Student Body (2022) - full transcript

High school student Jane Shipley seeks to mend her splintering relationship with childhood best friend Merritt, and fit in with her rebellious peers. When Jane's math teacher oversteps his bounds, an apathetic high school administration forces Jane and Merritt to take matters into their own hands, driving their relationship into further turmoil and inciting deadly consequences.

[throbbing, dark music]

[dramatic musical flourish]

[bell rings]

[bright pop music]

♪ I woke up ♪

♪ Someone's in my bed ♪

♪ It feels like hammers
hitting my head ♪

♪ Again and again and again ♪

♪ You wonder why I'm acting up ♪

♪ Tell me to keep
my mouth shut ♪

♪ I've gotta pay for all ♪

♪ The things you get for free ♪

♪ But you don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ To be ♪

♪ One, two, three, four ♪

♪ Me ♪

♪ I'm sick of them
pretending to know ♪

♪ Me ♪

♪ You don't know me,
you don't know me ♪

♪ You don't know me,
you don't know me ♪

♪ Nightmares chasing after me ♪

♪ Same fears slipping
into my head ♪

♪ I'm holding onto
to the same things ♪

♪ I was when I was young ♪

♪ You don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ To be ♪

♪ One, two, three, four ♪

Hey, Merritt.

Cathy's getting
another facelift.

I said she'll look
like a wax monster.

She said my acne's worse
than my cousin Greg.

[Girl With Backpack] That's
not true, your face looks

- pretty fine to me.
- What's this?


[Merritt] You were
out in the woods again.

Yeah, only for a
few minutes, though.

Pull your hair back
and find a mirror.

You look prehistoric.

Ooh, something died
on your backpack.

[Girl With
Backpack] Ew, really?

[bell rings]

Janey, you can't
stay like this.

Tribal, dig it.

[percussive music]


[percussive music]

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

When's the retake?


Mr. Aunspach,
you never taught us

anything on the test.

[Aunspach] The test
was from the reading,

like the last one.

[Merritt] Okay, but no one
knew what they were doing,

like the last one, so.

[chalk screeches]

What's your flavor?


Grape, right?

Mr. Aunspach, we
deserve a retake.

[Aunspach snaps]


[ticking music]

[sucker clatters]

As you can see, this
problem is a lot

like the last one from the test.

Anyone wanna give it a try?

[Student] Come on.

[students chatter]

[Student] Are you for real?

- You want?
- I'm good.

I think he does.

Miss Shipley.


Will you come up?

[clock ticks]

[tinkling, pulsing music]
[chalk scratches]

[clock ticks]


[camera clicks]

Fuck me.

[ticking music]

Looks like we won't be
needing that retake, after all.

What, are you serious?

- No, that's not fair.
- Enough.

[Blonde Girl] She's
the only one that got it.

No one else got it,
that's not fair.

I said enough!

One day, on the
prairie, a family

was finishing the
last of their cabin,

which they had been building

the entire year, from scratch.

While they were working
in the autumn chill,

a woman, with holes in her coat

and a fiddle under her
arm, walked up to them.

"Please," she said,
"I'm hungry and cold.

"Let me share a meal
and stay the night."

The family was shocked.

"How have you made it this far

"with just the coat on your back

"and a fiddle under your arm?

"Have you no food, no shelter?

"What were you doing
this whole summer?"

"Playing music,"
the fiddler said.

"Before I knew it,
the chill had come.

"Please, give me some bread.

"I deserve some food."

The family had no choice.

They turned their backs and
went on with their work.

The fiddler did not live
to play another summer.

The end.

Now, I think the family
had it all wrong, you see.

I think they should have
taken that fiddle, right,

and then cracked it
over the woman's head,

and used the wood for kindling.

Don't tell me what you deserve.

Page 85.

[pulsing music]

[students chattering]
[pulsing music]

[pulsing music]

[Jane sighs]

[pulsing music]

[quickening, droning music]

Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya.

Oh, it's cool.

You all right?


Just wanted to commend you
on your work at the board.

I put you on the spot, but
I knew you could handle it.


[Aunspach] You
never have to feel

ashamed of your talents, Jane.

[low, droning music]

[Merritt] You
like him, don't you?

[Jane] Who?

[Merritt] You know!


[Merritt] No.

I mean, he does have that
bad Daddy thing going on.

[chuckles] Wait, Aunspach?

Why else would you show
off like that in class, hmm?

Merritt, no, I was...

He was like pressuring me-

- Oh, shut up, you loved it.

I mean, okay, yeah,
it's math, it's whatever.

I really didn't do the
reading or anything, I swear.

