Student of the Year 2 (2019) - full transcript

A student must face off against bullies and overcome hurdles, both academic and romantic, to win his college's coveted Student of the Year trophy.







It's time for the biggest
sports competition of the year...

...where eight colleges compete for the
Dignity cup and today is the grand finale.

The Kabaddi FINALS!

And this best player of
the winning team will be the...


Come on guys, lets do this.

On my count.


Come on Rohan!

Go, Rohan! Go!








Go Rohan.




The ones who don't
go after their own dream....

Spend their entire lives
in fulfilling someone else's.

So pick your own dreams...

...and go after them.

So that one day when it turns to reality,
you're the first one to notice.


But this Student
trophy isn't my dream.

My dream will turn to reality the day

Mia Chawla from plot
C-4 Jhula Ghar Mussorie,

personally walks up to me and says...

Rohan Sachdev,
from plot C-23 Jhula Ghar Mussoorie,

I Mridula Chawla

kind-of love you.

(Popular Hindi Poem)

And in the next paragraph
the poet is trying to say...

Stupid kids!
You boys will never learn!

Ughhhh...gaahhhhh gaahhhh...

INDIRA! Hand over the chalk Indira!

Hand over the chalk Indira!

Hand over the chalk Indira!




Hello! Should I smack
you with my socks?

It's barely been sixty
days since she's left college.

And you're already pining for her.

From the looks of it, you'll
be doomed by the end of the semester.

I'm not like the other
hopeless romantics.

Who brood and cry

I will end up with Mridula.

She's your future sister-in-law
and my girlfriend.

We've been together
for twelve years Puggi...

Almost our entire schooling

Pishorilal Chamandas may just
be a school-college for you guys.

For me it was a shrine.

The love temple.

Mr. Drama! She hasn't
moved to another country.

Her new college is just an hour away.

In order to close
the distance between us,

I'll need a twenty lac cheque.

And i'm just a poor little boy who
will never be able to afford the fees.

These Barriers!

Hello Mr.!
Do you think this is a charity show?

Would you like to
get an award kind sir?

Get away from the gate!

Even their gatekeeper
looks down on us here.

The day I enroll in this college,
the very same day...

...I'll take a smiling
selfie with you, right here.

Ok sure! And the day that
happens i'll shave off my moustache.

Remove your hand.

Selfie with me, huh!

Lets go!

Wow! St. Teresa.

If your'e planning to mortgage
your house then do let me know.

My uncle will get you a great deal.

Yeah sure, mock me all you want.

The day's yours...

but I'll seize the year.

You fool!

Don't try to be over smart.

You better watch out.

I've applied in
the sports quota Puggi!



Oh Migh! You all look so lovely
this fine morning.

Madam! Did you'll
tie the knot last night?

Oh god. How many times should I say this?
Get this cleared the previous evening.

You continue please.

Good morning dear students and our....


You think you'll are here for a party?

Please stand up. Show some respect.

Our respected teachers!

And once again eight colleges
of Dehradhun and Mussoorie...

will be competing against each other
for the Dinity Cup


Yes! Exactly that Cup.
The competition has been announced.



The rats have nibbled
on the wires once again.

Get my special mic.

Someone get it.


And this year...

we have to show our rival college,

Ghamshyam College, that
this year we won't be the last team.

This year, we will be SECOND LAST!

ALL TOGETHER! Praise the lord...

Praise the Lord!

And Rohan all our
hopes are in you now.

All together! Three cheers for Rohan!

- Hip hip

- Hip hip

- Hip hip

Come on Rohan, let's get them.

Get him.

Let's go, very good.

Quick! Quick!


Yay, Rohan.

Go Go Go Abhishek...

Take down four guys. Let's go!

- Yes Puggi! Look left.
- Come sweety come.

You fool not my left, your left.

Puggi, here. Catch.

Yes... Get in!


What are you guys doing.

Great! You guys should
join ballroom dancing.

Wow... such graceful movements.

Get him Abu.

Choke him. Sit on him.


I'm telling you guys, follow my lead.

What are you doing Rohan...
Why didn't you catch him!

What do you mean by that?

Are you guys playing
Kabaddi or is this tug of war?

That you'll just hold me
but not pull.

You said it right!

In the name of defenders
they are just a bunch of duffers

I've left it coach.

You can't blame the darkness if
you choose to keep your eyes shut.

You're right...

Wait a sec,
are you telling me off or them?

Sir Mridula was right.

The real world is
outside this college!

Then go... Mr. Romeo... You're Juliet
is waiting for you in that college

Hey! Stop it.

Stop it.

AH! AH! I'm dead.

You guys are going to kill me.
Kill me!

You fools...

even if you show half
this enthusiasm on the field...

then you could not only
compete you could actually win.

Get me a cold bottle... a hot bottle.


Helping. Now repeat Kamdev
mantra (prayer) after me

and in sharp 5 days, Johnny
will fall and call... I love you Mary.

No. It's Jenny. Not Johnny.

Whatever I say, you say.

Now close all your eyes

and repeat.

Kaamdev Kaam Vasham

Kaamdev kaam vasan

Amukshay karaey har dum..

Amukshay karey hrudhummm..

What happened?

What happened?

My spiritual instinct says,
you had a bad day

My spiritual you bad.

The red envelope on the
table looks auspicious for you.

Table... auspicious.. you?

Yes Yes. Go ahead. Pick it up!

Yes Yes. ahead. Up.

My scholarship application?

Read it! Go Ahead

Read. Go.

I don't believe this.


