Street of Joy (1974) - full transcript

It's the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya's (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to celebrate the day. Erotism, drama, and comedy mix as each hour, and a different event passes, in which all the women's stories come to the surface.


A Nikkatsu production

Go on, if you must...

It's not hard

Help me out

Can't you do that yourself?

That feels good...

You busy yesterday?


Lots of customers?

Don't remember

Twice as many as usual?'s New Year holiday

You should keep count


Try to break the record

How about it?

No chance

Why not?

Can't see the point

Are you wet?

Stop it!

About this record...

No chance. I couldn't do it
that many times

Even with someone you liked?

Then I'd come. And I'd be
too tired to carry on

Why not try?


I guess you had too many last night,

What's it to you?

Well, c'mon then...let's do it,

Can I touch it this time?

You can fuck me, but no touching!

Forget it...

What's wrong?

I have to go


What time is it, then?

It's nearly nine

Nine already? I'm sorry

You don't have to get up

I'll see you off downstairs

Are you alright?

I'm fine

You snored all night

People say I do. But I don't notice

It's cold

What's that for?

Because you missed out this morning

Making up for it with a kiss?

Maybe I love you

Then I'm happy

Please come again. I mean it

Can I touch it next time?

See you


The story is set in 1955

Just before the licensed brothels
were abolished

The Prince and his fianc?e

Madame, it's time for me to go

You deserve to be happy

You've worked hard these 2 years


You shouldn't, really

For your wedding. I wish I could give

Thank you. Good-bye

Don't forget us. come visit some time

It's cold

You mustn't ever come back here

Don't say that, Shimako

I get the feeling I will be back

It's freezing

It is

Getting married?


Who knows?

Over here!

Straight on!

Stop here

A sash with golden thread...

adorns her wedding kimono

But why, oh why...

does the bride weep so?

We can't afford a wedding,
but we can have pictures


Wedding pictures


I rented...

a wedding kimono!


My darling

The pageant of dressing for the

continues apace

But why, oh why...

does the bride weep so?

I never thought I'd...


...get married

The madam gave me 20,000 yen

Let's use it for a honeymoon




I ran all the way. Don't be mad


We could do this cheaper
at the brothel

How come?

You'd pay the madam 300 yen, right?

I give you back my cut of 120 yen...

So you'd only pay 180 yen

Here we pay 500 yen for the room

It's a waste of money

- Why hit me?
- I'm not a customer

- I know...
- So don't treat me like one

- I didn't mean that
- Yes, you did

You see me as just another customer

Is that what I am?

Just another fuck?

No, I never meant that.
Don't say that

If it was up to me...

We'd be lying naked...

under a starry sky

I'm sorry. I should think
before I speak

I don't want to shame you.
That's why I don't go there

I understand

Don't ever ask me to share your bed
with customers!

Forgive me. Never again

I'm ashamed to make you work there

I know

Got any money?


That's 2 week's wages


You'll have nothing left

I only need money for the public bath

Is 1000 yen enough?


You coming to Akasuka later?

Not today


I have to see the boss

Come see me soon?

Tamae has lived in Tamanoi as long as
anyone remembers







Leaving already?

Your bitch too proud
to see me off?

Wait. I'll get her for you

- Ai, your client is leaving
- Forget it!


What is she doing?

Ai-chan, get up!


He isn't worth the effort

Don't be stupid, girl.
That's not the point

When a man spends a night
with a girl...

...anything could happen.
There's all sorts out there

He could be a thief, murderer, psycho

When I see you downstairs with him, I
know you're safe

That's why you should bow

Do it properly

Head lowered, on your knees

You understand?

I'm sorry

The petals

of the apple blossom

Are rustling in the wind


Your client is here

Thank you for coming. Happy New Year

Come on, Naoko. He's waiting

We look forward to your continued

Well, look who it is!

Too early?

I was still asleep

I thought you'd be working...
Shall I come back?

No, come on upstairs

Am I the first today?

Yes, go on up

I'll get some tea

The smell of woman

I smell sex

I'll open the window

No need

Your tea

Just a sip...

New Year prices?

Yes, a bit higher than usual

500 yen enough?

Yes. Fine...

One, two, three...

And one extra for me, please

100 yen more

I'll let you...touch it

Can I really?

Yes, just a bit

A bit is enough


How much did I make yesterday?


19 quickies

One hours?

Three. And one all-nighter

So, 23 altogether

Shigeko had 26 on New Year's day two
years ago

26 clients?

It was New Year...!

So if I can make 27, it'll be
a new record

Have to be all quickies

Can I have 100 yen?

I want to give it back


- I told him he could touch me
- Why not let him?

If he gets me horny...

I'll never break the record

Think you can beat 26?

I can try...

Shigeko, she's out
to break your record

In bed already?

I'm sorry...

but you'll have to take this back

I can't touch it?

Just sex this time


Because...I'll be quite busy today about taking off your top?

If I do, can I keep the 100 yen?

Alright. Here you go

Thank you


Slowly does she wind the sash

around her body

But why, oh why

does the bride weep so?

Not like that

- Softly
- What's wrong?