I didn't wanna go up there,

but it was like I
couldn't say no.

So tell him to stop.

Go after school today.

You think I should?

Janey, the man's got a
hard-on for your derivatives.

You could get him to do anything,
even get us that retake.

[droning ambient music]

Is Cathy really gonna
go that ballistic on you?

Your mom was not
like mine, remember?

Cathy said if I don't
get into Princeton,

like every other Sinclair
since the birth of Christ,

I won't see a dime
from my trust fund.

[Jane] What?

Half the admissions
board drools

over her tits at the club,

but I doubt even they'll ignore

the grades Aunspach's
shitting out.

"Aren't these turds just the
pride of the family, Merritt?"

She said that to you?

So, you'll talk to him.

Yeah, yeah.

[droning ambient music]

Love you, Janey.

I love you, too.

One more thing.


Never make me look
like an asshole again.

[droning ambient music]

[Coach] Next.

Pops, I'm doomed if
Brody gets more than four.

No way these bis and
tris pump out five.

- That's one.
- Just be yourself, son.

That's two.

But, Dad, if he's
more jacked than me-

- That's three.

Rakowski's gonna give him
the mascot gig for sure.


Stop him, Dad.


[tense music]

Boom, Brody's so lit!

- All right, all right.
- Shut up.

[Brody shouts]


[student speaks indistinctly]

Does anyone actually know
what's in Rakowski's mug?


[Rakowski speaks indistinctly]

[Rakowski] French.

Don't fail me
now, testosterone.

Go wreck 'em, Frenchy boy.

[expectant music]

[French grunts]

[Student] Whisky, really?

Brody said he saw eight
bottles in her desk drawer.

Then he invited me
to his hot tub again.

Eight bottles?

We gotta raid,
like this weekend.

Yeah, can't.

[French] I can
do it, I can do it.

I can do it!

Why can't you?

Because once Cathy
sees my calculus test,

she's gonna nail my labia
to the dining room floor.

I can do it!

No, I can't. [pants]

Hey, when I was your age,
I could do 15 of those,

and I had carpal
tunnel in both wrists.

Get up.

[French] I can't, I can't.

[light music]

[Brody] Boo!

[clay thumps]

[pulsing synth music]

Jane, you almost
got a pull-up.

What's your secret sauce?

God, the wifi
here is such shit.

Well, it's all about leverage,
as well as strength, right?

It's not about bis and tris?

Okay, so your latissimus
dorsi, your lats,

they're actually-

- Have you blown Aunspach?


She hasn't blown him.

Maybe you should.

Take the edge off
him and make him

less of a walking human penis.


[clay thumps]

[French] Geez, dude.

[brain squishes]

Kinda cuts like chicken.

[Merritt] Ew!


[Merritt] Oh my god!

Since when do you
care about your grades?

Since I need a 3.0
to stay on the team.

Oh, the team, the team.

Don't act like you
don't care, pinko.

Douche-box's work is
beyond college level,

but now we have to do
it because she can.

Erik's right, this is bullshit.

Shipley, I swear to
God, if I can't play

next Friday because of math,

I will microwave
your TV dinner ass.


[ticking music]

I really didn't study
or do the reading.

[ticking music]

I swear.

It's fine, no one
should give a shit,

so can we stop
talking about school,

and put our considerable
free-thinking brains to good use?

Like raiding Rakowski's
whisky stash.

Rakowski's got a whisky stash?

Son, Father will provide.

Thanks, Pops.

So raid on Friday night
before Brody gets here first?

Yeah, I'm down.

Well, what about
the new cameras?

[Student] What new cameras?

[fluttering music]

Those fascists.

It doesn't matter,
we'll get around them.

Friday night it is.

[Merritt] Ellis, do you recall

what Cathy said
about my genitals?

[Ellis] Okay, so sneak out.

The athletic wing will be open.

It's Nadia's home game.

[Nadia] If I play.

Hey, Hoover, why'd you
fuck me at practice

- the other day?
- Where is she going?

[French] Oh, this
is gonna be good.

I can't even.

How are we gonna get
around the security cameras

on every single corner?

Wow, that was violent.

You can hack them.

You can?

Is no one else seeing this?

Well, I only know
the theory, but, yeah.

[Nadia and student grunting]


Coach should probably
be seeing this.

Cool, awesome, we'll do it.

[Nadia and student grunting]

She might kill her, guys.

Nadi, for shit's
sake, put her down.

[student whimpering]


[student whimpering]

[Merritt] Nadi.

[camera clicks]

Nadi, just get off her.

