate robbery
otherwise you will not tell.

Infection! He's naked!

Where have you been?
Where's the car?
You understand that it can be

It could sell a hundred times?
Maybe pass

in oais?
Answer me, you moron!

Where did the car ?!

She stole the woman.
What kind of woman?

You let some
rat steal a wheelbarrow?
We had ...

What - you're with her?
Have sex
and she...

You vdul this bitch?

So, Marco finally
He found himself a woman. It

I took a swallow?
He had to give in the mouth!

Marco, the first channel.
Now you're in deep shit,
lousy half-wit!

Hi colleague.
You are now well

I worked.
Thank you, brother, thank you.
I probably need to know

more about this business.
About this business to learn
there is nothing. You've got to have

nervi strong and doing business.
Can it be so simple?

Do not you believe me?
Half of the dealers even
not speak English...

That's the point, then
handle any.
Mohammed, he barely escaped

from Russian, he nearly hit

ambushed a few times,

I knocked 'Stinger'
helicopters. And now he
here it sells cars.

As he gets?
As he earns

so much money?
Work hard as an ox, that's all.
He wants to save more

and return to the sister.
He left her there.
He is a good boy.

I like him.
I do not regret it! No one

do not be sorry! Deceives himself,
is not deceived you!
And they will do it,

Throw. Is it all

so bad?
Mark my words
mate, in this rotten

really no place feeling.
You're making money,

and the rest do not care!

This machine, which
Eddie sold, we fooled

this sucker.
And he did not even guess

about anything until after the
three or four years. And you...

You could earn

more on interest.

He already got

What? What means

When the woman is sleeping with you,

ti also say that after

how to end?


It does not happen!

For me, let it fuck
once good and then

It starts again!
Wow! You may ask,
Eddie? Have you ever regretted

any buyer?

Fuck them all!
We're going home.


Are you still awake?

You know, I thought a lot
about this work.
Perhaps I was too

nice to people ...

You can not afford to

You look down on you ...

Then I will be much
easier. I admit it, because

I'm too good.
And then every time

I had to bite myself

You do not want to bite
Now that ass?

Lord, I love you!
'' Second Saturday '

Marco, the good news.
The cops found the car and grab

your girlfriend.
Now the rat

in prison.
You go to visit her,

Maybe she would give him back.
In the women's prison.

In the men's prison, too

who has to give.

Where Ion? I'll finish this

Irish nerd!
As the cops found the car?

They were lucky. This woman
sigrat wanted.
She went to Vegas ...

In the hour I have
I collect, moron ?!

I have a doctor's note.
'' Deleted mole from the ear. ''

You wound up in the brain

She climbed back.
What could I do?

Sit down next to Marco.

This is my new school of genius.

Okay, we need to pick up the pace.

You need to work better.

We have spent too

many buyers.

I want to hear what they
They say in justification.

- Try to put me
a deadlock. Start.

- I only came to see.
I only sell. That
see the car on it

you need to train. Farther.

I think in another place
I will sell cheaper.
Sir, we all pay the same,

you will not find cheaper anywhere else.

Come, I'll show you.

I have not watched

Then you're in luck,
vi guessed right.
I want to know what

discount can give my
credit union.

We have a list of all
kreditnih unions, I can

name the exact tsiaru.

Ask a question abruptly!
I need advice

with his wife.
What she teleaon.
We'll call her now.

I first want to see
a couple of other cars.
What for? 'Kosyumer Report' '

'' Car Driver End ''
'' Hey Triple '' - they were
You have opted for.

This one is the best.
show me

some '' Ford ''.
Well, sir, let's go.
Bring this guy along.

Where are we going?
By the dealer '' Ford '' moron.

Come on! We compare,
that there and here.
I does not matter

with money.
We can arrange

loan for you.

I declared bankruptcy

two weeks ago.

Then what the hell
then you need?

Well, you understand what's what.

Let's push the wheelbarrow!
I want results!

I work for the result!
Show class! I'll give

dinner one who oaormit

deal first. Let's!

We'll have to string up,

What would you like to see?

That's where he got

a new car.
He wets us horns.

This is my sister. Her name Paro.
I call it the June Paro.

We decided to say so,

If you like someone.

For example, in June, Bobby.
Soon I will have enough money,
to bring it here.

I have nothing left her there.

You bring her, of course,

Mo. You overtook everyone in this

month. Till.
Just look, pal,

I'm going after him. You understand,
what I mean?

It goes' 'Thunderbird'.

Welcome to the South
sector. My name is Mohammed.

We already have a dealer.

You lied to us, Nixon.
I yes.

It's like you.
We need a lie detector.

I did not say anything.
Amazing machine,
She warned