Suburbicon (2017) - full transcript

As a 1950s suburban community self-destructs, a home invasion has sinister consequences for one seemingly normal family.

Welcome to Suburbicon,

a town of great wonder and excitement.

Founded in 1947,

Suburbicon was built

with the promise of prosperity for all.

And in only 12 short years,

it has grown from a few small homes

to a living, breathing community

with all the conveniences of the big city

without all the noise or the traffic.

And now, with nearly 60,000 residents,

they enjoy their own schools,

a fire department,

and a police department.

There's a shopping mall.

A first-rate hospital.

Why, we even have our own choir.

The people of Suburbicon

hail from all corners of this great nation.

A melting pot of diversity from cities as far away as...

New York!

- And... - Ohio!

- And even... - Mississippi!

The only thing Suburbicon is missing is you.

Isn't it time for your new start?

Come home to Suburbicon.

- Hey there, Tex! - I'm two-wheelin' it!

He got a license for that? He ain't broke nothin' yet.

Well, give him an hour. He'll break something.

Mrs. Pendelton.

Watch yourself, henry. We just took his wheels off.

Say, have you met your neighbor yet?

No, they just moved in last night,

but I'm baking them a custard.

Mmm, boy!

- Hey, fellows. - Sir.

Here we go.

Got all the utilities and a new subscription

to good housekeeping. Is Mrs. Mayers about?

I'm Mrs. Mayers.

Well, all right!

Uh, welcome to Suburbicon. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Is that our mail?



Have you met your new neighbor?

You can put that in Andy's room,

and that goes in the living room. Thank you.

Calm down!

Hey, come on, I can't hear you! I can't...

One at a time, one at a time! Right?

Chuck! Chuck!

We don't want 'em here.

Can I ask who thought this'd be all right?

Well, I think we thought that the community

- would tolerate them. - Not we. Him!


Quiet down. We've spoken with the city planners,

and the adjacent homes will be supplied fencing

to block the view of the Mayers.

And who's gonna pay for that?

We'll pay for it, Jackson. The housing committee.

'Cause we ain't gonna pay for it.

You're not gonna pay for it, god damn it!

But there's not much we can do about these folks.

Oh, we can do something about it.

James, read the petition.

"We defy the supporters of Mr. Mayers

"to say our fears are groundless.

"We favor racial integration,

"but only at such time

"the negro shows he's ready for it.

"They don't seek to better themselves.

"This community has come too far to move backwards.

"We demand our civil rights

"to live where we want and with whom we want,

"and, with god's help, we will overcome!"

You remember what happened in Baltimore?

And Trenton?

That's why people moved here.

The Wolcotts said all our property values will drop.

So even if we wanted to sell, we can't.

Oh, for heaven sakes, rose.

If anybody, it's those Wolcotts

that bring down property values.

This is a peaceful town.

People get crazy over things like this.

Nicky, sweetheart, come here.

Honey, that Mayers family's got

a little boy your age up there on that porch.

Why don't you hop on over there

and take him for baseball?

Mom, do I have to?

Don't look at me.

Nicky! You take that little colored boy

and play him some baseball.

Your mom and I are gonna finish these beans,

and then we'll make you some butter cookies for after.

Go on. Go on.

I don't want to play baseball.



You play baseball?


They play out behind the Nazarene church.

We ain't Nazarene.

We're Episcopalian.

All right then.

You like baseball?


You like it?

The crickets were listening.

The night was listening to her.

Then there was a sound!

Only a woodchuck, surely, beating a hollow log.

No. No, it was Lavinia Nebbs.

It was most surely the heart of Lavinia nebbs.

And she went down the steps, faster, faster,

running now down the steps,

Plunging faster and faster,

Down, down into the pit of the ravine.

Only a little way.

Across the bridge. Run.

Run. Don't turn. Don't look.

If you see him, you'll not be able to move!

You just run!

Up the path, between the hills,

the top of the path, the street.

And even with the light,

the fear swirled a...

Nicky, you need to get up.

There are men in the house.

Come on. Come on.

They're gonna take what they want and leave.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Get the hell out of that chair.

Shut up.

Get me a drink.


On a tray.

Give me a drink on a tray, too.

All right.

Look, can we just get this over with?

What's the hurry? Got an appointment?

That's right.

Let's quit fucking around and go.

Come on, lady.

Just put your arms around my neck.

Here we go. I'll do that.

She don't mind.

You don't mind, do you, ma'am?


That's right.

She don't mind.

Where's the toilet?

Um, it's... it's down the hall.

