Streets of 'Nham (2016) - full transcript

Let's do this.

It's always the fucking
same with you Vinnie.

Violence first, business second.

Yeah, well they go
hand-in-hand, don't they?

They do, but you got it the
wrong way round my friend.

Business first, then
violence, if need be.

Are you with me?

I'm with you Bill.


You all right lads?

All right Bill.


What was that shit you sold us?

Pure benzocaine?

Tell your bitch to shut up.
My what?

Tell your bitch to
shut the fuck up.

He's been running off his mouth.

I'm telling you our
work ain't shit.


The fuck it is.


What you gonna do?

Go on then, fucking shoot me.

You ain't got the bollocks
you two bob cunt.

What you say now?

What, what?

What you say now?


Vinnie, hold
the fucking prick down.

Hold his fucking arm out.

What you doing?

Fucking loose.

He never?

I swear to you, he chopped
his fucking arm off.

That's fucking disgusting.

Yeah, then the fucker gives
it to me to get rid of.

Are you joking?


What did you do with it?

I threw it in the lake
over Parsloes Park.

At the park?

Where else am I gonna fucking
dump it? You know what I mean?

Babe, ain't that
your place of peace?

Yeah, whatever.

All I want is a place
with two fucking windows

you know what I mean?

What do you mean
two fucking windows?

Look around here, all
the houses, right,

they've got one
window on each side.

There's no double windows
where I am right?

All I want is a gaffe
with two windows.

You're always on about this.


Well, I wouldn't
leave if you paid me.

Don't be funny.

What, you saying you
wouldn't go somewhere else

like San Church or something?


You lie.

Dagenham's my community.

It's my community too.

The people round here are real.

None of this San Church
up your own ass shit.

Anyway, what's not to love?

What's not to love, round here?

It's like fucking
Jeremy Kyle's bloody

waiting room around here.

Kim? Yeah.

Remember when you used
to walk round like that?

What is wrong with...
That fucking slut.

You're a bitch.

See ya later.

No, I'm coming back, I'm
coming straight back.

Oy, where are you going
looking like that?

- Fuck off.
- I'm talking to you

with your fucking ass hanging
out on fucking Dagenham.

You're embarrassing me.

I'm embarrassing you am I? Yeah.

What if Billy
fucking saw you, eh?

He ain't my fucking dad.

You better shut your mouth.

You wish he was
your fucking dad.

No I fucking don't.

Not that flame-head
ginga fucking cunt

and what you looking at?

Fuck sake, move, come on.

For God's sake.


What was that?

Where you going?

If Bill or your mum
catches me, I'm dead.

Answer the fucking phone.

Fuck you Billy.

Where the fuck are you?

All right, Bill?

Yeah mate, I'm
fucking off all right?

Want one for the road?

Nah, fuck that bruv
I'm out of here.

Laters, all right?


In position, Sarge.




For fuck sake.

Police, open the door.

Police, open the door.

Lucy's gone back with Bobby.

Don't lie.

I know, she's a mug isn't she?


After all that.

How come you didn't
tell me that before?

Are you ready?

Excuse me?

I've been waiting here for ages.

All right, hold it down love.
All right, ginge.

Hello little man.
How was school?


Yeah, where's my hug then, huh?

I don't want one.

You don't want one?
What about me?

I want one. Give your mum a hug.


No, what do you
mean no, come here.

Get off of me. Get off of you.

How was school?


Cool, all right, let's go.

Hi Miss Smith.

Hi Mark.

All right, Miss Smith.

All right?



Can I have a word?

All right.

It's about Mark.


Is everything okay at home?

Yeah, it's fine, why?

It just, he seems very
withdrawn in class.

Is he getting enough rest?


And you, are you
getting any support?

It must be difficult without
his father being around.

I'm fine, thank you.

Well, if there's
anything I can do.

Systems and services in place.

What services for?

Counselling Kim.

I don't need
counselling, all right?

There's nothing
to be ashamed of.

I'm not ashamed.

Okay, well, if there's
anything I can do.

Have you got kids Miss Smith?


Oh, is that it then?

Yes, thank you Kim, it's fine.

All right, thank you.

Fucking slag.

All about counselling
and fucking

social services and shit.

What? Yeah.

Oh come here babe.

Don't worry about her
babe, all right?

- See ya later.
- See ya later, babe.

See ya tomorrow.

She's really nice.

Who's really nice?

Miss Smith.

No she's not, she's a
fucking bitch as it goes.

She gave me a
lift home the other day.

What do you mean she
gave you a lift home?

She gave me a lift.

What did I tell you about
getting in people's cars?

It's his teacher, mum.

I don't care, what did
I fucking tell you?