I go into St. Teresa.

Sports scholarship!



You're a fool!

You're a--

Careful, you'll drop her.

Sports scholarship! I'm so happy!

I'll see you'll later!

Where are you going?

To tell Mridula.

You just wait and watch...
Mridula will be his key to success.

Can you please write it down.


Son, i've got an expensive
main door built for the house.

Just to see it, why don't you
try using it at least once in a while.

Next time for sure Aunty! Sorry!

Where do you think you're going?

We'll take that selfie in the evening.


No Mridula here bro.
Is she a teacher?

No, I meant.. Mridula Chawla..

Do you mean Mia Chawla?

Dude! Her real name's Mridula.

Check the audi.
Her comp try outs are on.



Cut the sound.

What's wrong Mikey baby?

Are you ill?

Haven't slept enough...

or did your girl dump
you for someone else?



Why is the tempo so fast?

Shreya, this has always
been the original speed.

Who's on speed, I know.

Now shut up and take it from the top.

She's good han.



Okay! Who's the duffer now? Huh?

Er... Sorry. I was just
calling out to my girlfriend.

Wa- wait, wait, wait, wait.

Aren't you that Pishori boy?

You're here for a donation?

I'm a new student. I've just enrolled.

Wow! Teresa's standards
have really dropped.

Yes of course!
If you're the one setting it.


The tempo isn't fast! You're slow.

Oh really?
Why don't you come and show us then?

Mikey... the same tempo, please!

Send the bill to my dad.

Subway! In the college?
Are you kidding?

It's just a college Ro.

Why are you overreacting?

Your cold coffee..

Ro that's a Frappe.

Ok so offense han...

But... my dad owns a
couple of petrol stations...

so I managed to get here.

But you... Here?

Sports scholarship.


Okay! What's the deal with her?


What are you looking at?

It's best to avoid her.


Have you noticed the College
Founder statue with the broken hand?

Last week some guy parked
his car in Shreya's spot.

Woah!! Then why do
you'll tolerate her?

Because her dad is
the college trustee!

That explains it.

By the way Ro...the girls here...

way out of your league.

so don't try too hard... ok?

Ok but... why would
I approach anyone else?

In fact you know what?

We should pair up in the
dance competition and take her down.

What Say?

You know what?
I have a math class...

I'll see you. Okay Ro?



What's wrong?

Why do you sound so different?

Not different.

I've just evolved.

Life does not always
stay the same Rohan.

We have to grow up sometime.

But the only reason i'm here... for you.

Did I ask you to?


I'd kind of respect you more
if you did it for yourself Ro.

I don't need this right now.

I'm here to make something
of myself...

not for anyone else.

Mridula, i'm here for...

It's MIA!

Bye Ro.

Bro. Get the dip!

George Wickham!

Who's that?

You see, If Mr.
Darcey does everything for Elizabeth

...and she turns around and says
"thank you but... I'm not interested ".

It means her agenda has shifted
from Mr. Darcey to Wickham

Guys... Mia is just confused, okay.

You continue hopping on rooftops...

But she has taken the real leap!

Good morning students!


It gives me great pleasure to announce

that this years sports team for
the Dignity Cup has been finally...

- Shortlisted.
- What?


CHOSEN! The team has been chosen!


And the team will be lead
by this years Sports Captain—

Who has been our lucky
mascot and strength.


You're the guy right...

that had a dance off with Shreya?

Uh... yeah! But—

Put it there.

Respect bro!


He has also won the trophy
for the 'Best player'.

She seems really crazy.

I should know. She's my sister.

Who has won Student of
the Year title twice in a row.

But well...
i'm sure she has a heart of gold.

Chill bro...

--- the star amongst stars...
the one and only...

- Manav!
- Who?

Manav Singh Randhawa.



Who's Manav?

That's my cue.




Duffer! You're trying
to impress the wrong girl.

You're not my type.

Not me... coach Kuljeet!

The college coach buddy!

She is really into fair boys.

Show her this.

My bone?

Your Tricep buddy!

Strong boys, are her weakness.

If you impress her, you can
compete for the student trophy...

and then Mia will
be all like...

Rohan... I love you Rohan!

One second, why are you—

I'm just feeling bad for you!

And our issue is
still not sorted, okay!



Seriously ma'am...


I was the best sportsman of Pishori .

You need to look into
my achievements more clearly.

Anyway, what do you think?

Will I be able to compete for Student?

Will you allow me?

Oh! Hi sir, good morning.

Baby your coffee.

Thanks babe.


Ma'am's ma'am.


Great! But late.

You've missed the deadline.

You were competing
with amateurs to this day.

Your a senior now...

You're going to compete
with seniors now.

Get It?


Our college holds the record
time for the 100 meters race!

11.6 Seconds!

Held by Manav Singh Randhawa!

But this year,
this year we're going to beat that.

Can we do that boys?

Yes Coach.

Can we do it boys?

Yes Coach!

You're going to run in these shoes?

Yes ma'am.

On your marks...



And it's a new record.

Dude! I think we all need
to change our shoes, not you.


Epic stuff man!

I'll see you soon.

Ok. So which tattoo do you want?
My treat!


Tattoo's are not really my scene.

I mean you like one thing today...
you hate it tomorrow!

Tattoo's stay forever.

So look for something
that you'll always like.


Ok.. So which country
would you like to visit?

My treat!

More than seeing the whole world,

I want the world to see me Ro.

Once I win the dance competition...

...then there'll
be like no turning back.

I'll make all my dreams come true.

Even I have just one dream.


