Stripped to Kill (1987) - full transcript

When Detective Cody Sheehan discovers the body of a stripper from the Rock Bottom dance club, she wants the case. Her partner, Detective Heineman, is equally anxious to make the jump to the prestigious homicide division, but the only way Cody can get the assignment is to go undercover - uncovered - at the club.

("Deny The Night"
by Larry Streicher)

* (mumbling) runway

* Glass and ice cubes clink

* She's a bird of prey

* Circling above the drinks

* I wonder what she thinks

* She knows what to do
with her body and eyes *

* In the smokey zoo,
she's the master of eyes *

* She dances for you

* You're the only one

* Then her body takes flight

* She's only having fun

* Just for awhile

* You can't deny the night

* Deny the night

* Deny the night

* Make 'em pay, make 'em stay

* Wonder why, believe the lie

* In soul and feeling cold

* That's all night
to rock and roll *

* She knows what to do
with her body and eyes *

* In the smoky zoo, she's
the master of lies *

* And she dances for you

* You're the only one

* Then her body takes flight

* She's only having fun

* You can't deny the night

* You can't deny the night

* Deny the night

* Deny the night

* You can't deny the night

* Deny the night

* Music's too loud

* Lights hurt my eyes

* Above this beer belly crowd
like an angel she flies *

* She knows what to do
with her body tonight *

* Through the smokey zoo
she's the master of lies *

* And she dances for you

* You're the only one

* Then her body takes flight

* She's only having fun

* You can't deny the night

* Deny the night

* Deny the night

* You can't deny the night

* Deny the night

- I told you the second
pole would be worth it.

- [Ray] Derek?

- 18 seconds.

- Wanna turn the neon off?

You know what my
electric bill is?

And you, deal was
topless for 30.

- Start counting.

- Dammit.

(door slamming)

- Yee-ha!

Enter The Dragon, 7:30.

- Okay Margolin, I'll
bring the popcorn.

- Bring your sister.

- She's working,
you still want me?

- No way.


- [Roxanne] Oh,
Angel, I hate that.

(tense music)



- Look, one nipple's hard
and the other one isn't.

- Go to work.

- Bring home the paycheck dear.

You're gonna tell your brother

before you come
in tonight right?

- He's never been without me.

- Well he better get used to it.

Uh-oh, I'll see you later.

(tense music)

- How long you been listening?

- When are you leaving?

- Eric, I'm not leaving
you, I'm freeing you.

- You're killing me.

- No one can separate us.

I'll be there for you.

- You'll be there for her.

- Her too.

* Yes I will burn you down

("Bottom Line" by Joan E. Jones)

- [Derek] And now, the
top flight body type,

super-clean fun machine,
hot legged babe Dazzle.

* Don't cross the bottom line

* No, no, no, no, no, no

* Don't cross the bottom line

* Don't cross the bottom line

* No, no

* Don't cross the bottom line

* Bottom line

* Boy I can turn you on

* While your favorite song

* Stop, don't you tell no lies

* 'Cause you are the exercise

* Great minds

* Says that you've been seen

* Don't think on your knees

* If I find you're
playing around *

* Good boy I'm gonna
burn you down *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* Or there'll be
(mumbling) sweet last *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* 'Cause you'll find out

* Why you're afraid
of the dark *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* If you call this good lovin'

* Don't cross the bottom line

* (mumbling)

* (mumbling)

* Don't come cheap

* Keep your pretty nose clean

* You're gonna find
yourself off the team *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* (mumbling)

* Don't cross the bottom line

* 'Cause you'll find out

* Why you're afraid
of the dark *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* Or you'll blow
this good love *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* (mumbling) meltdown
blowout baby bye bye *

* I ain't nothing like
a love struck fool *

* So don't go (mumbling)

* Don't even think about it

* Living on cake, you
want the icing too *

* Baby you're gonna find
yourself hungry real soon *

* Grapevine says
you've been seen *

* Young thing on your knees

* If I find you playing around

* Pretty boy I'm
gonna burn you down *

* Don't cross the bottom line

* No, no, no, no, no

- [Ray] I did not
spend a whole night

talking about my penis.

I am not obsessed.


- Remember to put the seat down.

- Don't miss.

- [Derek] Brandy, I have
tickets for Dire Straights.

- Eat me.

- I'm busy.

- [Woman] Well get outta my way.

- Derek.

- I'm available.

- You are not.

- I'm not going out with you.

- I'll go.

(door slamming)

- Good Lord Dazzle,
you'll go anywhere.

- [Dazzle] There's a creep at
station eight that's flashing

a 20 and pulls it back every
time I go to reach for it.

- [Cinnamon] I'll get it.

- Good Lord, who
do you have to blow

to get an air
conditioner around here?

- Me.

Where's Roxanne?

- What time is it?

- It's 9:15.

- I think Killer
just peed on my bra.

- You handle it.

- I'll call her.

- [Roxanne Over Phone] Hello.

- Roxanne?

- [Roxanne Over
Phone] Yeah, yeah.

- Are you sick or something?

- [Roxanne Over Phone]
No I'm okay, I'm fine.

- Well did he hurt you?

- [Roxanne Over Phone] No.

- Then get your ass in here.

- [Roxanne Over Phone] I can't.