Not to get in
any strangers cars.

So what did I tell
you, people's cars?

What are you getting
in the car for?

Come on, move.

Honestly, stupid I told you.

What have you got there?

What is this? My badge.

What the fuck is that?

Your dad would have loved that.

I'm a detective.

No, you're not, you're eight.

So I'm still a detective.

Shut up Mark.

You know what?

I've got to go.

Take him home, Robs.

Are you taking the piss?

No, I told you, take
him home, please.

I got to pick
up a draw for Gibbo.

I don't care, take
him with you then.

Come on.

Here you greedy bastards.

Who wants this one?

Don't all go at once.

Oy, you weren't
meant to drink in here.

Yeah, you're supposed
to pick up your dog shit,

but I ain't never
seen ya, nosy cow.

All right, babe.

All right.

Fuck off, you nosy spastic cunt.

I'm not a spastic.

What did you say?

Leave it out Dan.

Oy, don't be fucking
nasty to him.

You know it's not his fault.

He's been noncing around
here for years, fucking nonce.

A bit harsh.

Guy's a proper weirdo, mate.

Come in.

Whoa, put that away.

What's the matter with you?

What did I fucking say?

They're gonna think
you're a grass.

All right, I guess
I'll be leaving then.

Don't let Gibbo
hear you say that.

I'd have it with him for ya.

I need an eighth.

How much do you want?

An eighth.

You got the money on ya?


Give us a kiss.

Go on, come on.

Where's that little shit?

Fuck sake.

I said sorry.

You're such a
fucking idiot, Mark.

Don't go running off like that.

I said sorry, I
was investigating.

Give me your badge.

No, it's mine.

Give it to me.

Ain't fucking changed mate.

Nah, no it ain't.

It just feels weird though
being, you know what I mean?

Yeah, will do for a while.

But listen, Gibbo is
shitting himself.

What a pussy.

Listen man, I ain't
worried about that.

A year behind the door for
giving Old Bill comes nothing.

If they ever found the
rest of that gear,

I would have got a 10 stretch.

Speaking of nose bag, how
comes business is so poor?

People ain't sniffing
like they used to Bill.

Apart from me.

You haven't been to bed yet?

Crash out til six, I'm fucked.

You're off your nut, son.

Are you coming in?

Nah, I'm gonna go
for a sauna mate.

Sweat this shit out.

See you at the Workies
though later, yeah?


Your coming home party.

All right, yeah, yeah.

Open the boot will you Vinnie?

Don't fuck it off Bill.

I'll be there
man, I'll be there.

All right, thanks for the lift.

Hello mother.

I'm out here.

Hi there Richard darling.

How you doing?


Well this is nice, eh?

Not too bad, is it?

How was your day?

Oh, it's getting better.

I bought us a nice
bottle of wine.

Haven't had this one before.


Shall I pour you a little bit?

Go on then.

Okay, let me know
what you think.

Cheers. Cheers.


You don't like it?

No, it's wine.

You okay?

You look a little tense.

Tell you what.

Why don't I go upstairs,
run you a nice hot bath.

Sounds good.


Bring the wine up.

Wait here yeah, one second.

All right.

What's happening brother?

I'm good fella, can't complain.

Fucking hell, what's
happening to him?

What the fuck do
you want Vinnie?


That's nothing Vinnie.

Another room for
my special guests.

You want me to show you?

I'll give it a miss, yeah.

I heard your big
boss is out tonight.

Yeah, I was gonna
have to have a word

with you about that mate.

Look, we might have to slow
things down a bit yeah.

Old Bill's gonna be
all over my case.

We'll see.

We'll see what happens.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Phil, Phil, Phil
Cumming, Phil Cumming.

One thing, I hate Vinnie's mess.



I enjoy your part, mate.

How did you know about that?

We're popping, right guys?

Yeah. Yeah.

I know everything Vinnie,
my brother, everything.

Remember that.

Relax, I'm just kidding,
have a good day.


A man must always keep his
dignity, remember that.

I don't like this Vin.

If Billy finds out,
he'll kill us.

I told him we have to knock
it on the head for a while.



Who the fuck threw
you a biscuit, son?

Oh come on, Vin, I'm
just saying it's good

that Bill's gonna
be all over us.

If I wanted your advice, I'd
have fucking asked for it,

wouldn't I?

Sorry, man.


Gibbo, do not talk to me with
your rude boy shit, all right?

Get in the fucking car.

I ain't finished.

Fucking hell, mate.

Think you can keep
this safe till tomorrow?


Do not fucking
lose it, all right?

You listening to me?

All right, all
right, I ain't stupid.

Wait, wait, wait, I gave you
the name, I gave you the name.

