Struggle Through Death (1979) - full transcript

Those who enter the castle of Ching never return. Forced into slavery, every day becomes a punishing ritual down the Castle's secret gold mine. One worker, Kang, decides enough is enough, and tries but fails to abate the oppressive master Ching. For his efforts, and as a warning to others, Kang's hands are smashed, foiling any more attempts at rebellion. But Kang's determination to destroy the Castle and its keepers only increases, though with two useless hands he is left with just one chance - to learn the 'Heaven Legs' technique and face Ching in one last neck-breaking battle.

(Multicom jingle)

(birds chirping)

(ominous atmosphere music)

(music builds up)

(suspenseful atmosphere music)


- Tsu Chan, Tsu Chan.

- Hurry, quick.

(agonizing groans)

- You take it easy, I'll go.

(suspenseful atmosphere music)

What are you doing to me?

Let me go!

(pained screaming)

- Take him away!

- Right.

(whips cracking)

- Bring him over here!

Hurry, come on!

Take them out!

Come on over here!

- Quick, get up.

- (mumbles)!

Pin 'em tight, move to the head!

(dramatic orchestra music)

- [Ma] Hurry, move it!

Move it out, move it out!

Get to moving there!

- Come on, move!

(whip cracks)

- You!

What do you think you're playing?

- Hey!

What are you playing at?

- Huh?



Are you all right, Miss Li?

- Wei Chao, what do
you think you're doing?

- Oh it's nothing.

They just brought in more prisoners.

- Halt!

You're gonna tire 'em all out!

- Look at the miserable wretches.

- Brother Wei, give me a hand will you?

- Right.

- Come on there, move it!

- Brother Ma, how are you?

- Where's Master?

- In the hall.

- Come on, hurry up!

- All right, I'm coming.

(prisoners rabbling)

- [Prisoner] Give me some of that.

- Come along, there's plenty for all.

Take your time, there's plenty.

- Hey, have some water.

Go on.


- Take it easy.

There'll be plenty more water in a minute.

- [Ma] Come on, hurry up!

Move it on then!

- Out of my way!

- Hey guys, grab him!

(guards rabbling)

(pained screams)

- You bastard (mumbles)!

- Mister, I beg you, please let me go!

My wife's having a baby!

Please let me go!

(pained groans)

- You were gonna kill him!

- You bastard, how dare you interfere?

- Miss Li, go get father to come,

otherwise they'll kill him.

- Hey!

Why are you beating him?

Stop it at once!

I beg you!

I beg you, you've beaten him enough!

Why don't you punish me?

- On your knees!

Show everyone you won't
try escaping again.

On your knees!

- You're worse than animals!

I'll see you killed for it!

- I assume you two are
the best of friends.

All right.

(dramatic sting)

You bastard.

If you don't wanna see me
kill him, get on your knees!

- Don't do it!

Don't do it!

- Yes, go low!

All right, you still refuse.

- I'll kneel!

I'll kneel.

- Crawl to me!


(somber atmosphere music)

- Lung Kang.

- Okay, quickly bring them both.

- [Guards] Yes sir!

- Pick them up!

Keep their food on bread and water.

Take 'em away!

- Right.

- Hold it!

Ma Pao, why did you have to hit?

- They had it coming, trying to escape.

- But there is no need to punish them

like that, they are human beings.

- Dr. Huang, they're not human beings.

They are merely slaves.

- Ma Pao, they've only
just arrived to this camp.

Can't you give them another chance?

It's their first time.

- All right, since you
are in charge of them,

you better make sure they work hard.

If there's any slackers, I'll break

both their legs for them.

Tsung Chin, move them up to north place.

- Come on there, move it!

- Master, come on, let's go.

Boss is waiting.

- Mmmm.

- Move!

Move it!

- Hold it, young fella.

You should let Dr. Huang
look at that wound.

- [Henchman] Hurry up!

- This man is being obstinate.

- No he isn't, he's just being brave.

- Wei Chao!

Go back to work.

- Yeah.

- [Henchman] Move it!

Hurry up there!

- This gold is of top quality.

Make sure it's all up to
this standard from now on.

- Sir.

- Master!

- Right.

See this lot is sent off to the marshal.

- Sir!

- Master.

- Take that lot to the storeroom.

- Right.

- Master.

- Master.

- How many did you get this time?

- Only 12.

- Good.

We've just got new orders.

The marshal needs all the gold

he can get before the next battle.

He has to buy a lot of ammunition.

So time is precious.

I want them all put on overtime.

- Master, if we dig too quickly,

I'm afraid the main supports won't hold.

It might all collapse.

Besides, a cave-in right now could mean

they lose too many workers.

- I know.

But we don't have any time left.

The marshal threatened to kill me.

So you had better just follow orders.

- Sir.

- More dirt!

- [Guard] Move it along there!

Carry this into the refinery!

- Lung Kang.

This all be my fault.

I shouldn't have involved you.

- [Guard] Move it, move it!

Hurry it up then!

(somber atmosphere music)

Move along there.

Bring it by.

- [Second Guard] Okay, that's good.

Load it up there!

Put your back into it!

