Streets of Syndicate (2019) - full transcript

A crime/thriller about two old friends that reconnect. They receive a briefcase that's been stolen from the local mob boss and are being chased by a hitman named Calm. This sends them on an...


Yes, sir?

When you're done
here, we need to talk.

Is a...

Is everything okay?

I said we'll talk
when you're done.

I have it right here, Mr. Tana.

I have one of my best men here
to deliver the case to you.

You should have it very
soon, and once you do,

I'll wait for your reading.

This case in invaluable
to me, Duvall.

You are to deliver it to
Mr. Tana without incident.

Am I understood?

Well, yeah.


This is gonna be the
easiest assignment

you've ever given me, boss.

Consider it done.

It better be.

Now take care of it.

You incompetent idiot!

I gave you a simple assignment

and you fuck it in the
first five minutes!



I have a very important
assignment for you.

I don't know much about art

but one thing I don't
know is any rich artist.

I'm probably not
gonna be rich doing this

but that's not the point.

What is the point?

For all that hassle, I best
be pulling in some bank.

How're you gonna
get away with it?

Get away with what?


I don't see how someone
as superficial as him

could even stand to
be seen in public

with a lowly little art
school chick like yourself.

Chet knows when not
to cross the line.

There's a line?

When did that happen?

So what's Chet gonna be?

An attorney.

Which is something
that turns my stomach.

It's just what this world
needs, another lawyer.

Not all lawyers are bad.

Now you're defending him?

I'm not defending him.

I'm defending the
good name of lawyers.

It doesn't matter what
Chet thinks anymore anyway.

It's not like we're gonna
be together forever.

When's the marriage?

A couple months once
we're out of school.

I may be wrong
but that sounds like

the opposite of breaking up.

You don't have the guts
to tell him, do you?

I don't know how to.

And there is someone else.



Ew, no.

Then who?

I don't know his name!

Let me get this straight.

You don't even now his name?

Where did you meet him?


Funny story.

I haven't, actually.

So you're stalking some guy?


No, not stalking.

He's just this guy I've
seen around campus.

Oooh, my girl's
creeping on some dude.

I'm not "creeping
on some dude."

Is the butt nice?

Tell me the butt's nice.

I am not having this
conversation with you.

Just fucking with you, chill.

So how long have
you been side-eyeing

with the intent
to stalk this guy?

Nine months.

Nine months?

You've spent nearly a year
infatuated with some guy

and you haven't even
found out his name yet?

I haven't had the opportunity.

Are you waiting to
have something to do

on your wedding night?

Have you at least
made eye contact?

Well, I did look at him once

and he may or may not
have smiled at me.


You better hurry up and
get the wedding planner

on the phone.

What do I do?

Stop gawking and do something.

It's not as hard as you're
making it out to be.

Just talk to him.

He's probably not your
true love or anything

but you'll never know until
you at least get to know him.

What if he says no?

He's a guy.

What do you think the chances
are of that happening?

Do you think you could tell me

why we were almost just killed?

They had a gun, we didn't.

Who was it that gave
you that thing anyway?


Have me get this bitch open.

I think you need
to get rid of it.

Who knows who's
after that thing.

Are you fucked up?

I don't think so.

I don't think this
is such a good idea.

What else are we gonna
do for the rest of the day?

If this guy's after this,
it could be worth a fortune.

Dead women can't spend money.

I can sure as hell try.

How do you know
there's money in there?

For all you know, it could
be severed body parts.


Doesn't smell like body parts.

I can't do this,
I'm going home.

To who?


I know you're curious,
Amanda, just admit it.

I'll admit that had I known

that I was gonna
threaten my life today

with this little
reunion of ours,

I would've kept walking.

Come on.

I'm willing to bet you
haven't had this much fun

in a long time.

Our idea of fun
have always differed.

I can't do this.

Don't walk away from
everything, Amanda.

Not unless it's something
you need to walk away from.

And why not?

Because I know
who can open this.


This is the place.

Well, what if he's not home?

He's home.

All the shades are down.

Foster can have this thing
open in a few seconds.


Don't I know him or something?


He went to high school with us.

A couple years behind us.

Can you trust him?


There is no place safer.

Do we knock?

Are you sure he's home?

He's just checking
to see if it's safe.

Safe from what?

Who is it?

It's me, Lynese.

Are you sure?

I'm too good
looking to be anybody else.

Who is she?

This is Amanda.

She's a friend of mine.

Is she cool?

No, she's not cool.

But you can trust her.