How much you got?

23 pound 57.

Got any sweets?

Nah, we ain't got nothing.

All right, Gibs?

All right.

Where's my beer then?

Nah, I ain't staying long.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, no, no, you know the rules.

No beer, no entry.

I always sort you out.

Yeah, you sort me out.

When you gonna buy me a beer?

When you got two fucking kids.

I ain't got no cash.

Take her off my hands
already, will ya?

She's old enough.

Fuck that, where is she?

She's upstairs getting ready
for that prick's party.

Oh, allow it Kim.

Fucking scumbag.

Right, anyway, Vin
said no birds allowed.

Is that right?

No birds allowed?

You hear that Robs?

No birds allowed.

Who's in there?

It's Daddy and Rat, I don't
know, come and have a drink.

Fuck that.

What you hanging
around with them for?

How old are you?

Old enough.

You're trying to
wind up Bill ain't ya?

Your man, Bill.

He ain't my man no more, right?

You coming in or what?

Yes, little man.

Boom. Boom.

Do you have any sweets today?

Oh no, sorry.

Can I have a pound?

Don't mess about, do ya?

Let me have a look.


This here, this here
is five pounds.

Little rascal.

Got any sweets?

Nah, but I got a fiver.



When you going?

As soon as I've got enough.

All right?

What's up then, babe?

What time we leaving?

Vinnie said no birds allowed.


Ain't a fucking sad do.

Babe I can't take you,
they'll all go mad.

'Cause there'll be lots of
other birds there I suppose.

Just at The Workies.

What birds don't
go down The Workies?

Don't start.

You don't get served
in there anyway.

Prick, I go there all the time.

Listen, right, if you're
good, I'll come back

for a spoon after.

A spoon?

I ain't fucking cutlery, Gibbo.

Whatever, I'm going for a
drink with my mum anyway.

All right, do what you like.

I will.

Give me a kiss.

No, later.

Give me a fucking kiss.



Oh about 20 minutes you
getting proper bored of this.

I'm just going 170,
170, 170, 170.

What's up there?

Who's that?

It better be some fucking
beers that's all I know.

Fucking hell, who is it?

All right?

Fuck man, it's Billy Maroney.

What if he comes in here?

I suppose so.

Well, that's your stepdad.

You're safe.

What do you want?

I come to see you and Mark.

Yeah, we don't want to see you.

Of course you do,
come on, let me in.


What's happened to you?

What's happened to me?


Go inside, go inside.

Let me see the little man, Kim.

How about go fuck yourself.

Letting you Bill.

I've missed you.

Yeah, you should have
thought about that

before you started
polling that skank Amy.

Don't start all that.

Don't start?

I saw the messages.

You want to show her your big
hard throbbing cock, do ya?

Not really, no.

I was out my nut, Kim.

Let me tell you something.

You ain't no fucking big.

Have a nice party, Bill.

Anyway that bird I was polling,

she had to be fucking
blind as well.

I'm on top of her and she
didn't even see me coming.

Fucking, Spiderman
all over her face.

Where's the party?

Join the main event, let's go.

You're not fucking
going, are ya?

It's not a joke.

Pull yourself together mate,
what's the matter with ya?

I'm bricking it mate.

What if he decks me?

He ain't gonna fucking
deck you, is he?

I kicked a copper in the
face outside his yard.

He went away for me.

Talk fucking English.



Vin, man, I didn't
even visit him.

If he gives you a dig,
he gives you a dig, yeah.

Grow a pair of balls, son.

All right Bill.


How you doing brother.

Welcome home mate.

What's he doing here?

You silly bastard, come here.

Fucking hell, I thought
you was hump me then Bill.

Listen mate, listen
mate, I'm sorry about

what happened before with that.

So what, I did a year
behind the door.

You saved us all a
10 stretch, yeah.

You did the right thing.

That Old Bill was doing me
in, what was his name again?

Richard Wood?

Fucking loves me.

So what can I get ya?

Give me a bottle
of bubbly, yeah?

No cheap shit.

Hold on.

All right ladies,
fancy a bit of bubbly.

Go on then.



How long did you get?

Just a few nights.

Why you so interested?

You ever been to prison?

I'm a good girl.

Yeah, what you good at then?

What you doing tonight?

Whatever this crazy
fucker's got planned for me.

I thought it
was no birds allowed.

What are you doing here, Kim?

What am I doing here?

Who the fuck is she?

What you fucking
laughing at Vinnie?

Who the fuck is she then?

I am here.

Kim, you're pissed out your nut.

Yeah, well look at you,
fucking champagne Charlie.


You're in a fucking
pub you prick.

I see you two have a history.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm Rachel.


