Stunde der Entscheidung (2006) - full transcript

Karen Bender is a plastic surgery expert who will soon be promoted to Senior Physician. Her family life with her husband Christoph and little daughter Kim could hardly be more harmonious. ...


Sometimes life goes in a strange ways

It forces you to make decisions and

No matter which way you choose

Seems to be the wrong one

Some question just don't have an answer

No right and wrong


Make your lie worth
more than the truth

Because i'm supposed to do something

My father was fully conscious,
Didn't mean to die. Every driver comes along

And give our thing in the final unction

So, i'll grab him by the collar

Just ask the guy that
I don't believe in God

Why can't God reach out to his
ground crew yet ??

Hurry, Please

Do you want to far away ?

Quick, There will be here soon


If i don't remove it now,
then she'll die

If we don't move now,
We'll all die

10 Minute

There is another one


Doctor, I have to get you out of here,
The helicopter Do not wait

I can do it alone


It is my country

My war

She is my patient



Get out

You from ?

You say

Be carefull




They are coming here

No, They aren't

Area clear, Copy

And now we are save

Does that mean

You are a good girl

Very good
Very good

That can be dangerous

I was right

Are you ?

We don't have a word

You stockpilling

Love in war

Not so easy to fill

Love in war

Is Faced with death twice

Is with you



Made you sad while saying it

It doesn't even exist

I just wanted to inform you

That shouldn't be happened

I'am married



Me and you

Does not fit

I know that

But now

I'm still scared

If i stay another day,
I don't know what's going to happen

This way

You and i here

I love you

8 Years later

Don't say you are tired

Okay, not yourself

are you determined

Take revenge

Then maybe i should be more careful when
You fits back and realy horny

Why doesn't anyone say good night

Good night

Is there any problem ?

I know what you did

- Ach, No
- What then ?

Bad things

Unfortunately not most revered
I'll do the bad thing

You're not


- I'll take you back to your room
- Let me go, Papa
- No.. No..

Good night

Good night my darling

I miss

Is not much

Loser has no chance

Time to sleep now
The best run is on sunday

And now

It's on you, Ok ??

Sleep well

You too

Now exactly where we left off

Who won ?

Me, of course

- Today would be appropriate
- And not too close

Closing the other seemed on the edge of ruin

And why ??

Because the children had to be slaughtered
After they ate food

That our client brought from their group


I'm sorry, what ?

Your honor

My deear colleague was so absorbed in her manicure
That i had to stand by her side

Oh No

You cannot provide any evidence that the animals
are on their wrath


Michael hirt handwritten memo from mrs.

Mariana Wohlfart

It says that 300 tons of their impeccable
product should be burned

I can also tell you where
personal secretary Mrs. Wolfhart is currently

As early as the spring we recorded
that Mrs Wolfhart had emigrated

Nobody knows where she go

That's why she want to


Unfortunatelly no other question

Howefer, we have to go to
Rossman , Perth-Australia

The weird question

It took a lot of effort to find their marriage there

If you would be nice enough to bring her in

Wait a minute,
The witness is not on our list

Don't show that this is your secretary


Time to celebrate with Champagne, Caviar and wine

The senior Physisan position becomes vacant

Actually i willing to open clinic for the disabled

Well understood

Good for you

Rumor says that the boss doesnt
want to be in his back

I have even less time

- I finished it and i want to
- Yes, Christoph has to do that too

Seriously what does he deserve ??


Phoenix ?

- I'm won
- Yes

But she had to pay 40 for animall feed

At the low amount in dispute

- Isn't that covering up yet ??
- Protein value is a bit of an exaggeration

I regards as an investment

It sound like a hammer spring

- Why should this cas be different from others ??
- Don't worry

Send it Christoph

We are had a lot of case that we won but not good in dispute,
Which is it's ok

Do you actually know how much
restlessness we are in a normal one ??

We are not a normal law firm

No, You are not normal

How many will he is paying from his pocket money today ??

Are you serious ??

And us still in ruin

- So bad
- Worse

There is a lot of paper
you won't read anyway


I cannot remove a discount like that


Nobody ever asked you

You can gow with your ideals

and in the end the client
who will decide his law fee

At least now and then

Your meal is ready, Good appetite

I'm taking a bath

No way


Hi, It's Anke

Anke, What happened ??

How can i help ?

No, no, just tell her
She got a breast augmentation appoinment for the afternoon


Let's pop the corks

Yes absoulutely



When did you want to tell me

What ?

