Stupid Young Heart (2018) - full transcript

A teenage couple deals with an unexpected pregnancy while racial tensions mount in their neighborhood.

All right, bitches! Let's go!


Seven, eight!





And from the top... Go!

Keep it UP!

All right!
Let's have a water break!

The formation was a lot tighter now.


What are you doing tonight?

I don't know... I'm sort of busy.

I can wait.
Nah, don't.

I don't mind.

Sorry, I'm just too busy.

What did he want?
Let's talk later.


That's it, then.
Ha ha.

She only did it
because she was drunk.

Ow ow.

Hey, hobbit!

Is that aftershave?
Ha ha.

Is that a hair?

The hobbit is getting angry.

Okay, beat it.
I'm tired of your face.

Who fucking cares.

The fuck you looking at?

All right, chopchop.

See ya!
See ya!


Give me a hand.
Let me.

You promised to take care of this.
This place is cramped.

I can’t just wait around for weeks...

Ow, ow!

That was smooth.

High five!


What are you doing?
Moving the TV.

Need some help?
Yeah, thanks.

Girls, wait here.

One, two, three!

Here we go.

Isn't it that way?
No, let's go upstairs.

Oh, god...

Lock the door.
Oh, right.


Here, take it.

Was it two minutes?

People are waiting!
just a sec!


Come on!

just let me do
this pregnancy test in peace!



Mum, can I talk to you?
In a minute.

Back to the table, right now.

Can we go play soon?

Stop fussing!


Kiira, I could use some help!

Didn't you hear me?
The table is all wet, please help.


This isn't working.

I'm going for a beer.

Hi, um...

Want to hang out?

I don't think I can...

You get out of here now!
Damn it!

You can't make us!
I'm telling mum!

I'm talking on the phone!

What's going on in there?
They’re jumping on my bed!

Sorry. It's just that
noone 's home right now.

Be there in fifteen minutes. Bye.

Where are you going?
I have a life, you know.

You promised to watch the boys.

You have porridge on your shirt.

Wait. You promised to help tonight.
I can't right now.

You're going nowhere...
Move over!

Fuck this place.


What are you doing?
I don't even know.

Okay. Thanks.

I love how quiet it is.

I didn't know you could cook.

It's the first time
I make dinner for someone.

I was a hungry kid,

so mum taught me to cook.

Otherwise I would have
starved by afternoon.

It's hard to believe.
You're so small.

Well, I'm not that small anymore.


I was thinking...

This omelette is like the best ever.


Check this.
The guy falls off his bike.

Shit, that must've hurt!

Wait. I'll take these off.

You're lovely, Kiira.

No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.

Did you know Happonen's party
was exactly six weeks ago?

Maybe it wasn't a big deal for you,

but I'd already fancied you
for like two yea rs.

I'm pregnant.

Lenni, say something.

Are you sure it's mine?
Fuck you!

Shit! He's over there.

I told you he's an asshole.

Yeah... but luckily
I won't need him for anything.

I don't think I could give birth.
Why not?

Mum told me about a woman who broke
her pubic bone during labour.

What does it even sound like?

And breastfeeding
sounds pretty awful.

Suddenly your tits
just start leaking.

Shut up, you're so gross!
That's just my opinion.

They don't know anything.

If you want to keep it,
we'll help you.

Of course.

What the fuck am I gonna do
if she decides to keep the child?

You know how responsible I am.

If I can't keep my room in order,

how am I gonna take care of a kid?

Let's think about the pros.

One: you had her bareback.

Two: that was it.
Very fucking funny.


Hey, what's UP?

So you guys moved back?
I did, starting this month.

Espoo is a damn graveyard.

Hi. I'm Janne.

Mylde is my friend's cousin.
The baldie, Mähönen.

Cool car.
Hey, if you're not doing anything,

could you help out with these?
Will you pay us?

Athletic and hardworking as ever.

Be careful not to strain yourself.

Where to?
just over there.

That shit is going nowhere.

Didn't anyone teach you
to use a hammer drill?

You start it like so.
Then just press.

There. Now you do it.

Fuck! Whatever.
What is it?

