Street of Shame (1956) - full transcript

Five prostitutes work at Dreamland, in Tokyo's Yoshiwara district. As the Diet considers a ban on prostitution, the women's daily dramas play out. Each has dreams and motivations. Hanae is married, her husband unemployed; they have a young child. Yumeko, a widow, uses her earnings to raise and support her son, who's now old enough to work and care for her. The aging Yorie has a man who wants to marry her. Yasumi saves money diligently to pay her debt and get out; she also has a suitor who wants to marry her, but she has other plans for him. Mickey seems the most devil-may-care, until her father comes from Kobe to bring her news of her family and ask her to come home.




Production Designer HIROSHI MIZUTANI



Costumes by TSUGIO TOGO

Production Director KEIICHI SAKANE

The Cast:













Tell me when he comes

This will warm you up

This is an unstable business

What's bothering you?

We're at the Government's mercy.

We pay our taxes promptly.

Yet have no security.

Do you see that house?

When the American Occupation began...

...they told us we would be
protecting innocent women.

We borrowed money for this building.

Now they want to prohibit prostitution.

...though we haven't paid our debts

How unfair.

You're right. But the Government
can't ignore public opinion.

Listen. we're here for 4 generations.

Yoshiwara is 300 years old.

Does an unnecessary
business last so long?

Hello! Had any luck?

Don't be silly, Officer.

I've quit the rackets

I'm going straight. I'm a guide now.

Don't be so suspicious.

Madame, I've something to say to you.

Good morning, Sir.

What do you girls think of
the Anti-Prostitution Bill?

I'm for it.

You can afford to quit.

But what about the rest of us,
if this place is closed down?

That's easy.

The Government will build
dormitories and house you...

and give you jobs, too.

Then I can live in a
new apartment house.

I can be with my son then.

I won't miss out on
finding a young husband.

Because you're so young.

Times have changed. In the old days...

...many courtesans had great learning...

...and lived like princesses.

Huh... "the old days"!

Morning, Mr.Taya. Going out?

About the bill.

It keeps me busy.

Our Congresswomen come today
to inspect conditions here.

Make yourself at home.

I'm going with you.

Morning, Sir.

You're delivering now.

Ready already?

You deliver yourself?

I can't afford employees.
My shop would go under.

You like the girls too much.

Tell the girls not to
tackle men too openly today.

How much?

Pay me next time.

- Wait... Hello!
- Hello, Yasumi.

I will take the money. Exactly 6000 yen.

Thanks very much.

Here's the money.

Aoki's payment?

Shiomi had a big business,
with five workers.

Now look at him. It's the fast life.

Yasumi, dear.

You've squeezed him almost dry.


Thank you for the gift.

Don't thank me that way.

Here's some spending money.

Are you free tonight?

No, I'm awfully sorry.

My brother's illness is
worse, and I must see him.

In Ogikubo.

Buy some good food for him.

- I can't take it.
- You have to. Don't be so worried.

Thank you very much.

My darling...

Come back soon.

Don't tantalize me like that. Answer me.

What? Your proposal.

How half-hearted.

I can't believe it.

Of course not.

You're the Dreamland's NO.1 girl.

While I'm just a clerk.

Don't be silly. I mean,
it's good to be sure.

I've bought all the household articles.

All I need is your answer.

Marry me. Will you?

I will tell you the truth.

Girls like us are... ...bound by debts.

You're in debt? Yes.

150000 yen.

I knew you'd be disgusted with me... I didn't tell you.

150000 yen ...?

I'll get the money.

Darling, stay over.

I can't. I'm busy.

you're lying.

I'm so lonely without you.


One second.

Could you lend me 200 yen?

I need powder.

Thank you. I'll return
it next payday with 10%.

Look, a real find.

A gold mine.

Wait here a moment.

I'm Venus.

Hey, brother. Drop in. I'm new here.

Don't! I work here!

Who's that?

That's terrible!

Mickey... Mickey!

This is the dame.

Pretty good, eh!

Give me a drink for finding her.

Where's she from?

Her old man's in business in Kobe.

A real stinker.

So she ran away from
home. And then went astray.

She was a GI's girl for a while.

In a year she became very hardboiled.

Stand up.

Tall and thin, yeah?

Cold, isn't it?

How's your husband? As usual.

The flu is bad now. Look after him.

Tough to be married, too.

Your fellow makes clogs, doesn't he?

Business is dull. I
haven't seen him lately.

if he knew you owed 120000
yen, he'd never see you.

