Struggle on the Nile (1959) - full transcript

The people of Luxor decided to buy Sandal new submarine instead of the old sandal for river transport business, and cost the mayor Mujahid to go to buy, with a computerized data bank son of Rais Gad, known thieves and competitors purchase order, and decide their leader Abu Sufyan get the refund, he sends his men to steal the money.

Bride of the Nile

Who is it? Rashed?

Abdel Wahed?

What's he saying?
He needs an interpreter

- He's asking for Mujahed
- Why not say so? Damn you

There by the Karnak

Get going.. damn you

Gamal El-Leissi Films present

Struggle on the Nile

Music Score: Fouad el-Zahery

Cinematographer: Kalileo

Mujahed, the lady wants her
picture taken with you


Chief Gad? What?

- At home
- Come along

There you go

Play that

- Muhasab
- Hello, Mujahed

Where've you been?

Haven't seen you since your
boat arrived with dad

I visited some relatives in
Deshna and returned this morning

The interpreters gathered around
me to stick duel for foreigners

- Welcome back
- Thanks

Tell me, Muhasab, why does
your father want me?

Many men want you on a big

Let's go

You didn't drop
by the field today

My dad sold the two feddans

Sold them? He didn't tell me

He must intend to set you
on the boat in his place

Do you think I can replace
my dad?

- Learn, Muhasab
- How? I'm too old

Who would believe Gad's
son can't swim?!

It's not your fault
Your mom feared the sea

You were her one and only

That's why she pierced my ear
and put earrings on me

But your dad rejoiced; he
nearly danced for joy

He carried you naked on his
shoulder all over Luxor

What's wrong, Muhasab?

I know how much you love
my father

As I love myself.. he taught
me and did me many favors

What's wrong with your
father, Muhasab?

Two days ago he awoke blind

In Cairo, I took him to the

The doctor said there's no
cure for his eyes

- Peace to you
- And to you

- Who is it, men?
- Mujahed, father

Mujahed?! Welcome

I want you, son. Come closer
Sit, Mujahed. Sit, Muhasab

Get well soon, Chief Gad
May God heal you

I accept God's judgment

I am very old now, Mujahed

Like our boat Bride of the Nile

I traveled a lot on it

We keep repairing our boat
day in, day out, to no avail

No one can defy time, son

That's why I decided to sell
Bride of the Nile

Sell her? How come?

The future is now for barges
and steamers

and for youth like you

But a barge costs too much,

It needn't be new..
second hand will do

Listen, Mujahed, we all sold
our boats and all we have

to save up for the barge

- Me too
- I sold my boats

You're all sharing a single

One barge can make us and
our children rich

They'll soon start the high dam
and we'll operate the barge

and we won't be able to
catch up with all the work

We didn't make it soon enough,
so you must

Good thinking, but you know
I have nothing to sell

You needn't join in with money

Your hard work is worth a lot

Hear me out

You go to Cairo, sell
Bride of the Nile

and add the money to the amount
we give you

and go meet Hajj Mohamed Abu Ouf

Give him the cash, he'll
give you the barge

He has word, and is keeping
the barge in Rod El-Farag

Mujahed, Bride of the Nile

and Muhasab and the money
are entrusted to you

Will I go with him, father?

You always used to dream of
sailing in Bride of the Nile

You'll sail in it but you'll
return on the barge

a great chief

Give me the money, Sheik Ali

Here, Mujahed

- How much?
- 6250 pounds

Our lifetime savings..

The village's future in your hands

Here, Muhasab, you keep the money

We gave it to you, Mujahed

And I give them to Muhasab

He's a man and can protect the
money of his dad and the villagers

Is that so? Come here, Muhasab

What?! You're still wearing
the earring?

>From now on you're a man

Congratulations, Muhasab

- Mujahed, come here, son
- Yes, chief?

As I explained to you, the money
and Muhasab are a trust to you

Why are you trembling so?

I came rushing for fear
of being late

- Is Abu Saafan home?
- No

- Anyone see you coming?
- Not at all

Then we can spend some time
together.. Please

The mute told me you were
going to Cairo

Tomorrow, at dawn
I'll miss you, Ward

- You're not conscripting?
- Not yet

Will you visit the holy men?

I'm going to buy a barge

A steamer you mean?

-Yes, I'll be a chief
- Really, Muhasab?

How delightful, Muhasab will
be a great chief

If only God frees me of Abu Saafan

Soon we'll be rich and I'll
save you of Abu Saafan

I wish, Muhasab; I'm a poor

He makes me work for food
and feeds me poison

Soon you'll eat honey, Ward

Know how much I have?

