Stronghold (1985) - full transcript

An isolated farmhouse is chosen as a hide-out by Jim and Charlie after an armed robbery. The Deleye family are forced to accept the situation under Jim's brutal domination. Badly wounded Charlie, a gentle character, takes Lisa's room but keeps her baby as hostage. As the local Police close in the family's unhappiness is uncovered and the tension in the house grows as the surrounding forest becomes a battleground for army exercises. Lisa and Charlie are soon making love, Hugo is killed by Jim and the stage is set for a final and bloody shootout.


[dramatic music]

[radio chatter]

[pop music]

[suspenseful music]

[chains rustling]

[chime ringing]

[suspenseful music]

-We're closed, now.

-You're not gonna play hero,
are you?


Right, or left?

-Right, end of the jungle.

-Wounded tigers
always do that.

[rooster crowing]

[plane engine whirring]

[melancholic music]

-Is Hugo awake?

And Lisa?

-It's the same story
every morning.




-Speak English,
like everybody else.

[pop music]

Get your ass out of there.

Breakfast is ready.

Turn that off.

[chickens clucking]

What's the radio for?

-News is on, sir.

Turn it off and sit down.

[suspenseful music]

We first say our prayer.

We still do.



-Better not try anything.

Hey, I said better
not try anything.

Just shut up
and listen to me.


Sit still, or do you want
to be buried today?

The chair, for my friend,
the chair!

Nice, eh?

A couple of guests
for a day or so.

My friend there is holding
a 9 mm Parabellum.

It makes a big hole.

You could paddle through it.

[suspenseful music]

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]



[phone ringing]


It's Deleye.

He ain't coming today.

Sick, how should I know?

Just sick!

Do you have any pyjamas?


[imitating stutter]

Overalls off,
pyjamas on.

And relax.



Look what I have here.
[baby crying]A fucking kid.

-That's our Robbie.

-Are you his mother?

-No, she is.

-And the father?

It's all right, darling,
it's all right.

-I'm her brother.

-Who gives a damn
who your old man is.

But I have to know
whether the fuck

he might drop in.

Sad, huh?

A whore for a mother
and no papa.

You want the brat?


You just make sure
nobody gets in our way

while we're here.

Or else...

[baby crying]

And you'll have
a nice bloodbath, boy.

-If anything happens
to that boy, I swear...

-It'll be on your own
fucking conscience.

[baby crying]

-What's your name?


-Okay, nurse.

Come on with the doctor.


-Charlie six, this is six.

All quiet, nobody inside.

Zero, this is six.

Move in.


-Come, nurse, you can faint
on your own time.

[suspenseful music]

Well come on, sit on him.

And hold his shoulders down.

No, like that!




[helicopter engines whirring]

-No, no, wait!

[baby crying]

No, you're wrong!

It's just maneuvers!



Just maneuvers?


Yeah, in your front yard?



What's that god damn noise?

-The army having
a little fun.

Wait until they get
to use live ammunition.

They'll be shitting


[baby crying]

[banjo music]

-Hey, Dalsum.

How are things going
with him?

-With who?

-With Klipsteen.

-Well what?

-Well, gangsters at his place.

-No reason to be scared.

Not while I'm here.

-HQ to sheriff, over.

HQ to sheriff, over.


-A telex came in, over.

-Read it to me, baby.

-There was an armed robbery
in a casino near Pemberton.

The haul, $600 000.


A little fortune, over.

-A ranch down in Texas,
a swimming pool for you,

and a herd of cattle for me.


[Mrs. Dalsum - radio]
Oh, you.

They're armed and dangerous.

Armed and dangerous.

Drove off in a dark,
blue Mercedes,

licence number

-What's that licence number?

[Mrs. Dalsum - radio]

[banjo music]

[loud pop music]

-Damn it.

Fucking car.

That kid, Jesus Christ.

Thou shalt not swear,

-Give me a hand, damn it!

That kid's never sick,

Now he lets me down!


I'm not in!

-He's not in!

Who's letting you down?

-Hugo, of course!


-So they say.


-Who do you think?

Where's that son of yours,
I'm asking?