Come in.

Come on.

You give them
something to look at,

they might see something.

You weren't followed, were you?

By who?

It's whom.

You know?


Now Foster, we're cool.

Yeah, that's what
they want you to think.

Let's just hope you're right.

We just need your
help with something.

What do you need, wiretap?

Video surveillance?

No, nothing like that.

We just need this open.

That's a nice case.

Can you do it?

What's in it?

I don't know, we found it.

Let's see, shall we?

It's a simple lock, it
shouldn't be too hard.

It's not wired, at least.

You say you found this?

We were thinking that maybe
there was something in it

that could tell us
who it belongs to.

How noble of you.

Are you sure this
wasn't planted?

What do you mean?

I mean, left particularly
for you to find it.

I know what "it" means.

I don't
know why you asked.

Can you do it?


Let me get my tools.

Appreciate it.

I'll be right back.

Don't you think this
guy's a little off?

Isn't that kinda like the
pot calling the kettle quiet?

I'm quiet, I'm not weird.

I'd definitely
call you strange.

Don't be insulted by it.

What would you rather
be called anyway?

Strange or normal?

I don't know.

I'd trust Foster
with anything.

Okay, he's not quite
what you think.

Don't you think he's taking
this whole conspiracy thing

a bit too far?

It's been done to death already.

Chill out about it.

All right, he's gonna
get this case open for us

and we can see what all
the trouble was for.

What if there's
money in there?

What're you gonna do with it?

Buy myself a new man.

I'm serious.

So am I.

Maybe you should do the same.

Well, I'm certainly
not going to do that.

I could always ask
out what's-his-name.

What's his name?

Do you hear yourself right now?

Is that what we're
gonna call him?

Stand back, I'll have this
thing open in just a second.

Let's see.



Somebody lose something?

A lottery ticket?

We were almost killed
for a lottery ticket?!

Calm down, Amanda.

Is it worth anything?

Yeah, yeah, it's a winner.

It came up last week, I think.

How do you know?

It has four double
digit numbers.

I remember everything.

What's it worth?

500 thousand.

Or, well, three hundred
and 70 thousand,

two hundred and 53 dollars
and 89 cents, after taxes.

Are you sure?

Barring deductions.


you say you found this?



- Hacker gave it to me.
- Hacker?!

Who was that man
that was chasing you?

I don't know, some big
dude in a black Hummer.

Oh my gosh.

That man was Calm.

Calm my ass, all right,
he seemed more like hostile.

His name is Calm.

Who is Calm?!

He's a myth, an urban legend.

Well he seemed
pretty real to me.

That means this
case is your boss's.

Your boss?

I thought you were an
independent contractor.

You don't need to
worry about that right now.

What do we need
to worry about?

We lost this Calm guy already.

What else could happen?

Besides, with a name like
Calm, how tough could he be?

If Calm was after me,

I'd grow eyes in
the back of my head.

That's just a word of advice.

Or, well, a few anyways.

Do you have a
bathroom around here?

Yeah, upstairs to the left.

Be right back.

What have I gotten myself into?

Do you know where
Hacker got the case from?

All he said was it
was worth some money

if I held on to it for awhile.

Look, Calm's the one
who came after us.



Hacker does small jobs
for organized crime.

This could be our in.

I'm so sorry.

You mean this is for him?

Yeah, so I'd keep that
fact quiet around Amanda.

So we finally have
something on Vito.

Well, maybe.

If Calm was after it,
then he must be involved.

I'm not sure where
this leads you.

It's a jumping off point.

What have you been up to?

I think we better get going.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

If Calm was after you,
he'd track you here to me.

You're talking to me.

You want in on this?

No, I don't want any
part of a lottery system.

Instead of using that
money for schools,

it could really be used

for secret government
alien research.

I don't believe in aliens.

Why not?

Cause there's no such
thing as a black alien.

I don't buy that the most
highly advanced species

in the entire universe
is just a bunch of

short, skinny, bald white dudes.

They're gray, you know.

Whatever, we're out of here.

Say hi to your brother for me.

Here, take this.

In case you get into trouble,
you'll know how to call me.

Sure thing.

Just remember,

be cool.

This world is an
unhappy playground

full of crazy
cartoon characters.

That's deep.

Watch your backs.

Who's Foster's brother?


That's one fine
pare of bluejeans.

That's the kind of guy you
should be hooking up with.

That's him.

Him who?

That's the guy.

Foster' brother, Harrison?

How do you know it's him?

I saw his picture on the wall.

