Student (2012) - full transcript

A solitary philosophy student steers his directionless life toward a violent crime, spurred on by a post-Soviet order characterized by growing inequality, institutional corruption and a ruthless ethic. Inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. Official selection of the prestigious Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative. (Kazakhstan: Kazakh & Russian w. English subs.)

Kazakhfilm Studios
Shaken Aymanov

Republic of Kazakhstan. In compliance
with Ministry of Culture regulations

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Stop! Cut! Thank you.

20 minute break.

You like the girl?

She's fine, but not for us.

I heard she married the director of a top bank.

We have to be careful with her.

She's not just some little starlet.


Sorry to disturb you, I called yesterday.

- I'm from the youth paper.
- Yes, I remember.

Ask your questions.

We're on a break.


Mr. Torebayev, I read the script of your film yesterday.

Frankly, it seemed empty and shallow.

Do you really think young people today

have such an easy, carefree life?

That they have no problems and
don't care about serious issues?

Is it hot?

Why bring these problems to the screen?

There are enough in real life.

I believe that cinema exists

so people can get some rest and enjoyment.

- What are yon doing?
Something's happened.

Are you a moron?

Hello... yeah...

- What's the street?
- Panfilov.


Now you'll see a real movie.

Way cooler than Hollywood.

- How are you?
- Bad.

That idiot poured boiling water on me.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

Deal with him.

Was it you who did that?

Come with me.

Based on "Crime and Punishment"
by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Screenplay and direction:
Darizhan Omirbaev

Boris Troshev

Production designer:
Alexander Rorokin

Bauyrzhan Kuanyshew
Sound director:
Erian Otepbergenov

Produced by:
Limara Zheksembaeva

Nurlan Baitasov

Where are you going ?

To buy bread, I'll be back soon.

So, Grigoryevna...

- Did your student pay his rent?
- He has no money.

He tried to earn some over the vacation,

but there was some scandal.

- It all ended.
- How is he going to live?

God knows. He says his family will send him money.

At least you can get a loan here.

My daughter lives in Belgium.

They don't know how to lend money there,

or wait for payment.

They don't understand the concept.

I'm a little short.
Can I pay later,

when I get my pension?

- I can't do that.
- You can't.

Is there anything wrong
with Kazakhstan having millionaires?

Billionaires and oligarchs?

We should be proud of thet, not envious.

Everyone should seek

to be successful.

Modern capitalism gives everyone a chance.

In the modern world, only the strongest

can survive the competition

and earn money.

The weak disappear.

They're to be pitied, but it's the law of nature.

Look at animals.

The strongest eat the weakest.

That's life.

For 70 years, we believed in socialist values

and equal rights. Now we can see the result.

It's time tor all of us to understand

that happiness can't be reached in a herd.

Everyone reaches it on their own.

- Alone.
- But if competition

is the basic principle of life,

then, logically, we come to conclusion

that it's all right to kill your rivals.

Am I right?

We went to the market two or three times

to buy meat for master's dog.
The most expensive meat.

Neither of us ever eat meat like that.

They are incredibly rich.

Their daughter's in High School.

- She has a car worth $400,000.
- Wow!

Hand assembled and shipped from Germany by air.

- Where did they get so much money?
- I don't give a damn.

We're like servants.

We don't care what they do.
We need to feed our families.


- Right.
- Shall we go?

I apologize for disturbing you.

My name is Serik Tomanov.

Since 1980,

I've been a poet in the Writer's Guild.

To be hones,

no one wants poets now.

- Where do you work?
- I'm a student.

Ah. I see.

If you don't mind,

I will read you one of my poems. Listen...

#Like a snowball, bad days multiply
A rebel, I shake them off#

#Though I feel so weak
After a sleepless night#

#In the tight bondage of insomnia
Why do I keep believing#

#What's the essence of my fundamental dream?#

#Can I lead people without faith?#

#Persevering faith I should embrace#

#all people
All of them are dear to me#

#In the name of friendship and fidelity#

#And I know duty and honor will remain
Even when I leave this earth#

Daddy's tired, honey.

Saniya, did you finish your work?

Make some food.

Warm up the soup.

Did you get drunk again?

Stop it, honey.
My head's aching enough.

And why's that? Because of the vodka.
you goddamn drunk!

I curse the day I met you!

You're a bloodsucker!

Look what's left of me
Isn't that enough?

What else do you want
For me to drop dead?

Son of a bitch!

Stop it, you're scaring the children.

Is that your dad's?

No, my grandfather's.

I see.


I'll try and talk to him.

Maybe he'll make an exchange.

Wait here.


- And bullets?
- Three in the magazine.

Is that enough?

- Who's that
- Telephone for you.


Hi, Aruka...


To Almaty? What for?

And why mom?

A dream? What dream?

No. I don't have any money.

Okay, bye.

STARS shop

#People filled the streets#

#to eagerly greet the President.#

#I turned to him and said:#

#Now you can't say they don't love you in Dallas,#

#"Mr. President."#

#According to the FBI, in Chicago Oswald purchased#

#a 6.5m Carcano rifle with an optical sight.#


Anyone here?

Bread delivery.

That's weird.

Like it's locked from the inside.

Good morning.
Does Halima live here?

There's no one called Halima.