Daddy's a little tense.

Um, yeah...

Lenni has some happy news.

Shut up, for once!
Stop hitting me, for once, daddy!

Mylde, shut your mouth.
Is he telling the truth?

Well, it seems that way...

I'll be damned.

You're the man. Congrats.


Let me show you something. So...

You can use a carpenter's pencil

to line up the planks evenly.

Most people think

that first you need a degree, a job,
and the latest kitchen appliances...

Look, it's Janne as a young lad.

Finns are nowadays
only interested in buying stuff.

No values left whatsoever.

Soon only the immigrants
are having kids here.

The other day, there were probably
twenty Somali kids outside.

Could someone help set the table?

Okay, here are the plates and forks.
There you go.

Damn, I'm hungry.

You actually did some work
on the balcony.

Or at least Lenni did.
Look who's talking.

It says here
you also had an abortion last year.

You're fifteen years old.

Abortion is not
a form of birth control.

I know that.
That was a different guy.

You were considering
a medical abortion?

Well, you know how this goes.

Call the hospital. Here's the number.

Make an appointment
for the checkup and procedure.

You'll get it over with in no time.

If you really are sure about this.

Aaro, Eeli! Noone is hitting anyone!

Tell me this isn't yours.

Did you go through my room?
Tell me this isn't yours.

Oh, sweetheart.


I'll help you. Okay?

I'll help you.
Don't worry. It's okay.

Afterwards you won't feel so bad.

Yes, afterwards.
You've made the decision for me?

You haven't even asked me!

I don't want you
to make the same mistake I did.

I was a mistake?

I just meant
we have our hands full!

I want us to talk about this.
Are you listening to me?

Hi. Is Kiira home?

Kiira, your friend is here.

What do you want?
To talk. If that's okay.

So... what do you want to do?

I don't know.


What if I wanted to keep it?

Then I guess we're going to keep it.

You really mean it?


Is that your boyfriend?
Go away!

At least then we could get
a place of our own.

You mean we'd live together?
Who else would I live with?

That'd be cool.
You think so?


Are we really doing this?
I guess we are.

We must be crazy!

Let me see it.

That's so funny.

So good.
Oh man.

I want one of those too.
It's pretty great.

Have you thought about names?
Promise you won't tell anyone.

I was thinking Cloud,
or Rainbow if it's a girl.

Rainbow Kononen?

It has to be special to stand out.

Being normal is the worst, right?

Your belly pic already has 372 likes.
Let me see!

Your followers go up
as your belly gets bigger.

This is much more powerful.

Woah, you're speeding!

Should we go for a ride tonight?

Hell, yeah! If I can get a bike.

Lenni! We have to go!

Umm, I can't.
I have plans with Kiira.

Again? She really has you whipped.

Going to a pussy checkup?
No, I'm not!

Pussy checkup!
Fine, whatever! I'm going now!

Wait up! I'm coming!
Say hello from us!

First area choice is Myllypuro,
and the second is Kurkimäki.

Kurkimäki? My friends won't come
to the middle of nowhere.

It's only a few kilometres away!
They don't have to come every day.

We have 20,000 applicants.
Don't get your hopes up.

Are your parents guaranteeing rent?
What? No!

Are you child welfare clients?
What do you mean?

Motherandchild shelter is an option
since you're so young.

What? We don't need social care.

What are you talking about?
Besides, I'm going to get a job.

I'll take any kind of job.
Storage work, cleaning. Anything.

Our plan is that I finish school

while Lenni works. Then we switch.

That's right. We'll be fine.

Child welfare, really?
What a stupid idea.

What's up, shrimp?

Not much. The clerks are
just a bit weird.

Don't take it personally.

It's always the same.
They don't care.

Did you get into a fight?
No, it's a sports injury.

Training accident. Martial arts.
I need to work on my blocks.

By the way, this is Kiira. And Janne.

Oh, and congratulations.

Well, see you around.


HEY. Janne.

Could I come to the practice
with you sometime?

The people there are a bit older,
but it's possible.

I have a high pain threshold.

We'll see.
Yeah, see you.