It hurts. Try to be more gentle

Not very good am I?

Not really...

Can I touch it?

Be gentle, though


What's wrong?

Not there

Why not?

It's not the right place

I know that

Do it properly

I'm trying


Stop it

Let me

Now we're really married

I didn't bring anything

Wipe yourself on the dressing gown

I'll go to the bathroom

Pull it out

Do you love me?


Do you?

I don't think this is going to work

In two years, Kimiko had never had
even one quickie

Are you really a virgin?


I'll show you what to do

If you really are a virgin...

I'll give you this

Come here

Don't be afraid

Stop it!

Everyone here is doing the same thing

There's no reason to be afraid

See? It wasn't anything...

That was just a kiss

No fear, no pain

Now, you must do the next thing
by yourself

I won't help you

Take off your clothes...

then get into bed

Hurry up!

I'll go to the bathroom

You get into bed

Poor girl

We all had to...

Two years at the brothel
was a long time for Kimiko


Let yourself go


Hold me tight


It's nothing

Hold me tighter

That was the day her two years began

Fill this house with customers

The petals

of the apple blossom

flutter in the breeze

Fill this house with customers

Hey, come on in!



He's gambling again?

Hey! You want a good time?


Shimako, you're too soft

Why's that?

You go for any guy with a tattoo...

We're good, and we're cheap!

Remember you liked my brooch?

Want to buy it for 5000 yen?

But it was a present
from your boyfriend

Hey, come on in!

I'll buy it back next week
for 5,500 yen

I make 500 yen?

It's a good deal

But what if I don't want to sell it
back to you?

Then it's yours

All right

It's a deal

I have to raise 10,000 yen

Sorry to keep you waiting

You're good

Want a blow job?


For another 500 yen

Forget it


Listen...can you do me a favour?

Afterwards, can I go out
for a little while?

Turning tricks?

No, of course not


Come on

Don't look

It's cold

So what? I want to see your cunt

Please, it's embarrassing

What's the difference?

When we're covered, I don't mind.
That's my job

I want to watch you while we do it


If you let me take my time,
when I go out

Wow! What's that tattoo?

A cherry. Like the playing cards

Don't rub so hard

I told you it's embarrassing

Faster, please

God! I've never seen one so hungry

- Incredible!
- Stop looking at it

Now Shimako moves in a special way

And he can't hold back

It's funny...

It doesn't matter who I'm with...

or where it happens...

The moment he floods into me,
it fills my being

Who's there?

It's me, to see Shiba

Evening. Go on in

Any more?

Place your bets

I won...

I lost

What's up?


For you...

Is this all?

It's all I've got

No excuses!

Shimako had made a pledge to her
gangster lover, Shiba

Shimako! Where you going?

Back to work

Shiba not with you?

He's busy right now

She had already given Shiba her day's

Want to make a bit on the side?

We can go over there

No, let me go

Don't be like that. I won some money


- I don't work the streets
- Come on!

- I said no!
- I've got money. I can pay

Come on

No! Stop it!

I followed you all the way
from the club

- Let me go!
- You'll enjoy it

I said no!


I said I'll pay you

Come back!


And so Shimako did not betray her
lover, Shiba

Shimako sang a sad song
while she waited

What's up?

Please hold me

Been waiting for me?


You didn't ask why I waited for you

A man doesn't

Why not?

You waited. That's enough for me

I'll take a bath first

Why not...?


Why not have the sun tattooed here?

I will...when I have something to

- And I will...
- What? that wish come true

Thank you

From now on...

I'm going to work extra hard for you

By tattooing her thigh, Shimako made
known to all

her oath to her beloved Shiba

When Tamae was but 13 years old...

her father died from drink



Naoko's 10th customer

Hello there

Take off your clothes

I'm from the coast, I have very dark,
ugly skin

I paid 200 extra to have you naked


Doesn't that turn you on?

I just ate

You don't feel anything?

Never in my breasts

How about the other place?

Of course! I am a woman...

That's good

Feel good?


It should. I've been storing it up

What about your wife?

Why waste it?

Come on, give me all you've got

Oh, baby!


I'll give you a tip

What's that?

How to make a man come quicker

Ohoose young guys, right?

Goes without saying

Master, you got the hots for Naoko?

This advice is for all of you

Before you go upstairs to a customer...

stand over this hibachi

And warm up your cunt!

Ount over coals?

Yes. Works every time

A man likes a warm one

Now he'll want to inspect you all


Nothing I haven't seen before

What men like is to feel it.
I can tell you that

You don't say?

Listen to me. It's no good cold

A hot cunt makes a man finish quickly

Believe me

I don't need tricks to
break the record

Give us the right to sell our bodies!


Bravo! Bravo!

Why, oh why, does the bride weep so?

Why does she, on this of all days,
dab at her eyes?

All dressed in satin and silk

Her hair piled on her head


How are you, then?

Enjoying married life?





Kimiko, how are you?

And how's your husband?


Is he good to you?

He made breakfast this morning

He's like that

What brings you here?

Nothing in particular...I just came

I was happy here

You aren't getting on?


