Student Services (2010) - full transcript

Laura is a 19-year-old university freshman who desperately wants to do well in school. She works a part-time job but cannot make ends meet. One evening in which she is short of funds, she answers a personal ad online by "Joe," 57, who seeks a female student for "tender moments." The pay is 100 euros per hour. Laura pledges to do this just once, and three days later, she goes to a hotel room with Joe. And then her spiral begins.

"Based on a true story.
Some scenes may offend viewers."

We're all set.


We're on.


Nobody move.


"Three days earlier"

"Based on the novel
by Laura D."

Devotional poetry

is the most remarkable
with Teresa of Avila.

She had hoped for martyrdom

which she believed would open
the gates of heaven to her.

ln this text
by Teresa of Avila,

we should listen
for the extreme meaning,

what l call
the "art of stages."

I'll explain:

in a sentence such as this,

"Often when a person
is distracted

and forgetful of God,
His Majesty"...

What's going on?

- What's the matter?
- l don't know.

Call the fire department.

Are you all right?

You say you can't pay 15 euros
a week for the cafeteria.

3 euros a meal can't be beat.

That's 60 a month.
Where do l find that?

You can always sue your folks.
People do, you know.

They have to provide for you.

It's your right.
And your heaIth.

So I'm reduced to that?

Dad's a mason.
Mom's a nurse.

They would,
but they can't.

You say no to soup kitchens.

l have no miracle solutions.

l look too heaIthy;
is that it?

It's my fat cheeks?

l thought we agreed,

when you moved in,
to share expenses.

So lay off.

Then you asked
for haIf the rent.

That wasn't the deal.

You live here,
you share.

Not getting by?

Eh, baby?

I'll look for a second job.

Too bad.


Get a second job
if you're broke.

You're not hard enough.

You smoked too much.

Help me.

What is it?

- You didn't pay the electric?
- Sure.

Then what is it?

You didn't pay?


I'll pay tomorrow.

With what?

"Personal services"

"Need young waitress"

"AduIts only, 1 8-plus"


"Do you love nature?"

"Handsome couple
seeking to meet..."

"YM, 50,
seeks to share moments."

"Students welcome."

"YW, 19, student,"

"highly interested."

"YW, 1 9, student,
would like details."

"Laura, you've got mail"

"I'm a young-looking 50-ish.
Gym teacher. l love youth."

"I'm a sport fishing champ."

"l won't hurt you...
Just kidding!"

"l help out students...
for tenderness."

Impatiently awaiting reply."

"Tender how?"

"Tender as you like.
Massages and caresses."

"Your soft skin,
my expert hands."

"Tenderness above all."

"But it's not sexual?"

"l don't have
massage training..."

"Leave everything to me."

"You have nothing to fear."

"I'm a gentleman.
Here's my photo to prove it."

"We'll stop when you want."

"Sex isn't essential."


l forgot my rolling paper.

Wait for me!

Steve's double-parked.

Please, just two seconds.
A kiss.

Okay, quick.

You smell nice.

You're Laura?



What's this?

l read it?

ln front of you?

"Hello, Laura."

"First of all
thank you for being 'on time."

And if l'd been late?

"Today we'll play together."

"Read my letter to the end,
following instructions."

"First, l want you
to undress entirely."

This is why
l don't like professionals.

They don't look innocent
like you.

"Now take a shower.
Then l will."

"Thank you for being here."

You really excite me.

Now here's how it goes.

l love playacting.

l fantasize about it a lot.

Come over here.

Caress yourseIf for me.

Stroke yourseIf
like it was the first time.

Touch yourseIf more.
Excite me more.

l can't.

l can see that.
l understand.

You're more the type
to be dominated.

Come sit beside me.
I'll take over.

Sit down.
We'll talk.

How old are you exactly?

What are you studying?

Applied foreign languages.

Freshman year?

Why are you here today?

You know why.

Got anyone in your life?

Your family from here?

You were born here?

No, I'm here for school.

ls the money for you?

It's good,
what you're doing.

l also have people
who depend on me.

I'm divorced.

l have a daughter
a bit older than you.

l remarried
a very beautiful woman.

It's been a while now...

- And my fantasies...
- Don't tell me about your life.

You're right.
It's not the same.

We combine business
with pleasure.

Right, Laura?

l don't fantasize
about Lolitas.

