Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) - full transcript

When werewolf Mickey is accidentally killed in a strip club, the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolf pack seek murderous retribution.

I jabbed my pen in his eye!

- Because?
- Because he was scary!

Clowns are scary.

But that is no reason for them to stick a Byron, is it?

It was with Byron.

It's a fountain pen.

It was with a fountain pen. It was with a fountain pen.

So it does not hurt, does it?

Franklin, be a dear and had seen him.


It's ok...

I'm sure he was hairier than that.

At least he died happy.


Stop bleeding so much, Richard.

You have to begin to clot more efficiently.

I thought you'd cooperate when moved your chin.

What do we have here?


Did your wife is not missing a right foot?

You bastard ...

So then? I'm kidding. Playing!

You have no sense of humor. Of course not.

Further it is too small to be hers.

Thou shalt have a small daughter, you, Richard?

You bastard filthy!

It would not hurt the children, do you?

You think I'm a monster? I love kids. I love kids.

Look just ... Wait, wait!

Is that the right foot of your wife. It is himself.

Just look. It's a beautiful walk.

A beautiful walk. This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy ate steak.

This little piggy is over. And this little pig made ...

....all the way home. Take her chin.

What was that?

Ordell, there will verify, yes?

It's ok.


My God....

Already'll see! Take, take!

Damn bastards...


What they want?

This will teach you not to scratch my car, scoundrel.

You ... You saved me.

You, werewolves protect the innocent.

Werewolves on a quest to destroy evil.

Werewolves are heroes!

I'm sorry, friend.

We're just normal werewolves.

No, no.

Justice, it is a silver pen?

Yes it is.

My father gave it to me when I passed in school exams.

Lovely. Lovely...


Do you remember saying that this work
was not only about girls to undress?


Well, what do you think of ...

crush the skull of the body, cut both arms and ...

burning the body somewhere where you will not be found.

Yes ... Well, do not feel like anything to do it.

To sympathize with it but if you do not do this ...

then there are unsympathetic creatures that will do this to us.

And we will not have the good fortune to be already dead.

Come here, honey!


We show these bastards how it is! I love this shit!

We should make these scenes of werewolves all the time!

I wish I had him torn the fuck up!

It was not funny?

- Still any more work? - Not.

Let's get one soon.

Rays are the worst werewolves ever. Do not meddle with us!

Rays are the greatest!

Foda sure, whenever you praguejar?

He is annoying. Hell, you do not need it.

But you're right, Jack. Who would be stupid to mess with werewolves?

The less people know about this, the safer we'll be.

Let's keep this between the three of us, understand?

Between the four of us. Understood?

Martha, my dear, you can go. And closes the curtains to leave.

You want customers to see a body without an eye and ...

particularly persistent erection?

I think it will pass soon.

I can not handle ...

- Shut up and walk. - But it is heavy.

Come down, I have it and secure ...

How nice...

Do you think he's okay?

You know magical places called tobacco
shops where you can buy new packs?

Yes, it could. But just smoked them, right?

So? You will not give up, do you?

This is my last.

Well, while you have to smoke you are still a smoker.

What is up? There are problems?

Piorio problems.

Tipo o "Basel Lady 4".

Do you remember when unearthed Betsy?

- You can open it now? - Yes, I do it.

It is as if we had our own strip club.

Beautiful girl ... Big Rock's warm ...

For God's sake, man.

So that produce my single will be fine in life.

What's wrong with being a dancer?

You're not a dancer, Danny. Are stripper. There is a difference.

Do not worry. Once you have on the table,
you can come to dance for me.

But why? I love it here!

Bring happiness to pathetic. It's like being father christmas

- but with less clothing. - It's your turn, ladies.

Dan, how about we mix one raga version of Bart & Rosie?

Or we can show breasts as we always do.


- This psychic who walketh to do ... - Sinclair?

It is not psychic. It is occult.

He knows what he looks like a man ...

but it is more hairy and fuller pants?


This looks like something from the Sinclair field of experience.

But I think we finished.

You think? You do not know?

It is hard to understand.

What was the last thing he said?

We pay you a feed.

Before that.

I think you should know something.

I'm so sorry.

We paid you a ...

Right. Summary of a long history.

We were having a quiet evening watching TV together.

I think it was a movie called "Airborne" but that's not important.