- Fine, I'm coming over there.

- [Roxanne Over Phone]
No, no, you're not.

- Yes I am.

- [Roxanne Over Phone] Please,
just meet me at the bridge.

- Okay.

- [Roxanne Over Phone]
You know the park?

- Yes I know which park.

I love you.



(tense music)

- [Pocket] I brought
you something.

- How's you get back here?

- You're special.

- No I'm not, come on Pocket,

I've got to get changed.

Okay Pocket, get out.

- You dance for me.

- Ray!


(tense music)

- [Roxanne] What are you do--



(tense music)

(muffled screaming)


(fabric ripping)

- [Roxanne] No, no!

(mellow guitar music)

- [Cody] Nothing's
going down here.

- [Heineman] Why don't you
toast us a couple marshmallows?

- Come on, enough is
enough, I'm getting cold.

- [Heineman] Hey, what about me?

- [Cody] I'm coming in.

- [Heineman] My legs
are getting (mumbling).

I'm sittin' in this
nice, warm, police car.

- [Cody] Shit, got
a little one, hey!

(tense music)


- Help me.

- [Cody] I need
backup, I need it now.

- [Heineman] All right
I'm on my way, hold on.

Hold your fire!


(sirens blaring)

- [Male Officer]
Cover the victim, now!



- Coulda nailed the sleeze.

- I know, I know.

Hey look come on, there's
nothing you could have done.

You were drenched
in gas and if you

would have pulled that trigger,

boom you would have
been just like her.

- [Cody] I panicked,
I didn't think.

- Yeah, I remember,
a few years ago,

I was working a barbershop.

You know, running numbers.

Every morning, you know,
I'd wait for the drop.

Finally when it went down,

I mean I lept to my
feet, I had my gun drawn

and I fainted.


I forgot he was shaving me.

I slashed my own throat.

One look at all that
blood, I collapsed.

Woke up in the hospital,

turns out the guy I was
arresting saved my life.

- [Cody] Thanks Heineman.


- Hey, what about my coat?

- Send it to the cleaners.

I'll pay.

("Fire Dance" by John O'Kennedy)



- Ray.

I'm quitting.

Just for a little while, I've
got some family problems.

But I'll be back, I promise.

- Roxanne I've got
nobody to sub for you.

I'd get down on my knees,
except I'd never get up again.

- Sorry.

- If you don't go on,

you can kiss last
week's check goodbye.

("The Edge Of Love"
by Gail Lennon

* Eye to eye with no reply

* You've torn our love apart

* So spare me your lies,
don't waste my time *

* I'm taking back my heart

* 'Cause I gave you
one more chance *

* One too many times

- [Woman] Look who
changed her prescription.

* On the edge of love

* It's a long way down

* Nothing cuts as deeply
as the edge of love *

* The chill you
leave inside of me *

* It turns my heart to stone

* The lesson that I
learned from you *

* I'm better off alone

* We said our last goodbyes
one too many times *


* On the edge of love

* It's a long way down

- That's my dress.

- That was your dress.

- [Zeena] Dry
cleaned by tomorrow.

- Zeena, you go on next.

- I don't have anything to wear.

- Perfect.

D, you know what this means?

- French tickler.

- I don't know but
can I sit on it?

- Last night one of our dancers
forgot to take off her top.

- They weren't
clapping or nothing,

I did a flip, no hands and
they didn't even notice.

I'm not gonna take my top
off unless they deserve it.

- They paid their admission,
they're buying drinks,

which takes care of your salary.

Now I want you to go out there

and give 'em what
they came here for.

- Fuck that Ray.

Why don't you just hire

a bunch of 18 year old
junkies to go bottomless

and wiggle their tonsils
in the customer's faces.

- The only junkie I know is
sitting right in front of me.

- Oh, I'm hurt Ray.

- Well?

- I'll do my job.

- Thank you.

Where's Angel?

- I don't know.

- Great, a stripper.


How are they gonna
keep this quiet?


okay, 15.


- [Heineman] Morning.

- Very Malibu, Heineman.

Having fun yet?

(tires screeching)

Where did you get this thing?

- Somebody picked it
up on a drug bust.

Just temporary, the motor
pool is trying to find a top.

- The B-team come
up with anything?

- They dropped in on
the other strippers,

found them uniformly

I just don't understand
why civilians get so upset

when you wake 'em up
at four in the morning

as ask 'em if they
killed somebody.

I mean it just doesn't
make any sense, you know?

- I want it.

- Well, two-home assigns Court.

- I was the first
detective on the scene.

- There's ways.

- How ominous.

What do I have to do?

- Take off your clothes.

- Oh God.

- What, you get a
job at the club,

you talk to the girls
and check the place out.

Hey, forget it, right?

Forget it.


- Dammit.


- Just kidding around,
hey no problem,

just fooling around, okay?

- [Cody] Are you
out of your mind?

- I figured you needed
a little Zen training

after that gasoline episode.

- Thanks.

- Don't give in to that asshole!

- Not a chance.

- Are you listening?

You're not fighting a weapon,
you're fighting a person.

This way you're in
control of the situation

and the situation
doesn't control you.

Take it, forte.



Your eyes gave you away.

It's the eyes not the knife
that tells the intention.

