Stuck Out of Love (2018) - full transcript

Amber's life is less than ideal. Recently split from the "perfect boyfriend," Amber is floundering, her on the job performance uninspired. When Amber starts re-living the same day over and over again, she realizes she is stuck in limbo and must finally decide what it will take to make her truly happy.

[lighthearted music]

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[phone ringing]


Good morning, sunshine.

[Amber] Charlie?

Remember saying
you were gonna come in early

and decorate
for the baby shower?

You are currently
20 minutes late.

Oh no! Um, cover for me.

Tell them, tell them
I had appendicitis!

Are you still coming
in to work today?

I think I'll go with a
doctor's appointment.

Yes, that!

Thanks, Charlie,
you're the best.

- Amber?
- Yeah.

That girl is a hot mess.
Hold that.

[lighthearted music]

Oh, come on!

[all] Surprise!

Oh, don't bother.
It's just Amber.

Ah, the legendary Just Amber.

Oh, that's just Bob's
little nickname for me.

He's busy.

You working on winning
Kevin back with this look?

Please don't draw attention
to the way that I look.

You got that
covered when you burst

in the door an hour late
with everyone watching.

- Hey, it's Just Amber.
- Beat you to it.

Ah, dang it.
Well, I got you this.

- It's probably cold now.
- Thanks, Charlie, you're a life saver.

I didn't have time to
make coffee.

What did you have
time for exactly?

- Oh!
- [balloon sputtering]

Oh, trouble sleeping
last night, Kevin?

I slept great.

Yeah, no, I, um.

Wow, you two, you're
a match made in heaven.

Amber, does this look straight?

Um, almost.
I just, uh, oh, let me.

Actually, here, let me help.


Oh. I, um, so sorry.

- [elevator door dinging]
- [dramatic music]

[all] Surprise!

Oh my gosh, you guys!

This is amazing!

- Did you make a sign?
- Yeah, Amber ripped it.

Not on purpose!

Not on purpose.

I, um, I'm sorry.


[Emily laughing]

Are you ready for the
Grant meeting this afternoon?

Yeah, I think so.

You know, Charlie and I were here
late working on everything, so.



With Charlie.

Oh, no, I don't, no.

- See, cause Kevin and I...
- I know, I heard you broke up.

No, what?
We're just, not a breakup.

Just a break.

Not even barely a break,
just kind of a pause.

Well, I heard he's seeing
someone from finance, so.

So you must be so excited.

- About what?
- The baby.

Right, yes, of course.

No, David and I
are over the moon.

I finished painting the
mural in the baby's nursery.

It took me forever to
get these tigers perfect.

He kept being like, these tigers are so
lifelike they're gonna scare the baby!

- Ah!
- [Emily laughing]

He's just gonna
be such a good dad.

You know, I feel so, so lucky.

I think I'm just the luckiest
woman in this office.

- Yeah.
- Thank you for introducing us.

Sure, of course.

I mean, you know,
he and I, we were...

You guys are perfect
for each other.

Right, thanks.

Ah, it's so nice to see
the BFFs back together.

Bye, Felicia.

Did you girls really go
to high school together?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Emily was student council president,
Amber was vice president.

Emily was valedictorian,
Amber was salutatorian,

Emily was prom queen,
and Amber was...

Prom princess?

Home with mono for six weeks.

- Ouch.
- Yeah.

Hey, you know I'm just
giving you a hard time.

They haven't said anything about
who's getting promoted yet?

Not officially.

Alright, everyone, the baby
shower Olympics begin now!

Yes! Baby, baby!

Three tests of infant
related skills and knowledge.

- We still on for this weekend?
- Shh, I'm focusing.

Wait, on this?
It's a stupid game.

Oh, Charlie.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

- One more time.
- Charlie.

- Mmm.
- It's the Olympics.

It's the baby shower Olympics.
It's meaningless.

[dramatic music]

- [Kevin yelling] Yeah!
- Yeah!

You know who doesn't
find it meaningless?

Bob thinks I'm Just Amber.

This is my chance, you know?

Chance at what?

Just my chance.

Don't overthink it.

So, a lot of baby
stuff, huh, Bob?

Isn't it great?

- Yeah.
- I love babies.

Oh, me too.

I mean, sometimes I just
love wandering the aisles.

You know, just
looking at baby stuff.

Well, when you find the
right guy you'll know.

Oh yeah, well, Kevin and I.

Yeah, I heard.

What a shame.

It was just a pause.

- [Kevin] One dollar!
- [Charlie] 11 dollars!

- [Kevin] One dollar, one dollar!
- 3.75!


Two dollars! Two dollars!

- Twenty-four dollars.
- Actual retail price, $24.99!

[all] Oh.

What? It's just one box!

Wow, this is rough.

Don't worry, baby stuff is
super hard to predict. $15.95!

Actual retail price, $15.99!

Nice job, Emily!

- Thank you!
- [Dana] Yes, mama!

- Thank you.
- Woo!

[Dana] Havin' a baby!

Havin' a baby!
I can't have a baby.

The baby shower Olympics weren't

the ticket to glory you
were hoping for, huh?

Bob is so focused on Emily.

Focused on the employee
who's having the baby shower?


[lighthearted music]

Well, maybe Bob's attention isn't
the one I should be trying to get.

[dramatic music]

[stopwatch ticking]

And time!

[Dana] Three to two, Amber wins!

- Yes!
- That's my girl!

- Good job, good job.
- It's your fault!

- Your fault!
- [doll] I love you too.


- Oh.
- Oh!

Um, we'll just call it a tie.


See that, Bob?

- [doll squeaking]
- [head thumping]

Oh, no.

I'm gonna go ahead and concede.

That means I win!

[group applauding]

I win!

I win, yeah!

[doll]Would you like
to play kickball?

- I love it. I love you, I love you.
- Woo!

Who loves you?
Who loves you? I do!

- I do!
- Woo!

- Cause you're a winner!
- Woo!

You are a winner!

Yes, yes, I love it!

Oh, oh, Kevin wins!

Oh, yes, yes!

Come here, Bob!

Hey, at least you
got his attention

focused on someone
other than Emily.

