Stromboli, terra di Dio (1950) - full transcript

Living in an Italian refugee camp in 1948, the beautiful Karen meets Antonio, a resident of the men's camp. While not in love with him, Karen marries him and they soon set of for his home village, Stromboli. The village is on a remote island at the foot of an active volcano. She despairs at what she finds when she arrives. The village is on barren land and virtually devoid of people as many have left, mostly for the United States. She doesn't speak the local dialect and is treated with disdain by some of the locals who see her as an exotic foreigner and a loose woman. After Antonio beats her and locks her in their house, she sets off across the mountains to seek her freedom and a better future.

This film was restored using
a combined duplicate negative ...

preserved at
Cinecitté Digital Factory.

The image was scanned
at a resolution of 2K ...

and then digitally
stabilized and cleaned ...

to remove specks, lines,
scratches, and splice marks.

The sound was digitally cleaned
and background noise reduced ...

while keeping the dynamics
and features of the original sound.

The restoration was realized
by Cineteca di Bologna ...

at the L'lmmagine Ritrovata
laboratory in 2012.


“They have sought me
who before asked not for me.

They have found me
who sought me not ...” Isaiah 65:1

SPRING 1948 ...



May I borrow
your blue blouse ?

You've all gone crazy ...

since they put the soldiers
on the other side of the compound.

The poor men were prisoners for years ...

Now that they're back home,
they deserve a little fun.

What did she say ?

That we're worse off because
we have no news of our families

and no homes to return to.

They're not here
for fun either.

My soldier is still looking
for his mother and father.

They were in Cassino,
but they had to leave.

Who knows
where they are now ?

The poor man's gone to Rome
many times to look for them.

He's so big and handsome.

I wish he were my soldier.


You hear your sweetheart ?

See you.

- Good luck.
- I hope so.

- Hi.
- Good evening.

- Well ?
- It's cold tonight.

- “Cold” ?
- Yes, cold.

Instead of sweet words,
you complain it's cold ?

- What do you want me to say ?
- Something else.

- Hey, you're not allowed here.
- Leave me alone.

I'm not getting
in trouble over you.

Like I haven't seen
my fair share too.

All right. I'll go.

You leaving or not ?
You can't stay here.

All right, Sergeant.
I'm going.

Get out of here, boys.

Get out of here.
You're not allowed here.

Poor wretches,
here we are in this hell

Condemned to tyranny

I like you.
Have you decided ?

Take it or leave it.

I don't understand.
What do you mean ?

Marry me or leave me.

What's so funny ?

You're crazy.
You know nothing about me.

We've spoken a few times
through this barbed wire,

and now you want
to marry me ?

Of course.

What if you're
making a mistake ?

I'm crazy about you.

Later, if you find out
I'm different from what you think ?

I know women.
If you don't behave, I'll show you !

What does that mean ?
I know this one and this one,

and this and this.

I'll slap you.

Oh, you'll spank me.

Damn this thing.

You have to decide.

I can't keep shirking
my duties and coming here.

If you really mean it,
I'll let you know tomorrow night.

He's simple and nice.

He lives on an island
in the Mediterranean.

He says it's beautiful.

Do you like him ?

He speaks
a strange dialect.

He's amusing enough,

but he's just a boy.

- What will you do ?
- I don't know.

What can I do ?

He wants to marry me.
He's crazy.

I'll see tomorrow. It all depends
on my visa for Argentina.

If I don't get it,
I know what I'll do.

Buenos dias.

- Let's bring this one in.
- Very well.

She's the biggest liar
in the bunch.

Our information on her
defies belief.

She speaks Italian.
She was born in Lithuania.

Fine. Bring her in.

- Good morning.
- Buenos dias.

Take down
her personal information.

First and last name ...

nationality, age ...

father's name, mother's name,
and occupation.

- What's your name ?
- Karin Bjornsen.

- Place of birth ?
- Kovno, Lithuania.

- Date of birth ?
- May 8, 1920.

- Father's name ?
- Karl Bjornsen.

- Mother's maiden name ?
- Maria Pasvalys.

- Occupation ?
- Unemployed.

The consul wishes to know
how you happen ...

to be interned here.

I lived in Czechoslovakia
before the war,

married to an architect who died
after the German invasion.