I envy you, Yumeko. Your son's grown up.

Just a few more years of this.

I'm afraid it'll take much longer.

Hey, you with the glasses!
Come, have some fun!

You get 40 percent here.

This is for you.

Sorry I'm late.

Don't mention it. I'm used to it.

You aren't a rich lady on an outing.

I hate girls to live out.

You older women are funny!

Come in, young man!

I'll be gentle with you.

I can teach you plenty.

Is this "Dreamland"?

Yes, Do you want to dream with me?

Does Sayo Kadowaki work here?

What's she to you?

My mother.

Did you say Kadowaki?
Are you Yumeko's son?

You are a healthy boy!

Come back soon.

This is Yumeko's son.

Wait here a minute. I'll call her.

Your son's out there.

I can't see him this way.

Send him away.

But he's come so far!

Very, very charming!

I'm much better. She envies my work.

Come, darling...

What's the matter with you?

Why feel ashamed?

You're here because of him.

He' grown up thanks to your sacrifice.

He'd realize it if he saw you this way.

Why did he come to Toyko?

Wanted spending money, maybe.

He's good-looking.

He looks more and more
like my late husband.

I must buy him a suit for the
New Year. I must work hard.

You visit too rarely!

Don't be silly.

This is my private hotel. You know that.

Give me sak?.

Are you from Osaka?

I never expected to hear
a Kansai accent here.

No, from Kobe.

Kobe's a seaport. You're westernised.

Kobe is a port which loves strangers.

I'm in Kobe 10 days each month.

What's your name?


Like the mouse?

Let's go to my room.

It's too early.

Whenever you're ready.
We'll go... Come...

Let me rest for a while.

Still here?

I can't remember a worse year-end.

Go in. Better luck tomorrow.

I hope so. But I'll try a bit longer.

Be careful.

Thanks, see you tomorrow.

He cries too much. Neigbours may object.

Be quiet, sonny. Don't
worry your dad so much.

Have you eaten?

Not yet. I didn't
cook. there's leftovers.

Let's eat something here.

Two soups.

Your cheeks are so flushed.

Fever again?

No wonder. you haven't
taken pill for some time.

Germs might have built up resistance. it may be useless.

I'll get you some tomorrow.

Wasn't it around 1000 yen?

Don't worry. I can do without it.

But that's all we can afford to do.

I can't send you to
a hospital or resort.

So let's do our best.

Remember Mrs Yamada?

Her husband was fired with me
in the administrative reduction.

Oh, that good-looking woman.

She, too, has TB and
was in the sanatorium.

I hear she's dying.

You know Yumeko at my place?

Her son came to see her tonight.

She was so embarrassed.

Her son's quite good-looking.

Sonny will be like him soon.

Now that he's become so sweet.

We can't commit suicide, can we?

He says "mama" to me.

Soon we'll be glad we didn't
kill ourselves. I'm sure of it.

The soup is so nice.

The Anti-Prostitution Bill,
defeated often in recent years... expected to be
introduced again.

The Judiciary Committee summoned
witnesses to hear their opinions.

There is a bitter divide...

between the advocates of the
law and their opponents.

Disorder is feared...

What poor holidays. Even
Yasumi earned little.

Mickey's more in debt.

She works a lot but spends it all.

Welcome back.

How was the Diet session

Completely stupid!

I was in the gallery.

The opposition had the
nerve to call us inhuman!

They want to starve us.

That's politics.

What did Mr. Awai do?

He's a spineless fish.

We voted for him for
just such an emergency.

He forgot all his promises.

Isn't this material pretty?

6000 yen in 5 months and 1000 down.

Call the girls.

I'll keep it until you pay 1000 yen.

And you?

I'm broke.

I lent you some yesterday, didn't I?

Just 1000 yen.

You already owe more than
the others. Can you pay up?

OK, I'll leave here and pay later.

Now you're talking!

You know what you're doing?

One more.

We must take care of our girls.

Are you all here?

I want to tell you something important.

That Anti-Prostitution
Bill in the Diet.

The radio and paper say...'s a
law to protect you girls, but they lie.

It's you who'll suffer.

If you had to go to jail for
soliciting, how could you live?

What will happen to you, Hanae?

Can you support your husband and child?

Will you just retire, Yumeko?

How can you continue
to save money, Yasumi?

You'll work as a coolie, Yorie?

Mickey...What about you?

You understand now?

It's we owners who are
really protecting you.

We run these establishments so you
won't starve... ...or commit suicide.