6250 pounds for the steamer

My goodness! Watch out for them,

- Keep them under lock and key
- Fear not

Don't go on wild goose

Did you hear that I was a fool?

Are you mad at me?

You removed the earring?!

-I'm a man
- The best of men

Prepare yourself to marry me
upon my return

When is that?

What do I bring you from Cairo?

- A scarf with sequins
- No

- Combs?
- Not at all

- A silk scarf?
- No

- What do you want?
- You, my precious support

Apple of my eye.. wow!

Joy will arrive with you
aboard that steamer

and the steamer goes chuff,
chuff, chuff

And my heart beats tick,
tock, tick


I knitted this cap for you
with my hands and heart

SO you can remember me

And this chain, too, Muhasab

to protect you from evil

Please don't go to Moski

Why not?

They say signoras are very
pretty there

Fair as snow with blond
hair and they use make-up

You're my signora and you're
naturally beautiful

I love you, Ward.. I love you

I'm going

Don't speak or move

I want your lovely words
"I love you"

to ring in my ears till
you return


May I see you soon

- Hi, Shalabeya
- Hi yourself

Hi, Baheya

Good evening, aunt

What's with you, girl?

Where is your mind?

My mind is.. there!
with him

- With whom, girl?
- You know, aunt Bahana

Tell me, did you meet him now?

Yes, he's going to Cairo

He'll buy a steamer and
return a real chief

- Muhasab?
- My darling

Silence, girl

Don't say a word or Abu Saafan
will kill you

May God bring us together

Go make some tea

He's on his way back with
the men

Do as I say or he'll yell
at you; silence conceals us

How nice! Chief Gad whom we
call a kind man

incited the villagers to buy
a steamer

He wants them to profit at
my expense! Me!

Chief Gad is not alone

It's either me or all those

I have another idea

Sell your boats and buy a
steamer like them

And be their equal?

I, Abu Saafan, the great,

will always own
twenty boats

which travel north and south

I'll always be their boss
and trample them

That's not right, Abu Saafan

If you don't like it, forget it

Listen, Hisham..

When will Bride of the Nile sail?

Dawn tomorrow

- Know what you'll do?
- Ride with them

- They'll drop you in Qena
- Then to Sidi Abdel Rehim carnival

- Can Muhasab swim?
- He drowns in shallow water

Drown him, and the whole
boat if possible

- Where were we?
- I drown the whole boat

And the money never gets to
Cairo. Hisham gets it all done

Take care, son and heed Mujahed

God be with you

Mujahed, your trust is Muhasab

Relax, chief

Bye, son


God be with you

Take care of yourself, Muhasab

You're too late to warn him

If you breathe one word
I'll kill you and him

Got it? Get lost

Oh, Lord, make things easy

and say: Lord, make things

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

Awaiting you to say hello

Oh, Lord, make things easy

O traveler between darkness
and light

You board many bridges and

O traveler between darkness
and light

You board many bridges and

Take care, days will go by

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

Awaiting you to say hello

Oh, Lord, make things easy

Oh, Lord, make things easy

What's wrong, Muhasab?
What's on your mind?


Whom do you miss more?
Your dad or Ward?

Want the truth? I miss all
of Luxor

One never knows a thing's
value till he parts with it

Right, Mujahed

Tell me, why did you give me
the money?

I wanted you to sense the

But I feel the load is too

Soon you'll buy the barge
and relax

Instead of you carrying the
burden, it'll carry you

The most important thing is

Is the barge we're buying
that big?

And you'll be a grand chief

Gather the sail, everyone
Go up, Omran

Get the sail, Muhasab

Teach me how to climb up
there, Mujahed

Soon, you'll go up alone

- Throw the anchor in, Qandeel
- To the east, helmsman

- We're in Qena, Hisham
- Thanks, Mujahed

Recite the fatiha for us
at Sidi Abdel Rehim

Won't you visit?

We have too much work
We'll load pitchers

And at night? Won't you go
to the carnival?

It's Muhasab's first trip
and he wants to see it, right?

As Mujahed sees fit

Muhasab must hold watch tonight

He can't leave the boat

As you wish

Muhasab holds watch tonight

He'll be alone on the boat

Can we kill him?

