Striking Poses (1999) - full transcript

Wealthy press mosquito Gage Sullivan is arrested by FBI agents Linus Stahl and Valerie after burying blood-stained clothes. She explains it was all part of her endless efforts to get rid of a clever, persistent stalker. Gage hired charming security specialist Nick Love. He contracts the Major to turn her home into a fortress, gets her a new identity and identifies an ex-con contract murders suspect, whose aliases include Badger. After Gage's assistant Casey is kidnapped and probably killed, she hires Badger for revenge. This starts a series of discoveries, stings and dramatic twists.

(robust instrumental music)

(low brooding music with ethereal vocals)

(sharp echoing clashes)

(car humming faintly)

(door opens)

(door slams)

(tense discordant music)

(sharp suspenseful music)

(discordant brooding music
with ethereal vocals)

(tires screech)
(engine revs)

(eerie dark music)

(music and explosions sounding on TV)

(door slams)
(footsteps clicking)

(door creaks open and closed)

- Hi, I need a room.

My car tire, I had to put a spare on.

(slow dramatic music)

There you go.

- Hmm, most people just sign in Smith.

(car approaching)

Room 121, just around the corner.

- Thanks.

(dark brooding music)

(building climactic tense music)

(door slams)
(sharp suspenseful music)

(footsteps shuffling)
(woman panting)

(dramatic music)


- Agent Valerie Button; this is Linus.

- Special agent Stahl.

- Where's Murphy?

- Who?
- Murphy, Billy Murphy.

- Alias, Bret Murphy, alias
Buck Murphy, alias Murray Buck.

- Him.

- Badger.

- Badger, that's new; try this one.

- Nick Angel.

- It warms me when citizens cooperate.

Now who are you?

- Julie Summerfield.

- You're lying.

- Says Julie Summerfield here.

Birth certificate, driver's
license, credit cards.

But the rental agreement on the
BMW is signed Gage Sullivan.

- That true, you're Gage Sullivan?

- Yeah, I'm Gage Sullivan.

(slow dramatic music)

- Okay, Sullivan, we're
going to ask you a series

of very important questions.

Like, for starters,

whose blood is this?

Listen, lady!
- Val.

Why don't you just tell us
what happened, Miss Sullivan?

- I'm a photographer, freelance.

I take pictures of people.

(sharp echoing camera bulb bursting)


people who don't always
want their stories told.

(cameras clicking)

It's not what I set out to do.

I wanted to be a photojournalist
chasing the real stories.

But instead, I took the easy way out.

I went for the cash

(crowd yelling)

and ended up at the Celebrity Scandal.

You know, the sad thing
is I'm so good at it.

What do you do when you hate
the thing you do the best?

(deep echoing thump)

(footsteps approaching)

- All right, everything
on the list is done.

Just got off the phone
with the rental company,

and they didn't have a Lexus.

But I got you a Cadillac
with tinted windows.

- Thanks, Case, good work.

- So any plans for tonight?

- Oh yeah, big night, Polson Pizza.

- You never go out.

- Sure I do.

- I'm not talking about work.

I'm heading over to
Garbo's, you wanna come?

- No thanks, I'll pass.

- [Case] Okay.

- Hit the alarm on your way out?

- Yes, boss. Bye.
- Okay.

(slow soft dramatic music)

(alarm system beeping)

(dark brooding tense music)

(camera clicking)
(building suspenseful music)

(slow eerie music)

(alarm beeping)


(items clattering faintly)
(slow tense music)

(dark brooding music)

(electricity hissing faintly)

(electric hissing and zapping intensifies)

(TV static hisses)

(sharp dramatic music)
(Gage screams)

(glass shatters)

(tape whining distortedly)


(machines beeping and whirring)

- Are you sure it's not someone
playing a practical joke?

This assistant of yours,
maybe, or a boyfriend?

- I set the clock radio
myself before I went to bed.

- And the house alarm was engaged?

- Yes.

- Had you been drinking?

- I'd been sleeping.

Look, officer, somebody got in here

and reset the timers on
everything that I own.

Somebody stood beside my
bed while I was sleeping

and changed the setting on my radio.

- Anything, Kirke?
- Nada.

- If someone was in here,
Miss Sullivan, he's gone now.

Officer Kirke and I'll do a
drive by of the neighborhood

and make sure everything's hunky dory.

(sighs) There was probably just
some freak electrical surge.

- (clicks tongue) Sure.

That would explain the
muffin in my toaster.

(slow dramatic music)

(door opens)

- You install this yourself?

- My insurance agent recommended it.

- Doberman Security, and
the secret code is 0906.

- How did you know that?

- My brother's got the same
piece of junk at his place.

The codes are all the same.

Look, if you think this guys come back

or you notice anything
strange on the street,

call me direct.

- Thank you.

(slow dramatic music)

(door thuds)

(doors thudding closed)

(milk sploshes)
(dark tense music)

(glass clatters in sink)

- Can't believe that.