It's a start.

At least you know his name now.

You shoulda kept
hanging out with me.

You might've hooked
up with him sooner.

Did you ever?

No, not with him.

Harrison's one of the good ones.

I never play 'em like that.

But there is one
thing about Harrison

you should definitely know.

In fact, I don't understand
how you don't already.

And what's that?

Damn it.

What is it now?

I left my sketchbook inside.

Then go back and get it.

Unless you're afraid of
running into bluejeans.

I'll be right back.

Make it quick

or I'll take this
money for myself.

I think you'd be
doing me a favor.

Time's up.

I'm sorry, could
you please excuse us?

I'll see you again next week.

Vito, what can I do for you?

My case has been stolen.

And who would steal from you?

An ex-employee of mine.

I need your help
with this matter.

What are you going
to do about it?

I've got Calm on it.

He should have it back shortly.

I know it's been handed
off to a couple of kids.



I see your man watching
the two artful dodgers.

I'm going to need some more
time meditating on this.

Notify me immediately

if the ticket changes locations.

It is imperative
that you let me know

so we can dispose
of it properly.

Or otherwise, grave things
could be coming your way.

I promise, you'll be the first
to know when I get it back.

I have a job for you.

I need you to do
something for me.

Yes, I love you too.

Now listen to me.

I wanna know who they are!


I can't help you with that.

Yes you can.

Why were they here?

They were Jehovah's Witnesses.

They tried to convince me
into being born again but,

well, I told them I was
born right the first time.


You like lying to me, Foster?

Let's see how you like
lying in a shallow grave.

Not lying, it's sarcasm.

Didn't you notice my smug grin?

Besides, you wouldn't
want to burry them

in a shallow grave aways.

It wouldn't take
long before the earth

would turn up their bones
back up to the surface

and then some kid
who's about to get some

from his girlfriend for
the first time finds them.

She freaks out,
he can't get laid.

She's in the mental institute
from the shock, and well,

he's at home setting the
world masturbation record.

Then, of course, the
police find them,

trace the DNA and they
trace it back to you.

Of course, there wouldn't
be any hair samples

at the scene of the crime.

By the way, did you get
that thing wax or polished?

I mean, it looks good, you know?

Kinda like a Bruce Willis,

you know, a real man's man.

You love to hear yourself
talk, don't you, Foster?

I love the way you put
emphasis on each little grunt.

You talk so much because
I make you nervous.

No, I talk so much

because I know how
much it pisses you off.

I love to see the little veins
on your forehead throbbing.

You know, for a guy
with the name Calm,

you sure have a lot of
pent up anger issues.

You ever thought about seeing
a therapist about that?

Maybe while you're at it,

check why you're still
nothing but Vito's lapdog.

You have any idea how
easily I could kill you?

I'd just come back
as a poltergeist

and at the most
inopportune times,

shove things up your ass.

Anything you have on me,

it's not gonna keep
you alive forever.

It will.

For long enough.

We'll see.

Since when did you take
up drawing, Foster?

It's a pastime.

Who's A. Ross?

That's a pen name.

You know, if you're
gonna get those people,

you should probably get going.

"Those aren't the girls
you're looking for."

You always think you're
so clever, don't you?

I have to admit, sometimes
you do surprise me.

I'm just
full of surprises.

Oh, don't hurt
yourself thinking

with that big brain of yours.

I know one of their names now.

You keep the book.

Do you think
Foster will be okay?

We basically led that
guy right to him.

Believe me, Foster can
take care of himself.

Someday I'll tell
you some stories.

I just remember him being
this weird guy from high school.

You never knew him.

And how did you?

I may have been your
only friend in high school

but I knew everybody.

I had other friends.

You were my best friend though.

Man, we had some crazy times.

Some of the crazy shit
you would put me through.

What happened?

You know what happened.

You just don't want to admit it.

Did you ever think that
maybe it was my decision?

Maybe I didn't want to
see where you'd end up.

I'm right here.

I always hate it when
you would never say

what you actually meant.

Just say it!

Okay, maybe I didn't wanna
be friends with a drug dealer

for the rest of my life, okay?

Things weren't like
this before your mom.


You know, you used
to be the one person

I could trust to
tell the truth to.

Now I doubt you'd even listen.

I'm going home.

I'll mail you half
of the ticket.

Agent Julie Franklin?

You must be Foster.

I am, at least,
that's with my mother.

I'd prefer something
more sophisticated.

You can't pick your parents.

Well it's nice to
meet you, Foster.