Anke already just called

Do you want to lie ?

- I haven't asked yet

- At least double
- Pile and stack

Where is kim ??

What about kim when you come home so late ??

Love for the people

How doesn't have to be normal

Not at my place

- Former fancy dressmaker with a liposuction
- hey hey hey

I agree, Ok

It's different

You're right

Would like to argue with you

By the way
What are you doing with natalie ?

hah ??

I saw you in the car with her

Why was it so late ??

Go to the club

We always do that when
we have won

You won ?

- Thanks for asking
- My heart

Are you picking up from school tomorrow ??

Just have the car

Thank you

And you stand the door right now ??

So much for fee accounting

So this is the situation and we will have
To reorient ourselves accordingly as quickly as possible

Anyone else would like to add something

Excuse me,
Good day

Finally found you sophie

- Why don't you wait for me ?
- I have

Come here

Sorry to make you wait, Ok ??

Don't go around the city alone,
even me and your mom came late



Thank you

This is yours

I'm sorry

Is she okay ?

I' didn't see you

Are you ok ?

Doesn't hurt at all

I worry this is bad

I will go to the university hospital ok

I already spoken to Mami

We haven't got this yet

It's ok kim ??

Kim !


Help me please

Lay down the patient

How is my child condition ??

- i'ts not me who examine her
- so who ?

- Dr. Richard but wait a moment
- How can i wait a moment in situation like this

Excuse me

Dr Richard

Everything it's not that bad
Your saughter just lost slight concussion

After studying in berlin,
I worked at Charite for two years

I still can't stop

Just lacerated wound
Then we'll do it

Why is that ??

Fortunatelly, It's not that bad

It's just a routine

After the treatment then she can go home

this week we have a gifted surgery,
as it is in the book

Martina once put me on night duty
several times

Operation Ingunial hernia

by The boss himself

Greeting, Waldemar

My baby

You cancel all important school
appointments tomorrow

And fight with me to the bitter end

Let me take it, Please

- Papa will with me at home
- How nice

Let's check

it will be better soon

Could you please stop punishing me now ??

I'm sorry

I accepted the senior doctor's position and
i don't want to hear sound from you

I was stopping someone else today, i'm going to the Congress
Kim doesn't need to know

What ?

why you do that ?

Will you get there ?

The world has to know that
the silicone industry owes my wife

None of this would have been happened
if you had been on time

I know

Are you sure you wanted to stay with her tomorrow ?

Your lovely natalie will miss you


I hate when you're standing

- Why do i have the feeling that nobody is for me
- let me do it

- No
- let me do it for you

If you come,
Please be carefull not to use the whole kitchen

It's the best if you go to eat and rest on that couch
Ok ?

- As always
- No

- That is it
- Good bye Mama
- See you baby


I love you

So, Next its time to Brushing your teeth and breakfast

Get dressed, Have a breakfast and Brushing my teeth

Who is call this time

Just answer

You're back home to show it off a bit

Dr. Richard here

Remember ?

We'd love to see Kim again

There were shadows in th CT scan

Unfortunately, i missed it

Shade ??

We eat

It's Serious ?

I don't ant to worry you,
Maybe it doesn't mean anything

Can you come back with your
Daughter as precaution ?


- what am i supposed to do there ??
- They just want to check the pain

Probably they want to check
your wond after healing

Very funny

It' is a tumor in the strict of the brain

I hope this is wrong

Will you wait outside, Please ?

I want someone else to watch it

It so loud you cant even imagine

Come here

Well, Is the kitchen ok ??

What ?

I'll be right there

I have to go home,
You have the papers

What happened ?

I'll give it to you

Unfortunately, that's what i suspected

Congenital cavernoma a blood vessel malformation

Unfortunately ?

It is dangerous ?

We have one of the top
Neurosurgeons as our guest

Shepherds asked to take care
of your daughter

Dr. Novak would like to speak to you

It really is his field

- Do you have a headache ?
- No

Sometime you lose your balance ??


Nothing was noticed ??
Like an accident ??

How did this happen ??

When did it happen i got a shiver,
and i didn't see the cyclist

Which to the right ?

She did not attract attention

Can you find it ??

Can you feel it ??

Can you go to meet the nurse outside ??

And tell her to get the bochum in the hidden drawer

It tastes good


Your sweet daughter

How do i manage, Dr Richard enriched her and now has to looked again

What is happened ??