What, aren't you that
fucking Branham slag.

What, you're working in
Dagenham now, are ya?

Calm down will ya?

What's the matter with
ya, you're pissed.

Fucking slag.

She's tipsy all right.

Get off me.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing's the matter with me.

I'm going home.

What was that about?



No, get off me.

Kim, let me take you.

Go back to your
fucking slag inside.

Oh, listen, she means nothing.

It's just someone...

Go back inside Billy.

I'm going home.


You love the girls, don't you.

You've banged more girls
than I've had hot dinners.

Bloody slags the lot of them.

Money grabbing whores.

Robin ain't a whore.

She loves a bit of coring, mate.

What are you doing?

I'm off. You fucking ain't.

All right, I stashed
a bag at Robin's.

I need to go and
get it, all right.

You winding me up?


You some sort of idiot?

Calm down, Vin mate, all right?

I couldn't take it to Workies
in case of Old Bill.

I'll go and get it now.

Go and get that bag right
now and bring it back here,

you stupid fuck.

All right.


Stupid fucking dozy cow.

Stupid fucking cow.

Fucking hell.

I should have left
it fucking alone.

I had to go down there,
fucking do stupid shit

like an idiot.


Fuck you, fuck you.


You all right Danny.
You all right Gibbo.

You right, you still, mate?

No, mate, they're flaky as.

You look fucked, where you been?


Now I got to wake Robin up.

Good luck, man.

Anyway. Laters, yeah?

Yeah they are.

What do you want?

Look at the state of ya.

You look like a fish mouse head.

What you doing?

Gibbo, what're you doing?

Where is it?

Where's what?

The fucking bag.

What bag?

Don't be stupid slag,
my bag, where is it?

I don't know what
you're talking about Gibbo.

Who else has been in here?

Who else has fucking
been in here?

No one. Hey?

No on.

There was half a
kilo in that fucking,

there were half a kilo
in that fucking bag.

What is going on?

Ask your shit cunt daughter.

No, no, no, none of
that now, none of that.

What is going on?

Did you fucking take it?

Did you fucking take it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You've got to calm down.

You fucking slag, didn't ya.

Little fucking slag.

You fucking took it, didn't ya?

Get out of my fucking face.

Gibbo get out of
my fucking face.

Can you get out of
my fucking house?

Get out Gibbo.

Fucking find it.

What the fuck is going now.

This is fucking bollocks.

You all right babe?

What's going on?


What the fuck is going on?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I'm trying to fucking
sleep round here.

It's fucking bollocks.


All right mate.


Here you are.

If this comes out on top,

you know you're a
dead man, right?

Don't fuck them over.

You reckon you can
get away with it.

I ain't hanging
around to find out.

Give me the dough, I
wanna get out of here.

See ya later.

Later, watch your back.

Morning boss.

Morning Johnny, how we doing?

Yeah, good thanks.

Is our race star
ready for the race?

A bit excitable this morning.


Yeah, I've mucked out
the yard, done the feeds

and I'm just gonna start
on the grooming now.

Don't tell me about this guy.

He is not hungry?

It's okay, I'll do
it, I'll do it.

You sure?

Yeah, have a day off mate.

Oh cheers.

Here you go.

What do you say?


Oh, it doesn't taste nice.

Here, leave that for me.

Here you go.

I don't want it with water.

Eat what you're fucking given,
I'm not in the mood Mark.

All right, sit down.

Where you going?

I'm late, I've got
to go to school.

I'm taking you.

I was getting ready.

I've just got to get dressed.

Carly's mum's taking us.

What, since when?

Is she?


Oh that's good.

All right, be good then.


See ya later.

That's good.

Fuck I feel rough.

You ready?

Ready for what?

I've got to go to work.

No, we've got to go get the bag.

No, it ain't my
fucking mess, Robs.

It's your fucking mess, no.

Mum, you promised.

I've got to go to work.

I can't pull a sickie, can I?

I've got to go to work.

For fuck's sake mum.

Oh for fuck's sake.

All right, look,
I'll come after.

Meet me at work at one,
I'll do a half-day.

Fuck's sake.

Fucking hell.



This yours?


What are you up to?

Just looking for something.

What are you looking for?

Why do you talk like that?

Where are your friends?

Nobody likes me.

I could be your
friend if you like.


Mark, what are you doing?

Going to school.

Well, you're late.

Do you want a lift?

No thanks, I've
got to meet Carly.

Vin, I swear to you man I
searched everywhere for it.

You should hope we find it, eh.

What if we don't?

Come on.

Go on then.

I'll go Spiderman
on this bitch, right.

What the fuck are we doing?

Big man, woohoo.