Mujahed would kill us all

Mujahed will be sleeping

He sleeps like a fox with
one eye open

We must lure him to the carnival
then to the mountain

where we can bury him
and get the purse

Well done, Mekheimar

- Now you can go
- Let's go, Damarani

The wary one. His pocket is
sewn together

- He must be loaded
- I won't leave him

Come closer and see the
great champ who chews iron

Heavyweight champ who beats ten

Why are you waiting?
Take him to the mountain

Come closer.. entry for
3 piasters

See the great champ who
chews iron

Heavyweight champ who beats ten

even if they're as big
as elephants

Watch the belly-dancer

star of theater and cinema

You'll see her in the very

Catch a seat and come in and
watch for three piasters

Famous Lady Nargis,

who's very beautiful and fair

Come in, kinsman, catch a
seat before we start

For three piasters

Watch the belly-dancer

Famous Lady Nargis,

star of theater and cinema

She's very beautiful
and fair

See that refined fellow
sitting by Mekheimar?

What of him?

All I want is for the purse
not to reach Cairo

- What's that to me?
- How come?

He has a purse full of money
6000 pounds

I'm here to be a belly-dancer
not a pickpocket

I'm talking 6000 pounds, your
salary in twenty years

I don't care

Listen up! He won't leave here
with that money

I'll bury you with him,
hear me?

Oh, they're going home!

The dancing will start

- What's this?
- You've seen nothing yet

Where are you going?
Don't be coy

Watch out for him, he's

Why didn't you rob him

He sewed his pocket

- No kidding?

Since he's in our area
don't let anyone near him

Some here for chief Muhasab

- Chief of what?
- Bride of the Nile

- Headed north or south?
- North

- You from Qena?
- Luxor

How's Ramsis the first?

He sends his regards

You've such a humor, boy

And what will the scarf boy

I gave you a pound, let's
see what he pays

His gentility and civility
is enough

- Broke?
- A lion's purse is never empty

Didn't you get your pocket money?

Silence. I'm a respectable man

If you're a man, take out
your purse

He gave you one pound,
I'll pay two

Let's start a fight

What if they hit him?

We can steal the purse
in the crowd

That's a real man's purse

How much do you have,
Abu Tesht?

Answer me, lowlife

I'm a lowlife, you vagabonds?!

I said enough is enough;
all of you sit down

Please get out of here quickly

He's staying.. no one can
kick him out

Avoid evil and go.. come,

Muhasab.. a dancer.. purse

- Where?
- In carnival

It's not my fault

Go before me

Never mind! Come and see me

- We sail at dawn
- Shame!

Never mind, it's a
small world.. bye

A kid like that manages
to evade you all

Muhasab, what are you doing
here? Where's the purse?

Fear not

I held it tight.. oh no,

I had it in my pocket

You lost it! That's what
I feared

How can you go to a carnival
with 6000 pounds? Have mercy

I'm at fault, chief
Do anything you want with me

- Go to the boat
- How can I leave you?

Do as I say. Go with him

You missed by two steps

I wanted to return to Luxor
with the purse

so Abu Saafan would believe me

A swift robber stole them..
lucky him

Your nerve. Go before me

- Find me change
- As you wish


Sell him?

No kidding.. his purse is swollen

He's yours

Why are you panting?

Look, see.. I hooked it
from a rich fellow

How nice!

Counted the money yet?

There's far too much.. till
now four thousand pounds


- Our parents' prayers
- We're so lucky

Oh my! It's blank paper


You thought the purse was
full of money, right?

That's our money, man

We made it by the sweat
of our brow

Mujahed is coming


He found it.. thank God

Why are you standing here?
Get to your business

Don't interfere with him
Got it, Nagdy?

We won't blame him or
even mention it

No one learns for free

He was going to learn
for thousands

It's well-earned money
and God saved it

Let's go, men. We travel
at dawn

Chief Muhasab

Chief Muhasab

Hide me, please, they want
to kill me

Why are you so terrified,
Lady Nargis?

He's holding a knife and
wants to kill me

Who's he?

Please come and hide me,
chief Muhasab

Come and don't be scared

It's you?!

- Where did you hide her?
- Who?

Speak and don't play dumb

- Hey
- Move it

What's this?

What's up?

You'd better show her

Calm down and speak gently

She escaped me, the tart!

Who? Your wife?

No, my wife's daughter

Why would she come aboard?

- I saw her heading this way
- She may have run ashore

Search the boat if you like

Where will she escape?
I know how to get her back

If she shows up on this

I'll kill you with my men

Get going then


Why didn't you lift the
wooden log?

Mujahed.. dancer.. cellar

Dancer.. cellar

There's the dancer, see?

