Subspecies V: Bloodrise (2023) - full transcript

Stolen by crusaders on the night of his birth, he has no knowledge of his bloodline: his mother is a demon; his father is a vampire. Trained and exploited by a brotherhood of mystic monks to slay all enemies of the church, fate br...

Out of the dark ages,

a child was born.

Offspring of the
vampire Vladislas.

and immortal Circe

The oracle foretold that he
would one day slay his father.

The remedy was to dismember him

and scatter the pieces
upon the Black Sea.

A curse upon thee.

You cannot destroy me.

Crusaders stole the cursed child

and the demon-slaying dagger.

They delivered the child to
a fortress of the church.

The brothers cut
off its fingertips,

clipped its ears,

massaged its faced with potions

until monstrous features
could pass for human.

He was trained in
the arts of war,

sworn into a secret sect,

Knights of the Dragon,

Slayers of the Ancient Ones.

The creature grew to manhood,

hero of the great Crusades.

Decades he rode the continent,

slaying demons,

laying waste to pagan temples.

With no memory of his birthright

until the day his
destiny delivered him

to the castle of his father.

Prince Vladislas.

We have come for the bloodstone.

The bloodstone
was a gift to me.

We have come
for the bloodstone.

What is your name, crusader?

Radu, the Fearless.

This is not our
day of reckoning.

It is here.

Let us slay these creatures

and let's be gone.

Stay your hand.

Listen to me.

Who is your father?

God is my father.

Your family name.

The church is my family.

You are stolen child.

The lost one.

Vladislas is your father.

All that is his can be yours.

- No.
- Don't listen to her.

She's a demon.


Blood of my blood.

I'm your mother.


You're an abomination.

Crusaders stole you from me

to fulfill the prophecy.

What prophecy?

That one day you
will slay your father.

Is that true, Marius?

The patriarchs do
not share their secrets

with lowly monks, sir.

Heed my warning.

Kill him

and you will be
cursed into eternity.

In time you will understand.

Patience is a virtue,

to immortals such as we.


Don't listen to
the lies of demons.

She spoke the truth, Marius.

The patriarchs should
counsel you on questions

of your lineage.

For now we have the bloodstone.

Our brothers did
not die in vain.

Make with the holy water.

In the name of Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit,

I purge this house of evil.

Radu, wait for me.

Hey Radu, don't leave me here.

There's life in this castle.

Vladislas and his consort.

No, they're far away by now.

Sir, I beg you.

Spare my child.


Please, please, sir,
I bet you, I beg you.

All must die, Radu.

Do your duty and
purge this house.

These are innocents.

It's our duty to rescue them.

Come closer.

I won't hurt you.



Take my child from this
cursed place, please.

No mother, I'll stay with you.

Kill these wretched
creatures, Radu.

Silence, Marius.

What's your name?


Vladislas stole me
from my father's house.

He ravaged me for pleasure,

but I swear he did
not drink my blood.

Stephan is the child
of our shameful union.

Vladislas waits Stephan
to grow to manhood,

to taint him with the
blood of Nosferatu.


I'll deliver you from
this ungodly place.

My savior.

Are you mad, Radu?

She's the vampires consort.

She's the spawn.

Step aside, I'll kill
them myself if I have to.

There's been enough
slaughter here.

Come here, brother.

Come to me.

Come here.

Let me see.

We are duty-bound
to kill them. Radu.

The child is innocent.

We do not choose our father.

Follow me.

Where are you taking us?

To A wonderful city.

The city of God and light.

God forsakes us, Radu.

They've taken the horses.

We must be gone
from this place.

Rest here, little brother.

You rest easy.

I'll watch over you.

We'll shelter here
for the night.

It's not safe for
traveling, in the sunlight.

Our lives are in your hands.

I'm a servant of God.

You're my Lord and savior.

Here's a place you can rest.

Thank you.

Ah, my eyes.

My eyes, my eyes.