Oh, that's a sad baby.

[lighthearted music]

Well, looks like we're locked
in a dead heat for last place.

No, I got a comeback plan.

- Oh, really?
- Mhmm.

I happen to be an expert
at guessing babies.

Is that so?


Let's make it interesting.

If you can choose which one of these
babies is me, I'll treat you to lunch.

Ah, I feel bad taking advantage
of you like that, Charlie.

Well, you shouldn't.

I said that I would feel bad,
not that I wouldn't do it.

- You are on.
- Oh.

Alright, let's see.

That one is very serious
and clearly calculating

the merits of a
reverse mortgage.

None of that carefree
Charlie spirit.

- [Charlie laughing]
- Um, let's see.

Brunette, but I happen
to know that you

were a blond until
you hit puberty.

-Have you been
talking to my mom?
-Yes, I have.

Two big, two small, too medium...

- What do you mean too medium?
- Shh, don't distract me.

And, boom, you.

How do you know that's me?

Mischievous smile like
he just got away with something.

Little twinkle in
his eyes like he

has a joke but he's
not gonna tell you.

Blond hair, as discussed.

But the real giveaway is
his love for toothpaste.

My mom's a dentist.

Oh, I know.

Oh, man, that's clearly
Dana, by the way.

[both laughing]

- Wow.
- Bob, and Emily, the golden child.

Oh, Charlie, clearly it's you.

I mean look at the little
dimples, you still have those!

- No, shut up!
- Yes, you do. You totally do.

Hey, Kev.

What do we do?

It's called name that baby, so...

Okay, great, got it.
Uh, Tanner, Phil, Danger.

No, we'll name him, Danger
will be his middle name.

[laughing] Yeah, that's
close, but you know,

these are all us
and so you just have

to match the baby with
which person it is.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

[laughing] Look how
funny this one is!

He's got a really big head!

[Kevin laughing]

I think that's a girl.

- Isn't that...
- No cheating, Charlie!

[laughing] Okay, let's see.

I'm gonna go with, oh, I know.

Alright, I'm gonna go,
got a strong jawline

and really big
eyes, so I would say

that is Arnold from
building security.

It's a good guess.

Yeah, I know.
Probably gonna win.

I'm gonna go.

I got $25 to P.J.
O'Malley's, and guess what?

They just put meatloaf
back on the menu.


Have fun.

Don't you say a word.

I was cute, right?
I don't look like a boy.



[lighthearted music]

Hey, here's to being the
biggest losers in the office.

[glasses clinking]


I don't know, I just...

I mean, what if I'm a little tired of
being the biggest loser in the office.

Come on, Amber, it was a joke!

You are not a loser.

Look at Emily.

I mean, she is living the dream.

She's on the fast track at work,

she has the perfect husband,

the house, baby on the way.

I mean, I am 30
years old, Charlie,

and what do I have
to show for it?

A half BLT sandwich and a
soup and salad lunch combo?

I'm serious, Charlie.

I mean, you know, I used to
dream about designing houses.

People's homes.

Now all I do all day is tweak strip mall
blueprints to fit local building codes.

Is this really my life?

You are a fantastic
architect, Amber.

Bob doesn't seem to think so.
According to him I'm Just Amber.

Forget Bob, listen
to Charlie, alright?

You're passionate,
you're creative,

You're always putting people ahead
of you, and that's why I...

It's what I love about you.

Um, Amber...

Shoot, Charlie, we gotta go!

We gotta get back to the office to
prep for the Grant meeting. Come on!

[lighthearted music]

Let's roll. Yep.


Hey, could you put
this in my room for me,

I gotta go prep for
the Grant meeting.

Amber, you got this.

Okay, I got this.
Alright, thanks, Charlie.

Where were you guys?

What, me and Charlie?

We went to lunch.

You and Charlie?

Yeah, we're on the
Grant project together.

We've been putting in
a lot of hours lately.

He's a really great guy.

Listen, I've been thinking.

Amber, I'm sorry.
Uh, I'm a little swamped.

Would you mind grabbing
the cake from the kitchen?

- Please!
- Um, yeah, sure, of course.

To be continued?


- [blowing raspberry]
- [metal clanking]

Hey, what do you
have to smile about?

I think Kevin wants
to get back together.

- Really?
- Mmhmm.

When I told him that Charlie and I had
lunch together he seemed a little jealous.

I know.

Don't worry,
I played it cool, but...

Of course.

Oh, that's so... [gasping]

Oh, gosh!

Amber, I am so sorry!

I'll get towels,
I'll get towels!


Mr. Grant's here.

Wait, Mr. Grant's here.
No, no, Mr. Grant's here.

Take, you take the cake!
Mr. Grant's here, I gotta, I.

Come with me!

Come on!

- In here, hurry!
- Amber, God!

- Give me your jacket.
- What? I don't want cake all over my clothes!

Well I didn't either!

Hello, Miss Olsen.

Mr. Grant.

Is this a bad time?

Uh, yeah, no, Mr.
Grant, it's a great time.

Thank you so much
for coming in today.

Robert Grant?

- Hi!
- Emily Baker.

Oh, I haven't seen you
since you graduated.

It's actually Emily Preston now.

- You and David?
- Mmhmm.

- That's wonderful.
- Yep.

Oh, and I see some more
congratulations are in order.

Yeah, I'm due any day now.

Wow, and working up to
the last possible second.

Now that's the Emily I remember.

Oh, it seems Amber isn't
quite ready to talk business.

Maybe we just pop into my
office, we can catch up,

and Amber will join
when she's ready.

- Yeah, that'd be wonderful.
- Great!

So, how is David?

You're welcome.

[lighthearted music]


Well, Emily, I can't
wait to work with you.

We are excited as well.
Thank you so much for coming in.

- Uh, bye. Again, I am so...
- And have David give me a call.

- We'll have you over for dinner.
- Wonderful, he'll be so excited.

Um, what just happened?

Oh, Mr. Grant just signed with
us for his Midwest expansion.

Isn't that great?

You mean he just
signed with you.

Well, I'm about to go on leave,

so I figured we could
share the account.

Be like our old yearbook days.