Who are you? Who's she?

What's your story? Speak

What should I say?

Hand me over to him

Death is better for me than
this suffering

Relax, he's gone now

He won't rest till he finds me

I'll report him, the thief

He saw the purse in his
pocket and lost his mind

He asked me to trick him
and pinch it

I said no way

He incited two men to steal
it at the carnival

We retrieved the money

Really?! That's why he's mad
and takes it out on me

Thank God you got your money

I have a kind God

Why is your home so tiny?

Muhasab, let the lady off

Where will you go now?

To my work

Who could take me to Cairo?

Catch the train

Train?! His gang must be waiting
at the station

Please don't leave me
I'm all alone

How can we? Mujahed

What would you say, Muhasab?

She risked her life for us
We ought to protect her

You want us to start a fight?

No, take her to Cairo

You're Upper Egyptian.. would
you escort a woman with us?

Should we let her get killed?

He's her stepfather and can
do as he pleases

- We're Upper Egyptians
- And protect those who ask us

She's a poor weak woman

Stop chattering.. I will take
her to the train

We could avoid evil by hiding
her in the boat

Please, chief Mujahed

Hear me out! We'll take you
only to the next town


You'll remain in the cellar

Don't come out at all

- Thank you
- Go now

What are you waiting for?
Get going

I'm scared they'll catch on
and throw her to sea

We're still around and will
follow by land

with the boat each step
of the way

- Good morning
- Good morning

- Thanks, Muhasab
- Why?

You begged Mujahed to let
me travel with you

That's the least I can do

It's my luck to see you again

- What is there about your eyes?
- What?

They're lovely when they're
open and half-closed

Don't go ashore with the
money in your pocket again

The money will never be in
my pocket again

- Are they with chief Mujahed?
- No

Where then?

After Mujahed retrieved the

Where did he take it?

I thought he'd fight with me

- He had a right to
- Then what?

- He never mentioned it
- Then what?

Mujahed loves me very much

Why are you out of the cellar?

Good morning, chief Mujahed

I asked why you were out
of the cellar

I was washing my legs

I warned you to stay till
we land ashore

Don't be upset, chief Mujahed

Go, for the last time
I warn you

Don't distract the men
by talking

The sea is treacherous and
the slightest mistake is lethal

God forbid

O boy! Chief Mujahed, when
does the boat land?

When the sun sets

Are you silly? Haven't you
ever seen flesh?

That's far more than flesh, man

Get going

If she pokes her head out
of the cellar call me

- Got it?
- Alright

Sit at the helm and keep
an eye out

O Lord, make things easy

O Lord, make things easy

and say: Lord, make things

and say: Lord, make things

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

Awaiting you to say hello

O traveler between darkness
and light

You board many bridges and

O traveler between darkness
and light

You board many bridges and

Take care, days will go by

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

Awaiting you to say hello

- We sang..
- Two thousand songs

- About estrangement..
- And its long nights

- One day..
- You'll rest easy

- Why complain..
- Or sigh?

- With your health..
- And God's aid

You'll get all you dream of

You go home, stranger

and ashore find your lover

Awaiting you to say hello

and say: Lord, make things

Lord, make things easy
all along the way

What happened, Muhasab?

The boat sank into mud

Why are you out of the

Why are you standing there?
Get going all of you

The wind will no longer
help and the ground is high

Drop the anchor, Omran

Muhasab, why did you come?

Don't please. What happened
was enough

I just wanted..

- What?
- I wanted..

For shame, shame, Muhasab

What's wrong with your leg?

- It got twisted
- Show me

Let me see

Where's the pain? Here?
Or here?

- I don't know
- Here?

Shame on you, just 'cause my
leg hurts and I can't run

you do this to me!

Nargis, why run away from me?

Oh me! I knew you'd ask
that question

Why, Nargis?

Answer me


Because I love you

How can you love me yet
run away?

I'm afraid you're toying with me

Me, Nargis?

Are you upset? I'm sorry

- Go, Muhasab
- Where to?

- To the boat
- And you?

- Not me
- How come?

In two or three hours you'll
let me off

Why should we get attached
to each other?

You'll come with us to

Think Mujahed will approve?

Mujahed seems harsh, but he
has a fine heart

- He doesn't like me
- How?

- Because I love you
- How does he know?

Nothing stays secret

Remember when Mujahed saw us
talking and yelled at me?

- He was jealous of you
- What?

The trouble is you kept silent
and lowered your eyes


- Yes, he has the upper hand
- Why?