[Jane sighs]

[bell rings]

[students chatter]
[soft music]

[PA Announcer]
Attention, students,

as a reminder, flight
school and drama club

are canceled this afternoon
for the installation

of polycore security windows.

Also, please, be aware
that the new security gate

will be activated in 20 minutes.

[slow, pulsing music]


[clock ticks]

[Jane chuckles]

[Aunspach] Hi.

- Hi.
- Jane, good to see ya.

[door clicks]

So I wanted to ask
you about that retake.

[blinds buzz]

[friends chatter]

[Aunspach sighs]

Look, Mr. Aunspach.

[friends chatter]

Mr. Aunspach, did you hear me?

You ever feel like you're
living in the wrong time?

Like someone mixed up
when you were born?

[Jane] Um-

- I always thought I should
be on the great frontier,

back when the railroads
were being built,

when there were new
towns, cities, sheriffs.

No plastics, no
screens, no wifi.

Like our mascot, Anvil Al,
working with his tools,

forging things of
substance, potential.

I mean, I always thought
he looked kind of silly,

you know, with all
that hair. [chuckles]

Number nine.

You got it wrong on your test.

Oh, yeah, I must've-

- It's odd to me because,
given your understanding

of the concepts, I don't
see why that 96 wasn't 100.

Well, there's been a lot
to study for the semester.

How long did you study?


- I'm not sure.
- Not at all?

No, no, I did study, and-

- Don't lie.

I see how you are in my class.

You don't listen,
you don't take notes.

It's because of them, isn't it?

Because of what they'll think.

I thought I told you,
don't feel ashamed.

No, no, I'm not ashamed,

and I do listen, I
do take notes, I do.

Hey, wait.

Can you stop?

[pencils clatter]

[Aunspach sighs]

Okay, so I'm
already doing better

than everybody else here.

Better than who,
a bunch of morons?

There are two kinds
of people, Jane.

Fiddle people, hammer people.

Fiddle people, they can't
build, they can't make.

They play, they drive
their convertibles,

and then, after a while, summer
ends, and what happens then?

They take from
the hammer people,

the people that have been
working month after month,

who don't trash their gifts.

They use them to make things.

Fiddle people, hammer people,

and it's my job to make
you pick up the hammer.

But all I see is you hanging
out with the fiddlers,

trying to get them to like
you, and you know what?

It's not cute, Jane.

It's pathetic.

This, this is a waste.

They are a waste.

That, that is a gift.

Don't you dare throw it away.

[clock ticks]

[droning ambient music]


[fast, fluttering music]

Fuck you!

[fast, fluttering music]
[Jane pants]

[fast, fluttering music]

[ticking music]

Hey, Merritt.

[fast, fluttering music]

[crow caws]

[birds tweet]

[bell rings]

[jagged, lush music]

Do you think he'll do something?


Okay, but I really don't want

to make it a big deal, Merritt.

Really, really,
'cause I just wanna

tell what happened,
and maybe he'll talk

to him about it and that's
it, and then we can go, so.


Chill your clit.

[Secretary] Ladies.

Mr. Lawson.

So, you approached him-

- Oh, no, no, no,
he approached me.

And he grabbed my backpack,
he took out my notebook,

and he get got really angry.

So he was angry
you had a notebook?

No, he was mad that the
notebook had drawings in it.

So your calculus notebook
was full of drawings?

That's not the point.

He got really close to me,
and he got really angry.

Angry you weren't
applying yourself.

Yeah, makes sense to me.

Sir, this isn't the first time

I felt really
uncomfortable around him,

but this time he did more.

He reached out at me and
grabbed me and shook me-

- Do you prefer to
always feel comfortable,

never be told how to
improve, how to get better?

That's not what I'm saying.

That's what a good
teacher does, Miss Shipley.

[Jane] I understand, but this-

- I don't like how
this is being handled.

I'm sorry?

And, more importantly,
I don't think

my father would, either.

Miss Sinclair-

- Mr. Lawson, the
school board's opinion

does matter to you, doesn't it?

How much do your wife's
medical bills run a month?

Let's try this again.

And this time, you'll
let Jane finish,

and, when she does, you'll think

very hard about that opinion

and exactly what you'll do
with your staff to preserve it.

[piercing, droning music]

Go on.

[piercing, droning music]
[clock ticks]

[person knocks]

[Woman] Mr. Aunspach.

[piercing, droning music]

[person knocks]

Mr. Aunspach.

[clock ticks]
[piercing, droning music]

[droning music]
[people cheering]

[Announcer] Wow, what
a nail-biter, folks.

[Spectators] Let's go, Anvils!

[Announcer] We're all tied up.

With only minutes left in
penalty for either team

to seal the deal.