Thank you for contacting me.

But I am curious,
how did you get my...

You helped investigate
the murder of Dian Watson.


I did.

Local law enforcement
asked for our help.

How did you know that?

We kept the FBI's involvement
in that case pretty low key.

I can find anything.

But she was my friend's mother,

so I considered it personal.

I see.

Is this a vendetta then?

I don't believe in
vengeance, Agent Franklin.

I believe in doing what's right.

Sometimes that means stepping
out of your comfort zone.

Which is why I'm here.

Worried about someone, Foster?

We can protect you.

Always worried.

Only the paranoid survive.

Not sure if I can trust
you completely yet.

So I'll take care of myself.

I did hear good things about you

after your investigation
with Dian's murderer.

So I felt like you were the
person to bring this to.

You weren't very specific
with the information

when you contacted me.

But the names you
dropped intrigued me.

That's because this
won't see a computer.

Too easy to get hacked.

Kids these days just
don't understand

that old tricks
work in a new world.

You're my personal research.

You do your review on
this and you'll find them.

You don't hurt for
confidence, do you?

Not confident, just thorough.

I want him to go down almost
as badly as my friend does.

If Dian was your
friend's mother,

you must referring to Lynese.

That's right.

Didn't she become
a drug dealer?

That's just her front.

She's been going after him

ever since her
mother was murdered.

No better hiding place

than in plain sight
of your target, right?

Besides, she's used
her money she's made

to put herself
through law school.


Also very dangerous.

You both should
let us handle this.

No offense but we have
and where's that left us?

Sometimes you have to take
matters into your own hands

to get things done.

No offense taken
but I do my time.

Well that's why I'm here.

I have access to most of
the people in Vito's circle.

Most of them can't stand him.

I think you can use
them to turn on Vito.

Maybe offer immunity.

I'm not offering any
immunity to murders, Foster.

That's where it goes too far.

I understand that.

You have a trio of hit
men that either work

or have worked for Vito.

Let them take each other out.

Then whoever's left standing,

you take them down.

Save these tax payers a lot
of money in the long run.

I take it this is
what you meant by

"step outside your
comfort zone."

I'm glad you're paying
attention, Agent Franklin.

Be in touch.

Time to get things in motion.

Go a little more to the left.

Oh, yeah, that's it.


Well, well, what do I have
the pleasure of your company?

Oh my God, cut the
fake accent already.

I know you're a fraud.

Aren't you so smart.

So what the fuck do you want?

You know, Vito might
buy into all this crap,

but I'm sorry, I just don't.


that man will cut
you in an instant.

So, Regina, ask yourself,

is it time to kill
or to be killed?

Sounds like a
business proposal.

Oh my God,

you know, that's
exactly what it is

for you and your boyfriend.


Come join us.


Little brother.

What, you couldn't
afford a room?

I have a client
coming in soon.

Just taking advantage
of the time.

Hey, I'm not a hater.

You get you pickle tickled
whenever you can, okay?

Okay, listen,

I'm sure you two are
aware of a certain case

has been stolen.

Yeah, wasn't the
case stolen form you

and aren't you Vito's best man?

You're right,
you're right, I am.

That's funny, that's funny.

You two have no
room to talk here.

But hey, I'm here
to talk business.

Let's put all that aside, okay?

I know what was in that case.

Color me interested.

Oh, Regina, I'll
color you anything.


I wouldn't push from where
you get your honey from.

She makes a good point.

- She makes a good point.
- I know.

So what do you need from us?

I'm gonna get that case back.

I have intel that it was
taken to a couple young ladies

who needed a little bit
of help getting it open.

The help they went to
is a contact of mine.

So I need from you two
is to use no stress

that he has on the both of
you to put him six feet under.

Yeah, I'll do it, yeah.

God, he's adorable.

Isn't he cute?

Isn't he cute?!

That's what I tell
everybody, he's the cute one.

Listen, I love the enthusiasm.

Being a hired killer is just
a little bit more involved

than just pulling a trigger.

Look, I just wanna
be like my big brother.

Our mom and dad
would be so proud.

As much as I love this
little family reunion and all,

how do I know I can trust you
not to run off with the case?


if we do our jobs right,

there's a whole lot more
to be had then just what's

in one stupid, little case.

Think about it.

I'm surprised you hadn't
thought of this already.

You think he kept his
entire fortune in there?

No, he didn't.

It's scattered about and
we can get to it but,

now this is key,

we have to play the
loan game on this one.

This is not a quickie.