- What are my eyes saying now?


Isn't there some sort of
departmental regulation

about this out the door?

- [Heineman] About what?

- Flashing my tits.


Mind your own business.

- So homicide,
talked to a few guys,

completely up to you.

They got this amateur
contest tonight.

The winner usually gets hired.

- You're the one.

Hello, Kenny.

- What?

- Last year I received
this chain letter

asking me to share love
with 20 other people

by sending them xerox
copies of this message.

At the bottom it warned me
that if I didn't do that,

a curse would destroy the
lives of my future children.

And now I know who sent it.

- Pardon me if I'm
interrupting what I'm sure

is very important deductive
brainstorming session,

but I have been
granted the privilege

of bringing you your messages.

Here's an interesting one,
motorpool can't find top,

you're stuck with car.

- Whoa.

- They anticipated,
just such, a reaction.

- [Heineman] Can
you believe this?

- You know you're sure
going to an awful lot

of trouble to see me topless.

We should have had an affair
when we had the chance.

- You don't date single guys.

- Ouch.

- Who's Sunny?

- Oh, just some mindless
physical (mumbling)
and attraction.

- Dating already?

- That's right.

- Good.

Good, that's good for you.

How's old Nina doing?

- Well, I don't
know, we don't talk.

Her lawyer writes me.

So, what do you think, huh?

- What if I don't win?

- You have nothing
to worry about.

Don't get nervous,
I've done this before.

My sister owns a whorehouse.

No, I will not tell you where.

You might end up in Vice.


- Jeez.

Wait'll you see these threads.

Size six, right?

- My sister said
always beware the ones

that go for the feet.

- On stage.

Off stage.

What do you think?

- You're gonna look great.

- Don't worry,
this is gonna work.

Some of the guys don't
mind spending the night off

to come down to the
strip club to see ya.

- What guys?

- Look, they use
applause memes, see,

so a few ringers in there is
gonna make all the difference.

Guys are volunteering
all over the place.

- You mean half the force
is gonna see me naked?


- [Derek] I'd like to
welcome any of you newcomers

to the Rock Bottom
Amateur Night,

where women from all
walks of life compete

on our really big
stage for cash prizes.


(uptempo party music)


- [Derek] That's gonna
be tough to beat.

Pay very close
attention to our sixth

and final contestant on this
our Rock Bottom Amateur Night.

("Run Through The
Night" by Gail Lennon)

* Baby you've been good to me

* But do I sense a
change of heart *

* All the things you
used to do to me *

* I hear

The Rock Bottom is on the
avant garde of burlesque.

You've heard of minimalist
art, minimalist music,

this is minimalist dancing.

* All over town

* Don't say I
never told you so *

* When you got no place to go

* And you can run
through the night *

* Hide in the shadows

* Run through the night

* Without a friend

* Run through the night

* Is it a lonely run

* From yourself

* All those cruel,
cold wasted nights *

* Staring at the telephone

* Never making any plans

* Just to hunger
in the dark alone *

* You call me strong

* You call me wise

* But now you
never call at all *

* Don't say I
never told you so *

* When you got no place to go

* And you can run
through the night *

* Hide in the shadows

* Run through the night

* Without a friend

* Run through the night

* Is it a lonely run

* From yourself


- Hey, wanna keep
that hand, huh?

Do ya?

Then sit down.

* Baby you've been good to me

* But you're not
gonna break my heart *

* I don't think it's
gonna bother me *

* To watch you come apart

* You can run
through the night *

* Hide in the shadows

* Run through the night

* Without a friend

* Run through the night

- Well, chivalry is not dead.

Thank you, everybody.


Wow, this is great.

Wait, number six, stay
right there, honey.

Let's bring the rest of
the ladies out on stage.

Okay, let's hear
it for number one.

Okay, number two.

There you go, cutie.

Number three, boy it's
getting tight here.

Now, number four.

There you go.

Okay, number five.

Now, number six.


(mumbling), tell me
we have a winner.

Our Fantasy Queen of
the night is Sunny!

- Sunny!

- And now, Cinnamon
is going to present

our Fantasy Queen
with First Prize!

That's right, three $100 bills!

Where else can a girl earn
$300 for a night's work?

Don't answer that.

- How do you like those cops?

Good morning, miss,
your friend is dead.

The 20 sluts did it.

Friend of ours was
killed last night.

What's your act?

- My timing was great.

- [Dazzle] I never knew
anyone who died before.

- Everyone I know dies on me.

Stick around, you'll
probably get the job.

(sexy burlesque music)

- [Derek] The Rock
Bottom now presents

our professional entertainment,


(sexy beat music)

* Tall, dark and handsome
with a big, winning smile *

* Knowed me the damn downtown

* 'Cause if you got no cash

* You ain't nothing but trash

* Money make the
world go 'round *

* Can't pay the rent
without those Presidents *

* Hamilton, Jackson, and Grant

* But if you make the grade

* The clouds all go away

* And the day gets sunny

* Money makes the
world go 'round *

(sexy music)

* Talk about love or
talk about trust *

* You can talk


* And you won't get laid

* If she don't get paid

* Money make the
world go 'round *

- [Man] Now get over here
and give me one, baby.

* Come over here
one second darlin' *

- [Man] What's this?