Sick, he says,
and then hangs right up.

-What did he look like,
that guy?

-I told you that last night.


-Yeah, tuxedo, yeah.


-Guess so, about 40.

-And the other one, coloured?



-Don't know, I think so,
he was sitting in the car.

He just stayed
sitting in the car.

-Ah, wounded?

-No, I'm all right,
no wounds.

-Not you, the other one!


-The other one!


I don't know.

Maybe, I don't know.

-Imagine, Klipsteen,
you're wounded,

and you can't go
to a doctor,

where would you hide?

-Around here, you mean?

Nothing around here.

Woods, maybe.

Or the swamp.

Oh, Deleye,
he'd see you coming.

He'd blast you
right off his land.


[loud pop music]

Turn that thing off.


They made off
with $600 000.

600 000.


-In a casino.

They got off
with the whole payroll.

There was a shootout.

-Not too much, though,
it'll be too soggy.

[glass shattering]

-Try licking it up.

-That was the kid's supper.

-Just give him a breast
and me too, you got enough.

Where's that stud of yours?


In my brother's room.

-There's no future for us.

You talk too damn much.

[suspenseful music]

Did you call them?

You never heard
of the police, huh?

Those schmucks who bust you
for jumping a red light.


We always do,
my friend and I,

we jump all the red lights,
you get it?



There's a cruiser
on your place, friend.

How are you going
to get rid of them?

-I don't know.

I'll think of something.

-I hope so,
for your sake.

And for that rosy little
buttercup of yours.


Looking for me?

-Not unless
you're hiding something.

Coffee or some whiskey?

-Coffee and whiskey.

And I wanted to say hello
to Sybil.

Well, you can say it in here.

[mouse squeaking]

Pour yourself a shot,
coffee's on the way.


Caught it by the tail.

But I'm looking
for two rats,

one with a bullet
in his gut.

-Rats? What kind of rats?

-Gangsters, Deleye.

Really dangerous gangsters.

Hi, Sybil.

How you doing?


And the children?

Okay too.

But Hugo is sick, I hear.


What's the trouble?


-Your coffee.

-Kiss the kid for me, okay?

Say, Deleye.

You steal $600 000
from a casino,

and you end up here
in a hole.

What do you do?

With 600 000?

Forget about the money,
name me a hiding place.

-I know of a hundred.


-You want me to give you
a hundred of them?

-No, just one.

The one I wouldn't think of.

[mouse squeaking]

-The old cabin.

-The old cabin?

Deleye, you want my advice?

If you've got a permit,
look after it better.

Otherwise, it'll rust.

[dog barking]

-Execution cancelled.

But the verdict still stands.


You're a fantastic surgeon.

-Just wait until
you get the check.

-Have you...

known each other for long?

-He's called Jim.

Just call me Charlie.

[suspenseful music]

-What if I...

just walk out the door now?

-That'd be very stupid.

We'll be gone tomorrow.

Or the day after tomorrow.

-Where to?

Far away, out of the country.

-I have my own country.

[plane engine whirring]

-Don't they drive you nuts?

I'd sue the army for a million
and clear out.

-This is my land!

-You're one of those assholes
who sticks in the same place

all his life.

Is this your whole fleet?

Hey, does it run?


-I ask the questions.

-Oh yeah?

-Yeah, or I'll grab that
dried-out bitch of yours...

and screw her ass off until shestarts bawling.

Now, I ask you again.

Does this shit crate run
or not?


guzzles too much. [Jim]
Not busted.

-I think it might
need some parts.

-Just leave the thinking
to me.

[engine coughing]

Let's see what that shit face
of a son has to say.

[banjo music]

[suspenseful music]



-That was as easy as pie.


-In fact we used to call me theking of the poachers. [laughing]

-I say, how are you
going to cook it?

-Just leave all the cooking
to me.

Rabbit or sheep, hey!

Morning, men.
-Oh, fuck.

-The two of you trap it,
the rabbit?

-No sir, no.

-We found it dead,
close by.

-In a trap,
it was in a trap.

-And I said, "grab it!"

-Well, that so?

-Well, shouldn't we, yeah?

-Is this your bivouac?