Up to your left.

You got polio?



She was in a car accident.


Anybody die?

What is wrong with you?

Just getting the lay of the land.

Want to know if I'm talking to a killer.

She wasn't...

My husband was driving.

But no one died.

Yeah. It all worked out just fine.

Hey! Hey!

Let's get moving.

Coming! Fuck!

In just a moment,

the names of the supporting players,

and a word about next week's story of suspense.

Now, we had an agreement that if we cooperate,

no harm will come to us.


harm is one of those things you can't never tell about in advance.


that's been my experience, far as it goes.


you probably know more about that than me.

You must think we're pretty sick, huh?

Couple animals.

Is that what you think?

Yeah. That's what you think.

You're pretty quiet over there.

What do you think about all this?

I'm sure that you won't hurt us.


you ain't in a position to be sure about anything.

- Do you have to tie him up? - No! Ow. Ow.

Jesus Christ.

Think about it for a minute.

It's a question that answers itself.

Let's just get this over with.

What are you so fucking nervous about?

He's just a little boy!

We'll start with the auntie over here.

Shut up her yappin'.

Please! Please...

"Auntie em! Auntie em..."

Just breathe normal.


I love that fucking movie.

- Okay. Okay, Nicky. - No! No! Dad! Dad!



I'll do the kid.

No! No, no, no!

Settle down, kid.

It's gonna be a party.

Chloroform is

a progressive depressant. It works on the motors.

Usually just has a temporary narcotic effect,

but, obviously,

your wife respired a lot more of the stuff,

and her organs are failing.

Nicky! Honey, we were so worried about you.


Can you hear me?

There's something I have to tell you.

It's something very sad.

Unto almighty god, we commend the soul of rose,

our sister departed,

and we commit her body to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

In sure and certain hope

of the resurrection unto eternal life

through our lord Jesus Christ.

If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to call me.

Rose was a very brave woman.


Come on, Nicky. Let's you and me take a walk.

Yes, sir.

She loved you both very much.

Thank you.

Episcopalians, they're all full of shit.

Someday, you'll understand.

Meantime, you take my word for it.

I will, uncle Mitch.

I know right now your path,

it looks pretty bleak.

Your ma's dead, and that, that's tough.

Tough for me, too. My own sister.

But you can't just button up,

pull a long face, like your ma did after her accident.

Yes, uncle Mitch.


Now, who loves you like a son?

Daddy does.

Who else, you little shit?

You do, uncle Mitch.

Who lets you keep all the coins

that'll stay in your pockets, huh?

You do, uncle Mitch.

Come on!


Damn, you weigh a fucking ton, kid.

Damn it.

Just once I'd like to see your brother show some sense.

Come on, Mitch.

All right. Hold your horses, Maggie.

Nicky, we've decided it'd be best

if your auntie Margaret came and stayed with us for a while.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Swear to god, I didn't have a business to run,

I'd stay, too.

Would you like that, son?

He's had a bad shock.

He doesn't want to talk right now.

He just needs some time.

I tell you something, Gardner.

I ever get my hands on the cocksuckers

that did that to Rosie,

I'm gonna peel 'em back from their assholes,

turn 'em inside out,

so their guts are hanging out

- and they're pissing blood... - Mitch!

All right.

What was with that service?

Your aunt will sleep upstairs.

And I'll stay down here.

We'll be fine, son.

We'll be strong.

Coward, am I?

I fought for you with John phillips all I can.

You're not even man enough to fight your own...

Sugar-cured ham. Pre-cooked. Ready to serve.

And you can pick them up at your favorite food store.




Your mama died?


She go to heaven?

I guess.

I got a ground snake. You want to see?

Does it bite?

Nah. He ain't got no teeth.

You can have it.

What's it eat?

Grasshopper or cricket.

I got a mason jar full of 'em.

What's its name?

He ain't got no name. He's a snake.

You keep it.

I'll get them bugs.



How long have you been there?


What's the matter, angel?

He had a nightmare.

Maggie will put you to bed.

It's all right, sweetheart.

There's nothing to be afraid of anymore, Nicky.

I know.

Do you know who this is?

This is St. Patrick.

He's your patron saint. Did you know that?


He's the patron saint of all the Irish.

But I'm not Irish.

Sure you are.

Your grandfather was a shipbuilder from Galway.

And every day he'd pray to St. Patrick

for the bride of his dreams.

And then he came to America, and he met your grandmother.

And together they prayed for a family.

And St. Patrick blessed them with your mother

and your uncle Mitch and me.

