Street of No Return (1989) - full transcript

A rock star-turned-bum, his vocal chords severed at the height of his career for the love of a woman, reclaims his forgotten past after viewing a music video and seeks revenge against the mobster who maimed him. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



i'd stand next to these guys at the bar

and when they wasn't looking i dropped

this dead mouse in their glasses

and when they'd pick them up to take a

drink and saw that mouse they'd [ __ ]

green and start climbing up the walls

while i down their drinks

you drank rat paws oh the mouse was

embalmed in alcohol

every germ in it was deader than my


we gotta find us a safe hotel if those

animals keep using our street for

punching bag what are they fighting

about all the time

same old [ __ ] am i fighting you












hey where you going he's going after the


turn real slow

i'm allergic to muggers who attack

blow them


















will blow your mind


i am a last-minute replacement what's

your name agnes

what's your name celia

are you busy tonight i'm not

if you buy me a drink




gotta leave


somebody waiting for you uh huh

and he's crazy jealous



da da

you remember me now

i was not the horse i'm a goddamn blind


that you are i feel like a [ __ ] don't

i'm sorry don't step out of character

you made several videos i was in that

one because i ride bareback

we worked together a week to shoot it

and you saw my face every day

but it was just another face

my big head oh a big head goes with the


an army of girls goes with a crown

your ego is healthy because it's part of

the crown

people who resent it are jealous or

you're one of the best catchers in

today's market of man

i had a good time with you but now it's

you're not my hero



you canceled that concert without

telling me you've got to do what i tell


oh [ __ ] this is mutiny did you get her


the hell with her throw you overboard i

want a firm date for that concert

goddamn it

her number nobody knows where that [ __ ]