- [Guard] Come on!

- Hey, they're smelting their own gold.

- Hey.

(mumbles) private house.

My name's Wei Chao.

They brought me here six months ago.

What's your name?

- I am Lo Hao.

- Oh.

- Lung Kang.

- You--

- Quickly!

- Very good.

You're a brave man.

Nearly as brave as I am.


- You shut up!

Back to work!

- I'm very appreciative.

Also, there's another guy who's gutsy

enough to stand up to them, Fang Shoshi.

- Wei Chao!

Don't mention my name.

You'd never catch me
kneeling to those bastards.


- I want you to apologize.

- Apologize?


You're yellow.

- Fang Shoshi!

No more trouble, or I'll lock you up!

Now get to work.

- He's a (mumbles).

He's an informant and an expert on gold.

But he's got a nasty temper.

More common around here,
he treats his best haul.


♪ Old McDonald had a farm ♪

♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪

- [Performer] Here's a kiss.


♪ On that farm he had two pigs ♪

♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪

♪ With an oink oink here
and an oink oink here ♪

♪ Here and oink, there an oink ♪

♪ Everywhere an oink oink ♪


♪ Old McDonald had a farm ♪

♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪


- Thank you everyone.

- Thank you.

- Oh!


I'm okay.

- Yeah, you're all right.

Now you just have a sit down.

Here we are, take a seat.


- My dear, I'm gonna take a short rest.

Keep an eye on my things.

- Okay.

- All right now, your turn to sit down.

- Oh, you're very kind, thank you.


(laughter and applause)

- Lung Kang.

I just overheard Wei say you kneeled down

this afternoon in order to save Lo.

I apologize, I was too hasty.


(ominous atmosphere music)

- So it's you.

- What's this?

You wanna escape?

Then you're an idiot.

How many times before you understand?

Can't you see yet?

They've got this place too well guarded.

Even if you do get away, you won't

get further than three miles.

They'll catch up with you and
bring you back like a dog.

And it's very likely you'll also be dead.

- Don't give a damn.

Anything's better.

Lung Kang, you wanna escape?

Come on, let's both make a break.

- I'd like to.

But I'm not as impatient as you.

I wanna wait for the best chance.

- If we're gonna do it, the time's now!

While they're all watching the show.

Now's the time.

- Not every guard's watching the show.

Besides, I like to know
what I'm getting into.

- All right.

Then I won't force you.

But I must go.

You know my wife's having a baby.

I've just gotta be with her for that.

If nobody looks after
her, she's gonna die.

I prefer to run the risk of being killed

to just staying back
here and doing nothing.

If I do, I couldn't live with myself.

- Lo Hao.


I'll help you.

- If you say you'll help me,

does that mean you'll come with me?

- If I do, they'll notice.

Besides, it's easier for
one man alone to escape.

- Lung Kung.

- What the hell are you doing?

(prisoners rabbling)

- Stop it!

Stop it, you hear?

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting will you?

- Right there.

- There, over there.

- Lung Kang, why'd you have to hit me?

- To help Lo Hao get away.

- [Ma] All right you
guys, no more fighting!

Get back to work!

- Lung Kang, what are you waiting for?

Hit me.

- What the hell are you doing?

- Master Ma, it was
his fault, he began it.

- [Guard] Prisoner escape!

- After him!

- Come on, make way!

- [Guard] Let's get after him!



- Go.


You mustn't slow down.

Keep on moving.

(tense atmosphere music)

(pained groans)

- You're going nowhere!

(pained screams)

- Let me go!

Let me go!

- [Guard] Come on, move!

(pained screaming)

- Go on, get back!

- Hey, hey, hold it.

Hey now, don't make trouble.

Stay calm.

Don't do anything stupid.

You'll get hurt.


- It seems some of you
still don't understand.

No on escapes from here.

Hang the bastard up.

- Sir!

- Now pay careful attention.

Let him be an example of
what happens to escapees.

(pained groans)

- Stop!


Stop hitting him!

Can't you see he's hurt?

He needs treatment.

- Treatment?

All he needs is punishment.

- Call yourself a human?

You're an animal!

- You've pushed your luck too far.

Arrest him!

- Sir!

- Lung Kang!

Lung Kang!

Lung Kang!

- Fang Shoshi, don't do it!

- Master Ma, you've gone too far.

- Fang Shoshi, you're asking
to get yourself punished too.

- How can you possibly stand
up to more of these men?

Ma Pao, there's no need
to take it out on them.

- Ma Pao, please let them go this time.

- Let them go?

How can I exercise any discipline?

You needn't defend the fools.

- Pao!

- Wait!

Come on, let's go and tell Master Chang.

- Right.

- No point talking to them.

They deserve punishment.

They're well aware of
the penalty for escape.

If you ask me, they've
just gotta put up with it.

- Master Chang, haven't
you got any feelings?

Can't you do anything for them?

- Dr. Huang, you see
to caring for the sick

and I'll administer the camp.

- If you want them to
work, this isn't the way.

They won't do it if you force them.

- You say that I'm not doing it right?

- Master Chang, that's
not what I said at all.