And then your mom prayed to St. Patrick for you.

She did? Mmm-hmm.

Should we pray for your mom now?


May the light of St. Patrick find a place in your heart

and remind us that loved ones must someday depart.

May their journey be gentle through gold fields of rye.

And our sorrow be silenced, and our love never die.



Margaret, it's awful.

It's such a loss.

Rose was an inspiration. She's with Jesus now.

Thank you, ladies.

Pray for rose.

Nothing like this ever happened here.

This is a safe place. It was.

Well, she's very young.

And he has a kid with her?


Welcome back.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Thanks, roger.

Gardner, this is Bill Thackery, a new account executive.

Bill, this is Gardner lodge, financial vp.

Glad to meet you.

Likewise. Sorry we couldn't have met under more...

It's just a tragedy.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Lodge.

- Thanks, Linda. - I'm so sorry.

What do we have today?

Nothing right away.

Mr. Pappas would like to see you whenever...



John sears on six.

Hi, John.

Oh, god, Gardner, I'm so sorry.

I'm awfully sorry for your loss.

I... I don't know what to say.

- It's all right, John. - I'm so sorry.

Really, she was great. She was wonderful!

Thanks, John.

Yeah, okay.


Linda, hold my calls.

Yes, sir.

Gardner! Gardner.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Wow.

Wow. Come on back. Come on back.

Virginia, hold my calls. Gardner.



I'm okay, ed.

I know it. I know it.

Gardner, look.

I just want you to know we're in there with you.

You know? We're...

- We're with you. - Thanks, ed.


I'm glad we had this talk.

Got any coupons?

- This one's for the bread. - Mmm-hmm.

This one's for the Ovaltine.

It says 20% off Ovaltine. How much is that?

Uh, 20% of 49 cents is...

Let's just call it half off.

- What's your name? - Oh, that's Nicky,

and he's helping me out today.

Why aren't you in school?

'Cause he's playing hooky to help me out.

Nicky, will you put these things in her basket, please?


On a monday.

You're a lucky boy.

That's 12, 13, 14, 15, five is $20.

Don't forget your green stamps.

Linda, I... no calls.

Sorry, Mr. Lodge,

but I thought you might want this one.

It's the police department.

I... I'll take it.


Mr. Lodge? Yes.

This is Captain Gale Hightower.

Right off the bat,

I've got to tell you I'm sorry about your wife.

Thank you.

The other thing is,

I got a couple of guys here I'd like you to look at.

Stamford police picked 'em up last night

and sent 'em down because of your description.

They've been caught?

Now don't get too anxious there, Mr. Lodge.

Nobody's been caught unless you say they have.

These are just two clowns picked up trying to kill each other.


What do you want me to do? Take a look at 'em.

You know, if you'd be so kind and all.

Hate to go over old ground,

but you sure there wasn't any cash in the house

the night of the break-in?

Hardly any. Why?

These two morons had a lot of dough on them

when they were picked up.

Thank god it wasn't the Schvartzes that just moved in.

Excuse me?

Isn't that what you Jews call 'em? Schvartzes?

I'm an Episcopalian.

Really? I thought you were Jewish.


Because of your last name.


Sounded Jewish.

I'm an Episcopalian.

Is that right? Anyway,

I took the liberty of having a squad car pick up your sister-in-law.

He was afraid to stay home alone.

Must he be subjected to this?

Beats me. How you doing, junior?

I'm okay.

I think it's okay.

Well, I don't think it's okay. I don't think it's okay

that he's been having nightmares.

I don't think it's okay

that he be asked to see these people again.

Are you sadists down here?

All right.

Better wait out here, kid. We'll only be a minute.

Step up.

Face forward.

That's right. Line up against the wall, gentlemen.

Turn to your right, please, gentlemen.

Now face front again.

Keep it shut, please!




Come on, dear. You're not picking out wallpaper.


They're not there.

I just wanted to be sure.

Okay, then. That's it.

Turn that goddamn light off, Lou!

What are you thinking?

- What are you doing in here? - Nicky!

What is he doing in here?

I'm sorry. Lou, take him out and keep him out, will you, please?

Sorry about that.

Let's go!



You folks sure?

I'm sure.


All right, then.

Let's go.

No winners tonight.

Sorry, boys.

Mrs. Najarian sent some flowers.

She's a fine woman.

We owe the Najarjan's a dinner.

And the Stouts also.

Well, not on the same night.

Uh, Herb and Thayer don't get along.

Oh. Well, just let me know when you think it's proper to start entertaining.