This is complicated

I can't guarantee and maybe lag behind

But one thing is clear,
We have to operate as soon as possible

- I love her so much.. but do you have another
- the is no second opinion in this regard

It's reasonable

On my part, i would ask my colleagues
to look again tomorrow

So, we can go home ??

Back ??

Your daughter definitely stay here

Bring your wife as i heard she told you about having the same opinion as me

Thank you

My baby, this is your belonging

There is no other people ??

- This is your book
- Why do i have to stay here ?

And tomorrow we'll go with you

Not that you tell me about secretly


Hello, My lovely

I'm sleeping here tonight

I had to speak to the doctor,
What is called ?

I forget

You are the best

Wait for us


Please take a seat

Doctor will come

Thank you

Are you sure you really say that ??

Tell me the message

How can you be with a ticking time bomb

Can cause a bleeding in a moment

How does it look today ?,
After that you can rest

Karen Bender


Victor Novak

Someone has already reported everything to him
Please take a seat

How or what ??

Are there unambiguously ?

You can ??

- Yes
- How ?

In my arms

is this ?

Can i know what is that mean ??

The chance of life is 50%

There is a chance to healthy ??

If survived

How old is your daughter ?


Ten ?

At her age, The prognosis is not that bad

The risk of postoperative damage still remains, However

Are not soft yet

if it not resistance

What can happen ??

She will have a seizures

Swalowing disorders

I sign up

You go out first,
I'll go to the rest room

Karen ?

Christoph is leave,
Isn't that what he's not allowed to hear ??

You never replied my letters

I can't

Doesn't make hasty decisions

Above all i don't want you see that doctor anymore

Sorry ?

You that ?

I trust him

you don't understand so much about neurosurgery

Let's not talk about it now

I have to be there too

- Thank you very much for your effort
- No problem

Oh, What a cost to call

Mrs bender, If its's my child
i would

What i've heard about him,
from my mutual coleague with novak

The boy is good

the subtitute doctor will take over tomorrow

- Thank you
- No problem

Why are you here ??

I met your husband this morning

I realize that your daughter will have
an operation this week

But do i have to sort it out with you ??

If you don't want me to mess around, that's fine

But the operation urgently needs to be done

- After angiography the entire electrophysiological examination
- I know

Do you also know that it is high time ??

- You have to choose someone
- I've already made up my mind

Kim, She is in a good hand with you

You understand how it could have been

- If neither of us back then
- Victor

What we operated on back then

Survived ?

Yes, They write every year

She is going to high school now

I'm relieve

Me too

Can't we back like an old time

Please do not

Please do not


Do you want to play ??

You do not have a chance

Mama will be come

- Good bye little one
- Good bye

Your wife has just sent the consent by fax

Please read again

And if you have a minute you would
go to the lab to drawn your blood


You had to be examined from the blood donation today

- Do you have pen ??
- It is

Second door on the left

- Little on, how do you feel ??
- Well

- Everyone is nice to you, You can sit still
- All nice

Should i give advise to you ?
Look out, there's a boy here around your age

- He's getting Chemotherapy
- My grandpa got that too


- The thing is so
- I get the therapy too ??


His parents live far away and can't visit them

Make it up if he move to your room

Until then i need a little help to cheer him up


- Doctor
- Yes

I don't understan about that blood work,
Something not right about the parent

Play game Or television

Or maybe you want something sweet ??

- Or comic if you want some
- You're so annoying

Little one, We are now
Seeing is not at all standing up

Bye danny

Why is your oppinion abaout Dr Novak is change ??


I just make sure to have to be the best


They always do, I'm not stupid

They say we're not dying, but that's a lie

I met a girl in the room and they said to her everyday

Suddenly empty in the bathroom

The things were gone

Okay Danny we have to

What he said ?? just not a conspiracy

- I don't want anymore children, they won't do anything anyway
- What am i ?? what are you talking about

I said i don't want one

Earning a lot of money for the client is not my thing

- You know it very well
- You do not have too

I just wanted to let you know about it

- I already realize that you don't have a head for that now
- And we never have

Gina shown in front of the door,
And we cannot afford it

But now i'll just see that money comes into my coffers

Is Insignia park hanging out now ??

Incidentally, It is in very bad shape


Which one popped you scarred right ??

Are you mad ?
Those are all ugly to find

Craving for it you know

Then do

I do not know

You have really bad illness

From strong your body is

Finished sot then

What if not, Do you mind ?

What are you doing this afternoon ??

You don't have to be afraid

But i have

I know

Sorry, The little one you has to try now


Morning my dear

- Play with me when i get back
- Sure i am

She is running her underwear


Are your rhesus negative ?