Chewing gum? Gross.

- Yeah, the police think it was a prank.

- Yeah, well, that'll be a comfort to them

when they find you
hanging from a meat hook.

- Casey.
- Sorry.

Hey, you know what you should do?

You should hire one of those
personal security guys.

They handle celebrity cases.

- I'm not a celebrity.

- You still have to do something.

- Yeah, I'll buy some fresh milk.

(slow dramatic music)

(mid-tempo dance music)
(muffled speaking)

Okay, Casey, this is it.

- I'm ready.

- The tabloid wanted a shot

of the television star April Indigo.

A stolen membership card would
get me into her private club.

(car approaching)

No style.
- Trouble?

- My peers.

(cameras clicking)
(people clamoring)


- It's gonna work, trust me.

(muffled speaking)
(cameras clicking)

- [Man] Right here.

(tense suspenseful music)

(slow atmospheric music)

- Hi.

- Good afternoon, welcome to Spratt's.

- Thank you, it's been awhile.

- Your membership?

(electronic beeping)

- Try it again, try it again.

- Try it again.

(electronic beeping)

- Yes!
- Miss Meadowbrook.

You have complete use
of all the facilities

except the weight room, I'm afraid.

Miss April Indigo and her guests

have reserved it until two o'clock.

Fitness parties are all
the rage these days.

- April Indigo, isn't she on
that late night soap opera?

She plays-
- The bitch, yes.

She's a natural.

- Thank you.

(tense suspenseful music)

(electronic beeping)

(tense suspenseful music building)

(bag thuds)

(mid-tempo dance music thumping faintly)

(phone beeping)

Hey Casey, I'm in.

But we have a 200-pound problem.

- [Casey] Bodyguard?

- [Gage] Yeah, he's
wearing a network blazer.

- [Casey] I'm on it, boss.

- Okay. So what are you planning?

- Oh, just a little cellular sabotage.

(electronic beeping)

Ready here.

(beeper beeps)

- Pretty slick.

- Eight,



(grunting) Oh, yes, yes, yes! (laughing)

(snorts heavily)

(door closes)

This is a private party; get out.

- Uh, sorry Miss Indie,
I'll just be a minute.

- It is Indigo, shit head.

(women laughing)

She knows me, everybody does.

Ooh, I've gotta have some more.

(camera clicks)
(April snorts)

Okay girls, one at a time.

(door shuts)

(glass clinks)

(door shuts)

(phone dialing)

- [Casey] Did we get her?

- Hey, slam dunk, babe. I'm coming home.

- I didn't know which beeper to call,

so I called them all.

- (chuckles) That's fine.

(tense suspenseful music)

He's here.
- Say again?

- He's here somewhere,

the guy who was in my house last night.

Get me outta here, Case.

- Okay boss, there's a stairwell

at the end of the weight room hall.

The fire exit is at the bottom.

I'll disable the system long
enough for you to get down.

- I'm in. Case?

- [Casey] This is your fastest way out.

He won't even know
you've left the building.

- Okay, just make sure
that alarm is offline.


- Working on it.

- I'm almost there.

(sharp climactic music)

Okay, I'm there. Okay, good.


Oh my God.

This is where he came in.

Casey, get me out of here!

- The system's already offline.

The door should be open.

Something must be blocking it.

(camera clicking)
(sharp climactic music)


(footsteps approaching)

- Thanks.

(bottle clinks)

- You didn't see his face.

- No, he had a camera.
The flash blinded me.

How did he know where I would be?

(computer chimes)

What are you doing?

- I'm getting you some help.

(keyboard keys clicking)

Aldo Abbott Personal Defense.

No, I dated an Aldo once.

- Casey.

- Brian Aimes and Associates.


Morgan Allenby.

- I don't need security.

- And what do you think
of Guardian Angels?

Nick Angel, Angel security consultant.

(door opens)

- Hi, Nick Angel.

- Gage Sullivan, come on in.

(door closes)

- Cute toy.

(soft dramatic music)

I don't take celebrity
cases, Miss Sullivan.

- I would have thought that celebrities

were your one renewable resource.

- Maybe in your line.

- I beg your pardon?

- Gage Renee Sullivan, born in Houston

but moved here when you were 18.

Tried your hand at photojournalism.

- You've been doing your homework.

- But landed steady work
with Celebrity Scandal.

You were originally
hired for dumpster duty.

What is dumpster duty?

- I dug through people's garbage looking

for things the tabloid could report on.

- You're 26, single.

Your photographs have made
you extremely wealthy.

You have no social or
romantic life to speak of.

Not very trusting, are you?

- Well, that should just
make your job easier.

Nick Angel, this is my
assistant Casey Roper.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

- Computer's a part of your work?

- Yes-
- Now and again.

- Hmm.

(car approaching)

(doors open and close)

- Nick, my lad, you come bearing gifts.

- Gage Sullivan, it's
an old friend of mine,

Monte Singer, the Major.