I could see that he felt a little uncomfortable.

I love you, baby.




- Because I love you? - Well, actually yes.

I never had a relationship before. I've never been loved before.

- Not my mother loved me. - This can not be true.

But it's true.

My mother sold my soul to the devil when I was 9 years

I should not be a choir boy. How's that for a mother's love?

Look ...

I was reading about relationships.

This is my first ...

Do not mean to sound wrong ...
But you know that there are studies that say

that the duration of a relationship is directly related

the beauty or attractiveness of its participants?

If this is true this is not good.

Do you realize you're out of my league?

No no no no...

I'm not making sense.

You're a stripper. A stripper very good.

I ... I'm useless.

I have a big head too much for the body. And I'm desperate.

Cute someone's accurate. And someone cooler than me.

But fixed?

How is that you are not cool?

You kill vampires as a way of life.

Can recite 600 spells of the book.

And have captured a ghost with a mirror.

He even captured a ghost with a mirror?

Yes, but the ghost escaped. People died.

You speak 17 languages ​​including Fuchs.

And you know cooking.

And recite all the work of Socrates. As could be cooler?

I could have a motorcycle.

No, no, no ... Raven, this will not work.

Excuse. It is not you. It's me.

God! I just said "Art thou not, am I?" The girl of my dreams.

I can not do it. I can not be in a relationship like that.

It's inevitable. It will end.

I'm sorry, I have to ...

There is one thing I think you should know.

I'm so sorry.

But I can have clogged your toilet.

Looking back...

I think ... I think it's all over.

- And it kills vampires. - Maybe just normal bats.

So if there was even something that was even hairy ...

God ... Come on, baby.

- It seems the Franklin. - Do not know.

I heard that the mother is very sick and he should be worried.

God ... Come on, come on, come.


Why ... Why ... Why do I have to do this?

My God...

My God!

Come on, Franklin! We will!

"Here we are right," he said. "It's a strip club. Here we are well .."

A ... Fuck!

I'll kill you, you bastard!


It's complicated, is not it?

And if he knew the Farris?

Or even the Tapa?

Why should you know?

Do not know. Perhaps these werewolves do Christmas parties.

Look, are my girls. And I have to protect them!


He never delayed. Never.

Call him.

And when you have time you can change your shirt?

You have this sauce.



Macky, if you can not speak at least thief.


- Help me!

Macky, talk to me. Where are you?

I'm full of it!


Get away from me!

You made me fail!

Listen, guys. Something happened to Macky.

Some bastard has his phone.

And you can have it too.

- We will put up with this? - You bet not!

Let's leave these idiots think that can get us?

- Hell, no. - Not.

- Who are we? - Werewolves.

- Who are we? - Werewolves.

Sure sure.

Let's find out who has the Macky

and we will pluck their hearts!


Making love!

She tucked it in his eye!

Even in his eye!

While he was horny!

Berta, love ... I thought I was in the office.

She is mad.

Good evening, gentlemen. They want to see a magic trick?

I did nothing...

Come on, kid. Let's get you out of here.

Fuck ...


Very well...

- Good night girls. - Rest well.

Goodbye, Justice. Hello, Lucy.

It is so beautiful.

Silver is even a beautiful metal, is not it?

It is white gold.

Yes ... white gold.

Always wanted a white gold ring. It seems that he guessed.

Scott knows everything about you, do not you?

- Not everything. - He knows a few things.

Yes. You told Scott what you do?

Yes of course...

Hold on tight to him because he can still escape you.

How about levares of the facts? This may lose him.

Because it's so realistic it be a cheerleader at one in the morning?

Scott thinks she works in a veterinary clinic, right?

It could be a nurse.

Listen ... I will tell you soon.

But not tonight. I've had drama arrives.

Anda fish.



- This car is new? -. It is the car of my friend.

It is the car of a friend of mine. I ordered the borrowed car to ...

...a friend. Who lent me.

- Let it be. I do this. - It's heavy. What's here?

It's a Bob ... Bob. A boceco for practicing martial arts.

Let me try. And so?

Yes but...

But static hand ... And keep the shoulders down.


- But I think ... - I do not think it a good idea.

Come on, Frank. Teach me how.

And so?

Okay, okay.

Keep the shoulders down ...

Elbows so ...