- We better check our liability
insurance on that one.

What a trooper.

Let's give her a big hand!

And a walker.

- Doesn't feel
like Angel's gone.

I know in my head but
it just isn't real.

- Do they know who did it?

- I'm gonna go to church

and say some prayers
for her tomorrow.

- There's a pretty
one down on Waymer.

- Hey, what's the difference
between a girl and sushi?

Rice, get it?


- What are you doing here girl?

- No where else to go.

- Hi, my name's Sunny.

- [Woman] The big winner.

(melancholy music)

- I'm sorry.

- Life is shit and then you die.

You might even have to try men.


- Cinnamon took some
sensitivity training

and never quite recovered.

- Ray that's--

- I don't wanna hear about it.

I thought you needed
some time off.

- I have to work.

- It's an off night,
you know, Ray?

Angel's fuckin' dead.

- Baby, I'm gonna
have to let you go.

I can't do it anymore.

I warned you about the pills.

- [Brandy] You didn't
fall off the stage again?

- It's just a sprain.

Be fine tomorrow.

- No, you won't.

Now, look, I don't wanna
see you for a long time.

- I can get clean.

I got the number--

- No!

- Goddamn you, Ray.

(melancholy music)


- Taxi!

- We got a threesome
going, wanna come?

- Yeah, we'll split the profits.


- Sluts!



- Rice, I get it.

- Last night before
Angel was killed,

Pocket was back here.

He did something to her.

She wouldn't talk about
it, but she was afraid.

- Come on, he's been
here longer than I have.

- [Cody] Who's pocket?

- He's just some
weirdo that jacks off

through a hole in his pocket.

No big deal.

He doesn't get it on
the floor or anything.

- Well, thanks for letting
me use the dressing room,

and I'm sorry about your friend.

- Sunny, you on drugs?

- No.

Well, sometimes a little grass.

- You reliable?

- Very.

- You gonna screw me?

- For the job?

- I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about
you screwing me over

if I should hire you.

- I don't screw people around.

- You are the worst dancer
I ever saw in my life.

You're hired.

- What do you pay?

- [Derek] A most evocative
performer comes to us

from Paris, France,
Mademoiselle Fanny.

("A Night Like Any Other
Night" by Darryl Phinnessee

and Anita Sherman)

* Hey boy

* Be right in, right
in through the window *

* I gotta gal you
just gotta know *

* Come on in now,
you won't be alone *

* For $10, you feel
right at home *

* It's a night like
any other night *

* So be prepared to pay

* It's a night like
any other night *

* So be prepared to stay

* Check it out, boy,
get away from the door *

* I'll show you things
you never seen before *

* I'm gonna dance myself
all over this place *

* And I'll wipe that grin
right off of your face *

* It's a job like
any other job *

* So be prepared to pay

* It's a job like
any other job *

* So be prepared to stay

* You take a seat she
goes right by your side *

* Yes, she'll be with you
all through the night *

* B-b-b-but wait, tell
me what you like *

* Write it down

- Did you get a locker?

- Yeah.

Is it safe to keep
my stuff in it?

- Yeah, only a few of
the girls steal things.

That's my move, the bitch.

- [Cody] Who is that?

- Fuzzy rugfucker.

- [Cody] What?

- Fanny, the fuzzy rugfucker.

That's what it's called.

She was pregnant once.

She was dancing on stage, I
said, "Girl, you look fat."

She said, "I'm not
fat, I'm pregnant."

- [Cody] What happened?

- She gave it up, she
didn't wanna kill anybody.

One day, she's gonna find her.

- Who's that?

The guy with the headphones on.

- [Dazzle] That's the guy
I was telling you about,

Mr. Pocket.

* It's a job like
any other job *

* So be prepared to pay

* It's a night like
any other night *

* So be prepared to stay

- Got the job.

Local pervert,
keep an eye on him.

- Sunny?

- Hmm.


Who's winning?


Ooh, oh, I am so so--

Does it bother you
when I touch you?

I was joking.

Sit down.


what about the dead girl?

And here I am taking her place.

What do you think about that?

Sad, I mean.

- Who died?

- Angel.

- Beautiful.

("A Night Like Any Other
Night" by Daryl Phinnessee

and Anita Sherman)

- [Cody] It's paper.

- Nothing real's worth shit.

* Well get right in,
right in to her window *

- Yo, partner, stereo
speakers, Rolex watches, VCRs.


How you doin' bud, hey.

Come on back to my store.

There, this nice?

Watch this.

Don't get scared, all right?





All right, you're
better than me.

Can I have it back now?

Oh hey, man, tell me--

- [Heineman] Come
on man, (mumbling)

- [Mobile
Entrepreneur] Ow, shit.

Hey I deliver.

- [Heineman] Son of a bitch.

* It's a night like
any other night *

* So be prepared to pay

* It's a night like
any other night *

* So be prepared to stay

* It's a job like
any other job *

* So be prepared to pay

* It's a job like
any other job *

* So be prepared to stay

* It's a life like
any other life *

* So be prepared

* Oh, oh, yeah

* To stay

- Oh, god, Fanny.

I haven't worn shoes with
heels this high in years.

- Well, you looked awesome.


- Thanks.