Student of the Year?

To make all your dreams come true.

It was their day.

But we'll seize the year.

I promise you.

What's your height?

I'm 5'10.

And weight?

Ok relax ma'am.

I'm the king of Kabaddi.

It's really no big deal.

This isn't track and field.

It's a completely different sport.

Better watch out.


She's just messing with your head bro.

If you prove yourself
in Kabaddi then you're in the team.

And in this event...

Kabaddi is king.

So do not screw up.

Don't worry...

I have my lucky shoes.

Get over them man.

Lets go!

On the whistle!

Okay guys concentrate.

Get him! Get him!

Okay next raid... Rohan.


Come on, Rohan.

Get him.

Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi

Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi

Left! Left!


- You ok?
- Yeah.

Good play.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Sorry man... Sorry



Ro, Is it hurting?


Can you hear?



Take it from the left...


Sorry bro!

You're out of the team
because of me.

It's okay man. You guys are superb.

You're a total kabaddi pro.

Team bro!

I'm nothing without the others!

It's all team!

Anyways, ice it and get some rest.

I'll see you.

And listen...

tonight, Jeffrey's!

Let me make this up to you.


It's a new nightclub, on Rajpur road.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

And you both are invited.

And it's a Superhero theme party.
So dress cool.

Superhero theme party?

I'll come as Flying Jatt.
(indian superhero)


Mia please take care of him.

Yes... of course

Lets go guys?

I'll see you'll later.

He's a really cool guy!

Wow! Nice car!

Whose is it?

Uh... It's mine!

I didn't like the
color so I rent it out.

It's actually Manav's car.

Look at you Mr. Dapper, found
a babe so forgot your friends?

Why are you wearing a bed sheet?

Abu!... It's the rich boy party look!

Hey Mridula!
You're dressed as Bappi Lahri?

He said it's a singles
night at the club today...

...but there's a private party inside.

Whose party is it?

It's my friend's party. Manav.

A friend's friend is also a friend!

Get us in brother!

Er.. how can I?—

Rohan! Let's go?

Rohan, wait listen please—

Let's go home guys...
No ones going to get us in.

Yeah, from London?

Hi Manav!

Hey! you guys made it!
Hows it going?

Hey Manav, Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much!

Hey! Rohan's friends right?

Why are you guys standing
like a valet service?

Come in!

It's a private party
of someone called Manasvi.

So we can't get in.

Rohan has got all you guys in.

But what about costumes?

We are not dressed.

That's ok...

We'll go as regular people. Superheros
need to rescue someone right?

So cute!

I told you Abhishek?

The boy may have left Pishori

but Pishori hasn't left the boy.

Hit me!

Bro, what's in the brown bottle?


We'll have it if its free


Hey Rohan... brother!

what are you guys doing here?

We are Krissh!

We've flown here.


Look... Krissh 1, Krissh 2,
Krissh 3, Krissh 5...

4 has gone to pee.

Who got you guys in?

You.... Who else?

With me?

Lets go! Where's the birthday girl?
Manasvi baby... where are you?

Guys please come on.

Manav... Lovely club.

Sorry... what?


Oh thank y-- thank
You. My dad owns it!

- Really?
- Yeah.


Good evening guys!

Birthday baby this ones for you.

Enough of this Spiderman,
Superman Batman.

all the way from Mussoorie...

...we have with us Rohan's friend.

Thank you Catwoman.

Mic check 1, 2... mic check. OKAY!

So this goes for you birthday girl!

Happy birthday Manasvi!

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday dear Manasvi...

Happy birthday to you.

You were born in the zoo...

With monkeys and donkeys like you...

And when your girlfriend dumps you...

We will do you!

Lets go guys...
That's enough.. Get out of here.

Before the cake cutting ... No way!

We'll cut a cake outside. Lets go!

Oh hello! You box.

Show some respect! We are the guest.

Whose guests?

Manav didn't invite you guys.

We're Rohan's friends!
And Rohan is Manasvi's friend.

That makes us friends too.

You green lump of slime!
Wait! Let me show you.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Are you'll crazy?

Leave him!

Come on!

Leave it! Leave!


That's great Rohan!
Just stand there and stare?

Why don't you go join the crowd?

You got us in and that's why we came.
Isn't it true?

Guys I didn't—

I knew it! Chameleon!

Such a shame.

Guys stop it... Please.

Just leave!

Rohan! Tell them!

That's just great.

If I had a good come back I
would have said it just about now.

I'll think about
it and text you later.

Such a shallow guy.

Let's go.

He's not our friend anymore.

Let's go.

- Mia? Listen to me!
- You know what Rohan?

Make up your mind!
Either you're here or there.

Mia I am with you.

Listen...I didn't get them in—

Then who did?

Hey Duffer!

That's my spot.

Oh! Reserved for ladies? Is it?

You've messed with
the wrong girl. DUFFER!

The leading economic
indicators are income and wages...

- Unemployment rate..
- ROHAN! ROHAN! Your bike.

Just come. Come fast.

Now here's a lady-like bike.
Park here now.


Er.. Sir tea?

It's getting cold.

Mr.Gujral, please talk.

You see normally...
I ignore all her childish tantrums.

I'm confused about what to do.
On one hand your son Manav.

He's the pride of St. Teresa.

and her?

She's his--

Uhh... Sister sir.


Sibling sir.

Totally opposite.


Can you understand
where I'm coming from.


Sir-- Mr. Randhava please--

The next time, I get the
smallest complaint against you...

I'll break your face.

Your damages will be taken care of.