Next time,
I'll bring you something.

You'll like it.

You can get dressed.

I'm delighted,
you know.

Our first contact was super.
l enjoyed it.

You're magnificent.

l didn't expect someone
like you.

You're sensitive.
You're attractive.

l really appreciate it.

Thank you, Laura.

How about a karaoke?

- Where you going?
- To work.

- What do l owe you?
- 27 euros.

- With the cr?pe?
- Everything.

Thank you.

- You okay?
- Yes.

The cort?ge...
and the crematorium.

Yes, ma'am.
The ashes are included.


Very well, ma'am.

Have a good evening.

"I'm interested
in your services.

"Waiting for an answer."

"Okay for 70 euros an hour
if it's for two hours.

Confirm.. ."

They're relocating some
to the Limoges plant.

But I'm not wild about moving.

I'll check
with my colleagues.

Why are you here tonight?

ln this restaurant?

Here with me.

Why looking for a "masseuse"?

How can l put it?

It's complicated.

l've never done this before.

- It's the first time.
- But why, I'm asking?

I'm married to someone
really nice.

As for the sex,
l don't understand what's wrong.

It's complicated.

At first, l thought
it wouldn't last, you see?

We've been married a year,

but nothing's new
in our sex life.

She keeps pushing me away.

l don't dare say anything
or force her.

l don't have many friends
for advice.

So my marriage...

A marriage without sex
is friendship, not a couple.

Say it;
you're starved for sex.


Let's go.

- Now?
- Sure.

We've talked enough.

But where?

You have money for a hotel?

I'm pretty stressed out.

Maybe if you undressed...

I'll put on the heat.

Would you mind...
helping me?


Forgive me.

Do l pay you now?

1 40 euros, right?



You pinched a slice of ham?

l don't know.

Maybe the other day.

Then replace it.

I'm starved.
Not even any ham.

Look at me.


Mom's invited you
for Christmas.

Stupid jerk.

What's the matter?

l got raped
to pay your fucking rent!

Don't get sordid.

The stuff she comes up with.

"She" is leaving.

It's over.
No more swiping ham.

What's this game?

It's not.
It's over.

l got a tree.

Daddy got a tree.

but it's 10:00 a.m.

How are you?

Say good morning.

That's sweet.

Let's decorate the tree.

That's not funny!
Now wash your hair.

Stop fooling around.

I'm fed up.
Wash your hair. Do as l say.

l left the corrected exercises
in the kitchen.

For you.
A gift.

No, l said.

Relax. Have a drink.
It's on us.

l don't want it.

We're out tonight.
Have a drink.

We've got time.

Whatcha doing?

You've never had exams to take.

For what?

You got that wrong...
That's not right.

Sorry I'm late.
It was hard to find cigarettes.

It's Prince Charming.
We'll offer you a drink.

Have a drink.

What's your name?


I'm only on my third
whiskey and Coke.

l think l can say
that you're very...

How can l put it?

You already find me pretty?

After three whiskeys?

l found you pretty
an hour ago.

Maybe even longer than that.

l can help you study
for your exams, if you want.

l don't know.
How do you rank?

My rank?

Top rank.

It's fine.

So after the water damage,

the insurance claim
and all that...

So l moved back in
with my folks.

It's well heated.

You don't make any money?

Make what?

- Money...
- Okay, l get it.



So you have work?

Some work,
some unemployment.

This is it.

Here we are.

So l don't have your number.

l told you,
l don't have a phone.


I'll call you.


After my exams.

How low can you go!?
Tell me instead,

"After l dump my boyfriend."

"After my exams.. ."

I'll call you.

Another try.
We'll get there.

Come on, relax.

Look at me.

Look at you.
You're not exciting.

Try to...

Be less of a lump.

More sex.

There you go.

Open your mouth.

Move. Move.

Okay, baby.
l've got what l need.

Get dressed.

If you want to make a hit,

don't be afraid
to be a bit sleazy,

a bit smutty.

Think of the girl
who likes that.

You have something
all your own.

Use it.

l don't plan
to make a career of this.

What do you want to do?

Be a translator or interpreter,
to travel.

No connection.

You're not Kate Moss either.

But l may have something
for you...

If you need more.

I'm telling you
because l like you.

It's a great deal.

A client is looking for a girl
just like you.

It's for a threesome.
Nothing too nasty.