Come on Gibbo, what the fuck?

Good man.

Fucking open it man.





What were you thinking?

You know he's slippery.

I didn't know he was
going to rob me, did I?

Don't start, I didn't
know the gear was there.

Why's Bill leaving
his fucking gear

in my fucking house,
fucking prick.

I don't reckon it was
Billy's gear, Mum.

Who's gear was it then?

I don't know, but
Gibbo's talking about

some Pozzo gang.


Come on.


Fuck it.





Mum, mum?

What's that?

Don't look.

All right, we got to
get out of here.

Get out of here.

Come here.

Did you touch the door?

Did you touch the fucking door?

Fuck it.

Let's go.

Put your hood up, just
walk, babe, just walk.

Yeah, roger, we're arriving
on the premises now.

Yeah, roger that.

It's ajar.

Sir, police!

Call it in, call it in.

Any sign of forced entry?

Front door was
open when we got here, sir.

I know his name,
but this is pretty drastic

for someone so small time.

It doesn't make sense.

It's a headache,
that's what this is.

Wroth having a chat to
the neighbours outside?

Yeah, have a sweep of the area.

Hello officer.


What seems to be the problem?

You didn't happen
to see anything

or anyone suspicious
here did ya?

What's your name?


Paul, it's all right
Paul, you can speak to me,

I'm a police officer.

There was a car
watching the house.

A car?

Where was this car?


Did you see who was driving it?

No, I'm sorry.

That's all right.

I don't suppose you
managed to see the plate.


Do me a favour, if you
don't mind, wait here.

I'll get someone to
grab your details.


I like your tie.

Thank you very much.

Nice shoes.

Grab his details
for us, will ya?

Ah fuck.

Do think Serji and the
boys found him first?




Do you think it was Vinnie?

Nah, he's not smart enough.

Whoever did this is a lot
smarter than Vinnie Taylor.

No prints, the house
was spotless.

Witness said he spotted
a car parked outside.

Did he get a good
look at the driver?

I don't think he knew what
day it was to be honest.

Trace it anyway, who knows.


Just keep a tab on Billy.

I wouldn't be surprised if
that prat's involved some how.


Come in.

Sarge, we've got another body.

Are you fucking kidding me?


Look, I've got to go,
yeah, speak later.

What we got?

Caucasian male,
stab wound to the chest.

No witnesses, no murder weapon.


Not yet.

Not easy trying to find
anything on Albanians.

They're like ghosts.

Yeah, everyone's got history.

There's no such thing as ghosts.

I hope you're right.

So do I.

Why's he always
the last one out?

Probably gone home.

Just go.

We can't just go, if he comes
out, what am I gonna say

when they say you're
neglecting your kid.

Hi, Miss Smith.

Is Mark in there?


I saw him this morning
and offered him a lift

on Shafter Road.

He didn't turn up.

All right, thank you.

Where the fuck is he?

Let's go.

Where is he, the little shit.

Oh fuck.

No fuck.

Fuck sake, Rob.


Where is he?



All right Kim.

All right Carol?

You haven't seen Mark?

Is he in there at all?

No babe.

Do you know where Mark is?


Right, did you take him
to school this morning?

No was I supposed to?

No, it's all right, I'm
getting my days mixed up.

Sorry, don't worry about it.

I think Robyn's got him.

You all right?

You wanna come in for a
cup of tea or something?

Nah, you're good.

I see ya later, bye.

See ya later.

See ya.

He's not there.


Where the fuck is he?

What have you done?

How is this my fault?

Why did you open your legs?

They've got my fucking boy.

Your boy?

You having a fucking laugh?

What have you done for Mark
since Billy went away?

You're a shit mum and
everyone knows it.

You better shut your mouth.

At least I ain't a
fucking slag like you.

I'm a slag?

Who had a baby
when they were 13?


I wish I never fucking had you.

Get out of my fucking house.

Get out of my fucking house.

Get out of my fucking house.

Where am I meant to go?

I don't give a fuck, get out.

All right, fucking bitch.

You piece of fucking shit.

You piece of shit.

Fucking shit.

Sit down will ya.

Calm down.

You've been out two days and
you put shit in my house.

What is wrong with you?

Kim, I don't know what
you're talking about love.

You put Gibbo's stash
in my place last night.

You know what I'm talking about.

Two days you're out and
you're bringing shit

into my fucking house,
I don't need it.

Kim, I don't know what
you're talking about.

Kim, I didn't put any
shit in your house.

Don't lie to me.

Where's my son?

Where's Mark?

What do you mean, where's Mark?

Where is Mark?

What are you talking about?

I'm asking you where is he?

What sort of a fucking
mother are you?