Y'all picking up what
I'm putting down?

God, I've never
been that patient.

Well, I guess that's why
you've never had a big payday.

So, listen,

I will get back to letting
you two discuss things,

how you're gonna take
Vito out and all,

I will focus on the aftermath.


Sounds like the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.

Shut up.


We're not buying
anything you're selling.

You're right, she is sassy.

Lynese, it's okay.

He's with me.


What the hell is going on?

Meet us in the alley over
there and I'll explain.

What the hell else could
you possibly be involved with?

Wait, wait, you found
out the George Bush Senior

was actually the second
gunman on the grassy knoll

and you just had
to tell someone.

Well, he was in
Texas at the time

and he did work for the CIA.

Oh my fucking God.

Conspiracy theorists everywhere.

Oswald acted alone.

Moving on.

I don't think we can
work together after this.


Can we please get
back to the situation

that has us standing here
with this man we don't know.

My apologies.

Ladies, this is Duvall.

Duvall, Lynese and Amanda.

He used to work as
a hit man for Vito.

Great, perfect, exactly
who we should trust.

My thoughts exactly.

He'll need the ticket.

Uh, no.

We've been through
hell with this ticket.

We're not giving it to you.

We can all appreciate
what you've gone through.

Let's be honest here,
you don't sell drugs

because of the
lifestyle, do you?

What's he talking about?

I didn't want you
to find out this way.

Vito's behind my mom's murder.

She's been peddling drugs

so we can get closer
to his enterprise.

Wasn't getting
any closer than me.

Wait, so all of this
has been happening

in our little town of Syndicate?

Consider my mind blown.

And here I thought you
were just being lazy

but you've really been
trying to take down the man

that killed your mom?

Why didn't you tell me, Lynese?

You would've thought I was
crazy and try to stop me.

Well, damn right,
it's too dangerous!

And look where we're at.

We have one of his former hit
men standing here with us.

He needs to be brought down.

What'd you two have in mind?

Well, I've been gathering
some important research

and I passed it on to an FBI
agent you might remember.

Agent Franklin?

That's the one.

You said FBI.

Sorry, habit.

The point is, she's
working with us.

She's gonna get him
from the outside.

We've got Duvall
working from the inside.

And between what
I've got going on

and what Foster's got going on,

we could actually get this guy

and we can get
him with our guns.

So, what do you
get out of this?

Finally, a good question.

I get immunity,

I get a much needed fresh start.

Listen, I want out of this life.

I cannot do that with
that fucking ticket.

Why don't we hang on to it?

Besides, what do
you need it for?

I don't think
it's just a ticket.

Vito's way too superstitious.

I think the numbers
actually mean something.

Besides, when I give
him back the ticket,

that's when he lowers his guard.

That's when we
can take him down.

I don't know you,
so I don't trust you.

Lynese, I understand.

But he's not just gonna give
away his chance for immunity.

And if he doesn't follow through

with what we want him to do,

he is never getting out of this.


Please, everyone
just take a breath.

We all want the same thing.

So as far as I'm concerned,

the enemy of my
enemy is my friend.

Good enough?

I'll give it to you.

What you decide to do
with it, I'll trust you.

Other than that,
let's get the fucker.

Now we're talking.


What is it now?

Don't let him know
about the ticket.

We're not giving that
back, we earned that shit.

Tell me about it.


I need to talk to you right now.

Let's talk.

What's going on then?

I need the case.


Where is it?

Oh, that case.

What the fuck is
wrong with you?!


What kind of shit are you
trying to get me into here?

I'm not!

Where is the case, please?

It's gone.

What do you mean, gone?

I mean, gone.

That big son of a bitch
in the black car took it!




What the hell
is going on, Hack?


Who is gonna kill you?

All right!

I can walk by myself
without you grabbing me!

Your beard is stupid,

your gun is stupid,
your face is stupid.

Just get in.


Come on, pick up
you raging lunatic!



Yeah, it's me.

Say whatever it is
you need to say.

I scrambled this line for
any wannabe listeners.

Yeah, anyway,

I need some information.

You came to the right
person, I have information.

Did you know that the
moon landing was faked?

I have striking evidence
to support my theory.

Yeah, I'm sure you do

but right now I need to
know where Lynese is.

Where Lynese is?

I thought she was with you.

Listen, Foster, she was
talking to some guy named Hacker

and then some car pulled
up and took them both.

Looks like all this is
finally coming to a head.

I know where they've taken them.

You'll find them at Dominick's.

I'd hurry if I were you.