I was just rereading some of that book you gave me?

Life races?

Yeah, doctor...

- Evan Maslansky. - Right.

You know how he says that life is a series of races,

and you have to triumph over each one

- before you proceed to the next? - Hmm.

Evan says that when you find a hurdle in one of your liferaces,

you can either remove it or choose another life race.

Well, I just think we're being tested, Gardner.

Maybe, Margaret.

Rose's accident, that was a hurdle.

It was. And we chose another race.

And when you lost your life savings,

- that was another hurdle. - Hmm.

And we'll triumph over this one as well.

Because you're strong, Gardner.

And so is Nicky.

And we're gonna get through this together,

aren't we, Nicky?

How you feeling, son?



It's been a rough day.


How come you said it wasn't them?

Wasn't who?

The robbers

who killed mom.

Nicky, did you see the line-up?

I saw...

Because that certainly was not the robbers.

It certainly was not.

But I thought... Young man,

I want you to understand something.

People walk into my office every day,

say they've met me, I don't remember them at all.

Or sometimes I see people that I think I know, and then,

later, they tell me that we've never met.

Maybe they look like someone else.

Maybe they talk like someone else. Maybe they're even related.

- But, dad, I saw. - No, no, my point... my point

is that it's a very tricky business

this who you know and who you don't know.

And I'm telling you

that I got a good look at those clowns,

and I've never seen them before.

Uncle Mitch promised that...

Uncle Mitch doesn't matter.

Uncle Mitch is a buffoon.

Now, this is a family matter,

and I don't want you talking to uncle Mitch about it.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

It's a terrible, terrible tragedy.

It's a torment to me, father.

I feel like it's not a good environment for the child,

my Episcopalian brother-in-law.

Your sister's there.

Margaret's a good woman, but she's very scattered.

It's eating at me.

It ain't right.

Who is gonna replace rose?

I don't know.

I mean, listening to you,

I... I just don't know.

And your brother-in-law, it doesn't matter who he is.

He is the father of the boy.

Let me ask you,

Has the child complained?

It's a damn travesty.

Rose was the heart of that family.

And now,

there's no heart there for the child.

The mother's gone,

god bless her.

You're not gonna be the mother.

You're a good man,

but you're a bachelor.

Has the child complained?


Go home, Mitch.

And god bless you.

God bless you.





Andy, honey, you come inside.

I'm just catching bugs.

You come in and do your homework.



Yes, ma'am.

You and I are eating alone tonight.

- Your father has another... - I'm not eating anymore.

You're not, huh?

I want to move.

Hmm, is that right?

I don't want to be here anymore.

Is that right?


let me tell you something, mister.

You are a little boy.

And right now, you're a very silly little boy.

And the day that what you want starts counting around here

is the day that you go to work and earn money

for dinners that I can say no to.

Do you want to go to work tomorrow?

Because I can arrange that.

You just say the word,

and I'll pick up the telephone

and tell Mr. Karger to expect nicholas tomorrow.

Oh, shall I do that?

No, ma'am.



I guess I won't hear another word out of you.

Mr. Egan's office. Can you hold, please?

- Mr. Egan's office. - Uncle Mitch?

I beg your pardon? Is uncle Mitch there?

Mr. Egan's in a meeting right now.

- Can I take a message? - Huh?

He's in a meeting, ma'am. Can I take a message?

Can I wait till he's done meeting?

Well, I don't think you want to hold. It may be a while.

Who am I speaking to? Can he call me?

If you give me your number, I'll be happy to leave him a message.

What's your last name?

May I help you?

Just sit down, lady.

Gentlemen, he is in a meeting!

Same meeting he's been in for the past three days?

Hi, pal.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Lodge.

It's fine, Linda.

Uh, Bill, maybe we could pick this up some other time.

I guess, Gardner. You bet.

These men are doing some work on my house.

Well, that's nice. Good meeting you.

What, are you crazy?

You barge in here in the middle of a...

- Shut up! - Oh. Oh.

You think you can fuck us?

Is that what you think?

You think you can fuck us, and that's the end of it?

We made a deal. You have to live with it.

Live with this, you fucking hard-on.

Big shot. Bring your fucking kid to the police station?

Mental case!

Take care of that kid.

I don't care what you do

or how you do it.

Either you do it,

or we do it.

And that money?

Fucking due and payable.

Big man.

Mental case.

♪ I wish I was in Dixie

♪ hooray! Hooray!

♪ In Dixie land I'll take my stand

♪ to live and die in Dixie

♪ away! Away!