-Everyone comes here.
-All of the patrols.

-To rest up a little,

-Can we keep the rabbit?

-I'm looking
for a dark blue Mercedes.

-Dark blue Mercedes?

-Seen it?


-No, I didn't see, no.

-Enjoy it.


-What was that, a cowboy?

-Looked more like
the local cop!

[suspenseful music]

[gun clacking]

-What's wrong?

-Nothing, sir.

-What do you want to ask?

-Nothing special.

-No shit about
a coffee break, huh?

No, sir.

-What's eating you, then?

-The car's fine.


Like a rocket, right?

-Yeah, like a rocket.

[dog barking]

-Get in there.

[fox hissing]

What's going on?

First the cops,
now the cavalry.

-They aren't looking for you.

They're coming for Lisa.


the bitch is
the village whore, huh?

-One day, I'll make you
eat your fucking words,

you bastard.

-Make sure you get rid
of those creeps outside.

Or else I'll make you eat
that fucking kid of yours

for breakfast.

Go on, move it.

-Here we are again,
with your permission.

[suspenseful music]

We've got a lot of canteens
to fill on days like this.

-I've no time
for your bullshit today.


Sorry, my apologies.

Come on, men.

Speed it up.

Let's go.

[speaking a foreign language]

-What's that lingo
you're always speaking?

You don't call him Robbie,



What would you call me?



-From my country.

I have my own country.

Here, they all think
I'm crazy.

-Could I get there,
to your country?

-Only if you know the way.

-Do you know it?

-Of course.

-Quite a difference from that
deep freeze shit we get.


Is your drumstick good?

Here, have a bite.

You mean I disgust you?

-Fucking queer.

-I love you, shithead.

Nobody is hungry?

Hate to see it
go to waste.


[dish shattering]

-He can't sleep.

-I was dreaming.

-The bitch
could've gotten away.

-I was dreaming about you.

-That kid's our insurance,

-I know that.

And it'll stay that way,
as long as we're here.

Leave that brat alone
at night.

-Everyone knows better.

Even a gangster thinks
he'll make a better mother.

-That dame's nuts,

-She talked me to sleep.

-Here, to keep you awake.


You still in pain?

-The dentist's is worse.

-Dreaming about me?



I dreamt you were dancing.

-Who with?


You were dancing, backwards.

With a big bunch of roses.

Red roses.

-And then?

And then I woke up.

[dog barking]

-Isn't it time for bed,

-Just restless, Deleye.

How are things?


-No reason.

-Since when do you
cruise around with no reason?

Since there are gangsters
in the area.

If I see them,
I'll ring you.


They weren't in the old cabin,
that's for sure.

-Sleep tight.

Good night.

-You heard what the cop said.

Good night, asshole.

-Now go to sleep.


I know who they are.

It was on the radio.

They've got a pile
of money with them,

only I just don't know where.

Out in the shed.

I think.

-What are you talking about?

-Oh, nothing.


You mustn't try anything.

They're not playing.

That one is really dangerous.

-Time to shut up,
lights out.

And no naughty games.

[suspenseful music]

-Can't you sleep either?

I keep thinking of Robbie.


Dear child.

-If we all behave,
so will they.

God, if I get my hands
on him...

-I'd like to see that.

Those soldiers today...

That was my rabbit.

-Your snares.


-They're not checking,
look suspicious.

-What do you mean?

-To make them
suspect something.


-Dalsum, that's who.

Sly fox.


-Everyone tucked in?


That asshole sheriff
is looking for us.


-No, not yet,
but he's getting warmer.

-Have you tried the car?


When it's ready.

-And the Mercedes?


Dumped an hour from here.

-We should give it a try

-Forget it.

One more day.

You're the boss,
but I'm the doctor.

-We'll see.

-I still feel the urge
to grab that bitch.

-She wants to leave.

That's her dream.

-The lady's a dope.


That's her country.

Painted it herself.

Not bad, huh?


-I tell you, that bitch
is off her rocker!

Bet she can't even screw.

-Jimmy, do me a favour
and go to bed.

I'll stay awake.


When I'm sure
everyone's asleep.