It's just him,
a nice guy,

and another girl like you,
a college student.

You let the girl lick you off
while the guy pulls his pud.

Who's the girl?

How should l know?

Some slacker
after some easy cash.

You interested?

No. No.

You pose for photos.

That's different.

Posing occasionally is okay,
but no one touches my body.

l don't want to.

Don't be so fussy.

You'll see a pair of shoes
in a shop window

and call me back
for the guy's number.

He pays 200 euros...

An hour!

l don't give a damn.

"Student prostitution"

"l took the plunge long ago.
Call me to talk about it."

"Connecting.. ."

How many men
have you had?

- Two.
- Is that all?

That's nothing.

- How many have you had?
- Clients?

Don't know exactly.
20.. .25.

It adds up fast
at five times a month.

Where's the Glamour?

On the sheIf in the toilet.

My cotenant.

ls she also...?

No need.
She has a scholarship.

But you should
see her drool

when l come home
with a Chanel bag.

Check out my bag.

lsn't it awesome?

- It's gorgeous.
- l can't complain.

My girIfriends tell me

it beats
being a checkout girl.

l have to hang up.

See you, maybe.

Where do the shirts go?

The closet in the bedroom.

You like it here?

The apartment...

Not much...

It's fancy.

If it's cramped
at your friends' place,

l have a spare bedroom.

What do you mean?

The big bedroom.

The guest room.

At the other end.
Completely independent.

What's the rent?

It's free.

You understand?

If you like,

it's a popular
sharing arrangement.

l think.

You offer a room
and access to the common areas.

ln exchange,

we have a good time
once in a while.

Good time?


Depending on the arrangement.

For instance,
with the girl before you,

it was four times a month;
I'm not greedy.

It was a good deal for her,
but then she met a guy.

Think you might be interested?

l don't know.

I'm going to dust.
l have class in an hour.

Think it over?

I'm not a whore.

I'm not a whore.

"For rent: maid's room."

"Rent: 300 euros,
deposit: 250 euros"

I'll call you.

- I'm right here.
- I'll call you.

"End of first quarter"

A-minus, B average, guys!
- That's great!

- Congratulations.
- How about you?

- Lend me your cell?
- I'm out of credit.

ls there a crematorium
near your home?

ls there a hospital
in your town?



"l want to see you again."

"Okay. ASAP.
l need money.. ."

"And l need my own computer."

"Attach this document."

Happy birthday, honey!

Thanks, Mom.

What are you going to do
for your 1 9th birthday?

What have you planned?

Nothing special.
I'll be working.

Go up ahead of me.

This is the last time,

Come in, master.

No laughing.

Lie on the bed
on your stomach,


Now let your head drop
and feel under the bed.

You'll open it later.

Sit beside me.

l can't.
It's not my thing.

What if it's mine?

I'm going
to tie you up today.

l feIt you might like it.

Don't worry, Laura.

Not too tight?

It doesn't hurt.

What's wrong?

l thought
you liked submission.

You leaving?

We said two hours.
You still have an hour.

It's my birthday today.

My friends are waiting for me
in a caf?.

l should have warned you.

Don't take it so bad.
It was just a little fantasy.

Not showering?

No, I'm going.

You forgot this.

It was good.

l liked it.

You knew
it was my birthday?


Don't feel like it?

You're strange.

You can't?
Have your period?

You don't want to make love?

l do.

What's the matter?

l don't know.

You do know.

Tell me what it is.

Some kind of a block?

ls it me?

What is it?
You looked so...

So much in love. So excited.
What's the matter?

Did someone hurt you?

You can tell me everything.

You can trust me.

Were you raped?

Don't tell me
you couldn't afford to eat-

l don't know-
peanuts at your friend's bar.

l did.

But there comes a time
when you want

to have 1 O euros
to eat decently.

I'm not crazy.

What's your old man's name?


Did Joe give you pleasure?
Did he excite you?

No, never.
Are you nuts?

You never feIt any pleasure?

Or excitement.. .

from the situation,
just from the transgression?


Poor little woman.

Do you mind

being with a whore?

You're not a whore.

Doesn't it bother you?

Doesn't it disgust you?


Maybe because I'm not jealous.

Or you have no morals.

- Or it excites me.
- What a bastard!

You're in for it this time.

It's time to pay?

Yes, it is.