Because you lost the purse

He owns none of the money

It's my dad's and the villager's

Why didn't you take it when
he found it?

He locked it up

At least he can show you
where it is

I know where it is

- No way!
- Why?

He locked it up in the
cellar before me

- Which cellar?
- The one you're in

Right under the bed

- Oh my!
- What did you think?


See, let's go

Let's return to the boat

Let's stay a while

Mujahed will awake and not
find us

We owe him nothing

Don't forget he's the skipper

It's my father's boat and
I have control of it

Don't be upset, come along

Where to?

We'll play Besbes

- How?
- I'll tell you..

Put your hands here

I'll put mine here

when I try to hit you
pull your hands away

The point is that my hands
and yours don't touch


No.. not here, smartie

I told you to remove your
hands instantly

How nice! What a lovely

What are you playing?

- Besbes Naw
- What?

Playing while the boat is
sunk in mud?!

- And you caused it
- Me?!

- Yes, you and her
- It's not her fault

Listen, Muhasab, I took too

thinking you might wise up

You seem to want me to box
your ears

- My ears? How?
- The ones you had earrings on

I'm not young, I'm a man

That so? Run along, then

Let's go, Nargis

Nargis won't return to the

- Listen, Mujahed
- Chief Mujahed

My dad owns the boat and
I control it

Your dad entrusted me with the
boat, shipment, money and you

I'm not underage to be under
your control

You're underage till you get
to Cairo and get the steamer

and you return to your dad
and the villagers, understand?

- Chief Mujahed
- Listen, hag

How come a hag?

When I speak, you shut up

- What are you thinking?
- Silence

Silence, Muhasab

I warned you never to leave
the cellar

You disobeyed
You had it coming!

Let's go, Muhasab

Will you leave me in this
totally deserted place?

Full of animals, scorpions,
and snakes?

Stand at the tip of the
island and wave

A thousand boats would
take you

Chief, you started a favor
and must complete it;

Take me back and I'll never
leave the cellar

We don't carry women on
board.. come on, Muhasab

When I speak wisely, heed me

Lift the anchor, remove the
wooden log

Wait, take me with you

Help me!

Look, Mujahed..

Why are you screaming?

A snake bit me

There it is.. there.. a snake
bit me

Someone give me a rope, quickly

I'll die, Mujahed
Help me!

No one brought a rope

Oh dear.. I'll die

Open your eyes.. revive

My goodness! He has a knife
and wants to kill me

Fear not.. I'm here

Get me Mujahed.. I want him

Wake up, Nargis. It's Mujahed

You! Shame on you, Mujahed
you traitor

- What are you doing?
- The mud, chief

My arm

Don't stand there, go get
some tea

The tea, chief

Sip some..

Sip some more

How are you now?

A bit better

Feel hot?

I don't know. Touch me

You're much better. Cover up

You'll wake up fine

Thanks, Mujahed

What for? I did nothing

You sucked the poison from my arm

Good night

- Are you mad at me?
- Not at all

Nargis, where are you going?

Stay back, Muhasab. Don't
do what you did last time

- You're leaving?
- Yes, leave me

How can you leave alone?

I'll row to the shore and
leave the canoe there

How can you row while feverish?

Keep it down, we'll be overheard

Why are you going?
Did someone offend you?

- No, what happened was enough
- I can't leave you at sea alone

I'll get the money and elope
with you

- I can't part you and Mujahed
- I'll get the money

Calm down, darling. Don't
be crazy

You want Mujahed to send us
to jail

and say we stole the money?

I'll go to Cairo and marry you

- And the steamer, Muhasab?
- Never mind the steamer

Wise up, Muhasab

Tie the canoe; wanna run
away with the money?

She says the steamer and
you say

never mind?

You forgot your disabled father
who toiled at sea?

Forgot the villagers whose
future lies in your hands?

Forgot Ward?

It's not your fault,
but mine

I wanted to make a man of
you, you turned out a kid

Less than a kid

>From now on you won't know
where the money is till Cairo

where I'll buy the steamer
and take you on it to Luxor

- Come along
- It's not my fault

I know, come with me

Will you kill me?

We don't kill anyone; we're

Go before me

Go before me


Take her in the canoe to the shore

You'll get to town by morning

Return and meet up with us

Need money?

I said need money?

- No, thanks
- Come on, Qandeel

What will you say? Wasn't
that her goal?

She doesn't want to stay,
can we force her?




Nagdy.. go into the
cellar, it's cold

You made me run around in
circles, what next?