Editor and assistant editor.

You okay?

Never better.


[solemn music]


I heard about what happened
at the Grant meeting.

We need to have a little discussion
about your professionalism.

- I...
- Come see me first thing tomorrow.

Oh, and make sure Emily has all
your files for the Grant account.

[tongue clicking]

[Felicia] You alright?

Kevin dumped me,
I'm covered in cake,

my boss is mad at me, and
I just lost my last shot

at signing a massive
account before my review.

- Hey, it's okay, it's...
- How?

How is it okay, Felicia?

My life is a mess!

- No, it's not.
- It's a disaster!

Look at Emily!

She steals everything from me, and
then she has her baby shower today.

It's like, it's like she's
rubbing my face in it.

Come on, Amber.

I gotta get outta here.


- Listen, I didn't mean...
- It's okay. Um, these are from this morning.

- I thought you might want 'em.
- I...



[melancholy music]

[insects chirping]

I just wish I could
do this day over again.

[magical music]

[tape rewind squeaking]

[birds chirping]

[phone ringing]

- Hello?
- Good morning, sunshine.


Not again!


Uh, just, I'm on my way!



She gonna show up?


Hold this.

[lighthearted music]


Why didn't I buy toothpaste?


Come on!

Come on!

Okay, not again, not
again, not again.

[elevator door dinging]

[all] Surprise!

Don't bother, it's just Amber.

- Ah, the legendary...
- What's going on?

- What do you mean?
- This, what is this for?

- [Felicia] The baby shower?
- Whose?

Are you trying to be funny?
It's too early to be funny.

Hey, it's Just Amber.

- I was gonna say that!
- Beat you to it.

- Dang it.
- But the baby shower again, why?

[Charlie] Brought your favorite.
It's a little cold now.

Are you over your hazelnut faze?

No, I...

Bob, I'm so sorry about the
meeting this morning, and...

What are you talking about?
There was no meeting scheduled this morning.

[balloon sputtering]

[soft music]

Hey, are you feeling okay?
You seem a little off.

Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just having
some serious déjà vu.

Oh, that's not déjà vu,
that's just life in his office.

Same thing over and over again.

Yeah, no, Charlie...

Amber, Amber, can you help me?


[elevator door dinging]

[all] Surprise!

Oh, you guys, this is
amazing! I...

Hey, Emily, about earlier
and yesterday, I just...

What happened yesterday?

You know, when I
said the, when I.

- Mmm.
- What, I?

Felicia, but you were there, and
you, and can I see you for a second?


What is going on?

Nothing, why do you ask?

Because, don't you see?

The baby shower
Olympics begin now!


Amber, you're
acting like a nut-job.

The Olympics, the shower?

I know, we need to
get out there. Come on!


Three tests of infant
related skills and knowledge!

- Hey, are we still...
- None of this seems familiar to you?

- None of what?
- This!

Like this isn't your first time.

At a baby shower?

Yes, no, at this baby shower.

Amber, don't take this the wrong
way, but have you had coffee yet?

Let the games begin!

I wish I could have a baby.

Okay, that's fine.


Uh, I'm trying to remember.



Actual retail price, $24.99!

$24.99, of course.

Hey, no worries, baby
stuff is hard to predict.

[Amber and Emily] $15.95!

Uh, Amber, it's not your turn.

- Right, sorry.
- Actual retail price, $15.99!

[Bob] Nice job, Emily.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, nice job.


[laughing] I love babies!

- And time!
- [stopwatch ticking]

It looks like a tie.

[doll]Uh oh, I
have to go pee-pee.

[imitating buzzer buzzing]
One diaper per baby!

- Kevin wins!
- Yes!

- Way to go!
- Awesome.

[doll squeaking]

Baby shower Olympics
aren't your thing, huh?

Not twice in the same week.



Yeah, nothing.

I'm gonna go to my office.

What about the Olympics.

Team Amber is
boycotting this year.

Party pooper!

[Amber] Déjà vu.

A localized distortion
in the Typhon Expanse.

That's probably not it.

Hey, Amber.

I'm a little swamped up front, do you mind
getting the cake from the kitchen for me?

Yeah, sure.

Um, actually, Dana,
I'm kinda busy.

Uh, hey, Charlie?

Do you mind gettin' the cake
from the kitchen for me?


[lighthearted music]

Some have theorized that
a strong sense of déjà vu

is a form of precognition
offering a person

a chance to avoid making
the same mistake twice.

[Charlie gasping] I'm so sorry!

Not again!

Oh, I'll get towels,
I'll get towels!


- Come on!
- Oh.


Uh. [laughing]

- Here, give me your jacket.
- What?

Just, Mr. Grant is waiting for me out front.
Please give me your jacket!

Here, just bill me
for the dry cleaning.

I'll bill you for
the replacement.

I love you.

That girl.

Hot mess.

Right this way.


We almost lost
the Grant account.

Fortunately Emily stepped in.

We need to have a discussion about
your professionalism, Ms. Olsen.

First thing tomorrow.

Yeah, if there is
a tomorrow, tomorrow.

- Hey, are you okay?
- No, I'm going home.

- What about the meeting?
- It's handled.

- Emily hasn't prepped.
- She'll be fine. I gotta go.

It's two.

Well, just tell everyone
I had appendicitis.

[Charlie] I'll go
with a doctor's appointment.

Yeah, sure, that works.

[lighthearted music]

You stay there.

[clock ticking]


No, you are not going to sleep.

You can't cheat me out of
tomorrow if never go to bed.

Nope, I am going to
stay up all night.

[birds chirping]

[phone ringing]


Good morning, sunshine!

Do you remember saying you
were gonna show up early

and help decorate
for the baby shower?


Well, you did.



I mean, I guess I misunderstood.




- Hello?
- [dial tone humming]



Some of us just
aren't morning people.






[lighthearted music]

Come on, come on!

- [all] Surprise!
- No!

Kevin, gift wrap, watch out!

[balloon spluttering]

Felicia, you're with me.

Okay, Amber, I know
you're not excited

about Emily's baby
shower, but we have to go.

But Felicia, we've
done this before!