Today's game has
been brought to you

by Paul's Polycore
Security Glass.

Here comes Paul
himself for a test.

[people cheer]

[hammer thunks]

Look, folks, not even
Anvil Al can break

the patented polycore pane.

Yeah, that's right,
Brody can't even break it!


Brody sucks, Brody sucks!

[Announcer] Paul's
Polycore, protecting property,

protecting people.

Go, Nadia, woo!

I hate you, Brody, I hate you!

[Ellis] Hey, look
who's over there.

Hey, Miss Rakowski, you
picked the wrong mascot.

You made the biggest
mistake of your entire life!

Sure told her, didn't I, Dad?

[Ellis] I'm proud of you, son.

[Announcer] And,
now, back to the field.

Let's go!

What if he does something?

He won't.

Why not?

Stop freaking
your shit and think.

Why do you think the
school kept it quiet?

He leaves, no one talks,
neither side gets screwed.

[Announcer] Parker
receives the pass.

Now it's this whole thing.

Parker's got the ball.

[French] You got it, Nadi!

And I told you I didn't
want anyone to know.

Oh, shut up!

You won't ever see him again.

Parker's still going.

But that's not what I wanted.

Jane, do you really
think men lay off

because you ask them nicely?

Anvils lose control.

[people cheer]

Grow a uterus.

[French] Come on, Nadi!

[Announcer] Williams
gets the ball.

[Merritt] Goddamn it!

[people cheer]

[Announcer] Williams
shoots and she scores!

Point goes to the Eagles.

And that's the game, folks.

The Eagles take
it over the Anvils

in a nail-biting
four to three finish.

The Anvils would like
to thank everybody

for coming out to
witness this final game

between the Eagles
and the Anvils.

[tense, ominous music]

And that Polycore Pane.

Paul's Polycore Security Glass.

And, while you're
there, don't forget

to take a selfie with Paul's
Polycore Security Camera.

[people chattering]

- Why don't you fuck off,
- Brody?

Oh, shit.

- Hey!
- Yo, get off her,

- you piece of shit!
- French, French!

[Brody laughs]

[door slams]

[insects chirrup]

[French] No, don't do this.

[Nadia] It's not
covering enough.

[French] Ow!

[Nadia] This is
more me than you.

[pulsing music]

[Ellis] Dude, I'm
pretty sure he grew

facial hair in fourth grade.

[French] No, I mean like
he's obviously on steroids.

No one can just
do five pull-ups.

He's been held back
like four times.

[fast pulsing music]

[foreboding music]
[locks click]

[foreboding music]

[mysterious creaking]

[door rattles]

- Just go.
- Shut up.

Ah, Rakowski's lair.

Smells like I always
dreamed it would.

People hide their spares
in the most pathetic places.

Found this in
about five seconds.

Where's the goods?

Brody said the
bottom right drawer.

[French] Do we
trust that maniac?

He's obsessed
with me, it's fine.

Security initiative, my ass.

The janitor gave me the code.

Traded it for a bag of weed.

[light, ticking music]

[buttons beep]

[dark, ticking music]

[tense, quivering music]

[dark, ticking music]

[computer beeps]

What in the name
of Paul Bunyan?

Dad, remind me to never make
the Rakowskinator angry again.

She has an ax.

Teachers are messed up, son.

Think about it.

We see them all day,

we're trapped inside
a school with them,

with no idea where
they came from,

what they were doing
before class, or after.

Could be into all kinds of shit.

Like sock puppets, dude.

The kind of power
that they have

and the things that they
can do and say to us

that'll mess with us for
the rest of our lives.

It's just scary.

I'm all for that
Miss Taylor, though.

She can sub in for Aunspach's
class any day that she wants.

That babushka is spicy.

Anyone would've beaten

the Aunspachian autocracy.

Whoa, guys, guys!

I found Rakowski's diary.

- Shit, really?
- Yeah.

What's it say?

Whoa, whoa.

She really does not like us.

Oh, shit, our gym
teacher's messed up.

What the fuck is this?

[dramatic musical flourish]
[French shouts]

Boo. [chuckles]

Real mature.

You screamed so loud.

French, for you, buddy.

[French shouts]


Wait, shouldn't
Jane be back by now?

Just open the drawer.

Yes, master.


I will wear his
intestines as a necklace.