That's great.

What is Dominick's?


Thanks for the help.

I owe you one.

What have you got to tell me?

Members only.

This is my membership card.

I don't see any backup.

It's called technology.

We're always tracked.

So if something happens to me,

you pay the consequences.

Let here through.

Let's see what a waste
of time this will be.

Hello, Agent Franklin.

Would you like a drink?

I don't drink.

Of course you don't.

Straight-laced and clean cut,

just like an FBI
agent should be.

No, I just don't
drink with you.

That hurts.

You can see, I'm very
alert about your feelings.

Let's get to it.

What information are you
going to pretend to have on me

that you really don't,

therefor this is not
going to go anywhere.

You're just wasting your time.

Who said I had any info?

Your greatest fears
are coming true.

You don't know me well enough
to know my greatest fears.

Oh, I know you
better than you think.

Your crew despises you.

Everyone of them
is turning on you

and you're too caught up
in your ego to see it.

What crew do you
speak of, Agent?

You seem to make me out to be

so much more
important than I am.

I'm just a small business owner

trying to make an honest living.

Honest living, right.

Those businesses are just covers
for your money laundering,

drug running and anything
else that will make you buck

no matter who it hurts.

I'm very offended
you have such

a low opinion of me, Agent.

What could I have possibly
done to offend you?

You know, I started
off as a local cop

before I joined the FBI.

So when I see a fellow
officer get murdered,

you could say it hits home.

But you, I came across
you after helping

with an investigation
into Dian Watson's murder.

It was absolutely despicable.

Whoever murdered her was brutal.

Made her suffer.

Almost punishing her

because she was a cop
just doing her job.

No empathy for her as a human
being, a mother, nothing.

Carved her up like a butcher
with a piece of meat.

Whoever did this, whoever
ordered an attack,

they're not human,
they're a monster.

Hunting monsters is exactly
why I joined the FBI.

So I'm back in the sleepy
town of Syndicate, Ohio

to hunt that same monster.

I'll be seeing you soon.

You want me to
take her out, boss?

No, she's harmless.

She has nothing or she
wouldn't have approached me

with that half-assed story.

I don't now, boss.

She sounded pretty
dead on to me.

Don't remind me.

That one definitely
got out of hand.

It was supposed to
look like an accident,

not a goddamned dismemberment.

Nothing we can do about it now.

Let's go.

Hello, Foster, have a seat.

I've got a little
present for you.

Duvall, Dominick,


I have brought each of you
here for a specific reason.

As you know, Vito's
days are numbered

and I'm here for
a new beginning.

You'll be getting him
to sell more power to you.

I'm not interested in that.



I'm not done yet!

I've never disrespected
you and I expect the same!

Sit down!

Thank you.

I want to expand my business

and Syndicate is
prime real estate.

You want us to come
and work for you?

You got a problem
with that, Dominick?

Depends on what you're paying.

I pay very well.

Mr. Judge,

allow me to say that I'm humbled

that you'd ask me to be a
part of your expansion plan.

However, unlike these two,
I'm not from Syndicate,

so where do I fit in?

We know each of you
has a specific talent

which I feel could help
me in my organization.

You know, I'm not
interested in selling drugs,

owning cheap bars,

living separate lives.

Those main things
that government

has good control over,

the religious beliefs,

and the prisons
that has imprisoned

good people.

This all makes me sick.

I want to legalize marijuana,

prostitution and gambling.

I've seen the big picture.

And as for you.

So I'm guessing you're planning
on paying off politicians

to complete these plans.

You know, Foster,
that's exactly right.

It's still corruption.

That's just your version of it.


we have to break the
rules to reset them.

People think the world is bad.

It's not.

But first we have
to deal with Vito.

And I need your help in this.

So I'm gonna let
you think this over.


Anyone else notice that he
didn't have a single drink today?

Yeah, I did.

That's a confident
man right there.


we've never had the best
history of working together

but I can let go of the past

and look to a brighter
future if you can.

Vito has to go.

You know what,
I don't blame you.

I've never like that
motherfucker anyway.

Seriously, we need
to make this quicker.

We don't offer him
a lot of details.

That's your job, all right?

We just take our
cut as they come.

Speaking of which, come on.

It's too good to pass up.

Nothing to think
about if you ask me.

Next question is,
how do we do it?

Oh, I have thoughts.

Nice to see you
again, Gilbert.

What's kept you away so long?

What is going on here?


Don't talk out of turn.

That was for just being you.

Who is she and what
is she doing here?