[dramatic music]

[imitating a rooster]

Beautiful, boy.

A voice like a nightingale.

Here, for your trouble.

-You bastard.

-Pick it up.

Go on, bend down
and get it,

you motherfucking shithead.


I said, pick it up!


You shouldn't throw
money around like that.

-If you weren't holding
that damn gun,

you'd talk different.

-You want the damn gun?

Here, take it.

[glass shattering]

While you're at it,
make mine with ham.

Eggs over easy.

[troops, chanting]
One, two,
one, two, one two...

-We've come to change
little crapper,

me and grandma here.

-Where's Lisa?

-She's no good at all,
right, you horny bitch?

Your daughter
has two left hands.

-I always wash
and change him.

-No wonder that girl
wants to leave home.

-Give us a hand.

-I'd rather dance
with your sister.

-She's properly married.

To a priest.

-I serve God,
in my own way.

-Say that again.

-I mean I set a bad example.

-You were at it again
earlier this morning, eh?

Those who won't learn
must suffer.

As long as we stay here,

we're running things,
is that right?

-Be careful of that poacher.

They're a venging kind.

-With a soft spot.

His little brat.

-Go ask your sister
if she wants another kid.

-Another kid?
-You hear me?

Hurry up,
I want a quick answer.

[suspenseful music]


-No, she doesn't.

-That's surprising.

Usually, they beg for it.

Get lost.

[metallic tinkering]

-If I'm wrong, Deleye,
you can contradict me.

The aim is "trap to stuff."

Or else to eat.

Not to have it rot away.

Why don't you empty
your snares, Deleye?

-There are other poachers,
around here.


But no one's
a real expert.

A real pro.

And a pro doesn't like
sloppy work.

-You seem to know a lot
about poaching yourself.

-Did she hit you, Deleye?

-I married the wrong girl.

-That I know,
as long as I've known you.

You can't tell fairy tales.

I can.

I'm even pretty good
at it, too.

One upon a time,

two gangsters stole
a bag full of cash.

But on their way
to the sunny south,

something didn't work out.

So they needed
a hiding place,

and they found one, too.

Not in the old cabin.

But instead, on a farm.

And the folks there
had a choice.

Keep their mouths shut...

or a slug in the belly.

And to back up their threats,

the gangsters handed out
the odd nose bleed.

What do you think?

-I never like fairy tales.

-I love them.

-You through?

-I've got to search your house,Deleye.

-You what?

-I'm going to search
your house.

-The bastard wants
to play cowboy.

One wrong word,there's going to be a bloodbath.

-What do you know
about the law?


I want to see a search warrant,in black and white.

-You'll see it.

In the mail.

[plane engine whirring]

[suspenseful music]

Sybil, who did that?

-Oh, that?

-And your husband?

Who beat him up like that?

Hoodlums, maybe?

I told you,
I married the wrong girl.

Didn't I?

-Is this your room, boy?

-Yes, sir.

-You sleep here alone?

-Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

-What about that, then?

-That's mine too.

-But not when you're sick.


-Your boss says
you're a real good mechanic.

Is that so?

-So they tell me, sir.

-Do you have
to do this now?

The boy is sick.

-That's right, yeah.

He's sweating.

Is that Lisa's room?


And Robbie's.

He's asleep.

-I'll be quiet as a mouse.

-If any harm
comes to that kid...

-Was that a slip, Deleye?

-I mean...

If he's startled by you.

-Oh, you know who I am.

The village cop.

I adore kids.

[dramatic music]


Do you like fairy tales?

-Fairy tales?

-Your step-father doesn't.

In fairy tales, the big bad wolfis always in bed.

But in this fairy tale,
he might be underneath.

You know where
I should look for him?

-In the woods.

All right.

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]

[Mrs. Dalsum - radio]
HQ to sheriff,
urgent, over.

-Dalsum, telephone.

That what's it called,
that thing in your car.


[Mrs. Dalsum - radio]
HQ to sheriff,
urgent, over.


[Mrs. Dalsum - radio] Where areyou, for heaven's sake?I've beentrying to catch you for hours.

-Give it to me.