It this 17 Vinogradov Street?


Oh, Vinogradnaya...


Hello. What brings you here?

Come in.

How are you?

What's wrong?

Are you sick?

You seem a bit strange today.

Would you like some tea?

Listen bro. I was reading something before you came.

"The key question of post-modernism

"is how to live in the modern world,

"where public opinion and even society is disappearing,

"and the majority of people are useless.

"To satisfy demand for food and goods

"at the current level of technology,

"one fifth of the world's population would be enough.

"Before, a farmer valued his work.

"It was the base of everything,

"his labor the foundation of society.

"Without him, all the bankers and bureaucrats were nothing.

"Now they pay farmers not to grow anything.

"In the past, woman were proud to have many children,

"all of them healthy.

"Now, women with many children are considered insane.

Before, people asked 'Who are you?'
Now, it's 'How rich are you?'"

It's written.

But it's only written.

Nobody dares or will dare...

Hi, Rusha.

I'm fine.

Have you finished?

Where did you download it from?

Okay, I'll phone you once I'm done.


#KTK presents "Raider",#

#the latest crime news.#

#This week, the daring robbery of a grocery store#

#in the Tursib district of Almaty.#

#Two people were shot and killed.#

#The store owner and a woman, probably a customer#

#who happened to be in the shop.#

#The thief cleaned out the cash and fled.#

#The perpetrator hasn't yet been found.#

#An investigation is underway.#

Do you want something?

Are you resurfacing the floor?

To hide the blood?

Blood? There was no blood.

The day before yesterday
the storekeeper was killed here.

Really? We didn't know.

Hey guys, did you hear that?
They say a man was murdered here.

Now you know.

- What happened?
A homeless man died.

He has no papers. We don't know his address.

We need to call the police
and have him taken to the morgue.

I know where he lives...

Of rather lived.


Take it. It's from mom.

Hi, honey.

How are you?

When did you get here?

Aruzhan and I just arrived from the station.

Hi! How are you?


I had to come.

I've been seeing you a lot in my dreams.

We miss you.

Your little sister doesn't want to study in Atirau.

She wants to transfer to Almaty,

to the medical school.
That's why we've come.

You don't look so good.

Are you sick?

The English say,
"Good fences make good neighbors".

Or, "If you are so clever, show me your money".

This philosophy, dear friends.

won't work in out harsh steppes.

It belongs to another culture, the Anglo-Saxons.

Another religion, Protestantism.
Another climate.

In the West, it's every man for himself.

Their rates of madness and suicide are growing.

Fathers marry their own daughters,

schoolboys buy guns in stores

and kill their whole school.

But Darwin's law of survival also relates to man.

Man is part of nature as well.

Yes, they say that in the wild,

the strong survive, and the weak disappear.

But man is a social animal.

He differs from animals because he is aware.

Lao Tze's view is closer to my own.

1,500 years before Christ, he understood

that "a wealthy man in never honest,

"and an honest man is never rich."

Because we have a different attitude towards money.

Different relationships with people.

Kazakhs say, "My conscience is the victim of my soul,

"and my soul the victim of my conscience".

The reason for this is the climate, the environment.

That is what creates every civilization.

Get up, son.

What's wrong?

Marat has come

to take me to the station.

And now,

take care, I have to go.

- Did you sit your exams?
- There's only one left.

What about a scholarship?

I didn't have one in Atyrau either.

Do you think it'll be difficult?

I don't know. We'll see.

Hey, get up!

And he says I sleep too much.

You're the real sleepyhead.

Please take care of yourselves.

Don't forget

to eat properly.

See the meat doesn't spoil.
It's enough for a month.

Arujan cooked all of it.

Take care, my darling.


You're lucky.

You have a mother who brings you meat.

Where are we going now?

You go wherever you want, I have to leave.

If I'd only done it to rob the store

and get money,

I'd probably be happy.

But that wasn't my aim.

I wanted to test myself.

To see if I'm capable of real action,
or a coward who just talks,

like most people.

You see,

I just asked myself the question.

if there were politicians m my place, for example,

and they wanted to start a war,

knowing that many people would be killed,

would they stop themselves?

Would they?

It's a funny question, right?


The high and mighty would never consider it.

For them, might makes right.

Everything else is sentimental.

I wanted not to have those sentiments.

But as you can see. I have them. I failed.

I turned out to be a wimp.

I came and spilled it all to you.

I've just done something stupid.


But you...

You won't betray me?

I don't have anyone in town except you.

The kids are from the N2 orphanage.

I'm a preschool teacher there.

I'll tell you a story.

One of the boys came to me and said

his parents had come for him.

Amazed, I went out into the corridor.
There was no one there.

And he said, "April Fool!"

Can you believe it?

#The village is reinvigorated
The sun melts the snow#

#February rebels
Hearing Spring's emphatic call#

#February, in black and white
Agonizing, dying#

#Seeks salvation in the sun's embrace
Clasps it to it's breast#

#Spring greenery, the warmest cloth
Covers the cold body#

#The waters of spring have worn
The lake shores and river banks#

#In the silent forest
We prepare to listens#

#To the nightingale's first concert#

#Baby spring is now awake
Playing happily in her cradle#

#All the people celebrate
They want no other gift.#

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