[buzzing electronic music]

[light electronic music]
[friends chattering]

♪ I meant to ask you ♪

♪ Did you do all
you meant to do ♪

♪ Before we were dragged out ♪

♪ Something was
different about you ♪

♪ How did you see me ♪

♪ We didn't know what
we wanted to be ♪

♪ When did we move on ♪

♪ I didn't feel it ♪

♪ Nobody told me ♪

♪ Time to kill ♪

♪ Was always an illusion ♪

♪ Time stood still ♪

♪ And now we never
will, never will ♪

♪ And now we never
will, never will ♪

♪ And now we never
will, never will ♪

♪ And now we never
will, never will ♪

♪ Never will ♪

♪ Never will ♪

[dramatic musical flourish]

[Nadia] 400,000.

[Ellis] Okay.


[French] Okay.



It's Mr. Gibbons, Nadia.

Okay, for a quarter
of a million dollars,

you wouldn't eat your cat?

[friends laugh]

Actually, no, no, no, no!

Dad, she's being mean.

Son, you're gonna eat your
cat and you're gonna like it.

[friends chuckle]

[Jane laughs]

Whoa, sailor.

I've got one.

The lowest price to kill the
person you hate the most.

Coach Ramirez, 10 grand.


[Jane laughs]

[Nadia] Frenchy,
how much have you had?

One. [chuckles]

One what?

Just one.

Okay, Nadi, don't worry about

Coach Senora Ramirez or anybody.

You played wonderfully tonight.

Truly. [belches]

[friends chuckle]

Okay, Merritt,
who's your target?

Cathy, 30 grand.

[Nadia] 20?


[French] I am sad.

Your mom, that's
pretty messed up.

You don't know her.

A sad little function.

What about you?

The president.

The current president?

Any president,
they're all tyrants.

Fucking mascot.

- Brody's the fucking mascot.
- Okay, um-

- Sic temper tyrannis, Shipley.

Look, the people
who think they know

better than everybody else
about how they should live

their lives, and then force
them to live it their way,

no one should be
able to do that.

Those people need to be
destroyed, whatever the cost.

Even if it's blood.

Blah, blah, blah,
the government.

Blah, blah, blah, tyranny.

That's all you ever talk about.

It's so boring.

Don't let him fool you.

He's just pissed at his
parents like the rest of us.

- [friends chuckle]
- What song should I sing?

[Nadia] What?

You don't agree with me?

[French] I can't think.

I always think there's
always a peaceful solution.


You really believe that?

[French] Don't know.

Yeah, I guess.

- Bullshit.
- Oh, I had it.

Even you would kill somebody
if they did enough to you.

[French hums]

- No.
- Oh, please.

I don't think I would.

Why not?

[French sings indistinctly]

'Cause then I'd feel guilty,

and I hate feeling that way.

What has your shiny
ass possibly done

to feel guilty about?

[French hums]

I don't.

[Nadia] Looks like little
Janey has a little secret.


[Nadia] Come on,
you can tell us.

She doesn't wanna
talk about it.

[Nadia] Sure she does.

- Stop.
- Spill, Shipley.

Stop it.

[Nadia] Spill.

I have it, I have it.


Lowest money to see
Miss Taylor's boobies.

Zero dollars.

[Nadia] Get up.

[French] What?

[Nadia] That wasn't funny.


[palms smack]

Good one, Frenchy.

[water splashes]

[light pop music]
[friends chattering]

[Jane] Why didn't
you stop her?

[Merritt] Why didn't you?

Look, I already told you,

I don't want anyone
to know what happened,

and you already made a-

- I already fixed
your problem for you

because you couldn't
do that, either?


You sound just like-

- How do I sound like?

[Merritt sighs]

[soft music]

[Nadia] If you could
kiss one animal, would you?

A tiger.

[Nadia laughs]

[soft, gentle music]
[French and Nadia chattering]


You know what.

No, I don't.

I have other
options, you know.

Brody practically stalks me.

I'm sure the two of you
will be very happy together.

He's a great guy.

Excuse me?

Merritt, we hooked up twice.

It didn't even matter.

[droning music]

Aunspach assaulted Jane.


On Monday after class.

Then they fired him.

That's why we've had
Miss Taylor all week.


That total piece of shit.

Yeah, I mean, she
probably won't wanna get

with anyone for a
while after that, so.

Thought you should know.

You're a terrible friend.

You know that?

Fuck you.

[dramatic musical flourish]

[droning, ominous music]

[French and Nadia chattering]
[droning music]

[Nadia] Dude, I can't
believe that shit happened.


He wasn't expecting me to
headbutt his fist like that.

Does it hurt?

This, oh, nah.

You can touch it if you want.

Okay, ow, don't, please,
don't touch it, actually.

You're such an idiot.

[Nadia giggles]

[soft music]

Miss Taylor's really
that hot, huh?

Oh, yeah, she's
crazy super hot.

[soft music]




Go hump her blue.