[Mrs. Dalsum - radio] The darkblue Mercedes is in the village,over.Did you get that, over?

-On my way.

Over and out.

A man can be wrong, Deleye.

He's gone.

Like he had the devil
on his ass.

Does that cowboy have
any reinforcements at home?

he was called away
by car phone.

-That's his wife.

-He's got a wife, him?

Who would marry
a big fat pig like that?

You see yourself
screwing that teddy bear?

-Better the teddy bear
than you.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]




[engine coughing]

[typewriter clicking]

-Where's that friend of yours?

The black guy.

-Black guy?

What do you mean?

-Just around
the corner there,

there's the bus stop.

Leaves every half hour.

-I was so hoping
you'd do it, sweetheart,

two real gangsters!

-Yeah, yeah.

Still, I must
have missed something,

but what, huh?

-Hiding place, maybe...

-I've searched just
about everywhere.

Down in the woods.

And the swamp.

The old cabin.

And where do I find
the Mercedes?

Right there, god damn it.

-Is that still your territory?

-Of course,
it's still up to me.

Question is,
can you hide out there?

-It's just farmland,
out there.

-Those two can't have
disappeared just like that.

-I so wish
I could help you.

-Oh, not now!

-It stinks rotten.

-They say gentle hands
make the wounds even worse.

-Fucking amateurs.

-Ah, shit!

[suspenseful music]


[baby crying]

-Just fireworks,
that's all.

[dog barking]

Here they come again,
damn dogs in heat.

Nice little income
on the side, a cat house?

-Why don't you ask
your mother?

-Bet it's got
a nasty bite, eh?

It doesn't bite yet, huh?

Not yet.

Get those bastards
out of here.

-What the hell
happened to you?

-You can go to hell.

I'm sick and tired
of all of you.


Here, bring the kid.

That's it.

-Yeah, but I thought...

that you said
we could come here.

-To fetch water, yeah.

But not to leer
at the girl every day.

-I'm sorry about that.

I didn't know.

-That's all right then.

Now you can beat it.

-Good bye, sir.

-You ought to jack off tonight
to that admirer of yours.

[speaking a foreign language]

I admit that
you're a tasty dish.

-Jim, leave her alone.

-Ah, fuck yourself.

-There, there.

There, go on.

That's it, that's it.

There, good boy.

-It sure can go, eh?

-Hope he kills himself.


You assholes!

[dog barking]

You, how much gas
you got left?

-More than enough.

-Fill her up
and put her away.

Trunk backwards.


-Are you asleep?

I know where the money is.

-Don't do it.

That Jim,
he'll kill you for sure.

Don't do it.

-But I'd do it for you.

For us.

So we can get away together.

-Well, able to stand
on your own feet?

-May I dance with you
this time?

-Who leads, you or me?


-I'd much rather
give you a lift.

-You'd better sleep first,

you've been up
for 60 hours.

-Come on.

I'll drive you
straight to Spain.

-I'll wake you in time.

-I won't sleep a wink.

[dramatic music]

-You have a gorgeous kid.

Does he look
like his father?

-His father?

Deleye is his father.

-That poacher?

-Where are you two going?

-Far from here.

Do you have a woman?


-Take me.

-Who's going
to wash the diapers?


-Wenyemo would stay here.

They say so every day.

You leave if you want,

we'll look after the child.

-You have your own country.

It's safer.

Jim and I...

we have only escape routes.

Hiding places
and escape routes.

-But I can do lots of things.

I can poach, shoot,
drive a car.

And make love.

-Sounds very funny.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Who were they?

The Romeo and Juliet
of crime.

Then that's all we are,
Bonnie and Clyde.

-Jesus, please,
give me a handkerchief.

I'm going to cry.
-You haven't had
three hours yet.

-Your crap makes me vomit.

-Is he angry, now?

-He's my friend.

[romantic music]

-I can be yours too.

[dramatic music]

[glass shattering]

[screaming in pain]

[tools clattering]


[glass shattering]

[metal banging]


[dramatic music]

-What's up?

-The fun is over.

-The shit hit the fan?

-That brother of hers.


-He's dead.

-Where is he now?