This is 20 euros.
We said 200.

It's 200 minus a zero.

You're kidding.

but it's all l got.

You all right?

What happened?

What a swine.

Son of a bitch!

But it's your fauIt too.

Get paid first.

Don't lift a finger
until they fork out.

l never had problems
with anyone else.

Poor darling.

Alone and confused.

l sold my ass
for 20 euros tonight.

That's six beers!

It makes me sick.

What did you do for 20 euros?

I'm not telling you.
It's too sick.

l want you
to keep me posted now:

where you are and when.

l can take it because
l know you have your reasons.

But do nothing
without telling me, okay?

Call it a pact.


You're my pimp,
kind of.

Pay first.


You've got it down.

Can you hear the beauty?

You're the beauty.

Come on.


What's wrong?

Gotta cancel.
l got my period.

Don't you have enough
to pay bills?

We could have
gone out to dinner.


Come here.

l have to run.

That a new jacket?

See you tonight.

No, l don't do that.

I'll give you
an extra 50 euros.


You should have said so.

Are you nuts?

The chicken...

Thank you.

And the lamb.

Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

He sees me doing a PhD.

Can you believe it?



Sorry. l have to take it.
My client tonight.




l'd rather meet
at the station

at about 1 O:30 p.m.,

At the station?

l don't know.

Don't worry.
I'll have my car.

Then we'll go somewhere else.

No, something's come up.
l can't make it.


l cancelled.

Let it ring.

He'll harass me.
l want him off my case.

why did you hang up?

We can get together
another time.

We'll work it out.

No, don't call back.
l won't be available.

What are you doing to him?


Nothing special.


Who are you?

- Put Laura on.
- l won't put her on.

She's with me now.
Don't ever call again!

Son of a bitch!

Let me calm down.

We can't keep this up.
You've had enough.

it affects you.

It's my problem.

You shouldn't be mixed up
in this.

We went completely overboard.

it's my fauIt.

l shouldn't have.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

We drank too much.

l have too many revoIting images
in my head.

When we go out,
there's always a moment

when l wonder what you had to do
so we could order this.

It's as if each dish

was worth part of your body.

l can't quit my job.

I'm almost retirement age.

And I'm president

of the local S?gol?ne Royal
election committee.

It's important to me.

l support her ideas,
but l admire her as a woman,

her brains, her mind-set.

She'll achieve her goal.

If l can contribute...

Why do you do this?


What attracts you
to young women?

Who wouldn't be attracted?

But why do you have to pay?

It's the times,

the society we live in.

It's all for sale.

Organs, sperm, children,

l pay for my fantasies.

It's not immoral,
as long as the girl consents.

l didn't consent last time.

Hey, look...

That was a misunderstanding.

It was for you.
You didn't understand that.

Forget about it.

l see it as
an exchange of favors.

There's something in it
for both,

the buyers
and the bought.

It's free trade,
in a way.

ln our case,
we're consenting aduIts, right?

l wouldn't go
for underage Thai girls.

l have ethics.

l don't hang
around school playgrounds.

l have money.
l use it.

You use your ass.

The score's even.

It's 4:00 p.m.

ls that Joe?

You followed me?

l can't believe
you did that.

I'm your guy, right?

l have a right
to pick you up after work.

Cut it out.

You're wearing lipstick.

Stay out of this part
of my life.

It's not me.

I'm with you.

The girl who left the hotel
is not me.

You have nothing
to do with her.

Sure it's you. I'm no fool.
It's you all over.

Don't touch me!

You reek of that geezer's
cheap scent and mildewed cum.

You're still seeing that pig.

l thought you wouldn't...

That he made you sick,
scared you.

Waiting till
he clubs you in the face?

He didn't touch me today.
He just talked.

Nothing better to do than listen
to some clown's sob stories?

For 200 euros?

I'll stop seeing him
if you want.

It's for you to decide,
you idiot!

You're just a kid who sucks cock
to buy Diesel jeans.

What did you say?

l bought jeans once.

The rest goes to pay bills.
You know that.

What's got into you?

Go get fucked!

Come here.

I'll take care of you.
Don't be jealous.

l love you.

Don't be jealous.

Stop it.


You're schizzed out, Laura.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Look, it's no good.

l spy on you.
I'm jealous.

I'll drive you nuts.

l won't be that way.

We have to stop.