When you give a punch use the hips.

It's ok? It's one ... two ...

And tightens his fists before impact.

Like this?

This ... This is ...

That's ... It was great.

Bob is having an erection.

To practice...

na shock stack.

- That's amazing, is not it? - Amazing.

Franklin, give us a ride. You can leave Daniel in the final.

- I loved, but this car is ... - And you get a hand job.


What's it? Not me, of course.



I think the luggage rack is knocking on his erection.

Come on, Franklin. Give us a ride home. Please.

You're very sweet.

This is not as ...

What on earth will I do?

Only purchases some flowers ...

Slow down and be yourself.

Good, good. It's ok.

But what the damn "Bob"?

- Come on, Franklin. - Disappear. Come on!

Sorry I'm late, darling.

A night of nightmare.

I had to sleep a dog?

Yes, something like that.

And to make matters worse I lost my pen from my father.

- What you been doing? - I was with the boys. The normal.

When I meet the boys?

When will I know thy girls?

Imagine that after all this time our friends did not get along.

No. They were going to love it.

- Are not you going in? - I still have to go to work.

Do not be this way.

And work.

Sell ​​yourself so many houses at night?

Of course I am seeing.

Never too late for my clients.

- It will draw a lot of attention. - Want me to go get, sir?

No thank you.


I have an idea.

You know that Raven was joking about jacking off, right?


I would never do that .... Not on the first date.

This is a date?

- For we are friends and that. - Fix.

- Not mongrel type, are you? - What? Do not.



I made you something.

Narf Nilk ...?

This one says Fran and this one says Klin

But spelled backwards, you know?

So that when crashing into someone he knew who hit him.

But you have to hit you in the correct order.

This is great.

Why start with my left. You were really you have done that?

Yes. I have gone to the Education Center for Adults.

They are amazing.

You are frightening.

So what's the problem?

What the hell is that?

Calm down, damn it!

I'm not finished yet.

- You have to burn all understood? - Of course, I'm not retarded.

Take it easy, going to be fine.

Totally destroyed! Not lixes this.

- You're a whore? - Not.

- My mother is a prostitute. - How lovely.

- We'll take you home. - And quickly, please.

- Stop there with it! - Not to burn this thing?

No way! Let's sell it and make a mass kite.

This is what I think it is?

That Dawson is really screwed.

Shit dog, this car belongs to a friend of mine.

Who the hell are you?

- I had a lot of fun. - Seriously?

I mean, me too.

- Would you like to repeat? - Yes!

Definitely. He loved.

Tomorrow is too soon? I mean...

Like today.

- Can be. It's my day off. - Yes I know.

I saw on our map.

- I look like a little fool. - Yes.


What I meant was ...

We could go out and eat a cookie.

Or go to a takeaway. What is better.

- It's a date? - Yes.

This is fantastic.

I'd better do my beauty sleep, so ...

You do not need it.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

This was worth even worth.

Scott, do not say anything. Please just listen.

I did something at work.

Very terrible.

God. I have to tell you this. You're still there?

What's it?


What's it?

Anda fish.

Did you have a nightmare?

It's all right. I am here. Yes?

She bit you?

- What? No ... - No! Shoulder!

Who the hell bites boyfriend at dick?

I would not say dick. I was going to say...


We are talking about how hard?

Hard enough to pour blood.

She must be crazy.

I'm worried if I made you some scar.

We could give another curse.



And if she learns our secret?

And if he discovers my secret?

And if he leave me?

Kill the goat.

- She's my girlfriend. - Still can kill. You can not?

There is a real estate who does not dream of walking with a stripper.

If you have to kill I will have no problem.

But do not call her goat.

It's a bit disrespectful.

It is sexism.

But I am as I am. So it does not hurt, does it?

Girls are not allowed.

Justice, in my office, please.

It's for you.

At the first sign of hair, cut her face.

We can not have children, do you?

So it makes sense to stay with just one woman.

Right. We howl a little.

- Jack ... - What?

It's Thursday.

It's ok.

We will not howl. Let's go out to find the murderers of Mackey.

Let rip their throats. And have a good night.

I will not be here forever, Justice.

One day...

One day I want you to stay to manage the club.

I? Because I?

Because girls respect you.

- Respect? - Well no.

But they listen to you. And you know what's out there.