What's the fucking
matter with you Kim?

What's the matter with you?

My life was fine without you.

Fuck sake, where's Vinnie?

You tell me.

He ain't answered my calls.

Where's Gibbo?

I don't know.

Give me your phone.

Why do you do this?

Why you put shit in my house?

Kim, I haven't done anything.

I swear to you.


No, it's Billy.

Get your ass round
Kim's house now.

Yeah, yeah, mate, on my own.



Right, when was the last
time you've seen Mark?

This morning.


Come on, let's go.

Thank you, see you later.

What you fucking looking at?

Look at you, you're all
fucking mongrels, ain't ya?

You're a fucking murderer.

What did you say?

You're a fucking murderer.

Laugh at me.

I'll fucking murder
you in a minute.

Come on then, I'm
not scared of you.

Fuck off.

Fuck it, I'll come
and fucking hit you.

Go on then.

What the fuck you doing Serji?

You've gone too
far this time, Vinnie.

I thought we were friends.

We are friends.

Well, you think you
are a big man Vinnie?

Think you can cross me
without retribution?


You killed my brother.

I ain't kill your brother.

I ain't kill your brother.

You're lying.

Fuck you.

You like knives Vinnie?

Let me tell you a story.

When I was growing up

my family were poor.

My father used to go out
hunting to bring home food

to feed his family.

You know what he
taught me Vinnie?

He taught me how to
remove the skin.

You know to make it easy
you don't kill the animal.

If it's warm, the
skin will slide off.

I'll teach you.

You fucking try it yeah,
and I'll cut your fucking...



I thought so.

I didn't kill your
brother, all right.

Ah it's too late now.

I didn't kill
your brother Serji.

Serji, I didn't kill
your brother, okay?

Ah, fucking.

Sit down.

Sit down.

You fucked me over Gibbo.

I know.

I messed up.

Fucking right you messed up.

Now tell me what you
know and tell me

what the fuck's been
going on behind my back.

All I know is that vindo...

Vin didn't kill Danny, he just
wants people to think he did

and he hasn't got anything to
do with Mark going missing.

Where the fuck is Mark.

Answer her.

I don't know.

I don't know where Mark is.

Maybe he ran off, I don't know.

He's always saving up money
for that trip jar thing

that he had.

The jar's upstairs Bill.

He ain't going fucking no-where.

Do you think that
boy's some kind of moron?

What do you know?

What about, the Albanians?

Talk to me, what do you mean?

What the fuck
are you doing here?

What the fuck is he doing here?

Just what do you think you are?

I'll see if she's all right.

I'm not finished with you.


You all right darling?

It's all my fault.

It's not your fault, darling.

It is.

Mark's gone because of me.

I don't know what to do.

Listen, this is not your fault.

Don't worry about your mum.

I'm gonna sort her out.

I'll get Mark back.

What if the gangsters...

I didn't kill your
fucking brother Serji.

I know Vinnie, I know.

You know how I know Vinnie?

Because you're too stupid.

You wouldn't kill a man without
leaving a trace behind.


There is one thing you do know.

Where's my cocaine Vinnie?

We said fucking Monday.

So you got my cocaine?

Where's my money Vinnie?

Give me a couple of days

and I'll get your fucking
money, all right?

No, no, no.

I'll get back my money.


You will tell me,
who has my cocaine.

I don't fucking know.

Or my money?

I don't know.

My cocaine and my money.

A name Vinnie.




You piece of fucking shit.

What's up?

I'm pregnant Bill.

You what?

I don't know what to do.

Come on, what did
we say about that?

Hashtag coitus interruptus.

Fuck sake Bill.

Listen, let's not
worry about that now.

How old was you
when we first met?

When I first come round and
took your crazy mum out?



Seven, whatever.

You jumped out from
behind the door

and attacked me with a cosh.

You nearly shit yourself.


So would you.

Listen it's gonna be all right.

Your mum's head is all over
the place at the minute.

Why don't you get
yourself upstairs

and leave me to deal with this.



Come on.

I love you so much.

You're the dad I never had.

I guess I am.

It's always get one free in
Dagenham, you know that.

Go on, get yourself up.

Leave this to me.

Get by and talk to him, mate.

What you thinking?

There's a warehouse
near Elm Drive.

I can take you there.

What is he in there?

I don't know.

I can take you there.

Let's go.

Kim, you're not coming love.

I'm coming with you.

Kim, if Mark comes back,
if he does come back,

he's gonna wanna see
you here, isn't he?

I saved your ass how
many fucking times?

I'm coming with ya, he's my son.

All right, let's do this.

If you get there before
me, wait, don't go in.

Where you going?

Going to see someone.

We're going in together.