Hey. Hey.

You lived your whole
life in darkness.

It'll take time for your
body to adjust to the sun.

Don't worry, there's
nothing to fear.

The sun is the most powerful
being in the heavens,

the source of all life.

God is the most powerful being

in all creation and
the source of all life.

Don't bore the boy with dogma.

Kneel by the rocks and
pray for salvation, boy.

Do as he says.

This is madness, Radu.

I understand you're
pity for the boy

but you have to
destroy the mother.

You saw when I examined her.

She's unbitten.

I will not take part in this.

Release me for my service.

What, I can't do that.

You're my conscience.

You're my only friend.

I had my fill of the
church's dark work,

but you my friend are
flirting with disaster.

You know I will do
whatever is necessary.

You know that.

I'm sorry Radu,

but I must go.

So be it.

Go with good fortune.


I hope our paths
will cross again.

Me too, brother.

But I fear they will not.

May God protect you.

Where is brother Marius going?

To see his fortune.

Why does he talk
of killing my mother?

He believes her blood
is tainted by Vladislas.

Helena, it's time to go.
No, I cannot.

Go without me.

Sure you can.

She awoke
with the sunset.

She too had lived in darkness

and would need time to
adjust to the light.

I wanted to believe
in her humanity.

But I could not shake my fear

that God had forsaken us.

You are my
guardian angel, Radu.

You fear me.

I am human.

I swear to you.

How can I prove myself?

You are spawn of Vladislas.

Have mercy on me.

No, that's my mother.

I'll kill you.

Lay down your sword, brother,

and I'll lay down mine.

Go back to sleep.

It's okay.

By some miracle,
I am still human.

In time, your
humanity will fade.

To save the blood of the saints

brings peace to
the fallen souls.


If it relieves your suffering.

There was no turning back,

no miracle to save us.

She slept in the shadows,

leaving me to grow
closer to the Stephan.

Is she gonna die?

Some would say
she is already dead.

She's a vampire
like my father.

She is becoming one.

Will you slay her?

Not today.

Someday perhaps.

With your sword,

you can make it
quick and painless.

Death is never painless.

Someone must slay her.

I'll pray it will be.

We traveled by night.

Pilgrims on an unholy quest.

I let her suckle freely

from the bloodstone.

For that there would
surely come a reckoning.

How does it feel to drink
the blood of the saints?

It feels like miracles.

The knowledge

and power

and mercy.

You are curious?

I was taught to
resist temptation.

The bloodstone
was your father's.

It is your birthright.

Drink, Radu.

No one will know,

but you and I.



You must never leave me, Radu.

You are my guardian,
my love, my savior

until eternity.

Forgive me, Radu.

You have desecrated my castle,

my consort, and my child.

The bloodstone,
Helena, and the boy

belong to me.

No. Leave my mother alone.

Take me.

Leave Stephan.


I claim the monster slayer.

Seize it, Stephan,

before he wields it
against your mother.

Farewell, my son.

With no master to guide you,

you will soon be dust.


Who's there?

Who's there?


Heaven's brother.

What's happened?

I'm defiled.

May God have
mercy on your soul.

Stake me to the ground.

Let the sun destroy me.

I cannot.

I beg.

Or I will be a plague
upon the Earth.

Forgive me, Marius.

I was a fool.

No, Radu.

I should not have left you.

Cursed one, you
treacherous monk.

Show him Mercy.

Mercy is for the weak.

Fear not, my child.

Vladislas has fled
upon the north wind.

She cursed me

with the blood of Nosferatu.

Your father cursed you

at the moment of our union.

Church made you pretty,

but in time your face will
betray your bloodline.

Let me die

before I thirst for blood.

You are as I am.


Nothing can destroy you.

Come with me.

Together we'll lay wast
to Vladislas and his clan

and keep the bloodstone
as your prize.

So began my
century-long apprenticeship

in the black arts.

I learned to draw power
from the earth and sky.