Silver is the only thing that kills them.

If ever you see fur, fangs or claws ...

Never hesitate. Metes a bullet of the same silver in his heart.

I can not help thinking about that man with the pen ...

No, no.

There was a man. He got what he deserved.

The Justice did a great favor to the world.

- Do you understand? - Yes Yes.

Now go over there and rub you in some customers, yes?

Justice, Jus ... Honey ...

This is Alex, the record label.

Your friend will be huge. It will be a superstar.

It will be huge.

Tracey, dear.

We were discussing my first music video.

Imagine this ... yes?

You, in an elegant dress to do your thing and then ...

then the bikini Justice ...

She could be kind to touch you ...

And then ... And then ...

A tattoo. We can do a test film.


With a camera ...

Which of my songs you said you like?

I liked all, you know?

They are all successes. You're gonna be great. It will be a superstar.

The song ... The song number three is optimal.

What is your name?

You taste like...

"The beats", sabes...


There are no agent, is it?

At least you work in a record label?


Accountant'm ... I'm sorry ...

Please release my testicles ...

You know, this is useless.

Nobody wants to see magic in a strip club.

- You want to dance again in a man? - Not.

So you are a magic. That's what you are paid.

- That's what I always wanted, right? - Yes.

And not accepted no for an answer. Come on. We will.


- It never ends. - Never?

Bessing sends greetings.

The hunt begins.


What's it?

Come on, pay. 20 lbs. 20 lbs.

C'mon C'mon!

5 Libras? Forreta!

It sucks.

For God's sake, girl. At least tries to be sexy.

I'm dancing for you. Show some respect.

I give you twenty pounds. So it gives me some ...

And the girlfriend.

Be fast.

- Lucy, darling ... - I specify that venhas house.

- What? - I'm not feeling good.

- Wait a minute, I ... - For God's sake ...

- I'm going home. - My, are not you leave this ...

It can be become.

You want a werewolf menstruating to attack in a bar?


Go there.

It is to be lost.




Here. 18 pounds, please.

I hope that your hand has patched. Keep the change.

So? You...

- No, no? Not?

She likes you.


Now, now, now ...

Meal high heels.




Come on, you go first. And I will follow.

He is young and strong.

It is well composed.

Seriously? You want to kiss it? You are crazy, or what?

He does not know we're here. Let's see what he does.

- Hi? - Raven! Let me in!

- Bernie? - Let me in! Let me in?

- Let me in! - Just wait a second.

Is almost.


What is this?

They tried to kill me!

You are pretty.

Pig, the pig. Let me in...

to be able to fuck you in the face!

O pig?

So? I always meant it.

Man angry ... because man ...

Man with denim pants ... Punk ...

Man dressed sissy?

...Wolf man ... man ...

- You mean werewolves? - They killed Franklin.

And they tried to kill me me!

Knocks the door!

I'm bored now.

Let rip his throat.

Hello dear. I'm busy. I can call back later because I'm working.

Shut up. I want your advice.

As forests werewolves do not have silver bullets?

Look, now is not a good time. I'll call you back.

Come on, Sinclair. I need your help. It's an emergency.

You know this is not my field, you know that.

Are ghosts, goblins ... You have to improvise it.

If werewolves had to take down your door what would you do?

No silver can not ...

The UV rays can make them slower.

The daylight. They need daylight. They have to improvise.

- What did he say? - Anything.

- We need daylight. - Daylight? But lacking hours to days!

I know. Think, think, think ...

Think? That's even worse.

Both need daylight.

This is not daylight.

- What the hell? - It is called solar bed.

I do not know if this affects you as human.

But I bet it must hurt a lot. Especially in the tomatoes!

Rays! She will not shoot!


Damn bed!

I will kill you so slowly

that your driving license will expire long before you.

Hit him even in tomatoes?

No, just on the left.

Why are you dressed like me?

And because you have a sun bed?

How many girls have a sun bed?

Sinclair found myself too cool for him.

I tried to be more like you.

Have imported I swoon now?

Make yourself comfortable.

It's ok.

The guy is good.

Big guy. Not the small.

Big hairy.

What the hell do we do?

Go around back,
entering through a window and smashes them to pieces!

Would you arrebentem tomatoes again? It's what you want?

We know where they are. Are all strippers.

As you know?