All right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Just fucking drive.

What the fuck?

Hello Richard, darling.

Don't fucking
Richard darling me.

Are you stupid?

What's wrong?

Why you so angry?

What's wrong?

You've got punters walking
in and out of here

as I'm turning up.

What are you trying to do?

Trying to get me caught?

Well, you're hardly being
very discrete now are you?

I'm trying to run a
business here Richard.

You're not my only client.

Much so you would like to be.

Yeah well, fuck this.

Where you going?

Back to work.

Fucking, fucking bitch.

Fucking bitch.

All right, Rich.

What you doing here?

I knew I find ya, but
I didn't have you down

as a curb crawler, I must admit.

I'm on a stakeout,
thank you very much.

Yeah, of course you are mate.

What do you want?

I need your help.

Fuck it, I'm going in.

Bill said wait.

They've got Mark in there.

You don't know that.

Billy said wait
til he gets here.

Billy said, Billy fucking said,

I'm going in, fuck that.



Fuck sake.

Get your fucking hands off me.

Well, hello, hello.

Have a seat.

Sit down.

Where's my son?

You must be Kim.

You had a woman in my place?

Who else have you told?

You afraid of her?

Of him?

I'm talking to
you, where's my son?

You're a beautiful
girl, but when I talk,

you shut the fuck up.

Give him the fucking bag, Kim.

You give him the fucking bag.

Beautiful, now we're
going somewhere.

Let me get this straight.

Your kid goes missing, you
ain't informed the police.

Listen, these fucking
bastards have got my son.

I know they have.

Just fucking hurry up, yeah?

Let's hope you're right.

Here, here, up here on the left.

Oh, okay.

Detective Richard Wood
requesting backup

at Elm Drive warehouse,
suspects possibly armed,

Trojan assistance required.

Richard what the fuck
are you thinking, mate?

That wasn't part of
the plan, was it?

I'm not the fucking
equaliser Billy.

We can't just go storming in.

We can, we can, this is
my son we're talking about,

just fucking hurry up.

It's your fucking bag.

Wake up.

No, they cannot
know it's my place.

Your boyfriend is coming
with some friends.


I don't like rats.

Don't fucking touch me.

No, no, no, it's not
that easy with this one.

Go on then, do it.

Go on, do it.

How does it feel?

Now we can go.

That's Gibbo's car.

Kill them all.

Fuck sake Kim, I
told you to wait in the car.

We have two, IC two,
male suspects making off

in a bronze metallic riv four.


Mate, please untie me.

Untie him, Gibbo.

No Billy mate,
he's fucked us over.

Gibbo, untie him now.

Now Gibbo.

All units need to be
warned that suspects

are possibly armed so Trojan
assistance will be required.

Vinnie, have you lost
your fucking marbles?

You fucking set
me up, didn't you?

Hey man, put the gun.



I'm so sorry.

Have they found Mark?

What if?

What if he's dead.

Mum, no don't say that.

He's probably run away.

He's somewhere.

What about Billy?

He's with the police.

Where's Gibbo?

Gibbo took a hit, babe.

Gibbo's all right.

He's in the hospital.

He's all right.

It's Sue.

It's Sue.

All right, can we talk?

Come on, please.

It'll take just a minute.

You've got one minute.

Do you want a drink?

I'm all right.

You okay?

Not really.

Is it work?

You can talk to me.

I've always believed
in law, you know?

You've got good guys and
you've got bad guys.

Everything seemed
so black and white.

What's changed?

I don't know, it
seems a bit grey.

Well sometimes Richard,
people don't have a choice

on what we become.

I ought to go.

You didn't come to see me?

I'm sorry.


I got to take care of something.

Why don't you get
yourself to bed now?

Off you go.

I'm all right, pet.

I'm fine.

It's fucked.

Thank you.

That won't make you cry.

It's all right, yeah.

Fucking hell.

We're gonna get him back.

I'll get it.


Get off me.

What do you want?

Kim, come on, come here.

Kim, I know I've screwed up
and I'm so sorry for that.

Come back to me.

Kim, I love you.

Come here, come here, come here.

Is this it?

This is it Kim, yeah.

Fucking, I think
it's not a good idea.


Well, I don't know, she

doesn't, she thinks
I'm a bad mum

or something, I don't
want to be done

for neglect or something.

Kim, what have you done wrong?

You've done nothing wrong.

Just go in there
and talk to her.

All right.

You come with me?

Of course.

Hi, Miss Smith, I'm
really sorry to bother you.



What you doing here?

I just wanted to ask
you some questions.

How did you get my address?

I went down the school.

Well, they shouldn't
have given you my address.

I'm really sorry.