Then I went to Yugoslavia,

and when it was invaded,
I fled to Italy.

because the Gestapo
was after me ...

I entered Italy secretly

and obtained residence here
with false identification papers.

After September 8 ...

though I was being pursued ...

I managed to escape
the German police.

Then I was interned
by the Italian authorities.

Did you bring the affidavit
to emigrate to Argentina ?

The consul says the letter
you've submitted isn't enough ...

to authorize your transfer
to Argentina.

I was expecting as much.

“You have declared your consent before
myself and the witnesses gathered here ...

to marry according to the rite
of the Holy Roman Church.

Our Lord Jesus Christ
elevated matrimony ...

to the dignity
of a sacrament.

This matrimony
will produce divine grace

and the effects sanctioned
by the sacred canons ...

principally the obligation
to support each other

and provide a religious, moral,
and physical education for your children,

but it will also have civil effects
according to the laws of the state,

which you must respect
and observe.”

How will you travel ?

I'll take a train from Rome
and get to Messina

and then see
about getting to Stromboli.

Here she comes.

Will you get that for me ?

- Thank you.
- Good-bye.

- Be sure to write.
- All the best.

I'm cold.

Let's go over there.

- Would you like to sit here ?
- Thanks a lot.

I want to put my coat on.

I was a prisoner too,
in Australia.

I was in South Africa.

- You going to Stromboli ?
- Yes.

I'm the lighthouse keeper.

You can see the volcano now.


Look at the crater.

You see the lava trail ?
There's one

on the other side too.

- Is it always active ?
- Always.


Look at the stones

tumbling down to the sea.


- My suitcases.
- Yes, sit down.

- I'll get them.
- Give me the other ones too.


Vincenzo !

- How are you ?
- Fine.

- Grab some of this stuff.
- You, grab that suitcase.

Hey, kid, come here !

You go ahead.
I'll be right there.

- We should go on ahead ?
- Yes.

I'll see you when I come back
from the lighthouse.

Yeah, see you.

I'm Antonio Mastrostefano.
You know my Aunt Rosaria ?

- Run and tell her I'm here.
- Let me carry one !

- Welcome back, Antonio.
- Thank you, Father.

- This is my wife.
- Nice to meet you, and best wishes.

Thank you, Father.


You got married as soon
as you got the papers I sent ?

Fine, fine.

I'm very happy.

I never thought
I'd get back here.

It makes me happy
when someone comes back ...

and brings his wife here
to raise a family.

You see, so many people
from here have already left ...

or are waiting to leave

for Argentina, Australia ...

France, England ...

wherever they have a relative
to send money for the trip.

Life is hard here.

Even the earth is hard.

Yes, but ...

St. Bartolo, our patron saint,
will protect you.

It was St. Bartolo ...

who stopped the lava
and the fire up there ...

in the great eruption of '41 ...

and saved our homes.

I'm sure
you'll be happy here.

This is your home now.

- Thank you, Father.
- You're welcome.

Good-bye, Father.

It's a baby.

Why did you kiss
the priest's hand ?

It's the custom.

This is a deserted island.

There's no one here.

If there was nobody here,
there'd be no baby, right ?

Aunt Rosaria !

Thank God you're finally back.
How are you ?

The Madonna
was good to me.

This is Karin, my wife.

My aunt from America.

- Welcome.
- You really lived in America ?

Yes, many years ago.

Lots of people here
have been there.

- And you came back here ?
- This is my home.

Aunt Rosaria,
where's my boat ?

It rotted away.

How's the fishing this year ?

Not bad.
We can't complain.

- Did Vincenzo Bernao come back ?
- Yes ...

but he left right away
for Australia.

You have no one
to send you money,

but his relatives
sent him some.

Look, that whole family
left for the continent ...

when Alfio died in the war.

Everyone around here

This is our house.

- Where are the keys ?
- By the door.

Aren't you coming ?

Come on, hurry up.

We'll fix it up
just like before.

Like before ?

We have lots of furniture.


Come look.

This is our bedroom.

Look how beautiful.

The sea.

Karin, come here !

- Where's all my furniture ?
- At my house.

Boys, have my furniture
brought over

and I'll give you something.

That's lava
from the mountain.

I can see that.

- Is that all there is ?
- Of course.

Houses, fields ...

the lava
destroyed everything,

but the people of Stromboli
are very tough, my dear.