- It's just what you mean.

The marshal sent you here to give me

some assistance, not to get in my way.

- We're trying to assist you, but we're

also trying to follow
the marshal's orders.

- Master, if you forgive them this time,

I'll get them to promise to cooperate.

- All right.

Since you put it to me like
that, I will spare them.

Tao Hu!

- Sir!


- You go with them.

Inform Mao Pao to let them go.

- Sir.

- Thank you, Master.

(pained screaming)
(whip cracks)

- I want you to watch closely.

Later, it's gonna be your turn.

Now pay careful attention!

You'll see a magic transformation.

A changed prisoner.

Lo Hao, talk!

You swear never to escape again?

- I will escape.

(pained screaming)
(whip cracks)

- Talk!

Say you'll never escape again!

(pained screaming)
(whip cracks)

- Brother Wei, they're gonna murder him.

- Lo Hao!

I'll ask you for the last time.

Swear never to escape again.

- I won't escape.

- I didn't quite hear.

Say it again louder so that

everyone can hear what you say.

Speak up!


(dramatic atmosphere music)

- I won't escape.

- [Ma] Louder!

- I won't escape!

- Good, so you've seen sense at last.

Cut the fool down.

- [Guard] Sir.

- And now it's the turn of the next fools.

Hang them both up.

- Hold it!

Brother Ma.

- Tao Hu, what's the matter?

- Master said for you
to let the prisoners go.

- Let them go?

- Mao Pao, Master Chang is
giving them one more chance.

- Another chance?

All right.

Then you tell them there'll be no more

trouble if they obey the rules.

- Right, I understand, yes.

(pained groans)

- You've been badly
hurt, but you're lucky.

At least you're still alive.

- Why did he do it?

Why is Ma so cruel?

- He's afraid we all might
try to escape so they beat us.

Bully us to scare us so it's
easier to control us, see?

- Just accept you're here.

Follow the rules.

They will change their attitude.

If you do everything properly.

- Master Li, that all you can do?

Tell us to obey them?

Why don't you at least get
them to treat us humanely?

- Dr. Huang and I try to help.

We've seen too much death in this camp.

- I don't want them to be nice.

I just want them to let us get out.

I just don't wanna be a prisoner!

- What if you can talk
to the guards about it?

Would that stop us from getting beaten,

or being whipped and tortured?

Can you stop them from
working us like slaves?

They seem to have forgotten we're humans.

They treat us worse
than they treat animals!

- At least we're trying to do what we can.

- Really?


I don't think you're gonna
get very far your way.

- Shut up!


If they'll listen to me, maybe I can

get them to agree to go easier.

- I just hope you're right, that's all.

- You know, you should try
listening to my father.

One of these days things
will get better here.

- You just keep on hoping.

But I'm not gonna waste any energy.

Oh, Master Li.

When I get the chance, I'll escape.

- Fang Shoshi!

Lung Kang, I trust I've
made myself clear to you.

- If there is a chance, I'll escape.

- (chuckles) Master Li, I
hope you try to do your best.

- Why don't they listen to me?

No one has ever escaped
alive from this place.

(dramatic atmosphere music)

- [Guard] Load up!

Put your backs into it!

Load up!

- What's wrong?

Is it your wife?

- She's all by herself at home.

I can't help wondering whether
she's had the baby yet.

- Don't be upset.

She's gonna be all right.

She'll pull through.

- [Guard] Move it on there!

Come on!

- Lung Kang, watch our
doorway if you wanna escape.

I've been watching for six months.

During the lunch break they
have far fewer men on guard.

I reckon that's the best
time to make a run for it.

- Why do you want me along?

- Because you've got guts.

And if you come along, I
reckon our chances are better.

- All right, get your food!

It's time for a break!

Get your food.


Come on, move!

- Come on.

Let's get some food, come on.

- Lung Kang, do you see?

There are no guards, now's the best time.

- Come on you guys, it's break time!

- Brother Ma.

- What do you say?

- All right.

- [Ma] Hurry up there, come on.

Where's the food?

- Thanks, I'll take it over for you.

- Okay, thanks.

- Goddammit, where's all the food?

- Coming up, here.

- Here you are.

- Get out, get out!

- Right.

(laughter and conversing)

(tense atmosphere music)

- Prisoner escape!

- After them, come on!

(suspenseful atmosphere music)

After them!

Hold it, this way!

Get back here!


Hold it there!

- Come on.

- Where'd they go?

That's strange.

Vanished into thin air.

- There's only one place they
can go to break their chains.

And they won't get away from us.

Tao Hu, why don't we each split up

and meet at the blacksmith's.


- How are you?

Feeling better?

- Yeah, I'm okay.

Don't worry.

- Thank you.

- Uncle.

- Lung Kang!

I heard you'd been recaptured.

So why are you here?

- We both escaped again.

- Oh here, sit down here.

- Uncle, you better close the door.

- Right.

- Take it easy.

I'll dress your wound.

- I'll fix you something to eat.

- There's no time, we have to be moving.

Could you get us some medicine?

- Right.

Here it is.

- [Ma] Open up!

(heavy pounding)

Open up!