- How many of these things
do we have to go to, right?
- Yes.

I was at my sister-in-law's last week,
and my cousin announced she's...

What? No, I mean, we've done this before.
Like we've done this day!

Okay, look.

[elevator door dinging]

[all] Surprise!


See what?

Emily walked in
just like I predicted.

Yeah, we all
predicted it, Amber.

We kind of planned
a party around it.

Oh please, Felicia,
I am telling you!

- [knocking on door]
- Hi. Oh, am I interrupting?

- Yes.
- No.

I just wanted to say thank
you so much for the shower.

Are you coming to the party?

- No!
- Yes!

I will see you out there.

- Come on!
- [Emily laughing]

Hey, are you okay?

Okay, that was for you.
I got that for you, yeah.

I know.

Wow, alright.
Well, the baby shower Olympics are about to start.

Are you ready?

As ready as I'll ever be.




$24.99, on the dot!

Wow, Amber!


Baby stuff's hard to predict.

- $15.95.
- $15.99.

Call the fire department,
$15.99 on the dot!

You are on fire, Amber!


Okay, alright, you're
going down, Olsen.

Oh, yeah, we'll see
about that, Charlie.

Oh, I just happen to be an
expert on, oh no, nursing pads?

Uh, $5?


Actual retail price, $9.88!

Charlie takes the throne!


- Yes, daddy!
- [group applauding]

And go!

- [dramatic music]
- [stopwatch ticking]

- Time!
- [stopwatch beeping]

Okay, we have Kevin with two,

and Amber with a swaddled baby.

Which is actually very touching, but
not the point of this competition.

Well, if you can't
beat 'em, swaddle 'em?

Okay, Kevin wins!

- Yay!
- Yeah!

Yeah! [laughing]

[group applauding]

That's very fraternal of you.

I think you mean
maternal, but thanks, Kev.

Here, here, she's all yours.

Just, cool.

Hey, wanna go
for an early lunch?

Not today.

Is something wrong?

That's a really
complicated question.

Is it?

Yeah, can we just talk
about this tomorrow?

If tomorrow ever comes.

Yeah, sure, no problem.

[uneasy music]

[knocking on door]

No one's in here!




Is now a bad time?

No, now is a great time.

What's up?


I just, I don't know, you seemed
a little off this morning.

Yeah, I was just having
a really weird day.

Yeah, I've had a
few of those too.

Ever since, you know.

I know.

[knocking on door]


Hi, would you mind grabbing
the cake from the kitchen?
I'm swamped.

Actually, Dana,
I'm in a meeting.

You are?



Where were we?

Uh, nothing, I was just,

I was just making
sure you were okay.


- Great.
- Yeah.

I should go.

No, where are you going?
You don't have to go, Kevin.

Marketing doesn't
do itself, you know?

Good meeting!

Kevin, wait!

- Kevin, wait!
- [dramatic music]

Oh my God, I am so sorry, Amber.

Mr. Grant is here?

Yes, he's chatting with Emily.

Do you wanna be my boyfriend?

Am I interrupting something?

Nope, hi.

Uh, Emily got the Grant account?


I don't get it.

She didn't review any of the
files, she still closed the deal.

Yeah, well, Emily's
a genius. [laughing]

Alright, you've been acting
really strange all day.
Is everything okay?

[laughing] I don't even know how

to actually answer
that question, Charlie.

I don't know.

Well, how 'bout
an easier question?

You wanna grab a drink?

- Yes.
- Really?





♪ There's only one good
Thing about tonight ♪

♪ It's the only... ♪

One more of these, please.

Wow, you weren't kidding.

It's been that
kind of day, Charlie.

For a while now.

Wanna talk about it?

Do you believe in déjà vu?

What do you mean?

I was reading an article online.

Déjà vuis not just a feeling, you're
actually recognizing past experiences

that you've prev,
previously gotten.

You mean past lives?

I'm reliving part
of my current lives.



You're gonna relive these drinks
tomorrow morning if you keep this up.

I wish I could believe that.

Okay, you keep talking about déjà vu.
Did something happen?

[laughing] Multiple times.

Well, maybe the universe
is giving us a chance

to do it over because we didn't
get it right the first time.

Maybe we need a second chance.

Or a fourth.

- Or a fourth.
- [head thumping]



You may be a genius.


I'm gonna let you know tomorrow.

By tomorrow, I mean
just earlier today, or.

My cab is here.

♪ When she's leaving
Makes it impossible ♪

I'll see you tomorrow.

It's unlikely.

♪ She's got a hold of me,
oh ♪

- Thanks.
- ♪ She's got a hold... ♪

Oh, hey, hey, hey, you,
you're supposed to pay for this.

♪ And it's true about
You, about you ♪

♪ About you, about you,
yeah ♪

[lighthearted music]

[birds chirping]

[phone ringing]


Be right there.

Nailed it.


Today's the day.

[all] Surprise!

Don't bother, it's just Amber!

So, you're here
at the crack of 10.

Hold that thought, Felicia.
Just give me one second.

Thank you!

Isn't it a great day?

It's a Tuesday, and it's...

I know, the shower,
are you excited?

Hold that thought.

- Thank you.
- I sorta saw it coming.

[elevator dinging]

Everybody hide!

- What are we doing?
- Shh.

[elevator dinging]

- [all] Surprise!
- Oh my gosh, you guys! This is Amaze-

Did you make a sign?

Emily, we are so excited to be
with you today to celebrate you!


Thank you!

So, wanna grab a coffee?


You're really on top of
things out there today, huh?

Oh, yeah, just lucky I guess.

So, are you in the mood today

for hazelnut or vanilla?

Actually, I'm on a
hazelnut kick thanks to you.

[Amber laughing]

Still two creams, two sugars?

Good memory.

There you go.

Thanks, Amber.

Yeah, sure, my pleasure.



I heard you're seeing
someone from finance.

Who told you that?

What? I dunno, it was just
something I heard.

Wait, are you spying on me?

What? No, definitely not.

I don't think
this is a good idea.

- I...
- I should go back to the party.

What, no, Kevin wait!
I just was making conversation.

[dramatic music]

You ready for this, Bob?