You're leaning on the wrong leg.


I know we hit it
off on the wrong foot...

But you hate me that much?

Listen cant we-

Can't we just be friends?

The dance competition is in four days.

Don't go soft now.

Or I'll loose the thrill
of taking you down.

Bro she crossed the line
and you're on a guilt trip?

Just chill out man.

She wants to join some dance
school in the UK, for two years.

No wonder she's taking
the competition so seriously.

Dad has allowed her to participate only
on one condition. It has to be with me.



That means... We are going
to be rivals in the dance competition?

Aha... But dude...

Word of caution...

my doctor has advised
me against losing.

Then you need to consult a new one.

Because Mia's dream
is greater than your ego...

Which I will fulfill for her.

We'll win right?

Should I sign it off for you?

Yes please!

Good thing you cut
your name short to Mia.

Mridula would have been complicated.

Ladies and gentlemen...

The judges have made their decision.

And the winners
of the dance competition are...

Shreya and Manav!



Losing is not in my blood.

The dean has called you.

Did you hit Manav Randhawa last night?

Yes sir...

But sir that happened
outside college premises.

Does it really matter Rohan?



You know who his father is right?

Sir, I do... but he was
with my girlfriend and--

I know!

But this issue has
escalated to the board.

And I'm really helpless.


Your expulsion letter.

You've been thrown
out of St.Teresa.

S-Sir... This is not fair.

I'm sorry.

Look i'm sorry ok.

But I had warned you...

I don't like to loose.

Listen! Why don't
you get lost you cheat.


That's your come back?


What were you expecting?

You'll get in here with a
charity scholarship and fit right in?

Just look at him guys.

The loser of Pishori... is
out to become the stud of Teresa.

Did you forget your place.

What are you looking at?

I took pity on you and
got you under my wing...

Invited you to my Birthday...
included you in the team.

You know why?

Because you would have
been a good sidekick.

But you were out to trample on me?

Teresa's champ!

Rohan Sachdev?

Why did you have to involve Mia?

Do you still think
I had to do anything?

Bro, look at you.

And look at me.

She just chose man.

Fair and square.

Let go!

Let go!

Girlfriend in one hand
and trophy in the other.

And this college as a backdrop.

That was your aim in life right?

But this is who you are...
a small town boy.

Not Student...

Loser of the Year!

Come on Rohaaaannn!

Come on you can do it.

Come on Ro!

Not Student... Loser of the Year!

Let it be.

Before cleaning all this up,
clear your head.


My son, she was trying
to find her own self.

She wanted to do a lot of things.

But... what do you want to do?

Have you thought about that?

What do you call "Talent" in english?


Work on your talent son...
destiny will fall in it's place.

What had you called me?

Loser of the year?

But the year isn't over yet my friend.

Look Hero...

What had to happen, happened!

And to be honest, it shouldn't have.

So for that...I'm sorry.

And anyway...

Let's just move on buddy.

What's the connection
between us anyhow?

The connection is made my friend.

Which can't be broken now.

Mia will always remain
my ex girlfriend.

And you...

The Stud of Teresa...

...who will lose
the Diginity trophy... Pishorilal Chamandas College.


...the Student of
the Year title to me.

I've won two years in a row buddy.

I'm going to get the hat-trick too.

I had just one dream in my life.

You snatched from me.

So I have to return the favor, right?

I guess after my trashing...'ve lost your mind
and forgotten your place.

It's not about that anymore.

It's now about my self respect.

And the day I get into
your side of the court...

I'll strip you off your pride and
you wouldn't even know what hit you.

The day was yours,

But I'll seize the year!

I knew it from the very beginning...

That after going on this sabbatical
my Rohan would definitely come home.

Now that you're back, take over your
team and get back to your captaincy.

No Ma'am,
Let Abhishek remain the captain.

I just want to stay in
the team and compete for Student.

Son, think of it this way,
you weren't expelled.

You were sent back to us for a reason.

Now with your help,
we'll thrash Ghanshyam.

Hey! looked all over for you.

I needed a favor.

Just as you got Rohan
expelled from college...

...can you get Manav out too?


I'll pay you!


I didn't get Rohan expelled.

Of course! you just betrayed him.

Cheated me.


Oh I'm so sorry.

You got all that you
desired because of me.

And you won the trophy.

Tch... tch... tch...

With your bloody charity?

Your life must be so difficult right?

You're just a poor little rich girl,
who kind of has a problem with everything.


You have no clue what you did. Right?

Listen, I know exactly
what I've done. Okay?

How I did it was wrong.

And I regret only that.


Well... even I have a regret...

That you couldn't win the trophy.

So here!

To the best sister-in-law.

Of the week.

Puggi your boxers have a hole!

Puggi your boxers have a hole!

Puggi your boxers have a hole!

Romeo! Take a number
and sit in the reserve.

I'll call you when it's your turn.

What are you looking at?

It's your 'Captains' order.

Come on guys,
What are you'll looking at me for?

You'll want to sit there too?

Practice your in-turn out-turn.

Come on.

Come on!

Let's go...
or I'll send you'll out too.

Nice College. NOT!

Come here fast.


Couriers are expensive so I thought...



I know it's not easy.

Mutual disrespect and all that.

But the common point is that... cheated and hurt as you are...

I am too!

Because even I didn't know!

But now I know...

...that there's only one way
to get back at Manav and Mia.

Dehradhun's biggest dance competition.

Even bigger than college one!

Pair up with me.

Your talent and my hard work.

We'll win it and show those cheats!

What say?