♪ Away down south in Dixie! ♪

You've got to eat a lot to get that fat.

A lot!

Soon as he quits,

somebody else picks it up and starts beating on it.

All night, all day.

My dad says we don't show 'em nothin'.

And you don't show 'em you're scared.

Don't show 'em nothin'.

Your brother-in-law on seven.

- Mitch. - Gardner, you call me?


I got the weirdest message. My heart skipped a beat.

Says, "Mrs. Lodge called."

Has your home number on it.

I thought it might've been you.

- Are you there? - Yeah.

My god, I could've dropped dead right there!

"Mrs. Lodge called." Swear to god!

That's very strange. Strange? Yeah, strange.

I should come visit. Come see Nicky.


Give us a while. Huh?

It's been hard for us.

And I know it's been hard for you, too. I'm sorry.

But no visitors,

just for a while. Nicky needs time.


For what, time?

Bye, Mitch.

Just snap 'em together and build a castle!

Or a chair.


Your father would like to have a word with you.

Monkey sticks are fun!

Even on rainy days, when you have to stay in.


Shut the door, Nicholas.

Have a seat.

Nick, I've tried to instill in you a certain discipline.

Your mother indulged you, I think.

And that's fine, up to a certain point.

The cocoon and so forth. That's fine.

But now we...

We draw the ledger, and we... we see where we are.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

I see a little boy who is sullen.

I see a little boy who is frequently withdrawn,

in his own little world.

Little boy with no friends.

Doesn't fit in.

These things are important, Nicholas. We don't laugh off these things.

So we've been looking into sleepaway school.

A place where young men learn about discipline

and fitting in and...

The fledgling always wants the nest, Nicholas,

but is it good for him?

Is it good for him?

Well, we've consulted the experts.

I think not.

I think not.

So your aunt Maggie and I have decided

that battle creek, the academy,

is the best solution.

And starting next semester,

they've made room for a new plebe.

I had to pull a few strings to get you in, but...


That's $20.

Well, sir, that wasn't the price on the display.

The price went up.

To $20?

I believe that's $20 also, isn't it, Margaret?


It's $20.

May I ask you a question?

I think you'll find the prices much better elsewhere.

I imagine that's true.

Don't worry. We'll put these back!

Have jimmy restock.

♪ In the sweet by and by

♪ we shall meet on that beautiful shore

♪ in the sweet by and by

♪ we shall meet on that beautiful shore

♪ in the sweet by and by ♪

...And we understood that it was going to be all white.

We were very happy to buy a home here.

Do you think a negro family moving here

will affect the community as a whole?

- Definitely. - In what way?

We used to live in Washington, do,

and we saw a very good example of that there.

The whole trouble with this integration business is

that, in the end, it probably will end up

with mixing socially.

And you will have...

Well, I think their aim is mixed marriages

and becoming equal with the whites.

But the only way they're gonna do that

is by education and by bettering themselves,

not by pushing in the way they have here.

Soon as we get the insurance money,

everything will be fine.


We could go to Aruba.

Aruba? Where's that?

Oh, it's in the Caribbean.

It's a Dutch Protectorate.

There's no reciprocal extradition.

I've never been to a Protectorate before.

We could take a boat from another island.

Leave no ticket trail.

Well, isn't it spicy mango food?

Oh, you can get any sort of food.

Food of any description.

And there's golfing. Couples golfing.

I went with rose many times.

Oh, that's good.

Darling, you could relax

and paint.

- Express yourself. - Hmm.

You never really express yourself.

I loved rose, but you need someone to help you do that.

And do you know who that someone is?

Well, let me think about that.

You do that.

Well, Martha Stout is awfully friendly.

Oh, well, let me try to jog your memory.

We should have done this a long time ago, Gardner.

You were trapped.

Mr. Lodge, I have a Lieutenant Hightower.

Tell him I'm not in.

You're on speaker, sir.

Sorry, Lieutenant.

You've come at a very busy time.

Well, I'm sorry to drop in on you like this.

I wanted to clear something up that's just come to light.

What happened to you?

Oh, uh...

Horsing around with my kid.

He's got a mean right.

He does.

So any new progress on the investigation?

Well, actually, I was hoping

you might be able to help me with another case.

You know a character named Rizzoli?

No. Rizzoli? No.

He got killed in a vehicular on the turnpike

a couple days ago.

Rizzoli. Frank Rizzoli?

Never heard of him.

I'm sorry for his loss.

Of life?

Yeah, I guess he probably is, too.