- Major, huh?

- Now, how can I be of service?

- Need the whole kit, motion lights,

solid core doors, new locks, everything.

- Whole new alarm system.
- Yeah.

Is Poke still available?

- No, but there's this
new kid I heard tell of.

I'll take him along.

- Good, and don't forget the Lexguard.

Lots and lots of Lexguard.

- Hold it, guys.

What is Lexguard, and
why do I need lots of it?

(glass thuds)

- Stand back there.

Nick, would you do the honors?

(gun blasts)
(dramatic music)

- Bulletproof.

- [Nick] Psycho proof.

- It normally takes a lot to scare me,

but that episode at the health
club really freaked me out.

And Nick had some plans.
I let him lead the way.

And I was definitely
starting to feel safer.

(dark brooding music)

- [Electronic Voice On
Computer] Match found.

Public archives database,
Sullivan, Gage Renee.

(keyboard keys clacking)

- When I was a student,
I used to sneak in here

after hours to read.

- You must have been a fun date.

- So many stories.

I could become anyone I wanted to.

(dark brooding music)

- What are we looking for?

- Dead babies.

- What?

- The best way to travel unmolested

is to travel with someone else.

- A new identity.
- That's right.

Starts with a birth certificate.

Check the obituaries for female infants

that were born within a year
or two of your actual birthday

but who died out of state.

They should be under the age of five.

- Why?

- No school records.

- Okay. Here's one.

Survived by her loving grandparents.

She was three years old.

Her parents had just relocated to Detroit.

Her name was Margaret Mudge.

- Mudge.

- What's wrong with Mudge?

Fine, keep looking.

(slow eerie mysterious music)

(car approaching)

(brakes whine)

(window whirring)

- Bingo.

- Succumbed to viral pneuomonia,

died at the age of two, was
born here but died in Chicago.

Julie Summerfield.

- You could be a Julie Summerfield.

(clears throat)

(tense suspenseful music)

(camera clicking)

(doors shut)

- So what now?

- I go down to County Records Office

and pretend to be executor
of a friend's will.

I need a birth certificate as proof

of the beneficiary's existence.

- That beneficiary
being Julie Summerfield.

It's really that easy?

- Yeah.

Once we have a birth certificate,

we can assemble the rest of your ID,

social security, credit cards.

Make an appointment for a driver's test.

(car starts)

(sharp climactic music)

(traffic humming)

(muffled chatter)

- How long have you been doing
security work, Mr. Angel?

- Nick.

Three years ever since I
left teacher's college.

- You were gonna be a teacher?

- Yeah, college English.

- My father taught English lit.

- I did my practice teaching
at a performing arts college.

Most of my students wanted to be actors.

- Did any of them make it?

- One, Gwendolyn Wilson.

(slow dramatic music)

- Oh, I remember her.

I covered the funeral. She
was mugged or something.

- Home invasion.

- Right.

Yeah, the cops wanted to see my photos.

She had just hit it a big with a TV show,

and we were all tripping over one another

to get a shot of her and
her mysterious boyfriend.

(slow dramatic music)

Nick, I'm sorry.

(camera clicking and whirring)

(screaming in background)

- You people scared the hell out of her.

I was supposed to see her that night.

- Yeah, well, the murder
had happened late.

We'd given up and gone home.

- Too bad. Would've made a hell of a shot.

(sighs) I should take
you back, Miss Sullivan.

- Call me Gage.

- I'll be at the Jeep.

(door creaks)


(dark brooding music)

(tense suspenseful music)

(printer whirring)

- Ta da!

(slow dramatic music)

- [Gage] Great.

- What, didn't go well with
sexy Mr. Angel last night?

(knock on door)

- Yoohoo, Miss Sullivan!


- Squad and I have arrived.

We are at your service, Miss Sullivan.

- Come on in, Major.
- Major.

- Hi.

(car humming)
(dark music)

(car door shuts)


(door shuts)


(slow dramatic music)

- Here, brand new birth
certificate for Julie Summerfield.

Major, who's the guy
working the alarm system?

- It's that new fellow I
told you about, Murray Buck.

- Get rid of him.

- Well, why don't you
do it yourself, Angel?

- When did they let you out, Badger?

- About three months
ago for good behavior.

- That include knifing
Danny Fix in the shower?

- Hey, nobody knows who did that.

I needed a stake, he needed a lesson.

Well, you understand about
lessons, don't you, teach?

- I understand you're gonna
walk out that door right now.

- Let's listen to the man, son.


- You have a very nice place here, ma'am.

(door creaks and closes)

- So one psycho isn't
enough, huh, Mr. Angel?

- It's my fault, dear. I
should've checked my sources.

- How fast can you button this place up?

- If we rush on the order, two days.

It'll cost Miss Sullivan more, though.

- She'll pay it.

- Badger's not crazy, dear.

Now that he's been made, he'll stay clear.

- What do we do in the meantime?