- They found us.

- Quickly, in here.

Here, hide.

- Open up, open up!

- In there.

Coming, I'm coming!

- Goddammit, why did
you have the door shut?


Are you hiding those two prisoners?

- What's that?

What do you mean?

- Two prisoners, they came this way.

Did you see them.?

- No one's been through
here today, mister.

- Search!

- Sir!
- Sir!

(dramatic sting)

- Master, nothing.

- Old man, you tell the truth!

Where are the prisoners?

- Mister, nobody's been through

here all day, I swear it's true.

- Master, look at this.

- Humph.

You lied to me.

If you don't tell me
where they are right now

I'm gonna burn your shop to the ground!

- Master, I promise, that
blood's from a rabbit I killed.

- I'll tear you limb from limb

if you don't tell me where they are!


(Uncle groans)

- Talk.

Otherwise I'll cut you up into pieces.

- Master, I deny them.

What else can I tell you?

(angered screams)

- Uncle!

- Old man!

- Uncle!



- Lung Kang, we've got you this time.

- You're worse than an
animal, you're a devil!

(tense atmosphere music)

- Lo Hao!

- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- Lo Hao, no!

- Master Chang, I beg you,
you must not kill them!

- Are you all right?

- Master Chang, I beg you,
please spare their lives.

- Why should I?

- Master, I can see that
they're both very well built.

It'd be a waste to kill good workers.

- Mei Yang, you know the rules
and what happens (mumbles).

- Master, feel free to spare their lives

and I will use all my techniques

to help you meet the deadline tomorrow.

To refine all the gold.

- I can talk to the masters, save face,

and get them to mention
you to the marshal.

You know that his mistress
would do what I tell her.

- Lung Kang, why did you try to escape?

Don't you value your life at all?

- Since we're prisoners here,

our lives don't belong to us anyway.

- Lung Kang, just keep
your head down for a while.

At least then they might
stop always beating you up.

- As long as I'm alive I'll escape.

If there's a chance, I gotta
try while I'm still alive.

- Escape, escape, escape!

Is that all you can ever think about?

How far will you get?

Are you gonna rely on your kung-fu?

If you don't care for
yourself, then think about me.

I was trying to get better conditions,

but now you've ruined that.

Have you gone crazy?

Can't you see that?

- We're not crazy.

Nor are we stupid.

All I'm saying is we're
gonna get out of here.

- Brother Fang, you're still very ill.

You need to convalesce more.

- If I stay here, my wounds
will only become worse.

(dramatic atmosphere music)

- Lung Kang.

I hope you like pressure because one day

very soon you'll walk
out of here in one piece.

- If I wait, they'll be
carrying me out feet first.

- Mr. Li, I'll obey you.

I'll be patient.

I beg you, tell them to let me go home.

Please do that.

- No, forget it.

Even if you do everything they say,

they still aren't gonna
let you out of here.

- [Guard] Come on, move, get the lead out!

Come on!

- Why should I break my
back working in here?

I'm only digging a grave for myself.

- God bless all of us.

God bless all of us
that he doesn't mean it.

Fang Shoshi, have you
gone out of your mind?

Don't you realize what
they'll do to you next time?

God bless us.

God bless us.


- What are you talking about, huh?

Now get back to work!

- Yes sir, yes sir.

You see?

I knew you'd bring us bad luck.

- Lo Hao, don't let it get to you.

You tough it out.

You must survive so you can
go home and see your child.

- If both my wife and child are

alive and well, I can die in peace.

- You mustn't say such things.

After all, we are still alive.

(whip cracks)

- Stop idling!

Now get this sand out of here, come on!

What are you staring at?

(low rumbling)

- Cave-in!

(rumbling intensifies)

- Let's go back!

Come on!

- Look out, there's a cave-in!

(prisoners groaning)

- Let's get out.

Come on.

(pained screaming)

- [Guard] Come on, get back!

Move it will you?

- Hey, you look after everything.

What's up?

- His hand's broken, where's Dr. Huang?

- He's at the restaurant
treating a patient.

- At the restaurant?

I'll go and fetch him.

- All right, go get him.

- Thank you.

See you.

Come back, sir.

Oh welcome miss.

(dramatic sting)

Here you are, sir.

Here's your wine.

- [Customer] Get me a bottle of wine!

- All right.

What else will you have?

- What the hell's he doing here?

- I don't know.

- Get him.

- You know where I can find Dr. Huang?

- He just went out, I
don't know where he's gone.

- Thank you.

- That's all right.

(shrieks and screams)

- Talk!

Who were you gonna meet here today?

You were trying to
escape again weren't you?

- Master Ma, Lo Hao is wounded.

I came here to get Dr. Huang to come back.

- You're not gonna lie to me again!

- Master!

- Talk!

You were trying to escape again

with Fung Shoshi weren't you?

- I wasn't gonna leave!

Lo Hao's been badly hurt.

Master Ma, you gotta tell me
where I can find Dr. Huang.

- I don't believe you.

If you had no escape, how'd
you get out of the camp?

You'll be punished for
not telling us the truth!

(pained screams)

- You haven't got blood in your veins!