It's over.

l can't do it,
in fact.

I'm not up to it.

You can't do that!
You can't leave me!

Not after helping yourseIf.

That's enough.

- Don't treat me that way.
- Cut it out!

Free room and board...

You're 30
and do nothing all day.

No degree.

You don't know hard times.

Don't judge me!

What are you talking about?

Expect me
to work at MacDonald's

20 hours a week for peanuts
and flunk out?

You never even went to school!

You never open a book!
You don't work!

Not even to help me out
so l can quit!

Help me, and I'll stop!

What do others do?

You're not the only student
on Earth!

How do others manage?

Do they all have to suck cock?

You and your studies!

How will you look
when the truth gets out?

How will l look?

l thought you were special.

You're just
a spoiled papa's boy.

And you're a whore!

It kept you horny
for a while!

What do you want?

My photos.

All the pictures you took of me.
l want them back!

What are you talking about?

This is the digital age.

Think l pasted them
in an album?

Don't jerk me around.
Erase them from your computer.

Why would l do that?

Because I'm asking you to.

Cut it out.

Think your
goody-two-shoes look sells?

Your pictures are worthless.
They're crap.

That's an ass.

That gives guys a boner.

Not your flat ass
and fish face.

I'll pay you back.
l swear.

I'll pay it all back.

Erase the photos.
That's all l ask.

I'm begging you.

Yeah, right.

Show me how you beg.

Beg some more.

You might coax me
with your hot little tits.

You like that.

Think you can touch me, asshole!
What do you take me for?

What you are...
a whore.

What did you say?

A whore who can't do much
but comes cheap, l hear.

Yeah, it's a small world.
Word gets around.

You're a whore, period.

So lay off about
your crummy pictures.

Now beat it!

I'm so glad
to hear your voice.

l've missed you.

You vanish into thin air.

All those emails,
and no answer.

l was afraid.

Afraid of what?

That something happened.
That you ran into trouble.

l had trouble
with a photographer,

a guy who did
some erotic photos.

l wanted him
to give them back.

He said the whole town
knew l was a whore.

- He called you a whore?
- Yes.

What a jerk.

I'm quitting.

I'm leaving.

l can't stay.
I'm going to Paris.

Where in Paris?

l don't know yet.
l have to work it out.

No more meetings?

No, it's over.
I'm changing my life.

l understand.

l worry about you.

You'll need money.

The cost of living
is much higher.

l know.

Look, I'll offer you
1,OOO euros.

1,OOO euros
for five hours with me,

if that could help
with the material side.

One last rendezvous.
We'll end on a high note.


Even for 1,OOO euros?

1,OOO euros, Laura...

So.. .yes?

"Today we'll stay and talk
for a haIf hour."

"Then we'll go to a place
near the hotel.

"It's a club l know.

We'll have fun
and some pleasure."

Come sit on the bed.

It's a nice place.
It gets me hot.

Right nearby.

l'd rather not.

l don't want to be seen.

l'd rather stay here.

You know,

I'm very shy and discreet too.

It's a place for regulars.

It's very dark.
No one will see us.

Trust me.

We can watch videos.
It's exciting.

l've taken women there.
There's never been a problem.

l went to a sex shop once,

with my first boyfriend.

For laughs.

It's for fun.
It's a change.

Did you bring the things
l asked?


That negligee
is very pretty.

Here, put this on.

l can't go out like this.

With what I'm paying?

l leave my stuff here?


We have five hours.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- How is it going?
- Fine, and you?

Fine, thanks.

Thank you.

Enjoy your afternoon.

Sit down.
We'll watch a bit of the film.

You can let him near you.

l told him about you.
He's harmless. l know him.

Same with him.
He's on the level.

Come on.
Enough images for today.

Take that off.


For 1,OOO euros, you can!

Where are we going?

Come and you'll see.

If it makes you nervous,
we'll go back to the hotel.

What are you doing?

Keep going.
You'll see.

Calm down, Laura.

For that price,
what did you expect?

Give me my money now.

Go get dressed.

I'll leave the envelope
on the bed.

See you Thursday?

See you Thursday, right?

Yes, Thursday.

Leave a message.

As you see,
there's only 100 euros,

instead of
the 1,000 euros agreed.

The rest Thursday
at 2:00 p.m.

l wanted to be sure
l saw you before you left.

Trust me,
you'll get your money.