-In the barn,
under the straw.

-Dump him in the woods.

That's all we need,
a dead body.


-What happened?

-A little accident.

-What are you doing here, Joe?

-Why haven't I been relieved?

-If it takes a week,you must never leave your post.

-Post my ass.

It's two hours on
and six hours off!

I've been there three hours!

Damn it, this thing is busted.

I'll have to report you.

-Suit yourself.

-You must think
there's a war on.


Eddie, your turn.

And double time!

-Two hours,
not a minute longer!

-You'll be reported too!

-Ass licker.

-Put that thing out.

It's visible
for miles around.

-And who by, huh?

-Do you want to be
reported too?

It's up to you, brother.

-A monkey gets
a few little stripes,

and immediately,
he thinks he's an officer.

[suspenseful music]

-There's a...

There's a dead...

There's a dead body
over there.

-And there,
I want C squadron

to close the gap.

Is that clear?

-Yes sir, very clear.

-I'm sorry to interrupt,

One of our outposts
has found a corpse.

-Out here?

-Yes, sir.

With your permission...

-One of ours?

-No sir, it's a civilian.

-Anyone know who it is?

[a soldier]
He was in the woods,
near outpost Reader.

-And who's there now?

-No one,
the post is deserted.

-By you?

-Yes, Captain.

-You know that a post
shouldn't be deserted,

under any circumstances.
-Yes Captain.

-Court martial.


Forward, march!

-I know that boy.

He's from the farm.

-The poacher's house?

-Want me to go there
and look around a bit?

-This isn't an army matter,
it's a job for the police.

[police sirens blaring]

Gangsters, you say?


-Call in the guard
or the riot police,

what you like.

The line is free.

-They'll take hours
to get here.

I'm appealing to you, Major!

-Just Captain.

-All right, Captain,
if I go in alone,

there'll be a bloodbath.

You just have
to be there.

With your troops.

This is no time
to go by the rules.

Look, Captain.

It's a question
of life or death.

There's also a baby.

-Surely, you can radio him,
Mrs. Dalsum?

Just tell him that I called,

and that he was right
all along!

-Those modern inventions,
you don't want to use them,

do you, Deleye?

We want to keep
our departures secret.

[plastic shattering]

[suspenseful music]


-Your taxi's out front,

-I appreciate it.

Could you please hurry?

Our departure
has been announced.

Then the baby will have
to stay with us.

[drum roll]

What the god damn hell
are you doing here?

-We've come to free you.

-Get the fuck out!

-Look, we know it all.

And that your son...

is dead.

-Our son is dead?


[the soldier]
We found him
in the woods, I'm sorry.

-You murdered my son!

You murderer, you murderer!

You murderer!

-You fucking whore.


-I'll kill you!


-Want some advice?

Just turn around.

Go and get some medals pinned
on your pretty chest.

While you can.

-The game is over.

The police are
on their way.

-I'll count to two, buster.

Then you're dead.





[dramatic music]


I'd rather have you
dead than alive.

-You don't have me
at all yet, fatso.

-I'll count to three.

Throw that gun down.

-And then?

-Then I'll have to fill out
thousands of forms,

on account of you.

And I won't mind a bit.




-There you are, fatso.

You wanted it,
you got it.

[baby crying]

-No, not the child,
please don't!

Please, no!

Please, give me,
give me, give me, please!

Give him to me!


[screaming in pain]

[Lisa] I'm going with you.
-We'll let him go as soon aswe're out of sight. [screaming]


No, please,
leave the child!


[baby crying]

[tragic music]

[helicopter engine whirring]

-This is the army.

Give yourselves up.

I repeat,
give yourselves up.


-Lisa, Lisa!

[baby crying]

[dramatic music]

-Can't see a thing yet.

Not a thing.

We got them, south sector,
block those side roads.

I repeat,
block those side roads!

[tires screeching]

[dramatic music]

Block all side roads!

I repeat, side roads
in the south sector,

block them!

[dramatic music]

Car now leaving our sector.

Terminating action.

Car now leaving our sector.

Terminating action.

[dramatic music]

[metal thrashing]


[tragic music]