You don't give a damn for
the sick or the dying!

You never could care!

All right, if you think I was

escaping then go ahead and kill me.

Go on!

What are you waiting for?

- I think you really do wanna die.

- Master, let me handle him.

- Your kung-fu isn't good enough.

It's no use against us.

- Brother, this guy's always
giving us lip down the mine.

- I'll teach you, you bastard.

I'm gonna break your hand for you.

(menacing laugh)

That should put a stop
to anymore smart ideas.

(dramatic sting)

- [Li] Hold it!

- Brother Lung.

- Li Ang, you've come just in time.

Now tell me, why did you
let this man escape again?

- Mr. Ma, Lo Hao was wounded.

He came for Dr. Huang.

- Daughter, don't make excuses!

- Dad!

- Stay away!

Why couldn't you ever learn to be patient?

Why couldn't you get it
through your thick skull?

You're helpless, you're their prisoner.

They can do what they like to you.


Come on!

- Hold it!

Li Ang, where you taking him to?

- Taking him back for punishment.

- There's no need, we'll
deal with him ourselves.

Take him away!

- Right.

(dramatic atmosphere music)

- Mao Pao!

- Dad!

(pained screams)

- You can't leave.

- Leave me alone!

Stop him!

Master Mao.

Master Mao, I beg you,
don't hit him again.

- Get.

- Master Chang, I beg you.

Have him let go.

Master Chang, I beg you!

He didn't mean it!

He went to get the doctor
to look at my wound.

- Lo Hao!

You mustn't beg.

- Mao Pao, I don't think
this bastard has had enough.

Whip the soles of his feet.

We'll see how tough he is.

- [Mao] Sir.

- Master Chang!

Master Chang!

Master Chang, I beg you,
you can beat me instead.

(groans) Master Mao!

Master Mao please, that's enough!

(pained screams)

They're gonna kill Lung Kang!

(wicked screaming)

- Pry him down.

- Sir!

- Lung Kang!

- Lung Kang!

- Lung Kang.

Mr. Li, why must we turn the other cheek?

Why do we have to put up with all this?


(dramatic atmosphere music)

- Lung Kang!

Lung Kang.

- Brother Lung?

- Lo Hao.

How is your wound?

- Don't you worry about me, friend.

Are you feeling much better?

- I...

I feel like I just climbed
the whole Himalayas.

Oh my feet, (mumbles).

My feet.

My feet.

My feet!

- Brother Lung, your
feet will be all right.

Dr. Huang said you must keep still.

- Lung Kang, it was my fault.

It was my fault.

- Lo Hao.

You mustn't say that.

- [Guard] All right, quickly!

Move along then!

Stop idling!

- Brother Lung.

- Oh hi, how are you?

(pained groans)

(laughing and groaning)

- Ow, my hand!

(upbeat atmosphere music)

- Here you are.

- Thanks, now go.

- All right.

- Lung Kang!

Lung Kang, I brought
you something special!

Lung Kang!

Lung Kang!





Hey, you bastard.

You tried to drown me.

Oh, you're better.

- Of course.

I can beat up at least four
guys single-handed now.

- Lung Fang, forget fighting.

All right, if you still
want to fight them,

I'll have to lock you up myself.

- [Guard] Move it, come on!

Here you are, hi-ho!

Hurry it up!

(pained groan)

- Lung Kang!

- Lung Kang, are you okay?

You all right?


- Hey bastard, you wanna fight?

That's okay by me.

Step up.

- Master, we're sorry, we didn't mean it.

Spare us, please spare us.

- Guess you're asking to be punished too.

- If you guys wanna bully
someone, why not pick on me?

- Fang Shoshi, you're
looking for trouble again!

- What do you think you're doing?

You know what happens if you fight them?

- Li Ang, stay away.

Let me teach him a lesson.

- Tsung Shin, I'm the one responsible.

After all, I'm their foreman.

- Very well then, back to work!

Back to work, come on!

- Tell me, would you
really have fought him?

- Master Li, it's not his fault.

They started pushing Lung Kang.

- That's right--

- Shut up!

You break the rules, then (mumbles) again.

Except they'll blister
both hands and feet.


- Lung Kang.

Where were you going?

- Huh?

(uplifting atmosphere music)

- Oh hey.




- Hurry!

- Ow!

- Oh, excuse me.

Excuse me, Mr. Tsung.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Tsung.

(dramatic sting)

- Don't blame him.

He didn't mean it.

He didn't mean it!

It's my fault, it's my fault.

Oh, oh it's my fault!

- Lung Kang, isn't that enough?

Don't fight anymore.

Master Tsung, Lung Kang
said that he didn't mean it!

He's sorry!

- [Guard] All right, break it up you guys.

Take a break.

- Master Li, will you teach me kung-fu?

- What on earth do you mean?

- I understand what you said earlier.

Instead of hard labor,
I'd like to learn kung-fu.

- Who's been teaching you kung-fu?


- Dad, don't beat him up.

- It's not your business, now go away!

- Master Li, if you'll teach me

kung-fu, I promise I'll be good.

- Right, shut up!