Incantation to summon demons.

The skills of the hunt.


and speed.

And all the while, visions of
Helena tormented my dreams.

After all I've done for you,

you dare steal from me?

Curse you, rite of Vladislas.

I forbid you to return.

I ventured
out into the darkness

to seek Helena and the
solace of the bloodstone.

I slept far from
the light of day

in crypts of the dead,

Tormented by dreams of
my brother and my master,


I ached for kindred spirits
to share the endless night,

for some spell binding
thing of beauty

that could soothe the
slow crawl of time.

I found it in the
music of Ash and Ariel.

Thank you, kind friends.

It has been an honor
for us to perform to you

our songs tonight.

We are the humble troubadours,

Jonathan Ash and my
beautiful sister, Ariel.

It's not even enough
for a room at the inn.

The villagers here
are more used to music

that makes them
get up and dance.

My brother and I
are serious composers,

not dancing monkeys.

You're welcome to
sleep here tonight.

Thank you sir.

But don't touch my wine

or my daughter.

You have my word.

What troubles you, sister?

Did you see that strange man

lurking at the
back of the crowd?

I saw a bakers dozen
of strange people today.

These villages can
be quite amusing.

I'm serious, Jonathan.

This man, he had
an aura of death.

Who are you?

Come to me?

What do you want?

Let me cross your threshold.

No, please leave us alone.

Come to me and I'll
initiate you to the mysteries.

Father, lord in
heaven, protect us
from this evil spirit.

Jonathan, Jonathan, wake up.

What? What's wrong?

The demon.

He's come back.

What demon?

Don't be silly.


Someone there?

Show yourself.

I must warn you, I am armed.

It's the angel of death.

Fear not, pretty ones.

We are guests of King Carol,

on route to perform
for the royal wedding.

I am Radu Vladislas,

knight of the church,

to escort you safely
to your destination.

You're a knight of the church.

You spoke to me
of the mysteries.

Let us see your face.

What's wrong with you?

I'm shamed by my bloodline.

Spirit, please
sir, I beg of you.

The king will send his
men to search for us.

Your royal patronage
is a pittance

compared with what I offer.

And what is it
you're offering?

Eternal life.

Undying devotion in return

for your companionship and
the solace of your music.

No. Jonathan, please.

Our father who are in heaven.

- Quiet, sister.
- Protect us

from this evil spirit.

Let us hear him out.

You sir, you are patron.



Embrace me and your
music will resonate

with the myteries and
you will live forever.

You would teach
us the mysteries.

I will initiate Ariel.


As her mentor?

Her master.

Our music will live
without your help.

God is my shepherd.

I seek no master.

Come to me willingly

and I will have you
both as my disciples.

I'm a willing student.

Make my music immortal.


Vampire, burn in hell.

Bow to me, Ariel

and I resurrect your brother.



Jonathan, wake up.

Life or death.

The choice is yours.



Accept me Ariel,

and I'll resurrect
the both of you,

and you two will never fade.

Please Ariel.

For the love of God.

Choose life.


You are my children now.

The night has fallen.

What have you done to us?

I blessed you with eternal life.

What is this place?

This is a catacomb
of my father's castle.

No, no.

Help, please!

There's no one to hear you.

No hope of escape.

We together now.

Do not touch me.

You've destroyed us.

We demand to be set free.

Oh you will be free
when you are ready.

And when will that be?

When all traces of
your existence has faded

from memory,

you will live again.

Avatars of music.

You will burn for this.

Kneel to me and
I'll be generous.

Keep your vile
hands off my flute

or I swear to God
I will kill you.

It is forbidden
to harm your master.

You are not our master.

You are a fiend.

I'm your only
hope of survival.

Soon a craving will
overwhelm your senses.

A thirst that only
blood can satisfy.

You have so much to learn.

I left them to suffer
the first pangs

of blood thirst and
solitude and uncertainty.

Our father who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Feed fledglings.