You're not going to fight him?

Not him.
Who, then?

It looks okay.
A lot nicer than at home, at least.

My mum has no eye for decoration.

I want a home that's classy.

Kinda semiminimalist
with no junk.

A thousand for a sofa!

Imagine a projector there.
This is perfect for gaming.

I'll be lying here while
you serve me omelettes.

I can learn to make
something else too.


I've always wanted one of these.

My dad promised to
buy me one as a gift.

It's so soft.

You have any money?

Yeah, but...
That's just enough. Let's buy this.

Well, it's my week's savings,
so I'd rather not.

But it's important.

That frilly thing? Yeah, right.

I see. Forget about it.

Kiira. Kiira!

What is this? Who broke it?

I'm sick and tired of this country.

What happened here?

This is the third time
it's been broken.

What up?

What's up, dude?

Who did that?
I don't know. No idea.

Relax! Relax!

What if the kids had been inside?

The children don't want to move.

The police has no time for
foreigners. They're tired of this.

What? What is it?


Just tell me what's going on.

What's most important
in a relationship?

A spiritual connection!

No relationship can work
if you don't listen.

What? Is this about that canopy?

It's not just about that.

I'm sorry, but it just looked stupid.

So you think I'm stupid too
because I wanted it?

I don't think you're stupid.
Maybe you just have bad taste.

Fucking hell.

This is what I mean!
It's like talking to a retard!

Fine, the canopy was great!
It's not just about that!

What, then?
You don't even know yourself!

One hell of a canopy! Amazing!


Was mummy having a bad clay?

She probably has someone new in mind.
Maybe I should take a number.

Shut the fuck up!

What are you doing, midget?
Didn't you hear what I said?

What the fuck?
Hey, cut it out!

Let go!
Give it a rest!

Get up, fucking midget!

Let go of me, Somali scum!
Who are you calling scum?

Leave Lenni alone!
Get your hands off!

Hey, guys!

Stop kicking, midget!
You're so dead, midget! Get it?


Stop it!

He attacked me and called me scum!
Yeah, but he's just a kid!

I don't care!

Fuck off!
We've got to settle this.

I know him. Let's calm down.
I'm not letting go.

Relax, man. We'll take care of this.

This isn't over! I'll get you!

Abdi, this has gone too far!
Relax, okay? just relax.

Hi, I'm Abdi from downstairs.

I'm sure it's just boys being boys,

but your son was in a fight today
in the shopping centre.

Are you telling me how to raise kids?

Not at all. I just thought...

I listen to your kids scream clay and
night, but I don't try you teach you.

I didn't mean...
You've got no manners.

I didn't mean it like that.

Stop messing about. I don't want to
listen to complaints from immigrants.

Hi, what's up?

I'm glad you came.

Clean your shoes.

Everyone, this is Lenni.

Hi, I'm the coach here. Welcome.

All right. Now that everyone's here,
let's start jogging.

Rotate your arms forwards.


Then start air boxing.


Your turn. Put your arm here.

No need to throw that hard.

It's easy to throw a child around.

I don't fucking care.

Come on!

360, defensive punches. Go.

Where are you going?
I've had enough shit from people.

Stop whining.

Get back in there.

Hey, I mean it. Come on.
It's all right.

You can do it.

Are you the fathertobe?

A young lad.

Remember, it's tough work.

Good luck, mate.

I've had enough.
Same here.

So, how's your little family?

We're having a break.

Don't tell me you're about to bail?

Did you do something stupid?

Kiira is just upset
because I said she's got bad taste.

You idiot.

What are you gonna do?
I don't know.

Yes, you fucking do.

Not now.

I've got something for you.

I'm sorry. I mean it.

You're an idiot.

What are you doing?
Singing to the baby.

My dad used to sing that to me.

So he was around at some point?

Nowadays, I see him
like once a year or something.

He lives in Jämsä. Well, whatever.

Where's your dad?
I haven't seen him around.

Like, ever?

That's awful.

If the loser bailed after
getting mum pregnant,

then he can stay away.

What the hell?

An alien.
It's the heel.