Try to fool me.

If you learn kung-fu it's to get

your revenge and to try to escape!

- I do wanna learn, I swear to you.

- Whatever you say.

I'm not gonna believe you.

- If you won't promise me, I won't leave.

- All right.

You wanna stay.

Break both your legs,
you'll never walk again.

- Brother Lung.

My father's teaching you kung-fu,

you should attack him now.

- When you no longer
need this piece of rope,

then nobody can try breaking your legs.

- [Tsung] Come on, move it!

- You're too slow.

(mumbles) fast.

You don't move fast here,
I'll get you every time.

- Yes, thank you.

- [Tsung] Move it, come on!

- Lung Kang, why do you
always have to be so polite?

- He wants to learn kung-fu from Li,

so he has to pretend to be good.

- Lung Kang, I reckon you're
the one who's gone crazy now.

You're hopeless.

(tense atmosphere music)

- [Guard] All right, move it!

Come on, move!

- What do you think?

Things are working out pretty good.

- Lung Kang, do you really
believe Li will help you?

- Lo Hao, you should
do what you're told to.

Work hard and I know Mr. Li will see you

get out of here sooner or later.

(low rumbling)

(panicked yelling)

Get out of here!

Come on, get out of here!

Move, move!

- Go, go!

- Run!

(rumbling intensifies)

(prisoners rabbling)

Come on, run!

Go, hurry, get outta here!

- Hey, where's the doctor?

Where's Dr. Huang?

- Where?

- He must still be inside!

- Lung Kung, it's too late.

He's dead already.

They've killed him.

They killed him!

- Don't fight them now!

Fang Shoshi, what are you doing huh?

- Master Li, they make us work so hard.

They don't give a damn about safety

and now Mr. Huang's
been killed in the line.

- Right.

If they don't do something about

(mumbles) those walls, we're gonna strike!

- [Prisoners] Right, we're gonna strike!

- He's right!

Lung Kang is making good sense!

We're all gonna go out on strike!

- [Prisoners] Strike!


- Now listen to me!

I want you all to calm down a moment.

I've heard what you said.

I'll pass it on to Master Chang.

I promise you that I'll try
to get the safety improved.

Master, you shouldn't kill all of them.

- They refuse to work.

I have no alternative.

- Master, if you agree to
(mumbles) the existing walls,

I'll get them to agree to start working.

- That's gonna take another 10 days.

If we don't have the
gold ready by next month,

the martial has said
he'll have all of us shot.

- If they all die in a mine collapse

you aren't gonna get your gold either.

- Don't try to reason with me.

My only thought is to get that gold.

- But we need them to do that!

- Li Ang, you must understand.

We are responsible for
this job, if we don't

do it in time we can
start saying our prayers.

- I'd rather die than send
those men to certain death.

- In that case you can
die right here and now!

- Hold it!

Li Ang, you've tested my
patience for too long.

I'm gonna give you one last chance.

If you don't get your
men to return to work,

then don't blame me for what happens.

(dramatic sting)

Take it easy.

We still need him for now.

- [Guard] Hurry it up there!

Come on, move along!

- Hey hey!

Turn around!

Go do your work!

- [Lo] Miss Li.

- Ah, Brother Lo.

- How are you Miss?

- I'm fine.

- What are you doing in town?

- I'm buying wine for father.

And buying some more groceries.

What about you, why are you here?

- [Li] They ordered me
to carry their goods.

- [Miss Li] I should be going now.

- Okay.

- Hey, get lost, get lost!

Miss Li, how come you're
all dressed up so pretty?

You come to try to keep a date?

- Humph.

- Right away!


Oh Miss, you're welcome.

- Waiter, would you get
me a bottle of wine?

- Yeah, right away!

- Master, do you really think
we can get the gold in time?

There's still a lot to do.

- Hard to say.

Everybody's gotta work harder.

- Master Ma.

- Hey!

Don't go yet.

Come and have a drink with me.

- Sorry, I have no time.

- Hey!

What's the big hurry?

Why don't you have a drink with us eh?

Come on.

- Mr. Ho, will you show me some respect?


- Don't pretend to me.

You don't have any say in it.

Come on!

(menacing laugh)

- Master.

- Let him go.

That Li Ang is always against us.

It's about time his daughter got it too.

- Hey, don't hit her!

- Mr. Ho, don't hit her.

- If she refuses to drink with me,

I've got the right to hit her!

- Mr. Ho, you wanna kill someone, kill me.

- Brother, come back here!

- Mr. Ho, you have to stop!

Mr. Ma.

Mr. Ma.

I'm begging you Mr. Ma,
you have to stop him.

- Get back!

- Brother Lo.

- Miss Lee, run now.

- Run?

You're going nowhere.

- Mr. Ho!

Don't hit her again!

- [Miss Li] Brother Lo!

Hurry, run, tell my father!

(tense atmosphere music)

- Lung Kang!

Lung Kang!

Lung Kang, Mr. Ma's at the restaurant.

They're beating Miss Li!

(suspenseful atmosphere music)

- Brother Lung!

- Lung Kang, how dare you come here!

How dare you interfere!