- Just stay off the pole, okay?

- [Man] Hey Cinnamon!

(footsteps clomping)

(tense music)


- You know, you are
really amazing up there.

- Really, thanks.

- Just incredible.

- That's really nice
coming from a woman.

Usually just the guys say that.

- Goodnight.

- God bless.

(tense music)

- Jesus, partner!


Get out of here!

- Well, now we're even.

You know what I look like,
and I know what you look like.

- Hey, don't you have
any sense of propriety?

- What are you
doing in my house?

- I was worried
about you, Sunny.

Bet you think it's
really hilarious

that you used her name, huh?

- I needed one
that implied slut.



- I'm mad, all right, I'm mad.

I came back here 'cause
I care about you.

You know, and to give
you a warning, too.

Take it easy.

- You broke into
my house to tell me

not to enjoy my work?

- Yeah, and to use
the facilities.

Maybe this whole gig's
a bad idea, you know?

- How's Mr. Pocket?

- Who?

- The pervert.

- Oh, lost him.

Well, what did you get?

- Makes paper flowers and
gives them to the girls.

I don't know, something's wrong.

He has this thing
about being touched.

I don't think he did it.

- He likes knives.

Saw him shop from one of our
local mobile entrepreneurs.

- Did he buy one?

- He was just playin'
with it, very well.

He took something.

- What?

- I don't know, I couldn't see.

I must have been breast blind.

Think if I would have
seen one more tit

I would have thrown up.

- I thought men liked
watching tits flop around.

- I don't like to see
yours flopping around.

- They don't flop.

- [Heineman] Yeah,
I noticed that.

See you tomorrow.

Hey, don't bother
locking your deadbolt.

This place is a piece of cake.

- Goodnight, Heineman.

(door slamming)

- [Man On Tape] Visualize
yourself aiming at the target.

You are calm and relaxed.

- [Heineman] What took you?

- Had to go shopping.

You have any idea how much a
pair of fishnet stockings cost?

- 14 bucks.

- [Cody] What are you doing?

- It's self-hypnosis.

- How long have you
been doing that?

- A while.

- [Cody] It help much?

- I don't know, I never
get to shoot anymore.

Do you wanna know
about the girls?

- Yeah.

- Got a runaway who is now
legal, and we got an assault.

- An assault?

- A Charlotte Atula,
AKA Dazzle, accused

of beatin' the daylights
out of some girl in a bar,

and I quote, no way, I just
held her fanny and I, wait.

And I quote, no way.

I just held her.

Fanny hit her, AKA
Katherine Berry.

Charges were dropped.

- Who's the runaway?

- Roxanne Behr.

Seems her dad is your typical
hardworking wife-beater,

got a little carried away
one day, he killed mom.

Now she and her brother,
Eric, witnessed it,

and they just split.

They're two ex street hustlers.

- What about the
Captain and Gilligan?

- Well, you can take your
pick of a half a dozen

witnesses who can
place Ray and Derek

in the club at the
time of the murder.

- What'd you find on Pocket?

- Diddly squat.

I mean, believe it or
not, there's no Mr. Pocket

in the phone book.

- Oh, I'll call ya when
he comes to the club.

You know, it could
one of the girls.

I don't know, jealousy, maybe.

- I gotta bribe the coroner.

Hey, think fast.

That's for stress.

("California Plates"
by Mark McKinnis)

* He couldn't believe his eyes

* When she rattled into town

* Crawling by the legs and
her hair hanging down *

* He wasn't thinking
that ended the best way *

* So he copied down the
number on a California plate *

- [Derek] I'd like to
get tangled in her web.

Let's hear it for Brandy.


- Who put their
stogie out in my cup?

- Oops.

- [Brandy] You twat.

- Why won't you
just gimme a break?

Just go out with me just once.

- I'm not going out with you.

I'm hassled enough out there.

I don't need to be
hassled in here.

- Very sensitive, Brandy.

- I've never seen anybody
jack off a snake before.

- She's stressed.

I'm giving her a massage.

("Rickshaw Suite"
by John O'Kennedy)

- Come on, Cinnamon, answer.

- You killed her, you bastard!

You did it.

You sick son of a bitch.

- [Dazzle] What'd
you do to Angel?

- I got her...


- Don't touch her.


Where's Cinnamon?

- [Pocket] She's not here.

- Where is she?

Come on, you like to watch?

Take a good look.

- He likes heels.

- What the hell are you doing?

What are you doing?

Hey, hey wait a minute.

- He killed Angel!

- He confessed?

- Close enough.

- Oh great.

Just great, why didn't
you call the cops?

- They don't care about us.

- We did it for Roxanne.

- Why?

(sirens blaring)

- Figure it out.

- They were lovers?

- It's not like you think.

They really had something.

(melancholy music)

- [Cody] How 'bout a flower?

- Oh, thank you.

It's pretty good, isn't it?

- I found out that
Roxanne and Angel

were having a relationship.

With Cinnamon
missing, who knows?

Maybe, maybe she and
Angel were fooling around,

Roxanne found out about
it and killed them both.

- Yeah.

- Well, it has a ring to it.

- Last bite?

- Cinnamon bothers me.

- Try lemon.

You've got no sense of humor.


Nobody's reported her missing.