It's a box of diapers, how
much preparation do I need?




[group applauding]

[phone ringing]

I'll see you in 10.

[phone ringing]

I'll see you in 10.

[phone ringing]

Be right there.


[phone ringing]

Be right there.

[lighthearted music]

[elevator door dinging]

[all] Surprise!

Oh, you guys!

This is amazing.

So, how are your parents?

I didn't know they were getting a divorce.
They seemed so happy.

So, how's your new laptop?

I didn't know it got stolen!

So, how's your cat?

I thought they had nine lives?

[elevator doors dinging]

[all] Surprise!

Oh, you guys!
This is amazing!

[group applauding]

- Thanks for coming in.
- Thank you.

- Good to see you.
- Good seeing you.

Robert Grant?

[phone ringing]

Why is Emily with your client?

- We need to have a discussion...
- Tomorrow about my professionalism?

I know.

[knocking on door]

It's open!

Hey, I tried calling.

I broke my phone.

[Felicia] Oh, that's a bummer.

Not really, I'll
get it back tomorrow.

Amber, what is going on,
why aren't you at work?

Because I'm giving up.

[Felicia] Giving up?

I'm done with work.

Done with work, you have the Grant meeting
today. You were so excited about it.

You land that account,
you're getting a promotion.

Maybe even getting Kevin back?

He doesn't care about me.

Wow, I've never seen
you this negative.

It's just I don't understand
what's happening. I...

What am I supposed to
be doing with my life?

I try, and I try, and I try,

and I just, I can't, I...

I can't get anything right.

Amber, everyone
has doubts sometimes.

You'll figure it
out, you always do.

I don't know.

Alright, look.

Get out of this house, go to the
park, soak up some vitamin D,

and then I'll see you
at the office later.


- You're a really good friend.
- Yeah, I know!

[swans honking]

[car alarm beeping]


What's going on?

Playing hooky.

So I hear.

Wanna talk about it?

There's not really
much to talk about.

Just couldn't take
another Grant meeting.

You know, ever since
Emily started working

I feel like I'm
playing catch up.

Playing second fiddle.

I thought Emily does
corporate compliance

and you are into
residential design.

I was, or I am, I just.

I don't know, I feel like Bob's
not really into that, you know?

Not really into that
line of business.

So if I wanna work in
the corporate world

and move on up,
then I need to learn

how to play in the
corporate sandbox.

Does that even make sense
if your heart's not in it?

- I don't know.
- Okay, come here.

- Come here.
- Why?

Face me, close your eyes.

Come on, you gotta relax!
Loosen up, please!

Okay. [clearing throat]

Now, tell me about your favorite
thing that you've ever designed.

Well, Bob said that the
Carver Mart blueprint

- was a very efficient use of space.
- No, forget about Bob.

You gotta tell me what inspired
you to become an architect.

Okay, well I was six years old,

and I really wanted a playhouse,

so I drew a picture for my dad.

It had a living a
room and a music room.

Six year old me was
already very convinced

at the importance
of a music room.

- [Charlie] Well, duh.
- Mmhmm, well, duh.

So my dad and I built it,

and when we were done
he framed my drawing.

My very first blueprint.

Yeah, he hung it up in the
music room and I still have it.


Well, you can't pay the mortgage

with a childhood
drawing, Charlie.

Amber, you're the most
amazing woman I have ever met.

You'll be able to pay the mortgage
no matter what you decide to do.

You make it sound so easy.

Why's it have to be hard?


No, it's just you know three
months ago my life was great.

Everything was on track.

Work was great, Kevin was
great, and now I just feel lost.

Like I can't find my way home.

You just need to
find your North Star.

Figure out what it is that you
really want and just focus on that.


I just, uh, never mind.

Oh, no, we're hooky buddies.

No secrets between
hooky buddies.

[laughing] Oh, oh
yeah, is that is a rule?

- It's a rule, it's illegal.
- Oh, it's illegal?

- Illegal.
- Okay, um, well,

Charlie, you wouldn't believe
me anyway, so.

Try me.

I'll tell you what,
I promise to believe

the next thing you say
whether I believe it or not.

[Amber laughing]

So you have time for a walk?



[swan honking]

[Charlie] How long
has this been going on for?

[Amber] A while now.

Wait, you don't think I'm crazy?

I mean, I do, but a
promise is a promise.

Why do you think
this is happening?

Ah, well, you told
me that if the universe

is giving me a chance to relive
the same day over and over,

that maybe it's just giving
me a chance to get it right.

I said that?


So wise, like Yoda, and Old Owl.

Yeah, don't give
yourself too much credit

because I haven't been able to
figure it out and get it right yet.

Maybe I can help.

How? Come on, Charlie!

If I had talked to you at
the office this morning

do you really think you
would have listened?

Hmm, well.

No, you wouldn't have.

- [laughing]
- I've tried to get Felicia to help so many times,

and if I push any harder
she's gonna have me committed.

Okay, you have to promise
to only use this for good

and not make me do something
I wouldn't wanna do.

You have to promise.

Ooh, pinkie promise, okay.


When I was 10 I begged my parents
for a pet and they said no.

So I decided if they weren't gonna get
me a pet I would hatch one of my own.

Hatch one?

Yes, and hatch one.

So I stole an egg
from the kitchen.


Little Charlie hadn't had the
birds and the bees chat yet, huh?

I was 10, you
wanna hear the story or not?

Okay, yeah, sure, fine, totally.

- I stole Edgar.
- Edgar?

- He was an obvious Edgar to me.
- Okay.

I stole him from the kitchen,
I put the egg on my desk

underneath the lamp, and
I waited for him to hatch.

- And after about a month...
- A month!

A month?

After about a month, I decided Edgar
needed a little help hatching,

so I took the egg,
cracked it on my desk.

Let's just say Edgar was a
little past his hatch by date.


It was smelly and it was gross,
and I was crushed, crushed!

And honestly, it was
my first and only pet.

Okay, yeah, I have
so many questions.

First and foremost,
how does Edgar help me?

Well, I never told a soul.

So if you tell me Edgar's
middle name, Duane.