- You bunch of animals!

You're a disgrace to the human race!

- I'm gonna break every bone in your body.

You're gonna be a cripple for life!

(dramatic sting)

- You're wrong, 'cause now you're gonna

taste what real kung-fu is like.

- You bastard!

I'm gonna kill you!


Get him!

- Lung Kang, you're doing great.

Keep it up, come on.

(dramatic sting)

- Master.

- Do you want me to fight you

or are you gonna come with me?

- We won't come with you.

Unless you're gonna kill us.

- I won't kill you, but
I'm gonna make you suffer.

Lung Kang, you won't get away
from me in a thousand years.

- Lung Kang, I wonder how they

intend to punish us this time.

- Don't be scared now.

We can only die.

- I'm not afraid of dying.

I just thought I'd like another

chance to fight those bastards.

- Ho, Mao Pao, if they're
so eager to fight you,

why don't you let them have their wish.

- Yes sir.

- Hey!

- Lung Kang!

Come on, fight damn it!

- Lung Kang, fight them!

- Master Chang, tell them to stop.

- They dared to fight back.

I'm gonna let them know
who's the boss around here.

- How was that?

- Pretty good.

- Master Chang, it was Mr. Mao

who started it picking on Miss Li.

- They shouldn't insult my daughter.

- Li Ang, if you're
unable to control them,

I'll have to do it myself.

Tomorrow I'll go back and personally

send you here to punish you already.

- Hey, hey stop that!

Stop it now!

Stop fighting!

Stop it!

- Brother Wei.

- Lung Kang!

- Lung Kang!
- Lung Kang!

- Hold on!

- Dad.

- Take off the shoes.

Give me the stick!

- Master Chang, tell them to stop.

- Li Ang, I'm not listening
to anything you say.

(menacing laughter)

(pained screaming)

- Lo Hao, stop shouting!

- Fang Shoshi, don't you shout too!

- (sobs) Dad.

(pained screams)

(dramatic atmosphere music)

- Lung Kang, that was pretty exciting.

When we get better, what do
you say to fighting them again?

- Lung Kang, will you teach me some of

your kung-fu so I can get even with them?

Son of a bitch, fantastic.

- Fantastic?

We're lucky we're all still alive.

We're all badly hurt.

Lucky we're still in one piece.

Next time though I'll knock his head off.

I'm gonna take it easy now.

Gotta get back to work.

- Gentlemen.

I just prepared this medicine.

You can take it now.

- Thanks Miss.

- [Fang] Thanks.

- I'm sorry.

It's my fault you all got into trouble.

- You shouldn't even mention it.

It was a pleasure, Miss.

Given the chance, I'd do it again.

- Fang Shoshi, there's no next time.

'Cause next time they'll kill you.

- I don't mind dying.

Better than being a coward.

They were insulting your daughter,

but you say nothing and
you still work for them.

- Shut up!

Fang Shoshi, I hate
having to do what I do.

I hate taking their orders.

But I made a promise to the Marshal.

He saved my life.

In return I swear I'd do
everything I could to help him.

You help me to get the job done,

I'll ask the marshal to
have you all released.

- Really?

After the job we can go free?

- Wei Chao, you have to believe me.

I will see that you all
get back home safely.

- [Guard] All right, move along there!

Hurry up!

Bring that gold over here!

- Here.

- No, it's still not enough.

- Master Li, sir.

Trust me, I'll be more patient.

- [Guard] Hurry it up!

- Glad you understand.

- Master Li, will you teach me

some more of your kung-fu?

- Put in more fire.

- [Prisoner] Sir.

- If you learn kung-fu,
you'll try to escape.

- I...

- Lung Kang, if you do escape from here,

you could be the only one alive.

- What do you mean by that?

- I'm worried that the
marshal won't keep his word.

So I hope you can help me get

everyone out of this place to safety.

That's why I said to be patient.

I needed you here, alive and in one piece.

- But--

- Long Kang, I understand.

You're an honest man.

You know it's a far better thing

to save other people's lives.

- All right.

I'll help you.

- Talk to me tonight.

I'll teach you the three special kicks.

First is the low back kick.

Second, dragon kick.

Third, straight ahead.

- Master.

- Mao Pao.

- Sir.

- Send someone to the mine tomorrow.

Use more dynamite to get that ore.

We have to get all that gold
out by the end of the month.

- Sir.

- Master, it might bring
the whole mine down.

- Not if they use their common
sense it won't hurt them.

But they must work harder.

Let me worry about danger.

- You heard him.

We must get the gold and
there's no time to lose.

- [Guard] All right, move it.

Come on, carry it over there.

- Hey, what are they doing over there?

- Who cares about them?

Somebody come around to try
to get more work out of us.

Get more work.

Humph, we can't work any harder.

What's the point of it all?

- Fang Shoshi, you value
your own life don't you?

- Shut up now, Lung Kang!

No sense throwing your weight around

just 'cause you think you know kung-fu.

Hey, think you're better
than the rest do you?

Hey, you may have more guts than them,

but to me you're nothing
better than a slave.

Don't you forget that.

- Sir.

- Put your back into it.