Nadia, you always
hide your cheesy sadness

in a tortilla of rage.

Now, tell me what's really
going on inside that burrito.

[soft music]

You really don't know?

[French] Know what?

I really have to tell you?

Tell me what?

[lush music]

Wait. [gags]

[French groans]

[French grunts]

[French retches]
[vomit splashes]

Why Brody?

Why not me?

What's wrong with me?

[French gags]

[French pants]

♪ I've been working
on the railroad ♪

♪ All the livelong day ♪

♪ I've been working
on the railroad ♪

♪ Just to pass the time away ♪

♪ Can't you hear the
whistle blowing ♪

♪ Rising up early in the morn ♪

♪ Can't you hear the
captain shouting ♪

♪ Dinah, blow your ♪

[explosive boom]

How am I supposed
to do anything

if I can't connect to anything?

He'll be back.

I'm gonna go check.

[droning ambient music]

Frenchy, are you okay?


He's fine.

One time, he drank a keg.

[Jane] Shit, I lost my anklet.

I think I left it in the pool.

[Ellis] Let's go look for it.

Okay, well, if
Cathy doesn't find me

sitting at home
knitting a tea cozy,

she'll stab my face,
so the car leaves now.

Just give us a second, okay?

Fine, fine.

[water drips]

[eerie, dark droning music]

[Nadia] French?

[eerie, dark droning music]

[Nadia gasps]

[eerie, dark droning music]
[Nadia gasps]

[Nadia screams]

[Ellis sighs]


So, Merritt told me what
happened with Aunspach.

She told you?

She shouldn't have, I know.

Are you...


[Jane sighs]

Look, I'm really sorry
that happened to you.

[Nadia weeps]
[water drips]

Hey, guys.

[Nadia weeps]


[Nadia weeps]


[Nadia weeps]
[dark music]

Nadia, what's going on?

[Ellis] What's wrong?


[dark, pulsing music]

[Nadia speaks indistinctly]

[Jane] Was it French?

[Ellis] Is he in there?

[Merritt] What
the hell happened?

- Is he sick?
- I don't-

- You don't what?

Okay, do we need to pump
his stomach or what?

[Nadia] Ellis.

[Merritt] What?

Oh, for Christ's sake!

[Jane] What is going on?

There's nothing!

[Jane] Ellis.

French is,

his head.
[Merritt gasps]

[Merritt whimpers]
Jane, I need you

to check your phone for
service, wifi, anything.

Jane, please!

[Nadia] We need to help him.

[Jane] I'm not
getting anything.

We have to go.

No, not without French!

- French is-
- No, he's not!

Listen to me!

Whatever did that to him
might still be in this school!

We're not leaving without him!

We can't reach anything!

[Nadia] We're not
leaving without him!

- We have to!
- No!

[fire alarm latch clicks]

[water drips]

That's enough, we're leaving!

[skittering, tense music]

[doors bang]


[mysterious banging]

What's that?

- Brody.
- What?

[mysterious banging]

[Nadia] That goddamn freak.

What the fuck is happening?

[Merritt] The entire
[indistinct] across the school.

No, wait what about?
[mysterious banging]

[Merritt] Just go!

[mysterious banging]

I saw Brody.

He was dressed up as
the stupid mascot,

goddamn Anvil Al!

How the hell do I break this
shit window so I can kill him?

You can't, it's polycore.

What the fuck does that mean?

It's reinforced
security glass,

shatterproof, bulletproof.

They set them up all over the
school with the new gates.

And the new locks.

[Nadia] Well, fuck!

Okay, so we can't
get high school brains.

We have to think.

There's no service, no wifi.

No fire alarms,
no fire detectors.

I was gonna say that.

[Jane] And the
landlines are down.

Wait, what about the vents?

We could use those.

Do you really think you're
gonna fit in there, dickhead?

And how would that actually
get us out of here?

Where do you think we
are, Jurassic Park?

Right, 'cause you're
just pouring forth

such incredibly
intelligent strategies

to get us out of here,
aren't you, Nadia?

You just think you're so
fucking smart, don't you?

You just think you're
above everybody else!

Now is not-

- Well, maybe you should
just bust down that wall

over there with your
massive, chiseled biceps,

like you always do?

Why don't you
just mind-blast it

with your incredible
mental powers

and masculine superiority?

Yeah, well, maybe if
you didn't get French

so fucked up, none of
this would've happened!

Maybe if you didn't
fucking bring us here,

he wouldn't be dead!

Shut the fuck up!

We don't know if all
the doors are locked.

Maybe one isn't.

It's midnight, so
the cleaning people,

they come in on
Saturday's right?