Have patience..
no pain, no gain

There's a canoe with a woman in it

It's her, damn her! Why is
she alone?

She may have pinched the cash

Hide, men

Easy, easy

In the name of Allah


Give chief Mujahed my regards

- Got the cash?
- No

What happened?

I had the purse and was about
to sneak away


Muhasab insisted on joining me


The damned chief Mujahed
showed up

I returned the purse

He insisted on sending me
away at midnight

My body nearly froze

I told you we should have
attacked them at Qena

and slayed them for the cash

We can't

- Mujahed can beat ten men
- Say twenty!

We don't want anyone back home

to know we're involved

- Listen, I'll return to the boat
- How?

They'll anchor here awaiting
the bridge to open

And after that?

God will help me

You're waiting for me
till now?

I'd wait all my life

I'm so glad to see you

Come, Muhasab, come

- Qandeel, where's Muhasab?
- I haven't seen him

- Where could he be?
- Maybe he went shopping in town

You're asking for Muhasab?
He went with her

- Who?
- The dancer

- Would she wait for him?
- Love is like fire

- Why didn't you tell me?
- She loves him, not me

Mujahed, look.. they're
coming over there

Where are you going?

- Boarding the boat
- And her?

Coming with me

She will never set foot on
the boat

- She'll board before me
- I said never

I said she'll board before me

She's my wife

What did you say?

I said we are legally married

Go into the cellar

We have a marriage contract

Go in. What now?

How can you do such a
terrible thing?

Why terrible? Is marriage

It's shameful to choose an
imposter to your kin

Father said times are changing

Does that mean to marry a

How will you support her?

I'll work in Cairo

Doing what? Selling razors and
lottery tickets?

Or will her dancing
support you?

Forgot Ward? The innocent

Don't mention Ward at all

How come you're still wearing
her cap and chain?

Here they are!

Leave him, men
Get to work

We exaggerated the matter
for no reason

I was disappointed in you

You should've told me. I'm
like your elder brother, right?

It's all a matter of fate
Quite the bride!

She's beautiful and blond

No one in Luxor matches
her beauty

Congratulations, Muhasab,
and Bride of the Nile

Tonight will be a night of
joy and happiness

Go and get yourself
some rest

How can you let him marry
her, chief?

This hand that did good
and offered favors

will kill tonight

I give you regards

- Tonight is your night
- Groom

- Answer us
- Groom

Hold our hands


- Sing for us
- Groom

Are you shy, Nargis?

Not much

Why be shy?

You know

I'm your groom

- It's my first marriage
- Me too

- Come here then
- No

- Why?
- I'm shy

Alcohol for you

Right, you're a man now

Drink and enjoy yourself
and have a happy night

Nargis, drink this so you
won't be shy

You drink some too

What's wrong?

It's very heavy and burns
the throat

Show me how you will drink

It seems you've never drunk

How come? I can drink anything..

Go ahead

Hey, you're not
drinking tea

In one go, so you can be
a real man

After the stuff drowses

I'll steal into the cellar and
carry her to the canoe and kill her

And when he awakes and doesn't
find her!

Her stepfather sneaked in
and kidnapped her

- Great, Mujahed
- Great idea

- Watch out.. what?
- Oh my!

What's wrong with you?

- You're two now
- How come?

Your head gave off another

and your eye gave off another

And my lips?

Drink up

You're three now. Three Nargis

You're wonderful
Drink more

Come here, don't cause a

- I'll tell him something
- What?

That I'm married to four

So what? That's legal


What's up, Muhasab?

Marriage is lovely

It's very wonderful

- What happened?
- She's still wide awake

I could have carried her
off by force; I feared Muhasab

I'll lure her out of
the cellar

and take her willingly in
the canoe.. you go to bed

What's up, chief Mujahed?
How dare you open my cellar?

The alcohol is heavy, I don't
know what I'm doing

What did you want?

I wanted to go to my
cellar to sleep

but I got confused

- Couldn't tell left from right?
- Nor head from toes

- Excuse me
- Where to?

- Home
- Stay

Shame to stay out on my
wedding night. Goodnight

Nargis.. I want to tell you

- Speak
- A secret


Go ahead

Shame on you

My body is on fire

Jump in the water and you'll
cool off

Let's go out in the canoe


- No, get a breath of fresh air
- Get some

Nargis, I want to go with you

I can't go with a stranger

I'm no stranger, I'm your


- Will you bring the bottle?

- And play with me?