- We find out how good a liar you are.

(dramatic music)

- [Nick] If the clerk asks,

just tell her you just finished
graduate school in France.

You need your social security for work.

- I don't speak French.

- Neither will she.

Go on, Julie.

- [Woman] Next.

- Hi, I just graduated from
graduate school in France.

- Yeah?

Lucky you.

(stamp thuds)

- Thank you.

- [Woman] France, huh?

- (chuckles) Yeah.

It worked.

- Got you something. What do you think?

(slow dramatic music)

- Thanks, Nick.

(dark brooding music)

(car approaching)

- Okay, so over the next few
days, we'll study your routine.

Find out where it makes you vulnerable.

- Well, about the only routine
thing I do is order pizza.

(both chuckle)

I guess I'd better go
start planning my next job,

pay for these bills you're racking up.

Thanks for the wallet.

- You're welcome.

Good night.

- Night.

(door shuts)

(car hums)

(dark tense music)

(door shuts)

- Hey boss, how's Nick?

Yikes, this guy is cold.

- What are you still doing here?

- Well, I did a little search
on this morning's house guest,

Murray the Badger Buck.

- God.
- Mm-hmm.

Pulled up his records.

Current telephone, address,
phone number, police file.

- Murder, acquitted, murder,

acquitted, manslaughter, acquitted.

My God, what did they finally get him on?

- Breaking and entering,

probably on the way in to his next kill.

He is a murderer, a hit man,
an all-around charming guy.

(doorbell rings)

(sighs heavily)

- Hi.

- This is kind of awkward for me.

- Would you like to come in?

- I'd rather you come out.

- I'll get my coat.

(keyboard keys clacking)

- Hey, Case, you can go home now.

- Oh, wow, the horses can drag me away.

Gage? Have fun.

Go Nicky, go.




- [Electronic Voice On
Computer] Match found,

online business directory, Polson Pizza.

(dark tense music)

- Medium pizza, hot peppers,

double feta, shrimp.

For delivery.


- I haven't done this in years.

- I've broken into places before,

but library's definitely a first for me.

- Ah, but you're not
Gage Sullivan anymore.

You're Julie Summerfield.

And Julie Summerfield has to be more

than just a wallet full of plastic cards.

- So who is Julie Summerfield?

- She's 26 years old,

a little shy,

kinda the girl-next-door type.


(tense music)

What about her family,
brothers and sisters?

- No, dogs and cats.

- Boyfriends?

- Crushes, lots of crushes,
like a school girl.

(car approaching)


(keyboard key clicks)
(computer beeps)

(doorbell rings)

- Just a sec!

- You know what paparazzo means?

Mosquito, pest, blood sucker.

Not exactly the kind

of career an 18-year-old
girl plans for herself.

- [Nick] You wanted something more.

- Yeah, I wanted to be important,
do something important.

(car whooshing past)

(car humming)

(doors shut)

- So Casey's inside, waiting
for the play by play.

- (sighs) I guess that's
my cue to leave the field.

- I'll see you tomorrow?

- I'll try to find some other
ways to break up your routine.

- Good night.

(tense suspenseful music)

Nick! There's something in the door.

(hushed tense music)

- Stay back.

(light clicks on)

(eerie intense dark music)

What the hell's going on?

(dark brooding music)

- What makes you think that this man,

whoever he is, kidnapped your assistant?

- Because her car is
still parked out front,

and she told me she would
wait for me to get back.

- Where were you?

- Out.

- Alone?

- Not a very smart thing to do

if you think somebody's stalking you.

- Look, I called Mr.
Angel when I came home

and found her hat in the front door.

- Okay, Officer Kirke and I

will check Miss Roper's apartment.

And we'll do a drive by--
- Of the neighborhood.

- Yes.

- Right, make sure
everything's hunky dory.

- Thank you.

If you haven't heard from
Miss Roper in 48 hours,

please do me a favor.

Contact Missing Persons.

- [Officer Kirke] You've got my card.

- They don't believe
that anything happened.

- Put some coffee on. Got
some company coming over.

Major, yeah, it's Nick.

Yeah, we're gonna have
to bump that up. Yeah.

(drills whirring)
(hammers banging)

(slow dramatic music)

- Now dear, if anyone can
find your friend, Nicky can.

Can I get you anything?
- No thanks.

- They're not a pretty sight,
but when they're finished,

you'll be safe and snug. (chuckles)

One of the boys said
this just came for you.

- Thanks.

(paper ripping)

(sharp climactic music)
(camera clicking)

(camera clicking)

(eerie tense music)

- So what?

- She's my friend, and she's dead.

- Uh huh.

- Look, you know about these
things, about killing people.

(both grunting)

(Gage whimpering)

- All right, so you're not wired.

- No.

- (sniffs) Well, what do you want, lady?

- This man is stalking
me; I want your help.

- Well, say it.

The teddy that did this, you want him?

- I want him dead.