Not until eight.

This is such bullshit.

We're stuck inside of a school

made of millions of dollars
of bulletproof glass,

locks, and cameras, to what?

To keep us safe?

[mysterious banging]

Screw this.

Brody has to have a key, so
everybody grab something.

We'll fuck him up, get
the keys, and get out.

Wouldn't it be
safer if we stay

and just wait for janitors?

If you wanna hide like a
rat, be my fucking guest.


[tense music]


[tense music]

- Wait, okay-
- Can we reboot the security

cameras to track where he is?

I killed the
system for 12 hours.

I didn't know how else to do it.

Suck my tits.

If we find an open
door, I'm taking it

and driving the
hell out of here.

I'm not revenging or
waiting for anyone.

Got it?


[tense, pulsing music]

[door knobs rattle]

[Nadia] Fuck.

[skittering, tense music]

[skittering, tense music]
[doors rattle]

[Jane pants]
[skittering, tense music]

- [door rattles]
- Oh, fuck!

[skittering, tense music]


[dark music]

[Merritt] Ellis, what?

Let's go, come on,
come on, let's go.


What if it's not Brody?

What if it's Rakowski?

- What the fuck?
- Listen to me,

Frenchy, he found
her diary earlier,

and it said some
really weird shit.

She's in charge of the
mascot, and she's into axes.

Ellis, it's Brody.

What if it's not?

[Merritt] Guys, let's go.

Nadia, I just want you to be-

- What?



[Merritt] Let's go, guys.

[phone chimes]


[Ellis] Jane, do you
have a phone we can use?

[Jane] Hold on, I've
got something else.

[Merritt] Hurry up, Jane!

[dark, droning music]

[dark, tense music]
[clock ticks]

[dark, tense music]

For God's sake.

[dark, tense music]


[dark, tense music]

Merritt, wait.

I found this note in my locker.

Listen, I think, I really think

it's not Rakowski or Brody.

You need to stop.

Merritt, he's the only
one who would do this.

I don't give a
shit who it is, okay?

I just wanna get the
hell out of here.


[Jane sighs]

[dark, unsettling music]

Please, please, please.

[door clicks]


[dark, unsettling music]

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

What the hell?

Fiddle music.


I've had enough of this shit!

- Hey, Brody!
- Stop!


Stop playing your psycho-ass
music and come out and fight!

Nadia, shut up.

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[Jane] Oh my God.

[Merritt gasps]
[Nadia gasps]

Holy shit.

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[gate grinds]
["The Four Seasons [Spring]"]


["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

- Are you all right?
- No, my ankle!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"]
[hammer grinds]


["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]


["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

Nadia, what are you doing?

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]


["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

- You killed him!
- Nadia!

- You killed him!
- Nadia, no!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[Nadia shouts]
[hammer thunks]

[Nadia thumps]

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

No, no, no, no!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

["The Four Seasons"]
[hammer grinds]

He's coming!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

Ellis, we have to check
the rest of the doors.

- Ellis, come on!
- I can't get up!

Don't leave me!

Wait, you guys!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[Jane and Ellis bang]
[Jane and Ellis shout]

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[gate grinds]
No, no, no, no, no.

Please, no.

[Jane] Get up.

[Merritt] It hurts.

Do it!

["The Four Seasons [Spring]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[Merritt pants]

Ellis, come on,
help me out here.

[droning, tense music]

The other one.

[Merritt] Don't go.

Wait, come back.


[droning, tense music]

[Jane] Okay.

[Ellis] We're safe.

[dark, ominous music]

[Ellis weeps]

[Ellis pants]

Does it hurt?

It's fine.

So, I think about that
camping trip all the time.

It's like I can see us there,

and we're with my mom,

and I'm looking up at all
of those really tall trees.

I wish we could go back there.

- Merritt-
- Stop.

- Please, don't shut me-
- Just stop.

[light bulb buzzes]

[door clicks]

[Jane weeps]

- [door clicks]
- Go away.

[door clicks]

Look up, Jane, look up.

See her?

That girl there, I've seen
what she's really about.

I think you should see it, too.

[Jane] I should've just...

I don't know.

[pulsing, foreboding music]

It's not your fault, Jane.

[tense, pulsing music]

It's not.

[tense, dramatic music]

[head squishes]
[Jane gasps]

[skittering, jagged music]

[Jane] Ellis! [pants]

[Anvil Al] Jane.

[screwdriver squishes]
[Anvil Al groans]

[skittering, swirling music]

Oh my God.

[dark, skittering music]

Where's Ellis?

[dark, skittering music]

[Jane] Come on.

Where's Ellis?

We have to go!