Yeah, Edgar Duane,
may he rest in peace.

If you tell me Edgar
Duane's middle name,

I'll believe anything
you have to say.

So when did you get the
chat about the birds and bees?

Oh my God.

[elevator dinging]

[all] Surprise!

Oh, don't bother,
it's just Amber.

- Ah, the legendary...
- Hold that. I need to talk to Charlie about an egg.

[both] Hey, it's Just Amber.
It might be cold now, but I brought you your favorite.

- What are you doing?
- Listen to me very closely.

Kevin is about to run into that
gift wrap in four, three, two, one.

[balloon sputtering]

Did you set this up?

Shh, everybody hide!

Emily's going to be here
in exactly 17 seconds!

Shh, let's move!

Move, move, move!

Give me those cups.

[elevator dinging]

- [all] Surprise!
- Oh, you guys!

[Emily and Amber]
This is amazing!

You're starting to freak me out.

- Emily, you're beautiful, you
deserve it, you're welcome.
- Congratulations.

Thank you?

Wow, um, Amber, what's going on?

We need to talk
about Edgar Duane.

[lighthearted music]

Now this is a terrible idea.

You only think that
because you don't know Kevin.

What's to know,
he's a box of rocks?

He is not!

Unless you're talking
about his abs.

Testing, testing.

Yeah, yeah, I hear ya.


Okay, now remember find
out why he dumped me

and what it's gonna
take to get him back.

Oh, sure, yeah.
That's a simple conversation
to have in 90 seconds

on a random Tuesday with
a guy I barely know.

[Kevin] Hey.

Oh, hey, Kevin.

Hey, how's it going?

Good, man.

Going real good.


You good?

[Kevin] Yeah, man, I'm good.

[Charlie] Good, good, great.

Good stuff.
Hey, you and Amber broke up, huh?

Yeah, that was like a while ago.

What? It's only been a
couple of weeks!

Did you say something?

[grunting] No, nuh-uh,
must have been the wind.

Indoor wind.
Doesn't know how to use the mute button.

So back to Amber, why
did you guys break up?

Just didn't work out between us.

Right, yeah.

But why exactly?

Well, you know Amber.

Oh, yeah, I know Amber.

Yeah, but could you be a
little bit more specific?

Hold on.

- I see what's going on here.
- Huh?

You like Amber, and you're
trying to get the inside scoop.

What, pfft, what, me?

Yeah, ugh, like Amber?
Oh, dude!

You don't have to oversell it!

[Kevin]Well, the
thing is, Amber...

She's great.

Yeah, she's great.

But she broke my heart.

She broke your heart?

[Amber] He dumped me!

- I'm asking!
- Okay, man, I'll tell you!

Chill, alright?

See, I wanted to quit my job so I
could play professional kickball.

- Professional...
- Kickball.

And she said that there's
no money in kickball

and that I should focus
on realistic dreams.

Well, that's not exactly...

Not exactly supportive, right?


You get it.

You get it!

Do I?

Do I?


Yeah, I got it.

I got it.
Good conversation, Kevin.

You know what?

It was, Charlie.

It really was.

Thank you. It's been a long time
since I had a friend that I could,

you know, open up to
with stuff like this.

Oh, we're friends?


Yeah, we're friends, Charlie.

And if you ever need
any life advice,

you know, on things like love or
kickball, you come to me, alright?

I'm your guy.

I'll keep that in mind, Kevin.

[Charlie grunting]

- [Dana] The baby shower Olympics begin now!
- Oh, man, we gotta go!

We're gonna miss the
opening ceremony, dude!


Oh, and Charlie, Amber...

She's great.

but she's a heartbreaker.

She still deserves a
good listener like you.

Thanks. [groaning]


[Charlie wheezing]

Well, that was...


Ah, I was gonna say unbearable
awkward and disturbing,

but you seem to be on a
high so we'll roll with it.

So it's the kickball thing, huh?

Who knew I was
crushing his dreams.

Yeah, you're a real tyrant for telling
him the truth about kickball.

[knocking on door]

Hey, what are you guys doing?
You're missing the Olympics! [laughing]

Be right there, Dana!

So you ready for phase two?

- No!
- Let's do this!


[lighthearted music]

Hey, Bob!

Wow, this is a nice
baby monitor, huh?


It's effective range
is only 100 feet.

Good luck getting any yard work
done with this thing on your hip.

Yeah, but how many feet
do you really need, right?

Never mind, never mind.

Um, hey, I wanted to
ask you a question

about those up and
coming promotions.


The new V.P. position?

I think Amber
would be really great.

She's working hard to
lock up that Grant account.

Which she still hasn't done.

Hey, Bob!

[stopwatch ticking]

And you know, she's
incredibly talented.

You've seen her portfolio.
She's willing to put in the hours.

- [stopwatch beeping]
- Time!

Okay, we have Charlie with
half, and Bob with five!



Sorry, Charlie.

Look at these babies.

Why do they have to
grow up into employees?

Hey, Bob, like I
was saying before,

Amber is extremely talented
and a really hard worker.

I hear you, Charlie.

The issue with Amber is she likes
to think outside of the box.

And that's bad?

We don't have outside
of the box clients.

We have inside the box clients.

Inside the big box.

They want safe,
predictable design.

Amber is...

Unsafe and unpredictable?

- Exactly!
- Yeah.

Robert Grant is
the most by-the-book

senior vice president of
Midwestern Strategic Planning

and Development you
could ever meet.

And I've met a few.

[Charlie chuckling]


We're watching this
meeting very carefully.

If Amber can pull this
off, it's a good sign

she can be a fit for
the culture here.

Copy that.
I understand completely, sir.

Might I add, what an
adorable baby photo.

How could you tell?

[Amber]Unsafe and unpredictable?

- Like a rabid cat.
- What? What else did he say?

Just that the
Grant meeting will be

a good sign whether or not
you're fit for promotion.

And that we were
all adorable babies.

- A sign, what kind of sign?
- Try this.

God, Charlie, I'm serious!

Are you sure?
I'm not convinced this isn't all one big joke.

How'd you get the
office in on all this?

You, despite having asked twice,
have onions on your sandwich.