Well, you don't look like a housewife

You think so?

Perhaps I never should have left

Don't say that

Isn't he good to you?

He tries, but he's not very good

Not good at what?

In bed

Silly. I thought you meant
he beat you

I only enjoy sex when I'm working

Don't be so silly

Just teach him how to do it properly

I tried. He's hopeless

Kimiko, maybe you've become frigid?

Maybe. That's what worries me

Why not test yourself?

Test myself?

With a customer

Don't talk foolish

Ah, please come in!

I don't want to

Why not?

Drunks are too slow. Go away!

You just called me over!

I didn't know you were drunk then

Try somewhere else

Don't worry. I can still fuck!

Are you sure?

I feel really excited

You're mad

Some guy will want you if you stay

Your husband won't like it

I feel at home here

He'll come after you

Forget him

I'm feeling horny

Naoko's 16th customer

Not hard yet?

It will be

It won't get stiff

I'm not surprised

Why not?

I had a fuck just before I came here

That's why I hate drunks

Don't worry it'll soon be hard

You're making fun of me

You were happy enough when I paid you

I'll never break the record like this

What record?

Come on, at least try

Let me kiss you

No way, you know that

It'll make me hard

Next you'll want to touch me up

Just a kiss will do

You stink of drink

Come on! Otherwise it won't get hard

Stop that!

See? Now it's hard

I really hate drunks


Don't! That hurts!

Not a virgin are you?

Shut up and be quick

No good. It's gone soft again

Do something

We can try again in a minute

I hate drunks. He can't do it

You'll never beat 26 now

Maybe this will work

What's that?

What you doing?

Thought you weren't going to use

- You'll burn it
- It's worth a try

Shigeko, we have to talk

The House of Beniya is looking
for girls

You've been here five years.
The clients want new faces

It'll be a good move for you

You'll get new customers at Beniya's

Is your boyfriend that
tough looking guy?


I saw him

Where did you see him?

I went to a department store today

I saw him in the cake shop there

You must be mistaken

It was him

He doesn't eats sweets

No, but he was with someone who did


A young girl

Was it really Shiba?

I'm sure

Probably a working girl

Shouldn't I have told you?

We were supposed to meet,
but he didn't come

I won't be long

Where you going?

May our house be always full of

Just another of Shigeko's regular

She can't

Why not?

Forget her

I'll give you a special treat

You sure?

Why not?

He fancies you. Take him

How much?

01:02:01,600 --> 01:02:04,100
That's steep. But how can I refuse?

I'm worth it

Kimiko, come here

You go ahead. The top room

I'll borrow your room

You mustn't

Don't worry

He'll find out

I'll wash. He won't notice

What's up?

I'm already wet

You're crazy

I'm going to enjoy this

Here I am

That feels good

Don't stop

Please...fuck me

It's strange...


It feels so good

Don't stop. Please don't stop


Why does it feel so good?

What are you doing?

Why sleep here?

I fell asleep

Were you going to sleep here
all night?

What time is it?


Where have you been?


Who were you with today?



You've no right to question me

Why not?

Women don't ask

Not even my mother

It's not a woman's business

But I want to know

What's this all about?

I waited for you

Please don't

You shut up

Why do you do it?

You'll never have a sun
in your tattoo

What you on about?

Please...don't inject yourself

I made this today. 5000 yen

I won't nag you

Even if you have a girl
who's not a whore

Even if you really love her...

I won't complain

Only...please stop the drugs

You want a beating?

I know where you were today

But I'll never mention it again

But please...put the sun in your

Come out and say it!

If you want a man to be your slave,
find someone else

Don't get mad


Leave it!


Leave those drugs alone!

You don't need this shit!

Stupid bitch!

- Go ahead! Hit me. I don't mind
- Shut up!

Get out of here!

Not until you swear to give up drugs

You broke three ampoules

You don't need it!

You'll get cut

I don't mind

You're bleeding!

I don't care

Go ahead and kill me

if that's what you want

Will you stop it!

Are you alright?

You need a doctor

If you leave me, I'll just die

I'll never leave you

Promise me...

I love you. Truly


I wouldn't lie

Really? Then make love to me, now

You should see a doctor

After you do it

Naoko's 25th customer

It's the 25th

You are quite mad

Only two more. I feel dizzy...

I'm all yours

You're really hot

Am I?


You set me on fire

Kimiko's husband never came for her

The bell sounds for close of business

Come in honey

Get lost!

There's still time

How about it?

You scared me, running up like that

Let it all out

I already did

There must be some left

It's all gone

You know, you look like a ghost

Do I?

Your wild hair and your glowing eyes

Really? Well, I'm not a ghost

Come on in...Come on

Without telling anyone

Shigeko decided to move to another

They said that Shigeko's cunt was as
deep and welcoming as the sea

Producer: Akira Miura

Original story: Ikko Shimizu

Written by Tatsumi Kumashiro

Photography: Shinsaku Himeda

Sound: Ichizo Akiyama

Editing: Akira Suzuki

Drawings: Yu Takita

Directed by: Tatsumi Kumashiro