Yuck. It looks disgusting.

Thanks a lot.
That's not what I meant.

It's just so far out

that something
just appears inside of you.

Something with heels and everything.
And nails.

It's like when I was a kid
and I thought about space.

About the infinity.

I started to feel like
I was falling inwards.

Mum always said that I shouldn't
think about space and stuff.

It would only drive me nuts.

All right, think about it now.
About space?


Do you want to be with me?

Like, for real?

Of course I do, for real.

I love you.

Kiira, can you open the door?

You're late.

All right. Last time, we studied
pages 5462, the Continuation War.

Whose turn is it to quiz
about the homework?

Um... my turn.

Good morning.


Can you...
Hey, jariPekka!


The Continuation War
started in June 1941

when Germany invaded
the Soviet Union.

Which countries were the Allies,
and which were the Axis powers?

Which countries were the Allies?

Which countries were the Allies?

I can't remember. At least
the States, and England. And Finland.

Do you really think
USA was Finland's ally?

I can't remember every damn detail.
I know we fought the Russians.

Hello. How can you wear that shirt
if you don't know who fought who?

Neea, move on.
So I can't defend my own country?

Against whom?

People like welfare tourists
and terrorists and such.

What are you talking about?
I'm tired of your shit.

Besides, I was born here!
I wasn't talking about you.

What are you on about?
What the fuck?

What the fuck do you care
about my Tshirt?

Thank you. That's enough.

Is Lenni really a racist?
It was just talk.

He didn't mean it.

Besides, he's completely different
when we're alone.


Look at that! Excellent!

Look at you.
Damn, shrimp!

We need a real campaign.

Flyers, petitions...

And social media is really important.

Campaigns won't do it. We need
to scare the shit out of them.

Let's send them a message:
we don't need no fucking minarets.

You mean petrol bombs or something?

I don't want more cops
knocking at my door.

Should we talk about this
in a smaller group?

Hey, Lenni is in. Right?


In any case.
Janne, you know it yourself.

This is not the right time
to take direct action.

If Edi runs for election,
we'll have our own candidate.

Nothing has been decided yet.

Hell no.

If we're going to be
a part of the system,

soon we'll have to apologize
for every word we say.

It's goodbye to our selfrespect.

Fuck no.

Janne, we have to think
these things through.

Junior put on a real show today.
Sure did.

A tough guy.
Like a boss.

I can ask my brother.
How old is he?

Born in 96.
They've invited over 100 people.

No way!
It's going to be a huge party.

I've waited for this for so long!

Kiira, we promise
to tell you everything.

It sucks that you can't come.

Let's do the Siddung now.

It's okay.

Should we take it down a notch
at the beginning?

We can't let your belly
decide everything.

And set it!

You don't have to dance.
I'm fine.

Man, this place was different
when I was a kid.

There was one burger place. We'd eat
there once a year if we were lucky.

When they had
a "two for one" campaign.

An old man reminisces.

Here it was.

It's baffling. Ordinary people
won't be able to walk here soon.

It's like being abroad.

You can have my old bra.

You can have my old bra.
You're no longer size A.

Your breasts are bulging.
I don't want it! Ew!

It's a good bra.
You're fucking mental!

I was just trying to help.

Did you apply for a flat?
Stop harassing me.

You realise you can't live
in this room with a baby?

You'll make a great granny!
I don't want to be a granny at 33!

Then don't! I'm so sick of you.

Fuck! Grow up.

You didn't finish doing the laundry!

And take your makeup
and gym bag to your room.

You leave the bag here
every time...

It'll take forever to pay for this.

It wasn't his idea,
it was Charlene's.

Don't give her all the credit.

But isn't it a cool car?

How in the hell everyone else
has everything?


Is Lenni here?




Could I stay here for a while?

I can't deal with mum anymore.

I was supposed to tell you, but...

You haven't told her?

The day just keeps on getting better.
I need a smoke.

You've had eight months,
and you haven't told your mum!

Fuck this! I can go somewhere else.

Of course you can stay. I'm not
throwing anyone out on the street.

Come here.

And Lenni takes her bag
like a gentleman.