Why don't we concentrate
on what we've got,

you know, instead of
trying to see murder

every time somebody's
late to work?

- I'll try and control myself.

Where's the autopsy report?

- Ah, he's all backed up.

- What happened to your bribe?

- He already had that issue.

- How 'bout putting
a tail on Roxanne?

- You know, we gotta have
something a little more

substantial than it
has a ring to it.

- Now that has a ring to it.

Look, Heineman, 90% of
the time, it's the lover.

I think we should check
out the brother, too.

Maybe he's the jealous type.

- It's on my list.

Come on, last bite, that's it.

- I'll pass.

- Suit yourself.

Hey, ooh, ah!

Ooh, oh!

- Dammit!

When are you gonna stop
sublimating with that thing?

- Hey, that's a big
word you're using on me.

- Do you know what it means?

- Hey, you know,
you're getting better.

Your reflexes are
there, but your mind's

still gettin' in the way.

Remember, it's in the
eyes, not the hand.

Trust yourself.

- I trust myself just fine.

It's you I'm worried about.

Gimme that thing.

- Come and get it.

- [Cody] Hand it over.

- Take it.

Come on, take it, take it.


- Give it to me!

- All right, all right.

- It's in the eyes.

("Once You've Tried It"
by Anne-Marie Brown)

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* I think you'll go
to bed at night *

* And when you shut your eyes

* I know who you're
dreaming of *

* You're gonna miss my love

- [Ray] Get back there!

- I'm sorry, I forgot.

- You coulda had me busted.

No topless within five
feet of the audience.

- I know.

I just got so carried
away with my act.

- You do a very creative act.

Some of 'em'll get it.

Most of 'em'll think
that you're trash.

You gotta protect yourself.

Use them.

Don't let them use you.

You come back late one
more time from your break,

I'm docking you a full hour.

- Just try it.

(sexy music)

- What do you want?

- Talk.

- 'Bout what?

- Roxanne.

Look, I'm sorry
about what happened.

Do you think Roxanne's
gonna be all right?

- Why do you care?

- [Cody] Because I'd
like to be her friend.

- Listen, people say they're
friends after 15 minutes.

Takes years.

- Fresh from a tour of the
Philippines and Guam, Fanny.

("Dream Come True"
by Anne-Marie Brown)

Whoa, what a talent.

What a body.

- [Brandy] Hey, Sunny here was
just asking me all about you.

Now you're here, maybe
she can ask you herself.

- I was just wondering
how you're feeling.

- Okay.

Look, I forgot my music at home

and I've got to run
home and get it.

Could you cover for me?

- Sure.

- Listen, maybe we can have
a bite before work tomorrow.

- I've got some things to do.

- How 'bout the next night?

- I don't have to be
in 'til around 10.

- Great, neither do I.

I can catch a ride with you.

- She's probably after your bod.

- Well, in that case...

* You are my dream come true.

(tense music)


(tense music)



- I'm a police officer.

- That makes two of us.

Well retired, anyway.

Street cop for 15 years.

You know, sometimes I
still miss the bullshit.

Pretty nice, huh?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

It's an original 1897.

Look at that stock.

That's heat treated
to get that on there.

- [Heineman] Let me
take a look at that.

- Ain't no fine blue like
that on the modern guns.

'Beaut, huh?

- [Heineman] Yeah.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Paul Margolin.

- [Heineman] How you doin'?

- So, what do you
want with Roxy?

Poor kid's probably still
locked in my bathroom.

- [Heineman] Yeah, I wanna
know where her brother,

Eric, was night before
last, between 1900 and one.

- He was with me.

We got stuck with a couple
of Bruce Lee flicks.

I got a (mumbling) TV.

Pretty popular with the kids.

- Feel like an idiot.

- So you screwed up, big deal.

Kid's probably too naive to
know he can sue your ass.

Anyway, that still leaves
Roxanne unaccounted for

for several hours.

Boy, am I tired.

- Well, you should be
with all that dancin'

around naked you been doin'.

- I do not dance naked.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

No, she stepped
out for a minute.

Can I take a message?

This is her partner,
Sergeant Heineman.

Yes, sir.


Well actually...

No, I did say that
it was a homicide.

I did say it was a strip club.

No, I didn't realize that the
regulation was that specific.

If there was any kind
of miscommunication,

I'm sorry, sir.

No, it's understood.

She's outta there.

Thank you, sir.


Well, you can hang
up your G-string.

Rumor got to the brass that
you've been dancing topless.

- What do you mean, rumor?

They gave me that assignment.

- Well actually,
you were assigned to

go under cover at
the Rock Bottom

not uncovered.

Just relax, okay, relax.

You're not in trouble.

The big guys think
they're in trouble.

They just want this whole
damn thing over with.

- You got me to dance naked.

- You don't dance naked.

- You bastard.


- You're really
gonna hate me now.

- What?

- Well, you can
forget about Roxanne

'cause I was just informed
that Angel McKinney was raped.

There's an APB out on Pocket.

- I'll get dressed.

- No, wait a minute,
wait, wait, wait.

Why don't you just relax, okay?

Why don't you get some sleep?

You've been up 'til
three in the morning.

Anything interesting happens,
I'll give you a call.

- I'll call you.