Before your thirst
drives you mad.

Stay away from us.

One sip of blood can
sustain you for days.

You can live on her for months.

I would die first.

Oh you died already.

You've been reborn.

This is your
gateway to eternity.

You cannot deny your craving.




Oh, blood is life.

Jonathan, no.

It's noble of you to
cling to your human heart.

I too was human
once upon a time.

Surrender to your cravings.


There's no shame in it.

Drink fledgling,

her blood will
ease your despair.



Do not kill.

Gentle, gentle.



You magnificent creature.

The sadness will pass.

Years passed.

I had fledglings to
ease my solitude.

Ariel to worship.

But visions Helena

never ceased to
thrill and haunt me.

The endless bloodlust
had driven Ariel mad

and left Ash an empty shell.

Ash, my child.

What is your desire?


My soul is starved for harmony.

I have longed for this moment.

Ariel, come,

fill the night with songs.

Your wretched fingers
have defiled it.

Ariel, please.

It could bring us peace.

Play fledgling.

Comfort me.

Do not defy me.

My soul is barren.

Without joy there is no music.


Give us solace.

Joy's not the only muse.

There is comfort too
in songs of heartbreak.

My muse has fled.

In time Ariel
accepted me as a master.

I honored my vow
and initiated them

to the mysteries

and shared with them the
raptures of the kill.

Let's just run away together.


You really think we should?

I do.

I think we just should
get out of here.

And what?

And while
I indulged them,

feeling kinship
for the first time

since my love for Marius,

and my distraction,

while Leia defiled.

Help me please.

My father will reward you.

By the power of the church,

I purge this evil place.

May God, have
mercy on your soul.

Radu, what is this?

Night of the dragon.

I'm Diana,
appointed to slay you.

You high spirit.

What's your bloodline?

I'm descended from
the sorceress Calisto.

You are a stolen
child like I was

forced to serve the
church their calling.

To rid the world
of monsters like you.

This demon slayer
was taken from Circe

on the night of your birth.

It will end your
torment once and for all

Hand it to me and
I'll show you mercy.

Curse you.

You are no match for me.

Drink, fledglings.

Save the blood of a living god.

Give me the relic

or you'll suffer.

We have suffered long enough.

We have mastered
the mysteries.

We'll seek our fortune
in the great night.

I'm your master,

but I spurn you as my fledgling.

Without my guidance,
you will perish

in agony.

300 years they roamed the earth,

haunting the world
of arts and music.

300 years I searched for them.

I lament the day I found them.

In time, my appearance
betrayed my bloodline.



Kneel before your master.

You are not the master here.

This city is ruled by our queen.

Return my mother's
demon slayer.

It was taken from
us centuries ago.

The vampire queen seized it

in exchange for sanctuary.

I know where it is.

We can lead you there.

It's in the city
beneath the city.

Take me to your queen.

This is one of the seven
entrances to the city

beneath the city.

Be ware what you say here.

The sound travels to the ancient
corners where demons dwell.

I hear music.

There is a brothel and
casino on the street above us.

Our principle source of
income and willing partners.

My queen.

May we enter

You ventured out again
without my blessing.

I'm sorry your majesty.

I hunger for the hunt.

No, it was my fault.

I crave for music.

Who is this stranger?

Our first master, my queen.

Bring him before me.


You know my name.

Don't you remember me?

Radu Vladislas,

brother to Stephan.

Radu, the Fearless.

My savior.

You have aged.

It is five centuries
since you defiled me.

Releasee my fledglings

and return the holy relic

they stole from my Leia.

I will speak with
your master in private.

Amuse yourselves in my
library, but do not kill her.

What became of Stephan?

Vladislas let him
grow to manhood,

then stole him from the sun.

He roams the new world now,

a man of wealth and science.

And Vladislas?

The eternal darkness
drove him mad.

He begged me to
end his suffering.

He lies entombed in
the catacombs below,

the sword of Laertes
impaled through his heart.