if i gotta hire a private eye to find

her i'll drop you like a hot grenade

then drop me right now and explode to

you've got it on you haven't

you're not a little girl anymore rhoda

not a little boy sometimes the melody

does not linger on


you're as stubborn as a mule i just

can't take a refusal

so i came to explain why this can't go

afraid of your boyfriend no

is that what you came here to tell me

shuttling between the two of you

is wrong

till i met eddie

when he looked at me and told me how

there was never ever any mistaking about


and i never wanted to lose his trust

tonight i'll lose it

when i tell him i'm leaving him

i feel like i'm in the middle of a



the more i try the less i get to

understand you

just shouldn't be here

you never asked me where i came from

i like that very much


we gotta go away yes

tonight yes

but i want to tell him it's over i want

to make it final

we'll catch the last train up wonderful




i knew you'd show up here like you used

remember i warned you

when a professional screws an amateur

everything goes wrong


you've always loved humanity in general


and no one in particular and celia's

one of the no ones so you struck out

with another chick

forget her she's not another chick

i'm leaving town with her when tonight

where are you going i don't know what

the hell does that mean you don't know

so i'm giving you enough time to cancel

all play dates and i mean all

you cancel them four

booked concerts you do the dirty work

you cancel them

there's a hundred singers who'll take my

place on five minutes notice

i didn't have to come here i could have

phoned it that one speck of conscience

left in your crotch made you come here

i came because you got the right to know

it now damn right i got the right to

know it now

and i got the right what you did for me

business i'm not

i'm not even gonna go into what you did

for me

but i got the right to make you live up

to those four contracts you okayed

break them you signed them i owe them


that's not the tune you sang when you

started i fly high they fly high i

that's what they do

that's what i wanted to hear you say

you bastard you savage

here get yourself another coke oh thanks

what's your name samantha

are you going on this train tram you

better not miss it

i won't see you then look there's



we've got to talk

you must be eddie yes i brought you a

message from her

i was hoping this little affair would


but an hour ago celia said she was

leaving me

and what did she say

she said okay boys she always calls me

is that all she said it was not for me

she should have told me herself instead

of sending a messenger pigeon

i think you mopped the floor with her

face to make her stay

i think we're in for trouble i think

i don't like snakes i do

home you're one of those perverts

who likes to be steamrolled in front of

the girl that dumped him huh

what do you do anyway what the hell's it

got to do with you

i get around doing what

real estate developer buy broken-down

house give it a facelift

quite a few con men in real estate well


you've got loot a big name

but i've got celia


how am i doing is hurt

on my case


i know you can't expect it all to come

to you


no you can't expect your love to see





while i play the fool for everyone to



there's an art to be in love and staying



some do it easily

gone by

will never mend

and it's hard to rise above the mystery



gone is




not as simple as i thought

what is it

i'll only bring you trouble


you go on here here i want to check the




hustling floor

don't you forget i'm the one who's got

the dog

we started working together years ago

i hated sleeping in the same house with

both of you but i

took it i had to take it so you couldn't


as long as you bring money and i don't

give a [ __ ] out of bed no more

but i care about my money

i'm not taking a second chance losing my

money on you

as long as that tinker is alive you'll

be on wishes [ __ ] him

kill him no no right now oh

no eddie you kill him i'm gone

i swear you'll never see me again he


i stay makes sense she'll cross you


if she sees it just once they'll both

when i detail he'll live

i'm just gonna cut that bastard where it

hurts most

no no no no no

goodbye michael



they're going to ask you some questions

but don't try to talk okay

we'll wrap this one up fast mr michael

he didn't take your money

or your wallet so it boils down to

i've cracked over 200 assault and

battery cases

and whoever carved you up had a personal

i'll be back tomorrow when your mind's a

little sharper

i'll find the bastard who did it and why


her name is melba

goodnight nurse





you will never find anyone not him

not her not me


sorry pal it's my bottle now


what the hell is going on here here

drop it i said drop it

it's daddy campion his guts have been

cut out with a broken bar

i didn't kill him this will get us


[ __ ] accommodation we'll get a promotion

we'll go right to the chief

from the day i gave you the [ __ ] hit the


nobody nobody wants a black team

nobody i know that and now city halls

drew in my ass

to replace me because i made my goddamn


nothing but [ __ ] every detective

wants your goddamn job

they want you to fall on your goddamn

face hey

max you'll have a double reason

i want to know the source of it all but

tomorrow there'll be a white ass




relax wait

i'm going to find out

how many of you were in the other riots

and if you lie to me i promise you i

will have

every single goddamn bone broken in your

if i do not get the information

some of you will not see the light

of day now i want you to get them

you're a good unicorn

now black white yellow ground

makes no difference what color you are

color means nothing

and when you recognize the person

that started that fight i want you to

point them out

hit him again brother

don't you ever insult my mother again

i promise you

i will have every goddamn bone broke

in your [ __ ] bodies even if it means

i want names

i see that bump killed the cop yes sir

you shut up which god danny campbell we

found his body about an hour ago near

the riot area he's

i was he killed him with a whiskey

bottle why didn't you book him and take

the evidence to the print desk

you know the regulations blood analysis

fingerprints ever heard of those things

we figured it wasn't necessary you

figured you could get your asses read

stalling with a murder one just to

impress the chief but we

shut up you should have brought him

straight to us that's what we're getting

paid for

the evidence come on you won't report we

[ __ ] up will ya

what do you think

huh personal beef wasn't it

he rusted you from one gutter to another

didn't he

he got to be your personal pain in the

ass didn't he

maybe he attacked you first that's it

you had to defend yourself i didn't it

wouldn't take long to prove

the blood on the bottle match the blood

i didn't kill him what's the matter with

your voice

maybe it got all dried up huh you want a

i'm detective moran i'm detective pernoy

listen who are you we'll check the rap

did you see the chief did you see him

know what he'll do to you for killing a

thank you thank you very much good luck

listen i can put you in a nice safe

now this is just a brief statement

you killed officer danny campion just

sign it with an x

i didn't kill anybody

okay tell it to the chief come on these


goddamn nicknames i don't want any

goddamn nicknames

i want real names first name last name

and addresses do you understand

a [ __ ] killer drag that son of a [ __ ]