He was a loan shark for the mob, so I wouldn't feel too bad.

Then how can I help?

Well, we've been going through his books.

He has all these books.


All in code.


"Suburbicon shave and a haircut, 8,500 long."

Seems like a lot of cash for a shave and a haircut.

Even for Suburbicon.

But if you keep reading down, it has this one very odd...

It says, "pick up package of 7,000 apples

"at Gardner lodge."

And that's your name.

But we started looking through phone books,

and lo and behold,

we found a hotel up near Trenton called garden lodge.

So either he was expecting 7,000 apples

from someone at garden lodge,

or he expected them from you.

Now, I'm not asking you, Mr. Lodge,

if you were into the mob for money.

But if you were, and if you didn't pay or couldn't pay,


that might explain what happened to your wife.

But you say you don't know him.

I don't know him.


we'll keep looking.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

I'll be in touch.

Some of the people are definitely against integration.

And they have told my children

That they have to marry niggers.

And my child doesn't even know what a nigger is.

- Yes? - Miss O'Rory,

I'm bud cooper with canyon prop and life.

Oh, well, thank you very much, Mr. Cooper,

but I'm quite sure we have all the insurance that we need.

I'm sure you do, but fact is, I'm not a salesman.

I'm here to discuss your sister's policy.

Oh, you'd have to talk to the man of the house about that.

He has all the information. He'll be back this evening.

Could... Can I just come in for a second?

Well, I don't have any of the information.

Oh, no, it doesn't matter, Miss O'Rory.

I'd just like to chat with you for a minute.

Oh, I haven't the faintest idea how I can help you...


Since I don't have any of the information.

What did you say you do for the insurance people?

Oh, uh...

I guess my official title is claims investigator.

What you might call a professional skeptic.

Okay. Is there something wrong with the policy?

No, no, no! Policy seems to be all shipshape.

Yes, Mr. Lodge has been very steady with the payments.

Your agent...

Mr. Elkins?

Right. Stan Elkins.

Yes, he says everything's in order. Have you met him?

Oh, no. I don't know anything about Gardner's business affairs.

That's why I'm afraid I can't help you.

Well, I wouldn't worry overmuch about information, Miss O'Rory,

because, you know, people always put "information" in quotes,

but it isn't always like that.

I mean, people just don't realize how much they know.

For instance, you happen to know your agent's name.

Mmm-hmm. I have all that information right here.

I'm more interested in the other kind,

which all really boils down

to one word.

Do you live here now, Miss O'Rory?

Oh, well, I'm here now, of course.

Is that a temporary or a permanent arrangement?

I think Nicky needs a mother.

Of course.

Um, what was that word? Excuse me?

Well, you said it all boiled down to one word?

Did I?

Oh! Yes!

Yes, it all boils down to one word, coincidence.

That happens in the opera a lot.


Yeah, sure. Aida.

Uh, Barber of Seville. It's just...

It gets ridiculous.

But in real life doesn't happen that much.

No. I guess if it did, it would stop being a coincidence.

Yeah, see, it's not the policy, Miss O'Rory. It's the claim.

See, a coincidence on a claim, that's like a... That's like a little red flag

that makes us sit up and take notice.

And this claim has a bunch of little red flags on it.

What kind of red flag?

Nothing to worry about.

Believe me, I'm just here to chase down

all those little red flags. It's very routine.

We just need to have them explained to us before we can send out a check.

The claim will be honored, of course.

- Hmm, that's good. - Oh, sure.

Let's just take a look here.

So the first little red flag that I noticed

was that march 3rd,

about three months before the incident,

the amount of the whole part of the policy was substantially increased.

It's kind of unusual.

I don't suppose you know anything about that?

Mmm-hmm. I do.

That was Gardner's idea.

It was, huh?


What else have we got? We've got...

Oh. More than one claim on the policy.

That's always a red flag.

The claim from rose's car accident?

Yeah, he stung us good on that one.

Well, that's okay. That's what we're here for.

The bank says he hasn't made his payments for his home loan in three months.

Oh. Well, times have been a little tight around here.

Gardner lost our savings when he started his own business.

Is that right?

What else have we got?


Here's another little red flag.

I didn't even notice this one before.

Uh, about five months ago, Mr. Lodge redeemed $5,000 worth

of his whole life policy with us.

We always like to notice things like that.


Nicky, get back in your room.

Go back to where you came from!

Get the hell out of here!

I'm sorry. That money's for Nicky's college education.

I guess you put it in a trust fund or something?

Would you like a cup of coffee?

That would be absolutely terrific.