Why didn't you say anything?

I'd like to...
I tried.

When? You can't even
take care of your own socks,

how could you look after...
I'm sorting these channels.

I'll handle this.


You know, sometimes I feel like
I don't know you at all.

This is me.

It's like waking up from a dream,
but it's all actually happening.

We're having a baby together.

Do you ever regret this?

Do you?

Me neither.

Number 17?

Let's go to my office.

Of course you'll get the money!

But did you have to call
just as I've been laid off?

You're such a cold bitch!

You know what?
I'm done playing these games, sorry!

All right...

Do you know what this is?
They told me I should write a CV.

Write about how good I am.
Always the same thing.

They want you to pretend
to be better than you are.

Hey, imagine you could write
an honest CV for once.

"I'm hottempered, I like my booze."

"I don't get along with
whiners or nitpickers."

All right. Grab those, let's go.

Save Finland!

Close the borders!

Save Finland!

Close the borders!

Get the fuck out of here.
Piss off.

Why don't you get a 'gob'?

"It's time to open our eyes."

"Our country is under
a systematic attack."

"The Muslim invasion
is not targeting only Finland

but the whole western world order."

Pretty weird stuff.

Bu Janne is a cool guy.

This is unbelievable.

What is?
Listen to this.

"Finland's problems
are caused by immigrants."

"They steal, lie, rape..."
This is appalling!

I've got to go talk to them.
Hey, listen.

Stop being so damn... Finnish.
Let's take it easy.

We don't have to accept everything.
Will you let them humiliate us?

No, but we just want to go home.

Hey! Charlene.

Are you serious? For real?

Hey! What's the purpose of this?
What do you mean?

What's going on?
I'm from Helsinki.

I have the right to be here!
My children were born here.

Do you realise what this is?
This is racism! How can you do this?

Don't preach at us!
Get out of here, woman!

Don't you have anything better to do?

Let's just go.

I wonder why they've got
all the things you don't?

You're standing out here in the cold.

You've got nothing.

Hi! I think I found us a flat.

Did something happen?
Where have you been?


Why don't you tell me
anything anymore?

Okay... But check this out.

Come on.

This is in Pihlajamäki.
Two rooms and a kitchen.

750 euros. It's quite cheap.

Compared to all the others.

We'll get the money somehow.

What did they say
at the employment office?

I might get a traineeship
if I'm lucky.

I guess there aren't
that many jobs left.

At least for us Finns.
What are you on about?

Huh? You haven't even tried yet!

Yeah, but...

Okay, but the showing is
the clay after tomorrow.

And we're going.

Where's my white shirt?
We're gonna be late.

And we need to pick up the cot today.

Fucking hell.

My arse is gigantic.
I'm like a waddling elephant.

I don't mind.
Cut the bullshit!

I don't need special treatment
just because I'm pregnant.

It's not bullshit, but...

That's exactly what I mean!

I don't need an audience.
I want you to leave.


Those damn kids keep screaming.
I couldn't sleep again.

I just want some peace and quiet
in my own home.

He's a fucking sicko.
There's blood everywhere.

Okay, okay.
All rig ht.

Fucking kill him! Kill him!

He fell asleep.

He dislocated his jaw.

Yeah, this looks really good.
Sixty euros, was it?


This should be even.

And... could you help me
carry this outside?

Of course.

Listen, I don't know
if this is very smart...

Isn't there an adult
who could help you?

Where are your mum and dad?

All right!

Now he's down. Great.
He's hugging him. What the fuck?

Give him a kiss as well.

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Can't you hit?

Right, it's always the same.

Sorry, this is a bad time.
Where are you?

It's a bad time for me as well!

Well... Would it be okay
if I came a bit later?

A bit later? Thanks a lot!
No, 1 mean...

Is the missus whining again?

Shut up.

What the hell?
Are you fucking serious?

You want your ass kicked?
You can try.


Is that the best you can do?
Take off your shirts! Here we go.

Go ahead.
Dude is dodging.

All right!


Look at yourself.

You fucking whore.

Lenni, the most dangerous
midget in the world!