Have a good evening.

So that's okay with you?

Of course.

I'll Xerox everything
and send it weekly.

- Everything?
- Absolutely.

But what about the sections?

You'll need an excuse,
or you can't take tests.

It happened to my cousin.

You need
a doctor's certificate.

l know.

If it's more,
I'll send more.

Don't worry.

Leave a message,
and I'll call you back.

l delayed my departure,
and you stood me up.

Now l've got to take the train,
but listen up.

Call me by tonight
and send my money,

or I'll call your wife,
your boss,

and tell them all about you.

Hear me?

If l don't have word
by 7:00 p.m., I'll call.

Don't worry;
l've got the numbers!



Shit, Joe,
send that money right away.

l know.
Let me explain.

Explain what?

You just took me for a fool.

l want my money.

I'm not at home.

l had a heart attack.

I'm convalescing
in the south.

My wife blocked my accounts.
No wires.

She must suspect something.
No email either.

l don't believe you.
It won't work.

l want my money!

I'm telling the truth.

I'm very ill.

l have cancer.

l won't live long.

What about a check?

Send me a check.

Too risky.
l can't leave a trace.

See, you're bullshitting me.

Quit taking me for a jerk!
You just mentioned wiring money.

Because of you,
l couldn't buy my ticket.

l have to hide
in fiIthy toilets.

Look, l get out of here

We have to meet
so l can pay you.

You'll get it.
l promise.

l really want
to see you again.

We'll meet, okay?

You should have said
it was an all-nighter.

l worried.

My battery was dead.
Let me take a shower?

You didn't shower there?

No, that hotel
has no water pressure.

How sleazy!

What are you doing?

- Counting...
- The rent.

I'll give it to them.

We need someone full-time.
That won't work.

We're not offering
a student job.

Thank you.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Thank you.


I'm calling
from a friend's phone.

You're not dead yet?

"Just one last time.
And I'll pay your train ticket."

Laura, think it over."

Leave me alone!

Can you smell it?
Lighter than the last.

Sure it is. A bit lighter.
You can smell it.

Anyway, Loire Valley wines
go with the lighter wines.

Here's Philippe,
my wine steward.

Laura, my friend Laura.

That's my daughter's name.
Pleased to meet you.

Know how l met her?
In the street.

Sitting on a bench.

With cheese?
And red meat?

Cheese, game grilled meat
with red wine.

Even a light one.

She was looking for a job,
and I hired her.

lsn't life wonderful?

So everything okay?

I'm tasting your wine.

The new one.


I'm still in the dark.

It's not as good as school.

Feel ready for your exams?

He wants
the critical analysis

based on the Judeo-Spanish

- Shit.
- Laura?

I'm so behind. I'm beat.
I can't do it.

God damn it!

Let's eat!

Stop, you can't quit now.
Of course you're struggling.

Look, I'll call you back.

Once I finish setting up.

Come eat, Laura.

l don't have time.

Forget school.
It's useless.

Just look at us!

"End of second quarter"

"Exam resuIts:

Applied Languages,
first year Spanish"

It's coming.

Elsa, hurry up.

She doesn't speak Italian.

l don't believe it!

l passed!

An A in Spanish...

What an ace!

A-minus in composition.

Only a B in English,
but that's okay.

That would have suited me!

Leave a message
and I'll call back.


it's Laura.

l took my exams.

And l passed,

with an A average.

l just wanted you to know.

So what did they say?
They happy?

Yes, very.


you seem to like it.

You like it?

Very much.

l like the feel of it.

No job contract
to pad out your file?

Any extra hours
besides your waitress job?


You students are something.


Great expectations
but slim means.

This terrace is nice.

If l rent to you,

we'll drink champagne
on the terrace.

Today would you say

that you had no choice?


You don't say in your book
whether since you came to Paris,

you've again turned
to prostitution

or if you've managed
to make ends meet without it?

We'll respect your silence,

And thank you
for coming to talk about it

here, tonight,
on this program.

You're welcome.

Let me remind you:
a large number of students

turn to prostitution
to pursue their studies.

It is thus not
an exceptional phenomenon.

Figures revealed
by the student movement

in the spring of 2006

were intended to draw
the government's attention

to the students' plight.

According to one organization,

over 45,000 students

live in extreme poverty,

and 225,000 struggle
to pay for their studies.