She was with Hacker
when we picked him up.

You seem like an
intelligent young woman.

How did this piece of
shit drag you into this?

You're mostly right.

He is a piece of shit

but I haven't been
dragged into anything.

You sure know how to step
on your dick, don't you?

Am I gonna get
the same treatment?

Would it do any good?

Didn't do Hacker any good.

That's because
Hacker is an idiot.

I got the money.

But it was stolen.

I swear it.

That's right, it was stolen.


Do I know you?

Why would you know me?

Is this a friend of yours?


I thought that...

You thought what?

First you lose money
gambling in my club

then you steal from me
to try to pay me back?

This place...

This place?

This place is owned by me.

Didn't you ever wonder who you
were doing computer work for?

You're a dumbass, Hacker.

Where's the briefcase?!

I don't know, okay?

I gave it to her.

So you have the briefcase?

Do I look like I have whatever
case he's talking about?

He's a crack head.

He doesn't know
what he's saying.

He runs up to me
tweeking for some dope

and the next thing I
know, we're being jumped

by a bunch of gorillas.

No offense.

So, nobody knows
anything, huh?

What do you think?

I think you should kill them.

I foresaw this deceit.

Are you sure?

This could be
the chain reaction.


Kill them both.

Waste no more time here.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

What about the case?

What about the case?

I know where it's at.

I can get it for you.

I know the girl who has it.

You need me.

All right.

You bought yourself
five more minutes.

Are you all right?

It's been a very
interesting day.

I'd love to tell
you all about it

but right now I really
need to find Lynese.

Have you seen her
in here tonight?

Actually I have.

Her and a couple guys
came here earlier

and went to the back.


Whoa, where you going?

I have to find her.

You can't just go into the
back without an employee.

I'll go and find her.

Hey, Jill, cover for me.

Yeah, sure.

I can find it for you, okay?

I'll get you your money.

You need me.


The thing is,

I don't really have a lot
of options here, Hacker.

No, you can't kill me.

You can't kill me!

Oh, shit.


Nobody locked the goddamn door?


know this one too?

What the fuck was that?

You don't wanna know.

Are you two crazy?

I'll explain later, I promise.

Hey, not the
face, not the face!

Let her go.

Honey, help me!

Those two are in it together.

She's lying.

Her too.

No, Vito.

I've seen bad things for
you if you let this persist.

No more fortunes from you.

Clear everyone out of here.

Make sure those
three stick around.

I need to check available
funds in an account.

Account number is

Amount, 100 dollars.

Thank you.

And we were shot at

and this big guy in a black car

has been chasing us ever since.

Sounds like Hacker's
gotten the two of you

into a lot of trouble today.

Where's the case at now?

We threw it at the big guy
when he was running us down.

I guess he has it.

So he has the case.

I would assume.

You're going to have to forget

that any of this ever happened.

I mean that too.

Do not give me a reason
to hunt you down.

I completely understand.

Thank you, Vito.

You're a good kid, Amanda.

Don't worry about Calm,
I'll call him off.

Now the two of you
better get out of here.

Don't worry about them.

Your job is to find the case.

Now just do your job
and bring it back.

I have my reasons.

What are you still doing here?

I wanted some answers.

To what?

Don't give me any of your
bullshit stories, Lynese.

I know you better than that.

Easy boy.

What do the two of you
got going on with Vito?

We aren't involved.

Don't you think you're in
over your head with Vito?

Hustling them is a far cry
from what you're getting into.


It was all a
big misunderstand.

I'm sure.

It was her idea!

Son of a bitch!

You were supposed to wait
until he had the ticket!

Bring the car around front.

I need to get out of here fast.

Yes, sir.

Make sure the
place is spotless

when you're done with them.

I'm just gonna give
you two a little privacy.

So you work for Vito?

No, I work for Dominick's.

Vito just happens
to own the place.

Not too big of a fan.

But the money I can't beat.

School is just too expensive.

are you studying?


Another month of school
and I'm off to New York.

New York?


Why not?

You plan on staying in
Syndicate after school?

I hadn't really
thought about it.

What do you do again?

I'm an artist, I guess.


Thanks for giving us a ride.

So do you think I
can call you sometime?

You mean, like, later?

Yeah, unless you have
a boyfriend or something.

Oh, no.

I mean, yes, well, sort of.

There was something
but it's nothing now.


Here, put your number in
my phone and I'll text you.

Talk to you soon?


Text you later.

Drop them deep in the river
where no one will find them.

Yes, sir.