- It'll cost you $150,000 (sniffs) cash.

- Fine.

- All right.

You're gonna rent a car, something
flashy so that your teddy

can follow you without too much trouble.

You'll find someplace far
away from eyes and cameras.

So now there you'll pay me.

And when your teddy
shows up, I'll kill him.

You can even watch me do
it if you like. (laughs)

Oh, there is one more thing, Nick Angel.

Now if he shows up,

I will do you both.

Do you understand?

(slow dramatic music)


When you find the place, give me a call.

(kisses fingers)

(door slams)

(car approaching)

(door opens and closes)

(door opens)
(alarm system beeps)

- I got your message. She's gone?

- Yep.

(slow dramatic music)

- Not to the cops.

- I think she had something else in mind.

- Why do you say that?

- She's paid us both off first.

- I'll check out the computer.


(slow dark music)

(muffled faint chatter)

(lock clicks)

(faint speaking on TV)
(answering machine beeping)

- Goddamn Badger.


- [Gage] Badger, I rented a
place called Windhollow Farms

off Highway 2 just north of Port Perry.

It's about four hours outside the city.

(tense suspenseful music)

(slow eerie music)

(dramatic tense music)

- Come on, come on, come
on, come on! Let's go!

(tense suspenseful music)

(traffic humming)
(horns honking)

Come on!

(horn honks)

(slow dramatic music)

(door shuts)

(slow eerie music)

(fireplace flames crackling)


(dark brooding music)

- Better put that down.

- I've got your money.

- Good. That's a good start.

(car approaching)

(tires screech)

- What do you want me to do?

- Well, you can take off your
coat and hop onto the couch.

(bag rustling)

Wait, better open up your blouse.

- What?

- Well, you wanna give
your teddy an eyeful.

You want him looking at you
when he walks in, not at me.

You're pretty.

How come you spend all your
time hiding behind a camera?

- I don't hide.

- It's the power, isn't it?

Come on.

You like being in control.

You like to put other
people into your light.

Why don't you put up your feet?

- No.

- You know, when I was in
prison, all we had was pictures,

women in magazines and women in posters.

And I always used to wonder who

was the lucky teddy that
got to pose 'em. (chuckles)

I thought if I looked hard enough,

I could see his
fingerprints on their skin.

(clears throat) And it got
so I hated photographers.

(chuckles dryly)

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

But I loved the women, though.

I used to dream about 'em.

Not bedding 'em, just posing 'em

and arranging 'em and touching 'em,

leaving my fingerprints on their skin.

(car approaching)

- Badger.

- Sh! Pictures don't talk back now.

- He's here.
- Oh!

- Did you tell anybody
else you were coming here?

- No, it's him.

- All right, all right.

Just close your eyes.
Pretend you're asleep.

I'll do it.

(clicks tongue)

(dark tense music)

(footsteps approaching)

(building climactic music)

- Gage?

- Nick?

- Gage.
- Nick.

- Oh my God, Nick, no, Nick!

(gun blasts)

Oh my God, Nick.

- You lyin' bitch!

- No, I didn't, I swear.
- What did I tell you?

(footsteps shuffling)
(Gage grunting)

(Gage panting)

You set me up.

- No, I didn't. Okay, think about it.

You were a tool, something
I bought for a job

that I couldn't do myself.

- Mm-hmm.

- Look, you have your money,
and you made your kill.

It's time to go home.

- Yeah, and then you just
run off and tell the police.

- No, no wire, no hidden tape recorder.

Nobody knows what happened.

- Well, what about your little teddy boy

that's been bird doggin' ya?

- He's my problem now, isn't he?

- Yep, yeah, I guess
he is at that. (sniffs)

Sailor. (grunts)

- Is he...

(gun blasts)

- Yep.

Now don't go home.

Check into a hotel. Hold on!

Call me in three days.

I'll let you know if everything's clear.

Oh, by the way, you
look really good in red.

(dark brooding music with ethereal vocals)

(door slams)

(car starts)

(tires screech)

(engine revs)

(footsteps thumping)

(car starts)

(door shuts)

(engine hums)

(tense suspenseful music)

- You were here for the rest.

You can put those cuffs back on me now.

- You thinking what I'm thinking?

- We chased wrong car.

- Murphy told her to
hole up for three days.

- Greedy?

- Dumb. There's still a chance.

- Maybe.

- Miss Sullivan, you'll
have to come with us.

(dark brooding music)

- [Linus] This is not
the way to the station.

- [Valerie] We're not
going to the station.

- [Linus] Val.

- [Valerie] You know what happens

if we involve the local cops.

- [Linus] They'll screw it up.

- [Valerie] You agree
there might be a chance.

Let's just play it out a little longer.

(slow dramatic music)

(doors slam)

(lights click on)

(door shuts)

- Oh my God.

- They didn't need three days.

- Badger must've made
the call from the farm.

They must've started the
second you left the city.

- You are insured, aren't
you, Miss Sullivan?