We rebuild it all.

This land ...

How do you say it ?

We brought this fresh soil here.

You see ?

We replant everything.

Capers, vines.

Leave me alone !

What do I care about vines ...

and your good soil ?

I want off
this damned island !

Even those born here
have gone far away !

What's the matter ?

What's wrong ?

Listen, this is my home,
and you're my wife.

You're here
because I'm here.

19,377 lire.

- Is that all ?
- Yes.

- What will you do with it ?
- Nothing.

Yes, I am your wife,

and this is your house.
I know.

You slept well last night,
didn't you ?

Well, I didn't.

I'm different.

Very different.

I belong to another race.

This is no life
for civilized people.

Go ahead.
Count your 19,000 lire.

You need much more
for a woman like me.

Calm down.
What are you saying ?

You call this money,

but it's nothing
for a woman like me !

I'm a civilized human being.
I'm used to other things.

What can you do
with that money ?

- Everything has to change here.
- It will.

Yes, but when ?
You have to do it now.

I'm your wife,
and this is your house,

but I have to live in it too,
and I'm not an animal.

I know, but you'll see.

Yes, I'll see.

Are you (IFS/mg ?

What's the matter ?

- Are you crying ?
- No.

No, it's not you.

Little boy ...

what's your name ?

I ...

Say something.

Say something.

Talk to me.

Talk. Talk.

Get the ladder.

- What are you doing here ?
- Your husband sent us, ma'am.

- Who are you ?
- Us ?

We're half American, just back
from America two months ago.

Your husband sent us
to clean up the house.

We were all in New York.

My son stayed there.

I worked as a dockhand
in Brooklyn

and made a lot of money.

We'd even take the car
to go fishing on Sundays.

I'd even drive a car
to pick up my relief check.

We all had cars
in America.

But we came back
to Stromboli.

You see that hole ?

The volcano is very dangerous.

It erupts a lot ...

and hurls up stones ...

that fall down on our poor houses
and destroy them.

They set everything on fire,
like in 1944.

- And you left America ?
- Yes, America's for the young.

I'm an old man.
I want to die on Stromboli.

My friend's not only old,
but he's gone soft in the head too.

I don't want to die here.

I want to go back over
to my son in Brooklyn.

He's saving up for my trip.

I should be able to go back
in about ten years.

- How old are you ?
- Seventy-three.

Signora !

Father, here she is !

- Good morning. How are you today ?
- Good morning, Father.

I was wondering
how you're getting along.

As you can see,
I stay out here.

My house is full of little old men
talking about America all the time.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

With a little time and patience,
everything will be all right.

Everything ?
The island and the volcano too ?

No, I mean
your home and you.

Maybe I can help you.

I told your husband he could take
the tiles from the Molettas' house.

The Molettas left this island
26 years ago.

I doubt they'll be back.

You see,
I'm a sort of trustee ...

for all those
who've left the island.

You could make use
of those tiles now,

and nobody will mind
a little robbery.

This way, those who've left
help those who stay.

And I act
as the middleman.

Then try to help us.

I can't live like this.

Antonio's just a kid.

I love him, but he doesn't
understand a woman like me.

I think he does.

I know how hard
he tried to find work.

When you got here, the fishing
season had already begun.

The boats already
had full crews.

There are only four boats
on Stromboli.

The others come
from neighboring islands.

Yet Antonio still managed
to find a place.

He sacrificed his pride.

He had his own boat once,
you know.

But he's adapted for your sake.
I know, because he told me.

I know he's doing his best ...

but doesn't he understand
that I can't live here ?

that he has
to take me away ?

You need
a lot of money to emigrate,

and a place to go.

Even those born here
want to leave.

So you can imagine me,
a foreigner.

These horrible rocks ...

this desolation,
that terror.

This island drives me mad.
Help me, please.

You're both young.

Make Antonio save his money
instead of spending it.

Then perhaps you'll be able
to leave too someday.

But while you're here ...

make your house warm
and inviting and be patient.

Then waiting will be easier.

“God helps those who help themselves,”
the proverb goes.

God has never helped me.

Don Angelo !

- What did you catch ?
- Bonito.

- Throw down the tackle !
- We're home !

What did you catch ?

We've got
a boat full of fish !

Ours is full of bonito !

Karin !

Look !