Look, I'm just going
to be real with you.

I haven't seen Mark
in 24 hours, right.

I know you saw him last
and I wanted to ask you,

talk to you about it,
if that's possible.

Kim, look,

I told you all I know.

I offered him a lift,
but he didn't want one.

He's your responsibility, Kim.

If he doesn't show up
that's your fault.

Look, my son is missing, why
you so fucking harsh with me?

I don't know why you've
got it in for me always.

I'm just trying to explain
to you to what's going on.


Was he on his own
on Shafter Road?

Miss Smith, can we come talk

about this in private, please?

I'm actually in the
middle of something.

This is important.

Come in.

Just go through here.

I'm sorry, I'm moving.

Look I'm really sorry.

I don't mean to bother you.

Just, Mark really
likes you and...

He's a good boy.

Yeah, he is.

Look, I'm not a bad mum.

He's been missing for 24
hours and I just thought

you saw him on Shafter
Road you said.

I thought you might.

I'm sorry Kim.

If I knew anything,
I'd tell you both.

Miss Smith has he said...


Hi, Denise?

Yeah look, I'm not one
for talking to Old Bill,

but there's a kid involved.

What did you see?

The kid was talking to Paul,
and some woman pulled up

in a car.

I think I recognise
her from the school.

A parent?

No, no, like a teacher
or something like that.

What colour car?

Silver, small, maybe a
Fiesta or a Micro, maybe.

And who's Paul?

Oh no, he's harmless,
he lives over there.

He's a bit psycho.

What number?

43 I think.

Thank you.

Yeah, whatever.

I need you to check which
female member of staff

drives a silver car at
Saint Thomas's School.

Run me a check on an address.

43 Shafter Road.

This is your fault.

You're always clumsy,
making mistakes.

I'm sorry.

I try to give you what
you want, what you crave

and look what you've
done with it.

You ruin it.

Now who's going to
clean up this mess?

Me again?

I didn't mean to take him.

So I have to listen to
you drone on about Calum

for the rest of our lives, do I?

He was my son.


He's dead you babbling imbecile.

That poor mother was
right, you are weak.

Can't you see I was
trying to help you?

I didn't need your help.


Sit down whilst I try and
work out how to get us

out of this fucking mess.


Please Paul, let them go.

They haven't done anything.

You can't hurt her.

I won't let you.

I want this to stop.

Please, please, Paul.

Please, you're not well.


Yes Jane?

It's the teacher's house.

Come on mate.

Wake up mate.


Billy, give him to me.

This piece of shit took my son.

He killed my brother.

I'll make him pay
for both of us.

Be smart here.

Come here darling, come here.

You all right darling?




Go look for Mark, go get Mark.






Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.

You all right?


You okay?

Okay, we're gonna go.

All right, where's your stuff?

You all right?

Don't look at anything.

Close your eyes.

We're just going
down the stairs.

Yo, this is G to the I to the B

to the B to the
O, Gibbo's phone.

Please leave a message
after the tone, all right?

I keep running through
these events in my mind,

but something just
isn't adding up.

Richard you sound like
a broken record son.

Listen, you might be a
fool living round here,

but you ain't fooling me.

Off the record, Vinnie didn't
kill his sister, did he?

I know he didn't, it was Serji.

But I'm running round here on
a wild fucking goose chase,

I can't touch him.

All I know is that they
operate out that warehouse.

Yeah, it's not registered.

I can't afford to have another
dead body on my hands.

There will be repercussions

especially if it could
have been prevented.

So the question is,
if he's taken Paul,

where's he taken him?

You guarantee it'd
be some place special.

Why do you say that?

It was his brother
he nutted off.

I'm out of here.

You know, I always wondered.

Me I do it

because of the money,
to have a better life.



Why not?

Why not?

You killed my brother
for why not?

My blood.

Wake up, wake up.

This is for my brother.


for the why not.

Where have you been?

Go inside.

I came as quick as I could.

Have there been
any developments?

What's going on?

You knew they were Albanians.

What are you talking about?

It was a guess, I told you.

Don't bullshit me.

I know as much as you do.


What's going on, I
don't understand.

Find a boy, find a killer.

That's great
detective work that.

Shame you're a
Judas fucking pig.

I'm gonna prove it.


Where's my cup, gorgeous.

You want one?

What's going on?

Bought you a present.

Yeah, what did you get me?

What's this?

You serious.

It's our ticket out, mate.

Oh my gosh.


Oh my gosh.


Go see what she wants then.


Hello, man.

How you doing?

Gibbo. Bill.

You all right.

Not too bad.

All right Gibbs,
how's that arm going?

It's fine.

Thanks for that.

No problem.

I need your help.