- Really?
- Really

No, Muhasab might awake

I gave him alcohol so he wouldn't


- Believe me
- Follow me..

Why sit so far? Come near me


Are you tired or what, chief

Here, drink

Row.. should I help you?

Let's go in deeper

It seems he's back

She's with him!

He's drunk


Come and carry him

Chief Mujahed, get up

Get up, it's midday

How can you leave me till
the sun rises?

You were fast asleep,
tired since last night

What happened last night?

You took her in the canoe
to kill her

And you returned on your
back in the canoe

and she was wide awake

cracking such laughs.. hear that?

May you be next

I love white plumpness


Morning, chief Mujahed

Happy morning after

See, a live sheatfish

Give it, boy. You leave it

Leave it, leave it

We have lots of fish today

Stop, boy. What's wrong with you?

Catch, Nagdy.. a sheatfish

- How do you like the food?
- Scrumptious sauce

- I made it
- Thank you

It's delicious, right, Mujahed?

- Why don't you speak?
- I'm eating

Can't you talk while eating?

Taste the rice

It's really well-done, right?


Why beat him, Muhasab?

- Didn't you see him?
- He's silly, that's all

Why did you stop eating?

Why do you defend him?
I won't eat

Don't be offended.. I'm sorry

I told you I wouldn't eat

Let's continue in our cellar
all alone

That's better

I'll kill her.. I'll kill her

Why follow me, chief Mujahed?

Answer me

Afraid for me from walking
alone at night?

- I have a question
- Go ahead

Why did you marry Muhasab?

It's my destiny

- Love him?
- You asked me before and I said yes

Why are you waiting? Strike me

Last time when you took me
on the canoe

and wanted to get a breath
of fresh air

I got suspicious

When I saw the rope in your hands,
I was sure of what you wanted

But I thought you wouldn't
have the heart

When you lifted the oars

I felt you'd bring them down
on me

I kept giving you alcohol

till it numbed your arm

and relaxed your nerves

and made you lose consciousness

I could have tied a rock
to you and drowned you

but I hadn't the heart

I placed your head in my lap

I wished for a long night
and to spend my life with you

Ever since I set foot on
the boat,

I've had a soft spot for you

How can you live with one
man when you love another?

My mistake.. I married him for

only to be buried in a cellar

I laugh and play and joke

So you can be jealous
and have feelings

If I tell you I loved you before
seeing you, you won't believe

How can you love me before
seeing me? In your dreams?

No, I heard of you

You beat two men and retrieved
the purse

I thought you were strong,
clever and wide awake

I love alert men

I don't know why you don't
see me

Why? Kill me, Mujahed

If that's what you really
want, I accept

Last night, did you see nothing?

- Like what?
- Didn't he kill her?

- Who?
- The dancer

I overslept

He awoke

Tea, chief Mujahed
Good morning

What did you do?
Did you throw her to sea?

I didn't kill her

What?! Didn't have the heart
or is she a waste on killing?

The knife must have been

Get going, you guys

Come, Muhasab

- We're close to Cairo
- Thank God

- What will you do?
- About what?

After we buy the steamer?

- Back to Luxor?

With Nargis?

What do you think?

I think you should forget
this marriage


I know she pleases and
refreshes you

That's why you can't see

What am I blind to?

Muhasab, I said nothing

But you were never taught

I'll ask you an embarrassing

When you're with Nargis in
the cellar

do you feel she loves you?

Next thing you'll be coming
down with us

I asked you a question

My dad wouldn't dare ask it

Try to understand what I'm

I must have kids to prove
to you?!

That's no way to talk, Muhasab

- What will you say?
- Nargis doesn't love you

Why did she marry me?

To escape her stepfather
and go to work in Cairo

Listen to me, Muhasab
I love you

Nargis will escape from you
sooner or later

Leave her before she leaves

Nargis, will you really
leave me?

You scared me, I thought
you were Mujahed

Listen, we're close to Cairo
You must learn their customs

Knock before you enter

Answer my question, will you
really leave me in Cairo?

Who told you that?

Mujahed, right?

What else did he tell you?

That you don't love me


Mujahed is right
I don't love you


I adore you

>From your heart?

>From the depth of my heart

Why then does he want me
to divorce you?

- Ask him
- You tell me

I can't.. I fear for you

- Of what?
- Him

Speak, fear nothing

I hinted to you before
we married

that Mujahed wanted me

He loves you?

Head over heels

He told you?

It shows in his eyes

And I didn't know
Did he touch you?