- Certainly.

- Move it, move it!


Brother Mao, dynamite's in place.

(loud explosion)


- They've used dynamite!

(low rumbling)
(panicked screaming)

- [Guard] Get back!

Get back inside!

- Lo Hao!

Lo Hao!

Lo Hao!

Lo Hao!

- [Guard] Get back in
there, come on, stop it!

- Lo Hao!

- Lung Kang, it's too late!

- Murdering bastards.

Lo Hao.

Lo Hao!


- Master!

Why did you use dynamite?

Why didn't you warn them
you were gonna blast?

Why didn't you?

- It was a risk we felt we had to take.

- What risk?

It wasn't your life that
you risked out there.

- Mining is always dangerous.

I was just doing my duty, that's all.

Getting all the gold like
the marshal told me to.

- Doing your duty.

Don't you care how many loves it cost?

Are you mad?

It's not worth it.

You can't kill people in cold blood!

Think again!

- Hey!

Don't you question me!

How dare you try talking
to me in that way.

- Master, if you refuse
to guarantee the safety

of the men, I'll take them away from you.

- Li Ang!

How dare you try that?

I was gonna kill you.

- Since you still refuse to guarantee

their safety, I'm gonna take them away.

Master, look after yourself, do you hear?

- Li Ang, I fear you really
have gone too far this time.

- But you've left me no choice.

I can't see my men die.

- Let's just see if
you're as good as you say.

Let's see you get them out of here.

- Master?

(death scream)

(somber atmosphere music)

- We've got ourselves to blame.

Because they've had it easy so long.

We've always done what they said.

So they keep on pushing
and demanding more.

We have to fight to protect ourselves.

We have to fight to survive!

- [Prisoners] Right!

Right, right!

- My friends, now's the time for us

to stand up and fight those bastards.

We'll show them we mean business.

That we're not a bunch of cowards!

(prisoners rabbling)

- Fang Shoshi, you shouldn't say

things like that, it's dangerous.

- Dangerous?

What do you think will
happen if we stay here?

If you're scared, you
can stay under the bed.

Leave the fighting to us.

- I only hope you guys
know what you're doing.

Otherwise we'll all die.

- Be careful?

Can't you see what's happening?

They killed Master Li earlier today.

Tomorrow they're forcing us to work.

They're asking us to commit suicide!

- Fang Shoshi is talking sense.

They're treating us worse than animals.

We gotta fight back, you agree right?

- [Prisoners] Right!

- We're many more than they are.

Provided we all join
together against them,

at least we can all go out
fighting like proper men.

- Fang Shoshi, what are
we gonna use as weapons?

- We can use our work tools, these tools.

Or maybe with our bare hands.

Just make sure not one
of them's left alive!

- Right!

Let's get them!

- [Prisoner] Right!

- Hey, hey hey hey, remember,

united we stand, divided we fall.

Fight on!

- [Guard] Back to work!

Back to work!


- Now friends, each grab a tool.

When we go out, watch my signal.

- Right.

Come on now guys.

- Hurry, get outta there!

You lazy bastards.


Hurry it up, get the lead out, come on!

Come on!

Come on.

You think this is a picnic?

Move it, move it!

Hey, hey!

When I say move, move!

(pained groans)

- What's wrong with you?

- Master, I've got something to tell you.

- My child, are you sure what
you're saying is the truth?

- Would I lie to you?

They're planning to stage a mass breakout.

- Oh?

Tell me, who is their leader?

Fang Shoshi?

Or is it Lung Kang?

- It's Fang Shoshi.

Master, I tell you this because

I want them all to be alive,

I don't want you to kill them all.

- Don't worry, I won't kill them.

What's the plan to start?

(tense atmosphere music)

(pained screams)

- Master Chang, you did promise
me you wouldn't kill them.


Don't kill all of them!

(dramatic sting)

You mustn't..

- Drop that!


- Lung Kang!

Lung Kang!

Lung Kang, quickly.

Fang Shoshi, they're
burning him alive, come on!

- I want you to listen carefully!

None of you can leave your rooms

unless you have Master Chang's permission.

Start working tomorrow.

Anyone refusing will end up like him.

You get the picture?

- Master Chang.

Master Chang, please let him go.

- Let him go?

Lung Kang, he dares to cause trouble.

I must kill him.

Or I lose my control.

(death scream)

- Fang Shoshi!

Fang Shoshi!

Fang Shoshi!

Fang Shoshi, Fang Shoshi!

Fang Shoshi.

(sobs) Fang Shoshi.

Why'd you have to kill him?

Why'd you have to kill him?

- He was their chief.

He deserved it.

Lung Kang, did Master Chang say you could?

How dare you come here.

Get back at once!

No one is gonna wanna
talk to you ever again.

- You're worse than an animal!

(enraged scream)

(suspenseful atmosphere music)

(powerful scream)

(enraged scream)

(enraged scream)

(enraged scream)

(death scream)

- Brother Lung!

- Brother Lung!

- Brother Lung!

(prisoners cheering)

Brother Lung!

Brother Lung!

(uplifting atmosphere music)


(Multicom jingle)