And three, two, one, ketchup.

Okay, it's real, but...

But what?

Well, all this behind
the scenes spying.

- I'm not really comfortable.
- Spying?

Charlie, it's not spying, it's
just chatting with co-workers.

- To gain confidential information!
- You promised me!

I'd never go behind people's...

Charlie, I have been stuck in this time
loop for weeks, and I can't get out!

And you decided I had to get the day just
perfect and now you're backing out on me?

Okay, okay, a promise is a promise.
What next?

Okay, there is one more thing.


Yeah, I understand.
We just need a little more time.

If we could get one more
extension, we could...

[knocking on door]

I'm sorry, I'm
gonna give you a call back.


Charlie, hi.

- Hey.
- What can I do for you?

Dana's a little busy,
she was wondering

if you wouldn't mind grabbing
your cake from the kitchen.


- Ready for the meeting?
- Can't wait.

- Emily!
- Amber, your appointment's here.

Mr. Grant.

Thank you for coming in.

I'd like to speak with you
about thinking inside the box.

Right this way.

Oh, no, Emily,
watch out for the...!

Oh my God.

Oh, I'm so sorry!

Uh, don't move!

- I'll get towels, don't move!
- Oh no.

- I...
- Are we waiting for something?


Here, you do it, you do it.
I'll get more!


Ms. Olsen, I just told
you I'm in a hurry.

Yes, please have a seat.

And so the designer suggested
a lighter shade of beige.

Well, what did you do?

I said to him that plain
beige was good enough

for the men that started this
company, and it's good enough for me.

I mean, what's
next, khaki, ecru?

I hope not!

[both chuckling]

You know, Ms. Olsen, it's rare that you find
someone like you who just, just gets it.

I'm looking forward
to working with you on this.

- Likewise, Mr. Grant.
- Yeah.

Thank you so much for coming
in, and we'll be in touch.


Emily Baker?

Mr. Grant, hi!

- Oh!
- I, um.

It was Emily's
baby shower today.

Actually, it's a
really funny story.

- Yeah!
- [phone buzzing]

- I married David.
- Hey, that's my next meeting. So, Ms. Olsen, Emily.

Emily, I am so sorry.

It's fine.
It's not your fault.

Hey, Kev.

There she is!

Hey, good news about
you and Charlie, huh?


Oh, sorry, did you
not want anyone to know?

Because I've only told
like a couple people.

Oh, what?

No, Kevin, there is
no me and Charlie.


Oh man, he is gonna
be so heartbroken.

Oh, yeah, listen, I've
been doing a lot of thinking

about us lately, and Kevin
I own you an apology, okay?

You shared your dream with
me and I didn't understand.


'Cause I thought it
was pretty clear.

I wanna play kickball

Yeah, no, I knew what you meant.

I just...

Now I don't understand.

I guess what I'm trying to say is
that I should have supported you.

That I do support you.

Well, thank you.

- Yeah.
- Thank you, that means a lot.

[laughing] It's so
funny, because I was

just talking about this
with Charlie earlier!

- Really?
- Yeah!


What are the odds.

He knows that there's no you and him, right?

- Yeah!
- Wait!

I don't want him to think that I'm
taking his girl now that we're, well...

me and Charlie are best friends.

Oh, yeah, well I'm sure
Charlie will be fine.

I mean, he's great, but I would
never really date Charlie.


Because, he's...


Well, the thing is, Kevin, you and
me, you know. I just, I miss us.

I miss us too.

Well, cool.
Maybe we could get together later and talk?

Okay, I'm gonna
take that as a yes.



Yes, Bob?

I just got off the
phone with Robert Grant.


Yeah, we need to have a meeting
in the morning to talk about...

- My professionalism.
- What?


We need to talk about
the rollout plan.

This is a huge client.

Nice work!

Thank you, sir.

I'll see you in my
office nine o'clock sharp.

[tongue clicking]

It's all happening!

[knocking on door]

Yeah, come in!

Oh, Amber, hi.

Congratulations on the Grant
account, that's awesome.

Thank you.

Yeah, I actually had Mr.
Grant as a professor in college.

He's a really great guy.

Emily, are you okay?

Yeah, of course, yeah.

Why do you ask?

Oh, I just...

[Emily crying]

Had a hunch.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm just having a really bad day.

You are, but the shower?

Yeah, the shower
was the worst part.

I had to smile and act
like everything was okay.

And it isn't?

No, David lost his job, so we've
gone through all of our savings.

We've just been living off my salary,
and I'm about to go on leave.

And now the promotion is
clearly off the table.

When I saw Mr. Grant today,
I thought this is a sign.

Because he's hiring and David needs a
job, and I could put in a good word.

And now I'm covered in cake,

and I may as well just
sell the house and let

the tigers on the walls
scare someone else's baby.

Emily, I had no idea.
I'm so sorry.

No, I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.

This has nothing to do with you.
I shouldn't bother you with this.

Emily, this isn't right.

No, it's fine, it's fine.

I just wanna be alone.


This isn't right.

Hey, what's going on.
Why are you talking to Emily?

Cause we're co-workers.

Yeah, but you
don't share accounts.

And what about the cake?

I wasn't talking to
Emily about the cake.

It was an accident!

Look, I'll make
it right tomorrow.

You keep talking as if
tomorrow's all that matters.

Well, I just need one more day.

Tomorrow she's not
even gonna remember this.

Yeah, but you will!

The only thing changing
day by day is you.

Who are you gonna be by the time
you get everything you want?

Charlie, come on, I'm so close!

I just need one more
day, and then everything

can go back to the
way that it was.

And you're the one who
said that the universe

is giving me a chance
to make this day right.

Right, to get things right.

You need to think about
what that actually means.

Do me a favor, tomorrow,
if this all happens again,

leave me out of it.

[melancholy music]

Where ya headed?

Oh, I was going to dinner.

- With Kevin?
- Yeah.

Excellent! Oh.

Oh, is something wrong?

I just wanna be
sure you've reviewed

all the additional Grant materials
for tomorrow morning's meeting.

- Additional materials? Oh, um.
- I'll be right back with the rest!