[Anvil AL bangs]

[gasps] It's him!

Let's go!

[Merritt] Where are we going?

We have to go faster.

[Merritt] Ow!

[throbbing, tense music]

Oh my God!

Just a little further.

- I can't, Jane!
- Yes, you can!

[throbbing, tense music]

We have to go.

- Are you crazy?
- We have to go.

[door bangs]
[tense music]

[dramatic, unsettling music]

[Jane and Merritt panting]

Okay, okay. [pants]

Jane. [pants]

So, what, we just
wait until he pops

out again and pulverizes us?


Ow! [grunts]

Jane, where's Ellis?

Tell me.

[droning music]

This is all because of you.

- Because of me?
- Oh, shut up.

You know what you did,

acting all helpless
with Aunspach.

"Oh, Merritt, I don't
know what to do.

"Merritt, help me, Merritt.

"Oh, Merritt, oh, I'm so weak."

[Jane] He touched me.

Oh, you loved it, right
until he got too close.

So I saved the day,
even though you made

me look like the asshole
when I told you not to.

[Jane] I told you
not to tell anyone.

Even though you stole
the only guy I ever liked.

[Jane] I didn't!

Even though I'm the one, me,

who got Aunspach's
dick out of your face.

[Jane] Because you
want to go to Princeton,

you wanted that trust fund.

Because I was your new mom!

I got you friends
and play dates.

I protected you, I
stood up for you.

I cleaned your clothes,

while you got to be the
little wonder-ass genius.

"Why can't you be more
like Jane, Merritt?

"She doesn't look like
cousin fucking Greg.

"She doesn't gain
fucking water weight.

"She could get into Princeton

"with her sparkling
fucking eyes closed.

"Why can't you be
smart and polite

"and perfect and tiny
and virginal like her?

"What's wrong with you?"

[skittering, dark music]

Well, guess what?

I'm the cool one.

I'm pretty and rich.

Everyone wants to be my
friend and hook up with me,

and you're not
better than me, okay?

Nothing about you
is better than me.

- Not your clothes.
- Stop, please.

Or your voice or your hair.

- Stop it!
- Or your body or your face.

You're just sad,
small, and pathetic.

[jagged music]

- Shut up!
- Ow!

- You little-
- You just shut up!


Shut up!

[Merritt shouts]

[dramatic, percussive music]

[Jane weeps]
[dramatic, percussive music]

[skittering, tense music]
[Jane pants]

Jane, good to see you.


Miss Taylor baked these.

They're very good.

What do you want?

You know, I thought that
our last talk was enough,

but you needed something more,
so that's what I gave you.

I didn't need
anything from you.

How did you feel when
you pushed Miss Sinclair?

Do you think you could've
done that before?

They held you back, Jane.

They lowered you to their level.

Anyone could see that,
except for yourself.

But, tonight, that all changed.

You outlasted every single
one of those fiddlers,

and, now, you are free of them.

You picked up the hammer.

And you will accomplish every
exceptional piece of work

that I know you're capable of,

that I know you were born to do,

because, my dearest
Jane, you are special.

Oh, I forgot.

I hope it's in here.

Oh, motherfucker.
[drawer bangs]


You dropped this the other day,

so I held onto it for you.

I'll give it back
if you thank me.

How about it? [chuckles]

Thank a man for caring
as much as I have,

for teaching you how
to become a woman.

[dark, tense music]

You know what?

I have learned something.

[dark, tense music]

I'm not pathetic!

[pencil snaps]
[Aunspach screams]

[Jane pants]
[Aunspach screams]

[Jane gasps]

[Aunspach groans]

[exciting, tense music]

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

[exciting, tense music]

[Jane groans]

[pencil clatters]

[exciting, tense music]

[Jane chattering]
[exciting, tense music]

[door buzzes]

[exciting, pulsing music]

[screeching, dark music]

[Jane gasps]

[phone crunches]


You just won't
learn, will you?

[screeching, dark music]

[Aunspach screams]

[dark, tense music]

[Jane pants]

[Aunspach whistles "I've Been
Working on the Railroad"]

[Jane shouts]

[Aunspach groans]

[Jane grunts]
[discordant music]

[Aunspach groans]

[dark, discordant music]


[dark, dramatic music]

[hammer thunks]
[Jane shouts]

[Aunspach's body squishes]
[Jane grunts]

[Jane pants]
[dark music]

[dramatic music]

[birds tweet]

Oh, shit.

[birds tweet]

What the?

[birds tweet]
[hammer grinds]

["The Four Seasons [Winter]"
by Antonio Vivaldi]

[pulsing, dark, dramatic music]