- Ray, I gotta leave
a few hours early.

I've got a gynecologist

It's the only time
he could fit me in.

- No way.

- But Ray, I got this,
kind of, yeasty thing.

They think it might
be contagious--

- Hold it, hold it, I
don't wanna hear it.

Just go, go.

- Hey, Sunny.

- Hey.

(uptempo pop music)

- What now?

- I'm resigning.

- But I was just
getting used to you.

- Is this your two-week notice?

- It's more like my
two-minute notice.

- Brandy was just leaving.

- [Brandy] Okay.

- I was depending on you.

- Look, Ray--

- You know, when I hired
you, I took a chance.

You said that you were reliable.

You said you wouldn't screw
me over, you remember?

- But this is a little
bit more complicated

than I think you understand.

- Did you lie to me?

If you walk out
now, you lied to me.

I trusted you.

- Tonight, but that's it.

Why did you get
into this business?

- Money,

I have trouble waking
up in the morning,

and I can't type.

- What about the power?

- Don't get me started on
my aging stripper stories.

You're not getting
hooked, are you?

- No, but it is interesting.

And it's more than just going
out there and turning them on.

It's like something's
cutting loose.

("Once You've Tried It"
by Anne-Marie Brown)

* Well you filled
me with desire *

* When we first met

* You said one night stands
were easy to forget *

* When you kissed me
for the first time *

* You swore that it
would be the last *

* You were thinking you
could run from love *

* But you can't run that fast

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* Well you said it
burned like magic *

* When we touched

* Put a spell on you
'cause I love you so much *

* Got some good news
and some bad news *

* 'Bout the power
that'll keep you near *

* You can leave me
any time you want *

* But your heart
is staying here *

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* Once you've tried it

* You'll never forget my love

* I think you go
to bed at night *

* And when you shut your eyes

* I know who you're
dreaming of *

* You're gonna miss my love

- What the hell are
you doing here, Cody?

- Keep it down.

- Fuck them.

You were ordered not
to come back here,

and you are a cop.

Don't flake out on me.

(clearing throat)

I'm her husband.

- Sunny?

- It's okay.

They were counting on me.

- That is really stupid.

- I know.

- Yeah.

Well, they found Cinnamon.

Dragged about 100 miles
underneath a semi.

Hey, it's over, Cody.

Just let go of it, huh?

(horn honking)

Hey, we pulled in Margolin.

Eric's alibi holds up.

- What about Roxanne?

- Oh, fuck Roxanne!

Dammit, Cody.

The night you got the job,
Cinnamon fell off the stage.

She gave Pocket a big wet
one right on the kisser

and the guy practically freaked.

He can't stand being
touched by live girls.

He hates it.

Now, the key is live.

Get it?

Paper flowers, dead ladies.

I mean, you see where
I'm going with this?

Come on, our killer is a
horny male and very sick.

Now, you're wrong, okay?

Now, just forget it, drop it.

- I can't.

- You're not interested
in solving this case.

You wanna take your clothes off

in front of a million people.

It's kinda like you datin'
married men, isn't it?


Doesn't have to be real.

- You're wrong.

I want that son of a bitch.


- Come on, I can't deal
with this emotional stuff.

- Then make me stop.

- How?

- You're a cop.

Figure it out.

(melancholy music)

I thought you didn't
want to see me naked.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

It's Heineman.

Hey, how many guys
does it take to catch

one degenerate, huh?

Naw, I'm fine, man, just tired.

Yeah, we worked all night.

Yeah, I'm coming in, right.

- Well?

- Coming?


- [Cody] Sorry.

- No problem.

- It wasn't what you expected.

- Forget it.

- [Cody] I don't know
what's wrong with me.

- [Heineman] You interested?

- [Cody] Maybe later.

- Afraid of being a woman.

All those girls are.

Why they dance up there
in front of 100 men

'cause they're afraid
to be in bed with one.

When it gets real,
you can't handle it.

- Well, just when did
you get so interested?

How many men had to
be watching before

you decided you cared so deeply?

- Hey, that's great, Sunny.

Just bring me to my knees.

Isn't that the point
of being a stripper?

- Bring you to your knees?

Oh, you mean like, what cops do?

Having people shit
in their pants

every time you ask
'em a few questions.

- Yeah, right.

Like what cops do.

- Jesus, Heineman.

You always like this first
thing in the morning?

- When a stripper
makes a mistake,

she just twists her ankle.

Cops get killed.

- What?

You want a cup of
coffee or something?

Oh, God.

I keep hearing this
little voice that whispers

Pocket is innocent.

I gotta go back there.

- Pardon me, but
you're ordered not to.

- Well, I'm just gonna
have to deal with that.

Look, Heineman.


I just don't buy it that a
guy that's been hanging around

there for years suddenly
decides to start killing girls.

- Hey, gotta start sometime.

- Go ahead and lock
him up, Heineman.

Those girls are not
gonna be any safer.

- Yeah, I'm gonna
prove to you that

that son of a bitch is guilty

and that you're nuts.

- Heineman.

- [Heineman] And I can't
believe that I'm standing here

listening to a cop tell
me with a straight face

that she's gonna
quit the police force

and become a stripper.

- [Cody] That is
not what I said.