We make up for the
inadequate welfare policy.

We're social workers.

Human rights. Welfare.

Professional politicians don't
understand your needs at all.

We're the only friends you have.

Aren't the dietmen unreasonable?

Why can't we sell our own favours?

If the house closes,
you are on the streets!

No more bosses, or griping madames!

You are starting to irritate me.

Don't be taken in.

Remember what'll happen to you
if this trade is suppressed.

Don't make fools of yourselves.


Now work hard. Hurry up and change.

A client for you. Mickey

In broad daylight?

Some imbecile.

What a marvellous body...

So thin, so fresh!

How about going to Atami with me?

But you have a date with Yorie.

Not that old goose!

Oh! You are here. I
thought you were away.

Who's with you?

Don't be mad!

Have a bath with me.


Are you are insane, you old whore?

I'm a whore? What are you?

Just a client.

Explain yourself...

Know our code?

Code? What's that? Never heard of it.

You can steal money here.
But you can't steal a client.

A client? They are all fools.

If he's yours, put a leash on him.

Sure. Mickey's right.

I'm ready to face anything.

He who buys a fish...

...prefers it fresh, rather than rotten.

It's up to him who buys.

Look at the mirror.

What happened, Yorie?

Let's eat cakes, we three wallflowers.

Madam is angry because business is bad.

Don't be too mad at Mickey.

She's not to blame.

It's not that. I'm
fed up with this work.

A country girl like me
gets no break at all.

And debts keep piling up.

How wretched I feel.

I wish I could walk out
of here and marry my guy.

Look at these.


Opening a shop?

I console myself by dreaming
of the day I may marry him.

Do you really want to get married?

Then, for Heaven's sake. Go ahead.

Read this.

The court decided that debts
of girls like us are void.

So if you quit, you needn't pay back.

The owners can't collect.


Sure. Pack your things
tonight. Everything.

And take them to my place.

A bright idea!

That stingy Madame needs a lesson.

Won't it get you girls in trouble later?

We'll worry about it then.

There's something to celebrate.

What's good about marriage?

Nothing. Just a long-term
contract. That's all.

Such is your philosophy!

I'm so pleased... with your decision.

Stick to it.

I'm so happy for you.

Only the scum of the earth...
will remain on this street.

Remember. Be a good wife...
...and be good to your husband.

Don't go back no matter what happens.

Yes, you can.

Come back

if it doesn't work out

Don't talk rot. Never come back.


Here's my wedding gift.

It's a travel coupon.

Use it when you're through with him.

Forget it. She doesn't mean it.

You are a beast!

My present.

A set of rice bowls.

How old-fashioned!

This is from me.

Decent people rise
early. Don't oversleep.

This is my present.

A bankbook with a 500 yen deposit.

Try to save money like Yasumi does.

And you don't!

How do I thank you all?

What nice bowls! You're
brighter than I thought.

After my husband died, his
rice bowl reminded me of him.

We were married at the Manchurian
Railway Club at Mutanchiang.

I still remember the lady
who gave us one like this.

Thanks very much.

It was 20 years ago.

I'm a young Manchurian
girl of sixteen years...

In March, when the snow
begins to melt...

When sweet apple trees...

are in full blossom...

I will go to the village
to marry my beloved...

This is the happiest moment of my life.

I hate to leave you. It's hard.

I envy you.

I was happy, too, once.

I'm longing to see my son.

The taxi is coming, come on.

Good luck!

Give my regards to your husband.

Don't be too ardent. He'll
remember what you were...

How long will it last?

I really hate the country.

An hour till the next bus.

Give me a bowl of needles, will you?

Could I use your mirror?

What village are you going to?

Don't ask me that. I'll
stop by when I return.

You can wipe off your rouge...

...but not the makeup of your trade.

Good evening.

Forgive my long absence.

How's Father?

He's still bedridden.

I'm sorry to trouble you when
you're only my son's wife.


Come on in.

You're lucky to be always well.

Is Shuichi getting along all right?

He's better off working
in Tokyo than hiding here.

I hear the toy factory pays well.

You mean he isn't here?

Didn't he go to see you?

When did he leave?

It's almost a month.

He said he would talk
to you about his job.

He sent us a postcard
only the other day.

Where's the card?

There, In the drawer of his desk.

You're the owner of the factory?

I'm Shuichi Kadowaki's mother, Sir.

He's working at your place.

Thanks for your kindness to him.

He's such an inexperienced
boy. And from the country, too.