Thank you.


I'm sorry to be such a pest.

I mean, this stuff isn't very important,

but I tell you, I could put you on the floor

with some of the scams I've seen.

I've got to smile just thinking about them.

I mean, I had this one guy couple of years ago,

he put in a claim for his clothing store burned down.

You're not gonna believe this.

We find a couple of gas cans in there

with Eulah May printed on them.

It's his wife's name.

It's the name of his pleasure boat where he got the cans from.

I guess he thought those aluminum cans

were gonna burn up or something. I don't know what he thought!

And cars. Thank you.

You wouldn't believe what people do to their cars

just because something's a little wrong with the transmission.

They figure they can fleece us for the whole thing.

Sell 'em for scrap, report 'em stolen.

See, but the body shop guy knows we pay a bounty for those things.

Mmm. Yeah, I mean, just this week, half your block tried to tap us

for homeowner's because of your new neighbors.

Can you believe it? How about them neighbors!

Oh, excuse me.


You've been in this business long as I have,

you develop a nose for hanky-panky.

'Cause it smells, you know?

It's got this faint aroma.

This smells bad. That smells good.

You know what I mean?


But this one?

This particular case here?

Does not have that faint aroma.

Thank goodness for that.

Nah, this one stinks.

This one... I've been smelling this one since I got off the turnpike.

Jesus, does it stink!

You sleep with Gardner, do you?

I beg your pardon!

Well, you know, that's none of my business,

but I've got to tell you, that kind of nonsense,

it can come back and haunt you down the road.

If you killed her, I mean.

How dare you come into this home when my sister is dead

and make jokes about flags and the Barber of Seville!

Oh, I assure you, Miss O'Rory, I am anything but joking.

You see, in my experience, nobody's stupid enough

to increase their insurance policy just before they kill their wife.

If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that Gardner lodge isn't stupid.

Oh, I agree.

So you've just proved yourself wrong, Mr. Cooper.

I made it up.

You made it up? I made it up.

He didn't take out more insurance on rose.

I was just fishing.

I do it on every claim. I go fishing.

And you know what? This time I caught a whopper.


You said "we."


"We lost our savings

"when Gardner tried to start his own business."

"We lost our," not "they lost their."

I think you should leave before I call the police.

Call them.

Hell, you know what? Let's just walk down the street.

There's a dozen of them standing a block away.

You get out of my house. Your house?

Oh! Get out!

Get out. Get out, you!

I loved my sister, and I love her son!

You love her husband, too?


You tell Mr. Lodge I'll be back this evening.

We can have a chat about it then.

You're taking the night off.

- What? - You're taking the night off.

I've got more important things for you to do.

You're crazy, man.

I got Stanhope to come in and cover for you. We've got business.

All right. What is it? And don't talk so loud.

This guy's a fucking hard-on, is what it is.

He hung up on me last night.

He doesn't care.

I think he's getting ready to fuck us.

He can't fuck us.

That's right!

I'm telling you, this is the last time that clown's gonna ignore us.

That's why you're taking the night off.

Take care of the kid and the lady.

Give him something to think about when he gets home.

Two more fucking people?

I don't know if I can get into that.

I'm telling you, you ain't got any choice.

It's either that, or he fucks us!

The guy don't respond, he don't respond.

Two people, man!

Look, if you can't take care of a kid and a lady,

you know what that means?

It means you're a fucking liability.

Gardner, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

I love you so much. Please don't be angry with me.

What happened?

Mr. Lodge?


I believe your sister-in-law might have mentioned me to you?


Thank you.

Hello, ma'am.


Right this way.

It's quite a commotion out there.

Yes, I know. Have a seat.

Whole town's out there, throwing rocks and garbage.

- Did you see that? - I saw.

All those people, you'd think we're in Mississippi.

Please, just keep the curtains closed.

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Now, what are these accusations...

Miss O'Rory, I tell you, a cup of coffee would be really terrific,

if it isn't too much trouble.

No trouble.

Thank you.

Look, I've had a long day.

So let's just get right to the point.

You killed your wife.

You want to collect. I want a piece of the action.

I don't want to talk about this for a long time.

I'm not gonna negotiate.

I've had a long day.

I'm not gonna hear any denials.

Just tell me, yes or no.

What do you want? You want some of the money?

I want all of it.

All of it.

Or you go straight to jail, pal.

I could walk outside

and have six police officers here in no time.

Here you go.

Thank you.

You don't have any choice.

I'm just gonna sit here and wait for you to figure that out for yourself.

All right?