And the bloodstone?

As you intended.

It has been my salvation.

I will share it with you if
you pledge your devotion.

I'm yours from
the day I saw you.

There is ecstasy
enough from both of us.

Drink Ariel.

Her blood is sweet.

I'm sickened by this
languid way of feeding.

I seek for blood
that reeks fear.

For five centuries
you haunted me.

The perfume of your skin,

the purity of your
love for Stephan.

I cannot dwell upon the past.

Memories fill me with despair.

At least we're together.

You were my savior once.

All that is mine,
Radu, can be yours.

My land.

The bloodstone.

If you bestow upon me
one act of devotion.

Your fledgling Ash.

Ash is not worthy of you.

You are a monster, Radu.

Ash is a pretty one.

I could toy with
him for centuries.

I was born of ancient blood.

I wanna be your consort.

Like old friends,

let's talk of our futures.

Come fledglings.

Your master and I
have struck a bargain.

As proof of his devotion,

Radu has given you to me.

From this day forth,

I will be your master.

Hold me above Radu

and all that I possess
is yours to share.

But we have lived apart
from him for centuries.

We are not his
property to trade

Silence her, Radu.

Radu told me that you
were troubadours once

and that your music
moved him deeply.

That was another lifetime.

Our muse abandoned
us so long ago.

Vladislas defiled
our instruments.

Bite your tongue, girl.

Your Radu's plaything.

You mean nothing to me.

Nor you to me.

Radu is my Lord and master,

may he reign bloody
hell upon you.

Discipline her Radu
or I will banish her.

Don't you threaten me.

I'll bend her to the path.

Break her or I
will banish you both.

Go to your chamber.

Come, I have a gift for you.

Master, my
chamber is this way.

The lower levels are forbidden.

What I seek is forbidden.

Master, please deliver us
from this wretched place.

I will serve you till the end.

Patience, pretty one.


You resurrected me.

What is your name,

that I may reward you.

I am your first born.

Radu Vladislas.

Now to fulfill my destiny.

My gift to you.

Find your joy again.

We have all the
time in the world.

Strike us a wondrous chord.

I am barren.

From this day forth,
the blood of the saints

shall be your muse.




My muse.

She's whispering to me.

Open your heart.

Give voice to the epiphanies.

You crossed my
threshold uninvited.

I showed you mercy
and you stole my life.

And yet I'll serve
until the end of time.

Will you not feel emotion

when you look into my eyes?

When I look into your
eyes, I feel revulsion.

You are an abomination, Radu.

You reek of the grave.

Your touch is repulsive.

Your voice is as loathsome

as the the breath
that conveys it.

And your proud blood makes me-

No, no, no, no!

All that I owe to you.

No, Radu.

It is forbid to
kill your master.

I have no master.

Master, stop.

You're destroying her.

Sister, I have the
bloodstone, we must leave now.

It's all we need.

Curse you, Radu.

I will be reborn and haunt
you till the end of time.

Master, she has your blade.

Master, my brother,

he stole your bloodstone.

Are you dying, Master?

I'm cursed to live forever.

Let me drink from your wound.

It's a shame for it to waste.


If you choose to abandon me,

I will not stalk.

This night has set you free.

If I'm truly free, Radu,

I was done to be your fledgling.

I will be your concert.

I pledge myself to thee.

Radu Vladislas.

I have searched
the world for you.

At last, we are united.

You are blood of my blood.

You cannot harm me.

I can harm you grievously.

She was my redemption.

How dare you seek
make believe legacies.

To watch you suffer
is a rare delight.

A delight that will
surely ripen with time.

I'll leave you to your suffering

and send you to
hell another day.

I'm here to purge this nest of
evil, be gone when I return.

I left Ariel
to the merciless sun,

vowing never to return
to this dark place.

But in time, the
shadow of Helena,

my master and creator,

will fulfill her curse,

and torment me to madness.