- Who did this?

(mid-tempo tense music)

(truck creaking)

(door shuts)

(slow dramatic music)

(slow dramatic music intensifies)

(slow dramatic music intensifies)

- I don't understand this.

- They're con men, Sullivan.
They played you for a mark.

- But the stalker-

- There is no stalker. It was one of them.

- The stalker, Nick Angel,
your chance encounter

with the hit man Badger
were all carefully staged.

- No, Nick Angel was chosen at random.

- [Valerie] Did you call him personally?

Did you go to his office?

Did you check him out at all?

- What do you think of Guardian Angels?

- Casey arranged everything.

- How long had Casey Roper worked for you?

- Ten months.

- And Badger, what was his price

for killing this mythical stalker?

- It'll cost you $150,000 (sniffs) cash.

- They'll probably get more from the sale

of your belongings.

- What about all the
renovations you told us about?

- I spent a fortune.

New alarm, new doors, new
locks, Lexguard windows.

Nick said that they would turn
this place into a fortress.

(Valerie scoffs)


(glass shatters)

(dark brooding music)

- There are holes in your fortress.

- When are you gonna arrest them?

- We're on the case, Miss Sullivan.

- You are going to arrest them, right?

- Arrest who?

Badger, Nick Angel? Those
aren't their real names.

- [Linus] As carefully as
they stage managed the con,

they will stage manage the alibis.

- [Valerie] There won't
be any phone records

or renovation orders, no physical evidence

to tie them into anything illegal.

- It'll come down to
their word against theirs.

- I've got the empty house!

- You're also the one who
paid to have someone murdered.

That doesn't make you our
most credible witness.

- Then why the fuck are you even here?

- There might be a way.
- Val.

- We go after them, turn the
tables, run our own scam.

- [Linus] The bureau
will never authorize it,

not with a civilian involved.

- Then we won't tell the bureau.

- Look, you've been conned, Miss Sullivan.

Accept it and get on with your life.

- Just grin and bear it, Agent
Stahl? Is that what you mean?

(Valerie chuckles)

How do we do it?

(slow dramatic music)

(door thuds)

- Badger!

(door slams)

- The hell are you doin' here?

I thought I told you to
hold up for a few days.

- Yeah, I did. Something's come up.

- Have you been home yet?
- No.

Look, I rented a motel
room, I used the fake name.

Somebody still found me.

And they told me where to find you.

- Upstairs. Get up there.

(door creaks open)

(curtains close)


All right, spill it.

- This was shoved under
my door this morning,

along with a note telling
me where you were.

(slow dramatic music)

- Did you recognize the handwriting?

- No, but it's obvious who it is.

- Who?

- The man who's been stalking me.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

That's crazy. I mean,
you can't be serious.

- [Gage] Badger, come on!

He sent pictures when
he killed Casey, too.

I mean, think about it. We led him there.

That was the whole idea.

- She's really selling it.

- No, no. No, this can't be the same guy.

- Why?

- Well, because stalkers
aren't interested in money.

- There's no mention of money.

- Don't be clever, stick
to the script. (sighs)

- (chuckles) Oh yeah, but there will be.

You can bet on it.

We got a problem here, partner.

- How do I reach you if
he makes contact again?

- Well, he seems to already
know that I live here.

Why not make it easy on him?

Question is, where do I find you?

- Keep the pictures.

(door opens and closes)

I pay my premiums like clockwork.

By what act of remission?

So I need your approval to
change my home security? (sighs)

(phone beeps)

They terminated my insurance.

- Conned again.

- Thanks.

- How are you holding up?

- I hate feeling so helpless.

- We have rattled Mr. Badger.

It won't take him long
to rattle the others.

- Agent Stahl doesn't seem as confident.

- This crew makes Linus nervous.

Most grifters run at the
first mention of the police.

- Nick looked the cops
straight in the eye.

- For a con man, that's not
just arrogant; that's psychotic.

- I can't believe I trusted him.

- Look, a good con man finds out

what a mark desperately
wants and then offers it.

Usually, it's money.

What was it for you?

- A new start.

- Hmm.

With all your cash, did you
really need Nick Angel for that?

- He made running away seem so sensible.

- Hmm.
- It was a very sweet lie.

- The best lies always are.

- Badger just made the call.

Let's get this idiot
operation on the road.

(slow dramatic music)

- See, she thinks I took 'em, right?

Well, not me but a stalker.

- What do you think?

- Well, I think only two
people knew where we'd be,

the Major...

(footsteps approaching)

(kisses face)

I mean, think about it.

- [Nick] You're wrong.

- Yeah, but-
- You're wrong.

- Okay, so I'm wrong.

But how far can we really trust her?

She sold out that Sullivan
babe without even blinking.

- They suspect Casey?

- Mm-hmm.

- So much for honor among thieves.

- Trust is a professional
liability in their business.

(glass clinks)
(clears throat)

- So how do you want to play this?