Blood donation ??


My daughter

You know, you can only be rhesus negative
if both parents are negative ?

Your husband is not negative

I'am negative

Do i have to go to the SS ?

Kim is my daughter

You should have said we have a daughter

Cristoph, don't know

His world will collapses

What about me ?

What about Kim ?

Shouldn't she know who her father is ??

Her father is Cristoph

He is the father

You don't know how to deal with such situation

I've seen that again

Please keep


- Victor
- Victor ?

I can hear you

There is something i don't know ?

What's wrong ?

Novak and me.. we

We have an affair

Sorry ?



When i'm with him in Drava

And then ??

ideas for the perfect marriage

- You do that too
- I don't want to

- How much does a single mistep weight this circumstances it come about
- Why you so cold ?

How i'am supposed to love you now ?

- Just make an easy for me
- I always do it nicely

Just take a moment and
face the consequences


I'm sorry

I'm afraid

I'm afraid


I wanted tell you something else

I mean you

My wife told me everything,
Then you want it right ?

Yes, but what ?

I just wanted to tell you that
i suggested a different surgeon for kim

eh ?

I will not operate on her

Why me

If Karen told you, do you know why ?

I can't possibly think of it

I'm preparing him to look over an affair in the drava

I don't understand why you have a problem with it ?

You can't possibly do anything

I mean she can't

Dr Novak

Of course she can

My daughter

is the best

You are the best

Are you listening

Everything doesn't count at the moment

It's the best to discuss it with your wife in the end

She is care about understanding


- We have to talk Christoph
- I know i behave like an idiot and i'm sorry

I'm hurt because of it and
I have no idea how to deal with it

Which i don't understand either

The fact that you make all decision
over my head all the time

Why shouldn't Novak operate ?
Please explain to me

It was his choice

Really ?

Then why did he ask me to talk to you ?

Well, we promised talk about donating blood

- Christoph, they are much
- He said you'll talk to me

Do you want to do that ??


You don't need to go to donate blood

To not ?


Dr. Novak

Want to Operate Kim if..

I love you

I do not want to lose you


Is his daughter

I do not know

I do not know

Please don't do this

Please do not

We need to talk about it

What for ??

A Mistake

You're welcome

You're welcome

You're welcome

I have

This is Christoph Bender's mailbox, Please speak

This is Christoph Bender's

This is Christoph Bender's mailbox,

This is Christo

This is Christoph Bender's mailbox, Please speak

This is Christoph Bender's mailbox, Please speak

Please Help, Danny had caught suddenly

Don't afraid

Danny ??

Where is his things, Where is his things, Where is his things
Where is his things, Where is his things

- Where is his things
- Calm down Kim

You have to panic

Yes, You tried Kim

Really everything

Was in such pain you know ??

So long

Now he doesn't have to suffer anymore

Yes, of the birth

What happened to your hand ?

- My hand is alright
- Christoph, please give me the chance to explain everything

It was so unreal

The situation was so
Overwhelming for me

But to death

I want to live a little

Distinguished men quickly appear

You don't understand me and i don't understand myself

What happened

There was an error

Because i love too

Are you ready ?

if i hadn't found out about the accident

You will never told me right ??

I fear of losing you

I can't tell you the truth

I can't

The funny thing is Kim changed me

Then maybe already

I couldn't die of your love

I didn't want to lose the child
Neither of you

Should i doing something ??

I can't trust

We are not yet

I haven't talk yet

Laying with your loved ones all the time

I want myself to be worth
More than the truth

Me to myself

Not true at all
I have no idea where to go

- Our house is over
- Please, Christoph

- Under these circumstances, could you consider to waiting after Kim surgery ?
- Cristoph

Call for a couple days,
I'll find something soon

it really is ??


Do you have more ??

You're crazy

You don't have them all anymore

We are there is nothing to share,
Everything goes to her anyway

Good thing i seen her

What are you trying to prove from here ??

This is not one of your enemies,
Here you lose everything

What has changed ?
You are Kim Father

Don't forget, She can't help in this situation

I know what you're going through

Come on, let's go for it
as a child is big then i know how to approach

like you say i go to the hospital and just see Kim and him huging
and now she is going there too

Just send me the shitty vagina to take over

How can you turn it ??