- [Heineman] Yeah, you
go back to that club.

That's what you said.

- Goodnight!

- [Heineman] It's morning!

(tense music)

- [Man] Is this real, man?

- [Mobile Entrepreneur]
This is real, man.

- [Man] How much does it go for?

- What do you got?

All right, all right.

Ow, ow, shit!

Look, all right, look man, look,

I know this ain't my territory.

These guys just
flagged me down, I sw--

- Shut up, shut up!

- Ow, shit, Jesus Christ.

- I'm a cop.

- Oh, shit.

Look, this is not my car
and this is not my stuff.

I'm just making a
delivery, I swear, ow.


- Where's Pocket?

- Who?

- Pocket.

Guy with the sweat shirt,
you know, the earphones.

Huh, knife tricks?

- Yeah, all right, I know him.

Yeah, he buys stuff from me.

I got my clientele.

Look man, you know
some of these people,

they'd have nothing
without me, you know?

They'd have none
of the luxuries.

But I don't know where
he is, I swear it.

- Look, why don't we
go down the station

and we'll run your luxuries
through our computer?

- Look, I still wouldn't
know where Pocket is.

I promise, I swear it.

- What does he buy from you?

- Cassettes.

Just cassettes.


Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

- Of what?

- Classical music.

It's weird, huh?

You know what he
give me for 'em?


- Paper flowers.

(bell dinging)

- [Shirl] We're closed.

Use your computer terminal.

- I forgot my access card.

- Bull, you just
couldn't go 24 hours

without diggin' my vibes.

- I wanna look at the
records on the Bayer kids.

They were runaways.

- Don't suppose you have
a year, case number,

officers name, didn't think so.

That's B-A-Y-E-R.

Which reminds me, I have
a splitting headache.

- Thanks, Shirl.

With Margolin vouching for 'em,

I feel a little
silly even asking.

- Margolin?

- Yeah, the ex-cop
who alibied them.

- If that's who I think it
is, he's a story and a half.

- What do you mean?


Shirl, what about Margolis?

- I can't get dip
on this screen.

Is the girl pretty?

- [Cody] Who?

- Roxanne headache.

- Very.

- 17 years ago
Margolin was retired

for blackmailing
juvenile prostitutes

into having sex with
him to avoid arrest.

Had a real problem
with little girls.

- Would he lie for sex?

- [Shirl] That's what I said.

- Why doesn't this
show up in his records?

- It was the same
time half the officers

in Hollywood were being rousted
on a stolen property setup.

Downtown figured they
had enough bad press,

so, they just quietly...

- If Heineman shows up, tell
him I'm on my way to Roxanne.

(classical music)

- We'll take a
little walk, come on.

Good boy.


Good, spread 'em.

Okay, son of a bitch.

Go ahead, you resist.

Continue this in a nice, warm
hospital, that's fine with me.


All right, put it back.

Turn around.

I said turn around.

(classical music)

Dr. Neville?

Yeah, I've got one
of your boys here.

Well, he's got no hand.

Grayish hair, he's
got a Walkman,

brown eyes.

Murder and rape.

Uh huh.

Well, that's all I need to know.

You're free to go.

Wipe your mouth.

(classical music)

Hey look, can I give you
a ride or something, huh?

Looks like it might rain again.

- Just like to watch
the beauty in the dream.

See, I took one in the hand.

Had one...

Ain't no touching left,
just the watching.

- Hi.

I'm Sunny, a friend
of your sister's.

We're supposed to have
a late dinner tonight.

- She didn't expect you to show.

She said you quit.

- Well, I'm here.

(tense music)



- He wanted more,

or less than I could
actually give him.

(tense music)




(tense music)

- Freeze!

Oh my.

- Where have you been?

- Let's see, at a concert.


He show you his shotgun?

- Say it.

Well, say it.

- You were right.

- I was right and you were wr...

- Don't push it Cody, huh?

- Wonder what made her do it.

(gunshots banging)

- Me!

Get back!

- Let me go to him.

- Shut up.

(tense music)


When my father killed
Mom, Roxanne promised

not one person, no
one can separate us.

She was leaving,
I had to stop her.

- How many people
do you have to kill

to believe that bullshit?

- All of you.


(gunshots booming)



(tense music)

(gunshots booming)




(tense music)



- Hey lady.

Wanna buy this?


What's the problem?

- Me.



(breathing heavily)

(tense music)

- Shit.

Well, you got me here.


- [Dazzle] Hey,
where's our paychecks?

- It's two a.m.

Where you gonna cash it?

- [Cody] Get down!

(gunshots booming)

Stay down.

(tense music)

- Hi girls.

- [Derek] What the--

(gunshot booming)

- [Fanny] Hey, what's going on?

(gunshot booming)

(tense music)


- I could have been her








- [Cody] Ah!


(breathing heavily)


- Honey, get outta here!



- Turn around slut, shoot me!

Or I'll cut your
fuckin' balls off!


(gunshot booming)



- Okay, it's okay.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's me, hey, it's me.

(breathing heavily)

Hey, hey.


Wanna dance?

Hey, you owe me a new coat.

(tense music)

- I can't feel my foot.

- You're lucky.

You got shot through the
fatty part of your thigh.

- My thigh is not fat.


(melancholy music)