We got thousands like this !
All the boats are full !

We're rich.
You understand ?

We're going to sell it all in Messina.

What are you talking about ?

The fish.
It's fantastic !

I'm soaked !

We don't need a middleman.

We'll sell it all ourselves.


See you.

- Signora.
- Yes ?

All finished.

You want to see ?

Yes, I'm coming.

- Do you like it ?
- You've done a great job.

- Is it all right ?
- Just wonderful.

Thank you very much.

Did you finish
painting that bench ?

I want it over here.

Is the chair all right ?

No, I told you to shorten
the legs, remember ?

I did.
Should I cut them off ?

No, I want it to look
like the other chairs.

- I want them all real low, you see ?
- All right.

Good morning.

Would you like to come in
and see my house ?

It's very kind of you
to come see me.

Come in.
Don't be shy.

Come inside.

Would you ask
if they'd like to come in ?

She's asking
if you'd like to go inside.

- Why are they leaving ?
- How would I know ?

- What did they say ?
- Did you hear them say anything ?

Good morning,
Aunt Rosaria.

- Come in and see the house.
- No.

What's going on ?

What do they have against me ?
Why do they all treat me like this ?

Because you behave badly.
You have no modesty.

But I'm not doing anything wrong.

It's not my fault
if I'm different.

I am different !
I think and act differently.

I'm making the house nice
for my husband.

What can you have against that ?

You have no modesty,
my child.

- Is the weather clearing up ?
- No, the wind's too strong.

- My husband can't come back tonight.
- I don't think so.

Then do me a favor.
Take me to the lady ...

with the sewing machine
who made my curtains.

I want to sew my new dress.

The time will pass quickly
if I have something to do.

She's no good.

She has a bad reputation.

I don't care
about her reputation.

I'm old enough
to take care of myself.

- Is it far from here ?
- The other side of the church.

Wait. I'll get my fabric,
and you can walk me there.

- Why did she do that to me ?
- It was probably just by chance.

- That's her house.
- That one ?

- Will you come with me ?
You could introduce me.
- No.

- Why not ?
- My wife's very jealous.

I understand.

- Good night. Thanks.
- Good night.

Good evening.

Could you sew this for me
on your machine ?



Here. You see ?

And here too.

Oh, it's you.

- Are you sick ? What's wrong ?
- A touch of malaria.

Oh, malaria.

- Then who's at the lighthouse ?
- My coworker.

The poor fellow's all alone
there till you get back ?

That's right.

- Signora.
- Yes' ?

Thank you.


A few stitches here too.

You want to try it on ?
Come with me.

Thank you.
Best to try it on.

It's dark already.

Angelina !

Don't you remember me ?

Aren't we good enough
for your place ?

Start the music, Ignazio.

She closed the shutters !

Where's your husband,
out to pasture ?

- What's that woman doing in there ?
- I'd like to kiss her.

Are you crazy ?

- What's going on ?
- There's a pretty lady in there.

What's gotten into you ?

- Karin !
- You're back.

- Get out of here !
- Wait. I have to change.

You want me to look ridiculous ?
Hurry up !

Come on.

Get moving.

You have no shame.
I'll break your face.

Why are you angry ?
I didn't do anything wrong.

- I wanted her to sew something.
- So you go to a prostitute's house ?

- We'll settle this at home.
- Fine. I'm not scared of you.

Move it.

I suppose
you came back rich.

The money's gone to your head.
That's why you're being such a bully.

How much did you get
for the fish ?


- How much is it ?
- Not even 30,000 lire.

- 30,000 lire.
- The others got a lot more.

Why ?

They're taking
advantage of me.

Because you're a lady,
and I have to take care of you.

They know I have to put up
with whatever they give me,

so they pay me less.

But I'll work harder.

I'll work for you.

Don't worry about it.

- Have you got a match ?
- Yes.


You changed everything.

Where are the pictures ?

I put the pictures
of your family away.

- And the Madonna ?
- The Madonna too.

- My mother put that there.
- I know.

I didn't throw it away.
I just moved it.


A cactus ... in the house.

Don't you like it ?

Yes ...


I did what you said.

I made the house nicer
for him and for me ...

to make
the waiting easier.

But when he saw it,
it bothered him.

He didn't have
the courage to say anything,

but he was hurt.