Hey Juliet!

This is perfect.

Take this loser's
help to become a winner.

Go for it! Go for it!



Because he trusted someone blindly?

And gave up everything for her?

And what about the
fact that he betrayed us?

What was our fault?

You saw it all at
Jeffrey's that night right?

Dorks! That was all my doing.

I used Rohan's name
and sent you'll in.

You'll ruined a life long friendship
over few minutes of misunderstanding?

What a line, anyway...

Loser! Loser! Loser! Loser!



I made a mistake by coming here.

I think I have a weird cramp.

Please let Rohan play instead of me?

Come on guys! Take your positions.

Let's begin with defense practice.

Come on!

Come on, let's play.

Come on boys!

Thigh hold.

- What the hell is she doing?
- What is she doing?

You're just taking
advantage of us since we forgave you.

Out of all the places
you get us to Jeffrey's?

Let's stay together or
we'll get beaten up again.

If you have to prove something,
prove it to yourself.

Not to anyone else.

Especially to the both of them.

You're real competition is the mirror.

Sorry. Can't hear you.

He still affects you so much?

Manav tell me the truth ...

Do you love me or is this
all just to teach Rohan a lesson?

I love this small
town girl insecurity.

Yes! Yes! I know. We've
got only 5 minutes to go!

Come! Lets go!


Rusty's birthday.

Want some?

Man! You do need
to get some friends.

And by friends...

I don't mean Rohan.

All the attention
that he's giving you...

I hope you know why.

Just to get to me.


One must respect women.

Because even dogs can give attention.

Come my boy. Come! Come! Come!

Sit! Wait! Stay!

Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday dear Shreya...

Happy birthday to me!

Thank you! Thank you everyone!

You are all
here for my birthday?

Really means a lot guys!

This first bite...

For my mom...

Then dad...

Manav who I hate...

And finally! My main man.

Come here Rusty. Come here!

Happy birthday! Shreya!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Shreya...

Happy birthday to you.

What did you think?

If you didn't mention it,
I wouldn't find out?

But how did you find out?

I had sent you a friend
request on facebook.

Such a dead birthday?

I mean how come no
big Jeffrey's party?

Dad was insisting
but I didn't want to.


Thank you duffer.

But why don't you
say something to her?

You have every right to.

What can I say that
she already doesn't know?

Insulting Mia is like
insulting my love for her.

Which I can never possibly do.

People can say whatever
they want Shreya...

but twelve years of love...
doesn't turn to hate in four days.

Twelve years of love
versus four days of hate?

That's sick!

Sick? Who is sick?


I've surely fallen for you.

My tweleve-year timer starts, NOW!

Well, I'm serious!

The way you have loved Mia...

If someone gives me
ten even percent of that...

just ten percent of that...

then i'll never let go of him.


Do you understand life long?

When you're 91 years old and lying
in a hospital on your death bed...

you won't have your uncle and aunt or your
lame Pishori friends holding your hand...

But instead just one person..

Nurse Nancy?

It's confirmed! You are a duffer.


I'm so so so happy!

You know... the stupid toy
that you win in a cornflakes box...

I've never even won that!

- What? Really?
- Yes!

The entire house is filled
with Manav's trophies.

But now...


What? Why are you giving it to me?

It's yours.

If I take it home...
It will create a scene.

What is it?
Where did it come from?

You're lying and all that drama.

I mean but--

You've worked so hard for it.

No Rohan.

It won't matter to anybody!

The men in my house?

They're not like you.

And your Mom?

While giving birth to me she...

Dad calls me 'Jinxed'.

Now you understand why
we don't celebrate my birthday.


I'm not with Manav anymore Ro.



I'm really sorry Ro!

I had no idea Manav
would behave like that.

Let me handle her!

- You know what I can't believe--
- Can we talk someplace else?


Yeah. Sure.

Couldn't you just send a text message?

Ok guys.
This is really awkward.

So I'm just gonna
explain the rules once.

Please no one is going to cry
or scream... are we clear?

- Shreya please. I don't--
- Why are you looking at me?

Why would I cry?

She'll cry.

Drama queen!


Please... Calm down...



I was wrong.

And you were right.

I was just looking
out for myself and...

I got carried away.

Oh my god!

What I did to you...

And what I lost in return—

Oh my god!
Are you serious?


I know I've lost you Ro.

If you don't want
to get back with me...


If you don't want to talk to me...


Ok cool!
So you're done right?

Come Rohan! Let's go.

Shreya please.



But please..

Don't hate me Ro.

Please don't hate me!

Don't fall for this.

This is all just a game.

Shreya please...
I still love him.

And guess what?
So do I!


You had your chance
and you messed it up.

Now its my turn.

It's fair!

Shreya stop behaving like a child--

And you're being very mature right?

Rohan- Manav-Rohan!
Are you a girl or a shuttlecock?

Rohan, you don't have
to explain anything to her...

You know what... Instead
of sorry have some coffee!


Mia I'm so sorry...
Are you ok?

Did you burn your hand?

Leave Shreya!

I want to go to London...

To a dance school.

I've kept repeating myself...

Don't you get it?

Should I explain it
to you another way?

Excuse me sir!

Sir... May I come in please?


What has she done this time?

This Sir!

'Your Daughter' has done this.

What is this?

Sir, 'Your Daughter'
won this trophy last night...

'Your Daughter' isn't just the best
dancer in Teresa... but of the entire city.

I'm sure this must be a
very proud moment for you...

Isn't it sir?

But can you believe it?

She was afraid to tell you.