up here by his balls

well you asked for this





oh don't don't hug it don't hug it

my name is lambert i'm a junk man

you got a frog living in your throat i

don't savvy a word you said

they say i killed a cop did you do it

i once took a bum rap four long winters

in prison

um i kind of got to know that killer

look you see cops today

they only know computers they don't know

that killer look

say where did i see you

was it that free soup line

no it was somewhere else

i got a hell of a good memory when it

comes to eyes that is

and when i look behind them i can see


bingo uh

i got all your videos

please no return my favorite

what's yours

easy easy you can't go anywhere with

this is what a king used to use to lock

you think about that must've been tough

with the queen huh


and i got it open ain't no lock i can't



bolt of heat set the street

man you can really sing for a white boy


what was it booze

no more questions all right i'm sorry





where you going stay here



the rain fell back on

that ain't all you're gonna get for



happy birthday gerard i got a

cake for you do i stick a goddamn candle

on it

man he's worth six candles this guy here

killed a cop he [ __ ] up the whole

police headquarters

we'd be in the cooler if not for this

why'd you bring him here okay here's the

payoff keep talking

that give us the six guys they locked up

for bringing him here

when and where did you kill that cop

he killed the cop


what did you kill him with whiskey


he's a goddamn plant for the cops

kill that bum i i was there i saw him

turn the hose on the cops

i saw a cop take a shot at him god damn

it he's no plan he is a plant


i'm right the boss is waiting for me

don't tell him i [ __ ] up

you're my brother beat head mom would

never talk to me anymore if i had you


dump the bum in the sea

it's gonna live grenade



he is crazy so

grab his hand don't let him drop the


knife cut off his hand toss it with the

grenade overboard

and hit the deck do you understand yeah

but you do it




meathead meathead

get your weapons





you down there check that now again



[ __ ] you gotta find him


hey keep looking

find him

hey you find him you better keep looking

damn [ __ ] bummer keep looking look


i want to find that gun damn son of a








forget that long-haired bum but he knows

i killed that cop

if he runs to the cops borrel will blow

his head off on site

anyway you've got enough blacks on board

to make sure he's fish bait by now

i'm sorry about your brother

meathead was always too ambitious you

know what i mean

ambition without imagination is nothing

but imagination with muscles brings


ah and that's why i sent for you

you said it was urgent i want another


great i want

corpses in the gutter good

every store is smashed i want the whole


damn street to look like a a bomb in it

like an h-bomb yeah an h-bomb yeah

i want the police department's ass

burned black is on a hot griddle no

sweat when do you want the fireworks

tomorrow night something you didn't get

wasn't i too clear i'm getting combat

paying pennies

that was our deal it's still

pennies trying to tough it out at the

last minute

no better time

shoot i want a big piece of the cake

you're asking for a bullet in your hair

you keep out of this lady not when it

comes to dividing

this goddamn son of a [ __ ] is crazy

dabbling is he crazy


he's smart that's why i picked him

i don't trust any blacks me neither


that's the picture boss half or nothing

it's too big a chunk then you leave the


general okay okay 50 50.

anything else yeah i always done what

you wanted

i triggered the riot i organized every


now i want to know exactly what i got 50

of that's none of your business your

business is my business don't forget

we're partners now okay

partner okay what do you think those

race rides are for

to [ __ ] everything up right and what

happens to a street that's always [ __ ]

up i'm gonna tell you

the value of land and buildings takes a


the worse it gets the cheaper we buy

everything when its value hits rock


and we buy it for a song one day peace

will be back

prices will be back and soar sky high so

it's a real estate sting huh

now the biggest racket today is crack

we'll own our own shops to launder dope


we'll run our own rock houses our own

sales and distribution

in the street uh eddie

you forgot the most important thing how

are you gonna handle the cops

they'll be in our pocket not with

burrell cracking the whip

nobody can put that black bastard in his


after the next riot he won't have a whip

to snap

and the detective who replaces him will

belong to me




i got the cop killer

okay all right

who found this goddamn son of a [ __ ]

that's how he talks

he said nobody get your lion ass out of

you mean you came here on your own

you got to be out of your [ __ ] mind

kiss my ass a goddamn [ __ ] bum

stay here everybody

ouch come on everybody hurry up

come on come on come on come on come on

come on come on come on

stay here






i killed that cup nobody can put that

black bastard in his pocket

after the next riot he won't have a whip

to snap

and the detective who replaces them will


i remember you






take care of that goddamn woman would

you this ain't my blood eddie

to a beautiful unholy partnership

i still don't like it but i'll drink to


to crack


you are for your surrounded

come out one by one with every hand

above your head


what about the girl i'll find the girl i




i'm gonna change that beautiful

fragile face of yours

i'm gonna bash your sweet little nose

and i'm gonna break every

bone till there's nothing left of you





see you yeah

bye-bye bertha







stop actually




don't you [ __ ] with me i want to go to

this [ __ ] house let your [ __ ] move

mariak is that you kane yes

get your ass in here with another man

that [ __ ] bum don't to move out of



hold your damn fire hold it


get my ass out of here

you're okay the hell i am

get him out of here

no he's gonna shoot me

be my guest




thank you and good luck


hey snow white's back where you been

couldn't get us a room in a five-star

what did i tell you he got the chick










but while i'd never last

it fades so fast

leaving me my past

as usual i smile

and laugh it off

at least a while

then as always

the memories come to me again

and tears come to my eyes

i see your face on a misty day

maybe luck has come my way

i feel almost alive

time heals everything


you reach the moment when

you just don't care

you've come too far

then as always

i start to think of you again

and tears come to my eyes

i see your face on a misty day

maybe luck has come my way


it's somewhere i lost my

i reach out to the world

with trembling hands and start to feel

almost alive almost alive