Fucking hell.
Are you hurt for real?

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

Dude, hit him back.

Guys, you're on Insta Live!

All right, who do we have here?
It's Lenni and Mylde.

A local fight going on in here.

I'll fucking kill you.

All right.

What are you doing?

This is fucking creepy.

Don't kill yourself, man.

I'm fucking God!
Do you understand?


See how it looks.

All right, there you go!
No, cut it all off!

I see a bald spot already.

Look in the mirror. It's clone.

There's a daycare centre nearby.

A great location.
That's right.

You can look around.

This place is lovely.

You're so young.
But very reliable.

I'm used to taking
lots of responsibility.

Maybe I should just
trust my intuition.

And you're about to have
the child, too.

Maybe it's settled, then.
Yes! Totally awesome!

Hi! Is Kiira here?

Shit, I'm so sorry.

What the hell?


That flat would've been ours
if you hadn't showed up.

Nice to know
I can always count on you!

And thanks for helping with the cot!
And what's up with that hairdo?


That's it.

I want to break up.

Like, for good?

I guess you can see the kid

I never even wanted a child!

Hi! I'm coming to the party, too.

Yea h.

Great. Come in.
Hi, Kiira!

Kiira, this is for you.

Because you're gonna pop it
any minute.

Hey, this is a celebration!

I love you!

Look who it is.

What's up, shrimp? Come in.

Looking good.
Where have you been?

Had a little argument with Kiira.

Don't let your girl
hand your ass to you.

I won't. We just...

Be careful. Sooner or later
they'll try to put you down.

My ex was just like that.
Come in.

Hey, guys.

Goddamn! Oldschool, like.


What's up, man?
Not much.

Lenni did great at the practice.
He was fucking awesome!

Who's smoking inside?


You know, that belly looks kinda hot.

What does it feel like?
Is it hard or, like, soft?

Wanna touch it?

I can touch it too.

We can burn down one damn mosque.
It's not even properly guarded.

A bit of petrol in a beer bottle,
and problem solved.

They've made
over 1,000 strikes in Germany.

Burn it yourself, then.

Some of us actually
have things to lose.

Worried for your career,
Mr. Professor?

Feeling bad because we don't
want to work on your campaign?

Well, you can stay here

and write those goddamn
opinion pieces on the internet.

Maybe you should consider
your career, too?

What the fuck?
Stop fucking pushing me.

Raatikainen, chill!

Bu Janne is right.
Let's hit them hard.

What are you on about?
You do nothing but whine.

I always have to hold your hand.

Let's just open the whisky, huh?

Fucking Janne...

Okay, here it is!

Okay, pass the bottle around.

Everybody here!

Is Kiira here?
Who are you?

I don't want Nazis in here!

I'm not a Nazi. Out of my way!

Got a new hairdo, midget?

I don't want Nazis in my house!

Seriously, I'm so goddamn sorry.

I want nothing
to do with him anymore.

You heard her. Get lost!

She doesn't want to see you!

Calm down.
Get the fuck out of my way!

Don't touch me!

Give me the knife.
Let go of me!

Get the fuck out.
Let me go!

We don't want Nazis here!

Goddammit! Open this fucking door!

Do you have to fuck around
all the time?

Calm down, will you?

What's up, shorty?

What is it?
We'll fucking show them!

Right. Have a beer.

Don't they have cameras here?
You're just gonna whine?

Go back.

What are they doing?
Closing up for the night.

Let's go.

For fuck's sake!
Are you serious?

You can't be serious.
I am.

What the hell?
Are you serious?

We might get caught!
Let me try.

Come on!
Fucking hell!

No, wait...
Damn, you suck at this.


Give me the can.

Should we get out of here?

Guys, for real.

Let's burn this shithole down.

You've got light?

Careful, don't burn yourself.


Shit, they're coming back!
I'm out of here.

What? Fuck!
You left the gear.

Leave them, Mylde! They're coming!

Hey, stop!

Hey, you! Stop!


Mohamed! They want
to burn the mosque!

Turn around, goddamn!
Now we got you.

Mohamed! Stop!

Don't touch me!