I'd have cut off his hand
and head

That's why he wants me
to divorce you?

Where's the purse?

- The purse?
- Yes, my money

- I hid it
- Where?

No one will find out till
we reach Cairo

It's my boat and my money

You're a mere hired hand

Where's the money?
I said where's the money?

Is that so, Muhasab?

Are you watching?

What's going on?
Shame, men. Get moving

What's up, Muhasab?
What's the matter?

Why did you come out?
Don't let him see you

I said go down

Just come along and don't
be so hot-tempered

Come down

Oh, your hand is bloody!

It's his filthy blood..
let me kill him

Where are you going?

He must give me the money
before I crush him

Don't worry.. calm down
I'll get the money

Don't let him see your face
at all

Alright, don't be upset

Not at all, my love

Who is it?

What is it?

I want you, Mujahed

It's almost day

So what? Fear not.. come

I wanted to make a man of him
and he bit my helping hand

Never mind.. I kept his

His father's upbringing of
me can't be forgotten

I carried him on my shoulder,

You're to be thanked.. no one
would put up with a son like that

What can I do?

He and the money are entrusted
to me

I must return him to his
father well

I kept silent as I felt guilty
towards him

The blood I shed revived me
and brought me to my senses

Mujahed, I've been around a lot
and seen many men

I never met a man like you

your gallantry, manhood

You're the one who entered
my heart

I love you, Mujahed

If you really love me, get
a divorce

I'm willing to get divorced
but I want one thing of you

Don't leave me.. don't abandon me

I can't

I can't.. I can't

I'm not of your class,
we aren't suited at all

I accept you. We needn't
return to Luxor

I'll stay in Cairo

You can visit me whenever
you sail

Once is enough for me

No, Nargis. I can't lie
to you

Mujahed, for my sake
Look at me

Mujahed, escape

Escape to where?


Hello, Hisham.. what's up?

He doesn't have the money
Believe me

You fell for him
Get lost!

Where's the money?

Enough of that!

Have mercy.. stop

Stop, stop.. tell them where
the money is; save yourself

Move.. you and all those aboard
will die

Throw him so he can
catch his breath

Speak, Mujahed
It's no use

You'd better tell where
the money is

It's not my fault.. I'm not
with them

Muhasab, help

What happened?

Why are you out of the cellar?

Mujahed took me out of the
cellar by force as you slept

How can you let him?

I beat the hell out of him

Don't you set foot on
the boat.. I said get off

What have you done?
Hitting the chief?

Stay away.. he's a traitor
out to steal my wife

Get lost, get out of
my face!

Where are you going?
Let him die, serves him right

Lift the wooden log, let's sail

Why are you weeping?

- Stay away from me
- What?

I said stay away from me

- What's wrong?
- Don't touch me

Please leave me alone

What's wrong with you?

We've reached Cairo

We must go our separate

Send me the divorce certificate

- You want a divorce?
- Definitely

- Mujahed was right?

- So you don't love me?
- Yes, don't interrogate me

What are you looking at?
Drop dead!

Let me off

I'm sorry for yelling at you

- I said let me off
- How come?

Will you keep me by force?

I'm your husband, Nargis

You'll take me back to Luxor
to milk your cows?!

I'll stay in Cairo with you

- And how will you support me?
- I'll work

Doing what? Selling lottery
tickets or herrings?

Let me off or I'll scream
and gather people

Why have you given up on me?

I said let me off

Let me off.. let me off

Nargis, calm down.. don't make
a fool of me

Where's the love that
filled your heart?

Listen up, and mark
my words well

I never fell in love

What of the lovely words
you spoke?

I was fooling you to get
to the money

What? All you wanted was
the money?

Why else did you think
I came aboard?

Now there's no money you
want a divorce?

Not just that

You killed Mujahed

He wanted to cheat on me with

Not true!

You told me so

I lied to you

Mujahed was a gallant man

I offered him to elope,
he wouldn't betray you

He said Muhasab is all
the world to me

Why did you let me Kill
him treacherously?

I wish I let him kill me
instead of dying

You traitor, death was just
right for you!

Get lost, where's the money?

I don't know

What were you doing all
this time?

Move.. search every inch
of the boat

Mujahed, I'm glad you're safe

Get to work

The purse

The purse, Mujahed

Watch out, Mujahed

See anything, men?

They've arrived safely

They're all aboard

Thank God..

Thank God you arrived
safely, Muhasab

My donkey.. I'm here.. come,
dear.. embrace me

The End