High heels.

How many strippers use them? It is part of their uniform.

This is going well.

What's it?

They are strippers. Believe me.

I know because I had a club in Baserville.

A guy who works there had the Vixens. Let's go there.

I do not believe.

And if not we catch those two

let's get girlfriends them.

Now, now, now ... Harry.

It brings back memories, not back? Well if you're here

Jeannette should be here too,
because I saw them for the last time in 1984 ...

- Remember? - Remember Betsy?

Yes, she was the one with ...

- Silver bullets, right, Harry? - Yes, and I kept them all for you!

Harry, come on, son.

I had nightmares last night.

Come on, Lucy. Your accurate knowledge.

Sinclair speaks, I am fighting non-living or library.

Or maybe Pilates.

Hello, Sinclair. Listening...

pass here very strange things.

Things that only you can answer.

I've read the book you left. But it did not help.

Me and my friend we're in trouble.

And I need your help. Forget I need you.

This call is not for us, really.

But I changed my whole image.

Look'm hanging up. You have to call me back. It's an emergency.

If you want to be with me no need to change anything.

Although a motorcycle ... looks very cool.

Hello, Jeanette. I apologize for ...

Forgets. Is already the club.

- What is up? - Only is already here!


Three minutes.

Screw told that you are not eating.

Leaf patch.

Why are you stuck here if you are not required to be?

You killed a werewolf.

When you are going to tell?

Can I bring the boys and we tear some throats.

For what?

For I have a new pack?

A new family ...

to be shattered?

Poor Saffron.

She had a beautiful legs.

- They found another? - Yes it is here.

You can join to my pack. It could be ...

What? A Beta and Alpha you?

Is that what you want, Jack?

Or you want to move away and let me run the show?

Since it is an Alfa there is no turning back.

You're going to see.

Industrial you think.

Well, kings fall, my friend ...

empires crumble. Your time will come.

What does that say about werewolf blood fall on you?


A werewolf has to bite you to you through the curse ...

or you can bite it to him.

He says in the book ...

The only way to kill a werewolf is going through your heart with silver.

And an accident? Or a tool?

Or blow them up at once.

We could get explosives ...

Not! You will not blow up my club.

Jeanette know she's alive?

No. She's dead. It burned in my club.

No, not dead.

She's still alive.

She's here! In London.

This club is mine!

And they can kill me if you think I'm going to leave a furry take it to me!

I used to work at the Silver Dollar in Basilton.

- Never heard of him. - Of course. It no longer exists.

The place was infested with werewolves.

So I, Harry and explodimo it fine.

But the wolf Alfa should have survived.

Because they have this thing back to form and regroup.

It is what it says in the book.

And if we cling pieces and we put in jars different

not to re-join?

No. We will continue with the plan we put her silver piercings.

Or we can run.

To run away! It's the best idea I've heard today.

They will follow you. Franklin found and will meet thee.

They can not live like life.

They fear the night.

You can not give up. Not now that we found.

You know what? This time we will face them!

Kill the last.

This time we will give them the silver deaths!

And undertakes to see ...

While we massacre your friends and your family.

And if she close her eyes cut her eyelids ...

and forces her to see your world to rid ...

Brick by brick.

This time we will ensure that they are fleeing from us ...

with their tails between their hairy legs!

When she begs you to kill when her soul give ...

and she did not endure more ...

arrancas your black heart and compel her to eat it.

Total destruction, Jackie ...

Let's free the revenge Wolves!

Girls, then? We face the dogs and give them what they deserve?

My friend, one more thing ...

Send get a guard. I feel a little hungry ....

Not yet. It's still not the right time.

I'll call you right back. Five minutes from now ...

If explode a werewolf if you put the pieces in jars

prevent it from forming again?

I'm in the middle of something.

There I can explain now. I'll call you later.

Listen, I'm not you avoid. I miss you and I want to talk to you ...

But I think we have to ...

Do I have to call you back, okay?

Sinclair, if explode a werewolf if you put the pieces in jars

prevent it from forming again?

Yes, this would work. Raven, this would work!

Sinclair, you're sure you know what I'm talking about?

You told me you caught a ghost with a mirror

and then all these people were killed and had to deal with the calls

with the process of the court and everything.


It's too late now. And also...