But I told her sir...

If your father feels so happy
on his sons smallest achievements ...

then just imagine...

how happy he would feel
for his daughter's first big win.

Isn't it sir?

Right sir!
I'll make a move.

Sorry to take your time.

And Shreya...


Sir I don't know about your son...

But your daughter is incredible.

Good Morning Students!

Good Morning Sir!

Being the official hosts
of this great event...

It gives me great
pleasure to declare...

The 29th... Annunal...

Inter College... Dignity Cup...


The Dignity tournament
will commence in one month .


Happy birthday dear Manasvi.

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Ole oleole!
How old is the diva now?

Enjoy this moment for now!

By the end of the competition you'll
forget your name too.

Awwwww...Manasvi is offended.

What's the diva doing in that team?

Do one thing, come on to our team.

No one will tease you here.

Go Puggi...
Give him a hug.

Come my baby doll.


Wishing all the teams best of luck...

May the best team win.

Bro did you see his face?

It turned this small?

Who did that?

Who did it?

Bro, why are you hitting us?


Abu, run.

I'm sorry Ro!

Please just forget about it.


Manav and the Teresa
boys are beating Puggi.

Go! Go!

Go quick!



Please let them go.

Now do you remember my name?

Did you recollect it?

Hit him.

Come on Rohan!
Come on hit him!

Rohan... Rohan stop.

Stop son! Let go!

Pull him away.



How's he?

He's got six stitches on his head.

But the doctor says not to worry.

Guys, anyone wants a coffee?

- Yes i'd like a cappuc--...
- NO!


I've stopped drinking Coffee...

Too much caffeine.

Listen Mia...

I'm really so sorry...
I was just being so stupid.

You love him right?


It's a big word.

But the way Rohan loves you...

My love seems like
a small schoolgirl crush.

Summer love I guess.

But Mia...

If you try to hurt him again...

I swear to god...

I wont let you get away with it...

nor this duffer!



Don't blush.

It's not for you, It's for Abhishek.

He'll be fine.


Don't tell me!

She ran away with the doctor?

You ok?

Thanks for talking to my dad.

Thanks to you dad's
sending me to London.


To graduate from
London School of Dance.

That's great!

Your dream!



At the end of this term.

But don't worry...

I wont miss the joy of
watching you lose Student.

I'm a Teresaite after all.


I love you.

But I don't.


Thank god! His eye is not hurt.

That's all ok now...

But why don't you ask
these idiots what happened?

Idiots! Will you'll
tell us what happened?

Sir...How should I put it?

Rohan's challenge
backfired on all of us.

The challenge was Rohan's...

but the team is ours right?

My least favorite player
in this room is Rohan.

But he is the one
who came to my rescue.

Those Terisaites...
they play as a team.

And we?

We have lost even before we started.

You know guys...

Just once in our lives
let's play as a team.

Then we'll see what happens.

That's the spirit.

Lets all say together,
'Praise the Lord!'

Praise the Lord!

Silence! This is a hospital.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

'Praise the Lord!'

Praise the Lord!

The three important rules of Kabaddi.

Number one... RESISTANCE!

Become invincible!

So that no one can ever get to you.

Team work!

Play like a team...

If you stay together...

you'll survive longer.


Power! Use your strength
in such a way...

that you destroy your opponent!

And it's finally the big day!

Welcome to the Dignity Cup 2019!

I am Dimpy, your ex student.

And i'm,
the one and only Jeet Khuraana!

Eight colleges from Dehradhun and Mussoorie,
will compete against each other...

for the years biggest sports competition...
which will be held for three days!

Athletics on day one and Kabaddi
on the remaining two days!

The team that scores the highest points
in both events... will win the Dignity Cup!

And the best player of the best
team will win STUDENT OF THE YEAR!

The first race of the first day.

Hundred meter race!

Manav Singh Randhawa
holds the record for this.

And he is competing for his Student
of the year hat-trick this year!

- Come on, come on!
- Let's go Rohan!

The race begins!

The competition underway...

And oh my god!

Rohan's just taken off.

He is in the lead.

Wait! hold on!


Manav wins the hundred meters
for the third time in a row!

Too good!

Manav has broken his own record!

But no worry.

The day has just begun.

Up next... 400 meters.

Ready! Steady! Go!

Pishori makes a stellar start.
Rohan bolts like a rocket.

And once again Manav picks up speed...

And....Manav Randhawa wins again!

This is a super start.

And Teresa is aiming for
the Dignity cup once again.

Pishori can't seem
to make a clean finish.

Let's wait a see how
the 800 meter race turns out.

What is happening out there?

Pay attention to the sign's.
The strategy! Watch him.

He tires you out...

and in the final
thirty meters he over takes you.

Don't worry sir!

This time...the last thirty meters
will start fifty meters in advance.


800 meter race.

And Pishori in the lead once again...

Sweet! but.. is he making
the same mistake once again?

Round one in speed...

Round two...

Leisure Lap. Where runners
drop their speed.

And as expected,

Manav overtakes once again.

Looks like Manav--

Wait, hold on--


Rohan used Manav's own game on him.

This is Pishori's first
win in the athletic games.


Manav is shocked. Coach's
are worried.

Pishori ecstatic.

10 points to Pishori.

Amazing competition!
And the result of the other games...

Waltham! Teresa! Pishori!

Teresa! Amazing play by Pishori.

That's a new record.

Teresa is slipping.

Well done Pishori.


End of day one!
And we wrap with the Athletic round.

Defending champion
Teresa is on number one.