And this morning
he pulled out all his old things,

those awful things.

As he held those pictures
and holy images in his hands ...

I could feel
he was angry with me.

I understand him.

Antonio is
a good, simple boy.

In all his life, his only experience
has been his military service.

Yes, I understand him too,

but who understands me ?

You're the only man here ...

who can understand me,

Please advise me
and help me.

I'm going mad.
I'm so unhappy.

I suffer, believe me.

You must have courage.

- You're both young.
- Must I waste my youth ?

It's inhuman.
I can't go on.

What do you want to do ?

I don't know.

You must try to find
a way to help me, Father.

Help me.

You know what Antonio's like.
He's so simple.

If I don't speak to him
like a child ...

he doesn't understand.

One word is enough
to upset him.

- Will you explain to him, Father ?
- There's nothing to explain.

He's just as unhappy as you are.
Maybe even more.

Then there's no way out ?
No hope ?

Be patient and strong.

Perhaps I can write to some of our
people in America or Australia ...

and see if they can
find work for him.

Please do.
Do you think it's possible ?


The people born on this island ...

are good people.

Take Francesco Dimattina,
who left for America.

He died recently,

a widower
with no children,

and left $3,000,
all his fortune,

to Stromboli

for the old
and to keep up the cemetery.

He left the money
in my care.

I knew you were the only one
who could help us.

I'm only a poor priest,
but I understand human suffering.

The dead find their peace
in that desolate cemetery

swept by the wind
and burned by the sun,

- while we the living ...
- I know.

Wouldn't you still honor
your friend's memory

if you gave the money
to two young people who want to live ?

- Perhaps, but I can't.
- Please listen to me.

You know nothing about me.
You don't know my past.

I ...

I've been lost.
I've sinned.

I've chased after illusions
and adventures ...

as if driven
by some evil force.

Now I realize I was wrong.

I'd like to change my life,

but this is too much.

You can't go
from one extreme to another.

I've known this all along.

I felt compassion for you
from the first time we met.

I've tried to give you
whatever spiritual help I could.

You're such a good man.

Thank you.

This will make you
feel better.

- Drink it.
- I'm so ashamed, Father.

I may have made mistakes,

but all I want now
is a little happiness.

I was born
into a well-to-do family.

We lost everything
in the war.

Then I met a man,

an officer
in the German army.

He seemed more human
than the rest.

He was young
and cheerful.

I was swept up and lost.

I've sinned, but I've paid.

You're so sensitive ...

a man of experience.

I'm only a poor priest.

I can be frank with you.
I couldn't with Antonio.

You're the one man
who can give me comfort.

I told you: I'm the priest
of a small fishing community.

- But I can see your human qualities.
- I am a priest !

I can only assist you
in confession or through prayer.

You're ...

as merciless as your God !

You ...

Say anything you want.

All I can have for you
is a deep feeling of pity.

May the Lord guide you ...

Compose yourself.
Be humble.


- You're home already.
- Yes.

I didn't expect you.
Why are you so early ?

- Where you been ?
- Just out for a walk.

I passed by the church.
What's that ?

I bought it. A ferret.

A ferret.

- How much did you pay for it ?
- Next to nothing.

Tomorrow begins tuna fishing.

- And these ?
- Coffe. To catch fish.

What did you buy
this ferret for ?

To catch rabbits.

To catch what ?

I'll show you.


What do you intend to do ?

You're crazy !

Give it here.

It's awful !

The poor animal !

That's enough !

Stop it ! Stop it !

Stop it !

Stupid !
It's cruel and savage !

- What are you looking for ?
- Octopuses.

Wait. I'm coming too.

Did you find something ?

How are you ?

- Feeling better ?
- Yes.

It got away.
Do you have a looking glass ?

- What is it ?
- An octopus.

An octopus ?


See there ?


Cuckold !

Cuckold ! Cuckold !

Stay out of it.
It's your wife's fault.

- What did she do ?
- Nothing. She's just a flirt.

Dinner's on the table.
I'm not eating.

What's the matter with you ?

Are you crazy ?

What have I done ?

Let's go.

Come on.
Mass is starting.

- Let's go.
- Stay there. Don't move.

Antonio, come on.
We've been waiting for you.

- You got the bailing scoop ?
- Yes.

Did you fix the boat ?

Antonio !