What the fuck?

Stop that! Mylde!

It's the cops! Run, Mylde!

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Police! Let go of the boy!

Let go of the boy!
I didn't do anything!

Get down!

It was him...
Shut up!

543 requesting a patrol.

You'll be there in no time.
just a little longer.


I can come along if you want.
Nah, it's okay.

Are you sure you'll be okay?
You've called your mother?

Okay, kisses.

You have anything in your pocket?
My phone.

Let me see.


You can't do this!

I need to get out.

Fuck! Didn't you hear me?

Isn't that one of the invaders
from the mosque?


Are you man enough to trash that car?

Should I really do this?


You're a real artist, man.

All right!

Kick the hell out of it.

Stop that!

What the hell are you doing?

Good morning.

Will I get out of here now?
Fill out the papers first. Come on.

Somebody help me!

Where is everyone?

Excuse me. Can I help you?

It's my girlfriend.

Are you the father?

This way, then.

Fuck, it hurts!

I'll be back after things have
calmed down in the next room.

I can see from the monitor
that it'll ease soon. Doing great.

What are you staring at?
Are you okay?

Go to hell!

What is it?
The ECG keeps changing.

Let's call someone.

The beeping stopped
and the numbers

and the ECG changed.
That's not normal.

It looks fine.
Are you sure?

It's not! We heard them stop!

We heard nothing!
Calm down.

The baby might have moved a bit,
it's all completely normal.

Are you completely sure?
I have something for you...


Go warm this up.
What is it?

An oatmeal pillow.

Yeah, it all looks
completely normal...

Hi there.

Can you sing to me?

Sing "Little Girl".
Like I know how.

Anyone can sing it. Please.

Good. Now sigh, and the next one...

You're doing great.

You're doing really great.

That's it. Good, Kiira.

And now just remember to...
What the hell do you want?

Fuck. Is the baby
never gonna come out? Fuck!

You're doing wonderfully.

Press your chin against your chest
and breathe in through your nose.

It's gonna be born
on this floor now!

If you feel faint,
sit down for a while.

I'm going to call the doctor.

Just a minute,
the doctor will check you soon.

Keep breathing.

We've been here for almost an hour.
Could you check the cardiogram?

Lenni, are you there?
Let's get you on the bed.

We'll help you.
Get up now.

The baby's a bit tired.
We'll examine it.

All right.
You could move to the other side.

Can you move up a bit?
A ventouse.

A bit more.
Then move your legs to the edge.

I'll take the other leg.
When you feel contractions again,

put your chin against your chest
and push really hard.

Good. Push a little bit more.

Keep going.

Good. Now you can stop
and take a breath.

You're doing good.

We'll continue
when the next contraction comes.

Go on, push.

It's not coming out.
Let's move to csection.


The baby isn't coming out,
so we have to try a csection.

Do you have any allergies?

Have you been operated before?
Have the tests been taken?

Is Lenni coming, too?
Yes, and I'll be with you.

Kocher clamp.

It's deep in the birth canal.

Why am I not hearing anything?

Give it to me!

Is everything all right?

Have you called the paediatrician?
Yes, we have.

Is everything all right?



I've been trying to call you.
Are you okay?

We had a brilliant start.
Let's keep a low profile now.

This isn't over.
Let's keep in touch, okay?


Hey. you! Asshole!

Do you realise what you've clone?
Don't touch me!

That car is my livelihood!
What will I do now?

Don't fucking touch me, get it?

Listen, I know it was you
and your asshole buddies.

What the hell's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

What is it?

Are you okay?


It was all limp and blue.

The baby.


It's probably dead.

What the hell
am I going to do with you?

Go on.

I don't know how.


Nobody knows. Okay?


Is the baby all right?

Everything's fine.
She's a lovely girl.

I'll come check up on you later.

Congratulations to the new dad.

Maybe I should go, too.


Little girl so sweet and smiley,

down the road a walking.

There she met with Mister Sandman,

into dreamland falling.

There grew too a blooming spruce

where cuckoo was cuckooing,

but the smiley little girl
yet on the grass lay snoozing.