- Wait till our mystery guest
contacts Sullivan again.

If it's money he wants,
agree to an exchange.

- That's crazy talk.

- Think. Half the ransom
has to come from Sullivan.

By rights, that money's ours.

- You think the blackmailer's just

gonna let us walk off with it?

- Sure,

if he

or she is dead.

- And what about that Sullivan babe?

- Bury them together.

(dark brooding music)

- [Linus] It's finished, Val.

The bureau will not risk a civilian.

And without the bureau, we have no backup,

we have no funding for the ransom,

and we have no official sanction.

- [Valerie] Official sanction
be damned. I'll get the money.

- How? Rob a convenience store?

Anything under 200,000 and
they'll know it's a setup.

- I said I'll get the money!

(slow dramatic music)

- She's a little single
minded about this, isn't she?

- Obsession keeps her warm.

Val's first assignment
was tracking this guy.

Sweetheart scammer, you know,

love 'em and leave 'em
with an empty bank account.

This guy was passing himself
off as an acting teacher.

Anyway, he was siphoning
some popcorn blonde

who just made it big on the tube.

- What happened?

- Val told the blonde
about this guy's record.

She confronted him on
it, and he killed her.

Made it look like a home invasion.

- Nick.

- Yes.

Val blamed herself. She
couldn't prove he did it.

She's been waiting for
another chance for years.

This just isn't gonna be it.

(knocks on door)

(knocks on door)

- (grunts) Yeah.

(door slams)

- What the hell are you doing here?

- I'm on the tour of the Hit Men's Homes.

What do you think I'm doing here?

- He made contact again?

- Yeah, with demands.

You were right, money.

- Yeah, well, I guess I get a prize.

How much?

- Half a million dollars.

- What?

- Half a million dollars.

$250,000 apiece or he goes to the police.

- When?

- Tomorrow night.

He's gonna call my motel
room with the location

of the drop, and he wants the
money in a green garbage bag.

And Badger, I'm gonna count your half

before we hand it over.

- [Badger] Listen, I can't get ahold

of $250,000 by tomorrow night.

- Rob a store.

(door slams)

(mid-tempo bluesy harmonica music)

- You did what?

- I set it up for tomorrow night.

- All by yourself, you just
went ahead and did that?

- How much ransom?

- $250,000.

- 250?

- Each.

- The bureau will never
clear that kind of funding.

- My treat.

Now if you'll excuse me, I
have some stocks to liquidate.

- You can't do this, Miss Sullivan.

- Yes, I can, Agent
Stahl. Grin and bear it.

(dark brooding music)

- Miss Sullivan!

Gage, in order for the sting to work,

we have to let them steal your money.

Now we can take precautions, but-

- I understand.

- They plan to kill you after the sting.

- I know.

- There's something you don't know.

There was another woman.

- Gwendolyn Wilson. Nick killed her.

I guess you're just gonna have

to find a way to keep me alive.

(door shuts)

(car starts)

- $500,000?

- Yep, and she insists on seeing our half.

(Casey scoffs)

- Even with the money we took from her,

we still don't have enough.

- Well, you know, could use
some counterfeit money, hmm?

- Idiot! Where would we get it?

No, we're gonna have to
hand in the rest ourselves.

- [Badger] Maybe it's time we cop a heel.

- Huh? Run?

From a quarter of a
million? I don't think so.

- We have worked to hard for this.

We are not running just

because somebody's raised the stakes.

- Hey, day after tomorrow,
we'll be in Mexico,

chugging back our first round
of tequila poppers. (sighs)

- Yes, sir.

(slow dramatic music)

- This stuff will show up
under UV light so we'll be able

to identify you're money
once we pull a switch.

- You mean steal it.

- Yeah.

- Then all we have to worry
about is Badger killing me.

- [Valerie] Not if this works.

- Is that what they used to fool me?

- If all goes well, you get
a chance to return the favor.

Let's test it.

- Are these blanks?


(guns blasts)

- Convincing, isn't it?

Smile Linus; you get to do this tomorrow.

- Thank you.

- Do you need any help?

- I'm fine.

- All right, I'm gonna
go get something to eat.

Don't run away with my money.

- [Linus] I wouldn't dream
of it, Miss Sullivan.

(dramatic suspenseful music)

(Casey sighs)

- The hell you doing?

Do you have to keep drinking?
Man, we've gotta go.

- Let's go.

- So just sign on the last page, please.

- Can you mail this for me, please?

- Sure.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

(bag rustling)

(knock on door)
(dark brooding music)

- Hi.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

- [Valerie] Money's okay?

- Yeah, it's in the satchel.

- Green garbage bag?

- Got it.

- Good.

I've called in a few favors.

There'll be a backup unit
on the road to the exchange.

Keep your eye open for a blue van.

- Okay, when Linus calls,

I think Badger should answer the phone.

It'll seem more legit.

- Sure, whatever. I'll be
in the car right behind you.