- What do you want ?
- I just wanted to surprise you.

Come here.

Pull up closer.

Take us over there.

Just what we needed ...
a bright light.

- What's that ?
- She's like a bright light for fishing.

Like we use
to blind the octopuses.

That octopus
is already blind.

I hope you're not sorry
that I came.

I wanted to see you.

I want to be with you.

But you have to change too.

Come on. Smile.

I'll go right away so I don't
embarrass you in front of the others.

Forget about them.

Here they come.

The tuna are coming.

Let's go.

Come on !

Oh, Jesus and Mary.

Thank you, Jesus,

and thank you, Mary,
for the good fortune you sent us.

Let's go.

- How are you feeling ?
- Better.

Did you like the fishing ?

No, it was horrible.

What's the matter ?

I don't feel well.

Why ?

Do you think ... ?

- Maybe ... ?
- Yes, I've known for three months.

I'm going
to have a baby.

Karin, my goodness !

I'm so happy ...

- Are you ?
- Yes.

Yes, I'm happy too.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A motorboat.
Has it come to help us ?

No, it's from Ginostra.

- What is Ginostra ?
- It's a village

on the other side
of the island.

Our home is safe.

I want to talk to you.

I don't want
to stay here any longer.

So ?

So I'm leaving.

- I don't want to have my baby here.
- Really ?

- I'm leaving.
- Oh, yeah ?

Yes, I'm leaving.
I'm going crazy here.

Rather than have
a child here ...

- During the eruption of '30 ...
- I saw enough yesterday.

I'm not interested
in what happened back then.

I'm going.
Nothing can keep me here.

But, Karin, listen.

Give me what money you have.

I hope you won't refuse me.
It's so little anyway.

Yes, too little.

I know,
but I'm not afraid

to face life as long as
I'm free to fight for myself.

Oh, really ?

You're not going to try
to keep me here, are you ?

It's no use
looking at me that way !

It won't do you any good.

There's nothing you can do.

Antonio !

Get me some water.
I want to wash.

Did you hear me ?

Antonio !

What are you doing ?

Antonio ! Antonio !

Open up !

What are you doing Antonio ?
You're crazy !

Open the door !

Antonio !

You with the boat !
Yes, you !

Help me !

Come here.


You have to help me.
I can't get out.

My husband nailed the door shut.
Help me.

- Why did he do that ?
- Just get me out.

Come around.
The stairs are on the other side.

Oh, thank you !

- What happened ?
- Let's not stay here. It's dangerous.



Nice, isn't it ?

It's peaceful here.

Sit down.

My husband is jealous.

He's a brute.

He's jealous of you.

Remember that night
you were sick ...

and I came by
with some sewing ?

He made a terrible scene.

And later,
when we met again.

Remember when
you caught that octopus ?

He beat me like a beast.

I can't stand it anymore.

I want to go away,
but I can't without help.

It's impossible to escape.

But if I could reach the other side
of the island, then ...

But I have no money.

If you want, I'll help you.

Really ?

He's capable of anything.

- You're not afraid ?
- I'm not afraid.

I'll ask for leave
and come with you.

I don't want to see him again.
I want to go right away.

I'll take you
to Ginostra in a boat.

No, the people here
see everything.

I'll go alone.

- You can't row for five miles.
- I'll walk.

Then you'll have to go
by way of the volcano.

I don't care.
I have to get there.

And then ?

In Ginostra they have
larger boats, motorboats.

I'll find someone to take me
to Lipari or maybe Messina.

I'll come with you.
I won't leave you alone.

Thank you.

But you can't leave
the lighthouse.

Then you go on ahead.
I'll join you when I have my leave.

How can I do that ?

You know I have nothing.

I'll give you the money.

I'm finished.


Enough !

I can't go on.

Better to die.

But I haven't the courage.

The courage ...

I'm afraid !

I'm afraid !

God ...

if you exist ...

grant me a little peace.

Grant me a little peace.

Oh, God.


What mystery !

What beauty !

No, I can't go back !

I don't want to.

They're horrible.

It's all horrible.

They don't know
what they're doing ...

but I'm even worse.

I'll save you ...

my child.

God !

My God !

Help me !

Give me the strength ...

the understanding ...

and the courage !

God !

My God !

Merciful God !

God ! God !

God ! God ! God !