Find yourself another fool

Remember christoph, Proud is definetly the wrong advisor
think about what really counts in life


I think you'd better come over,
Call me when you're alone

Thank you, Natalie

My darling, I have to go away for a momment,
but i'll be back

It all happens on circumstantial evidence and we have
Three testimonies who claim exactly the opposite

You have to insert the opposite year

- The man is guilty
- Who has a right to defense ??

I will not get a divorce

One does not pull through at all

You can and you will

What's happening ? We have nothing to do here

I was scared of the moment

I could have had your mother

See how you react today

A mistake from back then
Scan every hours

I hope you want us,
I want you so incomprehensible

Would you have decided everything about my situation ?

Say something

You are the woman who

That you though you knew

What you thoughts for us

- Yeah, i feel guilty and yeah i wish i could go back in time
- Do you want absolution from me ?

Each must

ready to give up

- Of course there is still something to discuss
- what has to speak what is more important

And i'll be straight ahead and all i wanted is for you to
look the time that we are passed

Sometimes it's all about you,
Jump over your shadow once, Damn

I can't

Time will told you the right thing

And finally, He get's them all

What so bad ?

If he is injured, he shuts down and
won't let anyone get near him

I can help

The only thing that matters at the moment
is the surgery

And then

With us
How should it go on ?

I don't have solution

There is always a solution

I ask one

Find out,
Until you feel the whole

What should i do ?
You know how i feel about you

Are you ready to go without yourself ?
I'm not

Think overnight

- How about me ??
- Today, you became reliable in self pity and make one wrong decision after another

I can't stand in

Can you understand why she didn't tell me ??


But i know how you are

You really look like a looser


I'm sorry for you

Coffee machine in the clinic



If you could confide in him
would have done something like that ??

Maybe yes
Maybe no

And i've never been married

I have no daughter


Do you prefer your wife stayed ?
The only thing have changed is that you know you're not in the eyewitness

Well then admit
Be honest with yourself and think about how you would reacted back then

Stupid Christoph
take seriously what i tell you

Talk to her and
take away her again

Whatever happens
You know you can count on me

I don't want to lose again

Does not work at all

And as for children

Exactly you have to decide
whether to tell when to learn

Thank you

And then

Then you get the anesthetic and sleep in GMBH

- It doesnt hurt if get cuts ??
- You won't feel anything at all, i promise

When you woke up
It's over


My little one

I just explained to her what will happen tomorrow

Thank you

- I find you favorite doll
- Thank you


I'll go outside

Dr. Novak

I ask you to change the key

he is better suited to operate
on a child than here

She is my daughter

But i'm not allowed to do that

Otherwise nobody could dissuade me from it


to turn off

Can sleep ?


It's going ok

you see me as i

I am

So far the question comes up,
Why did you sleep badly christoph ?

I can imagine
Ain't the only one ?

What is it ??

- Nothing shagged around is worth talking about, You know that ??
- Stop Christoph

That's right

That's right



he say everything will be ok

Huh ?

Dr Victor ??

Yes, I wanted that
Mom said it's okay

He is a good doctor ?

Of course

Very good

The best

It's even popular in America

- Where is America ??
- Then give me a question

- What is the name of ocean between ??
- Atlantis
-Atlantic.. tic... tic

Question is not over , If you smart stop grining and so cheeky

- I'm going to jail
- The high security wing

I'm going to buy the next lock for the cell now

Did you crack ??

Who is crack ??

Mami, Will likely pay the bail
But this time you have really bad cards


- Why did you fight ??
- We are fine, You know him

- You two didn't kiss goodbye
- He had an urgent case to go to the office

Nothing works without papa, You know

Moderate knive

You can't see the surface

Then we have to win

We have circulatory reaction,
Drop the blood pressure

It's frustating

Blood presure has normalized,
Circulation is stable again

Do you fit me closer to the artery ?

Let me

- Are you sure ?
- I'm sure

How good is that

I want to tell you something

It's ok

There are people who

Have to divorce because of Happiness

I wish it all happened for you

Pick up where we left off


I give you the choice

I lose

And nevertheless

I don't know if i can trust you again

I love you

But sometimes it doesn't work

- How ?
- Everything is okay,
Victor took over

I like you for him

Why are you talking about ??

I saw myself in the room


He was there when i felt bad

It was nothing more

She is survived

- Can she Communicate ??
- We only know it when she wakes up

- Cant you see ??, Can't you hear me ??
- ehmm

Start pushing

The one with the left

Move your toes

Small tube in the house

Thank you


Very easily

Let's keep on hurting and i'll get over them both

She is a sleep

Let rest

Then i can take it home with me again

Again ?



Soon.. Very soon