I'm talking about the real thing as you imaginary monsters searches ...

so I do not believe anything you're doing ...

Call me when you have time.

I did not even impressed her.

I'm not going to bite?

Honey, I'll call you.

I just have to ...

One minute.

A little help?


This does not look good.


You know, when you bit the other day ...

I think I passed you something.

You think transmitiste me something?

As a canine disease?


I can be a sick bitch.

But do not worry.

I'm a dancer. And a stripper.

- What club? - I was gonna tell you but ...

In that club?

No Vixens.


The pen that you lost ...

It was silver, was not it?


That's what I was trying to tell you. There was a kind ...

O Mackay.

His name was Mackay!

It's never too late for a real estate.

Or you can bite it to him.

Silver bullet.

We seem to have here a Mexican tie.

Not really.

I have a gun and you have a knife.

Nothing Mexican. I'll kill you if you you move, killer motherfucker!

You will not shoot me, Lucy.

Get out...

It's ok.

We see you sooner.

In memory of our brother Mackay ...

we'll show you what happens when you mess with the werewolves.


we kill, we destroy ...

and eat everything you wear braces and high heels!

- Yes! - Yes!

Very well...

Let's kill some strippers!


Sorry love.

- You work here? - Yes.

But I am no longer a dancer. I'm magic.

So ... Show us a trick.

- What's your name, love? - Carrie.

I have their own magic trick.

I can make your pretty head suddenly disappear.

Good evening, gentlemen.

This is my club.

And be governed by my rules.

The minimum is three drinks.

Any dancer is paid in cash, in advance.

Touch the girls ...

It will not be tolerated.

We all know why they are here.

Let's try to be civilized.

You want to see some hair?

Shoulders down, elbows in ...

punches with the waist!

For who do you think was this, toothy?

Barker! As columns!

Do you remember the small club of hairy guys. Jack?

It's my club now, Jeanette.

You're head of hairy guys now?

Rather wolf Alpha.

Bad dog.

Honey, you're dead ... You're so dead!

I'm curious. Is the wolf talking or just you to be a bastard?

- Fuck you! - Ever see who is who's the boss.

I will tear you to your stupid head!

We will see.

What happened to Tupper?

He sends his regards.

I bet you do.

You were no silver bullets, Jeanette?

This is very bad.

You're dying, Jeanette.

It is because to work in a smoking environment.

- This sometimes happens. - I could kill you, you know?

Just ... A little nibble.

- It was enough. - You'd do that?

Certainly not.

There is no silver bullets!

I think you and your friends over, Jeanette.

It is better to give up now.

- I'm not afraid of you, Jack. - But you should have.

Lucy, dear ...

If I have to die ...

Die the way I lived ...

on my own terms.

Then these are your friends.

Well, they are left only four.

Dressed so are all good to eat.

I thought you were special ...

my prince charming who bought me the ring I always dreamed

Do not.

I love you.

It need not be so.

I'm a good guy.

So you do not have nothing to worry about, do you?

- Lucy? - Call me Justice!

A blood diamond.

So was it white gold.

Look, girls. Jeanette is still with us.

We picked up the dogs.

A step further and are fried dogs.


As it happens with the diamond. Just regroup me again.


Unless someone prevent the small pieces to assemble.

And those rays would do this?

Why not say something cool?

It's time to say something cool.

It should say: "It's show time."

It's time for show!

I think I can do this.

Maybe I should come back later.


My God! It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!

My God ... Anyone else ...

You should have seen it!

It has just been revoked!

No one prepared me for this.

...I need to prepare.

Shit, shit ...

I hope this works.

You have my heart and now I have yours.

Welcome back.

I missed you.

Where's Brandi?

Why is not regrouped Brandi?

She must have been without blood before exploding bomb.

No blood, no curse.


Maybe she's the best.

What will we do now?

I say what they will do.
There are worse things in the world of the werewolves.

The Dagenham vampire for example.

Girls, you know that almost invincible now?

The world needs someone like you.

If you agree, I think I have a plan.

And this may be the beginning of something wonderful.

You are so mischievous, you know that?

The films do not have to be pornographic to be fun.

What? No. Trash, Trash good.

You're starting to annoy me now.

Who the hell are you?

Werewolves with a mission to destroy evil.

Are the werewolves that protect the innocent.

These are Heroinas werewolves.