If we did

kill my wife,

what makes you think

I wouldn't kill you, too?

Mr. Lodge.

Are you crazy?

Do you think that I'm the only investigator

that knows how to read a claim for fraud?

Do you have any idea what happens

when an investigator that's working on a claim like this dies?

Haven't you fucked with the insurance company enough?

Believe me,

if anything happens to me...

You're in deep, deep, deep...

Get away from that car!

Get out of there!

Help! Help!

Get back away from there!

Under the bed!

What did you put in the coffee?

Just lye!

Just a little bit of lye.

Don't move until I get back.

Help, help, help...


Uncle Mitch, you've got to help!

They're gonna kill me!

Nicky! What are you talking about?

They're gonna kill me!

You stay right there. I'll...

Uncle Mitch? Uncle Mitch!

Oh, Nicky.

I put him in his car.

It's falling apart, Maggie.

It's over.

We're gonna have to leave.

Where's Nicky?

He talked to Mitch.



You have to have something to eat.

Can't go to bed on an empty stomach.


Well, all right.

Suit yourself.

I'll eat it.


At least have some milk.

It's not my fault.

Why would anybody say it was your fault?

You're not to blame.

We're gonna go away, Gardner and me.

Have you ever been to Aruba?

It's a Protectorate.

That's Dutch.

There's all kinds of exotic foods.

And couples golf.



Come on, kid.

Get the fuck...

Who the fuck are you?



Come on, Nicky.

Come on, son. Come out of there.

Attaboy. Attaboy.

Come on. Come on.

It's all over.

Go on. Go inside.

That's it.

Now, you don't make a noise, you understand?

Huh? Uh-huh.

You're a good boy, Nicky. You're gonna be fine.


Who loves you like a son?

You do.

Attaboy, nicky.

Okay, now you...

You take this.



You're a good boy.


You're becoming a liability.

Where you going?

Oh, you know,

just out for a ride.

Surprise for you when you get home.

What did you do?

You're gonna pay us that money.

What did you do?

You're gonna pay us that money.

- What did you do? - You're gonna pay us that money!









Give me that.

These people are animals.

They took everything from us.

They took your aunt Maggie,


your mom.

I want you to stay away from that colored boy.

You hear me?

Are you gonna call the police?

I'll call the police

when we finish our talk.


these animals took everything from us.

And we need to make sense...

It was you.

You did all of this.

What do you think you know,

big man?


Because I know a lot of things.

That's the case with being a grownup.

You have to make decisions.

Decisions like what's best for the family.

Who's being helpful.

Who's a liability.

You know what that word means, Nicky?

You see, these men

killed your mom.

And then they came back.

Tie up loose ends, so to speak.

He killed your aunt Maggie.

Stabbed your uncle Mitch.

As if that weren't bad enough,

then he killed you.

Right here in the kitchen.

Then I shot him.

Oh, he cut me a few times.

Maybe here.


Nothing too life-threatening.

"Officer, I did everything I could to save my boy.

"His injuries were just too great.


"he's with his mama now.

"He's the littlest angel in heaven."

That's you.

Little angel.


...we call the police together.

We tell them how these men killed our family.

How we feel lucky to be alive.

You ever heard of Aruba, nicky?

We'll tell the papers we don't want that insurance money,

but we're gonna use it to rebuild our lives.

Our lives

far away

from the memory of this place.

And then we get on a plane and go to Aruba.

And we buy a big house on the beach.

And we start over.

So, big man,

my big grown man,

you've got a big decision to make.

Take your time.

It's sunday.

Sunday in Suburbicon.

We've got all the time in the world.

- Thank you. - Of course, ma'am.

One policeman got his head busted open.

And a fire truck hit and killed a man

down on Lafayette street.

And three or four others ended up in the hospital.

And rose lodge!


None of this ever happened before the Mayers moved here.

This is a peaceful town.

Have you heard any rumors about the Mayers?

Oh, dozens and dozens of rumors.

Oh, that he was being paid by the NAACP.

That the reds were behind it,

that the Jews were behind it,

that this group and that group were behind it.

There were all kinds of rumors.

I guess some of them were being spread deliberately.

Some were just the result of hysteria.

I don't feel that they should be oppressed.

But I moved here.

One of the main reasons

was because it was a white community.

And that...

...The story of Gerald McCloy

and the strange thing that happened to that little boy.

They say it all started when Gerald was two.

That's the age kids start talking.

Least most of them do.

Well, when he started talking, you know what he said?

He didn't talk words. He went, "boing, boing,"