Thank you so much, sir.

Do come again, dear.

The office is busy
now after the holidays

I don't believe this.
Someone must be jealous.

No fooling. I lost my wife
and family in a air raid.

I'm a widower. It's a sad life.

I'm so sorry.

Let me give you wifely
service next time.

I was counting on it.

Come back soon, then!

Fool! Coward!

Why can't you understand?
The misery I'm going through.

It's no use. I'm not good enough...

...for your sacrifice.

Why must we struggled so?

We haven't stolen. We
haven't committed any crime!

But we couldn't live
unless I sold myself.

Still we can't buy milk
regularly! Is this our culture?

This country is
supposed to be civilised!

But I'll live on!

Nothing can stop me! I'll have
a life beyond prostitution.

I shall endure!

How terrible! Look at this!

The Diet and press keep denouncing us.

No girls,
either. Scared away.

How can we stand an 11 o'clock curfew?

Why are you girls so lazy?
This is for you, Yasumi.

The others are no better.

Yumeko, why don't you work
harder, if you remit to your son?

Nothing for you, Mickey.

Only more debts.

Hello, when did you come?

I'm sorry I'm late.

What's wrong?

Five days pay for you. 1,200 yen.

You can't pay the loan again.

Please don't become too
haggard. You are for sale.

I'll be more careful.

You owe me 1,500 yen. Remember?

I'm flat broke.

Then I'll take this ring.

It cost me 1,000 yen.
I made 500 yen. Thanks.

Your travel expenses
- 2,000 yen.

I'm sorry, but can you wait for the
rest? I have 200 yen left. Please.

I'm fed up with your excuses.

Let me pay you for the
medicine before I'm asked.

Let me lend you more.

50 yen interest?

The boss in?

He is. Mr. Nomura of the Association.

I won't see any more MPs or reporters.

The quilt-maker
skipped town last night.

Many people were conned.

I lent him 30,000 yen.

The gangster!

They were easily fooled, that's a fact.

Good morning.

Who is she?

That girl? A typist in
the Documents Section.

A smart dresser.

Her father owns a restaurant.

What's her name?

Do you need to know that?

- Miss Yasuhara.

I'll say hello to her.

Good afternoon. Miss Yasuhara.

I'm Mrs. Kaneda.

Thank you for your kind
assistance to my husband.

Not at all. I'm indebted to
the Chief for his kindness.

It must be very difficult.

You are so kind.

Here's the 150,000 yen.

Thank you so much, darling.

I won't ever forget your kindness.

I'm very lucky to have a man like you.

When can you quit? I'm ready now.

How can I?

I don't dare.

What is it? Not more debts?

I left the hospital only two days ago.

Since then I've had kidney trouble.


They bill you?

Cab you help?

More debts! I just earn wages.
150,000 yen is a big sum to me.

That's all I can raise.

I haven't been working. Come on, dear.

Mad at me?

Very well. I can't ask you for more.

I've asked too much already.

How much do you need?

100,000 yen.

Powdered milk, please.

With vitamins, 270 yen.

Here, a downpayment.

But you must pay for the goods!

I would like beauty cream.

And that too. Put them on account.

Mickey, you owe 1,600 yen already.

I know.

Stop in after you
close. I'll pay in trade.

Goodness! Yorie! What happened?

You've lost weight.

It was terrible.

Did you quarrel with him?

Back already! Too soon.

It was just a wild
dream. I found out quickly

He didn't want me.

He wanted a hired hand without paying.

I had to help him from
morning till midnight.

Cook and wash besides.

No maid would do that.

And be a wife, too.

But you married him.

Didn't you realize that
from the start. What a fool!

I was a fool. He's so poor.

He slaves for nothing.
Can't even buy a kimono.

I began to think of returning
because here I can spend what I earn.

Once this becomes a habit... can't quit easily.

I tried to get a decent job.

I tried hard. The pay's so small.

5,000 yen a month.

Yes, I went to an employment agency.

They told me I could get
15,000 yen a month only here.

That's true.

I'll talk to the Madame for you.


This month's interest from the shop.

They didn't want to pay.

Goodness, so much money.

Don't touch it.

That isn't a safe place.

Put it in here.

Take it to the bank tomorrow.

Sleep with it tonight.

Is this all yours?

And I'm always hard up.

They call you a loan shark around here?

Let them talk.

It's amazing a girl of
your age is so money-minded.

It's not amazing.

I came here to raise
bail for my father...

...who was sent to prison.