But surprise package Pishori,
that loses every year,

is now on the fifth position.

Welcome to Day 2 of the Dignity Cup.

And this is the main
sport of the competition...


The first game is between last years
winners St. Teresa versus Greenfield!!

By the way Kabaddi
is Teresa's strong suit.

And here is their final
year team led by Manav Randhawa!

The defending champion
of Student of the Year.

If he maintains his form
Then he can be a part of the

north belt team of the All
India Pro Kabaddi, the coming year.

One! Two...


Two points to Teresa quite easily!

And he is caught...

Lift and Drop...

Thrown in the sidelines.

Easy win for Teresa. 37 to 12.

And they stay on the top!

Pishori! Pishori! Pishori!

And this match is between last years
runner up team Springdales and Pishori.

who was last years last team.

And the first raid... the
captian of Springdales Vikas.

Rohan, look out!

Bonus point!

Dive and OUT!

Springdales takes it away!

First point to
Springdales right away!

And now its Pishori's turn.

Their captain Abhishek comes
in for the first raid.

Seems like Pishori is
intimidated by this sport.

The match is heading towards
a predictable outcome...

one after the other,
all Pishori players are out.

It's just Rohan Sachdev.

Last man standing.

If he loses... they'll lose the match.

Come on... go for it.

Come on Rohan!

And this is Rohan's first
raid in the Dignity Cup 2019.

And against him are seven
very experienced players.

Tackle one! Tackle two!

Toe touch...
toe touch and flip!


Rohan's locked it in!
That was amazing!

Pishori gets three points and
three players are back in the game.

I didn't expect this.

Rohan has come out as the
motivating factor for his team!

Leg grab!

And and and...

Good tackle and roll!

I've never ever seen
this happen in Kabaddi

I don't know about Kabaddi

But if this was Gymnastics, I would
have given them 10 points for this!

Pishori WINS!

Its day two's biggest upset.

The tournament commences
with such a big shocker!

The college that always lost has
defeated last years runner up team!

Pishori has now climbed
from number 5 to number 4.

We won!

Come here.

How do you feel now?

Just like sex!

There's no guarantee that if
you get it once, you'd get it again!

Brother we just got lucky.

We were this close to losing.

Do you guys remember
the 1983 world cup?

Those days West Indies was Teresa.

and India...

was Pishori.

And no one could defeat West Indies.

Obviously no one took us seriously.

But just those eleven players...

they took the game seriously.

Let them have all the
talent in the world.

We just need one talent...

To play together.

As a team.


This one's for Pishorilal.

The surprise package of day one!
Pishorilal Chamandas...

who is slowly but steading
winning all their matches!

One inspires the other.
Great team work!

But it's all thanks to
their star player Rohan Sachdev!

Anything is possible...

just like Rohan's jumps.
Pishori is climbing the pool table.

Teresa has made it a point.

Tomorrow, the Dignity cup will
be theirs and Student Trophy Manav's!

Semi Final two. Raichand
Versus Pishori.

And look at them play!

A new and improved Pishori team.

And they have made it a point to win.

They're not going
easy on their opponent.

What a team effort.

I don't believe it!

Yesderday's loser team
Pishorilal Chamandas is in the FINALS!


Pishori! Pishori!

Pishori! Pishori!

Pishori! Pishori!

Pishori! Pishori!

Pishori! Pishori!

I just can't believe it!
I'm so happy.

I mean Ro... it's the finals! Finals!

I'm so so happy.

What's wrong?

You're still upset?

What did you think Mia?

Just by saying sorry everything
will go back to the same?

It's not that easy.

I know.

But I've changed Rohan.

First I thought the
way I handled it was wrong.

But now I know everything
about it was wrong.

I messed up.

And you can punish
me anyhow you like.

And now I'm supposed
to worry about this too?

No Mia.

I just want to make
my dreams come true.

Because I owe it to myself
and I'm the one responsible for it.

And what if I say your
dreams are now my dreams?

What then?

Then I'd say don't make
the same mistake I made.

You're right.

But know this...

I'll always love you.

Have you seen Shreya?

Shreya? Nah...
She's not here.

Even I was looking for her.

What happened?

Gave up so quickly?

Not yet.

And anyway how can you
miss the chance to watch me lose?

Rohan! Bro! Make it quick.

Everyone's waiting for
you in the locker room.

Shall we?


One cheerleader wasn't enough?

Mia is just my friend Shreya.

She's my past.

And me?

My present.

And your future?

When I'm 91 years old...

and on my death bed...

there'll only be
one person besides me.

Nurse Nancy?


Can you stand by my side until then?


My timer is already ticking.

Bro enough already.

Should we play now?

He's right Rohan.

Now only one thing matters.

Student of the Year!

Ladies and gentlemen...

Welcome to the Final
Day of the Dignity Cup!

This is the final match!

Teresa's versus Pishori.

Whichever team wins.. gets the cup

and the best player
wins the Student trophy!

I heard that there was
a challenge between these two teams?

But the real decision
will be made on the pitch.

Today we'll known the difference
between men and boys.

Which means on one side we have...

two times defending champion,
Manav Singh Randhawa!

And on the other side...

Underdog rising star...
Rohan Sachdev!

First raid Teresa's

Best foot forward.

Team captain Manav's confident entry.

To this day...

Manav hasn't lost a
raid in this tournament.

Wowwwww and...

Bonus point!.

And here it comes... Here we go...


And rockstar return! What a play!


Teresa gets it's first points
through Manav's super raid.

And he's--

Abhishek Flat out!