Remember, Badger thinks he's in control.

That's his weakness.

- Valerie? I just wanna say thank you.

- For what?

- Giving me a chance to
earn back my self respect.

(door shuts)

(car approaching)

(door shuts)

(phone rings)

(phone beeps)

- Linus?
- Yeah?

- They're ready; make the call.

- Right.

(phone beeping)

(bag rustling)

(phone rings)

- Yeah.


Yeah, okay, when?

Fine. All right.

All right.


Well, let's go.

(bag rustling)
(slow dramatic tense music)

(car starts)

(tires screech)

(car starts)

(dramatic music)


You nervous there, partner? (laughs)

(tires screech)

(car approaches)

(doors open)

- Hands! Away from the car!

- Hey, okay.

- Move away from the car, move!

Let me see your hands.

- All right there, teddy
boy. You wanna relax here.

- Where's my money?

- It's in the car. You'll get it.

(dark brooding music)

(door opens)

All right. (clears throat)

- No more.

(gun blasts)
(sharp climactic music)

- What the hell?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! No,
what, what, what, what?

- Give me the gun.

- Okay.

(gun clatters)

- Now the bag.

(bag rustling)

- All right.

Okay. Now you know that
that's half my money.

- Get the fuck out of here.

- One day, I'm gonna kill you.

- Get out of here, go!

- All right, all right!

(door closes)

(car starts)

(tires screech)

(dark brooding music)

- We did it.

Hey, Linus.


Oh, shit. Oh my God.


Oh God.

(door shuts)

(tires screech)

(tense music)

(tires screech)

- Made the switch.

Quarter of a million bucks.

Getting her twice was so beautiful.

- Mm, mm, later, big guy.

Right now, we have to blow
her off with a fake accident.

Major, did you leave anything
in the station wagon?

- [Badger] No, I don't think so.

- [Valerie] Check. I don't want
forensics coming back at us.


- Major.


(explosion booms)
(suspenseful music)

- How'd it go?
- Picture perfect.

- And the boys?
- You were right.

They didn't suspect a
thing. Where's lover boy?

(dark brooding music)

- Half a million is better divided by two.

- It'd be a shame to divide it at all.

(gun blasts)

(body thuds)

- Man, we can't trust anybody.

(tense suspenseful music)

- Seems somebody would agree with you.

- Valerie suckered us.

- Not Valerie, Sullivan.

She switched the bags.
She's got our money.

She's good.

(dark brooding music)
(door opens)

(bag rustling)

(door opens and shuts)

(tires screeching)

(Gage panting)
(footsteps thudding)

(suspenseful music)

(boards creaking)

(tires screech)

(gun blasts)

- Bring it on!

(door slams)


(discordant tense music)

(window creaks)

(dumpster creaks and thuds)

(window creaks)
(Gage grunts)

(slow tense music)

(dark brooding music)

(footsteps tapping on stairs)

- Tough luck, Casey. Dumpster duty.

This is too sweet to split.

- Nick!

(Nick grunts)
(guns blasting)

(Nick groans)
(body thuds)

(slow dramatic music)

(heels lightly clicking)

Ungrateful son of a bitch.

(sharp tense music)
(lights loudly click on)

Give up, Gage. I've
invested a year in this.

(gun blasts)
(bullet whizzes)

You are not taking it away from me.

(lights loudly click on)

(Gage panting)
(heels clicking)

Who blew it for us, Badger?

(laughs) It was you. You
could never trust anybody.

(lights loudly click on)

Running out of shadows, Gage!

(Gage panting)

(slow tense music)

Truth is, you haven't been in
control since you hired me.

(sharp climactic music)

(glass shatters)

(gun blasts)

(flames whoosh)

(Casey screaming)

(dark tense music with ethereal vocals)


(ceiling cracking)

(flames roaring)

(muffled speaking)
(cameras clicking)

- [Man] How many? Are there any more?

It's the only one?

- [Man] Sir, you got any idea who that is?

Is that the only one?

- Yes, sir.
- The only one?

- [Man] You got any idea if
it's a male, female, what?

(muffled speaking)

- Thanks.

(sirens wailing in distance)

She said someone was after her.

- Yeah, now everybody is.

(van doors shut)

(muffled speaking over radio)

- I'll take this back to
the station to write it up.

(slow dramatic music)

(tense dramatic music)

- [Driver] We're here, Miss Mudge.

(car humming)

(jet engine whirring)

(door shuts)

(slow dark music)

- Miss Margaret Mudge.

This was left at the desk by the courier.

Said you were expecting it.

- Yes.

- [Man] Good news to take with you?

- Someone I know died.

- [Man] Oh, Miss Mudge, I'm sorry.

- No, it's okay.

It seems I'm the sole
beneficiary of her will

and a very large life
insurance policy, so thank you.

(seatbelt clicks)

(muffled chatter)

- [Pilot] Radio masters (indistinct).

(slow dramatic music)