For only 200,000 yen my life was ruined!

Just for money!

I hate poverty! I curse it!

What is it? Lunch? I'll eat later.

It isn't lunch. Eikoh
brought you a client.

What a busy day!

Two fools before lunch.

A man with grey hair!


You came for me?

Unnatural girl!

Bad news travels quickly.

People back home know you're here.

Pack your things.

We are leaving.

Only you worried your mother.

Is she angry with me?

She's dead.

What? What did you say?

She died last spring.

She took her regrets into the grave.

Mama's dead.

Her father?

Figure up her debts and add 10% a month.

I did no wrong.

Mickey's no kid.

I didn't kidnap her.

No father can snatch our
girls when they're so scarce.

He can't settle up just with money.

70,200 yen in all.

Michiko, I came to you
because of your sister.

One of my customers has
a good match for her.

He might overlook a delinquent.

But not a girl living in the Yoshiwara.

Your older brother graduated
college with honours.

He can't get a Government
job because of you.

Is that so? So I must come home?

That's right.

We're an old family in Kobe.

My trading company's very successful.

People talk. But if you return,
everything will be all right.

Besides, I married again recently.

You married again? And
Mama not dead a year?

Who's she?

That geisha from Kyoto?

Or your Osaka girl?

Which of your mistresses, did you pick?

You don't understand.

A wife is the axis of a household.

A man of affairs must be married.

A household without a wife
isn't trusted by the public.

Axis of a household! Business
won't prosper without one!

Why didn't you treat Mama more kindly?

She always cried over your infidelity.

Why didn't you reform
while she was alive?

Remember I appealed with tears?

Why try to put up a good front now?

I'm only following your example.

You've been having a good time.

You have no right to stop me.

Takako can't remain a spinster
forever! You're to blame!

Now it's your turn to suffer!

I want you to suffer.

You'll understand how Mama felt.

Why so paternal suddenly?

You must've come to
Yoshiwara a few times before.

Don't make such a face.

Why don't you try me? 1,500 yen.

The last word in debauchery!

Not interested?


Then get out! At once!

I won't leave... I'll stay here.

If I must I'll go to Mama!

One moment, Sir.

What an unpleasant melodrama.

I need some diversion.

Yes, this is Dreamland.
One moment, please

Yumeko, a call for you.

A young man.


It's Yumeko speaking.

Come here tonight, let's be happy.

Shuichi? You're Shuichi?

Why do you keep calling me?

Don't phone again.

Don't talk to me like that!

Why did you come to
Tokyo without telling me?

I must see you. Where are you now?

I must speak to you.

I can't talk here.

Please see me.

I'll come to you. Will you?

All right, all right.

I'll see you. Tomorrow at
three. Outside the factory.

My son just phoned
me. He wants to see me.

Probably wants to live with me.

Isn't it wonderful to have a son?

I am so happy for you!

Mama! Here I am, Mama.

My son! I'm so glad to see you.

I was worried that you wouldn't come.

I was shocked at
Grandpa's to find you gone.

I'm so glad you want to work.

I have to make a living.

Yes, of course.

How grown up you are.

I feel very humble, next to you.

Is the work interesting?

How much do you make?

Not much to start.

But I can support myself.

I'm studying to become an electrician.

That's very ambitious of you.

EIectrician! I am so proud of you.

Can we live together?

I'm earning very little
now. The future looks dark.

I'm no longer young.

I don't want you phoning the factory.

Why? When I call, I say I'm your mother.

The factory people talk kindly to me.

Everyone knows what
you're doing back home.

I was too ashamed! So I left.

You don't blame me?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

How dare you!

I did it to bring you up.

It was my duty as a parent.

You nothing of a mother's duty.

I'll have to quit soon.

A law is being passed.

What will I do then? I must turn to you.

I've looked forward to the
day we could be together.

Please don't be mad at me.

I want no part of you.

I don't want to see you.

Never think of me as your son.

How can you be so cruel?

I hate you!

Foul woman!

As you ordered.

Come on... It's my treat!

Yumeko, Mickey's inviting you.

Thank you, Mickey.

She is out of her mind
since her son disowned her.

What an ungrateful son!

Everyone's selfish.

When it's convenient they call
themselves parents or children.

When it's inconvenient there's
no telling what they'll say.

Only fool feels sad.

Take it, little one... eat.

Go ahead, eat.

Go ahead.

It's good!

Never eaten anything so good!

It's amazing!

Where are you from?


Why did you come here?

My father was a miner,
He had an accident.