Great work, again, Amber.

You've really put yourself on the
radar here with this account.

[tongue clicking]
See you in the morning.

[lighthearted music]

- Here you go!
- Oh, okay. [laughing]

Hey, Kevin, I am
so sorry I'm late.

I got stuck at work.

No worries.

I ordered you a "pina colata."

But I'm allergic to pineapple.

That still a thing?



Don't wanna waste it, huh?




- This is great.
- Yeah.

- Listen, I was so...
- I wanted to talk.

[both laughing]

- You go.
- No, you go.

No, please, really.

So, I've been working
on my business plan.

For kickball.


So far I've figured
out my expenses.


That's a lot of kick balls.

In case they get lost
from kicking too hard.

So I figured out
the expenses part.

Now I just gotta figure
out the income part.


Yeah, that's what I was trying
to tell you before, remember?

But you just have to have
an income to turn a profit.

Professional kickball is gonna
take off, and I'm good, Amber.

Maybe even great.

- Yeah, but the thing is.
- [phone dinging]

Oh, come on, Bob!

What's up?

He has work documents
for me to review.

The zoning ordinances
from 16 municipalities?

But this isn't right either.

You mean he sent you the wrong ordinances
from the right municipalities,

or the right ordinances from
the wrong municipalities?

None of this is right.

I haven't gotten
it right at all.

I'm so sorry, Kev, I gotta go.

Oh, no worries.

I gotta work on my
expenses anyway, so.

I think we might
need more kick balls.


Nailed it, yes!

[melancholy music]

I'll get it right tomorrow.

[birds chirping]

[phone ringing]

I'll be there in 20.

[lighthearted music]

Today's the day I get it right.


[elevator door dinging]

Don't bother, it's just...

What's that, Amber?


Mr. Grant, he's with Bob.


Yeah, they're waiting
for you in your office.

It's tomorrow.

I finally got everything
I wanted and...

- Bob, is she even gonna show?
- [Bob] Oh, yes, she'll be here.

I am so sorry I'm late. Hi.

We were just discussing the
Fargo and Grand Forks stores

and whether the
modifications required

for subsections F and
G would mean we need

to refile the plans for the
county planning commission.

Oh, yes, from the binders.

Um, I think state law supersedes the
ordinances so long as we comply.

Nothing on state law
on this in North Dakota.

Oh, right.

No state law.

I apologize.

Can you excuse me
for one moment?

Bob, what the hell?

- [Bob] Uh, she's...
- I don't understand.

Mr. Grant, I think
you know Emily.

Hi. [laughing]

Emily Baker?

Actually, it's
Emily Preston, now.

It's a super cute story and she'll
tell you all about it later.

But Emily here will be
handling your account for us.

Excuse me?

Can I see you
outside for a second?

That won't be necessary, Bob.

See, Emily here loves municipal zoning
ordinances, and county safety regulations,

- and regional accrediting organizations.
- Okay, Amber, what is going on?

Emily's the one that
you want on this, not me.

Need I remind you that promotions
are coming out, Ms. Olsen?

No, see, you're gonna
want Emily for that too.

Because as of now, I
don't work here anymore.

- What?
- What?


Thank you, Bob, for a
wonderful opportunity.

I have learned so much and I
appreciate all that you've taught me.

But I'm moving on.

Okay, but yeah, but
what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna get
back to what I love.

Homes, families, everyday life.

I mean, that's what
I'm passionate about.

So that's what I'm gonna design.

Oh, and Mr. Grant, Emily's husband,
David, I believe you know him?

He would be perfect for
that, what's that position?

Oh, Vice President of Midwestern
Strategic and Development.

[Amber] Yeah, that.

See, she loves this stuff!

- Yeah, and Emily.
- [Emily] Yeah.

About yesterday, I'm so sorry.

You're so sorry about what?

Just all of it.

[tongue clicking]

Hey, Amber?

Will you proof read this for me?


It's my letter of resignation.

I wanna focus fully on kickball, but I
don't know if kickball is one word or two.


Oh, I see the problem here.

I knew it!

It's hyphenated.

Kev, the truth is I was right.

You can't make a
career out of kickball.

But hey, you're
great at marketing!

You almost sold me.

I don't know if I can be with someone
who doesn't believe in my dream.

And I don't know if I can be
with someone with that dream.

Kev, you're a great guy,
and you are gonna find

the perfect girl,
but it's just not me.


He's gone.

Where did he go?

- He quit this morning.
- He did?

Did he say why?

I don't know, he just said that

there wasn't anything
here for him anymore.

Said he was gonna spend
the day playing hooky.

Tomorrow finally came.

I wasn't ready for it,
but tomorrow came anyway.

Tomorrow tends to do that.

Yeah, look Charlie,
you were right, okay?

I've been so focused on tomorrow that I
haven't been paying attention to today.

And, well if I'm being
completely honest,

this whole thing started way
before the time loop even began.

And I've been
missing out on a lot.

Missing out?

I've been looking
ahead, when I should

have been looking at what
was right in front of me.

Amber, yesterday
I saw a side of you

that I didn't know existed,
and honestly, I didn't like it.

Yeah, I know.

I know because you helped
me see it too, Charlie,

and look, I'm trying
to make things right.

You know, the worst part about
all of this is how I hurt you.

I just, I couldn't see past
Emily and Kevin and Bob

to you...

But, I see now.

What do you see?

A second chance to get it right.

Really right.

You know, I quit today.

I know.

I quit too.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

So I guess we're just two
people out here on our own.

Maybe we could be out
here on our own together?

I'd like that.

Me too.

We'll get started tomorrow.

No, no more tomorrows, Charlie.

Let's get started today.

And we went ahead and added
a music room in the back.

You gotta have a music room.

I know you guys love playing
together with your kids.

Here, let me show you.

- So right here...
- [knocking on door]

Hey, can I borrow
you for a second?

Yeah, sure, can
you give me a moment?

- Of course.
- Great.

[all] Surprise!

You guys, this is amazing!

- Hi!
- Hi!

- You like it?
- Yeah, it's great!

You know, I can throw
you more of these.

Hmm, I think we'll
take it one at a time.