Bad start for Pishori.

Teresa gets one more point.


Next raid,
Vikram from Teresa comes in.

And he takes it too!
Pishori team is unsteady.

Choking during the finals.


If it continues like this...
it will be a one sided match.

Come on Rohan.

The star player of Pishori...
Rohan comes in for the next raid.

The last resort!

If Rohan fails this time,
the game is over for them.

Tackle one...

Tackle two...

Toe Touch!


and... signature FLIP!

And he makes it out!

They have lifted themselves
from the sideline.

Score 5-2

This guy is something!

If anyone can challenge Manav for
Student of the Year then it's only him.

Two players from
Pishori are back in.

With new found energy!

And once again Rohan
inspires the team.

Pishori... FIGHT BACK!

Score level 10 all.

Roll... Roll... Roll...
And point.

Wow! Pishori is finally doing it.

Now Pishori in the lead!

and the biggest player
of Teresa is down...

Super comeback.


Is this a first for
the Dignity tournament?


Manav and team will
have to do something.

A full on attack!

- Rohan is down!
- Come on Rohan!


- That's a foul.
- Let go.

This is absolute rough play!

I'm sure it's an injury.

This isn't just rough play...

This is borderline offensive.

But it's the referee's call.

I hope its nothing serious.

I think it's a shoulder
ligament tear.

Boss! Bad news!

If Rohan is injured then
the team is in deep trouble.

Someone get the doctor.

Manav gets away with only
a warning and a green card.

But the damage is done.

And now...
Teresa is out to get them.

They're making up
for the lost points.

Score 23-17

Rough play... Pishori
players could never handle that!

One after the other
they are all out.

Turn around for Teresa!

Seems like Teresa
is punishing Pishori.

Point after point.


Huge margin.

And this is the last
raid of the first half.

Pishori'a last man standing!
The petrified Darwin.

Teresa is a very experienced team.

They changed their
game quite spontaneously.

And... Ankle hold...

and Darwin down!

This was almost like
a wrestling move.

Offensive play!

This is just not allowed.

Referee has given a strict warning.

Teresa has not just thrown Darwin...

...but the entire Pishori
team out of the game.

And it's the end of the first half.


He won't be able to play now.

And Rohan your shoulder
is injured too.


Never mind.

This year looks difficult...

...but we'll try again next year.

Come on boys... Go!


Inspite of the injury
Rohan will continue playing.


It's an open challenge to Teresa.

But it's a 27 point lead and
they're left with just 20 minutes.

An attack on Rohan and...


1 point.


Rohan put himself up
as bait and scored a point!


Next comes in the injured Tiger.

Holding his shoulder...

enters Rohan.

We got him.

One, Two...


Three touch!

Three point! Three Players out!

And three players in!

And the score is 44-21.

But they still have
a long way to go...

Teresa is still in a majority lead.

Teresa has taken such a
big lead that even if Pisori tries...

They won't be able to get there.

Oh God!

Rohan has managed to
break Manav's magic move.

And for the first time in
the tournament Manav loses a point.

Big moment for Pishori!

But still just one point.

They're only halfway there.

Score 44-22.

Only 10 minutes left...

Literally fighting against time...

Look at them go!



Pishori is fighting to
make every second count.


Only five minutes left.

Score 44-40.

30 seconds.

And Pishori almost done for.

They're still falling
short of 4 points...

and there is just enough
time for one last raid by Teresa.

Pishori is as good as out.

They have a very slim chance
of staying in the game.

And for that, they'll have to take
Manav out in under thirty seconds.

And even if Manav dosen't tap a player,
Teresa will still win by 4 points.

Manav Randhawa... almost
holding the Student trophy.

Just wasting time in the raid.

10 seconds.

And toe Touch... side flip...

and DIVE!


47- 40.

Pishori could not take Manav out.

Instead Manav scored three
points by tapping 3 players.

Comfortable win!

Teresa is the champion again!

And the Student of the Year 2019 is—

Hold on.

The result hasn't been declared yet.

Referees are discussing...

Apparently they think Manav completed
his raid in twenty nine seconds.

If that's the case then
Pishori will get one more raid.

One last opportunity!

And that's a new twist!

1 second!

Manav came back 1 second too
soon and Pishori gets a final raid.

Manav has to pay
the price for being over confident.

Manav's miscalculation has given
Pishori a new fighting chance.

47- 40.

Which means Pishori
needs eight points to win.

And that's only possible
if Rohan gets an all out.

Seven points plus two bonus points.

Son... not everyday one
get's an opportunity like this one.

Do or die!

Pishori's hope is now
set on this one boy!

8 points...

8 points to win.

And one...two...

three... four...



and that's a seven!

Not student...

Loser of the Year.

The day was yours...

But I'll seize the year!

And he's done it.

Rohan Sachdev crosses the line!

Pishori has WON!

Final score 47- 49.


The best team of the
competition is - Teresa!

Two time defending
champions - Teresa!

The best player - from Teresa!

And everything in this competition
was about Teresa and only Teresa.

But these underdogs have defeated
Teresa and won the DIGNITY CUP!

What a game! What a FINISH!

We did it.

I love you duffer.

Ladies and gentlemen...

For the first time in the
entire history of the Dignity cup...

the winner is
Pishorilal Chamandas College!

Cheers to Pishorilal!

And now...

The winner of the Student
of Year for the year 2019 is...


Bro, you did it.

Student of the Year!

In life, pick your own dreams...

...and go after them.

So that one day when it turns
to reality, you're the first one to notice.