He's bedridden now.

Poor thing. She's too young for this.

We're all alike. I was
once sold for 2,000 yen.

Good evening, King of Cement!

Where's Yumeko?

Yumeko, your lover is here!

I've missed you. What's wrong?

Hysterics again?

Okay. I'll cure you.

I've been in the mountains for weeks.

Aren't you glad to see me?

I have plenty of money.

I'm Mrs. Osamu Kadowaki.

Shuichi, Shuichi.

Shuichi, come back, I'm waiting for you.

She's gone crazy.

Get a doctor.

What's up?


Paid your debts?

Completely. Good.

Let's leave, Hurry.

So hurry?

I've bought tickets for Beppu Spa.

You'll like it.

Mr. Aoki...

You won't be happy marrying me.

I've been here too long.

You're sure to regret it.

I'm not such a fool.

Im sorry, I won't go.

You've tricked me.

I got the money because
you promised to marry me.

I asked you for the money...

...because I wanted to quit here.

It's foolish to argue
with us about money.

You never intended to marry me!

Go ahead. Beat me.

Aren't you a salesman?

You sell your goods. I sell my body.

Both business deals.

Don't cry if you lose a little money.

That money belonged to my firm.

I wanted to marry you
so badly I stole it!

I chose Beppu spa to
hide from the police!

Come with me, please.

I wouldn't have taken
it if I'd known that.


Then give it back, You must!

If you really love me, why
not give it up with good grace.

I can still return it.

I can't lose the money and you both.

That's enough? I hate a weakling

Don't come here again!

She's dead.

Call the police.

I'll be away for a while.

Come and see me.

Attempted murder and a lunatic.

What a day!

Close up for the night.

Anti-Prostitution Bill was shelved again.
The review entered its final phase...

and the Judiciary
Committee met today

Let Yasumi rest. She'll
be able to work tomorrow.

Thanks, doctor.

Has Yumeko gone to the asylum?

She wanted an apartment, not a cell.

We'll look for him.

Otane, go up and tend to Yasumi.

Thus the Anti-Prostitution Bill
was killed once again... the disappointment
of all its proponents

I knew it. Killed again.

The public don't want it.

Get me a drink.

Buy some sweets for the girls.

We must celebrate the good news.

Didn't I tell you, girls?

Now you can support your
sick husband and baby, Hanae.

You needn't become a coolie, Yorie.

If you need money, Mickey, say so.

We make up for the inadequacy of
the Government's welfare policy.

We're social workers in a way.

Those professional speech-makers
don't know your problems.

We're your friends!

Work hard, girls, beginning tomorrow.

Hanae, can you come, please.

And this banquet?

Phone the bakery and have
what we need sent over.

Didn't I tell you not to come here?

The landlord evicted us.
We must sleep outdoors.

But boy will catch cold.

Don't talk like that.

All right. I'll wait
for you in the park.

Wait here.

We'll go together.

I'll ask the Madame
to lend me rent money.

Good morning, Sir. Come in.

Thank you for the flowers.

Not at all.

You have a large stock.


Your success does you credit.

My compliments.

Those women reformers should see this.

It's not so unusual anymore.

You made up the packages?

And these covers, too.

Made just for you.

I want something more colourful.

This kind?

It doesn't appeal to me. She
must look pretty for her debut.

Good morning, Madame.
Thanks for the flowers.

How's the business?

I think I'll manage.

Thanks for your orders.

Cushions and pyjamas.
How much? Any discount?

Of course! 7,000 yen. You may pay later.

And I'll include this in Premium.

Thank you! I shall ask
you to repair a mattress.

Good work, my dear.

Have some cake.

We opened today.

Please patronise us for old time's sake.

We also loan money.

I don't understand it! She
ruined that quilt-man...

...and bought out the shop.

Ruined Aoki, too.

She won't die in peace,
deceiving so many men.

Deceive or be deceived.

Hers is the only way to get
out of here. She's smart.

Yumeko's mattress

Madame's having it repaired.

I wonder what she's doing?

Besides dreaming.

A young girl looks
attractive with makeup, eh?

You wear pretty clothes
and make money too.

Shizuko, You're no longer
a kid. You understand me.

I'm reluctant to let you do it.

It's your mama. She writes
me often asking for money.

I'm sure she needs it badly.

We decided on this ...

... much against our wishes.

We hate to start girls.

You want it?

It can't be helped.

Don't let it upset you.

Most girls do it for nothing, the fools.

Come what I do...