Hold on, you two.

Those two aren't the only
ones hitting the river.


You're gonna turn on me?

You better kill me.

I'm gonna lay it
out for you, Vito.

Your treatment of those loyal
to you is about to cost you.

But I'll let you live if you
give me all of your accounts.

I want it all and
I'll let you live.

I'll drop you both off
in the middle of nowhere

because by the time
you return home,

I'll be long gone.

You won't have access to
resources to hunt me down anymore.

You think I'm gonna
turn over all my accounts

to a lowlife criminal like you?

I'm holding two guns on you

and your choice of
words is to insult me?

Not a wise move. You know what?

I'll find them myself.


Howdy, boss.

Where the hell
did you come from?

Word on the street is that
Dominick and Calm might flip,

so thought you
could use the help.

I guess this makes
up for the briefcase.

Well, almost.

Put him in the back
with the others.

Do you believe
this fucking guy?

No thank you, no welcome
home, no nothing.

What'd you expect, a hug?

Foster, what's going on?

Amanda, it's Foster.

Yes, I know, I have caller ID.

Of course you do.

Listen, this is an emergency.

Calm has Harrison.


How? Where?

I don't
know the details yet.

He's taking him to Vito's.

Our plan may have
backfired a little bit.

I think Calm believes
Vito set him up.

We need to help Harrison.

I'm going to get Lynese.

We'll meet you there.

what're you doing here?

Where's Vito?

Why are
you doing this, Calm?


I'm here.

I thought I was gonna
have to shoot this kid

to get your attention.

There's no need for that.

What do you want with my son?

I don't want him at all.

I'm after you

and the case!

The case?

I know what's inside,
so don't play stupid.

How about you just let him go

and then we'll talk?

I've had enough talk
from you over the years.

Exactly what did
I ever do to you?

You've been getting
sloppy old man.

That stupid psychic was one
of your biggest mistakes

but trying to sell
me out was worse.

And I hate that fucking jacket!


I think I have a plan.

Where the hell did Foster go?


Sorry about that.

Had to make a phone call.

How are we supposed to get in?

Relax, I got a key.

What're you doing here?

Relax, I'm not here for you.

I'm here for my brother.

I see you brought your
little buddy with you, Foster.

Where's the other one?

What other one?

The little blonde girl.

A. Ross.

I'm here.

Are you okay?

He's fine.

This is what you're after.

Lay it down.

I'm taking it with me.

That's what all this is about?

It's worth 500
thousand dollars.

It's yours if you let us go.

You're an idiot.

I am holding a gun on you.

What the hell is
she doing up there?

Trying not to get killed.

Couldn't stand you anyway.

Everybody lied to me.

Do it.

Do it!

Oh no.

Oh no, wrong way.

Just give me the damn ticket.

Promise you won't kill us.

If I wanted you to
be dead, you'd be dead.

Don't tempt me.

You want her, you
gotta get through me.

That's it, kid,
give me the ticket.

I don't have it.


The ticket!

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Oh fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Fuck, fuck.

Who called the Feds?

That'll be me.

Of course it was.

I wasn't about
to let my brother

in the hands of your
hired goon squad.

You don't have anything on me,

just like all the other times.

That's where you're wrong.

How about a secret bank account?

I'm sure the IRS would love
to hear about that one.

I did some checking after
Amanda and Lynese left my place.

Those numbers were more
than just blind luck.

They are the numbers to
your secret bank account.

No one knew the lottery ticked
worth 500 thousand dollars

was really account numbers
with more than 10 million.

Once again, Foster,

I think your imagination's
run way with you.

What account are
you talking about?

We'll see.

I've been looking forward
to this for a very long time.

And who are you
supposed to be?

I'm Diana Watson's daughter.

Vito Martino, you're
under arrest for

suspicion of tax fraud.

Let's just hope your boss
doesn't find out about this.

Don't worry, I won't tell.

Try not
to get shot over it.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the
account numbers.

You beat up a hired killer.

I didn't actually beat him up.

Location's disabled.

Can't have anyone
tracking me, now can we?

Only the paranoid survive.

Vito's gone the way of Capone

but your former rival's
still out there.

Vito got what he deserved.

The information you requested.

I think this will
complete our deal.

Nice doing
business with you.

Keep an eye out for Calm.

I have a feeling he has
some unfinished business.

It's only a matter of
time before he realized

it wasn't Vito who set him up.

Do I look worried?

I'm not, he has
to find me first.

See you, Foster.

Stay out of trouble.

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